‘Supernatural’ Season 7: Bobby & Castiel’s Return Revealed

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supernatural castiel bobby return Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

It’s been a tough season for Supernatural fans. On top of losing one fan-favorite character in the season premiere (Castiel, played by Misha Collins), viewers also had to watch as the series’ proverbial patriarch, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), was given a choice of either dying peacefully or sticking around to become a ghost.

Thankfully, whatever Bobby’s decision turned out to be (we still have to find out), executive producer Robert Singer revealed that “he’ll be back in one form or another.” What does that mean? Well, when it comes to Supernatural, anything is possible (and probable).

Of course, if Singer’s ambiguity isn’t enough to have you excited about Bobby’s return “in one form or another, showrunner Sera Gamble details what would happen, based on the decision Bobby made:

So one of the questions we are left with is, ‘Did Bobby move on or didn’t he?’ The great thing about the show is none of these options preclude seeing Jim Beaver again at some point down the line. We can always flash back to an earlier time in their lives, we can send them to Heaven at some point, or we can say that he made the morally ambiguous decision and became a ghost and we can explore those consequences.

And what about the angel-turned-God-turned-Leviathan-vessel, Castiel? When will we next hear the dulcet tones of an (hopefully no longer crazed) angel? The CW has already confirmed that Castiel will be making his return this March, in episode 17 of the season – and that he’ll be stick around for two additional episodes.

supernatural castiel1 Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

While recently speaking with Zap2It, Jared Padalecki revealed that the episode in which Castiel will return is also the episode in which Sam (Padalecki) goes crazy, and that it will be Dean (Jensen Ackles) who has to handle the return of their monotone friend:

We’ve seen Sam wrestle with visions of Lucifer, and now it’s Dean’s turn to have that kind of a story. We’ll see Dean struggle to wrap his head around the Castiel issue. He’s like, ‘How do we forgive this guy? How do we trust him? That’s how we got hurt; that’s how we got burned.’ Dean’s once bitten, twice shy. We’ll see him wrestle with some of his own demons.

While not much else is known about Castiel’s return, Singer did explain that when Sam and Dean reunite with their angelic partner, that “it happens by a sure twist of fate and the Cas that they find is not exactly the Cas that left them.” Considering the Cas that left them did so by melting away into a pool of black goo, I think it’s fair to say that any type of human-form will be welcomed with open arms. Well, open-ish – there needs to be a reasonable explanation. Well… at least reasonable–ish.

That being said, the question many may be asking is why Supernatural would temporarily remove Bobby and Castiel from the series in the first place. While jokingly providing an answer, Singer said that “we try to kill all the characters that are loved.

supernatural bobby singer Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

Continuing, Singer explained even further what their intentions are for this season:

This whole idea this year for the arc for the boys is that they would slowly become more isolated losing Cas, losing Bobby, and they didn’t have these backstops and they’re alone and hunted. And we just wanted to see what that would do to their characters. And we love Jim, but that just seemed like a logical extension of where we’re taking the guys. But there are some surprises in the last few episodes that I think people will be happy with.

After 7 years on the air, let’s hope that Singer knows the Supernatural audience enough to know what they will be happy with towards the end of this season. That being said, it’s fair to assume a lack of Bobby and/or Castiel as the series continues is not something that will leave fans happy.

With The CW strongly hinting that Supernatural Season 8 is likely to occur, one begins to wonder what the future holds… and who exactly will be involved. Already two years past Eric Kripke’s original plan for the series, it would be difficult to envision the show without all of the familiar supporting characters. Even though the intention this season was to isolate Sam and Dean, one could argue that one of the elements about the series that fans love is how Sam and Dean are almost always isolated – and yet, they are still part of this ever-expanding world of supernatural frights, which includes all of the additional characters fans have grown to love.

Taking into account the fact that most of Supernatural’s additional characters are now dead, are you for Bobby and Castiel sticking around for a bit?


Supernatural airs Friday @9pm on The CW

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Source: E! Online, Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. I understand what everyone means when they say ‘the show feels different now’. But this feeling, it’ kind of like emptiness for me, is how the writer’s want you to feel. I think people who are feeling that emotion are definitely the true fans insofar as they have become so emotionally invested in the show and its characters that it feels different almost ‘empty’ without them. I don’t know if it’s boring, personally, or if that’s just how some people articulate their sadness and loss – because the idea of this emptiness is repugnant to them. But I reckon that’s what the writers want – to make people feel this horrible.

    • Well spoken, and very true.

  2. Seeing how there is only 6 episodes left in the season if they were smart they would make a hard hitting fast paced season 8 with the leviathans attacking every episode even with it seems like a human sympathizing leviathan seems like it takes 2 seasons to defeat the big guns, the yellow eyed demon, Lilith and ruby. You know what I mean?

  3. Without Bobby and Cas what happens to Team Free Will?

  4. It will be great to have both of them back, even if it’s not on a completely full time basis, like they were at the beginning.
    And even though Sam & Dean are definitely the main characters, with the addition of Bobby & Castiel , it gives the writers a much wider range of story lines they can go down, & also gave us some very entertaining comedy relief.
    I know you can’t bring back all the re-occurring characters from the past, but Misha & Jim were definitely fan favorites & brought a lot more to their characters than anyone else, & felt like part of the family!

  5. Do you know how good… No, great The Walking Dead is? Well, that said, I still choose Supernatural over the Walkers. If they were in the same time slot, I would have to record both, but watch Supernatural live! That’s how great this show is! There will be ups and downs, fast paced, and slow paced….. But it will ALWAYS be GREAT in the end! I don’t mind what they do with the characters temporarily, because I know that the creators have the story’s best interest at heart. They have the best fans in the world, and they’re not going to leave us all hanging! Have faith it’ll be awesome!

    • That is how I used to be a few months ago. TWD always took a backseat to Supernatural but that has changed now. I hope they get the show back on track by bringing at least Bobby back. Then I will jump right back on the bandwagon.


  7. Supernatural is SO not the same without Bobby and Castiel! The relationship between the boys hasn’t been cozy, either and there’s a certain spark that’s missing. I was so pleased to see last week’s episode where the boys showed their ID’s at the same time. It’s been YEARS, seriously, since we’ve seen ANYTHING like that!! I’m hoping to see them say the same thing at the same time again. I love this show and I was incredibly upset when Castiel died first then Bobby. Castiel is an honarary Winchester and I do NOT want to lose him!

    • Exactly Tami. I’ve been watching the show from the beginning, have all the seasons on DVD, and it just isn’t the same show as it used to be when Castiel and Bobby were a part of it.

  8. I want cass back, I was really excited when I saw the preview for tonight then the ending just mad me mad. I enjoy the show but without bobby, and for me, exspracilly cass it feels like something is missing from the show, getting really frustrating .

  9. I watched the new episode and I have to say, it was interesting.
    Personally, I would like to see Dean and Sam wake up and the first person they see is their father.
    That everything they went through hasn’t happened, Bobby alive and well, past characters that they fought dead are very much alive.

    I miss the old days when they just hunted, discovering new and terrifying creatures. Now it’s just ‘well you turned against us’ Dean dies, Sam dies and brought back, Angels and demons war. – that’s boring

    They need to shake it up a bit more and the network has picked it up for another season.

  10. i say bring back Cas and Bobby at the end of Season 7 and have Season 8 being the season of “oh, we took some heavy hits, but now we’re back in the game and we’re ready to kick some ass!” and have them just go all out on Dick and the Leviathans!

  11. I have seen every episode several times and I never get tired of it. it will be a very sad day if they ever take the show the air.

  12. Definitely keep bobby!! And cas would be a bonus. Its a great show with excellent plots and twists!

  13. Definitely keep bobby!! And cas would be a bonus.

  14. Cas is very funny,I have watched supernatural for years (since the start) and would never choose ANYTHING over it,yeah i enjoy others like TWD but none even come close to Supernatural!!!!!

  15. it would have been nice if bobby was still alive as he was a father figure to look up to people are hopeing that there father will still be alive somewhere

  16. what i think would be amaazing 8-) is now that castiel is back and taking on sams hell of lucifer.. that there was some way for lucifer to actually come back and possess castiel and his thoughts and lucifer being clever about it castiel going back to heaven and running heaven and hell and us..then bam because part of the story on season 7 was God disappearing and castiel going looking for him that God does come back to sort it all out on the last ever episode.we all forget God vocated heaven..it has to come in to play.

    • I agree, people really seem to forget that God vacated Heaven.
      It would be awesome if season 7 ended with God coming back, it could open up a whole knew twist in the story line for season 8!
      Though I’m not too sure what would happen to Cas, as he did try to become the ‘stand in’ god, as you could put it. And he also managed to wage a civil war in Heaven….surly God can’t be to happy at any of the angels actions.

  17. I want Cas back for season 8 !!! He´s amazing!

  18. I think bobby & cass are already part of the family… See castiel’s face again, I really felt an enormous happyness! He really is my favorite character, and will always be.
    I’ll be glad to see cass back to the show permanently… He deserves!

  19. I was glad they brought back Cas. I feel that he has redeemed himself by his sacrifice. Now that Cas is taking on Lucifer, Sam & Dean can get back to fighting evil. I’m not sure I like that they teamed up with Meg, it seems that she was forgiven too easily for what she did to Jo and Ellen. It is an interesting twist. I love this show because I can never predict how it is going to turn out. I always wonder if I can buy what the writers are doing, but I felt that Cas’s return was well done. Not sure how he is going to get out of this predicament. Also, curious about what happened to Frank. We kast saw a trailer full of blood, and then not even a mention last week?? A lot of different plots going on. Loved how Sam solved a ghost problem while locked up, great little story. Jared & Jensen were awesome as always!!

    • While I agree, Meg did what Meg does – she’s a demon. She saved the boys from being torn apart by Crowley by taking on hell-hounds, and right now it’s a case of ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.

      Interesting to see where it goes from here. Cas has to do his penance, and we’ve seen Bobby’s ghost in the next episode.

      Does anyone else notice that Chuck disappeared when God vacated heaven?

  20. I want the Impala back.

    • Same here. The Impala that helped save the world is a crucial character. It is as much a part of the show as the Winchesters. Supernatural isn’t the same without the boys zooming down the road in her, blasting the 80′s rock.

  21. Thrilled to see Bobby and Cas again. I hope to see more of them. Now bring back the brotherly camaraderie, humor, music, and THE CAR, dammit! :)

  22. When I say “humor” I mean, specifically, DEAN’S sense of humor. Some of the recent episodes had their funny moments, but Dean used to be a lot goofier. Remember when he dropped his drawers in the mental hospital and yelled “Pudding!”? I know he’s had a lot to get down about, but I miss his sense of humor. I’m sick of the tired and bitter Dean.

  23. Same here as Jen. I want to see Cas, Bobby, AND funny and a little less detached Dean back, on more regular basis. Not once in every four months. Oh, and want the Impala back, too. The car is part of the show.

    Wonder if they would ever listen (sigh).

  24. I think Bobby and cas should stay around! The other thing that has me on edge is where is God? When would it be a good time for an actual god to talk be visible and talk to everyone.

  25. I think the show WAS great!! This season definatly went SOUTH!!! You cant take Cas and Bobby off the show!! johns already dead so who are the boys gunna go to for help now? I think it would be pretty bad if they dont continue to have cas and bobby on the show; i mean dont get me wrong butg Dean and Sam are amazing in every aspect of Supernatural but they still need a source to go to for help! if this isnt the last season of this amazing show it needs to be before it gets more and more off track!!!! No reason why the leviathans havent been on the show in like 5 episodes! cas is back now in the last episode so the rest of season should be Sam, Dean, Cas, and Bobbies ghost getting back for the leviathans and then go live their apple pie life together somewhere and it should be over as a great show not a show that was great and went completly south!!!! JENSON, JARRED AND MISHA make the show for sure and are perfect for it in every aspect of acting and the show!

  26. Anyone else read the Entertainment Weekly Magazine that had the article about Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester)? He stated that he would be up for coming back on the show, although he did not see them asking him.

  27. I really pray they have a season 8,9,10 and so on. This is my favorite show of all times. And I really pray that they bring Bobby and Cas back for good. I use to think Charmed was the best until Supernatural came out. I can’t go to sleep at night with out supernatural on. Its a funny exciting, and sad all in one. I also wish they would bring back Gabriel and Belthazar.

  28. please please don’t take off Supernatural, we all love it and the game, so glad Bobby and Cas are back, thanks for that

  29. firrst, i need Cas. They need Cas. it’s gunna go downhill if they don’t keep Cas. 2nd, i just watched the one where Bobby died, oh yeah it’s 430 am. xD && started balling & woke my mom up. so I’m glad they’re bringin bobby back tho i get how bad he wants to die still. but Cas can’t die. it’s not right. i miss him so much.