‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Likely to Happen

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supernatural season 7 Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

It appears that fans of Supernatural will be following the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester through their paranormal conflicts for at least one more year.

While television’s favorite brotherly duo are currently battling the repercussions of the Apocalypse, The CW is focusing on the future of this successful Friday night series…and as of now, the future looks good!

Speaking with E! Online, CW president Dawn Ostroff revealed:

“We haven’t officially picked anything up yet, but [Supernatural] is doing so well—and it’s doing better on Friday night than it was on Thursday night—so I can’t imagine we won’t pick it up.

“We haven’t started talking about next year, but I’d be shocked if we didn’t pick it up.”

As Ostroff noted, nothing is official. Fortunately, when a television network president says that a particular show is doing so well that they’d be “shocked” if it wasn’t picked up, the whole notion of it being “official” is really a moot point.

Of course, one has to ask: If The CW is so interested in renewing Supernatural for seventh season, what – if anything – could prevent this series for coming back? Simply put, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

supernatural jared jensen Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

Follow the completion of Supernatural’s current season, both Padalecki and Ackles’ contracts are up. While both have attempted to transition into more theatrical rolls, Padalecki and Ackles haven’t given the impression that they’re through with the characters, yet.

With Supernatural conventions being held almost every weekend around the world (Many of which Padalecki and Ackles attend), these two lead actors will now be put in a position where they have to make a decision that may impact their acting careers in the future (read: typecasting). While Padalecki and Ackles may love working on Supernatural, one or both of them may feel the need to move on from this 6-year-old series.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that Warner Bros. and The CW won’t be able to tempt Padalecki and Ackles into re-signing. Even though Supernatural has a somewhat limited budget and an appropriate salary raise probably isn’t an available option, there’s always the possibility of Padalecki and Ackles becoming executive producers on the series they helped make a hit.

supernatural comic con Supernatural Season 7 Likely to Happen

Promoting lead actors into the role of executive producer is something that is often done on series where budgetary constraints make it impossible to provide them with a substantial salary raise. You may be wondering why someone would become an executive producer on the series, instead of taking a salary raise. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not all about creative control.

As an actor in a series, you receive a set salary per episode (sometimes bonuses are built in for exceptional rating performances) and without going too deep into it, you’ll receive residuals from syndication, worldwide distributions, and perhaps some merchandising and DVD sales.

As an executive producer, you’ll receive a similar payout to the actors (although usually more elements are included), but it’ll be a larger amount. So, if an actor was getting 10 cents per every DVD sold, an executive producer may receive $1 (though these amounts I’m pitching are completely fictional, especially in relation to the difference in amount between the two).

That being said, Supernatural is one of the most lucrative franchises on television. With a series of Supernatural novels from HarperCollins, a mini-series of Supernatural comic books from Wildstorm (DC Comics), a pen & paper role-playing game, trading cards, shirts, posters, calendars, figurines AND a Japanese anime spin-off series, there’s a lot of incentive in becoming an executive producer of the sereis.

Of course, we’ll just have to wait and see what Jared and Jensen do.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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Source: E! Online

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  1. Jared & Jensen are already contracted for a seventh season.

    • Jared & Jensen like to eat puppies.

      See how easy it is to say something without providing a source to back it up?

      C’mon, sir… step up.

      • Misha Collins said it at the most recent Asylum Convention. I think he would know.

      • Actually Jensen and Jared confirmed at the Vancouver Con in August last year that when they renegotiated their contracts after the fifth season, it was for two years. Source: http://www.supernaturalwiki.com/index.php?title=Category:Season_7

        • Haha… See what happens when everyone works together?

          I knew you guys could do it!

          • From one Anthony to another, nice article!!!!

          • Considering this was your article, shouldn’t YOU have done it.

            • My article? Uhhh ok?

      • Holly crap they eat puppies?

        I’ve lost so much respect for Jesnen now. never had been a fan of Jared I knew he had evil in him.

      • It’s old news. It was reported near the end of last season when Season six was made official. Just hit google, bet it can be found.

        • Well, I found out from this website and I enjoyed the article, so why all the hatin’?

  2. First of all their contracts expire this season. Secondly I hope this does not happen. The show has been stagnent this season and I think it needs to be put to a rest. The whole Sam has no soul thing was totally dragged out thsi season. Where is teh show even going? In order to anticipate something you have to have a general idea of its future and with Supernatural I have no idea where they are heading now (remember Crowly is dead). They went up against the devil, THE DEVIL….enough is enough….

    Next I will be hearing that Smallville is coming back for an 11th season

    • They still have the Gods Weapons story arc to wrap up. And Anthony already stated that the contracts would be up at the end of this season in his article.

  3. I love this show and this season has been enjoyable. I really would like to see it continue. Do not want it to end that would really be awful.

    • I agree Daniel. there has been a couple of episodes I wasn’t happy with this season, but every show has its up and downs.

      • Anthony none of the episodes have made me un happy. Some were not as good as others, but were still enjoyable. I’m upset that they killed Crowley though. That’s the only thing this seasons that I’m upset with. He was a fantastic character and the actor is always spot on. Sad to see him go.

        • I wasn’t happy with how Dean ended up treating Lisa and Ben in a couple of early episodes.

          • I thought he treated them fine other than the ep where he became Vampire but he couldn’t help that. Not really his fault.

            I really do hope those two crazy kids get back together lol. I want Dean to have a little bit of happiness finally.

            • He deserves it. But also, I believe that Dean should also prepare both of them for whatever comes their way. He knows in his heart that the Hunter life will forever be a part of who he is and that there are things out there that need to be dealt with. He might not want that life for Lisa and Ben, but I’m sure that he has told them both enough about his past and they both accepted it.

              I really would love to see an episode showing more of their relationship. Man next Friday can’t come fast enough LOL. This break has been way too long!!!

  4. I want a Season 7
    Please to both Jared and Jensen go on for a season 7 if the show is confirmed for it.
    Please Give the show a season 7. Just one more season please give it a season 7.

    • Hey Kim…lol you might just get your wish.

  5. We can only hope that CW sees sense and renews Smallville for an eleventh season

    • no smallville should end with season 10 time for superman to take off

      • Hi Kim, Superman can take off at the end of the eleventh season

  6. I totally love the show..havent seen all of the seasons but what i have watched i love.i watched the older ones in the morning with my husband everyday.Definitely have to keep doing the show..keep it on for a lon time.and with the cast it has..love watching Jared and Jenson..really good actors to me..would miss the show very much..
    and if you dont like the show then dont watch..and complain about it..

  7. Well, it deserves another season so it van go out on a high after the crapness that has so far been season 6.

  8. Wow I just tried to leave a comment and it said it was spam!

    I was trying to say that I love SPN and have watched every episode since season one to season six and I really hope we get season 7 at least. I don’t know what I’d do without my weekly dose of Sam and Dean Winchester!

    • Jen,

      Sometimes the spam filter is a bit overzealous and I don’t know what triggers it.


      • At least it worked the second time :D

  9. Thank God. I can’t stand to lose both Smallville and Supernatural. I’m crossing my fingers for more Smallville.

    • Me too, uncle, me too

      • I really hope supernatural comes back for a 7th season. Though as much as I love Smallville, it had a good 10 season run.

  10. Wait the show does still have a way to go. Plus the offers of Exec. Producer would be way to hard for them to pass up. They are gonna need another season to make their real names better know. I couldn’t tell you other than Sam and Dean. Maybe a year of promotion with their real names would make readers look for movies with them in it?
    I already asked hubby 3 times this week has the new season started? I think he’s getting perturbed with me.
    We need to see Sam grow more protective of Dean.
    Castiel needs a stern partner who manages to bring Crowly back with Castiel responsible for making sure he earns the right to stay. At the end of season 7 or 8 bad and good angel lose leaving an opening for later. Of course Sam and Dean have to help Castiel.
    Oh please show Sam’s compassion for Dean grown honestly better making him Dean’s protecting angel towards the end.
    There is just way too much left undone. Every body is under the watchful eye of the new stern angel. No more trips to the old home life. That gagged me. With new ideas and special effects coming out all of the time, and making the two exec producers, it’s a win win situation. I hate when a show ends with a bad season and the last one didn’t go well. I want to see the show become something people can’t miss with the two actors names working their way into our minds. I mean I watch Anthony Hopkins no matter how bad the movie is.

    • Last season didn’t go well? How so?

  11. I am sure someone has pointed this out: But do your research, Jensen and Jared have already extended their contracts to include a seventh year if the network choses to renew the series. This is old news.

    • Dude back up off him. Seriously, no need to be a Class-A @#!!$

  12. I love Supernatural and I loved every season so far (although I am still mad that season 3 was the shortest. Only 16 episodes compared to the regular 22), but with that being sad. I am actually enjoying this season even when
    i am pissed off at having Sam lose his soul because I think they have just played up the whole Sam is evil Dean is good thing. Can’t they just go back to being brothers?! I mean come on!!! Sam is a sweet heart yet he always seems to get these sucky character developments where he goes dark side or dean doesn’t trust him and blah blah blah. Just make it Sam and Dean again fighting the good ‘ol fight which I’m hoping they will get back to in this season now that Sam get’s his soul back next friday. (YAY!) Also if and when they do decide to end the show (hopefully not for another 1 or 2 seasons more!!) stop trying to kill one or the other brother! Geesh..how played out is that?! Plus it makes a lot of fans upset. You either end it with them continuing on their journey being hunters or you end it with them both ending their hunting journey and getting what they want(both settling down and getting their girls!), but stop being so negative about it all when it comes to an ending.

    • Season 3 was shortened on account of the writer’s strike not a conscious decision from the network or the show. Happened to most shows that year.

  13. Wb owns the company and show, why they haven’t tried to mix in characters from their horror/ supernatural DC Vertigo lines of comics like Death,Lucifer,Hellblazer or even Preacher..Why do they continue to wait til contracts are up to decide if they’re going to continue with a hit show?? DCand the WB need to start utilizing their network better..Cmon where’s my Hellblazer already? ?

  14. I’d love for the show to continue. My wife and I watch it zealously and have all previous seasons on our home server. We’re watching through them all for the second time right now. It’s just to hard not to love the brothers and their antics.

  15. Eish supernatural has just gone downhill season 6 is a waste of time… they started showing cracks in the show round about season 5… and really how much more of that damn bloody brother vs brother can we take. Tired of it to be honest. What got me with the show was, it’s a 1 hour horror show every week… Its no LONGER SCARY the first season was the BEST IMHO!

  16. Sometimes good things can be run into the ground..But Supernatural needs a 7th season, to close some issues…TV i s going to heck in a handbasket, all of the good shows have either ended or are coming to an end and the replacements are so crappy it makes u either wanta stop watching or better yet come up with ur own concept.

  17. I think season 7 should have only demons who rip off & eat Dean & Sam’s clothes and they never get full (oh wait, that would be called heaven for the rest of us!)

  18. i would love if there will be season 7. this would be a dream coming true.

  19. Really is the best Series of last Years,and We want that it continues many years more,This way as E.R. it lasted 15 Seasons in television,there is no motive in order that Supernatural does no continue,since it is a history that has a wide topic to treat,The Paranormal phenomena, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are incredible live through the action as in a real life ,deserve an award for being the best young Actor in this Kind,Congratulations for them and his creator, We want Supernatural follows for many seasons more. Fans of Latin America

  20. I Love Supernatural. They have to keep going. If & when the show does end I will cry. I buy every season. It is a show that I can watch over & over & never get tired of. Jensen & Jared are the best. So please keep it on. Because i know for a fact you’ll have a lot of sad fans.

  21. supernatural is the one show my boyfriend and i can agree on watching so there better be a 7th season lol :D

    • Yes to a seventh season. Come on CW.

  22. supernatural is the best show. I love it i don’t miss a single one of them i even have them on DVD i hope it goes on for a wile but we know every thing always end when you like them but i hope they don’t ever.

  23. please please accept the roles agin i love it its the only show my whole family will watch

  24. I really hope they continue cuz this is my top favorite tv show ever!!! if there isnt a ssn 7, ima be quite sad…=[

  25. As much as I would understand the lead actors need to pursue other roles, selfishly I hope it goes on at least a few more years. I really enjoy seeing the character development over the years and have the 1st 5 seasons on DVD. I love to re-watch the whole series and see how the writing and acting has matured and evolved over time, while also being in awe that it was an amazing show from the beginning. The brotherly chemistry was there right from the start.
    The fans are loyal, that’s hard to come by nowadays. Please stick around Jared and Jensen! There are too few actors that are respectable and respectful on TV that also turn out a kick-ass show.

  26. supernatural is the best…
    the bound between brothers reminds me alot of me and my bro…
    sometimes we fight.. so huge..
    but family, one way or another, will never be broken…
    love supernatural..
    just go on….

  27. OK, as much as I love supernatural and feel it is the best show ever created, I refuse to watch a seventh season. It should have ended with the perfect ending of Sam Winchester going to hell to save the world. Season 6 has been eh thus far in comparison to the other 5 and pushing it into a seventh to further sacrifice it as a cash cow is disrespectful to Kripke, The fans, and the show in genera.

    • Honestly I completely agree with Anthony. I absolutely ADORE this show, but it feels like it should have ended in season 5. Season 6 just is not even CLOSE to being as good as the first 5 seasons, and it was just such a good close in S5 finale… Honestly I’d much rather see the show end on a good note then drag on another season and fail :(

    • I have to say, I actually kind of like Season 6. It’s pretty good. On that note, I have to agree that it probably should have ended Season 5. I like what’s going on but I also feel that since they stretched it past the originally intended amount it’s sort of lost it’s direction. Season 3 – 5 were mind blowingly fantastic with so much emotion and depth but Season 6 so far has been sort of…slow. There are a lot of good episodes but I feel like there’s a huge chunk of story missing. Like another layer we’re missing out on. So I’m sort of hesitant about a Season 7. I would certainly watch it but I’m definitely weary that if the show gets stretched any further then the story is going to get lost. On the other hand, maybe a Season 7 would give the writers an opportunity to expand the story line farther and include more depth. But like I said, I’m sort of hesitant. Supernatural is such a good show and I would hate to see it get milked dry instead of going out with a bang.

  28. I f supernatural is getting good ratings then its just primarily because of jared and jensen…..and ofcourse story line is good enough but its secondary as i feel!!

  29. the show should go on and on…….