‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 7 finale Supernatural Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion

Attempting to make sense of this past season of Supernatural is no easy task – one that the season 7 finale unfortunately fails to achieve.

With a string of episodic storylines that transformed the series’ typically narrative storytelling into a poor copy of television’s overused procedurals, the glimmer of hope that briefly showed itself in this season’s penultimate episode was all but lost to the disjointed, awkward presentation of the Supernatural season 7 finale.

Bringing together all available (read: not dead) fan-favorite characters to help ground many of this season’s awkward elemental inclusions, there is a strong sense that the producers are attempting to not only acknowledge the downfall of this past season, but that they are also trying to make the unfortunate position the series finds itself in as enjoyable as possible for longtime fans.

Succeeding to some degree (it’s better than nothing), the somewhat forced repetition of Crowley, Castiel, Bobby (maid-Bobby), Meg and Dick Roman throughout the finale provides an artificial sense that the presented season storyline is more grand in scale than what it actually is.

Presenting intriguing story elements, such as Bobby’s description of becoming a vengeful spirit and the finer points of demon contractual negotiations, these supplemental scenes would typically be a welcomed inclusion to the series mythos. Unfortunately, with what feels to be too-few episodes actually progressing the overall series storyline, the demand for actual linear storytelling, combined with the lack of actual time to provide a competent conclusion to the Leviathans conquest, results in one continuously checking to see how much time is left in the episode.

supernatural season 7 finale sam dean Supernatural Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion

When it comes to the actual Leviathan storyline, longtime fans are more prone to pretend this season never existed, rather than trying to make sense of what’s presented. While generally shying away from attaching personal feelings towards implemented story-arcs reflecting societal issues, it’s impossible not to think about Supernatural season 7 without feeling like we were witnessing a parable on the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

Perhaps even more unfortunate is the fact that one can completely make that connection without having any specific feelings towards the matter, one way or the other. When dialogue such as “Dick’s got creamer in the lab; he’s going to kill all the thin people” is used in any type of earnest statement, the ability to even take this season as a poor parody is quickly topped by an unfortunate feeling about the direction this series has taken.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with providing some explanation of how a species of monsters would feed off the human race, the decision to include such a dense corporate environment as the center of storytelling removes almost every strength the series has going for it. Known for championing fantastical tales of the preternatural, one should never have to wonder when a series titled Supernatural is going to actually delve into something tangible relating to the subject the series is named for.

supernatural season 7 finale castiel dean sam Supernatural Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion

Making attempts to satisfy fan requests for some definitive conclusion to Bobby’s story-arc, the melting of the flask proved to be one of the more enjoyable moments in the finale. While not as emotionally profound as Bobby’s original death, it was still strong enough to make viewers momentarily forget the unfortunate place the series finds itself in as it ends another season.

Though like a perfect reminder that this isn’t the Supernatural we once knew, the emotional scene is cut short by an awkward off-camera exit for Bobby. Having “dusted” many a ghosts in series past, the visual of seeing Bobby fall to the same fate that so many spirits before him have would have certainly been the emotional punch that the audience hopes to feel when a beloved character is gone. Of course, with Bobby referring to seeing Sam and Dean again, though not too soon, we could say that perhaps the producers where not only trying to cut back on their effects budget, while also providing some sort of loophole for him to perhaps return in the future.

Hoping to find some semblance of a potential story that will help drive Supernatural season 8, fans were met with a familiar scenario that feels like it will be resolved as quickly (and perhaps as poorly) as the mere moments it took to end the Leviathan strength of Dick Roman.

supernatural season 7 finale dick roman meg Supernatural Season 7 Finale Review & Discussion

With Dean stuck in purgatory and Sam left to his own devices, there’s a certain level of intrigue relating to what exactly may occur when Supernatural returns next season. That being said, no potential storyline for what fans may look forward to was ever presented – and following the challenges that Supernatural faced during season 7, a division in The Winchester brother’s locale is hardly the hook the series needs at this point.

In many ways, the Supernatural season 7 finale was a noticeable attempt at providing some logic to the nonsense presented over the course of this past year. Though not at all succeeding to the level anyone had hoped, Supernatural (as a series) has had a generally positive track record in its seven year history.

For longtime fans of the series, there may be just enough good will to carry intrigue over into next season. Unfortunately, when it comes to Supernatural season 8, the series will be making the move to Wednesday nights.  So while fans of the series may be forgiving enough of its faults to survive Friday night, when the series makes its move next season, there’s going to be more potential viewers who, unfortunately, may not be as much so.

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Supernatural season 8 premieres Wednesday @9pm on The CW this fall.

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  1. Sad… very sad… it’s like seeing a beloved old friend hitting rock bottom. We all know supernatural ended with Lucifer… The rest seems like a poorly written fanfic.

    It’s sad to say I’m not looking forward for another supernatural season… Bring John Winchester for the last episode please! :D

  2. Yeah this season didn’t feel as solid as,say,S1-3 but, I still tune in and still look forward to seeing the outcomes. All season I’ve wanting the Impala back. I would like to see the car become what was described earlier as the most important object. I don’t want it to talk, rabbitting on about turboboosting,but couldn’t it be made from iron recycled from some evil killing doodad?
    Why couldn’t Castiel zip them across the Pacific to Australia? The oldest lump of dirt and longest living civilisation on the planet.. where surely there must be some real old boogeymen? Seeing the boys blast across the Nullabor against any Dreamtime baddies would be fun!
    Watching another classic Impala scene brought tears of joy to my face..and get me motivation to get mine started!
    I’ll still watch.

  3. This season wasn’t great, though it had its moments. I am a devoted fan of Supernatural for a reason and i have enough faith in the show to give it a chance to get back to where it used to be. Looking foward to season 8 and hoping that the writers take season 7 as a learning opprotunity.

  4. I couldn’t disagree more, and it appears to me that every fan I follow on social media are right there with me. I enjoyed the action, dialogue, emotional moments and the wrap up. There was so much potential in the last few minutes, and I was thrilled with the ending. I think we’ll have a truly compelling season long arc in S8, Sam trying to find and save Dean, Dean trying to survive against all the monsters he ever put in Purgatory as well as the ones he didn’t! Much more important than beating Leviathans and a war we never see in Heaven or whatever Season 6 was ultimately about. Also be interesting to see what old familiar faces appear while Sam is trying to figure out how to save Dean. New allies, old enemies, each brother having separate adventures they can then share when they are re-united. I’ll be there!

    • Sam seemed to like Garth. Wonder if DJ Qualls will make an appearance.

  5. I enjoyed the finale, to a point. It felt rushed, and wrapped up too quickly, but left some questions begging answers. Since they didn’t brinig Bobby back whole again, he needs to stay dead (sorry, Jim, we love you but…) Are the Leviathan done now, or is Crowley going to try and be the Big Bad lording it over them? And what of Cas? Is he back to himself now? Is god there? Who has been protecting him? And what of his human wife? Some of these unanswered questions remind me of “Heroes”, when the writers would bring up lots and then conveniently forget them. Still, I am a fan and will watch Season 8.

  6. I’ve always felt that Supernatural really ended with season 5. I mean there is an obvious division in not only quality but the story-line from season 5 to season 6 with only thin plot threads remaining and a lot of the original intent gone. The show, especially since season 2, has been driven by a well paced, over-arching storyline that was wrapped up almost to perfection at the end of season 5, a complete story. Now they are just telling a story and wrapping it up seasonally, and even then the episodes are disjointed and largely unrelated to the main plot save for the last five minutes. It’s like the Leviathen plot-line could have actually been summed up in two or three full episodes, and everything else had next to nothing to do with the brothers’ objectives. It’s just not as well put together anymore. Of course I’ll keep watching it, but I’d be surprised to see a season 9 come on, and I really consider season 1-5 to be almost a completely different show. Also what’s with the Impala? Gone half the season and shows up for 6 seconds just to be crashed (and not even driven by the Winchesters)? Lame.

  7. I am disappointed with this season, but that disapointment was expected. The writers felt the only way to beat the Wincester’s was to constantly up the anti of the big bad guy. Eventually that leads to a ridiculous plot with illogical means of getting out of situations.
    In my opinion one of the worst parts was digging a hole with Sam and Lucifer and then getting rid of the problem by giving it to Cass suddenly? Yikes!

    The impala was lame. I definitely felt though that this episode was a quick cover up for a bad story arc. But really where can the show go? It’s run it’s course. I am much more impressed by those that are able to end when things need to end, as opposed to trying to slow down the inevitable death of something.

    Oh well, I will check out the first couple episodes of season 8. But if nothing worthwhile is happening that will be it!

  8. I think the writer needs his ears cleaned. Bobby referred to seeing Sam and Dean “on the other side,” not to seeing them again, as in here on earth. It was a completely closed door, not an opening for him to return.

  9. In many ways, the Supernatural season 7 finale was a noticeable attempt at providing some logic to the nonsense presented over the course of this past year

  10. My opinion on the finale was “meh”, I was expecting more of a fight from Dick and the leviathans.

    Personally, I’m tired from Sam’s and Castiel’s tortured personality. It’s tiring. When I saw Cas was back i was expecting him to be back on all his glory.

    Dean being in purgatory, I hope it turns into an interesting story to tell, not like when he was sent to hell and next episode he’s suddenly back.

    As a whole, I think season 7, the leviathan storyline was lame and boring. But the episode long arcs where entertaining, they were fun, like the one with chronos. Like one hour horror movies, at that they were good, ok, entertaining. And they introduced several enjoyable characters. Like Frank and Charlie, I would like if they made someone like Charlie a recurring character.

    I’m still tuning in for season 8. I’m a fan a supernatural, and love Sam and Dean and the one hour long mini horror movies. but yes, since season 5, the season long storyline has been feeling forced. If they introduce a new one next season, I hope at least it’s a good one and they deliver. If not, I’m anyway tunning for the hour long horror movies.

  11. Seasons 1-3 will always be my favorite seasons. I Loved the finale on Season 5 and think that it would have been the best finale of the series. I am a diehard Supernatural fan and love the show enough to watch it every time its on. This season wasn’t great, but it wasn’t awful either. I would say that it had its moments and I do have some favorite episodes from it. Overall, the finale to season 7 stuck to some of the classic highlights of the series including the revival of the iconic Impala and the lovable song by Kansas. I’m strongly looking forward to season 8 and how things will play out for the Winchester’s.

  12. I still love the show because I love the main characters, but I miss the action, the fight sequences especially. I can imagine it would be hard to get perspective if you were a writer on this show for so long, especially when fanatical (predominantly female as males wouldnt bother I imagine) fans keep moaning at you, but as someone who just started watching the show a few months back and packed in 7 seasons in that time, in my opinion whats made the show lose its fun side is the lack of action. Its like noone wants to get their hands dirty anymore.
    I get that they are using their brains to solve the puzzles thrown at them, but that’s whats making it feel more like a procedural cop show – and doesn’t Dean HATE procedural cop shows???! :) Whats wrong with a good old action packed hunt? I dont need explosions and animation. I dont know if the budget has gotten tighter, or if they spent it all on the crappy leviathan cgi head growl thing (so bad, but up there with the red-eyed robot things at the end in purgatory) but there seems like too much dialogue, not enough action these days. (I feel an elvis song comin on). I’m sure I read somewhere in a supernatural interview that they had the belief that less was more when it came to monsters, or that in horror its what you dont see that creates the good scare, so I think they should have not shown us the cgi leviathan head, cos that was the most unscary thing they did. The show was so dark and brooding for years and then suddenly its thrown into this blinding white, sterile corporate world. It just felt… well, sterile! But I do love the purgatory creepiness and am going to hold to the hope they explore that and not just have Dean zap his way back first ep and be over it. And finally – to bring back the car just to let the demon rip it through a corporate sign? Cruel!

  13. With Bobby really gone, other elder, intelligent hunters/people dead and all the supportive character so far of this show dead, So, with whose help Sam is going to figure out what happened to Dean and Castiel. He definitely need someone’s help to guide him as to how to deal with purgatory, how to get back Dean and Cas. i don’t think he’ll be able to figure this out on his own.

    I suppose either a new character will be introduced who will be a specialist in purgatory department or the writers can make Crowley, Meg help Sam retrieve Dean and Cas in exchange for something. Season 8 is going to be very thrilling i think.

  14. I wrote a potential storyline for Season 8. Hopefully I can get some feedback on this and if people actually like it, someone can forward it to the new showrunner of Supernatural, who is also the lead writer for Being Human.

    How about Dean stays stuck in Purgatory all through the season as Sam tries to get him out? Dean fights past monsters from the Dawn of Time that he never knew existed (Titans?) and also has to battle monsters he had already killed while on Earth. Make it look like a creepy alien planet where the sun never shines and make him fight his way through it to get out, video game style. Meanwhile demons are taking over the Earth and while Sam tries to free Dean he really has his hands full with the Demons. And where is Castiel in all this? Good question. Leave that as a mystery (maybe he is being held prisoner by Eve in purgatory and Dean is trying to rescue him and get them both out of there.) The reason it’s good to have Castiel trapped and make Dean have to rescue him (from Eve now Queen of Purgatory) is that you can conduct a long story arc around this, as Dean will not have Castiel’s magical powers, but will have to rely on his own wit and cunning to get them both out of there. There were some friendly monsters (like Bobby’s ex gf) who were killed so perhaps they will offer him a but of support during his quest, but I think we could really make this season like LOTR Return of the King and have Dean face nearly insurmountable odds on his quest alone. I do hope Supernatural turns it around like Smallville did and have a second 5 season arc and Supernatural lasts for 10 seasons.

    The second part of this should be Sam fighting Crowley who is trying to establish Hell on Earth. Crowley enslaves humans and puts Dick’s original plan into play to devour human souls in an effort to gain more power than even Lucifer ever had. With Castiel locked up in Purgatory and whatever was left of the Angels that the Leviathans hadn’t destroyed, gone into hiding, he has little help at his side. Without Dean at his side, his hopes are fading fast but then he gets unexpected help from two different corners. One is Meg who happens to escape from Crowley’s clutches by pledging her allegiance to him and then double crosses him and comes to Sam’s aid and the other is the boy prophet who uses his abilities to predict what the demons will do next so Sam always stays one step ahead of being captured. The two wars, one on Earth concerning Sam, Meg and the young prophet vs the demons and the other one in purgatory, with Dean trying to find his way through a labyrinth of monsters in an utterly dark place of formless shadows and menacing eyes and growls to find and rescue Castiel from the clutches of Eve, come to a head in the Season Finale, as Sam is about to lose Earth to the Demons, Dean and Castiel emerge from Purgatory at the last moment and rescue the planet from Hell on Earth and complete enslavement and conversion to Demons.

    • Not bad…but Eve in Purgatory?..well according to the Gnostic texts and Dead Sea scrolls both Adam and Eve never died…as part of there punishment for eating the forbidden fruit and being banished from Eden, God made them immortal so they can roam the earth as part of there penance…so she can’t be in Purgatory as she never died….how about a story line involving Eden itself…something about the next big villain or villains discovering the location of Eden and Sam and Dean trying to stop them from collecting sacred objects thorought the world (yes Supernatural on a global scale) that turn into a key that opens the gates of Eden…why would the baddies want access to Eden?…How about God left a spark of himself in Eden?.. a spark/sliver of great immense power…no who wouldn’t want that?!..and along the way Sam and Dean run into the protector of the sacred objects…none other than Adam…made Immortal to protect the sacred objects which have gone missing along with its second protector Eve….Plot twist: sacred objects didn’t go missing…they were stolen by Eve…she wants to use the objects to open the gates of Eden and wants access to the spark of God…she’s angry and vengeful for God punishing her and Adam and of course she teams up with the demons and Crowley (who wants the spark of God for himself)….

  15. Great finale, agree a bit rush.
    I believe we will have an apocalypse scenario on season 8 now involving purgatory and finally some sing of God,I belive we haven’t seen the last of Bobby, he was a ghost… Where would he go on death? Also their Father and Mother, old monster allies as well as Lillith Meg Ruby Allistair and Azazel maybe even Gabriel and Raphael, don’t forget Eve. The purgatory ending opens the door to a lot of ex-good and bad guys to return and return the series to a Apocaliptic finale now with the death of Lucifer and not just capture.

    Its a good cliffhanger, now what about the prophet? Are all the Leviathans death? Is there a war of demons vs Leviathans? How many angels are there left? What of Vampier Alpha? Will Death play a bigger role now? What are Crowley’s plan as King of Hell? Is Meg going to escape?

    If you are a real Supernatural fan all of the above questions will be passing thru your head, so bottom line… Maybe the finale was quick and mixed up BUT it lead up to a good moment for a Purgatory visit and a bunch of question, they closed a lot of story lines that means we will get a new story that I believe could return and close the biggest overall story of Supernatural… The Apocalypse.

  16. Well said, though it did seem to be a lofty review for a Friday night ghost huntiing fantasy tv series. Crikey, what happened to the simple approach around here? This is Friday night escapism. Not Shakespeare theatre night! Unless you have a different. satellite provider than we do!

  17. I’ve been watching Supernatural since the start and honestly this season was kinda disappointing. I feel like the idea of Leviathans needed more cultivation before we were rushed into it, I mean, whatever happened to fighting demons? I’m hoping that when S8 premieres in the fall it will gravitate back towards some of the same ideas we’ve seen in some of the earlier seasons, maybe that’s just wishful thinking. I have high hopes for this next season, but no matter what, every Wednesday night at 9 you’ll find me glued to my T.v. to see what happens next.

  18. I think the writers really missed the boat this season. The story line never had that much potential to begin with, and Bobby’s death scene was trunkated by poor editng, I think everyone wanted to see him dissolve into light, not just the boys reaction shots. And Cass’s lame actions never materialized into anything worth cheering about. Coupled again with poor editing choices on the Impalas return and a very lame ending to Dick.
    Too many short cuts and bed choices. I think the boys have run their coarse…

  19. I don’t get the issue over Bobby’s ending. No one wanted to see him burst into flames. That is always a violent ending and even though we know it happened, I think it was the right choice NOT to show it.

  20. I disagree entirely with this article. I loved this last season (not as much as the rest) because it introduced new monsters and new details. It explained a few facts and left us hanging for some more answers in the next season. Its a good break from the typical hell-heaven show that we saw in seasons 4,5 & 6. I liked the change-up. SPOILER: Now we know that Bobby’s ordeal is finally wrapped up, Cas is back to normal, Meg is most likely screwed, Crowley is back to being bad-guy #1 and we have no clue how the hell (no pun intended)they are going to save Dean and Cas. I’m dumbfounded; I don’t see any certain rescue anytime soon (poor Sam). But I feel like the negative feedback is overdone; this season was a break and although it lacked gumption in certain places, it was nice to see new plot points.

    • Are you sure you disagree with the whole article?
      So far, this review and the comments on this site are the only ones I’ve read that can actually be taken seriously.

      And the only reason I’m replying to your comment is simply because I think you’re contradicting yourself…your opinion and sentiments are actually, in my opinion, not too different from that of the reviewer.

      You see that this season has tried to amend things, change things a bit, attempting to move on from the “heaven vs hell”, “demons vs angels” scenarios…but notice how I say ‘attempt’?

      You mentioned how Crowley is back to number #1 bad guy, and I agree that this is a good thing as well, but that’s because demons are much more convincing villains than the shows interpretation of ‘Leviathans’.

      So in actuality, you are actually of the same mind as those reviewers who see that this season’s finale has improved the direction…but the season itself as a whole still lacked A LOT in terms of the show’s true value.

  21. Was anyone hoping Sam would suddenly start using his psychic powers on Crowley at the end? Would have been a cool twist after not seeing them for 2 seasons…

    Sometimes I feel I could write this show better. Oh well, as a die hard fan I’ll definitely be tuning in to season 8. Hopefully Eric Kripke takes more control over the storyline…

    • O yes, I was seriously hoping Sam wud do that

    • That would have been truly awesome. It never occurred to me (nearly everything post-season 5 made no sense and I’ve developed the habit of blanking out numerous Supernatural details as I watch the show episode after episode) but that would have been a very good thing. Now I really wish to have seen that. It would have made the show more familiar, instead of this psuedo-sci-fi alien piece of idek…

      I think the majority of Supernatural fans believe they can write the show better…and I honestly think most of the commentors here on this site actually can. You all know exactly what made Supernatural distinct from other shows. The show’s writers would benefit from reading this site (instead of being coerced to give in to the demands of slash fans, myself being a slash fangirl).

      I mean, it’s great that they take fans seriously, but I don’t know if turning Supernatural into cheap comics or anime is such a great idea. Did we all value Supernatural for the comic book premises, or in fact, did we love Supernatural as a piece of literature? Hell, Chuck wrote novels, not comics. Anime adaptations and comic books are based on the standalone awesomeness of the novel series themselves. So stop bloody creating comic book, DCU plots for a show that began as a ‘brothers & missing fathers & family & life & death & saving the world from cheap motels & a bang-up Impala’ storyline. Bloody hell, they used to care about using “Ruby’s knife”…so what happened? They have an episode stressing human possession, but then continue with the knife…wtf?

      The way seasons 6 and 7 turned out — no ‘textual integrity’. That was a term I came across in senior high school and at the time the concept eluded me. It still does even now, but I think textual integrity is about the “unity” of the text or something? The “integrity” of the text. About being honest to the universe created in the text.

      Season 1-5 stayed true to that universe. Season 6 and 7…had a bad case of schizo. It doesn’t know what it wants. Its puzzled why ratings began to drop and unfortunately it chose to consult the ‘loudest’ fans out there – and everybody knows that the loudest is not necessarily the most reasonable.

      I’ve been a fan for so long and its sad that Supernatural has taken the direction it has. And the runners of the show don’t seem to know how to deal. So they decided to experiment with new genres – by turning it into a procedural cop show (which Dean hates), into a sci-fi (which the ‘Tall Tales’ episode reject), or even the standard telly show (something ‘The French Mistake’ distinguishes really well…so why has season 7 turned into alien clones and alien invasion and the bloody freaking ‘lab’ and ‘projects’ and political conspiracies…)

      In my opinion, both season 5 and 6 had so much potential.
      I honestly could buy the whole Purgatory and leviathans crap…if they bothered to put in the work to expand the relevant mythos. Remember a time when Samhaine was not some cheap run-of-the-mill demon? When they made him pretty badass, even for one episode?
      The four horsemen were so bloody badass…until they made Death into an entity that can be summoned and bound by just about everybody. I can no longer take Death seriously anymore.

      Pointing all these out serves to show that the writers/directors have oversimplified and cheapened all that is supernatural. They’re so bloody determined to make Sam&Dean into Superman or something, and Cas into God…and that Fate can be killed with an angel blade.

      Being a fan for so long and seeing the show become this desperate state of idek…I’ll just go drown my sorrows in fanfiction.
      Mind you though, just because I love fanfics does not mean I want Supernatural to turn into one.

      Please. Give us a new season that has true value. If you can’t bother to make convincing overarching plots, then stay with the monster-of-the-week episodes which were mostly really well done this season. I don’t need the boys to continue being resurrected for no good reason. They’re only human, these Winchesters. Don’t let Dean’s “I’m Batman” convince you otherwise.

  22. “I don’t see any certain rescue anytime soon (poor Sam). But I feel like the negative feedback is overdone; this season was a break and although it lacked gumption in certain places, it was nice to see new plot points.”

    I definitely liked the new material, but you have to admit it could have been executed much better.

    With Sam alone I am a bit worried for his mental state. As seen in Season 3 after Mystery Spot and in Season 4 he usually goes a bit haywire.

    I really really really hope they reintroduce his demon powers so he can deal with Crowley.

  23. I hope season 8 has a much better villain than Dick. Bring in Cthullu and the old gods. Anyone is better than evil fast food monsters.

    Although I will be watching next season, this show started to lose some luster in my eyes when they started giving every beast in history a human form (i.e. Dragons and Phoenix).

  24. Finally….They can stop with the “Dick” jokes. They were amusing at first, but after awhile they became annoying…..Not too sure they thought that one out very well.

  25. As for Crowley…..Come on….Can you actually watch him and think he’s the head deamon in hell? He’s way too nice even when he’s being nasty…He still seems nice……Even that head vampire was way too nice and sophisticated for an evil child abductor. I don’t know why they always have to make the mega evil come across that way….Especially Dick……Well he didn’t come across as a nice guy…He did come across as a politician….Now that I could believe as a ruler in hell…..I mean they have to do something when they leave office up here…

  26. I like that Jon, it has a very Indiana Jones feel to it :-)

    About this season, the only thing I really liked is that the evil corporation was based off of Monsanto, who really are evil and greedy, just like the Leviathans are portrayed to be. They are doing the same things in polluting the environment and putting dangerous chemicals in our foods (which is why their products are banned in Europe, just not in America because their officials work at the FDA and USDA so they get by without any regulation) but obviously dont have the demonic angle (although one never knows.)

    I dont think Bobby burst into flames, (which implies going to hell) but probably saw the white light and went to Heaven. If you noticed the reflection of the white light in the faces of Sam and Dean, he was going to heaven and did not burst into flames.

    I also think the Monster “Orignals” like the Father of the Vampires will play a major role in the next season, this was implied in the last episode where he told Sam and Dean “See you next season.” Perhaps this is a hint at some kind of monster consolidation to take over the whole planet.

    About Eve, Im not sure she is the same as the biblical Adam and Eve, as she seems to be the mother of all the monsters. Maybe she is though, but then we have the issue of where and who is Adam? lol. Maybe the yellow eyed demon and Lilith are in Purgatory too, which would bring back some well known adversaries as Sam tries to find Castiel and come back to Earth. Maybe we could bring in some of the ancient demons from prebiblical times like Baal or even Cthulu since they had HP Lovecraft stories mentioned in some of the episodes. I am pretty excited about it, as I’d like to see some of these “other dimensions” brought into the show, like was done with Angel. Too bad Angel didn’t have a Season 6 because it looked pretty amazing in comics After the Fall and Demons taking over LA. Something similar might happen in next season’s Supernatural. I hope so. I would love to see a real Dragon not a person claiming to be one. Also, I have heard their budget will be higher and there will be more classic rock music next season, like it was in the early days of the series.

    • It almost seems like this season was based around the Monsanto-Dow chemicals concept of spraying corn and soy with Agent Orange, now that Roundup! no longer works on “super” weeds (they’ve become resistant to it.) Want to know some of the sordid history of Monsanto, just read their wiki, about how they poisoned Anniston, Alabama with PCBs and Mercury and have had to pay out multiple billions of dollars in damages in class action lawsuits and how they unsuccessfully tried to bully the state of Cali into not passing new environmental legislation (they hired XE—– formerly known as Blackwater—– to attempt this.) They have also been trying to sue farmers when their “patented” seeds are transported onto farms via birds, the wind, etc. Politicians are to blame for a lot of this, since they’ve sought to deregulate these companies, even though GMO and their pesticides have been linked to Parkinson’s, Leukemia, Birth Defects and Infertility (even among farmers and farm workers, not just consumers), based on research done in Europe, South America and Australia, where their products are banned (although Bush did try to armtwist Europe into accepting them, but thankfully, they didnt cave in.) The corporate-government link goes across party lines (money from lobbyists and superpacs always does) as now Obama has hired Taylor and Vilcsac, both insiders of these companies, to run the regulatory agencies of the FDA and USDA—– like there is no conflict of interest there LOL just like there wasn’t when Merck’s director ran them, even though Merck was found guilty of fradulent drug research with Vioxx, as well as blacklisting doctors if they dont prescribe their meds in high numbers (something that happens often in the drug industry, over three dozen psychiatrists in West Palm Beach Fla were arrested a few months ago for taking kickbacks from pharmaceutical companies for overprescribing antidepressants—– which have been linked to both suicidal and homicidal behavior, school violence and are a viable defense in murder cases, just like the sleep drug Ambien is.) And then there is the whole Avandia scandal……

      • BTW Agent Orange was the same defoliant that peeled off the skin of Vietnam war vets and the govt tried to escape responsibility until it was proven. That’s the strong government-military-corporate connection here.

  27. Hey! I’ve got the perfect way to end Supernatural when they finally do. Dean wakes up on Sams couch with a hell of a hangover and finds Sam is about to graduate college….And then comes the Bob Newheart minute….This was all a single night of dreaming for Dean after getting slipped some new experimental drug by some lab geek friend of Sams….And watch Dean try to deal with that reality…..I know they did something like this before, but this could be a whole different level of strange….

  28. I’m pretty bummed about this season. There are always individual episodes that are really good, but the overall trajectory of the season just wasn’t there. Enjoyed Lucifer harassing Sam, mostly because Lucifer is so great at nagging.
    The leviathan were just boring villains. They were almost TOO unstoppable, to the point that I just didn’t care anymore. Angels and Demons are WAY more fun.
    Really looking forward to Jeremy Carver’s return, I don’t think the show is a lost cause, I just think it needs the right person behind it.

  29. Anyone else think Supernatural Season 8 should start with sam saving dean from purgatory and then realizing this all was really just actually Lucifer’s mind game on him and then being rescued by chuck?

    • Now that is a great twist
      And possibly the only way to redeem the show and make it “Supernatural” again

      or Sam could still be stuck in the cage (which is SEPARATE from standard hell, i don’t know why the show insist that its part of the hell Dean went to with corporeal torture of human souls…and surely its not just Lucifer in the cage now, but Michael as well — something the show doesn’t care about) and events in season 6 & 7 could be redone properly this time…

      but by the time the shows writers read this it’ll probably be 2014…
      hey you know, they could actually work with the whole apocalyse2014 thingo

      wishful thinking…