‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Likely to Happen

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supernatural season 7 Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

It appears that fans of Supernatural will be following the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester through their paranormal conflicts for at least one more year.

While television’s favorite brotherly duo are currently battling the repercussions of the Apocalypse, The CW is focusing on the future of this successful Friday night series…and as of now, the future looks good!

Speaking with E! Online, CW president Dawn Ostroff revealed:

“We haven’t officially picked anything up yet, but [Supernatural] is doing so well—and it’s doing better on Friday night than it was on Thursday night—so I can’t imagine we won’t pick it up.

“We haven’t started talking about next year, but I’d be shocked if we didn’t pick it up.”

As Ostroff noted, nothing is official. Fortunately, when a television network president says that a particular show is doing so well that they’d be “shocked” if it wasn’t picked up, the whole notion of it being “official” is really a moot point.

Of course, one has to ask: If The CW is so interested in renewing Supernatural for seventh season, what – if anything – could prevent this series for coming back? Simply put, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

supernatural jared jensen Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

Follow the completion of Supernatural’s current season, both Padalecki and Ackles’ contracts are up. While both have attempted to transition into more theatrical rolls, Padalecki and Ackles haven’t given the impression that they’re through with the characters, yet.

With Supernatural conventions being held almost every weekend around the world (Many of which Padalecki and Ackles attend), these two lead actors will now be put in a position where they have to make a decision that may impact their acting careers in the future (read: typecasting). While Padalecki and Ackles may love working on Supernatural, one or both of them may feel the need to move on from this 6-year-old series.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. and The CW won’t be able to tempt Padalecki and Ackles into re-signing. Even though Supernatural has a somewhat limited budget and an appropriate salary raise probably isn’t an available option, there’s always the possibility of Padalecki and Ackles becoming executive producers on the series they helped make a hit.

supernatural comic con Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

Promoting lead actors into the role of executive producer is something that is often done on series where budgetary constraints make it impossible to provide them with a substantial salary raise. You may be wondering why someone would become an executive producer on the series, instead of taking a salary raise. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not all about creative control.

As an actor in a series, you receive a set salary per episode (sometimes bonuses are built in for exceptional rating performances) and without going too deep into it, you’ll receive residuals from syndication, worldwide distributions, and perhaps some merchandising and DVD sales.

As an executive producer, you’ll receive a similar payout to the actors (although usually more elements are included), but it’ll be a larger amount. So, if an actor was getting 10 cents per every DVD sold, an executive producer may receive $1 (though these amounts I’m pitching are completely fictional, especially in relation to the difference in amount between the two).

That being said, Supernatural is one of the most lucrative franchises on television. With a series of Supernatural novels from HarperCollins, a mini-series of Supernatural comic books from Wildstorm (DC Comics), a pen & paper role-playing game, trading cards, shirts, posters, calendars, figurines AND a Japanese anime spin-off series, there’s a lot of incentive in becoming an executive producer of the sereis.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see what Jared and Jensen do.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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Source: E! Online

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  1. Supernatural Rocks! I hope they continue the series for years to come! I enjoy my early afternoons from 10-noon on TNT! I look forward to seeing a 7th season!!!!

  2. forever & always i will LOVE this show ! it keeps you interested with the thrill they ignight in you. & not to forget how hot they are.
    i swear if they cut the show , me and millions of veiwers will be devistaded. i will cry. seriously.

  3. i love supernatural….i hope continue….

  4. Ofcourse there will be season 7 …. ( hofully tho )
    My best tv show …. ( after californication )

  5. i want to meet them and go bar hopin with jensen acles cuz he is always in bars on the show. BUt i aint sure if he is like that in real life. BUt i love the show its the best show on tv by far!!!

    • Where can i get season 6 i just ended season 5 and its killin me cuz i want to start watchin season 6

  6. Supernatural is such an awsome movie <3 i love both dean and sam… and im hoping that there will be more series!! <3

    • @Samantha,

      Supernatural isn’t a movie :S I hope their will be a season 7.


  8. I love Supernatural, Jared and Jensen are awesome actors. I think they should continue with a 7th season, the beginning of the 6th season I was wondering where they were going with the show but now that Sam has his soul back and the episodes have gotten better, definitely a season 7. If they keep up with the humor they can do it. Although if this is the last season which I doubt it… The characters should go out with a bang both should die in my opinion,or continue the season and take them back to the good ole’ days of everyday hunting and have them live.

  9. i love the been watching them show’s i have been watching them for a while now. i really hope that they do go on and make the best out of the story. Of course sam is the hot one but dean( i like what he eat’s) baccon chesse burger? “yes” All i am saying is just don’t leave your fan’s hanging like that. i know that is not the end. i am sure dean find away to get sam back. i hope that they also some how get their mom and dad back. but i am one of your biggest ans but not your number one fans. Why? your asking well when i can figure that out i will let you know. but i do buy your all DVD’s when i can. it heard not having a job. so i really can’t buy them when i what to. but i will have them all. But please not leave your fan’s like me hanging Please I really what to know what happen’s next.
    sabrina curry
    Mitchell In 47446.

  10. CW let Jared and Jensen be executive producers if that is all they want. People on spn have taken paycuts to stay with the show. This dedication and the fan loyalty should be rewarded – or you’ll lose a lot of viewers.

  11. I really hope it does make it to a season 7. It’s not like they’re going to run out of stories to write or stop selling any merchandise ether. It may be an older series but it it just getting hotter and hotter in terms of fans and rating are definitely going to skyrocket. Especially with the latest teen fads focusing on the supernatural (i.e. zombies, vampires, werewolves, etc.)Supernatural is in the right place at the right time. The CW and the people that make Supernatural happen are sitting on a gold mine.

    If however the series ends the stories will never stop. The anime, sales, fandom, and even tv re-runs will still keep the cash flow going.

  12. This show has really been a fun ride. The guys are perfect foils for one another. Have to give Jensen Ackles an extra prop because of his knack for comedy. I can see him as the lead in another series, but only after all us fans get another fix or 2 of Supernatural.

  13. Please CW just give Jensen & Jared whatever they want to get them to come back. If they want to be Exec Producers, let them, if they want more money, give it! We just need to keep this show going! I’m from the UK so I watch it online to keep up as we’re very behind with most good shows over here, but my hopes are up now & I adore this show so much! I adore the Winchetser boys (especially Dean n_n) And now they’ve decided to end season 6 on a cliff-hanger, I don’t think I could take it if they didn’t renew it!

  14. PLEASE ! I just LOVE supernatural, so please, make at least one more season!!
    OMG, Jensen & Jared are SO F*CKING HOT !!! :D
    Love from Sweden! =)

  15. In my opinion as a fan of Supernatural i feel a cancellation of the show would be a grave error. Given the fan base this show has many more seasons left to release, And one can only hope that the writers have not lost touch with the original concept. Season six undoubtedly left me wanting more and i would hate to see this show go off like the supranos or Angel just lost to obscurity. New story concepts are available everywhere in mythology to draw on and also in modern mythology as well. Personally i would like to see Loki reborn or perhaps he had a child. I will leave you with this thought do you really want to make the same mistake as Joss Whedon and end a great show?

  16. im from ireland and i think the that supernatural is going from strenght to strenght… all we can buy over here is the dvd boxs sets would be nice if we could also purchase some of the merchindise…

  17. supernatural is by far the best tv show ever made and should never come to an end. the story line, the plot of each episode, the monsters/monster weaknesses are all corriographed into a perfect big juicy suspense filled brain munching comedy horror show where humor, dark or not knows no bounds. i have allways wanted to be a part of it but have come to terms that i would never be able to star in one of the episodes as unlike the actors of the show i am a nobody. LONG LIVE SUPERNATURAL!!! XD p.s sorry about the punctuation and bad grammer lol i have been up all night watching supernatural.

  18. WILL SAM WINCHESTER SURVIVE IN Season 6 will Jared Padalecki Continue for A Supernatural Season 7

  19. I have been a fan from the very fiRST episode. Besides watching every week. I have purchased all seasons and have re-watched them ’til I know them by heart. Keep them coming, and I’ll keep watching and buying; can’t get any simpler than that.

    • LilMsTexas, I know exactly what you mean! I have been watching since the very first episode and I can’t get enough! I have also bought all the seasons and I have watched them time and time again. Supernatural has great storylines and some incredibly hot actors! I drive my husband crazy with my Supernatural addiction. I even have Supernatural posters in my bedroom and you can bet my husband just loves that!!Lol In my defense, he bought them for me!!Lol I have no idea where they will go with the 7th season, but I hope Castiel doesn’t stay darkside because he adds alot of comic relief. Castiel’s lack of a sense of humor makes him hilarious! Well, I’ve got my fingers crossed for another season and I hope all the other fans out there do the same! Love ya Jared and Jensen!!

  20. hello!
    please continue the supernatural 7th season with Jensen and Jared! they make the series so good and we watch it here in Finland with great joy! the supernatural is what the people want and Jensen and Jared made it what it is! THE BEST SERIES OF ALL TIMES!!!

  21. I`m such a big fan of supernatural !!! So please continue with the 7th Season pls pls pls pls !! Jared and Jensen made this show so awsome ,I watch it every time loveee it !
    Big kisses from Romania !!

    Love ya Jensen !!

  22. I really enjoy watching Supernatural. I have seen every episode and would like the show to continue on. But, I feel as though the show hasn’t been great lately. I loved season five, except the end of it. Why did the apocalypse end so easily? They could have been a bit more creative. Season six irritated me. I was not fond of the soul-less Sam part. It made the show feel different and I sometimes found it almost unwatchable. The end of season six was pretty good because of the twist that no one expected, but other than that the whole season seemed unnecessary. Season 7 better be good. I kind of wish they would have ended with season 5 because I would want the show to end on a high note, but now I need to see a 7th season because Supernatural is too precious to end with season six. I felt as though many of the episodes were fillers and that there was no real main story to the season until the end. So, come on guys pull it together! Get the show going good again.

  23. I love Supernatural!! Sorry, had to get that out of the way! Jensen and Jared are great together. If they didn’t return to the show, people would stop watching. I really hope they return for another season, I’ll be waiting. Jared and Jensen seem like they are pretty cool guys and I don’t think they’ll leave their fans hangin!

  24. I am seriously not happy with season 6 ending like that. Arghz. Make season 7 happen in 2011! If anyone is stupid enough to stop Supernatural, then i guess, no other series will ever get anywhere. Its all gonna be a waste of time. Keep Supernatural Alive! FOREVER!

  25. i really love supernatural and i watched the series more than once so please make season 7. Jared and jensen have to end the series its so interesting and entertaining. i love you both and your series