‘Supernatural’ Season 7: Bobby & Castiel’s Return Revealed

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supernatural castiel bobby return Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

It’s been a tough season for Supernatural fans. On top of losing one fan-favorite character in the season premiere (Castiel, played by Misha Collins), viewers also had to watch as the series’ proverbial patriarch, Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver), was given a choice of either dying peacefully or sticking around to become a ghost.

Thankfully, whatever Bobby’s decision turned out to be (we still have to find out), executive producer Robert Singer revealed that “he’ll be back in one form or another.” What does that mean? Well, when it comes to Supernatural, anything is possible (and probable).

Of course, if Singer’s ambiguity isn’t enough to have you excited about Bobby’s return “in one form or another, showrunner Sera Gamble details what would happen, based on the decision Bobby made:

So one of the questions we are left with is, ‘Did Bobby move on or didn’t he?’ The great thing about the show is none of these options preclude seeing Jim Beaver again at some point down the line. We can always flash back to an earlier time in their lives, we can send them to Heaven at some point, or we can say that he made the morally ambiguous decision and became a ghost and we can explore those consequences.

And what about the angel-turned-God-turned-Leviathan-vessel, Castiel? When will we next hear the dulcet tones of an (hopefully no longer crazed) angel? The CW has already confirmed that Castiel will be making his return this March, in episode 17 of the season – and that he’ll be stick around for two additional episodes.

supernatural castiel1 Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

While recently speaking with Zap2It, Jared Padalecki revealed that the episode in which Castiel will return is also the episode in which Sam (Padalecki) goes crazy, and that it will be Dean (Jensen Ackles) who has to handle the return of their monotone friend:

We’ve seen Sam wrestle with visions of Lucifer, and now it’s Dean’s turn to have that kind of a story. We’ll see Dean struggle to wrap his head around the Castiel issue. He’s like, ‘How do we forgive this guy? How do we trust him? That’s how we got hurt; that’s how we got burned.’ Dean’s once bitten, twice shy. We’ll see him wrestle with some of his own demons.

While not much else is known about Castiel’s return, Singer did explain that when Sam and Dean reunite with their angelic partner, that “it happens by a sure twist of fate and the Cas that they find is not exactly the Cas that left them.” Considering the Cas that left them did so by melting away into a pool of black goo, I think it’s fair to say that any type of human-form will be welcomed with open arms. Well, open-ish – there needs to be a reasonable explanation. Well… at least reasonable–ish.

That being said, the question many may be asking is why Supernatural would temporarily remove Bobby and Castiel from the series in the first place. While jokingly providing an answer, Singer said that “we try to kill all the characters that are loved.

supernatural bobby singer Supernatural Season 7: Bobby & Castiels Return Revealed

Continuing, Singer explained even further what their intentions are for this season:

This whole idea this year for the arc for the boys is that they would slowly become more isolated losing Cas, losing Bobby, and they didn’t have these backstops and they’re alone and hunted. And we just wanted to see what that would do to their characters. And we love Jim, but that just seemed like a logical extension of where we’re taking the guys. But there are some surprises in the last few episodes that I think people will be happy with.

After 7 years on the air, let’s hope that Singer knows the Supernatural audience enough to know what they will be happy with towards the end of this season. That being said, it’s fair to assume a lack of Bobby and/or Castiel as the series continues is not something that will leave fans happy.

With The CW strongly hinting that Supernatural Season 8 is likely to occur, one begins to wonder what the future holds… and who exactly will be involved. Already two years past Eric Kripke’s original plan for the series, it would be difficult to envision the show without all of the familiar supporting characters. Even though the intention this season was to isolate Sam and Dean, one could argue that one of the elements about the series that fans love is how Sam and Dean are almost always isolated – and yet, they are still part of this ever-expanding world of supernatural frights, which includes all of the additional characters fans have grown to love.

Taking into account the fact that most of Supernatural’s additional characters are now dead, are you for Bobby and Castiel sticking around for a bit?


Supernatural airs Friday @9pm on The CW

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Source: E! Online, Zap2It, Entertainment Weekly

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  1. One of the best things they have done this season. This show is still fresh after seven seasons. I truly hope we get at least one more season.

  2. Happy Bobby is coming back, Cas is cool but I could go either way on his return. So I guess Frank Devro and Sheriff Hills are supposed to be Sam and Dean’s new buddies since Gamble has practically killled off every ally the boys have (Rufus season 6, their mothers side of the family, Bobby, and Cas). Also how are they going to continue the series after 7, 6 was a mess and it didn’t have good direction and 7 has been too much monster of the week and not enough main story arc (leviathans). What is season 8′s problem going to be I wonder? For the record while I whine and complain, I will watch this show to the end I’m addicted like that.

    • I agree with you about season 6, but I like season 7 a lot. I like the monster of the week episodes it feels more like the first few seasons that weren’t so story arc driven. So far I love the Leviathan storyline and I like that its not the main focus in all the episodes to. Just my opinion

  3. I need Castiel back. I miss him so much and the show hasn’t been the same without him. The writers had to ramp up Bobby’s special place in the series for his death to really have an impact but on the other hand didn’t have much of a farewell and yet his death resonated throughout the entire fandom and we haven’t gotten over it. I’m glad Castiel is back but the producers can save their closure if it means losing Cas again. No thanks! :(

    • I agree, if they intend to keep bobby dead (and you know with supernatural they may not) then they really did a bad job of dealing with his death. But I’m hoping that they will make up for it by figuring a way for him to come back. Hopefully not as a ghost.

    • agrred i dont want closure i want cas in season 8 and if i dont get it ima scream bloody murder

  4. Don’t really give to sh*ts about Bobby but i really want Cas back, he’s the best part of the show :)

    • yay someone who thinks like me =D

    • Only lookists teeny boppers who haven’t been watching the show agree with you, bucky. Bobby was a legitimate father figure for those boys. You should just buy some good stills of Jensen and stare at them, if you do not appreciate the impact of Bobby’s death.

      • I want Bobby back .

  5. this season is terrible!!!! wth? this used to be my favorite show and the new whoever ruined it!!!! way to go. As far as the rest of the season goes i hope its over soon and start a new season right. Keep the whole crew and stop with this bullsh** story line… cause it sucks! thanks.

    • This, this times infinity… And thank you, I was starting to think I was the only one who can’t stand the direction the show has taken -.-

      • I have almost stopped watching this show due to this season. I do not like it without Bobby and Cas. I like the guys doing the monster hunts but the show has grown from that IMHO. They need Bobby’s house back as a safe haven and somewhere to research. I used to be a big fan but I am losing the faith. Hopefully the writers wake up.

  6. Hell yeah I am, supernatural is the best tv series ever made, alongside smallville!

    • to ho66 smallville was my favourite then supernatural but season 10 was rubbish i cried in the finale cause it was crap
      i loved the show becoz it wasn really superman,it was the development and how he killed darkseid that easy cause of hat supernatural is was better these days,season 6 had not much direction but the eve eps and crowley eps were awesome and in season 7 the monster of the week is good but the next ep i believe should be leviathns,then its too much monster of the week and then they will cram everything in 11 eps and they dont wanna do that,itll be good if they briong the impala bak,and u dont really see them choose there weapons anymore like its already there and ready,its the little things that can make this show better or worse.

  7. I am very disappointed in the last two season’s plots, but I still love the cast and their witty banter! I’m in for the long haul guys, but please bring Dean’s baby back… the Impala.

  8. Im betting bobby is a ghost, in the episode after bobbys supposed death, we see sam and dead in the cabin for a while going through a bit of a mourning period over bobby, and at one point you see dean pick up a semi filled beer and after hes finished talking to sam the beer is totally empty and he hasnt drank it and hes wondering what happened to the rest of his beer, its at the begining of the episode. its small, but a pretty substantial hint as to bobbys fate.

    • how can bobby have drank that drink,the only way is if he took possesion of someone and they wouldve realised and there would be ectoplasm and that generally happens to seriously pissed off ghosts

  9. So what I’m reading here is– they haven’t decided on Bobby’s fate yet, they’re leaving his future open so they can bring him back, an they probably haven’t planned anything out. So Bobby was killed off purely to fuel the man pain machine of the Winchesters– just like every other character. From what I’ve read about Castiel’s return it sounds like… Idk. The main story this season has been kind of terrible. They clearly don’t even know where the show is going anymore.

    I haven’t watched since episode 6 but I’ve been keeping tabs on what’s happened.

      • True, but the writers have pulled a lot of stuff out of their rears these last two seasons, so you can’t count on them for anything. They didn’t even figure out the whole “Cas is really the villain of the season” story out until episode 17.

  10. In my opnion this has been the best season so far, sure these levithons aren’t as powerful as Lucifer, or Godstiel, but these guys are very smart, and know how to get these guys in trouble. As for Castiel’s return I bet anything since these Levithons are shape shifters that Dick Roman the Levithon Boss is really Castiel/Jimmy Nocavk possed by the Levithon boss and that he found Dick Roman(the real one, it was established there was a Dick Roman before the Levithon mess) and made his appearance like him and ate him

  11. I will stick around since Bobby appears to be coming back, but I am truly out for good if the writers don’t come up with a way for Jim Beaver to be back on the show in the semi-regular supporting role he has always been in. He makes the show for me.

  12. Oooh, yes, please bring Cas back for good! Bobby, too!

  13. No i do not want Casgirl back. Bobby i can say yes but please lets end this castiel business.

  14. No i do not want Castiel back. Bobby i cannot say yes but please lets end this castiel business.

    • how can you say that without castiel the show has no heart and dean is lost. I can n ot wait for castiel an d bobby to be back without them it not the same show. Please hurry and bring them back the boys need them> Boobby is the father they both need and Castiel is the brother that keeps them going and gives them hope

  15. In all honesty, I’m enjoying the show less without Cas or Bobby. If they want to isolate the brothers or give them a bit of time alone fair enough… but if they both don’t return or rather… at least Cas doesn’t return I’ll be sincerely disappointed.I don’t really appreciate the argument that they’re returning to the style of early seasons because the show has changed… grown. So much has happened and now we’re just back to monster of the week episodes it just feels like filler.

    • I believe, Gamble trusts the statement “Separation is a Sweet Sorrow”. She wants every one to enjoy that so called “Sweet sorrow” make buzz about it on internet, and she again reunites the fan favorites. But I want less and less and of Cass and Bobby. I hate to see any one other than Sam, Dean and their Impala on the DVD covers of Supernatural.

    • Okay, here’s my two cents. First of all, everyone keeps saying that they are going back to the way the earlier seasons were with the whole “monster of the week” concept. But here’s the thing… They are doing WAY to much in the way of trying to “isolate” Sam and Dean. I get that they wanna get back to them alone being the heart of the show, but I think killing Cas was a bad idea, and killing Bobby was just overkill. I’m glad to hear that they’re both returning, but now I find myself watching, but not really caring about what’s going on in this or that ep. It’s like I have a one-track mind…BRING CAS AND BOBBY BACK!!! I’m watching to get these eps out of the way so that they can hurry up and get to the ones where they come back. So far, I’d say season 7 is not as good as season 6 was, and that’s not saying much, since season 6 is where it all started to go downhill. Maybe they should have just quit while they were ahead (after season 5) because the way that it ended was wrapped up in a neat little bow. (except for Sam’s return, which they could have left out.) But since they didn’t, I think it was wrong what they did to Cas in the way of demonizing him. It’s like the writers were trying to make us turn on him so that when they killed him off, we’d be glad. They couldn’t have been more wrong. The show is hanging on by a thread at this point and if the story doesn’t pick up, then I seriously doubt the show will have the same following as it has in the past. Many fans have already stopped watching. If the’re gonna keep the show going, then please, give us something to look forward to. Anyway, there’s my two cents.

      • Oh yeah, and there is one thing that I forgot to mention…WHERE THE HELL IS THE IMPALA??? Okay, I get that two leviathans had the law chasing it, but it’s not like it’s the only one in existence. As far as the law is concerned, Sam and Dean are dead. So why not just change the plates and move on??? Please, Please, Please… BRING BACK THE METALLICAR!!!

        • FYI, I agree with pretty much everything you said.

    • Exactly. They say they want to isolate the boys but look. They kill Bobby and bring in Frank – Bobby 2.0. They kill Cas and they bring in Garth, Sheriff Mills. You can’t have them operate in a vacumn so why kill dearly loved characters? I need more than just Sam and Dean and their endless angst and endless what’s wrong with Sam this season stories. I love Sam but there is something wrong with him every year! Cas and Bobby rounded out the show in wonderful ways. I really hate what Sera Gamble has done. Time after Time was a wonderful ep but most of this season has been endless guest stars just trying to take Cas’ place.

      • Don’t you think you are questioning the very basics of the show. The whole Castiel story arc was initially planned only for about “7 episodes”. But as there was good critical response for the character was extended to two seasons and the worst thing was every supernatural poster is now with three guys and not with two. Castiel, except for season 4 has never fit into the show, I believe he is only a waste of time in season 5, and planning a castiel-centred story arc has totally damaged season 6. In 7, thank God, he’s gone for good. I am happy that, both Castiel and Bobby would only be back for limited episodes from now on and next few seasons. I am waiting for heart breaking episodes on the show and brotherly love in a non-slash way. This show is all about family. Monsters and other story lines are secondary.

        Writing Castiel off the story line hasn’t affected the show at all. It has even got two people choice awards, after that winged son of a B**** pushed out of the story. I hope he and bobby would get only a few episodes in a season. I am not against guest stars, but I want each guest stars to share some episodes but not entirely depend on one or two characters for everything. Remember, Supernatural is Dean looking out for little Sammy. And in a very non-slash way.

          • I do accept your last line of your statement, I am terribly missing SPN1 and SPN2. But I would love to see more about the brothers and better plot lines between them, unlike Amy and Soullessness. Castiel and Bobby intervention almost in between everything really, ruin the brotherly spirit between the guys. I don’t mind if they bring Bobby and Cass back, but I want more of guest stars which the bros can rely upon like Frank, Garth, etc including Bobby and Castiel, if possible first season Missouri(Remember her?), Ellen, Bela, etc..

              • What I am saying is to bring many guest stars into the show, and not give prime importance to Bobby and Castiel as the only friends to boys. I miss Ellen so much. Missouri Sas awesome even though she appeared only in one episode “Home”. And Bela is not very bad. So,why only Castiel and Bobby if there are many more.
                What you are saying is that you love Castiel and Bobby, wanna see them back. What I am saying is, not to give Rank 3 and 4 to castiel and bobby, but make their presence limited to not less than 5-7 episodes, and rest of the episodes the boys would visit, various guest stars as I hav mentioned above.

  16. Couldn´t agree more with the lats part, I really want them both back. After such an depressing season it would be great if it ended on a “happier” note. My favorite seasons are 3, 4 and 5, so I don´t really like this one…

  17. I am really loving the monster of the week episode. Its like first season back all over. I want the show to go back to basics. No Castiel, no bobby,( I dont mind them in a few episodes, but I want their presence limited like this season) only Sam and Dean with Impala and brotherly love(in a very non-slash way). Please bring the b**** and Slash moments back. I want those episodes like “What is what should never be” and “A very supernatural Christmas” where we cry all the 40 minutes looking at the heart breaking scenes. And I would like the boys to talk about their parents, their child hood memories. What I really lack this season and the previous one is, not Bobby, not Castiel. Only emotional family moments that we can relate our lives with.

    • While I do get what you’re saying and I partially agree, I do think that Bobby and Cas did bring new angles to the show. I mean, while the brotherly love moments are good, they do get redundant after awhile. Sam is always going through some kind of change or whatever, and Dean is always internalizing his pain. Yes, there are those moments where Dean says what’s in his heart and cries and we all cry with him. But just to watch the same things over and over, it not only gets boring, but annoying after awhile. And let’s be realistic…Things will never be the way they were back in seasons one, two and three, because there is always something going on with Sam that makes Dean not trust him to some degree. I do agree though, about bringing some other guest stars back, like Ellen, for example. Like I said before, it gives you a chance to see the boys not only the way they see each other, but the way others see them, as well. There’s been TOO much loss and heartbreak this season and there’s only so much someone can take before eventually going, “Hey, this is just too much!” And since Dick Roman killed Bobby, now Dean’s back to the vengeful Dean, who we have seen WAY too many times before. It’s like enough, already!

      • I am just getting sick of this non-Winchester centered story arcs. Season 6 was castiel-centered, but, yeah they did give a story arc to Sam, which turned out to be disastrous. This season, its gonna be Bobby-centered. And even in this season, Sam and Dean’s story arc is limited, except they appear on screen all the time. Most of the cliff hangers are based on Bobby. I am starting to hate this. I remember Season 2 mid season cliff hanger, “Dad has said something about you before he died” This gave me sleepless nights. But, now its Castiel, Bobby,etc I don’t think they are able to create the same pain in the viewers like they used to before, concentrating on Bobby and Castiel.

  18. I miss Cas so much. There has been such a joyless, empty atmosphere this season and the horrible things that happened to Cas, my favorite character, have left me very unhappy. He has sacrificed everything and even when he got lost along the way, he was still doing it all to try and save the world. I want Cas back very much. I miss Cas and Dean’s profound bond.

    • me too thats the only thing that kept me watching was dean and castiels friendship

  19. I am just not certain that they show can continue without more consistant involvement from Cas and Bobby. Ive been a fan since day one. I realize and remember well when it was just the two boys on the road hunting things in the “family business”. However the show has evolved so much from there. You cant just take these characters that have become not just an integral part of the plot and story line but have become an integral part of the fabric from which Sam and Dean are made and then expect to rip them away without the holes being permanent. Eventually as we are seeing now Sam and Dean wont be able to keep on moving forward. Something has got to give and I believe that Singer and Gamble will have no choice but two being them back on a more permanent basis. After all RATINGS are what keeps a show on tv and keeping a fandom happy produces ratings. As a side note I just have to say that Eliot Ness was AWESOME~!!

  20. I think Season 7 is a lot better than Season 6 and I hope that they get a Season 8. It’s terrible that they killed both Bobby and Castiel, but I’m glad that their somehow coming back.

    The one thing I have like about Supernatural is that they are not scared to shake things up. Too many shows keep doing the same thing, year after year and only change things when their ratings go down, but not Supernatural. They are not scared to shake things up right away. It what makes them a better show then most that are out there.

    If we get a Season 8, I’m guessing the Leviathans will be back then as well.

  21. i have this vision for season 8 and thats sam and dean doing what they do best and human cas doing the research for them the 3 amigos lol bobby who =)

  22. I think we can all agree that the show should have ended with Season 5. It was an epic Season and it should have been the end. This Leviathan stuff is crazy, how hell do you kill those maneating bastards, is that what Cas will come back and tell them? Great Show Though it’s #1 in my Top 5.

  23. Supernatural has gone down hill these pass few seasons. they keep killing everybody off! the whole Cas storyline gave Dean somebody to be friends with (which he needed) and gave the boys a father figure. Bobby showed them what a family was suposed to be while showing Cas that not all “fathers” were absent. They killed off everybody who tried to even out Dean and Sam. first they killed off John. then killed off Ellen & Jo (their mom and sister) figures. Cas (the only friend that Dean actually had that wasn’t connected to Sam) know Bobby.

    i’m glad that their going to bring bobby & cas back. but i highly doubt that their reappearence will be able to save this year’s rating. u can only watch a monster of the week episodes so long before u start to ask about the storyline.

    majority of people i have talked to said that they havn’t been watching season 7 and have been watching the DVDs

  24. I miss Bobby, but I really hope Castiel isn’t coming back permanently. I liked his character a lot through Season 5, but I think the whole angel storyline has played out. I’m much more concerned about the Impala coming back.

  25. How many people watch a show for the premise alone? They fall in like with beloved characters, and that is why we come back. Kill them all off, and you begin to lose the cohesion that makes a show a favourite. The show was never just about Dean and Sam so why does it have to be now.

    • Very good point. The brotherly love is nice, but the show is now too narrow-focus on the boys. And I miss the Impala as well–it was not mere transportation, but an extension of Dean’s heart and soul.

  26. I love the boys, I truly do, but I think that the show can no longer be just about them. It’s a matter of evolution, of character’s development. We can’t go back to the old good times of season 1 and 2, when everything was about them. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of those series. I just think that going back to that kind of show is not possible. Sam and Dean grew up, they faced so many things and met so many people and their lives changed. And, most importantly, we changed. We grew attached to other characters too and we love them exactly how we love the boys.
    Supporting characters are an important part of the show, now. And if the show will really go on for another season (possibly more) supporting characters are not only important, but truly needed.

    That said I need Cas and Bobby back. They were family for the boys. They were family for me. I don’t want them to stick around a bit. I want them to stick around permanently. I think they are truly needed and I love them.

  27. I was so upset about bobby dying. He is pratically their father, considering their father was barely in the show. I think it’s horrible they lose everyone they love. I say bobby will come back as a ghost and that will be one they are glad is around. I also like that sam and dean do hunts even though they have the “big problem” to worry about in every season. It would get boring if not.

  28. I don’t know if I can wait till March to see Cas again.

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