‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 7 premiere castiel death1 Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

Proving that Supernatural is still able to best many a network series (even in its seventh year on the air), the season 7 premiere brilliantly sets up what may very well be the series’ best year yet, with masterful storytelling, rich character development, and the introduction of a seasonal story-arc that beautifully incorporates mythology that is centuries old.

Picking up where last season’s finale left off, the Supernatural season 7 premiere, entitled “Meet the New Boss,” forces Sam, Dean, and Bobby to somehow prevent the power hungry Castiel from smiting the entirety of the human race and, more importantly, destroying the world with the evil that’s contained within him.

Seeking out the help of the once-thought-dead Crowley, The Winchester brothers attempt to enslave Death and force him to kill Castiel, who has given himself the title of god. In what may be one of the most captivating scenes in the series history, the presumed showdown between Castiel and Death not only represents the immense talent that drives this series, but also introduces the extremely intriguing season story arc involving the seven princes of Hell.

While only the Leviathan was mentioned in the season opener, one can only assume that (in typical Supernatural fashion) the intent to delve deeper into the world’s mythos and provide a modern day telling of these stories will be followed with the rest of the demonic princes: Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Mammon, Satan and Lucifer (though he’s currently stuck in a cage, in Hell).

supernatural season 7 premiere bobby sam Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

When viewers passionately state that Supernatural is their favorite television series currently on the air, it’s because of that aforementioned attention to detail and interest in exploring all facets of supernatural lore. What appears to simply be a television drama about a pair of demon hunting brothers, Supernatural beautifully juxtaposes this premise with all of the many tales that the history of the world contains (from Greek mythology to vampires).

By logically presenting all of these stories (which are largely contradictory to each other) into a single, cohesive plot that remains true to the core premise that the series originated with, Supernatural serves to not only elevate itself with each passing year, but to also elevate the expectations of its viewers.

supernatural season 7 premiere sam bobby dean Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

In a sense, Supernatural wonderfully does what many of the more touted series on television cannot seem to do: evolve. While it certainly can be said that there have been a few slight bumps in the road along the way, those errors were never egregious, nor were they long-lasting.

As Supernatural season 6 was generally an unplanned continuation of Eric Kripke’s intended storyline for the entirety of the series, there were more than enough signs last season that the producers were trying to not only figure out where they’d like to take the series from here on out, but also how to do so while maintaining the high level of quality.

That being said: even if certain storylines felt forced or elementally incomplete in regards to the caliber of storytelling one expects from the series, Supernatural has more than earned itself the coveted “wait and see” approach in television. As the story progresses and more information is revealed, the series has continuously vindicated itself from any presumed wrongdoing – whether intention or simply a “fix.”

supernatural season 7 premiere castiel death1 Supernatural Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

This dedication to the fixing of errors (and I use the term “errors” in the most loose sense possible) is just one of the many signs that Supernatural wholeheartedly respects its viewers, and why the series has earned the trust of its audience, while other more well-known series have not.

With Castiel now “dead” and the Leviathan taking over his human vessel, it’s exciting to see where things will go as the season progresses – especially since Sam is battling the presumed hallucinations of Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino).

If the Supernatural season 7 premiere represents the caliber of storytelling that will be executed for the remainder of the season, there’s no doubt that this may very well be the best year that the series has presented yet.

Supernatural airs Friday @9pm on The CW

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  1. if Sams wall breaks down completely, what is going to happen to the brothers relationship ? Sam did some horrible things in earler days, how will Dean cope and how will sam cope with knowing what he did

  2. I knew Lucifer would be back!

  3. I thought that the episode was infinitely better than last year’s season opener but still not up to par with seasons 2-5. I mean so Cas was God and now he is possessed by some other creatures? Hmmmm, I dont know how much I like this approach.

  4. I think we need an appearance by the actual God in the season, and have him appear to Dean using his father’s body as the vessel.

    Either that or revisit the whole Chuck story…aren’t the bros remotely curious as to what happened to him?
    What about their bros Adam, is his soul just going to rot in the pit for the rest of eternity?

    • 😮 John being the vessel would be really interesting. And it would fit perfectly with the already established canon. But I don’t think JDM would return to play that role. He’s filming other stuff now. That’d be great though.

      Yeah those are two things that annoy me about season 6. I mean, you’d think they would at least go check on Chuck, especially since they’ve contacted him before when they needed to know future events. And Adam… I doubt the series is ever going to return to him. He was only mentioned once in season 6. The story would have to somehow lead back to Lucifer’s Cage.

  5. this episode kicked all sorts of ass.
    the music, writing, lighting, cinematography.
    loved all of it!

  6. Loved it it was not amzing but it was good . The new big bad will kick ass and it is not a vessel *dancing* :) it is in the water which is the way to do it because it is in the bible and is the gatekeeper of the hellmouth

  7. Season six was not good and I thing that was partly to do with Sera Gambe taking over as show runner. I was so disapointed to read she is still show runner in this new season.

  8. Now, correct me if im wrong, but the article above says ‘Satan and lucifer’ referring to the them as two seperate entities.. arent they supposed to be the just different names for the same person? if anyone knows or can clarify thatd be cool.

    • Well, you would think that’s all names for the devil, however, if you look up Leviathan, you can see why they have a Satan and a Lucifer. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but I am sure they will say why as the season progresses. Hint: Leviathan is only part of it. One piece to the puzzle.

  9. also, seeing as how this season is very lovecraft inspired using the old ones and such, itd be great to have a crossover episode with our other favorite monster hunter…Hellboy!

  10. i say anything goes for supernatural

  11. Supernatural season 7 premiere U.s viewer count 2 million compared to the first season it dropped by 3 million, but take in mind that many more shows were released during that whole time, this one stays true to it’s roots, of course add about 20-50 million views from the internet, if not more.
    Show is awesome, i liked the twist, but i was hoping the “god” would intervene.
    I am not faithful, but I like the whole concept of this show putting sorts of religious stuff that would make sense in a world of Sam and Dean kicking butts.

    • Andrew 3 Million drop?

      Supernatural season 1 had on average only 3.81 Million if it dropped 3 mill it would only of had a .81 million. Since then ratings have been fairly consistant but on a slow decline since season 4. Last season and this season they moved the show to Fridays giving it a steep decline in ratings.

      Season 1 was the highest ratings it’s had and it was 3.81 Mill.

      The CW is in such dire shape though that those are actually very solid and on any other network shows like Supernatural and Smallville would of been canceled very early in their first season runs. However on CW they are huge hits.

  12. I am very worried that Supernatural will be cancelled after this season. One of the reasons being that season six wasnt very good and might have lost alot of viewers half way through. Lets face it, Gamble ruined the show. She made alot of lame episodes like The French Twist and the one about the stupid fairies. If it does get cancelled after this season, then I largely blame her. Kripke should never have left and he sould never have handed it to her.

    • Agreed. I think CW will cling onto the show for one more season though (since the two leads contracts go through season 8), but I’m not expecting it to get much better, if not worse. Sera’s fine as an individual writer, but not as the head writer.

    • Cherry lets face it. That’s your opinion. Not everyone agrees that she ruined the show.

      As far it being cancelled it’s not very likely. The ratings for a cw show are still pretty strong. It’s doing better than almost all their veteran shows only being beat by Vampire diaries. It’s doing much better than Nikita and word is if it keeps the same ratings that the premier had than it will be renewed as long as everyone involved is still game. CW at this moment has no reason to not bring it back with the ratings staying solid as they are. Fox would of cancelled it midway through season one, but for CW it’s ratings are still good.

        • Where am I getting my information ? Seriously wtf dude. I never said the ratings have not dropped not once. So you quit acting like you are some how correcting me by telling me they are.

          I am not denying that they have dropped. That’s not the issue.

          However, despite that drop Supernatural still has strong ratings for being on the CW. Compare it to the other shows. On the network some with even higher budgets. Despite the drop the ratings are still high and most professionals all say that it’s still very likely to be picked up.

          By the way my source is the same as yours. Check the section that has the chart of whats most likely to be picked up or cancelled on that same site. They have it marked as more likely to be reknewned than cancelled with the second highest chance of being renewed of all the shows on the network.

          Also despite the regular ratings drop. The DVR ratings had come in and Modern Family and Supernatural came in with the highest DVR ratings of the week.

          To make things short. Ratings down ? Yes. Likely to get a season 8 still despite that? Yes.

  13. I hope so cos it is a brilliant show and Jared and Jensen are brilliant actors (to me anyway). They care about their characters but they seemed to lose abit of that compassion in season six. I did hear that Jensen didnt agree with the way that Sera wanted him to play Dean in this season but he went along with it. Probably cos of money and also that he did love the way some of the episodes were written like The French Mistake (omg I hated that episode).
    I just know that season six has lost the show alot of fans but if they are die hard fans like me, then hopefully they will still tune in to season 7 and word has it that it was it was a fantastic premier episode.?

  14. Hi. To me, season 6 was a weak season in the history of one of my favourite shows. On watching the season 7 opener I must say I was very impressed. Being a horror genre fan, I always felt sometimes the special effects in supernatural, though good, didn’t quite make movie quality. On the season 7 opener, with Leviathans trying to escape Castielles body, i was proved wrong. Seeing a good guy turn evil is always upsetting, but means the actor gets to play a whole new side to his character that I think Castielle did really well. I loved the twist at the end when it seemed Castielle was back to his normal self.
    Then came the second episode. I felt more like I was watching a high budget horror film than an episode of Supernatural. The death count was quite high with some quite shocking scenes. Im now loving the Sam & The Devil scenes with the actors performing amazingly off each other.
    Even though only 2 episodes in….I think this season is off to an amazing start, with the introduction of a new enemy, with Sams descent into madness. It just seems the makers of the show have really upped their game. This season seems alot more intense and had me gripped the whole time. I just hope this continues…..Long Live Supernatural..

  15. Yes season six was lame and its so sad because as I said before there is a dangour that some fans may have fled the coop half way through and not come back. I really hope not but as far as the special effects go in this season, it depends on budget wether they can keep that up. The special effect guys are capable of anything but if they dont have the money to do it, then they wont be able to :(

  16. does this forum still get used

  17. I thought Supernatural was being cancelled after only 5 episodes this season. Is the show staying on for a full season?

    • Why on earth did you think it was being cancelled after only 5 episodes this season? No it’s not. Not only is it staying for a full season, but they even ordered an extra episode to tack on to the season. Also it’s highly likely to be renewed for an 8th season as well. For a CW show the ratings are still good beating most of the other shows on the network.

  18. Im tired of reading different information about ratings all the time. One minute I read that its getting great ratings, and then I read the ratings are going down. Now I read it could be cancelled. I mean which is it !!

    • The ratings are bad. Nowhere does it say they’re good, that’s just a bunch of confused fans who are misinformed. It depends on CW whether it’ll be picked up for an 8th season. Jared and Jensen are contracted for 8 seasons but if CW sees the ratings and believe that no one in interested in the boys anymore they can decide to get rid of it to free up a time slot for a new show.

      so inshort: The ratings are dropping steadily but there is no talk of cancellation yet (because it’s on been 3 episodes and they’re probably hoping it’ll get better).

    • If you look at the comment above LittleDeathRobot made with the two long links, you’ll find a likely answer.

      • It’s true that for CW the ratings aren’t bad, but they’re still low for this show. The Girl Next Door received the lowest ratings the show’s ever had. Supernatural scored a .7 in it’s demographic and H8ER scored a .5 in it’s demographic, and H8ER was canceled. Supernatural has a bigger budget. Even if it’s on the CW, I don’t know if you could call its ratings this season good. 14% isn’t a minor drop, that’s a decent sized drop. And it didn’t come out of nowhere, some viewers seem to have lost interest. I predict the ratings this Friday will be even lower, given the slow pace and low quality of the last episode, but we’ll see. If the ratings stay steady it will probably be renewed, but if it keeps dropping like this, the show might be canceled. But who knows. *shrug* The CW just renewed Ringer for a full season and that show has lower ratings than Supernatural. We’ll seeeeee.

        • I would call the ratings drop small. You can say 14% to make it sound steep but the truth is that it dropped from a 1.8 to a 1.7 to a 1.64. Not exactly steep. Ratings fluctuated on every show all year round. As far as the demographics go it dropped from a .8 in episode 1 to both 2 and 3 being .7 which is hardly a drop at all.

          Also once again that’s not accounting for the DVR ratings which are only just now coming in for Episode 1 and they were incredibly high. People forget that DVR ratings are a new thing and come in much later than the regular ratings. Supernatural and Modern Family were the top two DVR’d shows on that friday.

          Also it should be noted that the last aired episode of H8r was a .4 in it’s demo. and only a 1 on total ratings. Supernatural gets at least consistantly above 1.5 while H8R struggled to keep it’s 1. H8R’s second episode was also a .4 in it’s demo and only it’s a first episode achieved anything higher than that.

          The difference is Supernatural is an established show with a semi dependable fan base. H8R was a brand new show that had a tiny interest to begin with that after people saw the first one saw a decent drop in it’s demo and ratings over all in only it’s second episode ever. They can count on Supernatural to have a certain minimal number of ratings H8R had a poor premier far bellow Supernatural and continued to decline in ratings and demo with each individual episode after. It was a brand new show with no established fan base and no one was really watching it.

          • Most of what you’ve said is true, I just felt the need to add to it. I never called the ratings drop steep though, just not really small either. Also, DVR ratings aren’t nearly as important as Nielsen ratings.

            • Well actually Nielsen has began accepting DVR ratings and have started the slow process of including them in. Typically the ratings you see now are not final. The way it has started working now is they report the regular numbers to us but then send the official numbers including DVR to the network. Which is why the last year or two you’ve been seeing more and more shows with low ratings getting surprised pick ups or even being brought back after being cancelled like the show Breaking in. DVR was a huge factor in it’s revival.

              • I’m aware that DVR ratings are considered, I’m just saying they don’t have as much significance as Nielsen ratings.

                • My point is that DVR ratings are now Nielsen ratings there is no difference anymore other than to us. The networks get the full ratings we get Non DVR ratings serperate no combination. However, as far as networks are concerned DVR and Nielsen are one and the same because 2 years ago Nielsen announced that they will now count DVR ratings.

  19. Season six is to blame for all of this. And what a damn shame. It was a great show and then season six just made a mockery of it and made it into a stupid comedy. What happened ! The French Mistake and Frontier Land and that ridiculous fairy episode have murdered what was the best Tv show around (to me). And I blame Sera Gamble. Until she took over, nothing like this happened. :(

    • What is wrong with you lot, season 6 was fantastic, the writing, arcs and acting, cas, lucifer, Balthazar and the boys hmmm yum love all of it….the whole religious/mythological thing is very intense and sam going nuts is just thrilling to watch, the french mistake was so good, i love the comedy eps and its the comedy that attracted me to the show originally. what are you all
      whining about, stop panicking about when it’s going to be over and enjoy it
      while it graces us with it’s presence.
      They are trying to get some of the original hunt a week scenario things happening and I for one am glad, but yes bring back chuck and explain if he is indeed god, the real god. Deanloverxxx

      • “What is wrong with you lot”? There’s nothing wrong with us, there are a lot of people whom have valid reasons for not liking season 6. Just as I’m sure there are some people whom have valid reasons for liking season 6, which is fine (although I’ve yet to see a convincing argument regarding that).

    • I know. It is a shame. :/ The show had a lot of potential after season 5.

    • Give me a break Cherry. If you don’t like season 6 fine, but don’t complain about the comedy episodes. You do realize that they had those episodes in season 2, 3 ,4 and 5? It’s not new in fact other seasons did just as many if not more. It’s a ridiculious thing to complain about when it’s something that’s always been in the show. especially since two of the three you brought up were some of the best reviewed episodes of last season. They were fantastically acted with some of the best writing the show had. Especially the Wild West episodes which was by far the best episode of the season and one of the best of the series. The show has always had strong comedy.

      • So you’re telling her she can’t complain about the comedy episodes? That’s nice. You kept complaining to me that I was acting like my opinion was right and now that’s exactly what you’re doing here. *sigh* I don’t think you’re getting what she’s saying. It’s not a ridiculous thing to complain about them. The difference between the comedy episodes in season 6 and the episodes in other seasons is that season 6 has no plausible overarching storyline. And instead of trying to develop a story 6 seasons into the show, the writers filled up time with useless comedy episodes. Were they funny? Yeah, to most of us. Were they well reviewed and well acted? Yeah. I found the meta episode funny, personally. I didn’t like those other two though. Regardless of whether or not they have good comedy moments in them, that doesn’t mean we can’t complain about how they don’t really fit into the tone of the reason of the season, and how they wasted a lot of time when there are other things the show should have focused on.

        • I told her she can’t complain about season 6 being horrible because it had funny episodes when every season before it had funny episodes. Sure technically she can if she wants, but it makes no sense at all.

          Season 6 had a plausible overarching plot and at least two of the comical episodes tied right in to the main story and made sense. They had more of an impact on the main story than most comedy episodes in most other seasons. For example as much as I love it Mystery Spot had very little to do with the over all story of season 3, but it was a comedy episode and a good one at that.

          • So to clarify; you just admitted you told her that she cannot complain about season 6 being horrible because it has comedy episodes. It sounds like you’re still not listening to me either.

            The plot is not plausible because it is riddled with at least a dozen major plot holes. Most of the story lines in season 6 ended up having no consequences attached. Everything leading up to the fate episode, where we first learned anything regarding the Cas/souls plot ended up meaning very little. From the weapons to the Campbells to Eve to the Alphas, all of it was filler. That’s what I mean by no overarching storyline. In season 3 the storyline was always about Dean eventually going to hell and Sam trying to get him out of it. That storyline was always clear, so there was room to have comedy episodes. In season 6 there is no such storyline until the last few episodes, and even then, it wasn’t planned out, and it shows. That’s what I mean. And again, the problem with the comedy episodes in season 6 is that they take up time that should have been spent on other things that most of the season clearly did not do.

            Also; what comedy episodes had relevance to them? The western episode produced a solution to kill Eve. But Eve meant nothing in the end, so what does it matter? It didn’t progress the main plot, it only killed the alpha filler story lines. The French Mistake? That episode wrapped up the weapons storyline with no real ending or significance and the show never brought it up for the rest of the season. The episodes did not have any significance to them, only the illusion of conflict.

            • No to clarify.

              I am listening to you I simply think you are wrong.

              Do you really want to get in to this argument again? Wasn’t it you who just a few weeks ago said it was pointless and needed to end? Why start it again? I was talking to cherry. So you are merely restarting an argument that you know I don’t agree with you on stating it as fact again and expecting me to continue after we already agreed to end it.

              • I’m not trying to get into the argument again, believe me. I’m not lecturing on why I think season 6 is bad, what I’m talking about here is why the comedy episodes are so out of place. Most of what happened in season 6 was inconsequential. That’s not opinion, that’s face. A lot of it was filler. And yeah, the others season have filler comedy episodes, but they’re not out of place and entirely pointless like in season 6. I’m not saying you can’t enjoy those episodes and story lines, I’m just saying that there was so much serious filler in season 6 that the funny filler wasted even more time. That’s what I mean. I’m just defending what cherry is saying.

                • Right and as I’ve said before. I disagree. I don’t think there was any more filler in season 6 than any other. Especially Season 1. I also don’t see anymore flaws in the season 6 stories than any other season. Once again this is right back to me having an opinion.

                  I’m assuming you meant fact and not face and once again you are claiming your OPINION is fact.

                  • I’m not talking about the subjective side of it, I’m talking about the objective. This is a fact; most of the storylines in season 6 had little effect on the overarching story. That’s not something that can be debated, it just is. I’m not saying the storylines are bad or anything, but a lot of the stuff that seemed like the main story ended up leading nowhere, most of the time. That’s the difference. Season 6 lead you on while season 1 did not.

                    Anyway, the point being in what I said, is that the comedy episodes should have focused on other things. That’s what cherry is trying to say, in part.

                    Also, comedy is completely subjective. You either laugh or you don’t. If cherry didn’t laugh, then she didn’t laugh. And she has a right to complain about that.

    • That being said, Season 5 was a very tough one to follow. Seriously, how do you follow a season where Sam and Dean start and stop the apocalypse, redefined the struggle between angels and demons in an interesting way, derails destiny, and has them fight against heaven and hell to defeat Lucifer? Very tough act to follow in my mind, but yeah it could be better like Dean being less of his jollied humored sarcastic self. Plus, the season kind of makes you wish they would call it quits just so Dean could go back to his lady and learn to be happy being normal.

  20. BlueHeroBH is so right and Im not saying that because I like him better than anyone else on here because I dont know anyone else on here properly yet. Im saying it because the comedy episodes were just way too much. They weren’t even funny. I cringed alot of times through The French Mistake and through Clap If You Believe. I almost switched off when I saw the little people in the celler and when Dean was running away from the gnome thing I wanted to shout, ‘Dean would not be scared of this thing, his character isnt frightened of anything’. The French Mistake was the worst I think. It was a total ridicule of the who whole show. What possessed Jared and Jensen to go along with it. Money I suppose. Supernatural is supposed to be just that. Supernatural. How much supernatural element was there in season 6 ? Harldy any. Go on now. Slag me off with a barrage of insults. I dont care :)

    • Cherry I have not inuslted you once I simply think you are wrong. That’s hardly insulting.

      Why did Jensen and jarred go along with it? Maybe because they didn’t think it was bad. Much like most viewers didn’t. Those are some of the more popular episodes. the West episode and the meta real world one are the two best reviewed episodes from season 6. Both were highly praised by all serious reviewers. As did many of the fans. Even Blue admitted he loved one of them. He admitted they were all funny.

      Just because your opinion was that they were bad does not make it a fact. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean it is actually bad and doesn’t mean that Jared and jensen didn’t truly think it was good.

      You have a right to your opinion, but at least treat it as if it is one rather than a fact. you may not like it, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fact it’s bad it simply means you don’t share the same taste as someone who did.

      There was plenty of Supernatural stuff in season 6 just as much as any other season. Maybe you mean how much horror. Because horror does not actually mean Supernatural or vise versa they are merely two things that put together. Typically the comical episodes still involve magic or demons or gods of mischief they may not be scary be they are still very much Supernatural the very definition of the word. There wasn’t one episode of season 6 that didn’t involve Supernatural.

      • Yeah it seemed like the actors really enjoyed it, so they went along with it. They did have one condition; that they play their characters and not themselves. But otherwise they really enjoyed it. They talk about it at conventions a lot.

      • Well everyone has their own opinions and alot are diferent to each other but I think one thing that looks as though we can agree on is that the ratings are not too good AT THE MOMENT. I really hope they go up cos I would be sooooo sad to see Supernatural end :(

  21. Thanks for sticking up for me BlueHero. No I didnt laugh. Im not saying I have NEVER laughed at any of the comedy bits. Going back to an earlier season, I laughed when Castiel held his FBI badge upside down. That was funny. And I laughed when Dean screamed because he had that fear sickness thing where everything frightened him. But its hard for me to remember any thing else that amused me. I guess I just prefer the show to focus on its supernatural side, its ghosts and folklore etc. We dont seem to get as much of that now. :(

    • Yeah it’s a shame. :/

  22. So has everybody abandoned this forum now ?

      • Bluehereo

        It’s not as strange as you may think. It’s just how they are. They typically start the TV season with a few supernatural articles and then just stop writing about it until mid season break till possibly the finale. They use to try and do a spoiler discussion on every episode back in the day but I’m guessing it was just a little to demanding.

  23. I thought there were two discussions going on at the same time but didnt know if it was just me going mad :)

    We are almost at the end of season 6 now here in the UK. Its not been a great ride but it is still my faverout show of all time and congratulations to Jared Padalecki and his lovely Genevieve

  24. The Man Who Would Be King was abit boring :(

  25. Has this site folded

  26. I hope the writers somehow write Cass/Misha back into the show! At the end of season 6 when I thought Crowley died I was upset cuz although he is kinda bad he knows when to bend and help when it benefits him besides he’s funny and onery, Bobby love him to, Sam and Dean well love them and their dysfunctional relationship that clicks well for the love they have for each other, getting through their own demons while saving others. Whomever chose the actors for the show bravo cuz they all work well together in making this an Awesome show! Ps I even like the actor playing lucifer. Please bring back Cass. Where’s Chuck?

  27. Misha Collins is apparently leaving the show to go and work on the show Ringer. I suppose he wants to lessen his work load now that he has a baby. Buy yes, we couldnt have got a better cast especially for Sam and Dean. They gel together so well. I loved Balthazar and I am going to miss him. He was funny. Crowley is funny too but not as much. I live in the UK so havent seen any of season seven yet. Am looking forward to it though.

    • That show was canceled…he will be staying. They should bring “Death” back. He plays a great character and likes crap food.

  28. The last episode had the Alpa Male state “see you next season” on Dean and Sam’s way out. Why can’t we have Dick Roman say something about Carl Farveman Furniture. Or somehow get the song “Desperado” worked in there somewhere….care of a Seinfeld episode. The writers are great with tounge in cheek dialouge…