‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Preview Trailer: In Cass We Fear

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supernatural season6 finale Supernatural Season 7 Preview Trailer: In Cass We Fear

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With less than a month before Supernatural season 7 premieres, it’s time to take a look at what’s in store for Sam and Dean – now that Castiel has taken over heaven. Forget hell; it’s the wrath of Castiel that everyone must now fear.

In the Supernatural season 6 finale, fans not only bore witness to Castiel (Misha Collins) becoming the new god, but they also felt his vengeful wrath as Castiel had smitten the ever opposing Raphael with but a snap of his fingers. From the looks of it, such smiting shall continue.

In the Supernatural season 7 teaser trailer (see below), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are given simple instructions from heaven’s new authority: “Be thankful for my mercy. If you rise up, I will strike you down.” Of course, when has that ever stopped Sam and Dean?

You can see the teaser trailer below:

Contained within are quick glimpses of what’s to come in the upcoming season. In it, fans are able to see what lengths the Winchester brothers are willing to go to in order stop their once angelic friend from wreaking havoc on Earth. With passing shots of Death (Julian Richings) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) returning, it quickly becomes apparent that it’s going to take more than just two boys from Kansas to bring down this heavenly father.

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Interestingly enough, there also appears to be some glimpses of Castiel being hit with a bright light – and then shown with a look of disorientation. Could these be the scenes where Castiel is finally knocked from his thrown in heaven?

Castiel Supernatural The CW Supernatural Season 7 Preview Trailer: In Cass We FearYou don’t want to see Cass when he’s angry

It’s been known awhile that Misha Collins will not be a series regular for the upcoming season. With a simple guest starring role slated for Supernatural season 7, the number of episodes that Collins will be appearing in will be few (think 8 or fewer). From the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con 2011, we know that Jo, Crowley, Sheriff Jodie Mills, and Death will be returning this season.

Apart from that, one can only speculate whether or not Castiel’s story-arc of god will be extended throughout the entirety of the season or simply wrapped up in the first half. Whatever the decision may be, it appears that Supernatural season 7 will be as entertaining as ever.


Supernatural season 7 premieres September 23 on The CW

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  1. I started watching this show in season 1 basically because I was channel surfing and saw 2 incredibly hot guys and decided whatever the show was, it would be worth it to watch these 2. I quickly became hooked as I do love supernatural/horror movies. I cannot miss one episode and if I do, I have to go online as quickly as possible (free-tv-video-online.me) to catch up. I was so bummed when there was question if there was going to be a season 6; so needless to say I AM STOKED that there is a season 7!!!!! I hope there are 10 seasons, but I know actors/producers/writers are on contracts and sometimes things end before the fans want it to. I just want to say thank you to everyone involved with this show and to let you know that myself and many others that I know of REALLY enjoy your show.
    Jennie Kelly

  2. hi.i love supernatrual and sam and dean winchester…

  3. Just finished watching the season 6 today and can’t wait for the season 7 !!! Got hooked on this By my silly rabbit !! Thanks to you !!

  4. But Misha MUST be in season 7! More then just 8 episodes! And he must be in season 8 if it will be on, becouse I can’t live it donw if the last thing I will see of Castiel is that he becomes evil. I want that Dean makes him good again, like he always does!

    I’m still soooo excited that it will be a season 7 :) But I still want that Cas is a good angel :)

  5. I love Supernatural! I hope they never cancel the show, they do a really Great job with making the show. I recommend that if you havent seen the show to start watching it!!!! Keep up the Great jobs guys. Dean and Sam are Wonderfull actors I would watch anything that they played in!!!!

  6. iam so excited please dont ever take this show off the air i watch fathfully…

  7. i cannot wait until season 7 starts. i been watching this showed since very first episode. they have come a long way from being funny and goofy episodes to serious and suspenseful but still funny plots. i really hope they make a movie because that would be insane. LOVE THIS SHOW

  8. Sam and Dean should just call the ghostbusters and let the pros handle this one….no seriously i smell crossover team-up, besides the boys in grey from new york have dealt with gods and such entities before….all this talk of going nuclear well i guess sam n dean could do with some nuclear :)

  9. I have watched this show since it began too. I love it. I really like the episodes where they are fighting some type of demon, shapeshifter etc. more than when they are fighting angels etc. I love Sam and Dean and Bobby and Cass has been the best Angel I hope that they don’t take him off the show. Just seeing Cass in his rumpled raincoat with his bewildered looks about something that is said or seen is worth him being on the show. All of the characters are so great and I think that the writing is great. I wish that their dad would come back more often too.

  10. Castiel:Are you a GOD? Ray:Yes! Castiel:tries to snap his fingers trick! Ray: haha our sheilds have absorbed your celestial energy re-routing it into our particle accelerators! then the boys go full stream on castiel and neutroinize him and give castiel time to think about his actions in their 2011 tech modified nuclear/laser containment system. LOL then they give sam n dean full membership access and tell them that the movies were based on reality as a publicity stunt for the company “ghostbusters” and they give sam n dean each a proton pack and several gadgets they then stash in the back of the impala :) supernatural then goes on its own way hehe

  11. i cant wait for the new season.. i cant wait to see castiel and the winchesters.. im wondering what will happen to the new god a beetr one, but an odd one… season 5 was provocative! season 6 was a crazy twist… what’s next in new season! i cant wait!!!

  12. “The new season picks off right where the last season left off:
    “Castiel [Misha Collins] looks at Sam and Dean and tells them that they’re essentially ants in the scheme of things. Now that he’s God, he has no need for them and to stay out of his way…When they track Cas down, they realize that when he took in all those monsters souls from purgatory, there were much older things that got into him as well.”

    There isn’t just one Big Bad, but several. Death gives Sam and Dean the info they need on Cas and the new evils they will battle in the first half of the season. These new baddies don’t just want to kill the boys, they want to take over the planet. Which means Dean and Sam will have to save the world yet again!
    Crowley is hiding from Cas, and gets into a “I’ll help you if you help me” arrangement with the boys.
    Jo will return despite her death in Season 5, and Jensen said it will be a sweet scene:
    “She’s brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand. It’s a heartwarming scene between the two of them.”

  13. it’s one of the best shows :) very good plot plus I like it how the story evolves around the value of family. any age group can watch. and it’s not cheesy!!! love it, hope they go on to 8th