‘Supernatural’ Showrunner Reveals Season 10 Goal

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UPDATE: ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Filming of Supernatural season 8 may have just begun, but new showrunner Jeremy Carver is already looking beyond the Winchesters’ upcoming adventures – how far? Season 10, to be exact.

Speaking with Carver at Comic-Con 2012, the former Supernatural writer and Being Human (Syfy) showrunner appears to have returned to his former series with a drive to keep evil at bay, at least for a few more years. Taking note from Supernatural series creator Eric Kripke’s original intent for a  5-year arc , Carver revealed his overall plan of plotting out a story that will help him at least reach his goal of “the end of season 10” – a plan that begins this year, in season 8.

Here’s what Carver had to say about the future of Supernatural:

We really are building some foundation for a storyline that can carry us on for at least a few more years. There’s a note card in my office that says “The end of season 10” right there.

I have that note card; that note card exists in fantasy right now. I don’t know if there’s going to be a season 10 but, you know, that’s what keeps me getting up in the morning.

For fans of Supernatural, hearing goals of season 10 will certainly bring a smile to your face. Of course, those same fans also know that there are two people who could prevent that from happening more so than CW and/or Warner Bros.: Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

Looking to follow the same ten-season path that previous CW hit Smallville took, there’s no doubt that Ackles and Padalecki are asking themselves the same career questions that Tom Welling once had to answer. With Supernatural season 7 leaving much to be desired, and their contracts up at end of this season, it may be the Winchester brothers themselves who bring about an end to Sam and Dean.

supernatural season 7 dvd Supernatural Showrunner Reveals Season 10 Goal

However, with the return of Jeremy Carver as showrunner, who Eric Kripke told us was “one of [Supernatural’s] best writers,” there’s no doubt that the (US) Being Human co-creator knows how to craft compelling tale for an actor to grab hold of.

Reflecting on the actors’ challenges in such a long-running series, Carver describes his approach in making sure everyone remains on board until the end:

These guys have played their roles in every which way, right? You want to give them challenging, human, fun scenes.

The first rule is: You want to write parts that every actor would love to play. Hopefully that goes for the leads as well as the guest roles we have coming in. I think they are obviously more than savvy to recognize a good story is a good story and they’ll get on board.

How good is the Supernatural season 8 story? For now, we’ll have to wait and see. But for all intents and purposes, hopes are high – and deservedly so. Looking at the series through pure statistics alone, Supernatural has gone above and beyond what any fan could hope from a series.

An eighth year on the air is its own television miracle, and Supernatural’s run has largely been nothing but exceptional storytelling. Though there have been a few missteps in recent years, all it takes is but a slight tweak for the series to completely right itself, allowing the Winchesters’ to continue their battle against evil for at least a few more years (hopefully longer).


Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday, October 3 @9pm on CW

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  1. No! Please let the show die with some dignity!

    • I have to agree. They need to have God finally show up, Dean to finally settle down and Sam to go back and finish his degree. Bobby has moved on, so let’s finish this and have the actors move to bigger and better things.

      • I agree that they should find a way to finish the show with some dignity, and maybe it’s time to just let it go, but disagree with your idea of an ending for SPN.
        I prefer if Sam and Dean go together, fighting, dying and, finally, resting. A heroic death.

        Maybe that’s what Carver has in mind, but 3 seasons seem too much. 2 would be enough.

        • Kill Sam and Dean?! are you crazy!?

          • Why? Many stories end like that, and I find it more epic than getting a normal life. That, or an open ending when they’re hunting forever. It’s how I see it.

            I’m talking about the very end of the series, of course.

            • I’d love to see an open ending. End the last ep of the series with the same scene from the end of the pilot: Sam and Dean, the Impala, “We’ve got work to do.” That fits especially well with Dean’s renewed sense of purpose this season.

              • A big yes to the “We’ve got work to do” part. So very Sam and Dean. I’d love it.

                • I’d much rather have an ending that is something very well written and beautiful, even if it means Sam and Dean dying.

                  I love both Sam and Dean, I am very much invested in their characters and story (As well as Cas’s) but, it feels like after having this grand story that is Supernatural, having an open ended ending where Sam and Dean just go back to hunting seems to cheapen it.

                  It’s exactly that reason that going back to the monster of the week format wouldn’t work. There’s just too rich of a mythology and story behind everything to have it just be like seasons 1 & 2.

                  I’m not sure how I personally want spn to end, but open ended is not how I think it should go

                  • All I know is if Sam and Dean die in the final episode, they better play “Dust in the Wind” in the final scene and credits.

            • I just think that the ending should be a one where Sam and Dean fight their final battle, “winning or dying swinging”, but of course in the end I’d like to see them survive and get a normal life taking separate ways, Dean turns into a mechanic and Sam a lawyer or something else. After all this years of hearing that hunters never get happy endings, I would like to see a finale that teaches us that there is no such thing as destiny, you choose your own destiny.

              • Both Jared and Jensen think the show should end with the brothers dying in a blaze of glory. They think that’s the only logical way for it to end. I disagree. That’s too final for me. I still want an open ending, whatever that leads to, either the guys continuing as they have been, or finding a happy ending for themselves. Just keep them alive, please! I love the idea of the show ending and knowing the brothers are alive somewhere, with the possibility of seeing them again someday. Death for them’s just too final. DNW.

                • If they die, should it be done like a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid kind of freeze frame thing? (we saw in French Mistake, SPNers hate doing freeze frames) Or do we watch them die and then perhaps move on in glowing light. Too smaltzy?

              • Sam and Dean both die in the end. It’s the way of the hunters, I see them walking into a bright light at the end talking to Chuck(God) and Cass and in the distance you can see several of their loved ones. Finally being reunited with their mom and dad.

        • I would like to see Supernatural continue as long as the writers and lead actors are interested in doing it. This is the only show that allows me to see an exploration of mythology and religion.

    • Don’t make a decision without even knowing what the story arc would be about,…

    • Feel free to stop watching the show at any point you please, but don’t wish for it to end when there are still plenty of fans left who want it to go on, because they still like what they see.

    • If you want the show to be done. DON’T WATCH IT! Problem solved.

  2. YES. Supernatural is not dying. It’s still going strong, the show is still great, and season 8 has a lot of potential.

  3. It really pisses me off how people who call themselves fans want the show to end…If you want the show to end you’re not real fans at all. I don’t give a crap if the show has dignity or not, cause I don’t take things too serious, who cares about the number of viewers, who cares about the ratings…I’m just going to enjoy the show while I have it. You are all a bunch of Jerks!

    • No show goes on forever. And the actors playing the Winchester brothers will eventually want to do something bigger, more theatrical. I would rather see this show go out on a high note than see it whimper like most shows these days.

      Signed, a fellow jerk

      • John Kahless,
        I agree, no show goes on forever, they actually go on as long it fans wants too, GENIOUS…

      • What is so special about it ending on a high note? Would it make you feel good for 5 minutes that the show is over and you liked the ending? When something ends you get no more enjoyment from it, because it’s over. Done. Gone… Finished… And then when you sit down to watch tv the following week when The Supernatural would be on but isn’t, what then? Oh nothing, you don’t sit there for an hour thinking “wow” it was so great that The Supernatural ended in the way it did. It’s much better that it’s over and now I have nothing to watch. That would be way better than having the show still on and enjoying it. Instead you can channel surf because nothing worth watching is on tv now. I would rather a show go on until no one wanted to watch it any longer. At least that way I wouldn’t miss it because I was tired of watching and it doesn’t matter how a show ends because it’s for entertainment, it’s not real life, it doesn’t make your life better or worse by ending a certain way, it’s entertainment. So if you want it to end, stop watching and to you it has ended. So Season 8 Episode 23 is the end for you and however that episode ends, that is how they ended the show for you and you are free to channel surf.

    • Did you read the rules? No personal attacks, please.

      And well, It’s not about the ratings or number of viewers, is about a good story and quality.
      But I don’t care if you think I’m not a good fan, because I may or may not think the same about you ;)

      • My comment wasn’t a personal attack. I didn’t mention any names on my comment…I just think we should stop pretending we’re on the crew, and let the writers and producers do their job. If Jeremy Carver has a goal on reaching a season 10, I support him, cause I’m real fan. I admit that Sera Gamble made some mistakes, but she wrote great episodes. If think the show has lost his quality, that’s your opinion. Let the people who still love the show enjoy it.

        • Amen.

        • Your comment said “You’re all a bucnh of jerks” and it was obvious who it was aimed to.
          And I don’t pretend anything, maybe you should allow others to have an opinion and EXPRESS it. The internet is not yours. It’s not like it is in our hands to decide when the show actually ends anyway.

          But let’s drop this here, I don’t want to start a war.

          • Well, I was just expressing my self ;)

          • I agree that everyone should be allowed to state their opinion but when they say they want a show to end they are depriving other fans from their free choice to watch it.

            • Agreed. As one of the fans who wants the show, I get tired of reading negative comments all the time. I’m not saying those people don’t have a right to their opinions. I just wish they would follow the golden rule of “If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say anything at all” a little more often.

              In my opinion, if you call yourself a fan of the show, you will support it in good times and bad, good episodes and bad. Don’t make negative comments about episodes that haven’t even been written yet, let alone aired. Keep a positive attitude, and just wait and see what happens. Save the bitching and moaning until afterwards. Have faith in the writers and the cast and crew. They do know what they are doing. It’s not their jobs to listen to us and do what we want them to do – it’s our job to watch what they have done, praise them if we enjoyed it, or if not, then stop watching. Simple as that.

              • I agree!

          • You say “maybe you should allow others to have an opinion and EXPRESS it. The internet is not yours.”

            That’s kinda hypocritical of you. You tell him that others have the right to their opinions, but slam him for having his opinion. Wow… Control issues? Anyway, everyone can say what they want, and if your opinion is that he shouldn’t have his opinion, I guess that’s your right as it’s your opinion. :)


  4. The only reason why Supernatural has made it this far is because of its devoted fans. J2 is very grateful for their fanbase, and are always extremely grateful when their show gets some praise when they work has hard as they have to. This show has a lot of potential, and with Jeremy Carver in charge and how much he seems to have planned this show can still go far. The delivery obviously won’t be seen until the season starts. But I think its true fans will love the show no matter what. We’ve come too let this show end until the boys themselves want it to end.

    • Don’t get me wrong. I’ll give Season 8 a chance. I will because I think Carver may be a good showrunner.

      I’ve always watched Supernatural for the amazing chemistry between the Js and for Sam and Dean. As long as they work on that part a bit harder than they did in season 7, I’ll stick another one, and more.

      But plots seem weaker and weaker, season 7 disappointed me greatly, and I find it sad to see a show I love fading away. Not to mention I doubt it’s good for Jared and Jensen as professionals.

      But if they manage to make the show good again, I’d be very happy to see it.

      • “”But plots seem weaker and weaker, season 7 disappointed me greatly, and I find it sad to see a show I love fading away””

        If they end the show on a good note-It’s Over

        If the show keeps going on even if it’s not fantastic-It’s Still On

        If the show is fading and your sad and not liking it-DON’T WATCH IT!

        There is no law that says “You Must Watch This Show No Matter How Good Or Bad It Is” If you don’t like how the show is going turn the channel or don’t watch or whatever. But there are millions of other people that love this show, good or bad I don’t care. I just want to keep seeing new episodes. It could be Sam & Dean sitting at a table and just talking about whatever for a whole season and it would still be better than 90% of the other shows on tv. So if you think its fading- Stop watching for a season. Make yourself miss it or you might find out you don’t miss it. Either way you should be happier because your not watching a show that in your opinion is fading. Problem Solved!!!

  5. For those who want the show to end, stop watching. I don’t see any reason to watch a show you no longer enjoy. If that happens the ratings will go down and the show will be canceled. I expect a season 9 at least because the CW loves to do announced final seasons.

    As for me, I will be watching this season, but I am somewhat concerned by some of the spoilers I have heard. However, I’m giving them time to see how it plays out. I was disappointed in season 7, but I have some hope that the new showrunner can turn things around.

    • What about those of us who think it would be more beneficial to the story to have it end on a really solid note than go on forever aimlessly? I still love supernatural, no matter how bad a lot of Season 7 was. But I don’t want the show to go on forever if that means the quality of the ending will suffer.
      Because at this point they have to use what they already have or expand on the mythology of the show even more than they already have. If they can do either of those things effectively for more than upto season 10, then that would be fine with me to continue on.

      • The thing is if you think the quality is suffering you can stop watching. If the show gets canceled those who like it can’t keep watching. I understand the argument that the show isn’t as good as it was. I personally had problems with season seven although I really liked season six. But whatever I like, I would rather the show go on so those who continue to like it get to continue to watch.

        • You have a point. Once the show is cancelled, those of us who love it can’t watch it anymore, except in reruns or on our DVDs.

          I have faith that the show will continue to be well-worth watching, and I hope that, when it finally does end, it’s because Jared and Jensen are done, and not because the show ended due to lack of good writing or acting, and that the network cancelled it for that reason.

          If the guys, and the network, want to continue through 11 seasons, let’s do it! There will be less-than-stellar episodes, but I’d rather have that than nothing at all.


        When you get old and find out you have incurable cancer and have 1 year left to live. You hear a voice and it gives you a choice to end your life now with a solid upbeat strong ending, or you could drag it out and your body won’t look as good, and your health will fail more and more day by day but you will still live for that extra year. Which would you choose? Most people would choose to live even if those days are not as good as they used to be. Ending on a solid note MEANS NOTHING!!! Each week you no longer get enjoyment from a show that is no longer on, because its OVER! If you want a solid note ending, here it is. Kas & Meg have sex, Sam cures Meg of being a demon. Her soul goes to heaven and Kas goes with her and then, Dean & Sam close the gates to Heaven & Hell. They find a tablet that makes everything that is not human die and complete those trials also closing off purgatory. Humanity no longer has to worry about anything supernatural and the world is boring from then on. Dean Knocks up Charlie Bradbury, marries her and they open up a game store. Sam talks that girl that he was dating while Dean was in purgatory to cheat on her husband a couple times a week with. Sam also gets a dog. 6 months later his girlfriend’s husband finds out about them and shoots Sam in the face and he dies. Dean kills that guy for killing his brother and then he is arrested and sentenced to life in prison. 7 years into his life term he is knifed in the shower and bleeds out. Show is over for you and now you don’t have to be sad if the show is fading… :)

  6. Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Let’s see how the new timeslot and the first few episodes turn out. Who knows. If the ratings are tremendous, the network might pick it up for the 2013-2014 season. Although it is one thing for Carver to have a plotline to carry on for 3 more seasons, what really matters is Jared and Jensen. If they don’t want to continue and choose to move on with their careers, there is nothing the network, writers, or fans can do. I would love to see SN go on 3 more seasons to be honest. I rather a nice wrap up that is thought out and extremely planned rather then a forced ending that is terrible because it wasn’t picked up for another season. Happens in many shows sadly.

    • I saw an interview where Jared and Jensen say that as long as the fans keep watching, they’ll keep acting. So they will be on the show til the end.

      • At a recent Con, they both said they love the steady work, they love the set, cast and crew, and are comfortable there. They have fun, obvious from the gag reels, and have no reason to quit. They have made films while on hiatus, so could still do that if they wanted. As a fan, I say go for a few more years yet. No date nights for me, so it makes my Friday nights more fun.

        • It says a lot for a show like SPN that even the crew takes pay cuts just so they can stay with the show and keep working there. Jared and Jensen make sure the set is a fun place to be, so as long as everyone involved wants to keep the show going, I say let them. Don’t cancel the show until the actors say, “No more.” The writing/episodes haven’t been THAT bad. Yeah, some have been lacking, but even then, they’ve been a lot better than much of the dreck you see on TV. Better to have sub-par occasional SPN eps than the influx of lousy reality TV.

  7. this show has never disappointed me. Season 6 was only a let-down because season 5 was too amazing an act to follow. I trust this writing team and J2 to make great tv for as long as they want. I’m in till season 20! Would love to see more Cas in the future, though!

  8. Supernatural – season 10??!! Well, this is a great news! Been watching this series from day 1, and it ever disappointed me. Fantastic show !!
    And for those who think it should end: YOU can always watch cartoons and Oprah…

    • Completely agree with you Alex, Supernatural’s my favorite tv-show since the beginning. I’ve never been disappointed just very sad about the deaths from Bobby, Helen and Jo. I’m very proud to be part of this fandom.

  9. There was no five-year plan. Jared spilled the beans here at 8:25 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhqjD-V2RJ4

    It’s funny. All my real life friends (none of whom are part of the online fandom) and all the new fans I’ve seen who marathoned through seasons 1-7 on Netflix etc didn’t notice any difference between seasons 1-5 and 6-7. They love it just as much all the way through. So I have to wonder how much is preconceived notions among those who knew about the fake “five-year plan.”

    And the worst part of it is, there really was no five-year plan. Kripke only told the network he had a five-year plan when he was trying to coax them into renewing the show for a couple more years when it was on the bubble back in season 3. He knew where he wanted the story to end up (and that ending has not been used yet) but he didn’t have a five-year plan. In fact, he only decided to include angels at the beginning of season 4, and they’re about half of that mytharc. He just never expected to get more than five years, so he paced it accordingly, and by the time he realized the ratings had gone up so much the show could go on longer, it was too late and he didn’t want to drag it out. So he thought better to start a new chapter.

    I still enjoy the show as much as ever, and I certainly don’t feel it has lost any dignity. The fake five-year plan did write them into a corner and cause some problems, but that’s the vagaries of the television industry: you never know how much time you’re going to have to tell your story. It can be said they made the mistake of not starting another epic multi-season arc after season 5, but for all they knew they weren’t going to last beyond season 6–especially since the former president treated Supernatural like the red-headed stepchild and dumped it on Fridays “where shows go to die.” Meanwhile, there has still been lots of awesome writing and acting. Absolute gems like Death’s Door, French Mistake, Weekend at Bobby’s, Frontierland, Time After Time, Appointment in Samarra, Hello Cruel World, Slash Fiction, Plucky Pennywhistle’s, just to name a few off the top of my head, would not have existed had there been no seasons 6 and 7.

    Now we finally have a president who supports the show, and seeing as it is the second highest rated on the CW (in spite of being on the Friday death slot) he moved it to Wednesdays and paired it with the CW’s most anticipated new show, Arrow, a perfect match for Supernatural. Add bringing Jeremy Carver, who has written a great many fan-favourite episodes, back as showrunner, and this all speaks to a revitalized show. I hope it does go to 10 seasons. Or make it 11. Jensen has said he wants to go 11 seasons so he can tell his buddy Tom Welling to “suck it.” :)

  10. if you dont like a show turn the channel off… easy as that folks… who cares if the show goes out with dignity? are any of us really gonna remember the show 10 yrs after it stops running? and soap operas last FOREVER lol…

    • That’s exactly what I mean! Finally somebody thinks like me!

  11. I w3will have to agree that season 7 seemed rather weak n terms of story. The leviathan was a great idea but they failed to show the actual power of the larger plan. The portraiture of the levathan seemed comical at best. Not to mention the ridiculous angel, leader of hell and righteous bone thing to kill one. Haha the leviathan wr gods first creation, so the blood of later creations to kill one was ridiculous. The death of a leviathan shouuld have ncluded death(horseman) that would have made more sense and made for a much better plot.
    Just an example of how i would like to see the writing immprove.

    • This! Exactly! Previous seasons have shown there was research into the mythologies, yet the creative licenses made for the sake of SUPERNATURAL did not destroy the myths, instead perhaps making them more ‘real’. Or at the very least more confined within the realms of plausibility.

      From existing lore, the fact that angels are heavenly soldiers is believable. The fact that demons were once human souls is also credible. Iron and salt against spirits, emf, dead man’s blood, witches are demon worshippers…all believable because lore has been established beforehand in some way and divergences are mostly minimal.

      BUT what they’ve done to the leviathans was not simply over-trivialising. Heck, they’ve broken reality and rewritten it! Really, even Bobby has never heard of the leviathans? Giant sea monster version nor primeval-God’s-first-creation version? Even I have very vaguely. And that’s just wrong.

      It doesn’t matter whether or not the viewers are familiar with the mythology–as long as Supernatural establishes the existence of such a myth beforehand, and the possibility of such myth being true, then we the viewers are more likely to give them credence. In my case at least.

      But wHat has happened in season 7 was Castiel yelling “Leviathans!” (a term already heard in movies and seen in literature), Bobby and SPN-internet clueless about leviathans, and then never establishing the essential details about these creatures – state of matter? souls? dead or alive?, — until we are simply expected to accept the SPN-made lore that leviathans are transient black goo. Oh, hang on, so they’re a midway between a solid and a liquid? Right.

      And they can be hurt by soap. Okay. Well, fighting ghosts with condiments, the unclean can be purified via holy water, why not black goo via bleach? Right.

      And they “trump” angels–just because.

      And Crowley is now King of Hell–just because. Course he’s got the mojo. And binding Death did not involve a congregation of reapers at a place of great carnage? Man, Lucifer must be seething in that cage. With Michael. The Cage in Hell that is locked away but conveniently opened by an angel to pull Sam out? His body that is? Hang on…I’m having trouble recalling how season 6 explained these things because there’s just no sense to them.

      I’m over-ranting again, but the point is, I agree that there should be more thought to the writing. But seeing how they’ve gone Purgatory, and Word of God, and Metatron…there may be hope for season 8. But then again, limiting Supernatural to all these esoteric stuff cannot last it till season 10. People don’t really anticipate God or anything. They care about the characters they like.

      Personally, I think Supernatural’s potential lies not just in the mythos, but in the characters and storytelling. Remember Hendricksen? Gordon? Bela? That he-witch with the magic poker chips? Supernaturalverse is really quite a rich fantasyworld. I personally wouldn’t mind some venturing into the lives of hunters and the outlaws. The show could’ve better utilised the Campbell’s…I thought they’ve learnt their lesson from Bela.

      Also I hope they don’t kill off Cas early season 8. He brings with him the angel-God baggage, but I like that he’s a reminder/link of the past. It’ll be depressing if all we’ve got left are Meg and Crowley. Cas could pop in and say hi once in a while. They even brought annoying Becky back, so Cas deserves nothing less.

      Good luck to the new season.

  12. I’m in agreement with those who said if you are disappointed in the show, stop watching. I would also add that you can leave the show watching to those of us who still love the show and are prepared to stick with it to the end. Jared and Jensen have both said more than once that they will stick with the show as long as we want them to. Jensen even said he’s willing to go through 11 seasons just so he can tell Tom Welling to “Suck it!” (Said jokingly, I’m sure.)

    Yes, some of the previous episodes/seasons have not been what fans would have liked, but on the whole, Supernatural is one of the best, if not THE best, shows on TV. That’s because of the writing, and most of all, the acting, by not only Jared and Jensen, but the other cast members as well.

    As for the ending I prefer to see – I want the show to end as it began, with Sam and Dean continuing to travel the country in the Impala, helping people, with an open ending that leads them to the big screen. Both Jared and Jensen have the talent to carry them there, and that’s what I want.

  13. I love this show. I could watch it indefinitely.

  14. I love this show and i’ll watch it for however long it’s on the air. Season 7 was a little weak in terms of story line for me by i love all the things I’ve been hearing as far as direction goes in season 8. And in my opinion i wouldn’t want the show to go on if Jared and Jensen aren’t still having fun and are kind of dragging their feet about it and are only doing the show out of some obligation they have. I think with this show especially to me it’s important the actors enjoy working on it just as much as we enjoy watching it and it gives me hope that Jeremy Carver seems to recognize that fact and wants to write to that fact, writing things that not only we will enjoy but that the actors will enjoy as well. Plus, you’ve got to give them props for working on a show like this for 8 years of their lives already.

  15. I think that is bold.They don’t even know how the show is gonna perform this season.

  16. WE LOVE SUPERNATURAL, we can critique the show, quibble over this and that but the real problem is the show never gets credit for the excellence of it’s production, the acting, writing, music, editing, effects, for the last seven years! I expect every show with a 22 episode season on a demanding schedule gets a few clunkers, and yeah, I was unhappy in season seven because less Castiel/Misha Collins, a storyline that didn’t build to a conclusion, but there’s time to make that up in just three months! More Cas, first off, and if Crowley brought back the Campbells, he can bring back Bobby!

    • This is where I differ from others, in that I’m ready for there to be an end to the angels/demons storyline. I love the character of Crowley, and Cas has had his use, but I’m done with that part. I know, though, that season 8 will figure both of them heavily. Does this mean I’m going to stop watching the show? No way. Even with characters I’m weary of, I still love the show and want it to continue as long as Jared and Jensen want to continue. Pure and simple.

  17. Long live Sam and Dean. Love the show forever and ever and honestly I wouldn’t care if this show hit the shitter in the coming seasons, I support them infinitely. Not like this show could ever be s*****, they always have something awesome going on.

  18. I am proud to say that I have been a fan of the show since the promo for yet unpremiered pilot episode. The show was simple and had many great qualities that was different from other shows. It didn’t have a large ensemble but rather only two leads. The show worked because of the chemistry between Jared and Jensen- they were believable as both brothers and badass heroes. The show also didn’t use the most popular music of the time as other hit primetime series, but rather stick to its guts and have classic rock-n-roll music that gave “Supernatural” a feel unlike any other. It was dark, serious but full of heart and emotion. Our characters were heroes.

    I have watched the show grow and evolved over the years. New characters were introduced over the course of the series in which they provided our heroes new ethical questions and analysis of character growth and point of view. While I agree that the so called “five-year plan” was vague at best, it was mazing how the story arcs continued to build one another, continuing themes and plot elements from even stand-alone episodes. The show went to places that it were unafraid. I was a devoted fan even to this day.

    But to say that I loved season 6 and 7, would be far from the truth. While there was some exceptional episodes I felt cheated overall. The character development halted and regressed. The brothers became one-note characicatures of their previous selves and reduced to vessels for expository dialogue and tiresome old arcs/conflicts that have been dealt with numerous times beforehand but to greater degree of success and character development. The show was not heroic or emotional anymore. While the show always dealt with mature and dark themes we rooted for the brothers because while flawed and tragic they were heroes. In these past two seasons, there have been mindless angst for the safe of angst with no balance of hope or purpose.

    In my opinion the show just felt weak storywise, collapsing on its own and half-the time I felt no danger, no season-long arcs or in individual episode for the most part. The show is no longer “Supernatural” but rather “comedy fantasy” in which random plot devices have the brothers fighting, repeating past conflicts, because there is nothing else to do. The supporting cast of likeable characters keeps being cut down and thus reducing the show to a claustophobic world. I understand they wish to focus on the brothers but we did that in the shows inception- a supporting ensemble cast of characters allow for new explorating of character, point of view, past/present/future relations, and growth of personality. The focus should be the brothers but supporting characters will reveal more about Sam and Dean’s psyche and have more potential for new drama, conflicts, and adventures.

    Elements of the show have sorely been missing: the impala, rock music, mystery and danger, compelling character cast, and tone of “Supernatural” etc. A show must evolve to survive, but that means evolve the basic elements of the show, not remove them altogether or replace with cheap substitues. Old supporting characters die as a way for writers to isolate the brothers and force them to fend for themselves (again)- so why did they introduce new characters that function the same as their previous counterparts but without the emotional depth or connection to our heroes. I love Castiel but he has been handled poorly-reduced to ridiculous characterization to gain a few cheap laughs. The show always had humor that felt natural and organic originated from character relationship, but now the comedy has reached a new level of outlandish, chilish, and random. Don’t get me wrong the comedy is amazing and I laugh everytime. But it feels wrong and out of place on a show called SUPERNATURAL.

    I have other issues but I really look forward for the show to return back to its strength and finish on a high note.

    • Agree on a lot of this.

      A big mistake was killing Ash and Pamela, they were supporting characters that felt natural and right.
      I resent the killing of Jo and Ellen because I liked how Supernatural used the reinforce the idea of family, and they both showed a different shcem of family, still as isolated and weird as the Winchesters, but between two women. They were also connected to John, had a shared past, and one that wasn’t always good, what made them more interesting.

      They were never the focus of a season, that place was always never meant to be theirs, but they added a different point of view of the Winchesters and hgelped to move the plot forward.

      Current supporting characters don’t feel the same.

      And a big yes to your point about humor. I don’t think Supernatural should be a comedy, I think it should be mostly serious, and use humor and jokes to enhance the personalities and give us a break from the heartache and creepy atmosphere (that is sadly gone too).

      • What are you talking about?! “Party on, Garth” “Season 7, Time for a Wedding” “The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tatoo” “Time After Time”? What show have you been watching?!

        • I’m not sure what you mean. Are you talking about the humor? Because in that case, I can only say that you chose the worst examples you could find.

          Time for a Wedding was one of the worst episodes Supernatural ever had, and I didn’t like Party On, Garth either (but I’m not fond of Garth in general).

          If you talk about secondary characters, Becky and Garth are bad examples, both being at this point caricatures and not real characters. I’d save Charlie, but she lacks what characters like Ellen or Garth had.

          So, again, explain yourself, because I don’t understand your comment.

          • Garth is awesome!!

  19. The last two seasons were dreadful coming out of a hugely disappointing ending to season 5. Here’s hoping that Carver can bring back some of magic of the first 4.75 seasons.

    • I actually didn’t mind the last two seasons, i thought the show was cancelled ages ago and caught the ballerina episode one night and it had the same feel as earlier episodes and I started watching it all over again. It’s a fantastic show, but man you’re right they really blew the potential of the Dean/Michael vs Sam/Lucifer story and the ending to season 5. It was building up so perfectly it could have been epic, but bringing in Adam then having Michael ‘wear’ him just sucked.
      The spoilers to S8 sound fantastic and I am hoping the main actors really do get some great scripts and stories to draw some energy from, because everything has seemed a bit flat the last two seasons, but still better than whatever else I can find on tv these days.

  20. I found season 7 to be really hard to watch after Cas died, and then near impossible after Bobby. I just had to put it down for a while. But I kept an eye on it, because I do love it (probably too much, if killing characters I love hurts that much) and I started watching again before the ‘resurrections’ started. I’m just really hoping season 8 won’t be so painful. I want to watch it, but I don’t want to torture myself. Its a terrible addiction, though. I just seem to keep coming back no matter who they kill. Season 7 was the roughest so far, though. There was a bit in the middle there when I really thought it wasn’t worth it any more. I want to be optimistic, and I like the thought that someone has a plan. Its comforting and kind of exciting. I got the impression that maybe the last couple of years things have been a little more seat-of-the-pants.

    • I don’t want to point fingers for the fact the last two seasons were lacking, but one has to acknowledge that Sera was the one at the helm. She’s a good writer, but I think the direction seasons 6 and 7 took wasn’t what we were used to, and it felt wrong. I’m hoping that Jeremy will get things back on track and we can get back to what brought us to the show in the first place.

  21. Yay please I want it to continue at least to 10 i has gotten better and better in my opinion!

  22. I’ll say this for Sera Gamble, she certainly took a risk to try something slightly different with Supernatural. I’m not going to blame anyone for my disappointment with Season 7, though I did feel a little cheated. The Leviathan were basically being setup as Season 7′s big bad throughout Season 6; then in Season 7 they were basically unkillable, seemingly as an excuse to spend more time focusing on more episodic monster-of-the-week stories and less time on the seasonal arc.

    I like what they did with “Death’s Door” and as excited as I was to have Bobby back shortly thereafter, it felt like usless filler. Bobby wasn’t really our Bobby anymore and it felt like a huge disservice to the character.

    As hyped as it was in various publications, I was intrigued by the notion of seeing how Sam and Dean would cope with life without Bobby. Turns out life without Bobby wasn’t much different. Frank was briefly the surrogate Bobby then Bobby pulled a Swayze.

    I’ve definatley not written off the show, and hopefully Jeremy Carver will have some nice new surprises for us. As long as they can come up with good stories, and execute more of a slow burn rather than setting up the villain in the first episode and only really pick up the threads to that story in the last two episodes of the season I’d be willing to give it another shot.

    After 7 years, the last thing I want is for Supernatural to start limping along with sub-par plot lines, while I watch just to see how it ends, rather than to enjoy the ride. Maybe a new multi-season arc, with a definate desitnation, may be just what the show has been missing since the end of season 5.

  23. I think it speaks well of a show where past semi regular characters or guests want to come back so badly. Look at Richard Speight, Matt Cohen, and yes Jim Beaver. They want back so badly but since their characters aren’t with us anymore, how can they return without some major magic mojo? That set must be extraordinary to work on for them to miss it so.

  24. Even in it’s worst season (which I think we all agree is #6), Supernatural was still better than most scripted shows on the air and will always be better than reality TV. I didn’t like the direction season 6 and 7 went, but I kept tuning in because I love these characters. I’m excited to see where the new showrunner takes them. If he has a plan to get to 10 seasons, I’ll be watching each week…what else am I going to do…watch the Cape? the Secret Circle? the Firm? Charlie’s Angels? Prime Suspect? Alcatraz? The River? You get the point…plenty of crap cancelled on TV, there’s a reason Supernatural has survived.

    • Actually, I liked season 6 more than season 7. In any case, I intend to watch season 8. It still is a good show.

  25. Much to be desired? My guess is that you never watched season 7. It far surpassed season 6 and contained some of the best episodes ever. Like most bloggers, you write your ending and then force the facts. Supernatural Straw Dogs anyone?

  26. no it can’t end please keep it going we love the series and so look forwards to the next season especially my 15 year old she loves the show and would be devastated if it ended

  27. I keep reading posts on different sites from fans discussing how they want Supernatural to end, so I decided to add in my 2 cents.

    Some people want Dean and Sam to die in an epic final fight. Although I want to see an epic final fight, I would prefer it if they lived.

    Some want Dean and Sam to settle down into normal separate lives (Dean a mechanic and Sam a lawyer). I really don’t want that. Normal life just isn’t who they are. It’s like Zachariah said in the end of ‘It’s a Terrible Life’ in season 4, they will find their way back to hunting in the dark because it’s in their blood, it’s who they are. Sam and Dean couldn’t help hunting even with no memories, and when Dean was with Lisa, he couldn’t help but follow the clues (albeit they were only in his head) In season five’s ‘Swap Meat’ Sam said that he didn’t want the apple pie life because he wasn’t that guy anymore.

    This is not to say that I don’t want Sam and Dean to get permanent love interests. Jo would have made the perfect hunter wife for Dean and Sam could find a hunter wife like the female hunter who died in season seven’s ‘Of Grave Importance’. Sometimes Dean and Sam could hunt with their wives, sometimes the brothers could hunt together, and sometimes it could be a big family hunting party (sort of how the Campbells were set up to be in season 6)

    On the God front, given what we know (that death will reap God and God’s hands off attitude) I have some theories. To me it feels like God is testing his angel children to see how they do without any guidance, as if God knows his time to be reaped is coming and he is looking for the best successor. I would like God to make his entrance and officially promote Cas into the position of ruler of Heaven. Yes Cas has made some mistakes but he genuinely cares and has put himself in harm’s way to do what he thinks is right.

    I would like Supernatural to end sort of open ended with the understanding that a ‘New Era’ is starting. I wouldn’t even mind if they flash forwarded a few hundred years into the future with people reading the Winchester Gospel and wondering if any of it really happened and if Sam and Dean were even real. That leaves Sam and Dean as ‘epic mythological’ beings.

  28. Erick kripek jus supprise us,, sam and dean cant die wich will only mean castiel will bring them back and if castiel dies wich normaly he is put up on the job again and again,, btw angel Michael shud be out that cage! N its time we shud meet jesus or God in SPN,, n when Bobby sed when its yo tym don fight jus accept n let it b soo if sam and dean will hav to die we shud see castiel dealing with it the wright way and let the winchesters be finaly re-united with their dad and mom n bobby joe ruffers and the others… Am sure Erick kripek will doo an outstanding work of art am certain and waiting

  29. Plz don’t kill Sam and Dean…..Let them in their normal lives with their beloved families…And when Supernatural ends…,we all hope u two will perform in the same movie again….We love Winchesters and Supernatural forever….!!!!!