Supernatural Season 7: ‘How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters’ Spoilers Discussion

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supernatural season 7 monsters sam bobby dean Supernatural Season 7: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters Spoilers Discussion

Now that the love potion has worn off, it’s time for Supernatural to head to the Garden State. With Bobby (Jim Beaver) in tow, the Winchester Brothers head to New Jersey to seek out a creature that has been attacking people in the woods.

Written by the always wonderful Ben Edlund, tonight’s episode of Supernatural, entitled “How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters,” centers around the townsfolk pointing to the mythological Jersey Devil for the cause of all the deaths in the area.

In an attempt to find out exactly who (or what) is behind these attacks, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby are forced to set up camp in a state park and become real-life hunters (Bambi-killer, not demon-killer).

Unfortunately, a rogue beast isn’t the only thing they need to worry about. After finding out that a Biggerson’s restaurant is in the area, Dean is excited chow down on their famous sandwich, despite Sam’s “free food for a year” having long expired (you really thought he would have gotten more from being the one-millionth customer).

supernatural season 7 monsters bobby Supernatural Season 7: How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters Spoilers Discussion

Of course, when it soon becomes apparent that the seemingly ordinary, yet delicious, sandwich is making people crazy, Dean must put his hunger on hold, in order for Sam and Bobby figure out what exactly is going on – if for no other reason than for Dean to be able to eat a Biggerson’s sandwich while remaining sane.

Talk about food to go crazy over.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


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  1. I just want to say if they kill Bobby off i will stop watching. This was probobly the most pointless episode to date. What’s going on??? Sera Gamble is running this show into the ground!

    • I agree completely with Erica. Bobby is too vital of a character to kill off. I love Supernatural, I really do. But if they kill Bobby, then that’s it, I’m done. I can’t watch them destroy another beloved character. I just can’t.

    • Funny that you should say that considering most reviews think this season has been pretty strong so far. Honestly, I think this season has been much better than some of those under Eric Kripke. And of course they’re not going to kill Bobby – honestly, haven’t you read the synopsis for the next episode???

      • I have read the synopsis for the next epiosde, but I’ve also seen the promo. Bobby’s not going to be off hunting a case, he’ll be working on his own. The ‘unlikely friend’ is probably Death or someone else and Bobby remembers his past with a “life flashes before your eyes” feel to it. I think that will be excellent and I am truley looking forward to the next episode. I just hope that he pulls through.

        Also, I never said that I disliked the season. In fact, I didn’t even mention the season in my review. All I talked about was Bobby. However, since you brought season seven up, I do think that this season is going strong. I honestly enjoy the Leviathan plot and I’m enjoying the way that the writers are handling Sam’s wall breaking.

    • I agree Erica, Sera is definitely running this show into the ground and the writers are helping her. They need to get some good writers to come up with a way to end this show now, but back on the level it use to be. I know there are people that seem to like this season, but it just is not the show that I use to love and try to get people to watch.

  2. Please do not kill Bobby!!!!! He is the only foundation holding the Winchester’s up at this point!!! He is also my favorite character; I am not saying I will stop watching the show, but I don’t know how long I could get through without him!

      • That’s the episode where Bobby is in the hospital, fighting for his life. That’s what the most personal case of his life is about. What all these comments have been about is whether or not he is going to live.

  3. I will also stop watching. I’m tired of waiting for Misha to return. Bobby’s death would just be too much.

  4. First off I would like to say if the studio reads these PLEASE LISTEN I have been a long time fan of this show and i own every season to date. I personally think when you killed misha’s character off you lost more viewers then you know but I still do watch the show every fri. however if you do the same with jim beavers character I will stop watching and I think you will lose your base audiance.

    • I agree with You Marty, well said

  5. @ black mumba your right my apologies. I am just so upset that i need somewhere to put the blame. I feel that Bobby is just as important to the story as the brothers themselves. To kill him off after just having killed Castiel would be such a mistake.

    • @Erica I totally agree with you :).

  6. Great episode and a great season. Supernatural is really ramping it up and I’m loving it. I feel that Bobby will pull through although it will be a nightmarish recovery.

  7. Breathe, people.

    Chances are, they’re not killing Bobbie. Yeah, we’re not sure. That’s called suspense, not knowing what’s happening next. That’s what makes watching a show fun. I love Bobbie, just like I love Cas, and I don’t want to see either of them off the show permanently…but I would accept either as long as their death serves the story (not just a cause for directionless angst).

    After something of a rough patch over the last couple months, I am finally engaged in season 7 again. The Leviathan’s have a plan, they seem to be amping up toward truly menacing. Honestly, I’m not that concerned that they’ll kill Bobbie, but I’m going to enjoy every uncertainty-filled minute of the next couple of weeks waiting to find out. It’s all part of the fun of being a fan.

    But what kind of a show are we going to be left with if we as a fandom whine and cry and stomp our feet and threaten to stop watching every time there’s a situation that involves actual stakes?

    • “But what kind of a show are we going to be left with if we as a fandom whine and cry and stomp our feet and threaten to stop watching every time there’s a situation that involves actual stakes?”

      Thank-you. Just thank-you. I couldn’t have put it better myself. Whilst I love the show, the constant whinging in this fandom is incredibly annoying.

      • Im not one of the whiners but looked what happened to Heroes. I have been enjoying this season so far.

  8. ah yes but i have sat through them killing papa winchester…jo…ellen…ash…cas and not once did i ever think about stopping but its bobby…he is what keeps the boys together…he keeps them sane. it would be very difficult to continue watching after that. i hope they dont kill him but on the off chance they do it would be a very bitter pill to swallow

    • agreed

  9. It has indeed been an often difficult ride, and those are characters who I still miss from time to time. But with the exception of Cas (who I still think will be back, if only because his story was left so unfinished), think of what these characters’ deaths added to their story and to the show as a whole. John Winchester finally learned to put his sons ahead of his revenge, and paid with more than his life, before managing to claw his way out of hell just in time to put an end to the yellow-eyed demon. And would the boys’ story, one of my favorite stories, have been remotely the same if they had still had Dad around to give orders? Then you had Jo, who tried so hard to be a hunter, facing down death to give Dean and Sam a shot at Lucifer; Ellen taking care of her until the end while still finally granting her adult autonomy. Their death was the first time the Apocalypse became personal, even more so when the Colt failed, and we needed to feel what was at stake. Ash’s death was nothing special, but the show made up for that when he turned up in the afterlife, making heaven something better than eternal storage for himself and the people he cared about, allowing them to continue to make connections.

    What would the story have been without these deaths, as hard as they were?

    Now, I don’t think they’re killing Bobbie. I think you’re right that he’s too integral to the show. I don’t think Cas is dead yet, either, even if they do end up killing him eventually, with a better ending than he’s had so far. I’m just saying that a death like that wouldn’t be so bad. I could accept it.

  10. Seriously, I stared screaming out and crying at the same time as soon as I saw the bullet hole in Bobby’s hat. I can’t imagine how Sam and Dean could even carry on with another huge loss like that. If Bobby doesn’t pull through it would make the series difficult to continue on much longer. There are no other hunters out there that have been introduced or talked about that could fill that role Bobby plays in the story. Not only is he a mentor, father figure, and encyclopedia of monster lore, he is the force that keeps Sam and Dean from throwing in the towel. Even if Cas steps back im the bad blood between him and the Winchesters can’t be cleared in a single season. Plus Crowley and Lucifer are still a threat in Hell that the boys can only take on with Bobby’s aid.

  11. Great episode, and the cliffhanger with Bobby is a brilliant move. The boys may be deprived of even their mentor and surrogate father. That’s not to say I want Bobby to die, in fact if he does I will enter a true period of mourning.

    But I won’t stop watching the show. And the fact is that no matter how awesome he is, Bobby is not the main character. Sam and Dean are. This show is about them, it was before Bobby came on, it was while he was there and if he does pass on it will be about them after he goes. Just because he may die is not a reason to stop watching the show, its a reason to keep watching because it means the game is getting even larger and more dangerous.

    Not singling anybody out. But anybody who stops watching because Bobby might be gone, and likely not permanently, is not really a fan of the show. They are a fan of the character. Its the same with Castiel, anybody who tuned out after Cas… well melted is the best word for it, is just not showing any confidence in the show or its team.

    I don’t think Bobby will die. The next episode synopsis mentions Bobby going to an “unlikely old friend” for help with something very personal. Perhaps Death. Either way I think the next episode will be Bobby-centric, learning more about him and perhaps seeing him on a hunt of his own without Sam and Dean to back him up. It would be great to see how he operates alone.

    And if he is dead then i’m dying to see how Sam and Dean will respond. All out war on Dick and his cronies seems likely.

    • Strictly speaking 99% of people are fans of a character. For example; If either Sam or Dean died, and I mean truly died, how many people would stop watching? Bobby is merely the character of someone else’s choosing. I hope he doesn’t die myself because he is my favorite character. I won’t stop watching if he dies, but the show will be tough to get through.

      • I’d say that’s hardly true, Chris. I’ve been watching since the season 1 pilot, just because a character died, doesn’t mean I’d stop watching the show. But it would be a bummer no doubt.

        • Agreed. A lot of characters have died that I’ve liked over the past 7 seasons. I keep watching. The deaths create more depth to the characters of Sam and Dean. If Bobby dies, he gave the Winchesters some good “fatherly” advice in the van about them worrying about each other and not focusing on themselves. Plus, Bobby’s death will create an opening for another father-figure for the boys…maybe Crowley ;)

      • Hmm. The only problem with your argument are that Sam and Dean ARE the show. So if one of them died, then there wouldn’t be a show left. Not the same with Bobby or Castiel.

        • Sam and Dean died in one episode when a couple of rogue hunters surprised them and shot them as they were waking up. The thing is even though they died the show managed to show them trying to get out of the afterlife and they did make it out therefore bringing them back to life in their bodies again.

  12. I agree with Chris, I think everyone has their favorite character. I do love the brothers and I love that the series is all about their relationship, but they need some help. A series can only work with two characters for so long before it starts getting repetitive, which is why I think bringing Bobby’s character around more and the introduction of Cas was met so well. I sincerely hope they do not kill off Bobby.

  13. they could have killed bobby off in that episode where he gets possessed and Sam and Dean use a special dagger to kill the demon inside Bobby which paralyzes him for awhile. If they had wanted to kill Bobby off than they could have had him die instead of being paralyzed but they didn’t…

    • They could have killed him off many other times…but they haven’t. However, maybe Bobby’s luck ran out this time. Suspenseful isn’t it?

  14. I have to say I’m loving this season so far! I don’t think they’ll kill Bobby off I just think this is going to be what ticks Dean off enough to snap out of the funk he’s been in.

  15. I don’t think they’ll kill bobby’s character even if they let him die. Think about it, cas is dead… maybe Bobby’s death is a way to reunite in the afterlife, and bam cas is back. I mean its a little bit of a stretch but anythings possible. How times have both dean and Sam died and come back. All I’m saying is don’t give up on supernatural, we’ve dedicated seven years of life to the show, why get skeptical now.

    • I agree completely. In fact I would love it if you took over and made an episode to make this come true. Sounds absolutely awesome!!! :D

    • I absolutely agree. In fact could you make this episode official, sounds awesome!! I miss Cas :( and so does Dean! :D

  16. I have to say this season is boring. I didn’t like how they handled the leviathans. It was too predictable. They’ve done this before when the gate to hell opened. And with Sam and Dean it feels like they’re just going in circles. Maybe there’s not a lot of ways to take them after seven years, but this season feels so uncreative.

  17. I hope they don´t kill Bobby! i think they made this episode, just so we maybe can get a closer look how Bobby feels about hunting? Maybe? I don´t know, i just hope that he make it.
    But what i do think, is that Dean have gotten a bigger part (im a big fan of Dean, so of course I want more of him, centric him<3) I mean, his drinking, not sleeping, how he feels.. and the fact that both Bobby and Sam are worried about him. I belive that something will go down, and if Bobby don´t make it it will break Dean totally. I just hope that our favorite show can keep it up!!! <3<3

  18. This episode had a very unique feel to it. Nevertheless, I feel that this season is an improvement from last season’s but I am not really sure where they are headed with this whole Leviathan story arc and the story seems to be getting a bit muddled and choppy again.

    As for Bobby, do I think there is a possibility that they could kill him off? Yes. Why? Because I think that the writers are looking for a big WOW moment to end the first half of the season.
    Do I think killing off Bobby is the right move for the show? Absolutely not. We already had many big time characters killed of in the past seasons and honestly, who is really left besides Bobby? No one. I would have said fine kill him off and try to work on the Sam and Dean’s relationship with their grandfather, but they killed him off too (which was very, very stupid, why did they even bring him into the show?)

    I think if they do the whole Bobby in the hospital thing again, I might also flip because we did that before when he got stabbed and he was a cripple for the whole season.

    Sara Gamble, where are you headed with this?

  19. I thought they made Jim Beaver a permanent star, and no longer a guest star. Why would they then kill him off?

  20. Why is everyone giving up on Cas? Hes died twice before and returned. honestly how many ppl die and never return on supernatural? Not many. im sure even Rufus will return eventually.

  21. Actually when people die, aside from Angels, Sam and Dean, they do not return on Supernatural; at least alive. We may see glimpses of them as ghosts or something but they will character will never again be alive. SO if they kill Bobby, he’s dead out of the show. The best we can get is for him to become a ghost or perhaps an Angel?

    • Really because Lucifer snapped Bobbys neck and hes still pretty alive. Bobbys already died once. twice if you count the ep when dean went to 2014.

  22. James! I absolutely agree. That would be zoo awesome for that to happen, when Cas did die, I just sat there on the sofa on disbelief for at least ten minutes before I got up, grabbed my laptop and researched what others thought, hoping there’d be a chance for his return, I’m still hoping. This is my favourite show, Cas was/ is one of my favourite characters, I still believe he’ll come back.

    Bobby, come on people! You are even debating the possibility of bobby singer dying! Dude he is names after Robert singer, they’re not going to kill him off. I hope like James said that it’s a way for Cas to wrangle his way back, there was a lot of foreshadowing going on in the episode nevertheless. Like when he turned up in a trench coat looking like Cas, :( I miss Cas. :( :P

    Anyway, my point is I will always watch the show, I have dedicated half my life to it (I’m 16) and so there’s no chance I’m going to stop. Yeah, I was astonished and upset when Cas dies, it wasn’t dignified in the slightest and so that’s how I know he’ll come back one way or another. And also bobby, is not a main character, no but it doesnt excuse the fact he’ll break a lot of fans’ hearts if he dies, he is a vital character is not a main character and so he can’t die. Just no.

    But come on guys, man up. It’s our favourite show, and so we should accept changes.

  23. Im kinda glad Cas is dead how could Sam and Dean every really be in trouble with an angel at there beck and call. I prefer it to be just Sam and Dean and Bobby. Sure do miss seeing the Impala though.

    • Have to admit the 1970s baby blue challenger they drive now instead of the impala is pretty sweet though:D

      • It is a beautiful car but id prefer it be white like vanising point. At least paint the door the same color.

  24. I miss Castiel and want him to return. The way such an important character was pushed from the show, to make room for the current dull Leviathan, was pathetic. I miss the interaction between Castiel and Dean. It was a highlight for me each week. As for Bobby, on one hand I doubt they’ll kill him off. On the other hand, sadly nothing would surprise me, anymore. Sera Gamble may be looking for another big ‘shocker’ for the fans. We don’t need another shocker. We need Dean, Sam, Castiel, and Bobby. We need the series back as it was before she took over. Sigh.

  25. If Bobby has a near death experience while in the hospital in the next episode than its possible that he could bring back news to Dean and Sam about whats going on in heaven that Castiel has always updated them on. Who knows maybe even Bobby would meet Castiel in his near death experience and Castiel would hint to Bobby about his return to being alive on earth.

  26. I swear to God if they kill off Bobby I will stop watching the show. They have killed off everyone remotely interesting And It’s getting outta control. If I didn’t have hope that they were gonna bring back Castiel I would of stopped watching already.

  27. My girlfriend and I are both outraged that Bobby might die. After so many of the guys on this show have cheated death or been brought back to life why does Bobby have to die. We have both decided that we will STOP WATCHING THE SHOW IF THE LET BOBBY DIE OR DON’T BRING HIM BACK.

    • I totally agree Krys,I think Sera is listening to her own ego and not what the fans want,I swear I nearly came out of my seat at the end! The preview for the next episode showed us absolutely nothing about Bobby and if they kill him off I am done,seriously a tv show always has to have more then 2 centrel carachters to succeed those that don’t are usually cancelled! Case in point Buffy and the Scooby gang,Ncis 4 integral carachters besides Gibbs oh I forgot Ducky and Palmer,all successful shows have an assortment of different players who are integral to a show ,when Stabler (Meloni) left SVU SO DID I ! Same here they have to kill off everyone are Ackles and PADLECKI for this are they being selfish glory hogs ,or is it actually the writers cuz for the good of the show that actually made them stars if they don’t step up and say something then maybe the show SHOULD END ,IT IS NOT PLAUSABLE TO HAVE A 2 MAN CAST !

      • Magnum, P.I. – Magnum and Higgins
        Hunter – Sgt. Rick Hunter and Sgt. Dee Dee McCall
        Remington Steele – Laura Holt and Remington Steele
        Spenser: For Hire – Spenser and Hawk
        Moonlighting – Maddie and David
        Murder She Wrote – Jessica Fletcher was the only character in all 12 seasons.
        The Incredible Hulk – David Banner and the Hulk – different sides of the same character and the only roles in every episode
        Colombo – he flew solo too

        Michael Knight and K.I.T.T., The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Sherlock Holmes and Watson, The Green Hornet and Kato, Batman and Robin. A 2 man cast seems very plausible.

  28. Is it just me or were the “Dick” double entendres a bit over the top in this episode. “Dick is coming”? Really?