‘Supernatural’ Shake-up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

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Jim Beaver Supernatural The CW Supernatural Shake up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

Even though he’s been with the brothers Winchester since the first season of Supernatural, Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) has been credited only as a guest star on the show. Now that Misha Collins (Castiel) is stepping away from his duties as a series regular, fans are left wondering if Beaver is looking to join Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki as a series regular.

Last month, it was reported that following the end of season 6, fan-favorite actor Misha Collins would be leaving Supernatural altogether. While the devastating rumor of no more Castiel was quickly put to rest, word soon came that the actor’s appearances would in fact be drastically cut in the upcoming season.

While there is no official word on why Collins’ role on the show was downgraded (speculation has suggested everything from a monetary dispute to a scheduling conflict), showrunner Sera Gamble says that whatever the conjecture de jour is, the actual reasoning is a purely creative one – done in the best interests of the series.

Speaking with TV Line, Gamble stated that while she and others working on Supernatural are aware of the online outcry over Castiel’s limited appearances, concerns for the upcoming season are more pressing.

We have passionate fans. We have fans that have strong opinions about a lot of things that happen on the show. People ask me if I’m worried about a fan backlash. We just want to tell a good story and not be redundant and bring you interesting stories that are fresh. Going into Season 7, we have a new, interesting story that we want to tell to you. That’s what’s front of mind right now.”

Following the Collins shake-up, speculation soon ran rampant that Jim Beaver, the actor who portrays the longstanding father figure and ally to the Winchesters, would be a shoe-in for the rank of series regular. However, according to the actor, he’s happy exactly where he is – and there are no plans to alter his current relationship with the show.

Beaver states:

“…it seems that the existing situation is the best one we can agree on. I’m not unhappy, and the show is spectacularly respectful of me and my needs, and I think they’d give me anything I ever needed if they had it to give.”

Gamble also weighed in on Beaver’s position by saying:

“We have a fantastic relationship with Jim. We bring him in, as the story demands it. He’s basically a fixture on the show as necessary.”

Castiel Supernatural The CW Supernatural Shake up: Misha Collins Out, Jim Beaver In As Series Regular?

One thing Beaver’s status on Supernatural has given him is the ability to seek out other acting ventures as he sees fit. Recently, the actor has recently made appearances in such programs as Justified, Breaking Bad and the unfortunately cancelled Lie to Me. So while fans may lament his ‘friend’ status, Beaver seems completely content to add to his acting resume.

At six seasons and counting, Supernatural has performed as one of The CW’s flagship series – and in the wake of Smallville’s departure, the program will certainly be expected to maintain the viewership that stuck with Tom Welling and Co. for these last ten years. Responding to such responsibilities, the Supernatural crew is already hard at work on season 7 – which, according to Gamble, will have a distinct “outlaw” sensibility that may play into Castiel’s recent heavenly promotion.


Supernatural returns this fall, Fridays @9pm on The CW.

Source: Zap2It, TV Line

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  1. If she only WOULD tell interesting and fresh stories, instead of the rinse and repeat brother-conflict. That’s what Castiel is there for, Sera. He’s your chance at frest storylines but you’ve never really allowed any of them because you want to narrow the Winchester’s world into nothing but this claustophobic hopelessness where no one else matters.

    There’s been great opporturnities to explore Dean’s relationship with Castiel, I mean.. we’ve been told it’s a ‘profound bond’ but we haven’t actually *seen* that onscreen. (It also does not take anything away from the brothers, which is something a few people have claimed.)

    Cas is the only reason I’m watching anymore (I have loved this show from the start but it gets boring if they don’t even try with the storylines as it was in S6) and if they don’t give him and the brothers the interesting storylines I’m looking for, I don’t think I will tune in for S7.

    • It’s not really a “profound bond” when only one person cares. Seriously they turned Cas into a stalker and a boring one at that. Can we not just move on? Maybe Cas fans can start stalking the network for Misha to have his own show and leave me mine.

      • I’m all for Misha Collins getting his own show. It’s about time he gets to be the star of something, preferably a comedy, and he would have a ready-made fan base so the show should be a hit. Castiel as a character is in my opinion played out, but Misha the actor is just on the surface of breaking out big and I hope he gets the opportunity.

  2. I swear I’ll stop watching Supernatural if Cas leaves for good.

    • Truly we will all be heartbroken with your lose. I can only hope that SPN can muddle through without you.

      • Oh meow. Let someone who loves a show or character voice that without you being catty.

        • What could I say to such a dramatic statement…what are we 12? If I don’t get my way I’m taking my toys are going home.

          • Everyone has the right to decide when to be finished with a show–any reason is valid. Loving the character of Cas is reason enough for a bunch, I suspect.

            • Yeah but announcing it to the world just begs ridicule.

              • why don’t you just get a room with yourself?


    • OMG! Please dont take CAS AWAY!!! you have NO IDEA HOW MANY PEOPLE LOVE HIM!

  3. As far as I know, there is no confirmation that Castiel’s time will be “drastically cut” for season 7. He was barely in season 6 and guest star Jim Beaver had more screen time than Misha. It seems like people want to make this a bigger deal than it may turn out to be. Let’s have patience and actually see some episodes in season 7 before threatening to leave Supernatural forever. Personally, I am glad that SPN is concentrating on the story more than the fandom. Regarding Castiel’s role in future SPN episodes, the fandom is split so there is no way they can please everyone. I would rather have them concentrate on an exciting, streamlined overall plot than try to do the impossible – please all SPN fans.

    • Split yes, but it’s hardly an even split. Cas/Misha has far more fans than haters. When trying to please someone you should normally pick the majority.

      As far as them focusing on story that is simply what they are saying. Maybe it’s true maybe it’s not, but you can hardly take it as gospel simply because SG said it. It’s what every show runner of would say. What are they gonna say “This season we decided to just ignore story and try to tell a really scrambled show that made little since and had a lot of episodes that don’t connect. Honestly we are looking to make our show more Simpsons and less arc-ish”

      • Just because your the loudest/most obsessed doesn’t mean your the majority. How would you know when you live in an echo chamber. All I’m saying is that it’s a difficult statement to back up for any fan.

      • Weren’t you just arguing that we cannot state things as facts without any actual evidence? I’m not sure that it is a fact that pro-Cas outweighs anti-angel storyline at this point. Castiel has a very vocal fanbase but I’ve recently found that there are a whole group of Supernatural fans that do not get on the internet to weigh in on their opinions. I was shocked. :-)

        • Jesus, Dahne, I wish there was a like button on here, because I would totally r-a-p-e it to like the hell out of that comment xD I don’t think I’ve had such a good laugh in ages :D

        • LOL pay no attention to the people who stay off the message boards. Most likely the most normal of us : ) j/k

    • Well your perspective is from one who is against Cas on the show as i’ve seen you posting in various places. You are right it is too soon to say what will happen–but I tell you this…they kill Cas or keep him evil, a chunk of the audience will leave SPN.

      And Cas does NOT take away from Sam and Dean. He’s just a support–we just don’t need 2 characters on a show–Sam and Dean shouldn’t be left alone with darkness without their buds Cas and Bobby.

      • I guess we will just have to see. I never said that Cas took away from Sam and Dean I just think his character is boring. He is the great fix for whatever problem it’s way to easy. No one said there couldn’t be other characters I’m just ready for some new ones. And I think Cas fans have any issue between what fandom is and what show is. Throwing you a bone is just that an inside joke. Not to be taken as gospel.

  4. With all the crap on TV these days, I watch SPN religiously, and not much else. Don’t care what they do to the show as long as Dean, Sam, Bobby, Cas, and yeah, I want Gabriel back, then I’m a happy camper.

    • Ha! A Supernatural fan that does not complain? Are you sure you are not infected with the Croatoan virus? Perhaps a figment of some writer’s fantasy? :-)

  5. Personally I don’t think I understand Sera’s point.
    She says she is focusing on giving us a good storyline and therefor Cas’ appearance has been cut. Now, I understand that the whole heaven storyline has been going on long enough and that it’s time to close that chapter. What I don’t understand, however, is why Cas can’t remain a regular character. To me, Castiel is the most interesting character on the show right now. He has been through a lot, he has changed and he is learning to deal. I find it fascinating to watch him and his personality change. To me, that IS an interesting storyline and I don’t see how that can’t be combined with another story arch.

    • Absolutely great point! Though i’ll say the 3 J’s are just as great–those 4 are a tremendous group.

      • I hate saying this being a Supernatural fan and all, but I find Jarred to be a poor actor. Jensen and Jim Beaver and Misha as well are great, but Jarred acting was was always the week point to me.

  6. Castiel is an important a character to this show now as Bobby. They built ti by design, you can not simply rip that rug out from under the show. That is not in the best interest of the show. You are taking a wonderful, ever changing, engaging and loveable character away. There is no redundancy except poor writing. Dean and Sam have many of the same struggles each season, one could say “Oh, that is redundant.” as well, but it is not, it is part of the way the show works. The fact is that now, again due to the writer’s design, the boys need Cas. They are not just going to stop needing him, they are not going to just say “Oh never mind our friend went darkside and we just don’t care.” and if the writers think that they are ignorant and do not know any of these characters at all. I am horribly disappointed in this turn of events. Sera get a clue, read up and learn your characters so maybe the writing in Season 7 is better and you leave a perfectly good character in the show.

  7. I’m brokenhearted over what’s been done to Castiel. If he’s redeemed and doesn’t die, I can live with it, but if not, I’m gonna have to stop watching. To me, he’s as much an integral part of the show as Dean, Sam and Bobby. If I can’t trust my favorite show to keep my favorite characters around, it’s no longer enjoyable to watch.

  8. If Castiel as a hugely popular fan favorite has been mangled beyond recognition and redemption simply to cash in on controversy and drama then Sera Gamble will not be winning back the viewers in my household for S7. Misha Collins re-engaged much flagging enthusiasm for Supernatural after S3 and brought fresh energy and new viewers to the show.
    I may be an original viewer from S1, but Supernatural is six years older and Castiel now means as much to me as Sam, Dean & Bobby. More even because Cas is the character that I feel speaks to me most intimately and sympathetically. Supernatural simply wouldn’t be the same without his engaging presence and relationship with the Winchesters; esp Dean.
    SPN struck gold with Jared, Jensen, Misha & Jim’s fantastic four chemistry. And seriously SPN ptb, what good creative reasoning justifies breaking up a winning essential core cast, losing a talent like Misha Collins and ruining this show for a great many devoted viewers.
    Save our Supernatural family for S7. Have Sam and Dean care enough to save Castiel.

  9. I cant wait for season 7,,,, but sersously i cant belive what they did to the Impala please lets get deans baby fixed back up ya know Cas cant stay dark side.. and poor sammy needs his noodle fixed Again…. geez

  10. Personally I think Misha needs a larger role than recurring guest star, but I see the storyline needing his character to be cut back. Hopefully we will get to see Misha/Castiel have a *much* larger role toward the end of the 7th season, and in the 8th season.

  11. I like Cas, but let’s face it – he is just supporting character. Supernatural is a show about DEAN and SAM! Everyone else can go, as long as we have the Winchesters !

    Can’t wait for season 7 !!

  12. Honestly, someone needs to stop Sara from destroying this show. She has absolutely no idea what she is doing. As a whole, season 6 just did not make sense and the only storyline ( of the many that were taking place) that was at all interesting was Castiel’s. Kripke created a wonderful show and she is running it into the ground. Does she forget how much the addition of Castiel’s character benefited the show. He added a new and much needed dynamic. Dean has never had a friend besides his brother and at a time like this when the angst is running so high, Dean can’t lose another person that he cares about. I agree that the angel storyline has run it’s course, but castiel is so much more that an angel. He is a wonderful, interesting three-dimensional character and it would be a shame to just casually write him off like yesterday’s news. Dean says over and over how important family and loyalty is and if Dean is okay with Cas’s death than that is two characters that have been destroyed for me. I also agree that the dyanmic betweeen the brothers is not what it used to be, but that is not Cas’s fault, it is the fault of the writers. It is possible to write more that one meaningful relationship into a single show, but no they want to just take the easy way out and destroy one of the main characters. I’m just so upset over these interviews with Sara, I hope someone does something to fix what has been broken.

    • This ^

  13. What show are you watching? How much was he actual in season 6. If you added up all his screen time I would be surprised if it was even over 2 -3 hours all freaking season. He isn’t a main character and the show will go on.

    • You are right, he wasn’t in much of this season, but he should have been. Especially considering the fact that the big twist at the end of the season was about him. You are also correct that the show would go on without him, but in my opinion the show would suffer for it. Whether or not you like him as a character, the fact remains that there is a large section of the fandom who likes this character and relates to this character and were upset that he wasn’t in this season much and are going to remain upset if he’s not in next season. I think he is a main character. The writers have stressed that Castiel is now a part of the family, and it is just going to upset me if Dean can so easily move on from Cas after everything that Cas has sacrificed for Dean. I don’t think it’s true to the character of Dean and I don’t think it’s fair to Cas.

    • I so agree. I think Castiel had moments of being a great character and moments of being pushed in the story just to be there. I enjoyed his relationship with Dean on and off throughout the last couple seasons, however I’m ready to move on to seeing new characters introduced. New characters have been introduced throughout all seasons of Supernatural. I think his presence in the show has been enjoyable but way overblown. I mean I’m sure you can still find Misha on twitter or at every Supernatural convention. Season 6 was a mess and I’m hoping for something more cohesive next year. If that means no Cas or very little Cas I’m down with that.

  14. In season 7, Misha Collins will have the same status as Jim Beaver – guest star. He probably just wants to spend more time with his baby boy. As for me, I’ve not been able to see Castiel as ‘family’. Bobby – yes. Bobby’s been there for the brothers since season 1. Castiel, IMHO, has been crow-barred into episodes that would have worked just as well without him. For me, the show will ALWAYS be about the brothers. Everyone else comes and goes but Sam and Dean are the heart and soul and foundation of Supernatural.

    • I completely agree with Carol Annly–the show is about Sam and Dean. I like Misha and Castiel as a character (though I am most angry with what he did to Sam at the end of S6) but, to be honest, I can take Castiel or leave him. The three I can’t say the same about are Jim, Jensen, and Jared. Those three have become my favorite actors and I want to see Jim there until the series finale (which will hopefully be in about ten years or so).

      As far as Sera running the show into the ground…I respectfully disagree. Yes, S6 was difficult at first. We were dealing with several different story lines: Dean living a “normal, apple pie life,” Sam hunting in secret with Grandpa Campbell and the cousins, Sam without a soul, and Castiel playing Benedict Arnold.

      I liken S6 to S1–the five year story arc ended exactly as Kripke wanted it to…they had to get a new story arc going. Sure there were some bumps…but 6.04 was amazing (thank you Jensen!), and from episode 6.11 forward each episode just kept getting better and better. I, personally, cannot wait to see what Sera and company have in store for us in S7 and, hopefully, beyond. I think she’s done an incredible job as show-runner. And keep in mind, Kripke is still hanging around a lot to make sure that everything stays within the framework of the show he created.

      One thing I do hope for in S7 and beyond…well…two things: 1) Jensen directs again (I think he is directing 7.02 but don’t quote me on that) and that we see the Amulet again before the series ends. Oh…and that Jim is there until the series finale. Okay, okay…one more. That we have lots more seasons of Supernatural to come! I could easily handle another three to five seasons of Supernatural. I definitely think we can surpass Smallville’s 10 seasons and I hope we do.

      One last thing then I’ll quit my novella. I want Supernatural to end as it came in. On its own terms. I don’t want CW to decide not to renew us and that be how we end. I want the show to say “okay, this is our last season” and go out on our own terms. And no one, and I mean NO ONE can replace Jared or Jensen. When one or both of them decide they’ve had enough, then the show should end.

      There’s my two cents. Hope it was worth it! :)

  15. People will rant and rave about the show being about the brothers but honestly, is it so ridiculous to want Sam and Dean to have some freaking friends in their life? The guys are never happy and they have no one besides Bobby – who is also a miserable alcoholic hunter. Can’t we just have another reoccurring character? It won’t take away from your precious brotherhood moments to let them having a surviving friend, ya know.

    Cas’ storyline is one of the most interesting things to evolve in this show which is, honestly, extremely repetitive. If he’s gone, I see myself getting real bored, real fast.

    • Nick

      this may sound odd, but I’ve never felt the show was about the brothers. I always felt the show was about family period not just brothers and there is more than one type of family. Family is more than just Blood. Bobby is family and I feel at this point Cas has become family.

  16. I’ll be interested to see whether Castiel is gone or not, his character and the focus on his badly written lackluster fanservice storyline is one of the main reasons I’ve stopped watching the show. Would love to see the angels in their entirety gone, might entice me to watch the show again. And for those who say this show isn’t about the 2 brother . . . I feel we’ve been watching an entirely different show, really did you miss who the 2 primary characters are?

    • I’m sorry, but I disagree with everything you said.

      Castiel and the Angels helped keep the show from get show from getting stale and too repetitive. I would of stopped watching with out them.

      The Two main characters may be Sam and Dean, but the show is about far more than just them and anyone who actually has paid attention should know that.

      Star Trek TNG focuses on one crew , but it’s about far more than just a group of people exploring space.

      You should learn to scratch beneath the surface of things or you’ll never enjoy them to their fullest.

  17. Sam&Dean,Sam&Dean,Sam&Dean… does it not sound repetitive enough? Of course I need the angels specially Cass (even with badly written role) to make the story interesting. Once he is written out of the script, I’ll be flipping to the next channel.

  18. I’ve watched Supernatural from the pilot episode and if Castiel does not return I shall not watch it anymore, not out of anger or bitterness, but simply because they’ll be nothing there to keep me watching.

    Unlike many fans here, I do not want to see the equivelent of season one of Supernatural over and over again.

    Shows need to evolve and move on.

    I don’t need Cas to remain an angel or even for him to be a main character, but I am sick to death of Sam moaning and angsting and Dean dealing with Sam’s issues.

    I don’t think a show going back on itself is a good thing and I don’t like the two main characters once again being left all alone in the world; I like them having people like Bobby and Cas, even if it isn’t permenant. It’s like having a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer began with Buffy, Zander, Willow and Giles. They added people like Angel, Faith, Dawn and Andrew and the show went on to bigger and better things every season and now is a legendary show with a great legacy.

    Adding characters isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t take away from the original characters, you just have to write them well. If the Supernatural writers haven’t that ability then the show doesn’t deserve to survive.

  19. I’m an ardent fan of SPN. But I have to confess, that was not always the case. What was once a series I watched when I was awake or there was nothing else better on, became a must see series when Misha Collins came on as Castiel. His portrayal of Castiel drew me hooked lined and sinkered. As interesting as the Winchester boys’ adventures are, it was Collins’ unique and quirky interpretation of Cas that was the catalyst to my continued and constant viewing of the series. I’m afraid, without him, many of the newly acquired fans may lose interest and just like me, look for other series on offer. It was never just the stories that drew the fans in. It was the unique personalities that the actors brought into the characters they played that was the real magic. Misha Collins appears to have that midas touch and letting him go is a waste of an opportunity to extend the story.

  20. i think that they shouldnt cut misha/castiels role, it would be a really good storyline if he somehow was brought back and fixed his relantionship with the winchester brothers, to be honest the storyline is getting seriously boring,if castiel suddenly showed p in it it would bring back a lot of veiwers, its clear that misha is popular, so why not listen to the public. bring him BACK <3

  21. seems that ever since Sara Gambill is the main writer now that the show is nothing that the fans are appreciating…the classic rock music she stops that and now Cass & Bobboy both leaving why do certian people feel the need to fix something that isn’t broken. Sara needs to be the one to leave and Eric needs to come back as writer. Sara is ruining the show Bobby & Cass are as much of the show as Dean & Sam and if she continues they are going to loose alot of die hard fans because she’s not being creative she’s being stupid with her decissions and its going to effect the show drastically. Sara needs to go and Cass & Bobby need to come back ASAP…Has she not been keeping up with the show for the last 7 seasons…Cass & Bobby are who Dean & Same turn too…please kill her off

  22. Misha-Cass is my only reason to watch SPN now. I hope his temporary absence is for a more eye-catching coming back. Everything Cass gave for the Winchesters but the brothers seem to be so indifferent to him–they even never actually tried to understand Cass. I’m still looking forward a solution for that.

  23. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Castiel but I don’t hate him. That being said I feel the point is being missed personally. SPN was first and foremost about Dean/ Sam with supporting characters around them and while Castiel did become an integral cog to the story I still feel it is about Sam and Dean’s journey. And for too long that aspect had vanished. It’s been long enough, can we pin the focus back to the brothers and not everyone else, please.