Meta Times Ahead for ‘Supernatural’ Season 7 and Beyond

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Supernatural meta season 7 Meta Times Ahead for ‘Supernatural’ Season 7 and Beyond

By now, Supernatural should be as synonymous with the term ‘meta’ as its title is with the word ‘paranormal’. After giving fans ride-after-ride on the meta side of things – especially with last season’s meta-tastic episode ‘The French Mistake’ – showrunner Sera Gamble says there’s plenty more meta in store for season 7.

Last season, it seemed as though the Supernatural crew had taken meta as far as it could have possibly gone – having Sam and Dean play Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, playing Sam and Dean Winchester on the set of the Supernatural television show. While the episode was thoroughly entertaining, good for a lot of laughs (and some talkback confusion),  it seems as though season 7 will also see at least one of the meta episodes now practically expected from the series.

Though fairly split amongst fans in the love-it-or-hate-it category, the meta episodes of Supernatural have been some of the most memorable and well-written of the entire series. In fact, with episodes like the aforementioned ‘The French Mistake,’ ‘The Monster at the End of the Book’ and the McG-centric ‘Hollywood Babylon’ (among others), it would be worth saying Supernatural has all but mastered the art form.

So, with the series’ seventh season set to debut on The CW this fall, fans should look forward to (at least) one more trip down meta lane.

According to showrunner Sera Gamble, ‘The French Mistake’ will be hard to top, but it only takes one solid pitch.

“We have not put the kibosh on meta; it’s completely about somebody pitching a story that would work for us.”

“We set a pretty high bar, but hey, I thought we were never going to be able to do meta again long before ‘The French Mistake.’ And then that got pitched, and we had to do it, of course. I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in Season 7 or beyond, someone pitches something that enables us to do a fun episode like that again.”

For now, it sounds like the creative staff behind Supernatural is thinking of ways to one-up the mastery of their season 6 meta masterpiece, but a suitable successor could possibly be waiting in the wings.

Supernatural Hollywood Babylon Meta Times Ahead for ‘Supernatural’ Season 7 and Beyond

Ackles and Padalecki in the meta episode 'Hollywood Babylon'

While the show has bigger issues to address after season 6 (such as Castiel’s divine upgrade), it’s nice to know that Gamble, Padalecki and Ackles (along with the rest of the Supernatural team) are willing to do these entertaining, one-off episodes that give brief respite to the increasingly serial nature of Supernatural.

Perhaps the lion’s share of the credit should be given to scribe and executive producer Ben Edlund (Firefly, Angel) – for not only blessing us with his creation The Tick, but for writing the meta episodes ‘Hollywood Babylon’ and ‘The French Mistake’.

Here’s hoping Mr. Edlund takes another shot at meta in season 7.


Supernatural returns Fridays @9pm this fall on The CW.

Source: Zap2It, TV Line

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  1. I hated that episode. It wasnt half as clever as it thought it was. Only the Misha/Cas stuff was funny.

    • Really? I loved it. Was my second fave of the season and easily in my top 15 of the series. I thought it was fantastic.

  2. At this point, I think the only way they could top ‘the french mistake’ is if they reversed the situation: Jensen and Jared sent into the Supernatural world and forced to survive as Sam and Dean. But who knows? There might be a better story than that somewhere in the world.

    • That sounds interesting really. Actors as real ghostbusters. Unless they were like their characters, would they live long though?

      • What if? Jensen & Jared came face to face with Sam & Dean….

    • I think that’s the only idea I could like for another ‘meta’ as I don’t like the sound of them doing another as the love-it-or-hate-it category I was somewhere in the middle. I’d be curious as hell to see what a Jensen and Jared would do in a Sam and Dean situation.

  3. I like the Meta episodes, but I’m still more concerned about the fate of Misha Collins’s Castiel. I wish Sera would more fully address that issue rather than just leaving it an open book. That is frustrating.

  4. @kevin

    how did you get “…Sera Gamble says ‘Supernatural’ has plans for more meta stories..”


    “I wouldn’t be surprised if at some point in Season 7 or beyond, someone pitches something that enables us to do a fun episode like that again.”???

    Plans? Clutch straws much?

    I will totally forgive you though for ‘The Tick’ love you displayed at the end ;)

  5. I thought that one was funny, but what was even funnier was the time the Trickster had them stuck in one TV genre after another…Especailly where they were like brothers from some goofy 60′s sitcom. In fact I think the few episodes with the Trickster before they went mega serious with the apocolypse and all was some of the funniest shows ever in the series. I just watched their first meeting and laughed so hard when the gave their own interpretations of the stories that I couldn’t hear dialog. Sometimes Supernatural is a down right sitcom it’s so funny. Mets was pretty funny because they spoofed themselves….Amd you can just see they have so much fun doing it….Bringing comic relief between all those dark episodes is part of what makes this such a great series,,,,,

    • To this day my fave comical episode of supernatural is where the Trickster kills Dean over and over again. All the new ways he days get funnier and funnier each time. sometimes his death reverted to something as simple as the line “Dude do these tacos taste funny to you? “

      • Yeah. I think in all episodes that went for mainly comedy in Supernatural that particular episode was the only one that had me laughing the entire time. One of my favorites was when Sam finally snapped and accidentally killed Dean. Personally the Trickster sitcom episode fell flat to me.

  6. Hey,
    As for myself, I really like Ben Edlund, but I consider meta eps to be an excuse for poor writing. Or bad ideas. Mostly both. With a show like Supernatural, where it is kind of at a premium to keep up a certain tone, playful of funny episodes do not have a valid place. I know the fans “love” them–but the fans love Wincest and Destiel, too, so does that mean we should do episodes that are Wincest or Destiel-centric? Maybe I shouldn’t ask that…

    • Are you crazy? The show needs the comic relief episodes, as a break from the constant doom and gloom. I personally love that they don’t take themselves too seriously and are even willing to make fun of themselves. Plus, Jared and Jensen do an amazing job with them and Misha was epic in in The French Mistake. “You guys really punked me. I’m totally gonna tweet this one. ‘Hola mishamigos. J2 got me good. Really starting to feel like one of the guys.’”

      • Am I crazy? No, but you have no tastes, sir. Someone out there must be eating all that processed cheese Kraft makes–and it must be folks like you, who enjoy meta junk-food eps like “The French Mistake.” Junk food is a great thing–IN VERY, VERY SMALL DOSES!!! But SPN has a habit of overdoing things, and meta episodes are one of those. What the writers need to do is consider building up their horror cred with some tight, suprising story turns, intelligently written and sensitively handled character elements, and better special efffects, NOT morre junk meta!

        • I think you need to remove the stick that’s so clearly lodged up your butt and develop a sense of humour. Most people enjoy the change of pace from all the angst-ridden, end-or-the-world drama. The meta episodes (or any of the other comedic episodes) are not “junk food”. I’d like to see you try to write a more entertaining hour of television. I think it’s laughable that someone complaining about dumb writing doesn’t even know how to spell EFFECTS or MORE. If you don’t like the wring then there’s an obvious solution. DON’T WATCH THE SHOW! And don’t go on the internet and bash it.

          P.S. By the way, they don’t have a huge budget for special effects. They do their best and I think their special effects are usually very good. So stop being a TROLL.

  7. @Van, I violently disagree. I think meta epis are hilarious. Supernatural would be boring (for lack of a better word) without them. ‘Mystery Spot’, and ‘Changing Channels’ were side-splittingly funny! I also loved, ‘Monster at the end of this Book’. So no, they’re not “An excuse for poor writing”, they’re brilliantly written epi’s, that come along just in time, to lighten the darkness.

    • You wanna “Lighten the Darkness”? READ THE FUNNY PAGES! You make my point about fans actually being toxic to the shows they profess to love better than anyone, my dear. Horor/suspense is among the most difficult genres of fiction to write, and polluting it with overdone humor is a mistake, always. Makes the entire premise seem questionable, and therefore unworthy of serious regard.This is why so many publishing houses treat horror fiction as the bastard child of fine literature. As for TV, well…pretty bad track record for horror/suspense, which is why I do not want TOO MUCH EMPHASIS on humor in the show. Besides, the American idea of humor relies on slapstick idiocy, rather than subtlety, and is crass. All the eps you referenced are part of SPN’s unfortunate habit of pandering to the lowest-common-denominator members of the fanbase, along with the newby teenage girl segment they have recently decided to court. So, frankly, your point is lacking.

      • While I disagree with everything you said it really doesn’t matter because your argument is completely invalid. Why? Because you’re acting like a rude troll insulting people and an entire country.

        • So, anyone who does not have the exact same opinion as a bunch of fourteen year-old newbie fans is not entitled to express disappointment in the decline of a once-great show, hm? The show should have ended at the end of season five, and its problems can be traced directly to the current showrunner’s juvenile pandering to the new, alleged fanbase, children like you. You rude, surly little beast. Go read a book, and keep that nasty mouth of yours shut in the future.

          • I don’t mind people not sharing my opinion. If you don’t agree that’s fine. What I mind is rude insulting behavior. You insulted an entire country and every one who disagrees with you. You are incapable of mature behavior.

            It’s ironic the way you insult every one calling them children and other insults of that nature considering your incredibly immature behavior.

            You do know it’s possible to disagree with people with out insulting them and their view points? It’s possible to share an opposing opinion with out being rude and hateful. It really is. Try it some time.

            Also I’m not a child, I read many books and don’t call people rude with out looking in the mirror. Have you ever seen the rules to this site?

            Try acting like something other than a 14 year old who just realized they can spread hate on the internet.

            No one is upset with you because of your view point. It’s a valid OPINION. People are angry because of the rude insulting childish nature you have decided to express that opinion in.

            If this wasn’t such an old topic you would of been banned long ago for breaking nearly every rule this site has. Try being respectful in the future.

      • I’m not going to argue with you, Van. You are entitled to your own opinion but, at the same time, I AM AS WELL. If you don’t like the show, simply stop watching it. Enough said.

        • I said that your point was lacking, little girl. Not that you were not entitled to make it. It was LACKING, much like your ability to understand basic English. Without adequate foundation to support a viewpoint. Listen up: You don’t tell me what to watch, I won’t tell you what a petulant child you sound like, telling me the old “Don’t watch it if you don’t like it, Fritz, ” line. Now which of us is arguing, Becky? I am a grown woman, unlike you. Don’t reply to this message if you do not desire a really well deserved drubbing.

  8. @Van Since you brought up the new showrunner, Sera Gamble, I’ll say I agree with you. I do think that the show went downhill in season six, but it got better as the season went on and the first two episodes of season seven so far have been amazing. I think it just took Sera a little while to settle into her new position. Also, what “new fanbase” are you talking about? I think Supernatural has the same fans it has always had.

    Just thought I’d throw this out there, but Buffy the Vampire Slayer is considered by many to be one of the best shows of all time, and they had some really ridiculous episodes.

    P.S. Before you try to call me a child, I just thought I’d let you know that I’m 24.