New Video Clips for ‘Supernatural’ Season 6

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supernatural header New Video Clips for ‘Supernatural’ Season 6

Though it started out as The X-Files meets The Hardy Boys meets One Tree Hill, after five seasons and one masterful story after another, Supernatural has become one of the best shows on television. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it’s bizarre and creative, and for some reason you’re probably still not watching it.

Despite the end of a five-season-long storyline and the departure of creator Eric Kripke as showrunner—for, perchance, a Sandman series on HBO?—the show is returning for its sixth season with Sara Gamble, veteran Supernatural writer, at the helm. Now, just in time for the premiere of season 6 on Friday, the CW has released several video clips to whet your Sam & Dean appetite.

Whereas prior seasons operated more as action-adventure mini-movies that dabbled in horror, the new previews seem to indicate that Season Six will be darker, grittier, and more melancholy.


After Sam’s death at the end of last season and the world’s near brush with the apocalypse, Dean started a new life with a new job and a new family. With the return of Sam—how? why?—the brothers’ long dead grandfather, and the yellow-eyed demon from the first two seasons, it appears as though Dean’s perfect little life is coming to an untimely end.

Check out the season 6 Supernatural clips below:

Season Six Preview

“Exile on Main Street”


According to Gamble, as a result of the events in last year’s finale, Heaven and Hell are in disarray and all manner of monsters have been unleashed upon Earth—which might help explain the reappearance of the yellow-eyed demon. Therefore, the new season will be more akin to early seasons in terms of format, with a lot of one-and-done episodes at the beginning and a more open-ended storyline throughout.

supernatural seasonfive New Video Clips for ‘Supernatural’ Season 6

Unfortunately, the CW has deemed it necessary to move Supernatural from its regular timeslot on Thursdays to the TV wasteland known as Fridays.

Now, don’t get me wrong—moving Supernatural isn’t a bad idea. Thursdays are busy enough with great shows and Supernatural has never topped the ratings. But Fridays? Fridays are where your favorite show goes to die. Why not Tuesdays? Or Wednesdays? Or Sundays, even? Come on, CW. Don’t kill Supernatural the way you killed Veronica Mars, please.

Supernatural Season 6 premieres Friday, Sept. 24, at 8/9C.

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  1. Hmm perhaps I’ll start watching! But not if my heart is just going to get broken when cancelled, like it’s broken right now, still, for Veronica Mars :(

  2. Holly crap I can’t wait the excitment is killing me

  3. CAN’T WAIT, but I agree with the Friday night vast wasteland thing. Why?

  4. ugh.. why use links that cant be seen by international viewers? its alright! i’ll go on youtube.

    • Unfortunately, these previews aren’t on YouTube. Sorry, man. If it’s any consolation, I prefer them to be on YouTube myself.

      • yeah that are actually, added a day ago:)

        • they are*

  5. I’m glad they’ve reunited it with Smallville. I didn’t enjoy the last season as much as the first four, but I’ll keep watching because it’s a solid series. Hopefully they’ll play a bit with Sam’s death as opposed to explaining it away by the end of the first commercial break of the premiere.

    • I agree.Even though its been awhile,I loved when Smallville and Supernatural were both on Thursdays,back to back.Ive watched both shows since their inception.Alot of good memories then.

      • I agree about the good memories. They complemented each other very well, I thought. Maybe because it was an easy transition watching Jensen Ackles go from Smallville to Supernatural.

  6. I love supernatural so much when they changed to friday, due to my work schedule, I switched to dvr plan just to record it

  7. Well they changed Smallville to Fridays and it got some of the best ratings its had in a long while so im sure Supernatural will do the same, and besides isnt this the final season of Supernatural anyway? as well as Smallvilles

  8. Attention All Supernatural Fans, I have just started a new Facebook fan page called Supernatural Underground and it’s all the latest news, tons of video clips and pics and I want this fan page to be the #1 hangout spot for all Supernatural fans, so please stop by and show your support for Supernatural Underground on Facebook and hit the like button so we can celebrate everything Winchester all day everyday!
    Thanks, Angela

  9. ACTUALLY, Smallville’s ratings declined by almost 2 mill (on avg) from season 8 to season 9 with the move to Fridays. So DO NOT expect Supernatural’s ratings to go up. I would expect that show will begin to lose fan interest now becaus ethe primary story line is over with. I mean this show primarily targets 15-25 and what 18+ year old kid is going to stay in on Friday from 9-10 and watch a tv show? Most of the normal kids nowadays are either out at the movies or getting drunk on a Friday.

    Also, bringing back the yellow eyed demon is a TERRIBLE idea. Killing him off was such a MAJOR moment in the show and bringing him back really just takes away from that moment. When Sam killed the yellow eyed demon it marked a turning point for the brothers, finally killing the thing that their father and they were chasing after for 2 or so decades. Bringing him back just takes away from the significance in one of the most important moments in the show.

    Also, by the looks of the trailers Sam and Dean are fighting with each other and having trust issues….again. Didn’t this already happen at the end of season 4 and at the beginning of season 5? Have we not moved pass this point. I feel like we are stuck in the Bermuda triangle and the same things just keep happening over and over.

    I am excited about the season beginning and I will be watching (although probably not live)but I must say I am a bit skeptical about their approach

    • it was dean who killed the yellow eyed demon not sam

  10. wooo cant wait 4 new season :) love both jensen n jared playing the brothers and i think that dean is dreaming bout yellow eyed deamon cing how dean shot him dead lol :) the only problem 4 me is i live in england so i have to wait till early hours of morning t watch it :( but its worth it this season is looking better n better getting back t what made me watch it in first place :) killing as many of them sons of ——- as we can lol :)

    • lots of smilies there debbie!!

  11. I Agree, Supernatural is one of the best shows on TV. But I wouldn’t worry about the Fridays slot, last year The CW did the same with Smallville, everybody thought that the show wouldn’t last five minutes, but it proved us all wrong with one of the best seasons in a looooong time.

    I think that Supernatural has a strong fanbase that will follow the show anywhere, even if it doesn’t attract huge numbers.

    • I agree. I think the seasoned, veteran shows have the fanbase to exist on their own and don’t necessarily have to play the ratings game (quite as much) to keep going. But, overall, Friday night is something of the graveyard for shows on all the networks. I think Sundays could be included in that too.

    • I can’t comment on the quality of the season as I only watched the Geoff Johns-penned episode, but as a previous poster wrote, Smallville’s ratings went DOWN as a result of being moved to the Friday night time slot. Considering Supernatural was almost NOT renewed last season, and almost every season prior, being moved to Friday is not a good sign, no matter how you swing it.

      Any day but Saturday would be better than Friday. Even Sunday.

      • Ben, dont kill my hopes LOL.

  12. I’m thinking the part with Yellow eyes is a nightmare. I’m thinking Sam is a demon and could be the reason they are going have trust issues.

  13. I have always been a Supernatural fan. It took the place of Buffy and Angel when they met their untimely demise. I am sad to hear that its moving to Friday. Thursday was too busy a night for it appear I completely agree but Friday??? It makes me think that they know it’s the last season and are preparing for its death. Thanks a lot CW. The show is too great to not get the acclaim it deserves, I hope they listen up to the fans and keep it running until the writers decide its over and not before.