‘Supernatural’ Shake-up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

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Jim Beaver Supernatural The CW Supernatural Shake up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

Even though he’s been with the brothers Winchester since the first season of Supernatural, Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) has been credited only as a guest star on the show. Now that Misha Collins (Castiel) is stepping away from his duties as a series regular, fans are left wondering if Beaver is looking to join Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as a series regular.

Last month, it was reported that following the end of season 6, fan-favorite actor Misha Collins would be leaving Supernatural altogether. While the devastating rumor of no more Castiel was quickly put to rest, word soon came that the actor’s appearances would in fact be drastically cut in the upcoming season.

While there is no official word on why Collins’ role on the show was downgraded (speculation has suggested everything from a monetary dispute to a scheduling conflict), showrunner Sera Gamble says that whatever the conjecture de jour is, the actual reasoning is a purely creative one – done in the best interests of the series.

Speaking with TV Line, Gamble stated that while she and others working on Supernatural are aware of the online outcry over Castiel’s limited appearances, concerns for the upcoming season are more pressing.

We have passionate fans. We have fans that have strong opinions about a lot of things that happen on the show. People ask me if I’m worried about a fan backlash. We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant and bring you interesting stories that are fresh. Going into Season 7, we have a new, interesting story that we want to tell to you. That’s what’s front of mind right now.”

Following the Collins shake-up, speculation soon ran rampant that Jim Beaver, the actor who portrays the longstanding father figure and ally to the Winchesters, would be a shoe-in for the rank of series regular. However, according to the actor, he’s happy exactly where he is – and there are no plans to alter his current relationship with the show.

Beaver states:

“…it seems that the existing situation is the best one we can agree on. I’m not unhappy, and the show is spectacularly respectful of me and my needs, and I think they’d give me anything I ever needed if they had it to give.”

Gamble also weighed in on Beaver’s position by saying:

“We have a fantastic relationship with Jim. We bring him in, as the story demands it. He’s basically a fixture on the show as necessary.”

Castiel Supernatural The CW Supernatural Shake up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

One thing Beaver’s status on Supernatural has given him is the ability to seek out other acting ventures as he sees fit. Recently, the actor has recently made appearances in such programs as Justified, Breaking Bad and the unfortunately cancelled Lie to Me. So while fans may lament his ‘friend’ status, Beaver seems completely content to add to his acting resume.

At six seasons and counting, Supernatural has performed as one of The CW’s flagship series – and in the wake of Smallville’s departure, the program will certainly be expected to maintain the viewership that stuck with Tom Welling and Co. for these last ten years. Responding to such responsibilities, the Supernatural crew is already hard at work on season 7 – which, according to Gamble, will have a distinct “outlaw” sensibility that may play into Castiel’s recent heavenly promotion.


Supernatural returns this fall, Fridays @9pm on The CW.

Source: Zap2It, TV Line

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  1. Fairly certain i broke this story yesterday lol. :)

    Bobby isnt going to become a series regular at all, the actor has clearly stated he doesnt want that, but he’s in every episode he needs to be in.

    Not happy about downgrading Cas, the season 6 finale set him up as bad guy, but he has essentially become God and how were the boys ever going to face off against a real god?
    As long as Crowley is back, I’ll be happy, best actor on the show. Season 7 will most likely be the last. Season 6 was very poor IMO and barely kept me watching. It was a mess from a writing standpoint, too many ideas that didnt really go anywhere.

    • “The actor has clearly stated that he doesn’t want” to be a series regular? No, he hasn’t. I am that actor. I’d be happy to be a regular if it were practical and agreeable and doable for everyone concerned. At present it isn’t, so I’m content to be what I am–a guest star who does the show as often as he wants and as often as the show wants him. If circumstances change, for me or for the show, then I’d be happy to be a regular.

        • The headline is misleading. I never rejected series regular status. I once turned down an offer because it was insufficient to cover my expenses relocating my family to Vancouver. If the show wants me to be a regular and I can afford to be one, I will. Until then, I’m quite happy being a guest star. As that article (and the original it copies) stated, we talk about regular status every year and every year we decide what’s possible and what will work out best for the show and for me. As yet, what you’ve seen has been the most workable for both of us. If that changes, so will my status. I’m not sure why anyone cares. I’ve done more episodes than Misha. Who cares whether I’m a guest star or a regular?

          • Well Jim(is it really you–LOL!)–how about a hint about Misha?

            As you say not being a regular doesn’t mean he won’t be on a lot–as is the case with you.

            So is Misha going to be on a fair amount to best of your knowledge? Or are they going to kill him off?

          • If you are the real Jim Beaver you are one of the BEST characters on the show!

          • i dont care if you are cast as a regular or a guest i just love your character and love when you use “IDGIOT”

      • You’re not the real Jim Beaver, i am the real Jim Beaver, i did say that and the other thing and something else all together, if you’re the real Jim Beaver i am a doggys uncle.

        • Ummm, you really are going to want to click on his screen name before you make an ass of yourself. Just sayin’…

        • i hope you are the real jim beaver, love your character,

  2. “concerns for the upcoming season are more pressing”

    I’m concerned about the upcoming season, too, Sera. I’m concerned about the fact that in Season 6 the writers turned Dean into an uncaring douche who forgot that Castiel was trying to stop the apocalypse from being started by Raphael. Seems as long as it was happening in heaven, he didn’t give a rats what his friend and ‘brother’ was battling, so long as he was at his beck and call. So I’m hoping in Season 7 you redeem Dean.

    I’m concerned about Season 7 for Sam, too. The wall was broken, but Castiel promised to fix him so I’m hoping we’ll see that played out. I suspect we won’t. I suspect we also won’t get any explanation as to why Sam stabbed a certainly-slightly-scary-soul-endowed but otherwise unthreatening Castiel in the back without trying to save him. Like Castiel has saved he and Dean so many times. Can you tack that on the season 7 list, please? :-)

    I’m very concerned about season 7 from Castiel’s POV. Because everything you’ve said to date – and much of what you haven’t said – gives clear indication that you have no interest in giving due consideration to one of the most unique and intriguing characters on television today, and a character who has become as much a part of Dean and Sam’s universe as Bobby. You’re clearly ready to ‘move on’ and forget everything that character means in this story, to Dean, to Sam… and to us.

    Most of all I’m concerned about season 7 because as each day passes, as each day lip service is paid to the passion of the fans and there is obvious intent to try to return to an old formula – a strategy that never works – my joy for the show’s renewal diminishes significantly. In fact, right now, I wish it had ended at Season 5, where Dean, Sam, Bobby and Castiel were safe.

    “We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant”

    Newflash: Castiel’s story, Dean and Sam’s story as it is impacted by Castiel – because as Dean said, he’s family – is far from redundant.

    • I want to second everything you’ve said and all your reservations about this course of action.

      I find Sera Gamble’s use of the term “redundant” to be baffling. What is redundant about exploring what could be an interesting storyline and redeeming a much-loved character with a lot of fans who boost the show’s ratings? OTOH, what *isn’t* redundant about the return to the S1-3 set-up that she seems to be telegraphing? Sam and Dean’s universe has expanded since then, and I fear a lot of fans will simply stop watching because the overwhelming feeling will be, “been there, done that.” That’s certainly how I feel about it and I can’t see me continuing as a regular, loyal viewer if that’s what happens when I can get a better-written sf fix elsewhere in Fringe.

      I also feel a tad offended by her dismissing a character who has become important to me (and his redemption, which is equally important to me) as redundant. Am I to assume that my contribution to this show’s ratings, as a fan of that character and as someone who wants to see him saved and reinstated to TFW, is equally redundant as far as Ms Gamble is concerned? Because if she doesn’t care about us as fans of this show then why should we care about the show?

      • I see Castiel’s howler monkeys have arrived.

        • why so hateful? :(

          There are plenty of people who dislike Cas who aren’t expressing their opinions in such a hateful manner. You make them all look bad.

    • “I’m concerned about the fact that in Season 6 the writers turned Dean into an uncaring douche who forgot that Castiel was trying to stop the apocalypse from being started by Raphael. Seems as long as it was happening in heaven, he didn’t give a rats what his friend and ‘brother’ was battling, so long as he was at his beck and call. So I’m hoping in Season 7 you redeem Dean.”

      That isn’t true. Dean asked Castiel about his war and offered his assistance and Castiel turned him down, point blank(this was in Caged Heat and it was before Sam’s soul was returned to him through Dean’s own effort). Dean not only offered help but he explicitly told Castiel he was his friend and that is why he wanted to help. It was a short scene, just a couple of lines, but Dean didn’t ignore it.

      Not only did Dean offer but but Castiel refused to tell them about what was going on in the heavenly civil war repeatedly both before and after that.

      Castiel was the one who ignored them for a year(by the way the last time he saw Dean, he left Dean, who’d just seen his brother condemned to an eternity in hell, while Dean was talking to him in the Impala(Castiel can disappear from the scene whenever he wants to and he often does.) – so it’s fine for Castiel to constantly leave Dean mid-sentence or just ignore him when he doesn’t want to deal with whatever is going on but Dean is supposed to somehow figure out stuff Castiel won’t tell him about, and force Castiel to let him help on something that Castiel absolutely point blank refused to let him help on – and which Dean do in any other way because Dean, unlike Castiel, cannot just teleport himself whereever he feels like it, he can’t go see Castiel in Heaven.

      Dean mentions Castiel’s unwillingness to tell them anything about what is going on(thus not allowing Dean to help at all) in I believe either the French Mistake or the Titanic episode.

      Also if you will please recall the only reason Castiel even bothered to answer Dean’s pleas in episode 3 was because Castiel “had a job for them”, he showed zero interest in them personally.

      I’m not sure how Dean’s the one being the douche when Castiel ignored Dean for a year, didn’t tell him he’d brought his brother back from “messed up”, allowed Dean and Sam to be blackmailed, lied to and otherwise used by his secret demon partner in crime Crowley. Because of what we found out in the finale we now know that just about every time Castiel did show up it was really because it was part of Castiel’s own mess that Castiel was trying to keep secret from them. We now know why he didn’t want to help Sam because that would mean then they’d probably find out HE was the one who screwed up getting Sam’s soul out of the cage, that even in the episode where Eve dies, the real reason he was “helping them” was because he wanted to capture Eve to get her to tell him where Purgatory was, not because he was really on “their side”.

      The ends don’t necessarily justify the means, if Castiel had told them, they could possibly have helped. If he’d chosen Dean, his friend–one of the two guys who’d just helped change the fate of the world against incredible odds despite himself and the rest of Team Free Will being outmanned and outgunned at every turn, instead Crowley, the demon who’d done nothing without a price, then maybe Castiel wouldn’t have been in this predicament.

      • Good points. I don’t see why everything has to be Dean’s fault every season. These characters are responsible for their own choices. You’ve made an excellent case for the fact that Castiel did not want them to know what was going on. He did not let them help unless he was manipulating them into doing so (see French Mistake when he willingly used them as bait without even giving them a heads up). I understand Castiel love but I don’t understand why loving one character means you have to blame other characters for everything.

        • Dahne what I find funny about blame Dean mentality is that it really makes no sense. Ever.

          Dean is the one on the show who is almost always right. If he was the type to say told you so it would be the most used line in the show. He always says “Don’t do it” and “It’s gonna end up this way” then the person does it and it ends up that way. Should you really blame dean for knowing wrong and right for being smarty and savvy enough to predict the outcome of a big mistake?

          Heck one reason I’m bothered about Cas having less time is the fact that just by existing he was able to shake up the stale reptetive nature of the show and change things. Especially this season. Usually the general season Arc is Sam does something stupid and constantly screws up despite Deans warnings and everyone is left to clean up his mess. This season it was Cas who screwed up. It was cas he really Fubared everyone. It wasn’t something you didn’t expect from his character and shook things up.

          With less Cas I look forward to Next seasons original content of Sam screwing up and Dean fixing his mistakes with the aid of Bobby. i love the show, but that set up is starting to wear thin.

  3. You are wrong about Misha Collin’s role being “drastically” cut back. No one in the show has said that. They have been VAGUE to keep up the suspense over the Castiel cliffhanger.

    The only thing the show has straight out said is Misha Collins will go from regular to recurring. THAT DOES NOT NECESSARILY MEAN HIS ROLE WILL BE DRASTICALLY CUT BACK. Jim Beaver has always been recurring and he’s always on a lot–as much as Misha.

    So Misha could actually be on next year as much as this year–he just won’t get paid as much…not being a regular. Granted he may be killed yet on the show or drastically cut back–but right now no one has said that and we don’t know.

    To the tvline Sera quote, she was answering about Misha no longer being a regular–she never said he won’t be on much. She didn’t get into how much he’ll be on…as usual she’s being vague about it.

    • Ah, the voice of reason. Kudos!

  4. Yeah, i’m a little confused about downgrading Cas since he’s been cast as the *possible* big baddie for next season. But it sounds like Gamble has other plans.

    I follow Jim on FB and he’s genuinely a great guy who not only cares about his profession, but his fans as well. And as long as he doesn’t have problems filling in as Bobby from time to time, I’m glad he’s able to continue working as he wants. Personally, i’d love to see Bobby in every episode. He keeps the boys in line and adds exactly what the show needs as a support character.

  5. I love the Winchester brothers, but this show keeps losing my faves, like Gabriel (Richard Speight), and now Castiel? What are they going to do, bring in a brand new group of baddies/goodies? Seems they killed everyone off except Crowley.

  6. Anyone know if Misha has spilled on Twitter? He usually keeps us posted.

    • He hasnt commented about it yet.

  7. Haha, how funny would it be that after all our shouting and complaining and speculation and blogs it all turns out to be complete misdirection. How wonderful would that be:) However, even if I want to give the creative team the benefit of the doubt they sure put themselves in a box alot. Look how long it took for them to expand the show past demons and give us angels. Unlike its now competition in the same time slot, Fringe, Supernatural holds itself back in so many ways some times. Sure, it puts itself out there with some really great episodes, ie this season’s best episode “The Man who Would Be King”, but more often than not it suffers trying to play on past storylines. I’m over the monsters, Supernatural is far greater then that now! And really why would you under utilize one of your storyline’s greatest assest? It is a show called Supernatural afer all. Well, hopeful season 7 will prove better than the disaterous season 6 (overall mind you). For once you open Pandora’s box you can’t just close it, otherwise I’ll watch Fringe live and see what happened to Peter, cause I know in the creative race, it won’t let me down.

  8. I really want to know what will happen next season! Usually, at the end of each season, I have a very good general idea of where the story is going to go next season (even at the end of Season 5, Sam clearly looked evil to me). At the end of this one, though, the only thing I said was, “Now what?”

    I’m sure Castiel can be easily defeated. If they continue to follow Christian beliefs as they have done before, then they could easily throw in seraphim. Archangels aren’t the highest order of angels – the seraphim are. So if Cas poses a SERIOUS threat to God, then the seraphim will probably step in. Actually, the archangels aren’t even close to being the closest divine beings to God; aside from seraphim, there are cherubim, elders, and others I can’t remember right now. Archangels are pretty low on the angelic hierarchy, as they’re only above regular angels.

    Anyway, I think the real God is giving Cas what he gives humans – free will. Cas had to make tough decisions, just like humans do, because he said he wanted freedom. So God gave him that. I don’t see why the real God needs to step in because the Winchester boys and other supernatural beings have stepped in before to fix the bad choices that other people (or monsters) have made. All this is pure speculation, of course, but this would be a perfect opportunity for them to bring Death back! He’s one of my favorite guest characters (aside from Bobby of course). :]

  9. Kate and Kate too – I agree with everything is exactly what I think. I’m not happy I must admit at the end of this season in fact with all season. ok!! wait for the beginning of the new season and decide if I am keep watching or not after all watching by obligation and without love is not me.

  10. I must confess, I am a little scared that reply to me is from the real Jim Beaver.

    • DSB…

      If you REALLY want to be freaked out, click on his screen name…You end up at Jim Beaver’s website…lol.


      • I did and it sucks.

        I like the actor even more now.

      • I did. I’m scared now.

    • ROfl poor DSB

      I’m a big fan of his. Follow him on twitter he seems to be pretty active on the internet so it’s very possible it is him. He tweets like 50 times a day lol and it’s almost always gold. I almost never check but when I click over to Twitter on those rare occasions i do always read his tweets.

      As far as the name being a link to his site that’s not really saying much I could go do that right now. It could very well be him, but that’s hardly any evidence.

      • Yeah, I doubt it really is him, but it is ceetainly possible. Cool if it was.

      • It could very well be him. Sounds a lot like him in how he speaks. He also watches one of the “communities” on twitter and facebook that gave the link to here. That’s how I found it. So it’s more than likely him. He is very supportive of his colleagues which is understandable. :)

  11. My View: I thought Season 6 was brilliant — all of it — every last moment of it! Cannot wait until Season 7 hits the air. Supernatural has more guts, glory, tolerance and staying power right now than some of its viewers, apparently!

    Am very tired of reading all the whining, whinging, complaining, second-guessing, Monday-morning-quarterbacking, haters’ riffs, and general all-around bloody mindedness on exhibit about this series on various Websites. I know all are entitled to their opinions — mine is simple: I’ve been with Supernatural since Season One, and I’ll be with this epic, magnificent, and imaginative world until Season Whatever. For those planning on viewing something else, please go and watch whatever passes as your SPN substitute; I guarantee that your alternate show will be a cold, sad, lifeless place by comparison.

    • Yeah I was one of those fans that irks you so bad. I used to love this show was here since S1E1, used to be was must see tv, I just stopped watching it half way through the season, as I couldn’t stand to see what they where doing to my favorite characters. I thought I’d be able to choke it down, but the writers did a great job of killing the heart of this show. As for Castiel, only good thing about this season was the potential for him leaving the show, just because he has a LOUD vocal fanbase doesn’t mean he’s as popular as the writers seem to think he is, they should give him a spinoff that would truly show exactly how popular he isn’t. I guarantee that your alternate show will be a cold, sad, lifeless place by comparison Sadly for many of us hard core fans, this is exactly what SPN has become for us, FFS we don’t b**** for the fun of it, we complain because we want to see the show we originally signed on for, yea know that show that used to be about Sam an Dean Winchester . . . not about Angels. Meh one good thing I know never to watch a show that Gambles and England are a part of, they just don’t have tho chops to carry off a well written evolving plot. Because really domestic Dean and Souless Sam where just painfully bad to try and sit through, and to think I was really excited and optimistic about Gambles being the show runner at one time, but then again I believed it when they said the Angels where finished last season, thanks for the lies they’re truly not appreciated.

  12. As much as I love Misha Collins, I’m thrilled with the scaling back. I’m tired of the God/Angel/Heaven storyline; it’s been dragging out for years now with no real resolution one way or the other. Dean’s turned into an asshat that I can’t stand watching, Sam’s the beefcake but otherwise all-but-forgotten brother, and the return of Samuel Campbell was a total waste. The only high spot this season has been Crowley, and I’m very hopeful that he’ll come back in the next. Remember how this show used to be about two brothers, not Dean and the Angels? That’s what I want. Sam and Dean.

    • Just Sam and Dean gets stale. Cas and Bobby are definitely needed too.

      • Cas has gotten stale too. He’s become too much of a deus ex machina. They need to go back to problems and villains that the boys can actually handle without praying to the angels for salvation every other day.

        • castiel is never boring or stale, he has a great story line, look beyond what you are seeing and think if where the story is going

        • My problem with Castiel and the angels is the same. I like Misha. I think he is a lot of fun, but storywise, angels are dragging me down. The perfect example is in TMWWBK. Demons attack Dean, Sam, and Bobby. We are ready fro some real action and Winchester ingenuity to get them out of this sticky situation. What happens instead? Cas steps in and within 10 seconds all the demons are dispatched. The Winchesters become watchers in their own story. Angels have become the go-to answer whenever life gets difficult for the Winchesters and quite frankly it bores me. We need the Winchesters to get some solid wins in season 7 without having others simply walk in and pouf the problem away. I hope we send the end of angels in season 7. A clear resolution where Cas is redeemed but no longer able to help them with his Super Special Angel Powers. Angels are simply too powerful to make for good TV in my opinion.

          • Most episodes it’s Sam and Dean saving the day–it’s the exception when Cas or anyone else takes over or makes it too easy. So I personally don’t see that as a huge issue.

    • THANK YOU FOR SAYING WHAT NO ONE ELSE WILL! I feel like supernatural backed itself into a corner with the heaven/hell thing…because well..you can’t kill god. And if they kill Castiel, I think they’ll be a riot – for which I would be part taking in. xD

  13. While I have complete respect for Sera Gamble, I disagree with her “blow off” of the unhappiness of many fans. I love Supernatural (well, I did until the finale), but it is not the most watched show on television and it is not irreplaceable. It is the very vocal fans that keep the show on the air. Companies do not sponsor shows that people do not watch. Guess what, no fans, no advertisement money, no show. If Ms. Gamble keeps voicing her blatant dismissal of the her fan base, she may be unpleasantly surprised when they don’t show up to watch season 7 at all.

    • Sadly, it doesn’t matter what these fans think unless they are Nielsen families. They are the only ones that drive ratings. That means no international fans count in ratings and the vast majority of American viewers do not either. So really, unless you are a Nielsen viewers, your not watching Supernatural doesn’t mean much to the CW. All it will do is lose the publicity fans bring this show and my guess is that there will still be a wide fan base that will pick up the slack for any fans that do not.

      • Dahne Oh don’t even get me started on the stupid Nielsan rating system. Absolute crap. There have been so many good shows with massive fanbases that just didn’t happen to have enough people that were a part of Nielsan.

        We have the tech to do it better so everyone counts especially with the switch to Digital. Yet we still cling to this crap.

      • Yes it’s Nielsen’s that count–BUT they do represent fans…so pissing off a bunch will show up in the ratings. There is some correlation–it defintely isn’t zero.

  14. I’m thrilled that Bobby is needed so much that he’s there when needed. As long as that never changes I’m good. Although I don’t him quite as frequently as he was this season, I like my Sam and Dean.

    I’m also thrilled Misha is not a regular. Castiel is a complete bore and has always been a completely unnecessary character. He is irrelevant and they should of kept him that way. Now his story is just muddying what used to be a great show. It will be again once they can focus on the boys story and allow them to be the heroes once again.

    It was always going to end but atleast tptb allowed SPN to end on their terms and not with the angels around.

    I hope Misha is gone by the first episode, he should of been gone already, but I’ll take what I can get so the boys can focus on new storylines.

    • If Castiel was not brought into the show Dean would not have been brought back. There wouldn’t have been a fourth, fifth, or sixth season. So tell me, how is he irrelevant?

      • Well they could have done what Kripke had originally intended, and had SAM save his brother, but no we got Castiel doing it instead. Know your fandom lore bb, if it wasn’t for the writers strike, there would never have been any Angels or Castiel involved in the show. I would still love to see what Kripke’s original 5 year storyline was like, sadly I think I would have enjoyed it a hell of a lot more than I have the past 3 seasons worth of convoluted bs.

        • I love how you title yourself the #1 fan and yet just called a whole half of the series bs. How about you take you’re s1-3 season dvds and forget the rest of it mm’k hun?

  15. Finally back to Sam and Dean they would it should of been after the apacolypse!

  16. Sera Gamble always says the worst possible things. Castiel has brought so many new fans to the show, as well as ratings. Many people only watch the show because they like Castiel’s story line. I’ve watched all seasons and back in season 1 I loved it being about Sam and Dean, but after 3 seasons of that it was fantastic to get something new. Now I’d even say season 4 and 5 are my favourite seasons. Basically, if Castiel isn’t on the show any more, then I won’t be watching. There is so, so, so much more they can do with Castiel’s storyline. I mean he’s only been in 3 seasons. Sam and Dean have been in all 6, if anything it should be difficult to create new and not redundant storylines for them. Sigh.

    Also, when Sera talks about the fans, do you not feel really pathronised? Like when she said we have ‘a lot of strong opinions about a lot of things’, I felt like that was her saying, ‘oh they never stop complaining about everything so we’ll just ignore them and do what we want anyway’.

    P.S. If Castiel is only in the first episode or even just a couple and they end up killing him off like he’s a piece of trash. I will think the world has gone insane. Not just that, but I’ll think the writers have turned the Winchester’s into jerks. Dean treated Cas pretty badly when all Cas did was love him. If Cas dies and that’s all swept under the carpet, then you’re really just telling me the main characters of my favourite TV show are jerks.

    • Hello Cas: I totally agree with you ( :

    • THIS!

      I Agree with you so much!
      sure there are a few haters who just want the story to be about Sam and Dean but I consider that very boring since we have had seasons 4-6. Dont get me wrong I loved seasons 1 to 3 but since Castiel has been in it, its been more exciting for me. I dont understand why some people are saying misha fans are not proper fans because Castiel is apart of the show there for we are quite obviously fans :/ its not like we are raving about a character who isnt on the show! he isnt seperate from the show, he was a regular for 2 years!

      I don’t dislike Sera but she is slightly annoying with her comments. Shes trying to sugar coat it because she knows that alot fans will be upset that Castiel isnt a regular but just making it worse.

  17. I think that Castiel’s character, is very important to show. He is a great support to the winchester brothers. the story won’t be the same without him. I love Castiel, is the best Character for me. I’m sad about this situation, because I love SUPERNATURAL. I hope that the producers change their minds about Castiel’s future.

    • IMHO, I think we’re all being played. SPN is noted for its startling twists, turns, surprises, and unexpected bumps in the road. Before all the “Caftans” (Castiel Fans) hold their breaths, turn blue, and keel over, they should consider that we all may be in for a big surprise of some kind — a totally unexpected one as a matter of fact! If anyone could play into — and with — this scenario, it would be Misha Collins, who excels in giving us the “deer caught in headlights” surprise turn.

      I’m thinking, we all better watch out!

  18. I have just finished reading the comments about next season. I think all the guessing is taking away from the show.I love SN and just bought all of the seasons, and will buy # 6 when it comes out. I love all the characters, they each add their own style to the story line. I hope that Castiel,Sam, Dean, and Bobby are all killed off at the end of the seasons. Losing any of them will take away from the show. Dean calls for help from Castiel only when needed, in the 1st and 2nd parts of the finale, Dean and Castiel could not trust each other enough, but that made it interesting.

    I cannot wait for the new season to start, I love it all, I never get tire of Castiel helping Dean and Sam. I would like to see Bobby start hunting alittle too. But with him holding the fort, it gives Sam and Dean a place to go to that they do not have, He really gives them the foundation that was taken away from them, SO YOU GO BOBBY!!! and stay in the character you are.

    One of my best episodes was A WEEKEND AT BOBBY”S. LOVE SN LOVE IT,LOVE IT

  19. Unfortunately I am not sure that all the yelling and screaming the fandom is/has done is going to do much good. The way they have set the Cas cliffhanger it seems they have a very definite idea of where they are going all we can do is hope it is in line with what we want. I think they are already writing season 7. I do agree though it is a bad idea to dismiss the fans, but I am not sure that is what they are doing. They have to leave us in suspense as that is the point of a cliffhanger.
    That being said I will be upset if they do not redeem Cas, or do it through some lame plot device like scarficing himself. That just seems lazy and a waste of a well developed character. Not to mention the many sacrifices he has already made. Losing characters is part of this show, and I get that but hope it can be done with at least some sensitivity to those that do care about Cas if his demise is indeed looming. But again they have all been very vague. We’ve no idea what is going on and it is entirely possible that this is all a misdirect. We just have to tune in next season and pray.
    For those concidering abandoning ship over Cas’ death, should it happen, for another show I urge you to concider this first…will you feel as passionatly about the characters of another show? Will that other show put you on the edge of your seat and inspire you to action the way Supernatural does? If it will then all the best to you, but if not maybe you should reconcider. It is not often that a show comes around and inspires the kind of passion and devotion that Supernatural does.

    • @nghtykttyksss: I agree with many of your comments — particularly your first and third paragraphs.

      Supernatural spokespeople, who also come up with great episodes like, “Weekend at Bobby’s,” “Like a Virgin,” “Frontierland,” “The French Mistake,” “Live Free or Twi-Hard,” “Let It Bleed,” and 16 other superb episodes (I love them all, Sera), are NOT to be trusted with the content of any leaks, gossip, hints, semi-spoilers, or other smelly red herrings about Season 7!

      Both Kripke and Edlund have been in the writers’ room in L.A. writing the first Season 7 scripts for weeks now; Jensen Ackles is listed as the director for 7.2! Everybody out there — CHILL!

    • [For those concidering abandoning ship over Cas’ death, should it happen, for another show I urge you to concider this first…will you feel as passionatly about the characters of another show?]

      Although if people leave the show it’s done /because/ of their passion incited by the show and not the lack of it. I think that lately the wrong message is being sent that the love for Castiel and the love for Supernatural is divided when they are one and the same. If I didn’t care one way or another about the show I wouldn’t be so distraught over the possibility that a character said show has made me love may be leaving it.

      I love Castiel because I love Supernatural and vice versa.

      While I’m in no way indorsing discontinued viewership I’m trying to point out that in the possibility that Castiel is no longer there and a fan leaves, it’s not because they don’t care for the show and it’s characters but most likely because their passions for it is so strong that they can’t bear to continue watching when someone they came to love isn’t apart of it anymore. This is something that the writers will hopefully take into consideration.

      • This is exactly the reason I will no longer be watching Supernatural if something bad happens to Cas. I have loved Supernatural and have been passionate over it like no other show, but found myself screaming at the TV in anger, not excitement, this past season. Life is too short to watch something that is no longer an escape for me but is instead a source of stress, with me waiting for my next fav character to die or meet some other horrific fate. I have loved the character of Castiel too much to watch something awful happen to him for the sake of “entertainment”.

  20. I’ve always loved SPN but Sera has ruined it. Yes I love Sam and Dean but making the show solely about them and having only each other isn’t just boring, it’s unhealthy and impractical. Making Dean and Sam treat Cas like garbage was heartbreaking to watch, they weren’t acting like their own character at all. Cas is the reason SPN’s ratings went through the roof and continues to do so. If season seven doesn’t fix Cas and Dean’s relationship, then expect the show to go down hill. No one wants to go back to season 1 and 2 where it’s just Sam and Dean fighting monsters. They are so past this, they can never go back. SPN didn’t even get REAL interesting until season 4, and season 5 was the best in my opinion. I couldn’t believe how terrible season six was. I think Sera a Cas hater seeing as she tried to keep Ben and Lisa with Dean when we all know that was stupid and felt awkward and forced.

    • I’m as passionate a Supernatural fan as anyone, but there is no way in any shape or form that people can claim their ratings are through the roof or ever have been. Also, season 1 had the best ratings of any Supernatural season, not season 4.

      I think you will find that about half of the Supernatural fandom would be quite happy to go back to a season 1 and 2 feel. Seasons 4 and 5 were quite a few fans’ least favorite seasons. That is the difficulty Sera and crew face because the fandom is divided between those who like the angel storyline and those that want to see it go. There is no way for them to please everyone so I am thoroughly glad that they are focused on the season 7 plot and not the divisiveness of the SPN fandom. The fandom is always going to complain so I like that they can shake that off and get to teh business at hand – creating a season that has me on the edge of my seat and talking for hours. I may not like every direction they take but it is always the first show I want to discuss.

      • Firstly Sera already said there will be angel stories in S7–just more self-enclosed. So she is not pandering to the angel hater fans. With Cas, we don’t know what’s up–as long as they don’t kill him, ignore him or keep him evil then i’m fine.

      • You can’t really say go back to season 1 and 2 as if they are all that close. As far as changes go Seasons 1 and 2 were pretty different.

        Season 1 was mostly monster of the week with very little arc development. Season 2 was more story arc than season 1 and had a very interesting story arc. Monster of the week was toned down in favour of bringing on not only the season arc, but bringing up more on the series arc as well.

        Season 1 was basically Just Sam and Dean. We met other characters, but they really only appeared in one or two episodes. Season two is when we got more characters appearances. Ash, Jo , Ellen and Bobby all appeared much more in season 2 than any character other than Dean or Sam did in season one. Heck Ellen and Jo appeared more in season two than Ash, Jo, Ellen, Bobby and their dad all did in season 1 combined.

        Season 1 didn’t know where to go, but when Season 2 hit the show had a clear path. It seemed like it knew where it was going for the next few years and really had a plan.

        Season 1 was the highest because it was a new show and people were interested. Ratings dropped a little as some people decided it just wasn’t for them, but held very strong since with the rare fluctuation of up and down both.

        Season 1 was by far the worst season of the show IMO because it was simply a monster of the week show. I honestly didn’t like Supernatural but my GF did and forced me to watch it with her because we only had the one TV. We were 11 episodes in and I still hated it it wasn’t until the last episode of season 1 that I thought I may be able to tollerate it. It wasn’t until about 6 episodes in to season 2 that I decided I like it. Season 1 was shock value and trying to see what new think you could do this week. There was very little story. After that the show became a show finally.

        I rolled my eyes at first when the angels showed up. I was against it. It wasn’t until season 5 that I realized it was simply because season 4 sucked and not because angels were in it. Season 5 was a great season with fantastic writing.

        If I had to rank them


        • 3

  21. I’m so worried about Castiel. I really hope they don’t kill him or ignore him. I hope they redeem him. This is going to be a really tough summer.

  22. I’m relieved to hear that Supernatural is going to have a 7th season!! It is unfortunate that Castiel’s appearance on the show will not be as frequent, but I’m glad that Bobby Singer will still be appearing often. I really have no idea where the writers are going to go with this season, but I’m anxious to find out. Castiel’s recent promotion is insane and I hope he comes back over to the goodside soon. Castiel has been there for Sam and Dean for a long time and I can’t see him trying to kill them or them trying to kill Cass. Maybe God will finally show up and lay the smack down on Castiel and take him down a few knotches. I think God would be merciful to Castiel because he truly thought he was doing the right thing and he even asked God to tell him if he was on the right path at one point. Who knows where Supernatural is going to go from here!! I’m hooked and I will stay a devoted Supernatural fan for life! Good luck to Supernatural’s writers and much love to Jared and Jensen, you guys rock!:)

  23. Bring Misha/Cas back! Far out he wasn’t even in it that much in season 6 and now they’re going to down grade him even more? He’s one of the best characters! I don’t understand why the only characters that stay in the show have to be Sam and Dean. Surely they can extend the cast a bit more!

  24. I highly enjoy the character of Castiel in Supernatural and Misha Collin’s great performance as an actor… I’m really worried about the fact that he won’t be a regular in season 7 anymore because he plays a great part on why I love Supernatural so much.

    The episodes of Supernatural which she really looks forward to are the ones which include Castiel as a major player in the story. I love Sam and Dean, I really do, but I think Castiel is a great addition to the story and Supernatural has greatly improved since when Cas and the angels storyline have been developed on the show… remember that the greatness of a show rests not only on his main characters but on the supporting cast as well!

  25. Okay guys lets look at it this way:

    Fact: Castiel has a strong fanbase. Say what you will about the character or any ‘how you think the show should be’ bs the simple fact is a lot of fans love Castiel and don’t want him to go.

    Fact: Loss of viewership would be significant. Maybe not rating-crushing-now-the-show-will-die significant but enough that Sera, Kripke and co. will undoubtedly notice.

    Fact: The Supernatural story needs it’s secondary characters and plot lines. One thing that seems to escape the mental grasp of some people is that secondary characters/plots are not only nice in a two man show but they’re vital. The Samn’Dean story is why we watched for three seasons yes but I can’t believe in all that time nobody felt anything for John, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Bobby etc. etc. etc. Now add that to the maturity of the show, you can’t live on just ice cream for the rest of your life no matter how good it tastes the first few times same as a show can’t live with the angst of two brothers as the only base for plot. You actually need something called …. wait for it …. *d e v e l o p m e n t*

    Now I’m not saying that because of these things the writers WON’T disregard Castiel’s character in fact as of now the possibility is most likely being weighed. I’m just saying that as someone who frequently listens to the rants of a production manager and script writer in their house and as a devoted fan of many years, please take these simple words of advice to heart:

    It. will. be. a. grave. mistake.


    • Yes, shows need secondary characters and yes they had John, Ellen, Jo, Ash, and Bobby in earlier seasons. However, John, Ellen, Jo, and Ash all died and Supernatural lived on. They simply added in more characters to kill off later.

      • Cas and Bobby are different–they are long term support and essential members of the group.

        • I’d argue that they are only essential as the plot makes them so. Dean and Sam are the core. Everyone else is at the mercy of the plot which is why I spend most finales cringing and hoping Bobby makes it through another season.

          • I’d submit that yes Sam and Dean are the core but essentially supported by the 2 long termers Cas and Bobby. Almost every show on TV has more than 2 long term cast members…for a good reason, it works for more dynamism and also stability AND helps show from being too claustrophobic.

  26. It’s keeps getting pointless. There are SO many reasons for Cas to not be treated this way. It could go on and on, but all I really want to say is:
    How can you kill a main character, who has already died twice and been brought back both times, when Sam & Dean has died hundreds of times. Don’t say “it’s because they’re Sam and Dean!”, because Castiel is also a main character, and he means as much to me as the Winchesters do.

    This show is about family, it doesn’t have to be the Dean and Sam Winchester show. How can two humans possibly live through so much loss? And when are they going to learn anything – they worked with Croley themself, “just” to get Sam’s soul back. Not saying that’s a “just” but Cas did what he had to save the world from Apocalypse 2.0. And when he lost his friends, his family – he lost himself in that process too, and who wouldn’t?

    Cas deserves to be saved!

  27. The thing is. I see that Misha created a very large fan base, but unfortunately they are not capable to see and remember that Misha was a father very recently and stated that he had – because of Supernatural – little time to be with his son. So, i understand completely Misha decision to step back of Supernatural. Good look for you Misha and your family.

    Another important thing: Castiel character only showed up in season 4. We had the first three seasons focused on the sibling relationship, and with no Castiel or any angels storyline. In first place, it was the three first seasons that made us fell in love with the show, right?

    Now, i also think that since Castiel showed up on the show, Supernatural started to forget the main relationship on the show: Sam and Dean.
    This is not a show about Destiel or about the drama between Dean and Castiel. And since Castiel showed up in season 4 – the worst season of Supernatural, by far.

    Misha and his character, as well all the angels mythology, was dragged for too long. This storyline shoud have ended sooner, because i – and i know i’m not alone in this – want the sibling relationship and dynamic between the brother back.

    So, Castiel, goodbye. He had his importance, but now ended. Everything as to come to and end eventually and i am one of those fans that wants to see what’s next. I miss Sam and Dean as brothers. Looking forward for season 7.

    • Misha did NOT step back–he was pushed back. Do you really think Misha is the only actor with a kid? And do they quit their shows or cut back? No! It’s not like he’s so rich and has such a great career–he can’t afford to cut back.

      This is a SPN decision all the way. If SPN kills Cas, ignores Cas or keeps Cas evil then they’ll piss off a nice chunk of fans–and with there status they really can’t afford that.

      • Actually some actors have stepped backed due to children. It all depends on the person. The truth is you know just as much if not less than everyone else and you are just trying to push your opinion off as fact. Maybe Misha wants to try being a good father unlike most of hollywood. Maybe he wants to raise his cihld instead of handing it off to a baby sitter.

        • Come on–Misha has this one gig…he’s not going to reduce his main income and security. SPN is deciding this.

          • Once again you don’t know this and have no actual evidence of this. I don’t know or care either way.

            Just stop pretending you know more than you actually do. The truth is we don’t know the truth and it doesn’t matter either. It’s a decision that was made regardless of who made it and we have to deal with it.

            Rather than blindly blaming people with out evidence or reason lets just accept it. Either watch or don’t watch based on the info, but don’t speculate stuff you can’t prove and try to act like it’s fact. You have to be more mature than that I hope.

            • Then why don’t you criticize the person who is sure Misha stepped back?

              • I simply didn’t see their comment. They must of posted before I started receiving updates. You are the only one that I was notified on.

                • You see I was responding to the surety of the poster saying Misha pulled back–they do NOT know that. I posited the opposite–I think logic is on my side clearly BUT yes I can’t be sure. But neither can the other person who began this.

                  I’m glad you agree.

                  • Just be clear we agree that we can’t know for sure.

                    I don’t however agree that Logic is on your side. I think either way has logical baring. Just because it’s not something you would do does not make it the most logical choice. Honestly if I were in Misha’s shoes I’d be taking the time off for my children. A year ago I may of agreed but now that I’ve had my daughter I can honestly say that I would take the time off. I’d do anything for my daughter and acting his highly demanding of your time. They work long long days and way to many days in a row.

                    I would want to see my daughter and raise her. I’d want to be there for those important early stages. Make sure I get quality time in. Look at how most actors kids turn out. It’s not a pretty picture.

                    • Yes I know you are not agreeing logic is on my side–we’ll have to agree to strongly disagree on that.

                      But yes no of us know for sure.

  28. Gosh, I love Castiel so mu-hu-huch! He’s such a cute BAMF ^^
    I really hope he will be redeemed next season and stays on the show. He would be missed tremendously : (

  29. I really am sad about less Cas. He has been the single best addition to the show in years. I hope Crowley at least returns because he’s the second best.

    Will Sam and Dean end up actually working with Crowley to stop Cas in season 7? Oh the Hijinks will ensue….

    I think people have been over doing it with the hate for season 6. It makes no sense to me. It wasn’t the best, but it certainly wasn’t the worst either. I enjoyed season 6 and some of the episodes in it are some of my fave of the show ever. The Wild West episode is one of the best of the series not just the season. I’d rather watch Season 6 again before re-watching Season 1 which IMO was the weakest season. I didn’t really like the show until season 2.

    Can’t wait to see how next season turns out, but I am actually very worried more than I was before season 6. Turning Cas in to a bad guy irks me. I love the character and I love his relationship with the guys. He is a great source of humor as well and we won’t get that next year because he will be the new big bad. Then add on to that he won’t be around much anymore. I’m worried indeed.

    • You have to admit, the writing and plotlines were all over the place this season, it didnt gel together very well. And I knew there were gonna make Cas the bad guy.

      I will agree however, that the wild west episode was brilliant, one of my absolute favourites the show has ever made. But it was the only episode of the season I loved, others were good, but many were just average and I have come to expect better from this show.

      • I don’t have to and won’t admit that because I don’t believe it.

        Now I’ll admit I thought that in the first half of the season, but the second half IMO merged every thing together and suddenly everything made sense. As if there was a rhyme and reason to everything that seemed like a misstep at first was actually not. When all was said and done and looking at it all in retrospect it made perfect sense. I don’t see the gaps you did. Some episodes left me wanting, but I think it was better than both Seasons 1 and 4.