‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Premiere Photos Pits Castiel Against Death

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What did you think of the premiere? ‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Premiere Review & Discussion

With the Supernatural season 7 premiere just over a week away, the familiar sounds of AC/DC’s anthem of “You Shook Me All Night Long” will soon be gracing our television screens accompanied by a flurry of scenes recapping what took place last season. Check out the photo gallery from the season premiere above.

Fortunately, fan anticipation can take a back seat for the time being, as The CW released 11 images from the highly-anticipated premiere – and, from the looks of it, it appears that while Castiel may have anointed himself as the new God, Sam and Dean are going to great lengths to make sure that Castiel’s promotion comes to an end.

With a bag full of fast food in hand, Death comes to visit the obviously worried Winchester brothers at the request of Dean. Unfortunately, Castiel seems to be one step ahead of everyone, and now Sam, Dean and Bobby not only have to deal with an angry Lord, but also an angry Death. That’s not exactly the position one would EVER want to be in.

You can read the description to the Supernatural season 7 premiere, entitled “Meet the New Boss” below:

Castiel doesn’t kill Sam, Dean and Bobby, but warns them not to interfere in his business. Assuming his new role as God, Castiel sets out to right some of the wrongs in the world. Dean decides they should find Death and order him to stop Castiel, but the former angel is one step ahead of them, leaving Dean to face a very angry Death. Meanwhile, Sam struggles to deal with the broken wall in his mind.

Now that Castiel has taken a proverbial turn for the worse and Sam has all of his memories flooding in from his time in Hell, the upcoming season of Supernatural already has a bevy of intriguing plots to focus on. With it being announced that Crowley is returning (along with several other familiar characters) and the knowledge that these story arcs cannot adequately fill a 22 episode season, one beings to wonder where the series will go from here.

Despite there being a few bumps in the road, Supernatural has largely been presented as a brilliant series that’s able to grow and evolve with each passing season. So, whatever may come after Castiel gets kicked from his throne, or when Sam finally deals with his hellish memories, one can at least breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that it will most certainly be handled with the same brilliance that most of the series has been.

Here are the photos again in case the slideshow above doesn’t work for you:

Supernatural season 7 premieres September 23 on The CW

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  1. I want to be optimistic, but due to the severe lack of quality writing in season 6, it’s hard for me to be. Especially since turning Cas into a villain is such a terrible twist. I hope he doesn’t get killed off.

  2. Can’t wait. I’m not with the group who likes to hate season 6. It wasn’t the best season, but it also wasn’t bad in any way shape or form. It was still very good and not even the worst season of the show. It was still better than the dull going no where first season. Season 7 looks to be good and I imagine the show runner will learn from her few missteps in season 6 and only improve. The first half of season 6 was rough, but good. The second half of season 6 though was great. The Wild West episode was one of the best of the series.

    • Um, excuse me, “likes to hate season 6″? A lot of people who don’t like season 6 don’t like it because we think for the most part, it’s bad. Not because we’re choosing to think so.

    • I agree. I was pessimistic when the creator left after season 5 but I have enjoyed season 6 a lot. Sure, the mother of all thingy could have been done better but not many shows on TV these days are even in the same league as Supernatural.

    • “Dull season 1.”? Season 1 was great, it was Winchester’s 101. It laid the ground for everything. Best part of great shows is getting the backstory and hearing the beginning of these characters. I personally think Cas becoming the new “Satan” is great. They needed to add a twist to it and did. The great thing about Supernatural they keep each season fresh. And to all the folks that said before season 6 started that Cas would be evil…yeah right don’t kid yourself.

      • Yea Dull season one. It was overly episodic with very little actual over all plot. It was an episode of the weak and nothing more. It wasn’t until the last 4 or 5 episodes of the season that there was actually a story going on. It was nothing more than cheap horror very little humor and very little character. Season 2 started it all and is the only reason I got in to the show. It had a fantastic story and plot and was more than simply random monster of the weak. It was funny, dramatic and had some of the much interesting stuff to be in the show…. Also Bobby was in it more than season 1.

        • Just curious… But if you are so disappointed with season one from the beginning and talking down about it so much, why did you continue watching every week?

          Something I have noticed is that the shows that are slow in the beginning (you should want to get to know the characters, then you can relate to them throughout the entire series)tend to be some of the best shows out there.

          • Agreed. The best shows tend to be the ones that evolve over time. They usually start out slow like Supernatural.

          • I actually did stop watching about 8 episodes in to season one. My Wife really likes crappy cheap horror thrills though so she kept watching and I decided to watch the season finale with her and was like “Well Crap now I have to see what happens ” because of the car crash, but the first episode of season 2 was good so I kept watching and the show stayed great from that moment on. Eventually I bought the DVDs and went back to watch the parts of season 1 I missed and thought now I’m a fan I’ll probably appreciate them more. Nope still bleh. It’s not awful, but it’s not great either. I’m not saying it was terrible TV I’m saying it was worse than all the other seasons. When there are 6 seasons of a show one of them is bound to be worst than the others. Don’t know why you are being so obsessed that I think the first season is the worst.

            I agree that the best shows start out slow and evolve, but that typically makes the first season the weakest. Every show has a low point and a high point. IMO Season 1 was the worst and season 5 is the best.

            • Oh I don’t are either way… I was just curious seeing as you were putting it down. Me, I have loved the show since the beginning. I actually didn’t begin watching until about the time the third season came out. My friend kept mentioning it and my father was telling me that it was a good show so I went online and found the pilot. I was hooked from there. But I guess I am like your wife in that way. I didn’t find a lot wrong with the last season, except that it was a little slow. For me it answered a lot of questions, but I am not one to say which were the worst and/or best seasons. I just love the show and I really have grown to love the characters.

        • I liked season 1 alot. It was fresh and new they had a good plot and backstories. The characters were written well and if you actually watched season 1 from beginning to end you would see the story line. They set out in search of their Dad who dissapeared on a hunting trip. When they come back Sam’s girlfriend dies sending them in further search of their father and the thing that killed Sam’s girl and their mother years before. Their father leaves them Coordinates that lead them to different places where supernatural stuff happens. So yeah most a def a storyline. In the end they find their father and the demon they have been searching for. The demon escapes only to continue the search in season 2. Where do you think the season 2 storyline came from. Seasons 1-3 were the best seasons of the show. BTW it is week not weak!

          • Calley it wasn’t at all necessary to tell me what happened in season 1 I’ve seen it. I already explained that.

            You clearly have not read my comments at all. I didn’t say there is no story at all I said there is very little story. It’s mostly monster of the week with only a few episodes actually dealing with the over all main plot. The show got much better in season 2 because they focused more on the main story the characters developed more with each episode. Nearly every episode progressed the plot further. Season 1 didn’t do those things.

            I do apologize for the typo not sure why I said weak instead of weak I actually hate when people do that so upset that I myself made the mistake. Made the comment a few days ago so maybe I was tired. Thanks for feeling the need to point it out and rub my face in it though. Shows great maturity. That’s sarcasm by the way.

            • Well… I would disagree with the season 2 having more focus, partially. I mean, in a way it had more focus, because of the psychic kid episodes, the character development was more focused too, and because Sam and Dean knew more about the threat of the yellow eyed demon, but the story also wandered a bit. I mean, if you look at the two part season finale of season 2, it happened regardless of everything else that happened. I mean, the finale was just about it happened to be the time. In season 1 that wasn’t the case, because the boys pursued their goal to the very end, while the season 2 finale happened by circumstance. I still love season 2, don’t get me wrong, and while season 2 has better focus and character development, in general, I just personally like the main story of season 1 better. Even though there might have been less of it.

  3. I loved season 6, I don’t understand why/can’t believe some fans ACTUALLY thought it was bad! I get it’s their opinion and all, but whatever, you don’t know what’s good. I hate nitpicking fans! Maybe one of the reasons I enjoyed it so much was because I understood it all, even when fans thought it was getting confusing, or whatever. Plus, I love all the seasons equally, so that’s probably another reason why I love season 6. Anyways, I cannot WAIT any longer for season 7 to arrive!!!! I need it to be September 23rd already! I can’t wait to see what the phenomenal writers have in store for us, and I want to see where they’ll take Castiel’s new position, claiming to be “God”. The Hellatus for Supernatural fans like myself is torture, literally! I’m so beyond ready for the new season! BRING IT! =D

    • I don’t mean to continue to nag at this, but, these kinds of comments bug me. “you don’t know what’s good”? That’s a really pretentious thing to say. Clearly, every single person who doesn’t like season 6 doesn’t have good taste, huh? And what do you mean by “nitpicking”? Do you mean actually taking time to notice all the bad character writing most of the season had, all of the plot holes, the clear lack of direction, the story lines that started and stopped at convenience of the mostly non existent plot, among other things? And no, it’s not because we thought it was getting confusing, I don’t even know where you got that from. But you understood it all. Clearly, you have cemented your place as being vastly more intelligent than those who don’t like this season. I suggest you think about how narrow minded those comments are. :/ I’m fine with other people having their own opinion, I really don’t care. But when you start looking down on other peoples’ opinions, that’s when I get annoyed.

      • First off, I’m just stating my opinion. All am saying is that I hate when fans have bad things to say about a show they supposedly love; that’s where the nitpicking comes from. I mean, I have nothing but good things to say about Supernatural – I love this show too death. But there are fans that do nitpick pretty much everything and everyone on the show, and that just pisses me off to no end! It’s not noticing errors or whatever, it’s the fact that, instead of showing non-Supernatural fans how amazing this show is, there’s fans who’d rather say awful things about it and just bash it – making those non-fans not want to watch the show at all. And like I said in my post, I get everyone has an opinion, but I hate bashing so much. There were fans that thought the season was confusing, that’s why I said it. But I didn’t say they all thought the same thing. You say I’M looking down at others opinions? Clearly, you are as well than. No, I’m not saying I think I’m better than anyone else that think season 6 was bad or think I’m smarter, or what have you. I’m just saying that I understood the season well, that’s all. But the thing that gets me mad the moment is that I was here to give my opinion, not start something, which you apparently wanted. I was fine just posting my comment and moving on, but you clearly sounded offended, or something, that you just had to reply back to start some kind of argument. That’s nice.

        • Im excited about season 7 too Dora:)
          Enjoying the show while we still have it.

        • There have always been fans like that, that’s nothing new. And a lot of us who nitpick the show love it to death also; we’re passionate about it, we care about the future of the show, which is why we nitpick. They have a lot of good things to say about the show, but regarding the nitpicking of season 6 and beyond, it’s understandable, since the show has been heading in a new direction. And a lot of these fans also show outsiders how great the show is. Just because we nitpick sometimes in these comments doesn’t mean we’re constantly bitching about it. :/ Not that I’m saying that you said that, but, I’m just saying.

          You weren’t just stating your opinion though. You were bashing other peoples’ opinions, which is why I bothered replying in the first place. I’m not looking down on your opinion. I don’t care whether or not you have a positive opinion of the season, but you had a clear distaste for those of us that think differently. I’m not here to start anything either. I’m not offended. I just posted that reply because that’s the way that your comment came off. This doesn’t have to be a hostile thing. :/

          • Most people who hate on season 6 hated it before it premired because they were pissed Kripke left. The moment he said he was leaving a bunch of so called ‘fans’ started clamoring how the show was gonna suck now. Then shocking how all those exact same people thought it sucked.

            • Well it sucked, regardless of whether or not people were expecting that. MOST?! Are you kidding me? There are a lot of people that feel the same way that were expecting this season to be good. Don’t group people together like that, it’s completely inaccurate.

        • Are you serious? People are entitled to their opinion and if they think that one of the seasons of their favorite show sucks, they are allowed to say and think that. It’s like the same with music. You love a band to death, but their latest album wasn’t good at all. Doesn’t make you a hater if you dislike it. Doesn’t take away your title as a fan, cause you still love the old stuff. If we don’t like something, we express it and complain. You do as well. Some more than others of course, but you can’t say that they’re wrong and have bad taste. Just.. think before you write next time ok?

        • Maybe people nitpick the show they love because they are loyal fans and have high expectations for it. Just a thought. 😉

          • Thank you.

      • The nitpicking fans to me are the Sam vs. Dean Fans.
        I’m sure you seen it too for a while, but really got heated up after season 6.

        Season 6 left alot of thing’s on the table which hopefully season 7 can close. I think season 6 was a 50/50 split on fans, maybe because it was very diffrent from what we are use to seeing.

        • Yeah it definitely caused a lot of mixed reactions. Regardless of my opinion, I’m glad that other people found enjoyment in it. What exactly do you mean by Sam vs. Dean fans?

          • The Sam vs. Dean Character wars that leak over to actual bashing of the actor themselves.

            I have seen some real bad stuff on the boards in sites; you have some people that hate Sam or Dean in think either one is taking away all Screen time from the other. Some people think Dean has never had a story line since season 1.

            In it’s pretty much like that with all three characters’ now.
            Some girl wrote me the other day on twitter how she wish Sam was never on the show in Castiel was Dean real brother.
            I really wouldn’t care if it was just opinions on who they like more, but I hate when it gets personal.

            Just from what I seen I have seen death threat’s posted in mean comment’s sent to Jared in Misha.

            Thats pretty much the only problem I have.
            Now people expressing what the show can do to improve in what went wrong im totally cool with.

            • Oh yeah. :/ The extremists. Well I assure that most of the fandom is not like that.

  4. Season 6 was the best. Some can’t get on board because things were changing and still are. I am all for it. The old Supernatural ended in season 5. That was the creators vision. Now we are on the road to someone elses vision of an established franchise.

    • I agree that the show should change. That’s not why I don’t like it. I was really excited about the potential this season had. I just personally feel like the show didn’t live up to it. There are some good moments, but mostly, I personally think it’s bad.

      • Bad, but not Smallville bad.

        • Well not the worst 3 or 4 seasons of Smallville bad, no. But still bad. And it wasted a lot of potential.

  5. I cannot wait to see what season 7 brings us as season 6 was highly disappointing. I don’t think it was due to Gamble taking control tho. Gamble has been there since day 1. I think it was more of the fact of bringing in new writers and the fact that they had all these ideas for season 6. It seems like season 6 was a renewal, newbies to their positions trying to get their foothold. It also felt like they had all these ideas but they would get a different direction and boom change everything up. Also the nit-picking has ALWAYS been a part of this show and the fandom. Kripke even said he had a love/hate thing going on with his on line fans. If there weren’t fans saying hey this and this don’t make sense then the powers that be wouldn’t hear us. We shape this show as much as the cast and crew do by our “nit-picking”. Otherwise they sloppiness that we don’t like would continue. This way TPTB can say ok hey the fans don’t like this because of such and such what can we do. Yes it can be frustrating to hear our show ragged on by “fans” but on the other hand if it weren’t for the ragging we might still be dealing with Cambell soup clan.

    • Yeah exactly. And of course, fans shape it in good and bad ways, but we still have somewhat of a say, you know? Not to assume that we should get what we expect, but, I think that’s why so many people speak out about it, good and bad, because this is one of those shows that takes our thoughts into consideration.

      I don’t blame Gamble necessarily, though she’s part of the problem. And the thing is, yeah, ideas are good, whatever, but they weren’t planned out at all. That’s why this season has stumbled since the first episode. It really shows.

  6. I absolutely LOVE SUPERNATUAL, I have been watching reruns for what seems forever think they have started it over maybe 3 times. I had no idea what so ever they were going to have another season! Im exstatic Cant Wait, and i hope they keep haveing more and more and never stop the seasons till the boys are too old to do it anymore. I am a fan that just loves the show, dont ever think on oh this isnt good or that should have been better i just love watching the show. Please dont stop till you absolutely have too. Your Biggest Fan.

  7. Where do you go after beating the devil? I mean really! I have been a fan of the show since season 1 but will admit that season 6 was lacking in many ways but mainly because it set such a high bar for itself over the years. Which is why I let season 6 go through its growing pains without complaining! It ended with a very interesting plot twist that sat well with me. I just hope they don’t stretch it out for another three seasons! They battled monsters, demons and then Satan himself! Now let them battle GOD! Even if it is a cheap version in Castiel but come on who wants to play the real GOD on tv? I just hope they finish it up in the next few years or so! Since they didn’t do it after they stopped the apocalypse! Just my opinion though! Bet money before its ove homeboy who was writing the Winchester Gospels that seemed to be the G-Man in the season 6 finale shows up and wastes Castiel’s ass? Lol

    • I’m glad the show didn’t end with Swan Song. Now it can get back to pagan deities.

      • I’m mixed about how it should have ended. On one hand, ignoring season 6, I don’t think it should have ended with Swan Song. At least, now how it ended with Cas, Dean and Bobby. But sometimes I think, after the bad season 6, that it should have just ended there rather than continue.

  8. The main problem with season 6 was that season 4/5 were impossible to top and no matter what happened there could have been no bigger story or topper to the season 5 finale.
    Taking that into consideration season 6 was still off, even though it did have many good moments. The first few episodes in particular were just very bland and really just made think, man I wish they just ended this show last season.
    But, there were very good episodes…when Bobby’s friend died, the western episode when they went back to the past, the meta episode when the actors played themselves, when death puts Sam’s soul back, etc.
    I think that the show went off, when they brought Crowly back and they killed the Mother of all. The story was flowing well and then it just became very confusing all of a sudden.

    Anyway, next season will probably be an improvement upon this season but again will not top seaosn 4/5… and I hope this will be teh last season and everything can get wrapped up nicely

    • Season 4 is hard to top? Season four was the weakest season since season 1. Season 5 was fantastic, but season for is widly considered a low point for the show. it was still good compared to most TV, but not at all at the same level of the other seasons other than season 1.

      • THANK YOU! Everyone’s always talking about how season four was the best season, but I personally enjoyed the other seasons much more than I did that one.

  9. Who is writing Season 7?

    • Sera Gamble is the head writer for seasons 7 and 6, but Kripke supervised the first few scripts of this season.

  10. It took me to season 3 to find this wonderful show, and now I’m a big fan. So much so, I’m venturing to Burbank next March to see our stalwart Winchester brothers in person, Jensen and Jared. Also signed on are Misha Collins (Cas) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley). Yep, looking forward to season 7!

  11. I just wanted to say that I really love the show. All 6 episodes. I thought they were all really great. In fact not only do I watch them in reruns, but I also watch my DVD’s that my daughter & I own. I really don’t want them to end the series any time soon. I would really HATE to lose this show on Friday nights. I happen to miss seeing it when it leaves for the break that it does take. My Friday nights are missing some excitement without these guys in it. lol There are very few shows that I happen to like as well as I like this one. So I would reall be upset to lose this show. I hope the writers keep this on the air for as long as possible. I just love watching Sam & Dean & Bobby!

  12. I know there are some fans who think the show should have ended with Sam going to hell and but to me that would have given the old testament too much importance. I like the rivalry between the pagan deities and Lucifer’s dysfuntional family and Eve as the Mother of all monsters. That is what drew me to SPN in the first place. Michael and Lucy and Gabe, and Rafael are no more important than the goddess Kali or the Leprechaun.

    • s06 was good, its only cuz of the huge season 5 that it seems over-shadowed. how does one top ol lu… all i wanna know is will there be a season 8. i hope they go on till ten like smallville. cas going bad is fine so long as they turn him back sooner or later. and bring back the trickster aka loki aka gabriel.

      • Yay, Richard Speight has his fans. Bring back Gabriel!

  13. Only a week and a half more!

    Sounds like Sam is going to be pretty busy dealing with his hallucinations, poor guy. And I wonder how Crowley’s going to fit into this season. Hmm….

    I’m hoping Dean gets to be all badass and take the lead in stopping the Big Bad. Sam’s had his awesome hero’s moment in “Swan Song”- now I’d love to see the eldest Winchester have his turn! *crosses fingers*

  14. EEEEEEE I CANT WAIT!!!! It sounds like a such amazing story line and I kinda love the boys not being able to have there old tricks and stuff work its a nice change. I cant wait >< Just one more week then I can finally see all three of my boys and this amazing story. And like people have posted before I'm not part of the group that Love to Hate Supernatural just because It had a season that was focused on sam's Soulless soul and Dean having to deal with leaving Lisa and dealing with Sam w/out a Soul. Personally I loved the season, it was really no different then any other season, Granted Lisa and Ben story got on my nerves but the soulless sam story was exciting for a change away from everything they dealt w/. This season sound's amazing I love the God!Cass and Stuff story again its a nice change then what you used to see on Supernatural Yes I miss all the hunts they did but I love these type of Story lines also. And for all the SamGirls and DeanGirls, It doesnt matter whos the story about or who has more screen time then the other one, all that matters is that we enjoy the boy's doing what they do best and the storys from the writers and stuff that really should be all that matters. Not whos got what story or whos got this much more screen time then him/her, Just enjoying the writers work and the boys work.

    (I know Cass isnt going to Kill Sam or Dean, But at the same time I hope Cass doesnt get killed. Evil or not he's still one hot-butt Angel/God)

  15. Just bought season 6 on Blu-Ray! My least favorite season and for sure got off to a bumpy start but the second half made up for that! hope this season is good enough so there can be an eighth! :)

  16. Season 6 had its ups and downs, but Supernatural is still better than like 90% of other shows that are on.

  17. I have yet to see season 6, for I have been too busy and a lot of traveling. But I have always been a fan of Supernatural. More so for the actors and then the show. The cast is amazing and they are who make the show. By reading forums and blogs there is a 50/50 like and dislike like for this past season, but I will be the judge of the show myself. My b/f is a fan of the show as well, thanks to me. I am stepping out to go buy the box set this evening. I pray that everyone can see pass one another’s personal opinions to see that the show has always been amazing, despite negative reviews. Keep your eyes peeled for season 7, I hear it’s going to be fantastic.

  18. I hate the Angels vs Demons crap. I was so MAD when Kripke did that, he’d sworn up and down he wasn’t going to be predictable, but then he went and did so. I as a fan since the pilot, was really let down. And the John bashing was too much, the guy did the best he could with what he was given. Sam himself said so. Nothing personal against Misha Collins, but I want Castiel and ALL the angels gone from my show. Get back to Season 1-2 banter and roots!

    • Kat I agree with you about John bashing. I hate it and it really doesn’t make sense to me.

      I disagree about Angels and Demons IMO it was a good thing for the show it was getting stale and far to formulaic. It was going no where and fast there really is only so much you can do after you kill the demon that killed your mother and father and come back from the dead.

      With out Angels and demons I’d of stopped watching after season 3. I thought it was brilliant because the very episode the show got stale and old hat repetitive they changed it up and it worked. Had they not brought them in right now your comment would be “I hate how boring and repetitive the show got. It’s the same thing week in and week out and I wish they would of done something to change things up a bit. ”

      Almost everything that you liked about seasons 1-3 is still there they simply added angels to the mix. They still fight other monsters. They still have banter. It’s still funny and dramatic. It’s still smart and well acted. The only thing that changed was that there were now angels.

  19. I will be getting my Jizz stick out in anticipation of season 7 returning to the TV screen.

    it is just good fun tv to watch in my eyes.

    can’t wait.

  20. Season 6 was definitely different than its predecessors. It lacked a lot and was suddenly too slasher-like (in my opinion). And the editing of the music just wasn’t the same. That said, it had some excellent episodes too. I loved the seeing Death, LOVED the episode with Ellen’s return, and thought the finale was extremely creative and smart. I too thought the episode where they played themselves was just awesome. And I love the introduction of Fate. I eagerly await Season 7. I am optimistic and feel they only have up to go. No matter what happens I will stick it through until the end.

    Oh – and I love season one and all those that followed. I actually enjoyed the horror theme from episode to episode and the good old fashioned ghost hunting season one provided!

  21. I’m surprised at the hate for Season 6 and the lack of understanding for the show. Kripke wrote the show originally as a 5 season show, the damn Heaven and Hell saga…. OF COURSE season 6 would have a different vibe since the show continued past his original Arc and he was gone.

    I thought the show did well last season, were there parts that could have been better? YES, but it was a good season that left us wondering and anticipating a lot going into Season 7. It couldn’t have the SAME Heaven/Hell battle as the first 5 seasons, so it is telling a new story and I for one am anticipating a lot of questions to be answered this year

    • i agree with you most of last season was very good yes some of it could have been done better like the dean and lisa story not enough of there relationship was shown to us and i think thats why a lot of fans did nt like it although i did i loved seeing dean in a diffrent way and thought he did it well i am looking forward to season 7 as i do every season have watched all seasons and i dont think sera is doing to bad a job she has only had one season so im sure she will do better with 7.

    • How was it a good season? The character writing was awful and there was no real storyline until the last few episodes, and even then, it was horribly written. I’m not bashing your opinion. I’m honestly curious. Aside from a few good episodes, how is this a good season?

      And even though I don’t like season 6, it’s not because it was different. I was ready for something different. I was ready for a post apocalyptic wasteland with monsters roaming freer than ever, with everyone jumping in for control. Or something like that. I was ready for something fantastic but different, but that’s not what we got. We got a mixed jumble of more of the same with different stuff that was not written well.

      • How was it a good season?

        Because the character writing wasn’t awful. Especially for Dean. It was an incredibly important season for his character and brought a few storylines about him full circle finale giving them some closure like from earlier seasons when he wanted to settle down and have a family leave the life behind. It was a huge season for Dean and his character and showed lots of evolution it was fantastic.

        No real storyline until the last few episodes ? Serious? There was a storyline from the very first episode they introduced the grandpa coming back. The new evolved monsters and a few mysterious that we would unravel slowly. The entire plot for the season started right from the beginning and it slowly unraveled all the way til the end. I don’t think it was the best season, but IMO it was certainly still very good better than most shows and certainly not the worst of Supernatural.

        You are complaining about lack of character and storyline ? Go watch season one. There was no story other than “Lets find dad” and then they don’t even really try much after episode 2 all the way until they finally stumble upon him. There was zero character development almost no character at all. It was everything that you are wrongly claiming about season 6.

        • I’ll let up and say that some of the character writing wasn’t bad. I just meant most of it, in general, when I said that. And how did it bring ANYTHING full circle for Dean? As far as I see it, there are three parts to this issue:

          1) The past: First off, I’ve never believed that Dean loves Lisa. Never. Dean is simply in love with the idea of having a family life, a whole family, regardless of whether or not it’s an apple pie regular life. Sure, Lisa’s a nice person, but there isn’t anything other than that to their relationship. He’s in love with the idea of her, rather than who she really is. If I had to compare it to something, it’s much like the way Harry loves Ginny because she offers a family to him, not because of anything else. If we take this idea and insert it into the context of the rest of the series, it actually shows that his character is regressing, even though it could have been well done, which I’ll get to in a moment. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing, what I said before about their relationship. In fact, I think it could have been used very effectively. But it wasn’t. 2) The present: From the very first episode of the series, we’ve known that Dean is a character who has always been on his own, and comes from a broken family. Time and time again, the idea of Dean wanting a whole family has been developed in several ways, from his girlfriend Cassie, to his heaven, to the alternate reality episode in season 2. The problem with the way the show developed Dean this season is that it got the whole idea of him changing half wrong. Dean’s character is becoming more and more closed up of a person. It’s a miracle that he, and especially Sam and Bobby, haven’t had a mental berak down at this point. All the Lisa and Ben storyline did was damage Dean further. He’s not changing, his story isn’t coming full circle. In fact, he’s so closed up now that hes’ set on killing Cas, rather than trying to save him. Which is the third point I’ll get to in a minute. As much as I love this show, sometimes it’s really frustrating. If Dean started out as a really closed up person with no friends and only his family to rely on, how has he changed in that sense? He’s gained a lot of friends along the way up until this point, but pretty much every single person he’s ever given two shits about has died. Which is a problem already, the show killing off too many characters (which I’ll get to in my third point also), but the Lisa and Ben storyline was a breaking point in Dean’s character, and it got the idea completely wrong. As I said, all this storyline did was close him up even further. One of the ways this storyline could have and perhaps SHOULD have gone, is if Dean had learned that maybe the apple pie life isn’t for him. If he could learn to be happy with his own family on the road, rather than trying to force himself into believing in a certain image of happiness. For Dean, his happiness isn’t necessarily about having that apple pie life. It’s about having a whole family, wherever they are. Whether that be on the road to another job with Sam and his other friends (which I’ll get to in my third point, again), or anywhere, really. But he should love someone because he honestly loves them, not because they offer a family for him. He should learn to be happy where he is with his family. The way that the Lisa storyline was played out made it seem like, a) he really did love her, when he doesn’t, and b) that he shouldn’t love anyone ever again, that he should close himself up completely, and c) that he can only be happy by having that apple pie life, rather than what I said before. That’s why his character’s writing was not good this season. And my final point, 3) The problem with the show suddenly insisting that this show is just about two brothers, is that these characters never grow beyond that. Look, I love Sam and Dean’s relationship, but at this point it’s becoming incredibly redundant. These two have gone through pretty much everything together. In season 7’s synopsis, it says that the two of them will have no one to rely on but each other. And I just sigh. The reason being because this show is regressing, in the same way that Dean’s character has regressed. The two Winchester boys are starting to have a very unhealthy relationship. They’re practically psychologically codependent on each other. And you know what, constantly having characters suffer doesn’t make for good television. After a while it just gets exhausting, because nothing good ever happens for these people. There isn’t a single speck of happiness or hope anywhere. It’s constant angst, angst, all the time. It seems like the only way anyone can be happy for even a moment on this show is if they sell their soul, which costs them a season of staring at an empty glass of whisky. When you constantly have bad things happen to your characters, if they simply regress, it starts to turn into bad character writing. All Sam and Dean have at this point is each other, and Bobby. This is the way it’s always been. And for a while, it’s felt like the only reason their relationship is so strong is because they’re all the other person has. Not because their relationship is naturally that strong, but because they have no one else in their lives. Do you see what I mean? I mean, in the first five seasons this was not the case, but this is what it’s felt like in season 6. And do you want to know why? Because every single person either dies or ends like the Ben and Lisa storyline ended! Yes, for a while, it made for good character development. But at this point it’s just bad. Their relationship has become incredibly redundant. Why can’t we see their relationship evolve? What if people actually lived for once and these two had other friendships that revealed more layers about them than just the two of them like always? We need to see these two have their strong relationship survive friendships and relationships with others, otherwise it just seems like they stick with each other just because otherwise they would have a mental breakdown. Which brings me to the last part of my third point; these characters have regressed so much in that sense, that now they’re starting to lash out at other people. In this example I’m about to get into, it’s mostly Dean, because his entire reason for existence revolves around family, but it’s a bit for Sam and Bobby Dean too. Cas. WHY is Dean lashing out at him like he is? It’s inconsistent/bad character writing. It’s a mixture of both. The show has regressed his character, so now he’s even more closed up, like I said. To the point where he can’t even stand Cas lying to him to protect him. Aside from the working with Crowley stuff, because I don’t want to get into that whole bit right now, let’s focus JUST on that aspect of it. Dean has been selfish and stupid, and he’s been redeemed. Sam has done stupid stuff and he’s been redeemed. Why can’t the same thing happen for Cas? These characters have regressed so much that they’ve completely rejected him. They’re trying to kill him. They won’t even try to save him. And they considered Cas family. And it’s not just Cas that this kind of stuff has happened to, it’s everyone else who’s died. It’s Ash, it’s Jo, Ellen, Balthazar, Gabriel, and dozens and dozens and DOZENS of other characters who have died and these two boys have had to grieve over. Yeah, the show is about this constant war for hunters, I get that. But when everyone but Sam, Dean, and Bobby die, it’s not good writing anymore. It’s just really lazy writing. Instead of letting the two boys have relationships with other people to evolve them in a new and different way, characters get killed off instead, just when they’re hitting a character development peak. Ellen and Jo finally see eye to eye, they die. Gabriel finally stands up to his family, they die. Bella finally reveals that she’s not such a bad person, she dies. Ruby brags about how she tricked Sam, she dies. It’s not good writing. At this point in the show, it’s just absolutely effing exhausting. It’s lazy. But when I bring all of this back to the most recent example, it shows that Cas is the epitome of everything that is wrong with how this season happened. By, a) regressing the characters of Sam and Dean to become codependent on each other rather than let their brotherly relationship survive among other relationships, b) plot holes (don’t even get me started on how many plot holes this Cas/Crowley thing has), c) story lines popping up to fill up time and then ending often times with little or no impact on what happens (see; the angelic weapons storyline, which was wrapped up in episode 16, and Cas could have killed Raphael right there but let him go because the plot required it, or the Campbell storyline which was used to fill up time and then ended abruptly in And Then There Were None as soon as the writers didn’t need it anymore, the Soulless Sam storyline which took up time in the first half of the season, and was one of the only good things about the season, but then as soon as the wall was put up, Sam was shoved into the background and ignored, or the alpha examples, which didn’t affect anything at all, but was put there to take up time as well, including a number of other examples), d) twisting around characters for the sake of a story (see, how the whole Cas is a hoooorible person storyline was terribly mishandled, which I don’t want to get into now because this post is already really long), and, just… do you see what I mean?

          So when we look back at your comment at Dean’s storyline being good and coming full circle, I just… no. How in the world is his stuff good? It’s bad, lazy writing. His character, rather than evolving in a well written way, is just… regressing. Constantly. Just like the show is regressing.

          And as far as your story lines comment goes, what I said above can also be added to what I said, in that there was no real story line. The thing with Cas/Crowley was clearly NOT the planned story line because there are so many plot holes with it. The writers kept throwing all this stuff out there to take up time and it wasn’t until the last few episodes that they pulled the Cas/Crowley thing out of their butts. Did you know that originally Cas was supposed to be killed off at the end of season 6, but the actor spoke to them about and they changed their minds? Even though it looks like he’s just going to be killed off in episode 2 of season 7. But I go further into that in my other comment (which can’t be seen right now because the administrators have to approve it for some reason).

          And finally, as far as your season 1 comment goes… seriously? That was season 1, when the show had just begun. There’s quite a bit of character stuff in the first three seasons. And even though that might be filler, it’s still material that set the whole series up. If we didn’t have most of the episodes in season 1, we wouldn’t know what the relationship between the boys and the father was like. We wouldn’t know about Dean and his ex girlfriend Cassie, we wouldn’t know about a number of back story things that add to our understandings of the characters, which was of course there to set then up for the rest of the series.

          If you really think that the flaws I’m saying season 6 had season 1 had, you are absolutely 100% wrong in every single way, as I just proved with everything I said above. I can’t. I can’t even. Why would you seriously think that? Season 1 was little on story, but what main story there was, is very good. And like I said before, it was the beginning, and set up the whole series. We’re in season 6 now. There’s a huge difference. I can’t believe you just tried to compare the two. *face palm* Maybe my initial comment came out wrong, but no, that’s not what I meant at all, I apologize if that’s how it sounded. But no. It’s not everything I was saying. I stand by everything I said above.

          • You’ve PROVEN absolutely nothing. This is all opinion. It’s Your OPINION that the writing was bad and your OPINION that the character progression was bad. I disagree with every single thing you have said. That’s my right and my opinion. Everything is subjective.

            • Thank you, Daniel F. See my entries about this below. I agree with your statement completely.

            • Oh my lord… people just don’t listen. Congrats on stating what an opinion is… like I didn’t know before.

              I’m not saying I’ve PROVEN anything, but I think I made a strong case against why a few things in the season don’t make sense from an objective perspective. YES, most of our opinion comes down to personal belief and taste, but there are some things that can be viewed objectively because they just don’t make sense. Even if you disagree with what I said above, there are plot holes in the season, a few big ones. No, not that Cas thing, I’m talking about some of the holes in the story like why Cas didn’t kill Raphael, or a number of things that other people have mentioned. Some things just don’t make sense. That’s not my personal opinion, that’s just logic. The thing that that has been annoying me and a few other fans here is that some people just deny some of the plot holes when they’re clearly there, regardless of personal opinion. Even though you disagree, you don’t seem to be saying why. How do you disagree with every single thing I said?

              • You can still think it’s a good season, I’m not saying you can’t. But when you deny that those big plot holes don’t exist, it just makes your opinion seem not well thought out. That’s all.

              • No that is your personal opinion.

                99.9% of so called plot holes are simply things someone didn’t get. Plot holes is such an over used term these days. Some Internet person screams Plot Hole when they simply don’t understand something or they missed something because they simply didn’t pay attention enough. I don’t see anything you’ve said as a actual Plot Hole. Some times your suppose to connect the lines on your own. It’s terrible when a movie or TV shows feels they have to show you every single detail because the viewer refuses to do a little dot connecting. Show Don’t Tell most important rule in film.

                Oh and

                “I’m not saying I’ve PROVEN anything”

                really? Could of fooled me.

                “If you really think that the flaws I’m saying season 6 had season 1 had, you are absolutely 100% wrong in every single way, as I just proved”

                As I said before it’s all opinion. You are posting on here treating everyone who disagrees with you like garbage talking down to them and flat out telling them they are as you said 100% wrong. When it’s all just opinion. You’re stating your OPINION as if it were fact.

                • I don’t understand how you can look at Castiel being able to kill Raphael with the holy weapons but chosing to work with Crowley instead(thus alienating his friends) and hating every moment of it logical good writing and not a major plot hole.

                  Castiel has never been a power hungery person, he just wanted to stop Raphael from starting the apocalypse again. So how is this storyline not riddled with holes?

                  Explain to me why Castiel needed to use the souls instead of the holy weapons that could have destroyed Raphael. Explain to me how Castiel, who’s been a loyal and trusted friend who was only trying to save the world from his own brother, turns into this soul sucking God on an ego trip?

                  Because apparently I need this all drawn out for me because I can’t ‘connect the dots.’

                  • Thank you. Also, tonight’s premiere made these flaws even worse.

                • Okay. You keep misinterpreting and ignoring everything I say. The “100%” comment is clearly directed at your season 1 vs. season 6 comparison. NOT the rest of everything else I was saying. You stated there is no story and no character development. Which, is, wrong. Most of the filler episodes have character development, and the main story episodes especially so. That’s not an opinion. You might not like the character development in those episodes or find those episodes compelling, but the attempt at development is there. And in season 1, even though the main story wanders a bit, the main story still uses 7 out of the 22 episodes of the season. THAT’S what my “100%” was directed not. I was not directing that at your opinion. I respect your opinion, I’m glad that some people enjoyed the season, and this is the third time I’m saying that. However, as I’ve said multiple times before, there are a few big holes in this season, and the majority of the people who like the season seem to be glossing over.

                  Any of my comments that appear to be talking down to people, which are only a few, I apologize for of course. I do not mean to come off so harsh. I am just passionate about writing for film and TV. Most of my comments are not like that, especially on the first page. On the second page, I asked for your opinion, I commented because 1) as I said, “I don’t mean to bash your opinion, I’m honestly curious”, after which you said why you think it’s a good season. I wasn’t “talking down” to you. I was making an argument why I think season 6 is bad, mainly focusing on Dean’s character development, which you said was especially good. That’s not me talking down to you. I’ll come back to this in a minute. And 2) because you said that people in general whom don’t like season 6 don’t like it because it’s “different”. Which is not true, as I explained. Many of the people who dislike it, dislike it because they find it bad naturally, not because they’re trying to nitpick it. When I commented on Elizabeth’s comment down below, I did so because she was generalizing that people whom don’t like season 6 do so just because the boys are now fighting against Cas/we like Cas tooooo much/we’re nitpicking and etc. Which is not true, as I explained to her, and I also debunked her suspicions about Misha coming back, which is unlikely to happen, although I hope it does. When I said, “how could you possibly arrive at that conclusion?” I was saying that because she said Supernatural has the best story telling on TV. Which is FINE, have your opinions all you want, but like some other people, I felt like she was missing some of the big plot holes of the season. Not because she likes the season. I’m GLAD that some people enjoyed it, rather than being annoyed like me. As I have said before, again. But there are things that people are glossing over.

                  99.9% of plot holes don’t exist? I mostly disagree with you there. Sometimes people are quick to point out flaws that don’t exist, but that’s not always the case. I don’t need to see everything explained, but there are major contradictions in some of the events of season 6. This is my definition of a plot hole: something that contradicts currently existing mythology, or something so wildly out of character that is done for the sake of the plot. When you say that everything I said is completely wrong, I don’t understand how you can disagree. Some of my opinion is subjective, some of it is objective. I have personal dislike for things that happened, but there are also a few things that I don’t like regardless of my view of it. Like big, illogical plot holes, that contradicted earlier mythology. I mentioned quite a few of the plot holes, as have other people. So exactly which .1% is true? The big plot holes we’ve listed are true. They’re not something that is of personal taste, they’re out of simple logic and basic rules of storytelling. If you go back and read some of the other comments here you’ll see what I mean. For example; why didn’t Cas kill Raphael when he had the heavenly weapons? There was no reason for Cas to let Raphael go. He could have killed him and ended the whole civil war, but he didn’t. It was done for the sake of the story to continue, and the weapons were never brought up again. How was Cas able to get into Lucifer’s cage and resurrect Sam’s body when… when it’s the freakin’ cage?! Demons had to break 66 seals in order to open it. What, so can any angel just waltz in and bring Lucifer back? It doesn’t make any sense. Why didn’t a demon just convert an angel, like Uriel, who rebelled against heaven, to just waltz in and let Lucifer out? It was stated that only someone like Death could do that. Why could Cas? Those are just two of several big mistakes that the season made. There are interviews with the writers, where they admitted that they didn’t know where they were going with the season until the last several episodes. Thus, many events that became connected in the end were not planned out. That’s where most of the plot holes came from. Not because they weren’t explained but we could assume what happened, but because they just don’t make any sense at all. They contradicted earlier events. That’s not opinion, that’s logic. If you suspended your disbelief and enjoyed the season, that’s fine. But don’t say that this season was perfect and that there are no plot holes. Don’t gloss over the fact that this show didn’t plan this or, or that it had some big flaws. Well, not “don’t”, you can if you want. But it just makes your opinion look baseless and not well thought out. That’s ALL I’m saying. And the reason I keep saying this stuff over and over, is because most people are ignoring the big flaws like they aren’t there. They’re eating it up, and from my point of view, a big fan of the show, that’s very frustrating to me. Not just because these opinions come off as baseless, but because it’s like the writers are getting away with poor storytelling when it comes to those events. And if they’re getting away with those big plot holes, it implies that they will continue to do so, and that few people will question it. That the show will just get worse because we’re not holding them to a higher standard; just to simply plan out their stories. That’s all.

                  • Bluehero

                    I’m nearly 100% certain that I didn’t say there was NO story I believe at least 3 times I said “very little” which you have even acknowledged so I’m not even sure what your argument is other than not understanding what I actually said. Season 1 was “Oh no lets find dad.” then they decided just to fight random monsters with the only real tie ins to an over all story being them finding random coordinates. It wasn’t until the end of the season (the only time it was actually good ) that there was any real story other than monster of the week. I truly enjoyed the last 4 episodes of season 1 the rest of it not so much.

                    I’m sorry but once again you are still offering up your opinions as facts. Just because you see something and call it a plot hole doesn’t mean that every one else sees it as such. Something not making sense to you doesn’t mean it is a plot hole it means it doesn’t make sense to you. For example why doesn’t Cas kill Raph with the weapons? Thought that was pretty clear he didn’t want to have to kill him. Raph wasn’t going to back down from the weapons and was going to continue to try and steal them. With the Souls Cas believed he could prove to be more powerful than Raph and he would back off and give up. Cas never intended to kill him, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.

                    It’s very easy to be misguided and fooling your self in to thinking your being objective but in the end you’re doing nothing more than offering up your opinion.

                    Just to be clear I never once said that season 6 was perfect or flawless. It’s not the best season.

                    My point has always been simply that it wasn’t horrible or even the worst season.

                    If I had to rank them it would be

                    4, 6

                    • I understand what you said, thank you. But there was a story before the last few episodes of the season. A story began to form in the middle, with the two episodes featuring Meg and the one episode with the first psychic kid Sam finds. So, there was a story, it was just mostly not there just for the first several ish episodes. “Home” and “Shadow”, both main story episodes in the middle of the season, are some of the best episodes of season 1. They’re actually my favorites along with the season finale. I think the thing I love more about season 1 than season 2 is that the world was so dark and mysterious. More so than now, because now we know a lot more and because the darkness is just angst, but, back then, the show was just beginning, and we as viewers were just beginning to see the roots of a vast conspiracy begin to grow. It was so exciting. There was so much intrigue and dramatic tension. And when you look at season 6… where did that go? I understand that shows evolve, but Supernatural has mostly not evolved well. There’s no more dramatic tension anymore. Now, the mythology has to contradict itself and convolute itself in order to make stories. Well, not “has to”, because season 6 could have been really good. But it wasn’t. For everything me and the others have said.

                      *sigh* Your explanation makes no sense. Something is a plot whole if 1) the show does not explain it, and 2) if the viewers cannot explain it without failing both logic and if they contradict earlier mythology and the general understandig of characters. My opinions are not facts. The plot holes that me and the other people have listed, are not opinions. They. Are. Plot holes

                      What do you MEAN he didn’t want to kill him? Yes he did! That’s the entire point of getting the souls! And no, Cas wasn’t going to keep the souls forever. Cas is smart enough not to do that. The only way to forever stop the apocalypse from being restarted was to kill Raphael. Even if Raphael did back off, he wouldn’t do so forever. They’re angels, they’re immortal. Eventually Raphael would try again, and Cas didn’t want to risk anything. That argument is a fallacy. There is no reason for us or for Cas to believe that Raphael would back off forever and everything would end happily ever after, and that the only season that didn’t happen is because Cas made mistakes (when in reality it’s because the trio are hypocritical assholes). So, no, that doesn’t make any sense. That’s not opinion, it’s logic. There is no logical reason to believe Raphael would stop pursuing his goal forever. It’s FOREVER. And Cas wouldn’t keep the souls forever either. He’s not stupid. If the trio had agreed to work with him, they could have returned the souls right away. And we never heard Cas say he was going to keep them forever. Yes, he never said he would return them right away, but Cas has never been like this. He’s never been a psychopathic, mass murdering ego manic. And yeah, absolute power corrupts completely, but there was no build up to anything that happened. Cas could have killed him right there and the war would have been mostly over. There is absolutely no reasonable explanation as to why Cas would wait other than that the plot required him to. And let me support that even further with evidence at how the storyline was treated the entire season; the weapons did NOTHING in the end. Nothing. If you go back and read the other comments, you’ll see what we’re saying. The writers did not have a plan when writing this season. They used whatever storyline they had at the time to take up time, and then as soon as they had a convenient way of getting rid of them, they dropped off completely. They stated in an interview that they didn’t plan the season out. The Campbells hardly did anything, then they were all killed in one episode. The weapons did nothing, then the storyline was wrapped up in a two minute conversation and never affected the war efforts. And just in the premiere, all the monster souls were conveniently returned to Purgatory in one episode, but somehow the Leviathans managed to hold on. And like I said in that article, this 1) is as lazy way to get rid of the season 6 storyline forever, and 2) use Cas as a plot device to unleash the “threats” of this season. I’m getting off point. My point about what you said, is that any connection viewers try to make when explaining that plot hole either 1) seriously contradicts the show’s general understanding of the characters and/or mythology, and 2) is completely illogical. That’s how I look at these plot holes. Not out of personal dislike, but out of contradictions and huge gaps of logic. You keep saying you disagree with me and the others completely, and that I and the other comments are completely wrong, but you never say why. Your comment above is the only comment so far where I’ve actually seen you explain your beliefs and use examples. We keep offering up reasons for our beliefs but all you people do is deny them completely and accuse us of hating on the show or not understanding what you’re saying, which is completely not true. Obviously, we are just too stupid to understand anything that went on this season, and we can’t possibly use logic to connect the dots, right? No. If we are listing EVERYTHING for you to read, and you still disagree (and it’s not really a matter of disagreeing, because the holes are there regardless of whether or not you gloss over them) then maybe you’re the one who doesn’t get it. I don’t mean any offense, I’m not saying this out of spite. I honestly do really care about this show. I just wish we, as viewers, would not let it get away with stuff like this.

  22. At the beginning of season 6 I was starting to doubt if the show was losing it’s direction. And then as the storyline began to tie together I realized I should have never doubted the brilliance and vision of Eric Kripke. We fans are in good hands here and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  23. I don’t mean to bash on anyone’s opinion, but, this is something that continues to frustrate me. What storyline? There were so many plot holes and aborted story lines all over the season. It was only in the last few episodes that a story with consequences began to form, and even then, the character writing for everyone was awful. What’s most frustrating though is how the writers have pulled this Godstiel twist, which was horribly written and not planned out at ALL, and people continue to buy into it. This season… this season, Dean was not Dean. Sam was not Sam. Cas was not Cas. Why does everyone seem to be okay with the Winchesters turning on Cas for working with a demon to save the world when they’ve done the same thing? Why did Sam stab Cas in the back when he should understand better than everyone why Cas is doing what he’s doing? Because the plot requires it. Because the writers needed to make Cas the unloved, lone soldier to turn him into a villain. They’ve tried to get us to side with the Winchesters and be against Cas, but honestly, aside from the tyrannical god thing, I’m with Cas. The other three have been total jerks. There are so many things wrong with how it happened it would be too long for one comment. And people keep giving their opinions on season 6, and saying how it wasn’t good at first but then got better in the end, and I just keep thinking, HOW DID IT GET BETTER IN THE END?! Why aren’t more people UPSET ABOUT THIS? The only good episode to come out of that storyline was The Man Who Would Be King, and that’s because it showed the storyline from Cas’s perspective. The Winchesters are completely wrong on this. 1) The real Winchesters, the consistently written ones, would have never turned on Cas like this. NEVER. Dean was able to forgive Sam when he let Lucifer free, why is he trying to destroy Cas instead of save him? 2) What happened to family, one of the biggest themes in the show? Why doesn’t Castiel deserve to be saved? What I’m saying is just scratching the surface in what was wrong with how this season ended. And again, what BOTHERS ME more than ANYTHING is that people keep eating this crap up. I hear complaints about how the season began, but what about HOW IT ENDED?!

    The writers were originally going to kill off Cas in the season 6 finale, but then the actor who plays him approached them and said that the character means a lot to many people. So it looks like the only reason the writers left him alive is to 1) become a plot device and let loose the big bad of the season, and 2) try to keep the fans who are pissed about this whole thing watching for the first two episodes, to try to tide them over into watching the rest of the season, whereas if he was killed off some fans wouldn’t even bother watching and the ratings might drop. And I don’t blame them. This show had so much potential and it’s pissed it all away.

    What BRILLIANCE are you people talking about?! What VISION?! Kripke was only there sometimes, and I’m flabbergasted at how he was okay with the Godstiel twist since he wrote the last episode. This crap was not planned out at ALL! If anything, the show got WORSE near the end of this season, aside from that one episode I mentioned before. Yeah, the beginning wasn’t so good, and a lot of it was filler, but at least it didn’t pull crap like this. At least it didn’t manipulate it’s characters for the sake of pulling a ~shocking finale out of it’s ass. And based on what I’ve heard about this season, it sounds like it’s not going to be any different. The Winchesters working with Crowley to survive? Didn’t they JUST cast Cas out of their family for him working with Crowley?!

    I care about this show a lot, but I cringe at the thought of what it’s become, and what season 7 is going to do to further disgrace the greatness of the first five seasons.

    And regarding the comments over the earlier seasons versus the later seasons, I love pretty much every season. The only season I don’t really love is the third and second, and even then, they’re still great. As far as specifics go, well, the main story of season 1 is mostly better than season 2, but season 2 has better filler/character episodes. That being because season 1 has this really tight knit story that’s simple but really effective, while season 2 sort of wandered around, and the events in the last two episodes weren’t so much a climax as they were a coincidental timing with everything else that happened. Not that I don’t like it, I do. And like I said, season 2 has better filler material, with the police episodes and etc. Um… my favorite season… is hard to pick. But seasons 4 and 5 are probably the best ones, even though I do love 1 and 2. I don’t really compare those 4 seasons together because they’re so different. Which is one of the reasons I love this show, is seeing how much it’s evolved, but has still managed to be a really well written show with evolving themes and a planned out story. And etc. I could go on. Season 3 is different from the others in the sense that it’s moved beyond the first two seasons, but didn’t enter 4 and 5 tone territory just yet. It’s a little bit awkward. It feels like a transition. It’s not quite as well written as the first two, but that’s partially because of the writer’s strike, and how it was gutted 6 episodes. It’s still good though. But yeah.

  24. People that say season 6 was good make me laugh. You’re either
    a) one of those fans that believe that just because you’re a fan you should love everything about the show
    b) you honestly don’t know the characters at all to understand why this season was so horribly written
    c) we’re not talking about the same show here.

    I get it. Each person has their opinion. But it annoys me when some people can’t see the HUGE flaws and holes S6 had. They are so obvious.
    First we start watching and think, “ohh it’s about Sam’s wall”, then half way the season, “oh wait it’s about Eve” and then at the end “ok, so it’s about Castiel?” IT WAS ALL OVER THE PLACE. Ok, I could have deal with Sam’s soul storyline and then after he got his soul back, we would have the mother of all storyline. So why couldn’t they end this season with that storyline? Why did they made such a fuss out of Eve and then they kill her in 10 seconds and everything is over after that? Why did they feel the need to add another random storyline like Cas being God?

    Another thing that pissed me off was how badly the characters were written this season. Dean being a complete dick to Castiel. What the hell was that about? seriously. I don’t think I need to go into how Cas did EVERYTHING for the winchesters, how he died, he killed for them, how he did everything they asked. And he’s treated like dirt. A show where family and friendship is all that matters in the end, a show that’s all about forgiveness and redemption (Sam and the demon blood, anyone?)… for me this show just turned into a huge hypocrite storyline. It pisses me off that the writers are trying to do everything in their power to make us hate Cas so they can kill him off the show, so they will have an excuse to do it so. “ooh cas become this evil god so we have to stop him” screw you! the Cas I know would never break Sam’s wall, the Dean I know would never turn his back on him like he did, the Sam I know would never try to kill Castiel just like that. I just don’t understand why on earth they want to get rid of him… if Sera is tired of the angel storyline (she said herself she doesn’t want “redundant storylines” lol still makes me laugh) she could’ve just turned Cas human. Many, many fans would die to see that happen. It would give such an interesting storyline with Cas learning how to be human alongside Sam, Dean and Bobby. And it would give a funny storyline for that matter, something that I think Supernatural needs. I’m so tired of all the drama going around on the show. Everyone dies. It starts to get depressing. Give us something new for God’s sake. Some characters besides Sam and Dean, because this whole “the sam and dean show” starts to get repetitive. Don’t you think 3 seasons of just sam and dean hunting monsters isn’t enough? (now you understand why I laughed when Sera said she didn’t want redundant storylines.)

    Everything points out that Cas is going to die on the second episode of S7. Every single interview with the actors and writers, every single promo and the fact that they are now filming episode 6 or 7 and there’s still no sign of Misha on set. If that happens, if they truly kill Cas, I’m going to be SO disappointed and not just because they killed off an amazing character that they could’ve explored in so many different ways, but also because they told us what was going to happen weeks before the season premiered. So I still have a little hope that Castiel fate will be different, that they will surprise us and do the exact opposite of what everyone is expecting to happen. I still have hope for this show, I still have hope they will redeem themselves from a crappy season 6. We’ll see.

    And just so we’re clear, I love Supernatural to death. It’s my favorite show, that’s why I’m so upset with this season, because I feel like from now on the show will just start to lose its quality, episode after episode.

    • Perfect comment is perfect. I agree with this wholeheartedly. This season is a mess and the fact that people can’t see that or don’t understand why this season upset so many people just confuses me.

      I agree with all of this.

    • I think you nailed this right on the head.

    • anon

      Or D) They have a different opinion than you and there is nothing wrong with that. maybe they are not just afraid to admit the show had a bad season maybe they do know about writing and characters and maybe they are talking about the same show they simply don’t agree with you and have their own opinion.

      • I think the point of me and the other commentaries saying stuff like this, is that yes, while of course it all comes down to your personal opinion, there are a few BIG plotholes that the season has, whether or not you choose to acknowledge them. They exist in an objective perspective. And the thing that frustrates me and I guess these other people, is that the majority of the people who like the season choose to not see them even though they’re clearly there. I mean, obviously part of your opinion is based on personal taste, and whether or not you find something believable, but, some things can be seen objectively. And most of the plot points we’ve mentioned are like that.

    • All of this.

    • wow that was heated in places but i have to agree with a lot of whats been said i have put comments on other web sites saying the same although i didnt hate season 6 i didnt love it either it was all rushed it was like sera gamble was trying to cram everything into one season that she wanted just incase it was her only season i was one of the few that liked lisa and ben and if it had been done properly it could have been great but there isnt any point in making them main characters in dean s life just for one season and then getting rid of them like baggage or something like said it makes dean sad dean again which i am fed up with and it makes him look bad for wiping there memories which i agree he did nt have the right to do so there is a lot i dont think gamble has got right if she was to take over from kripke the least she could have done is make the show grow for us and stop getting rid of everyone if she wants it to keep going after seven she should have kept good characters in like cass crowley lisa ben and so on because it give s the brothers other people to be involved with which makes for a better show i would think anyway we will have to see what she does with seven now still wish kripke was doing it though.

  25. I love supernatural and season 6 was ok but just ok. I most def liked the earlier seasons better. I thought the Sam without a soul was weird. I think the show should go back to it’s roots. They don’t even hunt anymore they just run around dealing with angels and demons. Even when they do some kind of hunt it has to do with Angels and Demons. Nothing on the Angels and Demons plot but in order to keep the show going they will have broaden the horizon from that. I wondered about Cass being called God?? I also wondered if they would ever find the real god? I mean if there is a bad there must be a good that is inevitable and something that has bothered me since the begining of the show.
    The Dean and Lisa plot was good and I like that the Demon told Dean the truth about Lisa’s son being Deans. I hope season 7 turns out better the season 6. My Fav were the first 3 seasons of the show after that it got kind of weird. I still like but like I said it needs to go back to it’s roots.

  26. Bye, bye, to all of you who are threatening not to watch SPN Season 7 for one reason or another — altho’ most threats appear to be related to the presence/absence of Castiel (Misha Collins). If you leave, you don’t have any idea what you will be missing! I think we are being “red herringed” by Gamble et al. as far as “Castiel” is concerned, based on the coy comments Gamble in particular is making right now. I believe Misha Collins/Castiel will pay a VERY large role in Season 7; just not as a regular.

    Have some faith and patience — the SPNers are well aware of all of your discontent. The show is more responsive to its fans than any other series on television!

  27. Sorry — minor correction needed. “I believe Misha Collins/Castiel will PLAY a VERY large role in Season 7; just not as a regular.”

    P.S. Overall, I though Season 6 was brilliant, and I’ve been watching the show since the pilot aired in September of 2005! (I own all of the DVDs and return to them often out of sheer pleasure in watching the craft exhibited in their production.) I am not “just a random fan” who will accept scraps from the SPN table…all of those connected with the series work tirelessly to make a quality product, and they succeed brilliantly! The series is flat-out amazing and full of surprises. Relax, enjoy the ride, go with the flow — it’s the best story-telling on tv!

    • Okay. I’m going to reply to both of your comments here. I apologize in advance if I come off as harsh, but, I don’t mean to. I just need to be blunt.

      1) Most of the people who are not going to watch season 7 are doing so because we’re sick of the bad writing from season 6. It’s not just because of Cas dying. Cas dying just represents everything that’s wrong with season 6, and if you read the comments talking about that above, you would know. So don’t group people together and say “oh the show is brilliant these guys are just upset over a character leaving”, because, NO NO NO, it is so much more than that. And as far as your opinion on season 6 goes, I just, I don’t even know how you could possibly arrive at that conclusion. What in the world makes season 6 brilliant? Best story telling on TV for season 6? If you read through the comments above, you’ll see many arguments saying otherwise.

      2) No, there is NO indication that Cas will at all survive beyond episode 2. If you did your research, you would know that every single promo, interview, and sneak peek, points to him dying. Because “we don’t want to do redundant story lines,”, (even though the whole ‘these two brothers have no one to rely on but each other’ crap is the most redundant storyline in the whole series). The show is filming episode 7/8 now, and since episode 2, Misha has not been on set at all. Unless the writers pull something out of their butts near the end of the season and bring him back for some reason (which is very unlikely to happen, and would once again show that they really have no plan for the story at all) then no, he’s not going to play a big role. He’s going to 1) become a plot device and let loose the villains of the season, and then 2) die right after he’s served the purpose of this twisted, out of character, bull s***, not planned out at all, pile of crap mess that they call a story. Which again, we explain why it’s like that above. And no, we’re not being nit picky, and we’re not trying to hate on the season. We love this show to death, and we hate what it’s becoming. I want to believe that this show will turn around, but everything we’ve heard points to that not happening.

      • TaKe a deep breath, BlueHeroBH! Your passion must be sending your blood pressure into the stratosphere! Jeesh!

        Apologizing for being blunt and profane before making your comments doesn’t cut it. How about not being profane? You have your opinions; I have mine. I’ll respect yours, if you’ll respect mine. The only way to know the outcome of any of this is to watch the show; that is, if you are still going to watch it. You probably should not torture yourself watching Season 7, actually; it would not be healthy for you.

        The “conclusions” that I arrive at are mine, and they are as valid as yours, even if they don’t agree with yours. Really. Do you mean to say that I cannot have my own opinions about any of this after all these years? Come on. I have read numerous takes on why fans think S6 sucks — I totally disagree, and I always will. And, for someone who claims that a character being removed/changed/altered or otherwise treated differently by the SPN writers is NOT what is driving at least some of your comments, you seem to spend most of your ugly and intolerant rant on the Castiel character! If you can just agree to disagree without flaming me, then I’ll call this inexcusable and vinegary exchange a draw!

        [Note to those commentators above who liked Season 6 — Good for you! I did too!]

        • So we’re making personal insults now? :/ Sigh.

          I respect your opinion, and I said that. I never insulted you. When I said, “how could you arrive at that conclusion?” I was asking you WHY you think so. When did I say your opinions are not valid? I’m glad that some people enjoy season six, I said that before in another comment but you came off as looking down on the people who don’t. I replied the way I did because you said that a lot of people are threatening not to watch because Cas is going to die. Which is not true. Since when was my argument Cas centric? The only comment that was like that was just one, and that’s because I was talking about the end of the season specifically, in which Cas was a big part of. I also talked about the other characters too. Now it sounds like, again, you’re grouping me into that category of people.

          Ugly and intolerant rant? Since when is my rant intolerant? I respect other peoples’ opinion, I’m not flaming you, the only reason I reply to some people is when they come off as looking down on people who don’t like the season. It’s irritating, and even when I reply, they continue to do it. Like you did, whether you intended to or not. I was just trying to state why that’s not true. And ugly? Because I express my opinion and occasionally use profanity? I’m not making personal insults to anyone like you did to me. Every time I reply I organize my discussion into points which you could reply to, but instead, you insult me multiple times, saying things like watching this season would be unhealthy for me, or what you said about my blood pressure.

          • Re-read your comments — all of them above — and tell us that you aren’t screaming at us (all the capitalized NOs, etc.): “None are so blind as they who will not see,” so the saying goes. You are blinded by your passion, which borders on obsession. You are not interested in any opinions that diverge from yours — all of your rebuttals, profanity, and caustic rejoinders to others’ comments reflect single-minded intolerance. Re-read your posts, please.

            Look, you’ve ruined this comment section for me and probably for others. I’m not interested in this fruitless, head-butting exchange, and your profanity undermines your points. You personally insult everyone with whom you disagree (re-read your “I don’t even know how you could possibly arrive at that conclusion!” for example, which translates as, “You are too stupid to understand…”). You are not asking, politely, how I arrived at my conclusions (based on Gamble, Beaver, Collins, and Ackles interviews, by the way); instead your wording is one of “hands-thrown-in-the-air-in-disgust” at my moronic conclusions (“I don’t even know how…etc.”)

            I arrive at my conclusions about lots of things quite thoughtfully, thank you very much. ScreenRant is a good title for this site, “rant” being the operative word! Please, have a good evening.

            • I never called your opinions moronic, and I’m not obsessed, thank you. Over the last few days I’ve been under a lot of emotional stress, and thus my comments came off more harsh than I intended them to. And for that, I do apologize a great deal. I did not mean for what I said to imply any of that.

                • No… of course I won’t.

                  And please, you seem to have learned nothing by what I said earlier. Just please, don’t group people in general whom don’t like the premiere into people who are just looking for things to pick at. Because that’s not the case. Just like I wasn’t looking to pick into the flaws of season 6, they’re just there to me. I didn’t talk about all the things I like about season 6, which while is a shorter list than the things I don’t like, I still believe in. I was just talking about the flaws for reasons I’ve stated in other comments.

      • I guess the joke is on you cause cass neither died or is dead!! Seems like if you are so unhappy with the show maybe you should not watch it and let the rest of that do enjoy every season of Supernatural watch it in peice without having to listen to you.

        • lol. I love it when people male comments like this.

          I watch the show because I hope it will get better. And I make comments because I like to talk about it. I enjoy discussion regarding TV. If my comments that you don’t even have to read (lol “having” to listen to) are bothering you so much, and maybe if your opinion on the show is so insecure you can’t welcome different opinions, then don’t join in the discussion. It’s as simple as that. There’s really no point to your post.

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