CW Orders ‘Supernatural’ Season 7, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 3

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supernatural season7 the vampire diaries season 3 CW Orders Supernatural Season 7, The Vampire Diaries Season 3

The CW has announced that two of television’s fan-favorite series, Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries, have just been given early pick-ups for next season.

While this renewal announcement isn’t likely to surprise fans of either series, this early reveal speaks to the confidence that The CW has in its current lineup. And, more importantly, shows fans just how excited The CW is about continuing both series.

Since it’s move to Friday night at the beginning of season 5, Supernatural has been able to thwart television’s infamous “death-slot” (where series go to be canceled). Combining its fan-power with that of Smallville, Supernatural has been able to keep a good majority of its original Thursday night audience.

With series stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki already signed on for seasons 7 and 8, and The CW president Dawn Ostroff stating that she’d be “shocked if we didn’t pick it up,” the announcement of Supernatural season 7 has always been a “when” not “if” scenario.

Aside from the TV show, Supernatural may very well be one of the most popular brands currently on television. With novels , season guides, monster guides, calendars, t-shirts, mugs, toys, comic books,  a Japanese anime and monthly fan conventions all over the world, one might rightly assume that even if Supernatural’s television ratings did begin to dwindle, the franchise itself is still lucrative enough to garner renewal. Fortunately, we’re not faced with that situation – yet.

the vampire diaries season 3 CW Orders Supernatural Season 7, The Vampire Diaries Season 3

As for The Vampire Diaries, this blood sucking series certainly has some form of invulnerability. Stemming from the brain of Scream creator Kevin Williamson, The Vampire Diaries quickly found its audience amongst the vampire-hungry television audience seeking storylines similar to that of Twilight and True Blood.

What’s more impressive is that The CW decided to put The Vampire Diaries up against television’s proverbial leviathan, American Idol – and it survived. Call it dumb-luck or an overt confidence in their core audience, but when up against American Idol, The Vampire Diaries has been able to hold on to almost 80% of its viewers. Considering both series tend to focus on the same audience demographic, that’s an extremely impressive feat.

With many of The CW’s series renewals still up in the air, and a fair share of new shows set to be announced in May, it’ll be interesting to see how (or if) The CW will rearrange their programming line-up to make sure that they maintain this year’s success.

Supernatural airs on Fridays @9pm on The CW
The Vampire Diaries airs on Thursdays @8pm The CW

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  1. Awesome news for Supernatural. They’ll always have me as a fan.



    • I love Supernatural I got a late start into watching the show but I have caught up from episode 1 and now have watched every week since. but, I think it would be a huge mistake if they take Castiel out of the weekly showings I know for me personally I have already missed him the last 3 episodes so please bring him back

  2. Now all they have to do is renew Nikita and I’ll be happier.

  3. I’ll keep watching Supernatural as long as it’s on air 😀

  4. Another season of Supernatural, and maybe even an 8th?!!! AHHHH stop dragging the show out, the story is over move on already.

    While this season has had its ups and downs I really think that the show should end, there really is nothing that can top the first 5 seasons and we have seen the bros go through love and hating each other several times already, doing it again would be beyond redundant.

    As for the whole relationship angle, we saw how that turned out in the first half of the 6th season.

    The network and the producers should feel lucky because they got an extra season out of the show and the move to Fridays did not doom the show.

    I amvery surprised that Ackles and Padelecki have agreed to two more seasons, I thought they said they were done with after this one and to me it looked like they were going to start branching out into movies.

    • I’m going to have to agree with you. As much as I love the show, season 5 and 6 were just a steady decline in quality. I really miss the feel of seasons 1-3… And really, where can you go after you’ve beat Lucifer? I really think they need to stop, or else get back to what they had in seasons 1-3. Season 6 is kind of boring me, it’s repetitive and I feel like all the character building from season 1-4 has just disappeared.
      No disrespect for the show, I still watch it and I’m entertained, but I definitely feel the decline in quality. Get back to classic Supernatural! :)

    • I agree in somewhat BUT whos to say that the guys are going to be in the lime light!!! they might just be there to help out NEW hunters etc!!! think about it!!

      • haha I sincerely doubt they’d bring in new hunters and put Sam and Dean as secondary characters. They’d lose a lot of viewers that way 😛

      • That would be a total jump the shark moment.

    • If u don’t like that it didn’t cancel after season 5 don’t watch it anymore I love that its still on that’s just my opinion

  5. @ tasouli
    i think they signed two more seasons because they’ve started talking again. lol! get it? from the episode..

    I however, love that they are continuing simply cause i dont want it to end. i think the season has been great and i wouldnt mind seeing more!
    and im glad vampire diaries have been renewed cause the second season has been really good.

  6. I’m an older sister and have that protective streak but I don’t tell her even though is really obvious. actually I’m like that to everyone.

     I still remember my very first supernatural episode it was the one with the trickster well it was only five minutes cause with dean dying all the time I was scared big time 
    then I saw 2 seconds with the blind lady(sorry forgot her name) she smacked Sam and was like oh u can bounce a nickel of that
    finially when my sister was flicking through channels and passed by supernatural I yelled “cas go back!!” (short for Cassie/cassandra. not castiel. ha I laugh at that) so we watched the episode it was a repeat of  “swan song” after that I followed the show 

    its funny though I think it runs in siblings even though I see no evidence in anyone I personally know
     I’m terrified of planes!!! in grade 7 back in… let me count… 2007 my class went to Quebec. we took pictures before we borded the plane and I had my hair covering my face my eyes were puffy from crying. a girl came up behind me (i didn’t like her) to stand in the frame so I glared at the camera haha I looked like the grudge!! I didn’t delete the picture but I lost the camera :'(  I was sick most o the plane 
    :”( I had the window seat oh well I pretended the window was a really good tv

    also my uncle is a older brother to my mom and he’s scared of planes I dunno (I guess I lied earlier when I said I dunno anyone but then again it doesn’t count cause he’s my uncle!

  7. oh ya, I’m super happy that supernatural Is continuing cause it’s a awesome show!! I love sam dean cas Bobby and miss Gabriel ha he brought good laughs on changing channels. ha he was like mouhaha I’m a bada** archangel and I’m addicted to sugar!

  8. What? No Smallville season 11?!? haha

  9. I’m glad they made a season 6 all these ideas and plots like westerns/fatties and now a season 7possibly 8 Halalalalooooooya I cannot wait! They should have a supernatural/vampire diaries episode smash…. Lots of butt kickin there

  10. Is this show still on? I dropped it after that whole Boy King nonsense with the demon girl friend. The other dude was hot though. Has he been in anything else? He seemed kind of wasted on this show.

    • Which other dude, Jensen? They were both in horror movies, Jensen in My Bloody Valentine and Jared in Friday the 13th. Otherwise, I don’t think they’re doing anything new.
      Yeah, I don’t blame you dropping the show, honestly. It just got more ridiculous as it went on, haha. I’m kind of sticking around simply out of hope that they’ll go back to the way it was… The episodes are entertaining enough, though, and there’s some comedy gold on occasion.

  11. so pleased to hear the super good news!! I am a very huge mega fan of supernatural but gotta admit that the vampire diaries is a great show also.

  12. I love “Supernatural” <3<3<3

  13. I’m so glad for both of these shows. I love them both. I’ve been with TVD since the start and I own all of season one on iTunes – cos I’m a little addicted. Haha. As for SPN, it is my never dying love. I don’t know what I would do without this show. It really helped me through some dark times, it gives me something to talk about with my best guy friend, and it’s got an amazing fandom. I loved Jared since Gilmore Girls, and I can’t wait for season 7! <3

  14. I’m so glad for both of these shows. I love them both. I’ve been with TVD since the start and I own all of season one on iTunes – cos I’m a little addicted. Haha. As for SPN, it is my never dying love. I don’t know what I would do without this show.

  15. I’m a huge fan, but get real . . . Padalecki and Ackels branching out in films? Ackles maybe, and I really do hope so, for his sakes. I could see him as James Bond in a few years. But Padalecki? Oh my god, are you kidding? He’s not much of an actor. I sure hope he saved his pennies.

    • If you’re gonna insult people get off this site. and Lance, i somewhat agree with you although i think padalecki can act more than you give him credit for. I think Ackles is a better actor and i can sure see him as bond, i would like to see him in another smartass role! he pulls it off so well.

      • Magnus,

        Don’t worry about jojo, he’s banned.


  16. I love Supernatural. Season 5 was the best. Now since Supernatural season 6 episode 17-20 were so good, episode 20 almost made me cry. I hope Misha Collins will still play as Cass in 7th season.

  17. I love Supernatural, it is my favorite show. Always has been and always will be and I will be so upset when it ends. Same with The Vampire Diaries, both shows have amazing actors and storylines. I am so happy that they have both been re-newed, Ilook forward to them every week. People should stay off the site if they r just going to insult the shows.

    <3<3<3 Supernatural && Vampire Diaries!!!

  18. My life has just got a meaning -hehe jk
    I love both The Supernatural Show and TVD .
    These two are my favorite shows …

  19. I’m superexcited for this! 😀 hehe. I tried watching Vamp Diaries back when it first started, but I just couldn’t get into it. It seemed to be pushing the pretty-but-tortured vampire role a bit. I’ve heard real good things about it, so I may try to start watching it again, but I dunno.

    As for Supernatural, I can see where some people might think that it’s jumped the shark, but I don’t think so. They’ve managed to keep a VERY interesting storyline, even after averting the apocalypse. Everyone keeps saying “well what’s there to do after Lucifer?” Well…what ISN’T there? Heaven’s most powerful angel, along with the devil, is locked away forever. I think it’s totally within reason that a battle/struggle for dominance in Heaven and Hell would ensue, and that would carry over onto Earth. Just because the Apocalypse was averted once, doesn’t mean something else just as dire could happen.

    The world in which these boys live is ever changing, and they have to change along with it. The acting is beyond fantastic, the writing/producing crew are always keeping me on my toes, and shaking things up. I LOVE THAT. It never gets stagnant, or stale, it’s always kept my interest.

    I do agree, though, that Jensen is being wasted on TV. If he could get a half decent script/director/production team together (stress on decent LOL) he could become A-list movie-star material. Definitely! But until then, I’ll happily watch him play the ever-tortured Dean Winchester. This show ROCKS!

    • Did y’all see Ten-Inch Hero? I loved Jensen in that movie, soo funny :)

      • Freakin’ A! Yeah Ten-Inch-Hero! I have it on DVD AND on my computer LoL. Unfortunately, though, it’s not the kind of cult-hit/indie film that will get him noticed and/or make him a mega-star.

        • Yeah, but I can’t really see him crossing over into A-list territory. I think Supernatural was both a gift and a curse, seeing as so far Jared and Jensen have basically been typecast into the horror/supernatural film scene. (Jared=Friday the 13th, House of Wax, Jensen=Devour, My Bloody Valentine)
          Plus, they just seem like they’d be more at home in TV than film. Good ol’ laid back boys 😛
          But hey, I sure wouldn’t mind seeing them on the big screen more often. As long as it’s no more gory movies, I saw My Bloody Valentine in the theater, and that just about killed me… well, if you count hiding behind your hands 90% of the time 😛

  20. I dont care what anyone says I for one am super happy to hear that Supernatural will not be cancelled after this season. Last I had heard (at the end of season 5) they were just doing one more season (6) and that was pushing it so to hear that in fact they have decided to go on into a 7th and possibly 8th season is tremendously great news for me. I do agree however that its kind of hard to go on after beating Lucifer in season 5 (the best season if u ask me) and that season 6 hasnt been as great BUT I just think that should be a challenge to the writers to come up with something AMAZING for this amazing show, theres nothing else like it its completely original and as for Jared and Jenzen I would be lost without seeing them together once a week.
    As for The Vampire Diaries OF COURSE they would go on to a season 3…its an amazing show with an equally epic cast. I cant WAIT to see what The CW has planned for these two amazing shows! Im happy to for once AGREE with a network, continuing these shows will be a great move for The CW.

  21. what about castiel’s character? will he be returning?

    • He’s the new God, of course he will return.

      • It’s already been announced officially by Sera Gamble, that Misha Collins will not be returning as a series regular. He’s slated to appear in S7Ep1, but beyond that it’s likely we won’t see much of him. Don’t despair, though! Just because she said he won’t be returning “as a series regular” doesn’t mean anything. He could just be bumped down to guest star status, which some Castiel is better than NO Castiel! :)

  22. I just think that should be a challenge to the writers to come up with something AMAZING for this amazing show.
    great artical. Thank you very much.

  23. If there is a season 7 I like the wild bunch idea Robert Singer mentioned I’d like to see Walt and Roy meet up with the guys -the hunters who killed them in Dark Side of the Moon.I’d like to see the guys get all Butch & Sundance…By the way what happened with John’s storage

  24. I AM SOOOO HAPPY!I about pooped myself when I heard they were thinking about an eighth season and I will do everything in my power as a fan to support their continuence of the show. I will ALWAYS watch supernatural and anybody who doesn’t love it can eat my shorts!


  26. i love supernatural i love how funny and exciting the guys r cant wait for it to start up=)