‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 7 premiere castiel death1 Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

Proving that Supernatural is still able to best many a network series (even in its seventh year on the air), the season 7 premiere brilliantly sets up what may very well be the series’ best year yet, with masterful storytelling, rich character development, and the introduction of a seasonal story-arc that beautifully incorporates mythology that is centuries old.

Picking up where last season’s finale left off, the Supernatural season 7 premiere, entitled “Meet the New Boss,” forces Sam, Dean, and Bobby to somehow prevent the power hungry Castiel from smiting the entirety of the human race and, more importantly, destroying the world with the evil that’s contained within him.

Seeking out the help of the once-thought-dead Crowley, The Winchester brothers attempt to enslave Death and force him to kill Castiel, who has given himself the title of god. In what may be one of the most captivating scenes in the series history, the presumed showdown between Castiel and Death not only represents the immense talent that drives this series, but also introduces the extremely intriguing season story arc involving the seven princes of Hell.

While only the Leviathan was mentioned in the season opener, one can only assume that (in typical Supernatural fashion) the intent to delve deeper into the world’s mythos and provide a modern day telling of these stories will be followed with the rest of the demonic princes: Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Mammon, Satan and Lucifer (though he’s currently stuck in a cage, in Hell).

supernatural season 7 premiere bobby sam Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

When viewers passionately state that Supernatural is their favorite television series currently on the air, it’s because of that aforementioned attention to detail and interest in exploring all facets of supernatural lore. What appears to simply be a television drama about a pair of demon hunting brothers, Supernatural beautifully juxtaposes this premise with all of the many tales that the history of the world contains (from Greek mythology to vampires).

By logically presenting all of these stories (which are largely contradictory to each other) into a single, cohesive plot that remains true to the core premise that the series originated with, Supernatural serves to not only elevate itself with each passing year, but to also elevate the expectations of its viewers.

supernatural season 7 premiere sam bobby dean Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

In a sense, Supernatural wonderfully does what many of the more touted series on television cannot seem to do: evolve. While it certainly can be said that there have been a few slight bumps in the road along the way, those errors were never egregious, nor were they long-lasting.

As Supernatural season 6 was generally an unplanned continuation of Eric Kripke’s intended storyline for the entirety of the series, there were more than enough signs last season that the producers were trying to not only figure out where they’d like to take the series from here on out, but also how to do so while maintaining the high level of quality.

That being said: even if certain storylines felt forced or elementally incomplete in regards to the caliber of storytelling one expects from the series, Supernatural has more than earned itself the coveted “wait and see” approach in television. As the story progresses and more information is revealed, the series has continuously vindicated itself from any presumed wrongdoing – whether intention or simply a “fix.”

supernatural season 7 premiere castiel death1 Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

This dedication to the fixing of errors (and I use the term “errors” in the most loose sense possible) is just one of the many signs that Supernatural wholeheartedly respects its viewers, and why the series has earned the trust of its audience, while other more well-known series have not.

With Castiel now “dead” and the Leviathan taking over his human vessel, it’s exciting to see where things will go as the season progresses – especially since Sam is battling the presumed hallucinations of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).

If the Supernatural season 7 premiere represents the caliber of storytelling that will be executed for the remainder of the season, there’s no doubt that this may very well be the best year that the series has presented yet.


Supernatural airs Friday @9pm on The CW

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  1. Jenson Ackles, i want to meet u!!!

    • Both actors appear at Supernatural Cons a lot. I’m going to see them in Burbank next March. :-D

  2. This season premiere was everything a season opener should be! The episode really set the tone for the rest of the season

    • it was pretty damn good agreed. After seeing what season seven seems to be leaning toward i see why season 5 took so long to develop although to cut Cas’ god “time” so short kinda ruins the whole Cas vs. Raphael plot. Idk i kinda disliked season 5 but season 7 looks really promising!!

  3. Leviathan? So I guess we are moving into the other six princes of hell? Lucifer being the first, now leviathan?

  4. Wow, Supernatural pulled an Angel on us. Pretty good, I do hope Cas stays dead. I’ll miss him but this is just too good of a storyline to pass up.

  5. Holy Crap! Is Supernatural back? I am just giddy from this season premiere. Well done!

  6. This premier was freaking mind blowing. There was absolutely nothing I didnt like about this epsiode. I CANT WAIT FOR NXT WEEK!

  7. Most of the episode is bad.

    Good things:
    1) Watching Godstiel try to change the world (not the way Cas’s character was written which I’ll get to). It reminded me a lot of Death Note, mostly in a good way.
    2) Sam. The scene with Sam and Lucifer (I suspect Sam’s storyline might be the only ray of hope for this season) is great. I hope Sam’s storyline leads to something, rather than just teasing bits like that. Sam is awesome though. He thinks he’s worthless but he’s so compassionate. I love that he didn’t give up on Cas.
    3) Some little details, like Michelle Walker/Michelle Bachman, the “I am indifferent to sexual orientation” line, and when Death implied that there are better planets with life on them out there.
    4) I love Death, so it was nice seeing him.

    Bad things (most of the episode):
    1) Pretty much everything about the way Cas’s character was written. When he transformed last season, I was under the impression that Cas really did no longer exist, or at least he wasn’t in control of his mind. I thought that it would be more complicated. But no. Cas was the same Cas. The show had to take another step and turn Cas into an out of character, blood thirsty, self righteous mass murderer. Which is absolute bull. I am very infuriated.
    2) Everything about the way Dean’s character was written. From the anime porn (yeah Dean, you’re straight, we need to hear about it every other episode- not) to him being an asshole several times throughout the episode. Last season his character was developed poorly and he was out of character at the end, but this episode just made it worse because he stuck to his convictions, and gave up, again. Also, the ending parts with Cas and Dean are bull.
    3) The unnecessary brotherly angst. At this point it’s kind of tiring. “I have to hear about it from ~Death????”, that happened way earlier than it needed to. I hope there isn’t more of that.
    4) The Leviathans. So basically, the villains of the show this season are giant sea monsters. We’ll learn more about them in the next episode but as of right now, it’s terrible. Because, first off, if God was really active in making things happen at the time he sealed them way, why didn’t he just destroy them? It makes no sense to seal them away! I don’t really see what threat these guys are going to hold besides the generic “destroy the world” sort of thing, but we’ll see. It’s a really hard sell. Lame, lame, lame.
    5) How Cas is being used as a total plot device. How the whole episode was a retread of stuff that was already poorly written to begin with, along with events that happened (all the news stations talking about the mass murders) that will probably never matter again. Basically, they took Cas’s character, changed who he fundamentally is, made him do psychopathic things, and then tried to put in a story about how he regretted losing control, when, if the real Cas was in control the whole time, he wouldn’t have done any of this in the first place.
    6) Perhaps most infuriating is that Cas died because the leviathans were able to “hold on”. What a load of bull. Basically that was an illogical move to get rid of the purgatory souls storyline forever and use Cas a plot device to unleash the new baddies. Sea monsters.
    7) One of the most frustrating things about this episode was that Sam referenced the angel weapons. Let me say that again: HE REFERENCED THE ANGEL WEAPONS THAT CAS COULD HAVE USED TO KILL RAPHAEL BUT DIDN’T BECAUSE THE PLOT REQUIRED HIM TOO AND NOW SAM BROUGHT THEM UP AGAIN. Seriously? That pissed me off.

    All in all, when I look at the good things versus the bad things, really, in most ways, this episode is just terrible. It manipulated characters in even worse ways than the finale did, and then used bad writing to get away with allowing this new “leviathans” plot to take shape. And worst of all, it carried the absolute biggest flaw of season 6; starting and ending story lines with no real purpose. Whoever wrote this did whatever they could to wrap up the Godstiel story as quickly as possible and totally failed at it. We barely got a look into Cas’s head, and what we did see was completely out of character, even more so than last season. And just… ugh. I don’t even want to. Like. Talk about it. It’s just so frustrating. This season probably will be worse than 6. I am looking forward to Sam’s storyline though, that looks to be the only good thing about it. And I also dig shattered psyche/dream/illusion sort of stories.

    • Oh, and another infuriating thing is how the trio worked with Crowley with good intentions. I repeat; THE TRIO WORKED WITH A DEMON IN AN ATTEMPT TO SAVE THE WORLD, WHICH IS THE SAME THING THEY GOT MAD AT CAS FOR LITERALLY TWO OR THREE DAYS PRIOR TO THIS EPISODE. Absolute bull.

      • They actually summoned Crowley quite a while after they had their last showdown with Cas. Unless u think it took Dean only two or three days to fix up the Impala, but I doubt it. The situation was much more dire to them because they could see the devastation and damage that Cas was dishing out first hand. In season 6 it wasn’t in their face. It was in heaven and they were more concerned with opening purgatory than Cas working with a demon…. Oh and it turns out they were right. Now there’s a damn leviathan on the loose. Lol

        • I’m not talking about Sam and Dean working with Crowley, I’m talking about how they’ve worked with demons under dire circumstances before, and the one time Cas does it to stop the apocalypse from being restarted, it’s suddenly taboo. This episode just made the conclusion even worse. The trio didn’t web apologize to Cas, Cas had to be the only one to apologize. Because heaven forbid that the Winchesters be seen as hypocritical assholes- which they are now. And the Leviathan thing is really lame.

          • I see ur point but i think the whole issue w/ the brothers is that they know all those souls couldn’t be handled nor controlled. And i think the leviathan thing is a nice touch we just have to see what it leads to. But does anyone else besides me thinks the anime was lame??

        • To bluehero purgatory is filled w/ the soul of supernatural being meaning they’re not alive so obviously there not alive mean god probably did kill them and also Dean and Sam basically only needed info from crowley to sommon death cas worked w/ crowley to gain power and take over and obvious that had a bad out come. Oh John as a vessel. He’s dead u can’t use a dead man as a vessel. But i love the season premier thought it was great. What they did with cas was awesome. Just hope he’s not really dead

          • No, Death said that God “sealed” them away in Purgatory. And I mean, can’t he just completely destroy their souls or wipe them from existence? Demons die even though they’re already dead, same with angels, and there’s no indication they go anywhere.

            Well yeah, but that doesn’t change that Cas was written like that just to service the plot. In a world without plot holes, he would have used the weapons. That’s the only reason Cas went after the souls, because the plot said he had to. Same thing with why the trio got pissed at him.

            They could just bring John back to life and heal his corpse.

            Why was it awesome? I’m curious. I’ve listed my arguments against that in the comments here and in the last Supernatural article.

            • Yea ur right u got me on that. But i think it was awesome because if u think about it the direction they took w/ Cas really makes since. Like someone else said in a comment Cas was always confused and had question. Him taking the souls of purgatory was his way of trying to make a better world but its what lead to his end. My only real problem is that i think they should had dragged the almighty Cas storyline a little bit more and i also hope Cas isn’t really dead

              • Oh yea and if u really think about it… One of ur closest friends had just become the most powerful being on earth if not close than Damn near close to god what can u do. If i was a bad ass demon hunter i know i wouldn’t what to battle Cas or something that powerful. And i still don’t get how Sam and dean are hypocrites??

                • No… it doesn’t make sense. I wrote a comment below explaining why.

                  Well yeah… of course you wouldn’t want to battle a god straight on… but they should have looked for a way to save Castiel instead of just trying to get Death to kill him. Dean wouldn’t want to kill Cas. Bobby wouldn’t have wanted to. Sam even said he didn’t want to, yet he didn’t raise any objections when the others summoned death to kill Cas. WTF? The writing for this episode is all over the place.

                  How do you not get how they’re hypocrites? Let’s look at this again:
                  - Mary Winchester sold her soul to save John
                  - John sold his soul to save Dean
                  - Dean sold his soul to save Sam
                  - Sam worked with Ruby over a period of two years
                  - They worked with Crowley in season 5
                  - Bobby sold his soul to Crowley in season 5 to stop the apocalypse
                  - In season 6, Dean and Sam worked a negotiation with Crowley to give Bobby back his soul, even though they could have killed him right on the spot
                  - Then they worked with Meg, their oldest demon enemy, to take down Crowley

                  The ONE TIME Cas works with a demon, to avert the apocalypse, it’s suddenly taboo. And after Cas becomes god, they immediately go back to working with Crowley again. It’s piss poor writing. And you know why it happened? Because the writers forced Cas into a story line that made him become a villain. And don’t say they were mad at him because he was using the souls, because that was never their concern. Over and over again, they said the reason they’re mad at him and have to take him out, is because he’s working with a demon. They never said anything about Cas using the souls being wrong. And you know why? They avoided the trio talking about the souls because that would have brought attention to another plot hole; the angel weapons. If the real reason they were mad at him had been about him using the souls, then the issue of the weapons would arise again. Why didn’t Cas kill Raphael with the weapons when he had the chance at the end of The French Mistake? Because the plot required that he doesn’t kill him. And after that, the weapons never came up again in season 6. Until the premiere here, when Sam was like “oh why don’t we use the angel weapons on Cas”. Which was a HUGE SLAP IN THE FACE to the fans. There is no reason why Cas wouldn’t just use the weapons. But ooohhh noooo, that would mean that the writers couldn’t write their masssterrrpieece of a story that was the Godstiel twist. The three of them are complete hypocrites because a) it was required for them to act out of character in order for the story to move forward, and b) so it wouldn’t draw attention to their s***** writing, aka the weapons. Even though it definitely did draw attention to how bad season 6 is.

      • Wow you really just hate the show now so much so that you are the only person who hated this episode. It’s getting fantastic reviews and all the viewers seemed to be happy with it and once again you spew nothing but hate for it. On behalf of all fans please by all means stop watching if you hate it so much now.

        • Honestly man, you never listen. No matter what I say yiutwist it around into sonething that isn’t true.

          Nothing but hate? Did you not just see me talk about BOTH the good and bad points of the episode? How is that spewing nothing but hate? Whenever you comment back on something I’ve said, you always do this. Instead of telling me to stop watching the show because you disagree with me, why don’t you actually debate back point by point? Turn it into an interesting discussion, instead of booing anyone who disagrees with the popular opinion. All you do when you reply to me is boo me and make me put to be a hater. I’m not just hating on the show. Despite all of my very specific points about why I think something, you just say “disagree 100%” and then never say anything about the other stuff I said. Why don’t you just say WHY you disagree? If I were just hating on the show, I wouldn’t bother making organized arguments about the bad stuff of season 6. Seriously, think about your replies.

          Also, the whole “everyone else likes it” argument is incredibly annoying. Because you don’t know that, you’re just assuming. I know people that don’t like it. How many reviews have you a actually read? Two, maybe? And there are a number of factors that could lead to those reviews being inaccurate.

          No, I’m not going to stop watching the show because you people can’t handle someone else having discussions about both the good things and bad things about a show. What should I do? Leave a mindless, positive comment? No, I leave both positive and constructive criticism. Where would we be as people if everyone asked to leave for disagreeing with popular opinion? What in the world makes you think you should just ask me to do that? No man. Either ignore my comments, or use your brain and give your opinion back, don’t leave stupid comments like this.

          • “Stupid comment”

            Seriously ? wow d bag much?

            I tist what you say ? I told you to just stop watching because you clearly hate the show . I don’t care if you disagree with me and I’m not saying stop watching because you don’t share my opinion. I’m suggesting you stop watching a show that you hate and have nothing but negative things to say about. You watching Supernatural still would be like sticking wtih Smallville to the end. if you don’t enjoy watching something rather than just complain about it over and over again how about just walk away? Agree with me don’t agree with me I could care less. I’m suggesting you save your self the trouble of watching something you hate.

            You try to say that I never give reasons? Your so full of it everything must look brown through those eyes. Almost all of my comments have given reasons for everything. One time on this post I happen to keep it simple and you act like it’s a regular thing? You are so deluded it’s sad. Whats even funnier is you just made a post in the other topic about how I respond giving my reasons and now suddenly I never do it.

            Like my opinion don’t like my opinion but don’t call my comment stupid. It’s childish and also by the way against the rules of the site.

            You don’t come here to debate you come here to trash the show and try to provoke people who still enjoy it in to a fight. If you wanted a mature debate or disscussion you’d express that you disliked it or that it could of been better, but instead you throw around aggressive words and insults to provoke a response from the fans. Plenty of people said they were unhappy with season 6 you’ll notice I ignored most of them because they simply said they didn’t enjoy it. You not only sad it was bad as if it were a fact and everyone else is dumb for not agreeing but you used harsh wording and insulted it and everyone who liked it. Thats all you do is insult the show and the people who still enjoy it. You state every opinion as if it were fact and then word your responses as harshly as you possibly can to push someone in to getting agitated and responding so that you can have a heated argument.

            If you wanted a mature discussion say things like YOU didn’t enjoy it, but no you can’t help your self your right everyone else is wrong so you say it absolutes that it just simply sucks. No opinion not polite discourse you just trash the show and the fans and act like you know all.

            • There’s no need to personally insult me.

              *sigh* The way your comment came off, yes, that’s how it appeared. If that’s what you meant, you should have just said so. I mean compare that to everything else you said in your comment.

              You don’t listen. “Nothing but negative things to say about”. Seriously? Did I not JUST point out to you that I talked about BOTH the good and bad things about the episode? And as I’ve said before, I’m watching the show because I care about it and am hoping it will get better.

              And you are still not listening to me. By reasons I don’t mean reasons for you saying what you’re saying back to me, I mean specific reasons for discussing our opinions of the show. Yeah, you explain why you say what you’re saying, but when it comes to giving your opinion, I’ve only seen you cite one example to support your claims. But that’s a comment for the other article. Don’t call be deluded, man. Now you’re lashing out and making this personal. There’s no reason to be like that. I don’t know you, and I don’t claim to. I’m not going to judge you by how your comments come off to me. Don’t call be “deluded” because you don’t listen to me.

              Oh my GOD. You haven’t listened to me AT ALL. That or you just forgot everything I said in my earlier comments on the other article. I’m not here to provoke anyone. Do I sound like I’m enjoying your comments? No, I’m not. I would much rather be discussing things rather than deflecting your personal insults. You keep ignoring what I say and try to provoke me.

              Aggressive words and insults? When did I ever insult anyone? I haven’t. Aggressive words as in swearing? What does it matter if I use profanity? I use it to emphasize whatever it is I’m saying at the time. And the other people used nice language? Yeah, sure they did, but they also stated their opinions as if they were facts. I don’t see you calling them out on that (and they were talking about plot holes there and not personal opinions, but one of them said “if you liked this season, etc. etc. etc., you don’t understand it; which is not what I’m saying, if you actually bothered to read my other comment).

              I didn’t do that to everyone who liked it. If you’ll notice, I said “the majority of people” in this article. In the other article, I only replied back to a few of the comments saying they enjoyed season 6. And if you actually read one of my newer comments there, I explain why I replied back to each one. But clearly you are just ignoring that too. There are quite a few comments on that article from people saying the enjoyed season 6 that I was perfectly fine with, because what they said showed that they acknowledge some of the faults of the season. And I still don’t agree with their opinion, but they’re open to the idea that there were holes. Just go back and read what I said.

              I state my opinion as if it were fact? *sigh* It’s like talking to a brick wall. If you actually read the comment I made on the other article, you will see that that’s now what I have done or what I intend. I do not state my personal opinion as fact. Read. My. Comments. The only things I have stated as facts are, 1) the big plot holes of season 6, and 2) how Misha has not been on the set since episode 2 of season 7. Because those are facts.

              As harshly as I can? *sigh* It’s really tiring refuting back your points, because you show no understanding of what I wrote. I wrote PARAGRAPHS explaining why I say things certain ways, but you seem to have ignored that too and are just blindly attacking me. I don’t wish to fight you, I don’t wish to argue back with you. If I have come off as offensive, I apologize, like I said in the other comment, so this is my second time saying it. But you yourself keep looking down on me and insulting me, and clearly not paying attention to anything I read.

              I do nothing but hate on the show? I can’t. I can’t even. This is going to be the third time I’ve pointed this out, and maybe the seventh time in relation to the other article, but NO, I’m not just hating on the show. As I stated in my comment above, I listed BOTH good and bad things about this episode. Every piece of criticism I offer is CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. If I were just blindly hating on the show, I wouldn’t be backing up my beliefs with really specific points and examples.

              I HAVE said that, I have NEVER said that anyone disagrees with me sucks and is stupid or anything. I welcome different opinions. Stop making me out to be this horrible person because you don’t read half of what I write. I don’t trash the show, as I just pointed out. And I don’t trash the fans, as I pointed out earlier.

              The only people I get frustrated with are the people who can’t see the major, objective flaws with season 6.

              Most of my comment here is simply reiterating EVERYTHING that I said in my other comment. If you’re going to insult me, at least know what you’re talking about.

              • Oh ok my mistake you can go around calling peoples comments stupid god forbid they get offended by that and strike back.

                I’m done talking to you. You are in denyial about things even you have said. It’s like you don’t even read your own comments.

                There is a difference between saying “I didn’t like this episode I thought the writing was weak and it just wasn’t for me” and saying “The writing is terrible and the episode sucked. ”

                Just go on do what ever you want and continue to deny your own words. Have fun

                • Dude seriously, by stupid I meant pointless. It’s pointless to tell me to stop watching the show and to stop sharing my thoughts on it. I didn’t say you’re stupid, I didn’t say anything about you. I don’t know you.

                  Lmao. Are you serious? I’m the one in denial? Talking to you has been like talking to a brick wall. You continue to accuse me of things and I give explanation. Then you just accuse me of the same things all over again. Did you look at your comment before this one? It’s like you didn’t read what I wrote. You accused me of hating on the show, I said that I don’t hate on the show, I give it constructive criticism, I point out both the things I like and dislike about it. In your next comment, you accuse me of the same thing. This has happened several times. When I try to explain that there are objective flaws with season 6, regardless of my personal opinion, you say that that’s just my opinion, when they’re not. I give you a very specific argument as to why I dislike certain parts of season 6, you accuse me of hating on the show and looking down on your opinion. Even though you gave absolutely no insight into why you have a certain opinion. “I don’t like this because of this and this and this”, “Oh, I disagree,”, “Why? I’m curious, because I disagree.”, “Just because.”, is basically how this whole thing has gone down. You pick out certain parts of what I say and ignore the others. I’m not the one in denial. I’ve written paragraphs answering what you’ve said. You’ve given me nearly nothing. I am also done with this conversation, because it’s going absolutely nowhere. It feels like you’ve added nothing but hate to it, even if that was not your intention.

                  Oh, this coming from the person who said “people just didn’t like season 6 because it was different”? A lot of the time when people share their opinion on the internet, where people get butt hurt easily, myself included, we take things way more harshly than they were meant to be. And I’m not going to sugarcoat my negative opinions, just like I’m not going to water down my positive ones. If my opinions come off as offensive to anyone, I will of course apologize. But you can’t seem to accept anything that I say and keep saying the same things over and over again.

                  To everyone else in this comment section, I apologize. I didn’t intend for this ridiculous comment thread to leak over into here, or to go on this long in the other article. I am sorry. You’re probably annoyed. I didn’t know it would happen like this. But it’s over. I am sorry again.

        • You really do never listen, the first 4 things listed in the post were what was good about the episode.

          Just because someone gives some negative criticism doesn’t mean they hate something. Supernatural has a very passionate fanbase who have a certain standard for the writing and some fans don’t feel like they have met their potential in the last two seasons.

          For someone who was jumping on others for not respecting people’s opinions you are always so quick to attack on BlueHeroBH when he or she expresses her’s/his.

      • Oh and umm, Sam and Dean have worked with Demons on Several occassions, I think it had More to do with Cas lying and doing some pretty crazy things, remember the Titanic Episode….They saw him headed down the Dark path they have both been there. Not to mention what Cas was seeking to do. Dont u remember even after they found out he was working with Crowley they were pleading with him to let them help him… to find another way to take out Raphael. Crowley was the least of there worries, besides… They’re only human and well Cas, is a Freakin Angel!!!!!

    • BlueHeroBH. First off you actually do make some valid points but for 1 to say that was “Out of character for Cas” is a bit off. Cas has ALWAYS been a VERY complex character and has been struggling to figureout his purpose since his introduction! In the begging Cas was very diff. If you dont remember he was willing to let an entire community perish(for what he thought was the greater good) b4 Dean stepped in,He also went to Kill a Kid with a Knife remember, the little boy born of a demon Dean and Sam saved?? Ur wrong this story was NOT out of character for Cas… The power of the tainted purgatory souls had sum affect, but it was still him, the entire time he kept expressing his Belief that what he was doing was GOOD! Every1 he killed he believed were Sinners! Infact it was until he messed up and killed ppl he KNEW were innocent that he went to Dean for help! Cas is a son who feels his father has abandoned him and now he wants to wear his fathers shoes and be the “Man” of the house… To be a Better more “Active” father…. and he went wayyy Over board. lol. As for the Leviathan… umm way more than a “sea monster” dude. Like delve into it a bit, its kinda deep, and opens the field up for sum great characters and episodes including the other Princes of Hell, maybe even Lucifer’s Release and more Death cameos cuz he is awesome! Not trying to be a drag or argue I actually think ur spot on on a few things, but just have a little faith and remember dude, just episode 1! lol. Heck of a lot deeper than the Secret Circle…. lmao!

      • I definitely see where you’re coming from, and I partially agree with you. Actually, in a lot of ways, I agree with everything you said. About Cas from seasons 4 and 5. The biggest problem I have with season 6 and this premiere episode is that his character just went way overboard. Yes, you can absolutely see where Cas is coming from when it comes to his actions in this episode, but for me, it’s not enough. It’s not that I find Cas out of character, it’s that I find his character squeezed into a storyline that forces him to do certain things. Those things aren’t necessarily out of character, but they’re forced. Let me explain.

        You’re right about what you said about Cas in season 4 and 5, mostly. He started out as this mindless, emotionless soldier who normally would have killed an entire time to stop a seal from being broken. But then he met Dean, and seeing his fierce loyalty that was born out of love and choice, not out of servitude, he began to question himself. And as we all know, it lead to him beginning to question authority, which led to him being tortured and disciplined, but then Dean reminded him to rebel again in the finale. And of course, Cas rebelled for all of season 5. And for most of season 5, he was searching for God, but in the end he was disappointed by an absent father. The problem with season 6 is that we barely saw any of this. That’s why I have a problem with how the Godstiel twist happened. Since the season was not planned out, Cas underwent absolutely no character development until the last few episodes. The only real insight we got into his character was in episode 20, which was centered on him. But only one episode can do so much, and even then, a few small things were out of character because things were again, not planned out. What we saw in episode 20 should have been what we were seeing all season from Cas. Not two small mentions of him going down a dark path, getting cast out by his friends, and then becoming an evil tyrant. Because it happened in such a short amount of time, we didn’t get to see most of his arc fleshed out. And we should have. We can assume that he’s acted the way he’s acted out of all the things he’s been through, but it’s just not enough. And I’m not asking the show to spell things out for us, but seeing more of his journey would have made the twist much more effective. We should have seen his gradual descent into darkness, we should have seen him leading the angel war, we should have seen more of him and his assistant Rachel, their friendship. There’s a lot that could have been done with his arc in season 6. The thing is, I don’t hate most of the content in season 6. I hate the way that most of the content is written. Because it’s such a waste of potential. Dean’s character arc (which I made a long comment about in the Premiere Preview article from a week or so ago), Cas’s arc, Sam’s arc, The Campbells, the weapons, the civil war; basically most of the season. My point though, is again, that what we saw of Cas in season six just was not enough to justify him turning into an egomaniac mass murderer. Do I think Cas would have set out to take care of wrong doers? Yeah, maybe. I could probably see that. But not in the way it was done. You know why? Because we don’t entirely know how Castiel’s opinions on “the ends justify the means” or his soldier like view of morality has changed since seasons 4 and 5. In season 4, he was unsure of whether or not they should have destroyed the town. In season 5, Cas rebelled against the idea of killing half of Earth’s population so Earth could become a paradise. That’s a much higher price, but it’s also a much higher goal. But he was against it, he rebelled with the other three. In season 6, he worked to stop Raphael from restarting the apocalypse, both to save the world and so his friends’ sacrifices wouldn’t be for nothing. In each situation, it’s easy to see why Cas believes in these three things. However, since season 6 was light on Cas’s development, we didn’t get to know anything beyond that, very much. There was one other key event in season 6 though, the episode where Cas let 50,000 souls go so Sam and Dean wouldn’t die. That said that while he will pursue morally gray solutions, that he will choose his friends oer those goals. So while Cas is driven to save the world, his personal connection to the goal is stronger. We knew a lot about how Castiel felt and acted in seasons 4 and 5, because we saw his development throughout the season, but in season 6 we didn’t have that. We only had a few brief insights into what he was doing. And it was even worse, because his role was much larger than before. When you look at the events of episode 20, and plot that time line over the course of the season, there is no indication of where the events match up. Cas started working with Crowley shortly after season 5 ended. Then there was a year break. Then season 6 took place over another year. That’s 2 years of angels fighting a civil war. 2 years of Cas and Crowley trying to find purgatory. However, aside from the stuff at the very beginning of Cas’s arc after season 5, right after that season ended, to the last few episodes of season 6, there is no development in between. There are no distinct events that happen for nearly two years, aside from a few things that didn’t really matter, like Cas briefly falling again and working to “kill” Crowley. And why didn’t Cas tell Dean what happened to Sam? Cas told Dean that Sam’s soul is gone after he checked and said that he didn’t know what happened to him. So let’s get this straight… he didn’t tell Dean about Raphael because he wanted him to be happy, but he can’t tell Dean the truth about how he raised Sam’s body… even though it caused Dean a lot of stress and angst for nearly six months after becoming a hunter again. And then you could get into a lot of the other things that don’t make sense, like how Cas raised Sam in the first place, and the wall, and etc. But my point in talking about this, is that there is no clear development arc for Cas. There are a bunch of small things he does, many of which contradict the overarching story, but there is no story for him. There is no middle. There is barely any content leading up to his turn. And again, much of that content is out of character or a plot hole somehow. A lot of what we think led up to Cas’s turn into a mass murderer came from assumption. Assumptions that his character remained the same in that two year gap. Assumptions about how things in the middle and early parts correlated with the flashbacks of episode 20. Assumptions that his absent father partially drove him to what he did. And yes, those assumptions aren’t entirely wrong. We know those things about Cas’s character. But many of them aren’t fleshed out with his actions in season 6. Another thing about that, is that we never really learned what Cas was planning to do once he got the souls. Obviously his first course of action would be to kill Raphael, but we didn’t get to know anything else. Did he plan to keep them? Spit them back out? It’s never clear. If his arc had been fleshed out, if we had seen him in the angel civil war, we might have seen his gradual ascension of being a leader. We might have seen how his arrogance grew. The problem with assuming that Cas’s actions were arrogant is that… they weren’t. I talked about this more in another comment, in that preview article, but when it comes to the writers trying to pass of Cas as prideful and arrogant is, 1) the reason he didn’t tell the others is due to not planning the season out… the reason why he didn’t tell anyone is because the writers had to justify why he did so, so they tried to make him look arrogant. But since that idea wasn’t developed at all, it doesn’t work. It even contradicts the other reasons why he did what he did, like 2) he did it to save the world. Killing Raphael was the only way to save the world, which I’ll get more into a moment. You say that Cas could have worked with the other three to kill Raphael. I agree. I also think that the trio shouldn’t have been as mad at him as they were. The thing about you saying that they’re mad at him for the souls thing and not for working with a demon, is that that’s just plain not what they said. They didn’t say anything about the souls. Everything they said was about him lying to them. I even said this also in the other comment, but it’s understandable that they were mad at him… AT FIRST. But they stuck to their conventions to stop Cas, most likely by killing him. So wait… they were mad at him for working with a demon, which is hypocritical, but they haven’t said a thing about the souls. So are they trying to stop him because of working with a demon or because of the souls? Either way, what Cas is doing is gong to save the world. And this point is getting convoluted, but, why didn’t they come around to working with Cas to both a) push the souls out of him right after they stopped Raphael, and b) work with him against Crowley. That would have solved everything. I’m rambling, but there is a point to this. That being that everyone was a bit out of character in the last few episodes, due to bad writing. And 3), you can’t blame bad writing on a character. Remember the angel weapons? How that storyline was completely dropped? Cas should have used the weapons to stop Raphael. The reason why the writers made him use the souls was to, 1) have Cas go after a morally gray solution so the show could turn him into a villain and pit the trio against Cas, which would lead to his death (the reason being for his death could be multiple reasons; he takes up too much time, which isn’t true. Or because he’s become just as popular as Sam and Dean. Or to reduce the budget, but even then Misha could just become a guest star like Jim, who’s in every episode anyway. Or because they honestly think that doing that is the best story they can tell… when clearly it isn’t, because there are holes in it all over the place), and 2) so they could use Cas as a plot device to unleash a new bag of baddies, because they’ve exhausted the mythology due to season 6 so much that they thought they ran out of stories, even though they didn’t. Purgatory was another plot device. Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the bible, the archangels are supposed to kill the leviathans when the apocalypse happens, right? But that opens up another bag of worms which isn’t really relevant to what I’m talking about. GETTING BACK TO MY POINT; a lot of what the characters did in season 6 came as a result of the story requiring them to do so. It’s out of character. So looking back at what I said, here’s what I have so far; Cas’s arc was barely fleshed out in season 6. Half of what we learned, half of what we learned is out of character. This is where the core of this problem specifically lies. While Cas’s actions in the premiere are not ENTIRELY out of charcter (I shouldn’t have said “fundamentally changed” in my first comment, that was too much emphasis, I apologize), they aren’t believable either. His actions in the last few episodes and in this premiere are built upon very shaky grounds. While the foundations of these grounds are true, the events of seasons 4 and 5, as you go up these peaks, the peaks that Cas’s character jumped off of, they get shakier and shakier, because much of season 6 is out of character. My point being, it’s a 50/50 thing. That’s my problem with how Cas acted in this episode His background motivations were the same, but they were twisted for the plot. They were twisted for another purpose. Think about it. Not that I’m saying you’re wrong, I absolutely see where you’re coming from and I respect it. But this is how I see it. And some of the flaws in how it happened are objective, because some of his actions were out of character for the sake of the plot. That’s not really open to opinion, you know? Cas didn’t use the weapons because plot required him not to. If your argument acknowledges this, but builds a base around it, I respect that. And let me say now since people don’t listen; I absolutely respect your opinion. But there are some flaws with how this came into fruition that cannot be ignored. So when you say what you say, is that based on the objective flaws, or did you gloss over them? The last thing I’m going to talk about his the actions in the premiere itself, now that I’ve talked about everything beforehand as a basis. There are a lot of little things Cas did here that I think were out of character (almost killing Dean with the snap of his fingers, the ego, etc.), but I’ll stick to the big events. And let me reiterate; I don’t find everything here entirely out of character. His actions are backed by motivations, but many of those motivations are from seasons 5 and 6, not from season 6. They’re not entirely out of character, but they take one step too far. I’ll try to keep this part short because this comment is already way too long. 1) The biggest thing that bothered me about this episode is how Cas’s god arc had just one episode of development. It was wrapped up for the sake of the plot, so the show could get rid of the season 6 story easily and right away, and so that the season 7 plot could be introduced right away, in an easy way. Which is lazy writing. I got more into how the writing on this show has become lazy in one of my long comments below the preview article, if you want to look, but then of course I had not seen the premiere. Anyway, so we know going into his god arc that there are limitations. The first being that it was wrapped up in one episode. The second being that the writers had to craft a story from it, and that the story had to end with Cas giving into the trio. So therefore the content before it had to be Cas conflicting with them. So the story of Cas being conflicted with himself is mostly bad, because it came from the requirement of the plot. 2) Cas was still Cas, when he shouldn’t have been. Taking in millions of souls should be a lot for the mind to process. This is something we should have seen over the course of multiple episodes. What did we get? We got two things about this. a) How Cas lost control. And it wasn’t entirely clear whether it was Cas who lost control to his blood lust, Cas who lost control of his mind, or Cas who lost control briefly to the leviathan. The writers needed something to make Cas want to surrender himself to the trio, because he’s too powerful for the trio to take on their own. So that scene had to be there. The second thing was in the bathroom when Cas briefly heard someone whisper his name, and when he also felt the souls inside of him trying to get out. The thing that’s wrong here, more than anything, is that Cas is completely aware of what he’s doing. What should have happened, is he should have been fighting to maintain control of himself. Wait, was he fighting to maintain control during his mass murder spree? We don’t know because it’s all brushed under the rug in one episode! We didn’t get to see him slowly losing control. And even then, like I said, we don’t know exactly what it MEANS that he lost control. It could be any of those three options, or maybe something else, but it’s never established or fleshed out. It’s a very generic story of losing control that Cas’s character was forced into. So while his motivations that his actions are built upon are 50/50, his actions in the premiere are even shakier, because we don’t know exactly who Cas is. Cas declared himself gone in the finale, but what does that mean? Was that entirely Cas speaking metaphorically and talking back to Dean because Dean rejected him? Was the Cas losing control of his mind, his mind being in the shotgun seat, so it was sort of true? Or was it the leviathan influencing his mind? It was never made clear! His motivations leading up to his actions in this episode are shaky, but could have been fixed with some proper character development, but instead, Cas’s character was blurred, as a way to make it look like the writer were correcting their past mistakes, and then forced into a storyline that doesn’t make sense for him. And again, we don’t know who Cas really is anymore! Was the voice that whispered him in the bathroom the voice of the Leviathan? Was it the collective voice of the souls, including or not including the leviathan? Was it Cas’s mind himself, who’s riding shotgun, trying to reach out to the rest of his deranged mind? Or wait; was it Balthazar, his friend and trusted brother? We didn’t see any burn marks on the ground when Balthazar died. Is he trying to talk to Cas? We. Don’t. KNOW! We know that once Cas hurts civilians, he decides to surrender himself. But where did that sudden control come from? Did Cas regain control of his blood thirst? Did he gain control of his deranged mind? Did he gain control back from his deranged mind? It’s never clear. The writers coupled his 50/50 motivations with a new form of Cas’s character whom is never defined. He’s a giant blur in the premiere. Let me explain with another example. The thing is, you can assign any of the three options to Cas in this episode and they would all work. You say that Cas is Cas and that his actions are entirely in character. Well, what if I argued that he was also being corrupted by the leviathan? That fits too. This is again, where the core problem of this episode lies; you can pick any of those three options, or maybe something else like I said, and it would work. That’s why it bothers me above else. This isn’t Cas’s story. This is someone else’s underdeveloped story. And we don’t know who that is, because it was wrapped up in just one episode for the sake of the plot.

        Whew. I think I said everything I wanted to say, regarding your comments. I welcome discussion. I’m curious to know what you agree and disagree with about what I said! :)

      • Oh, and also, just a few more things.

        I know that it’s only one episode. But it’s not like it’s just one story it got wrong here; it finished Cas’s arc in a very bad way, and it wrapped up the story of season 6 in a lazy way. It’s possible that the rest of the season will make up the flaws of this episode, but it’s not likely. I want to believe, but based on the way everything post-season 5 has been written, I don’t have a lot of faith.

        Oh, and my sea monsters comment was supposed to be funny. I guess it wasn’t. :P I know what leviathans are. I’m just not sold on the idea yet.

      • Oh, and one last thing, what I was talking about in the first comment (which you might not see right away because it has to be approved by a moderator, so just wait until it shows up, it’s super long, you’ll know it when you see it) is just about Cas. I didn’t talk about the other characters here. And like I said, I wrote a comment about Dean under the other article.

        Also, I appreciate the healthy discussion. :) It’s nice talking with someone more open minded.

      • Oh, one more thing (lol I keep forgetting stuff), I know, it’s deeper than The Secret Circle. xP The Secret Circle is alright so far though, I think it has a decent amount of potential. But Supernatural can and should be much better than what it is right now.

        • You just cannot stop talking or trying to prove your right. it’s an annoying trait, sorry but you and the other dude ruined a perfectly interesting thread

          • I’m not really sure what you meant by the first sentence.

            Me and what other dude? Me and Ebony? Me and DanielF? What annoying trait? The arguing or the discussion of the episode?

            And dude, this is really the ONLY thread in the entire comments section. The other comments are just really brief thoughts on the episode, in this comment thread we’re discussing details of the episode. That’s not ruining anything. If it really bothers you that much that we’re not blindly praising the show (not that I’m saying that the other comments are doing that, I’m just saying), then just ignore it and don’t participate in the discussion. *sigh*

            And if it’s the DanielF thread you’re talking about, I apologized for that pointless argument leaking (with someone who kept continuing the argument because he wouldn’t listen) over into this article. Nobody’s forcing you to read these comments or participate in them. If it’s ruining the article for you (which, I don’t get why, because this article is almost three weeks old and the discussion is dead, so what are you doing here), then you’re letting it get ruined for yourself. You could always try to enjoy it or start another discussion but instead you make this pointless comment.

    • I think this was Sera’s best writing , and I loved the Nightmare On Elm Street like Hell hallucinations Sam had as you also mentioned. Leviathons are not necessarily sea creatures: http://www.aoltv.com/2011/09/23/supernatural-season-7-spoilers-what-just-happened/

      I thought this was a way better premiere than Season 6, and am more than happy to see Crowley. I agree Dean was a little lacking in compassion for Cas though. I found it odd that Sam calls him, and it seemed like Dean had given up completely. That was rather odd. Otherwise all the quick twists, and explanations were fun, and I’m glad they did so much in one episode rather than dragging it all out over half a season. This is a fresh start for the series, and not everything has to fit exactly with how it started, but it certainly made up for alot of mess in Season 6 , as well as 5. The angsty brother thing still works for me, but Dean should’ve been more compassionate about Cas as much as he worries about Sam. Love the actor who plays Death, and his character is great, so he can come back anytime as far as I’m concerned. Anyone notice that it was a pretty bloody episode? The gore factor was fairly impressive. I liked the mix of real makeup effects like Cas deteriorating with the not too over the top cgi’s this time. By the way Sam , Dean, and their father have all made deals with demons with the best of intentions. That’s nothing new.

  8. GREAT opener! Was fun to see Death again, he is always a welcomed presense. By the way Sera Gamble is freatin HOT ftw.

  9. I don’t know if it’s Sera Gamble writing or not, but Supernatural has been turning into a soap opera where the male characters act and speak like chicks. However, characters like Death and Crowley keep me watching.

    • She is writing it. Hence the huge drop in quality.

  10. I had heard the rumour that Misha would be gone from season 7, but I guess it meant that Cas is gone, Misha will still be around. I didn’t like him as god, but as a truly evil entity, this might be fun.

    • Well, Misha hasn’t been on the set since episode 2. So it looks like Cas is going to be completely eradicated next episode and that the Leviathan will find a new vessel. Probably.

  11. Supernatural is awesome! This is going to be the best season yet!

  12. man this season looks likes it going to be really good and the rating will help supernatural come back for another season that i pray will be good also cause i frickin love this show

  13. tvbythenumbers said SPN did an .8 rating. That’s not even a 1.0 for gods sake. I love this show and its tanking but then I fell in love with Heroes just before it was cancelled. Still, I assume this is the last season for SPN, right?

    • They lost a big lead-in with Smallville gone, so I was expecting a drop of some type.

  14. The season premier was great! Can’t wait to see where season 7 goes. Evil Cas is going to be fun, hope he’s in more episodes.

  15. wow! wow! love the new season opener. great going Sera ! I LOVED THE SHOW. i can’t wait for next week.i love watching my boys have trouble.

  16. wow! wow! LOVED the season 7 opener. i can’t wait to see more. I think Sera did a great job just like last year. i loved last year season too. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK.

  17. I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of people whom like Supernatural post-season 5 seriously misunderstand the characters, the mythology of it, and basic rules of storytelling. You know, like actually planning things out.

    • And these comments show it.

    • This is epic story telling from the pilot where Azazel killed Mary to the present where we see the continuation of the story with the Leviathans and the Princes of Hell. To those fans who say they are tired of the angel story line, Azazel the Yellow Eyed Demon, was originally a follower of Lucifer who was cast out of Heaven. His purpose on Earth was to infect human children to raise the idea host or vessel for Lucifer. SPN has always been about these brothers and past generations of their family fighting both the older pagan gods who demand human sacrifice and the newer biblical father god and his brood of brats who go so far as to manipulate blood lines with cupids to make a vessel for Michael.

    • Give me some examples of what was so terrible? I thought season 1-5 was extremely well executed. Explain urself.

      • I agree. When I say “post season 5″ I mean everything after season 5 ended, meaning season 6 and this premiere episode. Season six and this episode are terrible.

        • Except season 5 didn’t deliver on its potential. Season 6 was great – dark, exciing and unpredictable (essentially two mini-series).

          Still, everyone’s a critic, eh?

          • I disagree. The only major complaint I have with season is that there are too many filler episodes.

            Season 6 is terrible. It’s dark for the sake of being dark. It’s meandering angst with no dramatic tension. And the reason it’s unpredictable is because the writers made up everything as they went along. There are a lot of plot holes and contradictions. There’s also a lot of bad character development and wasting time on storylines that don’t mean anything. Two miniseries as in two halves to a season that pulled the overarching story out of it’s butt.

    • There you go again acting as if your OPINION is absolute fact and everyone else is wrong.

      Accusing everyone else of not knowing things simply because they don’t agree with you. Maybe it’s you who didn’t understand any thing.

      • Okay, you need to stop shoving words in my mouth man. I didn’t say any of that. “Everyone”? I said the “majority of”. I understand things fine, thank you.

  18. I finally feel as though Supernatural is getting back on track after what could be described a “Filler-Season” in season 6. I saw twisted horror (Hands reaching out from inside Cas, Bloody hanging meat hooks through hallucinations) I saw intrigue (Leviathan, Cas’ face noticeably hurt when Dean told death to kill him), I saw drama (Sam dealing with his broken wall, Dean saying he’s basically full of lies nowadays) and finally, suspense (Castiel vs. Death). The last season for the most part, had little to none of these CRUCIAL Supernatural traits.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the ratings, folks. If SPN season 7 keeps this pace up, the good-word-of-mouth will bring a lot of them back.

    • I do agree, one of the things I like about this premiere is that all these elements were more well balanced.

  19. I love Supernatural, It’s my favorite show and I never miss it. I’ve met Jared Padalecki and he’s a very nice man. I hope the show last at least 10 seasons. I also hope Dolly Parton can do a episode.

  20. season six was abit lame in places. Eg. French Mistake. But I am a die hard fan so I forgave them :)

  21. I do worry that season six chased alot of fans away though. It was a terrible season and some people that are not as dedicated as others, may have given up and said Ive had enough. I worry that they wont come back and will not see how good the new season is. :(

    • It was. I really do hope this season is better too. I also hope people come back, because I don’t want this to be the last season. I feel like there are a lot more stories they could tell, and ending the series with the leviathans doesn’t feel right. :/

    • But I mean, even if the ratings aren’t as good, CW will probably still renew it. The two lead actors contracts go through season 8. *shrug*

  22. I agree with those who say that this episode was terrible. It was all flashy plot devices and poorly written main characters. The end of Castiel’s story was horribly unsatisfactory and did nothing to fix the illogical direction they took him last season. The writing for Dean was also a mess and his decisions made no sense. Why does Sam have memories of hell when he was actually in the cage, not Hell proper? I guess my big mistake was watching Fringe first and seeing the right way to set up a game changing plot that actually enhances character development.

    • THANK YOU.

      The only character I think whom was written well here was Sam, since he’s gone down the same road as Cas and can sympathize with him (I forgave him stabbing him in the finale because he was on an adrenaline rush). But yeah I agree. It’s like, this whole Godstiel thing was built up in only a few episodes and was poorly written, and now they’re just suddenly ending it just as it begins, which is lame and a waste of potential. I’ve thought about why the writers are bothering to pull all of this, just to turn Cas into a villain (I hate how he was written in this episode), and then kill him off. Do they think he’s taking away too much time from the two brothers? He’s not. He reveals new layers to their characters we would never have seen without him. Is their budget low? Well then why not just make him a guest star like Jim, who appears in almost every episode anyway? Do they honestly think this storyline is the best way to go? No matter what option you choose, it doesn’t spell good for the future of the show. If they’re going to handle a main character like this, then nothing is safe from bad writing.

    • Jim. How was Castiel’s portrayal illogical?? It could have gone either way. Castiel has Always been lost and questioning himself his purpose his beliefs etc… It was Dean who helped him see he even had choses, the old Cas attempted to do and let horrible things happen (in Gods name) Now he has God like power. I do believe he had good intentions if he did NOT he would have never went to Dean to give up the souls. Every1 he killed he viewed as sinners it wasnt until he killed those “innocents” that he Gave Up! Cas has Always been walking that fine line and he finally tipped over, nice to see he at least tried to recover. As for Sam… Yea he was n the Cage, but the Cage is in Hell… It is also noted that Lucifer and Michael tortured him… Its just the 1st episode… If u and others have ever loved supernatural I say, give it a shot, at least wait until mid-season b4 trashing it! I admit didnt like last season either, esp bringing my girl Jo back like that… but i waited until te end of the season to voice my dislike and im watching on hoping for some of the magic that brought me to the show to begin with! Im hoping they bring God bk, or well the writer guy whom we all know know was God! Theirs still hope!

      • I wrote some comments above as to why Castiel’s actions were out of character.

  23. I live in the Uk so I havent seen this episode and I wont be seeing any of the new season for probably about a year. But I know that Cass and Bobby are two fan favourites so the writers need to be careful what they do with these characters.

    • I agree. Those two are my favorite characters as well. :) Why not just download it online somewhere and watch it instead of wait?

  24. @BlueHeroBH

    If by one episode innto the new season you don’t like the direction the show is going and can only find more bad than good from it….SIMPLE just stop watching it, but do not think for a second here that your comments won’t be recieved with a lot of backlash from the die-hard fans of the show. I thought the premire was good, but the one thing that bugged me was the fact that it did show how two-faced Same, Dean, and Bobby can be.

    Was it a perfect season opener? No. but very few shows these days have perfect season openers. We are all entitled to think what we want, but again, expecting no backlash from your harsh words on the season opener was just, well, ignorant on your part man.

    • I think you misunderstand me Anthony, I apologize if I’ve offended you in any way.

      I’m watching the show because I love the earlier seasons, and because I’m hoping it will get better. I won’t stop watching for a while.

      Oh, it’s not that I’m not expecting back lash. Back lash is normal. I figured that would happen. I’m not ignorant about that. But when I shared my opinions, I personally was met with a lot of criticism, and my arguments with those people went on longer than they should have, more than I expected.

      And as far as your opinion on the premiere goes, I respect it, especially since you said how the trio acted two face, but I disagree in most ways. And that’s fine, of course.

      Trust me, I’m grateful that we have Supernatural in a world where most TV is terrible. But that’s one of the reasons I want it to get better so much, because it is much better than what we’ve gotten since season 6 started.

  25. Amen to that.

  26. If episodes 6×20 and 6×22 hadn’t happened I would probably be okay with Sam’s characterization in this episode:

    -6×20: He pretty much tells Cas he sucks for pulling him out of the pit without a soul and if I remember correctly he belittles him for lying about working with Crowley (Starting the rounds of hypocrisy s6 gave us).
    -6×21/2: Cas kicks down Sam’s wall and Sam stabs him in the back because he believed he was evil.
    -Doesn’t stop Dean from summoning Death to kill Cas
    -he believes Cas is still one of them?! WTF?

    It just seemed like Sera’s bias towards Sam came out and tried to make Sam look good while making a jackass of Dean who by the way:

    -6×20: told Cas they could fix this and believed Cas was like a brother to him.
    -6×22:begged Cas to let the souls go and still believed they could turn things around.
    -begged Cas to stop again
    -Suddenly declares Cas needs to die!? WTF

    I could believe Dean would try to avoid the issue by drinking and fixing the impala but outright declaring Cas needs to die without trying to find a way to get the purgatory souls out of him or talk Cas down doesn’t settle right with me. When Sam was possessed by Lucifer he almost allowed him to nearly kill him in order to get to Sam. Cas was their friend, brother if you go by 6×20, he should have tried harder before trying to get Death to reap Cas.

    -Sam suggesting they use the holy weapons on Cas irrates me more than anything because the holy weapons are what Cas /should/ have sured to kill Raphael rather than the writers trying to get alienate Cas from the audience by having him work with Crowley, break down Sam’s wall and declare himself God.

    -I also didn’t like them summoning Crowley after chastising Cas for working with him, the Winchesters have reached new levels of hypocrisy.

    Other than that it was a pretty mediocre episode.
    -Loved that Bobby is forever the smartest man in this universe and bowed to Godstiel.
    -Misha’s acting was amazing.
    -The clear shout out to the gay fan base. God doesn’t care about where your genitals have been!
    -Death is forever amazing- though I wish the spn universe would respect him more and keep dead characters dead.
    -Surprise Mark!Lucifer

    • I apologize what I meant to write was:

      -Sam suggesting they use the holy weapons on Cas irrates me more than anything because the holy weapons are what Cas /should/ have used to kill Raphael rather than the writers trying to alienate Cas from the audience by having him work with Crowley, break down Sam’s wall and declare himself God.

    • ALL OF THIS. Thank you for pointing out the flaws for Sam I missed here. He wasn’t always poorly written, but mostly he was poorly written.

      And Bobby will always remain awesome. He’s my favorite character. I just wish we would have head whether or not he wanted to kill Cas rather than save him. I imagine it would have been the former, simply because he didn’t put up an argument. *sigh*

  27. @BlueHeroBH

    Do your research before posting blasphemies, OK?

    Leviathan is the gatekeeper of HELL, and he is hell of a lot smarter than humans, even Sam and Dean. If he turns out to be the villain for this season, and I hope he does, then it will be one hell of a year for the boys!

    Looking forward to it!

    • If you didn’t notice my other comment, I said I was trying to be funny. I know that leviathans are more than sea monsters. I’m just not sold on the threat of them yet. But we’ll see, it was just one episode.

  28. Seven princes of hell? gatekeeper of hell? Those speculations are SOO two seasons ago.. Here is my “prediction”: As set up in the last few episodes of season 6 the new “big bad(s)” in season seven are the “Old Ones”, who are (lamely) for some arbitrary reason refereed to as “leviathan(s)” in the season opener. In the last few episodes of season 7 we are treated to some intrigue involving one Howard Phillips Lovecraft, this was a big wink wink hint hint from the writers. Anyone who has read Lovecraft knows that the Old Ones are some bad mama jamas. Supernatural is now tying these ancient nightmares into its own mythology by christening them God’s failed experiments. I say AWESOME. One final piece of evidence for my claims: in the season seven preview advertisement you can briefly see Dean reading a book/comic with the title CTHULHU TALES emblazoned upon the cover. As a fan of Lovecraft and Supernatural let me tell you that if there is one way to trump Lucifer it is most definitely CTHULHU and the OLD ONE pantheon.

    • Oh wow! The old ones! That would actually be really cool. I’ve only read a few Lovecraft stories, so, what do you know about them, and how else do you think they will factor into the season?

      • Well traditionally they are portrayed as “alien gods” from another dimension, but I’m guessing SPN will try to veer away from that cause its too sci-fi. Usually they don’t really “interact” with humans, in that you could reason with them or even hold a conversation. To them humans are like ants or even amoeba. They are often worshiped or even summoned by human cults, but they always end up squashing their followers and anyone else nearby. Another interesting factor is that if a character gets so much as a glimpse of them, they go insane and lots psychological thrills ensue (usually how an Old One cult starts). I would love to see a Lovecraftian style cult feature into SPN. Since we have already seen the “Leviathan” use castiel’s vessel, Im guessing we wont be seeing the Old Ones in there “true” forms (usually grotesque, tentacled, bulbous, monsters ranging anywhere between goblin to Godzilla size). Which really makes me wish Supernatural had higher production/FX budgets. There are lots of ways the writers could go with this (especially since the “cthulhu mythos” is shared universe which countless authors have explored), but for now Im really hoping I get to see Dean unload The Colt into a shoggoth before the season is over.

  29. I would download it but it gives me something to look forward to I suppose. I like to listen to all your comments about the new episodes. And all your arguments lol