‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Midseason Finale Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 7 midseason finale Supernatural Season 7 Midseason Finale Review & Discussion


Now that the Thanksgiving celebrations have come to an end, it’s time for the return of Supernatural. Unfortunately, this return is short-lived, as we have come to the newly crowned midseason finale. Breathe it in, folks, because this is the last episode of Supernatural for 2011.

Throughout Supernatural’s seven year run, numerous characters have jumped in and out of the series, as Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) make their way through the current apocalyptic predicament that stands before them. While the majority of these characters rarely last long enough to become memorable, there have been a few that have held strong in the hearts and minds of Supernatural fans. And then there’s Bobby (Jim Beaver).

The tough-as-nails junkyard proprietor, Bobby Singer, has been somewhat of an enigma in the series. His role, which initially was to help Sam and Dean track down their father in the series’ first season, has grown exponentially through the years, however, we never knew much about him.

Mirroring Sam and Dean’s relationship with Bobby, we, the audience, only knew slight pieces of his past. As Supernatural progressed and began revealing aspects of Bobby’s life, there was a duality in the manner in which profound revelations in Bobby’s past not only shocked the audience, but it also shocked the two Winchester brothers.

An episode here and there, scattered amongst seasonal arcs, will shine a light on the mysterious man that is Bobby Singer. As each layer of Bobby’s past is slowly peeled backed, we begin to get a better look at the life he once had, and how he painfully lost it all.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale2 Supernatural Season 7 Midseason Finale Review & Discussion

The Supernatural season 7 midseason finale is not only the best episode of the season, but it also turned Bobby’s life into a proverbial open book for the audience. Using the familiar storyline of a character attempting to save their life by reflecting upon it (you might be surprised how often it occurs), Bobby, who is stuck within his memories, must replay various events in his life, in an attempt to find a way to send an important message to Sam & Dean.

While theoretically there isn’t must of a difference between the various televisual forms of this storyline and what Supernatural is presenting, it’s the manner in which this element that was executed that not only sets itself apart, but also raises itself above all other attempts. By using a character like Bobby – a character that seemingly has no past – each and every scene was equally as intriguing as it was impactful.

Having to begin his journey with happy memories and then progressing to unhappy ones, the audience is allowed to see the entire scope of Bobby’s life. As each memory quickly shifted to the next, we’re not only allowed to take in each memory on our own, but then we hear Bobby’s commentary about that memory and what it means to him.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale3 Supernatural Season 7 Midseason Finale Review & Discussion

Serving to engage viewers with every turned, we’re presented with particularly painful encounters, which seem important visually, but turn out to be nothing more than a common occurrence for Bobby. Thanks to the return of Bobby’s not-so-friend-yet-friend Rufus (Steven Williams), the audience’s questions and comments are seamlessly conveyed through him, as if they knew what we’d like to hear more about.

What’s surprising is that all of these brilliant crafted character moments are occurring without the actual presence of Sam and Dean, the series’ leads. Proving that this may very well be Sera Gambles opus, she was able to craft one of the best episodes of the series by barely including Sam and Dean’s present storyline.

Taking note that it’s over half-way though the episode before Sam and Dean are really involved in this episode, the Supernatural midseason finale never felt that it was missing something. While previous supplementary episodes that pause the current season story-arc can sometimes feel like filler, there was never a moment when you wondered (or cared) about progressing the overall story. If anything, it was all about reveling in the heartbreakingly beautiful adventure that our fallen hero is forced to undertake.

supernatural season 7 midseason finale4 Supernatural Season 7 Midseason Finale Review & Discussion

But then reality beings to set in and we’re informed of what’s occurring. Lying in a hospital bed, Bobby is reliving moments of his life in his head. On the outside, we find out that his brain is shutting down. Each and every time Bobby ventures into another memory, there’s fewer places to go.

In move that most likely emotionally drained all those watching, Bobby is left with only memory: his happiest one. As Sam and Dean slowly enter the memory and begin joking around, we realize that Bobby’s happiest memory is spending time with these two boys he watched grow up.

Despite being difficult to envision the series without Bobby in it, one can’t deny that this would be the best way he could go out. Even though Sam and Dean have died (multiple times), it was always shocking, but never emotional. Perhaps it’s the fact that they are the two main characters.

While Bobby’s role in the series can be debated for hours and hours, this is the first time where a characters fate could go either way, or where the time and care given to a character’s death would have been more than appropriate.

Given the circumstances presented, the character of Bobby could easily exit after this brilliant episode.

Of course, there is the old Supernatural rule: *nobody is ever really dead.

And then there’s that asterisk… for when they really do die.


Supernatural returns Friday, January 6, on The CW

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  1. so is bobby dead?

  2. why they have to take bobby man had tears in my eyes love his little comments he makes

  3. Am I crazy, or was that Rob Benedict who played the reaper?

    • IDK… but i would have much rather it had been Tessa

    • It was not although they look a lot alike. That actor had been in a few episodes of Dark Angel with Jensen in season 2.

  4. Excellent episode with really no supernatural creatures. This episode dove deep into the mind of Bobby and showed us a different side of the character with his father issues but still focused on him as a hunter when he regained consciousness briefly to warn Sam and Dean about the leviathans’ plans. If Bobby is really gone, this was a fitting end to his character (unlike Castiel’s lackluster demise). This is the way of this show, characters die…even fan favorites.

    • My prediction is that Bobby is dead, for now just like Cas. Towards the end of the season, Dean will die leaving Sam all alone in his own personal hell. And they’ll all be alive next season.

      • I’m guessing that with the chemistry with Bobby and Jody a pleasantly surprising plot line now expectedly dropped, I have a feeling that when Cas returns sometime during that arc Bobby will come back. Or maybe I just made a bad joke.

  5. Would Bobby rather be a ghost-still around to help Sam and Dean if and when he can, or would he pass over? I do not know, but it seems to me that he would continue to fight for his life as long as possible and even beyond that. Jim Beaver is such a good actor in this role. I liked him a lot in Deadwood, too. I guess if Supernatural can bring back Rufus, Jo Harvell, and most of the other characters that have died on this program, they can bring Bobby back as a ghost to help Sam and Dean. It’s possible that Bobby is resucitated and/or lies in hospital/coma for a while. This is going to be a long wait.!!

  6. This is the perfect opportunity for Cass to come back and bring back Bobby or some curveball with Crowley since he’s on there side for the time being.

  7. Touching episode the part that got me was when Bobby said that Sam and dean were his boys and that he adopted them. yeah I think there is going to be a curveball of he didn’t write about the leviathan on Sam’s hand he wrote something that is going to save him.

  8. I may be done with the show after that. I care more about Bobby than I do even Sam if he’s really gone so am I. Supernatural keeps pushing it by killing characters people love but Bobby is just way to far. He is to important for the show and it’s gone to far at this point I think I’m done.

  9. I loved that Bobby’s last words the the boys was: “Ijits!” I am also curious as to the meaning of the numbers 454895…

  10. I don’t quite get the point of killing him off right now…. I mean, I can see a “The boys on their own now” thing going on (No Cas or Bobby), but they are up against a foe with no resources, no way to kill it, and no way to investigate now that Bobby, his house, and his years of Hunter knowledge are gone (alsong with most of his contemporaries who could help the guys)……. They’ve pretty much left Sam and Dean alone.

    I truly hope they don’t try to bring Bobby back as some “friendly helpful ghost” or and angel to help the guys in the quest to kill the Leviathans, and I don’t want to see some weak deal with Crowley either as a plot for him……… Maybe they are setting up the return of God somehow

    • I actually think that would be pretty great if Bobby came back as an angel, but then there’s not much room for Cas.

      • Problem is, humans don’t become angels; angels can inhabit human bodies but the spirit of angels were created as angels.

  11. I haven’t watched the show since episode 6 of this season (because that was the last straw of s7 being crap for me) but I think I might watch this episode, simply because it’s Bobby centric. And if my predictions are right, despite how good the episode may or may not be on it’s own, it’s only going to regress the show further. I don’t really get why Bobby has to die NOW. I guess all that ~romantic build up~ between him and the sheriff was pointless. Another plot line abandoned, another female character shafted.

    • Then you really do not wanna watch this one. Like you I’m sick of the lazy plotting, and regressive storytelling this series has been focused lately, and by lately I mean the past two seasons. There’s a lot of things wrong with this episode. The main problem I have is the plot of this episode itself. Sera simply recycled te same plot from the epic “As I Lay Dying”. Seriously WTH! Bobby has been a staple in this series since prety much the beginning and if they are gonna kill him off the least that they could do is come up with some original material! GOD!!! To those who don’t believe me how about this; Bobby is in his coma fighting for his life against a Reaper, and Sam and Dean stand helplessly and argue about his condition. Sound familiar? It should because Dean was in a coma fighting for his life against a reaper, while Sam and John argued about his condition. Granted some elements have been tweaked such as Dean’s out of body experience compared to Bobby trapped inside his head, and Sam much more violent towards John about not simply giving a damn abot his dying son, but it’s still very much the same episode.

  12. such an amazing episode

  13. Gamble said this season was like Butch Cassidy and Sundance 2 men against it all killing Bobby and Cas off support that and considering there will be a season 8 i see Sam and Dean going out guns a blazing and having a huge cliff hanger with their lives.

  14. I really like where this leaves the show and more importantly the winchesters. I mean when have they really ever been this alone? pretty much never. No Castiel “deus ex machina” bull crap. Not even any of Bobby’s advice. Just two brothers against the leviathan horde.

    On a side note one scene I really enjoyed was Dean telling Dick Roman “your either laughing cause scared or your laughing because your stupid”. second best quote behind Bobby saying he adopted two boys and they grew up to be heroes.

    • Absolutely agree with everything you have said Jordan. This show is about the two brothers, as it started out. And yes, those were my favourite lines in the episode as well.

  15. Even with all the angst of this episode, I loved “angryDean” when he confronted the Leviathan aka R. Roman. Dean always blows me away when he gets this mad.

    Still, I wonder the direction of the show when no familiar character is left to aid our boys. Only Crowley managed to survive the bloodbath.

  16. Very good episode I was impressed considering how much filler this season has given us. It would be truly heartbreaking if this is the end of Bobby for good, but if it is that was a great note to leave on. Having the show without great supporting characters like Bobby or Cas will make things interesting to say the least. After Cas went nutso toward the end I cared less if he died but Bobby has always been there for the boys and never betrayed them so his death is more impactful to me. Also does anyone know for sure if the show is coming back for another season? Because from I heard at their last Comic-Con panel they have plans if this is the final season how to end it, but they followed that up with possible plans to continue. Since we are seeing so many familiar faces this season(rufus, jo, the super fan(whose name escapes me), the sheriff) he are a few I want to see return John Wichester I know Jeffrey Dean Morgan has hit it big but he should at least make one more appearance before this show ends and maybe Chuck but given that he dissappeard at the end of season 5 that seems unlikely.

  17. So Misha is coming back for a few episodes but as whom?

  18. Bobby and Cas will b back remeber Crowley is the defacto devil and if Sam and Dean work some type of deal with him to bring back Cass he could bring back Bobby or God could interven again or Death could

  19. Not going to lie, many tears were shed. When he said he adopted the boys and they grew up to be heroes, and his last memory…wow.
    This was definitely an amazing episode.

  20. i also cried friday after sam and dean bobbys my favourite sera gamble has got rid of to many characters already really wont be happy if bobby doesnt make it dean and sam have lost more than anyone could bear and they need bobby around hope it is cass that sought everything out but god puttin in a appearencewould be good just as long as he doesnt die i dont care hurry up january.

  21. Season 7 of Supernatural continues to devolve. It is quite clear now that the writers and producers have no idea where to take the series.

    What they appear to be doing is boiling a weak kettle of “Star Wars” soup and throwing in a dash of “Forever Knight” for seasoning. We have the beloved “father figure” of Bobby Singer dying and quite probably coming back as a ghost à la Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars.” It would also seem that many of the major characters are being killed off one-by-one à la “Forever Knight’s” last season.

    So it appears that the series will either finish with a terrific battle of good (the brothers) against evil (the Leviathan) and the brothers go down fighting (last season of Angel), or there will be a massive marshaling of the forces of good (bring back the deads) to force the Leviathan back into purgatory.

    Either way, I just don’t care. I’ve seen this in far too many series. It is lazy, sloppy fantasy/sci-fi writing, pure and far too simple.

    I love to escape into alternate realities as much as the next person. However, I want the escape to be somewhat believable. I also like a fit whimsy as well as a pinch of the unexpected being thrown in now and again. That is what made Season 5 so much fun! It was the constant veering off from what looked like a certain way the story was turning out. That may still happen but Season 7 has none of the magic of Season 5, so far. Season 7 has been just a constant de-evolution of the storyline so that either god is going to have to step in or the boys really do die.

    Either way I am done. I have a life. I have a bunch of sci-fi books I have not read. So I am sticking a fork in it, and declaring this turkey done.

    That’s just my opinion, I could be wrong.

  22. All I can say is they better be finishing season 7 and I hate how they are killing people off and bobby can’t die he is awesome and i think Dean would go off the sane path and he would loose it and so would Sam. :/

  23. I used to love Supernatural–no other show has quite the same mix of humor and horror, sweeping epic and personal connection, accepted archetypes and blatant rule-breaking (in plot, fantasy, and film conventions). Yeah, the show jumped the shark in a big way, but that it did so consciously and with a cheeky wink is really kind of refreshing. That said, the things I loved about this show mostly died out with the end of season 5; the plot arc ended with Sam making that ultimate sacrifice and Dean getting out of hunting. What I loved about the show from season to season up until season 6 is that it all built up to that final moment–it was poetic, it was true to character, and it made SENSE. And it should have stopped there. What I really hate more than anything else is when a good show doesn’t know when to stop. Season 6 was a bit disappointing and strangely paced to say the least, and so far, season 7 has been worse (the leviathan…). This episode was a nice return to past seasons’ values–creative, unconventional storytelling (parallel to the excellent Dean coma episode, and very much a la As I Lay Dying) and utilizing excellent supporting characters (which are being killed off for no apparent reason? Unless the show is planning to wrap up at the end of the season…HUGE mistake. I get that Sam and Dean need to face the end on their own, without help and random ass-saving plot devices like Castiel’s ever-useful angel mojo and a last-minute call from Bobby with all the answers–as much as I love the characters and excellent acting performances from the Cas and Bobby characters). The Sam-Dean brother connection is integral to the show, which is why the beginning of season 6 was so unsatisfying, but I’m not sure if it can entirely carry the series on its own, especially since the loyalty/ family/trust theme trio has pretty much become as unsubtle as a jackhammer. I’m worried, and very close to giving up. I’ve stuck through a season and a half of the soul-crushing experience of watching a good show die a slow and limping death, and I really don’t know how much longer I’m going to bother.

    • Penelope, I agree, I have been watching half/heartedly, and labeling many many seasons as fillers since Season 6 started, and today, with the cursed objects episode I finally said it, SP is gone, the new plot even sounded like V, we are here to help you….

      exit scene!

  24. i haven’t watched any of season 7 as season 6 was so poor compared to 1-5. supernatural fans are so passionate about the show that there will always be a massive following i just hope Sera finds her feet soon.

  25. I Miss Bobby & Castiel like everyone else and yes they need to bring them back. The show is not the same without them. But haven said that, I love Supernatural and Sam & Dean and still don’t want to see Supernatural canceled. it’s still a good show. It’s my friday night thearpy. I live every week to see this show. I’m a die hard fan. & I met Jared Padalecki and he’s a very nice man. I want Supernatural to go on. But I say bring Dolly Parton on the show and let her play a ghost who the boys have to solve her murder. I thing that would be cool.

  26. it is very confusing the way that it happened.