‘Supernatural’ Season 7: Bobby & Castiel’s Return Revealed

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supernatural castiel bobby return Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

It’s been a tough season for Supernatural fans. On top of losing one fan-favorite character in the season premiere (Castiel, played by Misha Collins), viewers also had to watch as the series’ proverbial patriarch, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), was given a choice of either dying peacefully or sticking around to become a ghost.

Thankfully, whatever Bobby’s decision turned out to be (we still have to find out), executive producer Robert Singer revealed that “he’ll be back in one form or another.” What does that mean? Well, when it comes to Supernatural, anything is possible (and probable).

Of course, if Singer’s ambiguity isn’t enough to have you excited about Bobby’s return “in one form or another, showrunner Sera Gamble details what would happen, based on the decision Bobby made:

So one of the questions we are left with is, ‘Did Bobby move on or didn’t he?’ The great thing about the show is none of these options preclude seeing Jim Beaver again at some point down the line. We can always flash back to an earlier time in their lives, we can send them to Heaven at some point, or we can say that he made the morally ambiguous decision and became a ghost and we can explore those consequences.

And what about the angel-turned-God-turned-Leviathan-vessel, Castiel? When will we next hear the dulcet tones of an (hopefully no longer crazed) angel? The CW has already confirmed that Castiel will be making his return this March, in episode 17 of the season – and that he’ll be stick around for two additional episodes.

supernatural castiel1 Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

While recently speaking with Zap2It, Jared Padalecki revealed that the episode in which Castiel will return is also the episode in which Sam (Padalecki) goes crazy, and that it will be Dean (Jensen Ackles) who has to handle the return of their monotone friend:

We’ve seen Sam wrestle with visions of Lucifer, and now it’s Dean’s turn to have that kind of a story. We’ll see Dean struggle to wrap his head around the Castiel issue. He’s like, ‘How do we forgive this guy? How do we trust him? That’s how we got hurt; that’s how we got burned.’ Dean’s once bitten, twice shy. We’ll see him wrestle with some of his own demons.

While not much else is known about Castiel’s return, Singer did explain that when Sam and Dean reunite with their angelic partner, that “it happens by a sure twist of fate and the Cas that they find is not exactly the Cas that left them.” Considering the Cas that left them did so by melting away into a pool of black goo, I think it’s fair to say that any type of human-form will be welcomed with open arms. Well, open-ish – there needs to be a reasonable explanation. Well… at least reasonable–ish.

That being said, the question many may be asking is why Supernatural would temporarily remove Bobby and Castiel from the series in the first place. While jokingly providing an answer, Singer said that “we try to kill all the characters that are loved.

supernatural bobby singer Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

Continuing, Singer explained even further what their intentions are for this season:

This whole idea this year for the arc for the boys is that they would slowly become more isolated losing Cas, losing Bobby, and they didn’t have these backstops and they’re alone and hunted. And we just wanted to see what that would do to their characters. And we love Jim, but that just seemed like a logical extension of where we’re taking the guys. But there are some surprises in the last few episodes that I think people will be happy with.

After 7 years on the air, let’s hope that Singer knows the Supernatural audience enough to know what they will be happy with towards the end of this season. That being said, it’s fair to assume a lack of Bobby and/or Castiel as the series continues is not something that will leave fans happy.

With The CW strongly hinting that Supernatural Season 8 is likely to occur, one begins to wonder what the future holds… and who exactly will be involved. Already two years past Eric Kripke’s original plan for the series, it would be difficult to envision the show without all of the familiar supporting characters. Even though the intention this season was to isolate Sam and Dean, one could argue that one of the elements about the series that fans love is how Sam and Dean are almost always isolated – and yet, they are still part of this ever-expanding world of supernatural frights, which includes all of the additional characters fans have grown to love.

Taking into account the fact that most of Supernatural’s additional characters are now dead, are you for Bobby and Castiel sticking around for a bit?


Supernatural airs Friday @9pm on The CW

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Source: E! Online, Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. Bring back Bobby!
    Bring back Cass!
    Bring back the Impala!

    The perfect fix for this devastating season 7 is The Trickster! The whole season could be wiped out and the guys could get back on track.

    • I cannot and will not imagine a Supernatural without Cas. Bobby is a great part as well, but without Castiel it will not be the same! And this is coming from a Jared fan!!

    • I cannot &will not imagine a Supernatural without Cas. Bobby is a great part as well, but without Castiel it will not be the same! And this is coming from a Jared fan!!

    • yeah but Trickster A.K.A Gabriel the Archangel is dead, remember? Lucifer killed him :(((( first they need to find a way to bring Gabriel back, then he can save Bobby and Cas! :)

  2. I like supernatural so much!! I like sam so much

  3. I want Cas back!!! I love him so much! He is seriously the life of this show and Misha Collins is an epic actor!

  4. Bring Cas back pretty please!!!

    • u cannot imagine the series without cas he is so sweet

  5. Stop jerkin the fans around you,ve killed off all the people we liked Joe Ellen bobby Cass bobby new everything about everything was their FBI etc. Confirmation guy. So what now we’re expected to believe know one bothers to confirm who they are anymore. Bobby did it because he loved them. Now they have to pay people like that paranoid freek now they have absolutely no that really. Loves them or cares about them since the shows two years over what you wanted let it go out while people still like the show you like to jump the shark or get close your there with me and ive bout all the dvds so i wanted it to go on but now i feel jerked around my husband and i always say. Oh good its friday the boys are on. Not so much now. We read mishas back no bobbys back no yes no yes no they need a good cast around them bobby with the sherrif misha saying funny stuff to balance all the bad ellen to slap um when they dont stay in touch support since they dont have rootsthat show has alot of years left unless your tire of doing it . Then let it die otherwise give us back those people we already care about and bring us others who are just passing thru .

  6. Bring back Bobby, Cass, the Impala AND Trickster/Gabriel (he was an awesome character I would have liked to have seen a lot more of)! And while they’re at it, bring Jo & Ellen back too. SO many times the really cool characters get bumped off while the bad actors & superfluous sillies stay in.
    C’mon guys – bring em back – but in a good way. Bring em back as they were before. Without all the characters & very isolated Dean & Sam, things could get monotonous, but with the extra characters there’s more emotion, more comic relief, more love – just makes it better.

  7. I cannot and will not imagine a Supernatural without Cas. Bobby is a great part as well, but without Castiel – it will not be the same! And this is coming from a Jared fan!!

  8. I just need my Dick Dean and my sweet Sam and I am all good! You know what, I will write hour long battles for them to fight myself if the writer’s can’t think of anything else! This show is wonderful what more could a woman ask for…two beautiful men fighting things…Paradise! So keep writing D***-it and as long as you don’t kill Dashing and Sexy we’re good!

  9. As painful as it is to admit, having been a fan of Supernatural since its first airing, even I have to ask, For Feck Sake Gamble! Just let it die! Haven’t you milked enough out of it? Haven’t you ruined it enough? When I heard that Supernatural was going to be continued I was ecstatic, I really was. But after watching it slowly go downhill, watching the characters turn into cliché’s and the total fanfiction fecking element it has taken on, as a die-hard- fan even I have to say just let it fuecking go.

    Eric ended it perfectly. And now that it’s been dragged out, dragged through the mud and turned into one sooky fecking bish/whine/cry moment to the next, it’s painful to watch. D:< And I am a woman who likes her melodrama! But gosh darnit! The reason people watched Supernatural to begin with was because it was different. It was balanced. It wasn’t one dramatically scene to the next.

    So, while it pains me greatly to say, good blimmin grief I really hope there isn’t an 8th series.

    Ps. Spoiler alert btw.

    Bobby would never choose to become a ghost and we all know it. So this is my ‘Feck-you-very-much’ for destroying one of the last decent tv series still on the air. Go fangirl on someone else’s Tv series, hell maybe you can whine your way into the rights of making a Twilight tv show. It would fit you to a T.

  10. We need Bobby Cas Ellen Jo Rufus and we need the whole Lucifer demon plot back this Leviathan stuff sucks and also bringing back John Winchester would be nice.

    • so basically back to season 1 or 5? no, i actually like the leviathans and dick roman definitely has the potential to be scary. he is smarter than any other monster the winchesters have faced before.

  11. Cassie, baby, come back!

  12. While I don’t really agree with Shun’s descriptive way of putting it, and I would be terribly sad to see them go, I really think it’s time to put it to rest. Unless you come up with a way more epic storyline than has been going so far, this is just going to go the same way that Charmed did. Every season was another “worst evil ever known.” We can only buy that so many times. Then it just gets annoying.

    You’ve already gone well past the original story arc, and it’s starting to feel trite and predictable and thrown together. Either come up with a really AWESOME story line for season 8, or you’re going to start losing fans.

  13. I love this show and I hope there is a season 8. Don’t listen to all of the gripers. I miss Bobby and Cass, too, but one of the things that makes this show great is you never know what could happen. I hated it when Bobby died, but i think it is cool that you brought him back as a ghost. I think given the circumstances, Bobby would stick around even though he knows how he could eventually end up. He knows the boys need him, and he also knows that once his work is through they can send him on his way. I am very interested to see how Cass battles it out with Lucifer. The latest twists and turns are very intriguing. All of the people complaining obviously don’t see that the show has to go somewhere, you can’t just have them fighting the same things over and over every season. I do enjoy seeing them hunt, that is the basis of the show, and it would be great if you would throw some more episodes in of them hunting things besides leviathans and demons, but there has to be a storyline in there, too! This is my all time favorite show, and I hope to see it continue in season 8!! Keep up the great work!

  14. I love this show and watched every one of the episodes; would be extremely upset if they decide not to have Season 8. But, also, I think whoever in charge of the show should not ignore what many of the devoted viewers saying.

  15. castiel is indeed sweet as an angel, though don’t know what he is in real life, cas is my heart, i just cannot forget his face.

  16. good news CW has decided to this show after all.

  17. Hey cas(Misha) I Love u so much, r u married?????? care for an Indian bride???????????????????



  20. Bring Bobby back or I will definitely be watching Grimm from now on. Sera Gamble needs to quit making this show about herself and more about what makes the show ticks and this includes Bobby, Rufus, Ellen and all the other wonderful characters she has assasinated. I find a dim future for this show if this woman continues to dictate its path. Sean Hayes Rules!!!!!!Grimm Forever!!!!!!


    He was one of the most intriguing character, and they killed him before we got the chance to really know him… I don’t know how they could bring him back, but he’s a g****** Archangel ! I’m sure they could find a way.

  22. i think without Castiel, Dean, Sam and Bobby would not know want to do, how to do it and when to do it.

  23. I love this show because I never can guess what is going to happen next- Once again, in the finale, I didn’t see it coming- Jensen and Jared do a great job with what they are given- I do think that more should have been said to Bobby (like Thank you or something) or to each other. This was a missed opportunity to connect with these characters again. I understand that they have changed over the years and the changes in their characters make sense, but I just watched “Hunted” this week and I miss the deep conversations between Sam & Dean that tell how they feel. Both guys do a great job showing their emotions, but I think the writers need to step up and put more into the dialogue. I think the writers are trying too hard with this leviathon thing and the purgatory monsters- they are too unbelievable. I hope we can get away from this as soon as possible next season and go back to hunting. Ecstatic to see the impala again, brought back with some classic rock too! Although I do think “Back in Black” should be the car’s theme song. Sorry to see Bobby go, but it was the right thing to do. I’m glad that Cas & Dean are repairing their relationship too- can’t wait for next season!

  24. bring back Bobby and Cas! And the Impala!

  25. please hurry on 8th season after waching the last of 7th one i cant wait please keep castiel as a good guy and dean and sam they a in re the best i liked the ending of 7th season it makes you whant to see more poor dean on his own in pergatory love you 3 loades hurry on season 8