Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

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supernatural season 6 Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

[This Post is by Screen Rant guest writer Drew Hale]

A behind-the-scenes tip from an inside source at Cinema Spy has reported that the CW is in talks to extend Supernatural beyond the originally planned fifth season series finale, into a sixth season next year. This follows a report that Smallville may also be signing on for another season, its tenth.

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke planned the series as a five season story, ending in an epic war of good vs. evil with Sam and Dean battling Lucifer during the apocalypse.

The CW is no doubt trying to extend the two shows that attract the majority of its viewers. The question becomes what can possibly be next for the Winchester brothers after the apocalypse? What’s bigger and more supernatural than that?

Though the show was designed to conclude in five seasons, Kripke has indicated that he’s not completely out of ideas for the series. Considering the buzz around potential movie roles  for both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalacki, we can only hope that a sixth season will include both Sam and Dean. Assuming both brothers sign-on for a sixth season, there are a few paths that the story line could follow.

[NOTE: please keep in mind that these are just the speculations of an avid fan.]

supernatural 00 Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

Season five has included many episodes that haven’t touched on the main doomsday storyline, leaving viewers thristy for more.  Perhaps it was done this way in order to extend the final showdown across more than one season. Failing that, the sixth season could chronicle the lives of the Winchester brothers as they deal with the aftermath of the apocalypse and are trying to rebuild some semblance of civilization. Maybe Sam finally gives in to Lucifer and the sixth season finds the two brothers battling each other in the name of good and evil.

What do you think the road ahead looks like for the Winchesters?

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Supernatural has now resumed regularly scheduled episodes. Watch the next episode, “Swap Meat” on the CW next Thursday, January 28th.

Source: Cinema Spy

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  1. man season 6 would be awsome couse theres still heaps of room for more episodes you guys worry to much one thing i know is supernatural is the bomb way better then the other crap on tv the way this show is going the guys up stairs would be stuped not to make a 6th season it a uniqe style and there not going to be another like it for a long time

  2. Them Supernatural Is a Badass Show it would really Suck to see it end but all thats good must sometimes go i follow the show since day one but i bet what ever they do with the next season well be awesome supernatural never Loses is touch and every season gets better but a good way to end this series is with a Movie Showing how big this show is well thats a good way to end it but what ever happen Thanks Good Job Eric kripke for This blessing from God Show …

  3. I just went to know what going to happen now that sam jump in the cage with the devil in him and plus was their friend god all a long how he vanish at the end so all i really want to know is when the new season start

    • to be honest in the end of season 5 when dean went to meet up with his new family all you see is sam outside of the house looking inside at dean out of hell so that rises alot of questions to how did he get out and for cas he was put back into #1 after zachariah died and that cas helped dean throughout his journey to kill the devil

      • check out my post it explains some things….. sam got out cuz he made a deal with lucifer that said he would bring him back along with his mom and dad

  4. There has to be another season with Sam watching Dean at the end of the episode. How did Sam get out?

    • I totally agree. I just finished watching and i am going absolutely crazy

      • I think Lucifer had to uphold his deal with Sam, even though he was in hell. Remember that if Lucifer couldn’t take over Sam and Lucifer went back to hell, Lucifer agreed that Sam and Dean wouldn’t die, and their parents would come back? Maybe Sam being alive was just the fulfillment of the deal we saw made!

        • i am 17 and i must say that supernatural is by far my favorite show. there were many twists and turns in season five. at the end i was somewhat dissapointed tha dean kept his promise to sam an went back to a normal life. i was hoping that he would continue hunting. i also remember in one episode that dean and sam took on a lesser celtic god that got an ego boost when he found out the apocalypse had started….what im trying to say is that maybe there were other ancient beings that rose due to the apocalypses jumpstart and are now reaking havok with noone to stop them other than sam and dean so maybe dean will be forced bsck into hunting by this….. also i remember that death gave dean his ring in order to trap lucifer in order to gain his freedom and he also told him that he was going to kill god so maybe they will be forced into a show down with the horseman of death… he also said he was as old or older than god…. keep in mind these are just some ideas from a teeneage supernatural fan starved for some more blasphemous episodes

    • cuz the deal he made with lucifer

      • Your retarded there are other options besides just the deal… plus his deal had nothing to do with that nore was it in lucifers power…

        the deal was that sam would say yes only if dean, his dad, and his mother were alive after the apocalypse happened… had nothing to do w/ sam or being let out of the pit… so get off this idea that sam’s out because of the deal…

        on top of that, lucifer didnt have the power to take sam out of the pit… if he did then how would u even trap him in there… think before you speak

  5. i think the only way another season could work would be to have Sam and dean or just dean looking for god, it seems thats the only way it could get more epic, and a way better fight at the end, on another note i really liked the ending for this season and it seems like they set it up so that if the next season sucks, then the fans will have a place were it ended good and they can forget about the 6th season i just hope that isnt the case.

    • I thinks the brothers will become rivals it’s going to be epic. If u see right u see that sam has his demon blood powers e dont seem very happy. I think Sam will think Dean betrayal him. And the rest leave for imagination.

      • …. dude sam was the one who told dean to go back and live a normal life. why would he feel betrayed? im sorry but youre comment made no sense

      • Rofl at “Silva” comment.

        Sam has come back as an angel? the smashing street light only happens with angels? with demons it just dies out not smash.

        God reached into the pit and took sams body out so the angel sam could use it as a vessel, lucifer and micheal are just having sum fight in the cage in angel form.

        What ever the story is Sam has more powers than before!

        • If he went to hell how would he become an angel?

          Maybe he’s a whole new powerful beingh we have yet to hear of in the show.

  6. I have been watching since the first episode and i love it all. All i have to say from my accumilated interest in the show is that it’ll go one of two ways. Either we find God and the chaos between Michael and Lucifer is brought to peace OR….. Well… ill put it this way… Death said he was older than God and that Earth itself is smaller than a bug in comparison. There are concepts that could go beyond the Apocalypse. Im just not sure if most people could comprehend them.

    • i totally agree with you! ive been tryin to tell every body that…. im pretty sure death will be sam and deans new enemy…. considering he has a whole damn army of reapers at his command

      • lol seriously bro no offense but your theory is absolutely retarded. first off how are you gonna kill death. like just think about it u cant kill death itself. secondly even if u did kill death did u even stop to consider the consequences of it? no one would die and people would cause havoc in the world… the season 6 storyline is going to be about sam and dean reuniting and cleaning up the messed caused by the apocalypse i.e. roaming demons with no lucifer to follow. there will prob be a bigger storyline involved and a big bad enemy sam and dean have to face but its not gonna be death

        • also has anyone even thought about the possibility that sam is really sam. maybe god brought sam back from the cage and it was really sam at the end of the episode. also im gonna predict that sam leaves dean and goes of hunting by himself by the look on his face at the end of the episode. sam wants the best for dean and wants him to live a normal life, which is why he wont tell dean he escaped. i do think thoughh by the begining of season 6 either dean will have found out sam is still alive or sam will tell dean cause he needs his help cleaning up the mess the apocalypse left behind.. either of which will cause the brothers to reunite.

          • true that makes sence

            • I’m sure after they killed famine, people still hungered for things. Or did they just stop eating and having sex? If they kill death (who is really just a glorified reaper) people would still die. Although I do agree, I don’t think much of the show will be focused on death. And if Sam is really Sam, how do you explain the light exploding? A human (even with demon blood) couldn’t do that. He could never just smash things. I think he went there to take Dean because hell changed him and he doesn’t really care about Deam being with those people anymore

        • they can kill death cuz thats what they intended to do in the first place in order to get his ring and they were goin to kill him with that sythe thing that crowley gave them when he said “it can kill a reaper and rumor has it even death itself” but death saw the trick coming and made dean drop the weapon and sit down to eat pizza and then he gave dean the ring so that he could inprison lucifer and thereby free him from “a brat throwing a tempertantrum” (as the horse man put it) so he could reap everything including god…… if death couldnt be killed then he wouldnt even bother making dean drop the small sythe if it didnt pose a threat plus he said “thanx for returning that to me”

          • maybe your right but i still doubt death will be the enemy in season 6. bt the fact that he basically stopped dean without doing anything and the fact that he simply “brushed his shoulder” and killed a man makes me seriously doubt that hes is killable even with that sythe thing. also he said hed “reap god eventually” idt same and dean are going to fight something like that. i stated my prediction for season 6 above and i still think that will be the main story line

    • Now I have a couple of theories, they may sound crazy but hear me out. As you said Death said he was older than God and may one day have to kill God. I think that the 6th season will be about the come all end all form of apocalypses where God and Death battle it out for the fate of the entire universe where Heaven, Hell, Earth and all its populates hang in the balance. With out God there would be none of it and it would all be gone or death would just wipe out the rest of the universe himself. I also have a feeling that the Demon child will have a very important roll in the coming season. I mean why would they mention how important and powerful he is and then just have him just leave and never be seen again.Also believing that Chuck was God was my original reaction too but who died I mean who’s life was cost really? Everyone was brought back to life so no one really lost there life and the teaser said it would cost -a- friend’s life singular. Did Chuck make a deal with God or Death or some third Giant yet to be revealed? Keep in mind these are the ideas of a Supernatural loving fan made from the pure speculation of a very creative mind.

  7. well ive seen the end of season 5 and it ends with sam looking at dean and his new family sam was stuck in the pit this leaves many possibilitys for a 6th season say: the deavil(lucifer) somehow broke out again or maybe sam came back as something supernatural who knows and what about the horseman death hes not dead yet and he is possibly older than god so maybe he will have something to do with season 6 he said he was locked to the devil by some ritual maybe now hes free and on earth he might start to reak havok or so mething.

    • death will most likely be the new enemy in season 6 along with his army of reapers…. and sam got out cuz he made a deal with lucifer.

  8. Don’t forget there mother and father no one knows what happend to them

    • there mom got killed by the yellowed eyed demon and there dad sold his soul to save Dean after they got hit by a demon driving a semi truck

      • No, i think he means the deal with LUCIFER. that if sam won, they would be brought back. We don’t know if that’s going to actually happen or not. Personally, i think yes.

        • But Lucifer can’t do anything of importance once he’s in the pit.

  9. when season 6 comes out ?

    • please someone let us know when season 6 will start cant wait for it myron and ramon real fans

      • what happened to the boy jessy in ep 6? they never did find he did they?

    • noone knows yet

  10. ramon 16 hours ago

    please someone let us know when season 6 will start cant wait for it myron and ramon real fans . PLEASE can someone answer !

    • febuary 2010

  11. i cant get rid of the feeling, that chuck has to be god…
    just if you consider the way he disappeared in the last episode, after finishing the story…
    it even seems to be plausible, if you imagine this inconspicuous character of the show to be the actual and true creator behind the scenes – while covering his identity to avoid influencing the entire action…
    any opionins about that in here ?

    • Yeah I definitely assume that kripke wanted people being left thinking chuck was god. Thats what I thought right away and I loved it. The one thing I always loved about the show was their ability to end each show in a great way.. even if i didnt like the episode that much.

    • I thought exactly the same thing cause if you think about it hes been writing all about Sam and Deans lives before it happened. He was in the last episode of season 5 and then he just dissapeared When he said it was the end.! I cant wait for season 6!!

    • He is God. That was the reason for him disapering at the end. I knew ahead of time he was God because they were foreshadowing it all along. As soon as Chuck started narrating the last episode I knew for sure. : )
      ~I’m sure he’s going to have a big deal in Season six. Which is coming out Febuary 17th 2011.

      • I agree that Chuck is God. Prophets don’t just disappear. And as for the argument that Chuck can’t be God because Castiel would have known he wasn’t a prophet: God probably just took over Chuck, who was a prophet anyway. Castiel has no way of knowing who is God or not without the necklace. BTW, does anyone know if the necklace ever glowed when it was around Chuck? If not, then i bet God possessed Chuck about halfway through the season, or something like that. Comments, questions?

        • i dont think the necklace glowed any around Chuck because,if it did in the show i think Sam,Dean,are Castiel would have noticed that the necklace was glowing or anybody around at that time for that matter like becky

          • It burns hot it doesn’t just like start glowing, so it could have gone unnoticed depending on how faint the burning is.

  12. sam was outside in last 4 seconds , WTF ?

  13. i think Sam may come back as a demon and find Dean and they are going to have a a little fight till Sam can prove that it is him and then they are going to go and fight “supernatural” beings but i think there going to make it to were the demon Sam is going to have a dark side.Another thing they could do is Dean is going to try to get Castiel to try to get him from the pit and i think that Chuck will be god

  14. okay… wtf happpened at the end of the last episode? like same was in lucifers cage, then he appears outside lisa’s house watching dean, lisa, and ben.
    how did he get out??

    • Sam could have been stripped from hell by Castiel or God, and could have become an angel… Castiel seemed as though he’s the archangel now because he replied to Dean when asked that God gave him his power back “and more”… never know until the next season, but the story should shred.

      • I disagree. I think it was the deal Sam made with Lucifer. Just because Lucifer was in Hell doesn’t mean he doesn’t have to uphold his end of the bargain. Look it up! I bet John and Mary are back too!

  15. alright i have my doubts about the show i really want a season 6 but the way it all ended for example Sam it could actually be him and god got him out the cage and like hes just watching dean with his new family and feeling good for him obviously that the lights flickered when he was by the pole so it could all at up to lucifer found a way to get out of his cage or it could be just sam as i was saying but lights flickered remember he did need alot of demon blood to maintain lucifer without nothing going worng with the vesselso god prong him back just still had demon blood in him and chuck being god doubt it remember supernatural fans he is the profesy and then you have lucifer gabriel and michael not sure of rafael but those 3 angels are the one who seen god dont you think theyll say something like cuchk is god angel joshua also talked to him i doubt chuck hes god now it so cool cuz it ended in a way no one expected its like chuck the profesy not god told the whole story all i can say supernatural should have a season 6 and i always for some reason always thought about it ending in a wierd way and making a supernatural movie and thats were it all ends erick kripke sara gambles robert singer and the rest of the crew thanks for this show i honestly say to my self i hate the fact its all over thanks best show honestly no show can top supernatural thank you

    • check out my post it has some ideas that prove there is a possibility of a season six becouse it ended with loose ends

  16. Idk what’s going on.did bobby ever get his soul back?lucifer and michael fell in the pit and they only show sam out.castiel is back to normal after being destroyed in ways I can’t explain how seaso 6 gonna start??

    • well cas was brought back by god, and cas had his powers restored so he brought bobby back

    • i dont think he did i dont think they have shown crawly since he let Bobby walk again and Bobby is still walking so he may not have goten his soul back yet

  17. What happend to the kid from earlier in the season that was suppost to be the anti-christ.and did they grab the rings back.if lucifer is alive then death is probably not to happy with dean.and I hear season 6 starts in september when will season 5 be avalible on dvd??????

    • i dont think they got the rings back i think they fell in the hole when it opened and Sam fell in

    • i was wrong i re-watched that episode today and dean did get the rings back

  18. Go home Klepton.

  19. if they do make a 6th season it will prolly entale dean and sam fighting cuz sam’s a demon… them reconciling cuz sam “prooves” he’s still good… sam n dean looking for castielle to make sam not a demon anymore… finally finding him and him saying they have to talk to god because its out of his power… them looking for god and finding out it was actually chuck…

    another scenario… dean/sam fight cuz sam’s a demon blah blah blah… castielle comes back because death is trying to find/kill god and ask’s them for help… rest of the season is about them trying to kill death

    3rd scenario… Sam is Lucifer and crawled out the cage… but Michael is still in it… dean, castielle, and bobby have to re-find the rings or another way to open the gate to let Michael out to once n for all kill the devil, because they finally realize there is no other way to get rid of Lucifer…

    4th scenario… lastly… Sam AND his brother both escaped from the pit… and are now demons… dean n bobby spend the entire season tracking both down to kill them… Sam FINALLY takes his role as the LEADER of the army that was talked about for 3 seasons and never played out…(unless u consider him being a vessel him being the leader… but that wouldn’t work seeing as Lilith wanted to be the leader for the longest time)

    • cool story bro

      • lol thanx… part of what i do is create storylines but still… adding on to something this great is hard to do

        • you suck dude the only scenario that makes any sense at all is the second cuz death said he was goin to kill god and is one of the few loose ends seeing as how they didnt have to fight him for the ring instead he gave it to them becouse somehow lucifer made him his slave and he wanted to be free so he could reap every living thing including god……agai u suck… go home

    • dude i agree with your first scenario……

      oh and does anybody know what episode had the war horseman in it because i want to watch it but i dont know which episode it is

    • awesome!! but the 3rd story would just make the whole season 5 look like a waste.. :( . .

  20. Didn’t zacharia make a threat to chuck in the end of season 4 that’s the only reason I think he’s god and if he is I don’t think the angels know..and the episode with war is called good god,y’all! Its on my ipod..

    • thanks
      and yes i think zacharia did make a theart to chuck at the end of season 4

  21. I’ve been watching Supernatural since day one and I’ll be really sad if ends with just 5 seasons. It’s the only show I follow on TV…I hope there’s a 6th season but then again I don’t want one that sucks! I have all faith, though, that Kripke, Jensen and Jared will do their best!

    Supernatural is pure awesomeness!

  22. when do season 6 starts?

    • There’s no official start date for next season yet as far as I know. I mean this one JUST ended. :)

  23. I hope Supernatural will continue. One of the bests ( If not the best ) shows on TV.
    But if it’s going to be a 6th Season,the season better be good ^^

    The Winchesters 4 Life!


  24. Ok now lets say chuck is god now has he always been god or did god posess his body
    If he always has been god then god has drinking a lot of alcahol and if he did posess him then why would god posess a prophet of all people wouldn’t that’s defeat the purpose of him being a prophet..I don’t know,the idea of chuck being god never crossed my mind ,maybe he is god it just doesn’t t seem likley

  25. Has anyone thought that maybe it wasn’t Sam /Lucifer that fell into the pit? Maybe Lucifer played a trick in the same way Gabriel did as the trickster…. seeing as when the Lucifer killed Gabriel he said that Gabriel learnt all his tricks from him. Just a thought. And if so, now that Micheal is out of the way it might mean that Cas has to fight Lucifer.

  26. i rea;;y hope that theres another season supernatural cant end when they get to the good part.. ive seen every single episode i never miss one i just cant see supernatural ending especially when sam some how got out of hell

    • he got out cuz of the deal he made with lucifer bafore he said yes

  27. chuck is NOT god he is just a profit righting their story cuz thats what profits do. duh who do u think supposedly wrote the bible? PROFITS! he has visions and thats it. why would he need an arch angel to protect him if he was god?

    • well the fact that profits are only human… and at the end chuck just disappears… that kinda puts a dent in your theory

      • yeah but still he cant be god cuz when they were in heaven they were talking to the angel that talks to god… (forgot his name)and he basically said god wants nothing to do with humans and that he doesnt want to be found….. plus the amulet that dean let castiel borrow that burns hot in the presense of god and cas spent plenty of time around chuck and he never got a response from the amulet and even before cas had it dean was around chuck all the time and it never burned hot

        • You guys are really rude, like people are just stating their opinions!I personally don’t think that Chuck is God because I’m pretty sure God would not be an alcoholic. But I don’t know I think Eric Kripke made the end of season 5 that way so season 6 can be intense. Everyone ideas seem pretty realistic…well for supernatural. But hopefully Sam comes back as an angel or the deal with Lucifer, I really hope that Sam doesn’t come back evil though, because all the recent seasons were about stopping Sam from becoming evil, it would just be a waste you know? Well i just wanted to state my opinion i CANNOT WAIT for season six to come out i heard its gonna be in september so hopefully it is, anywaysss im pumped cannt waiit supernatural rocks my worlld :)

  28. When will season 6 gonna be release?I’m waiting for it..

    • sometime in september

  29. We’ll be enjoying another year with our boys; the show has been renewed for a sixth season! But unfortunately there’s a caveat: Eric Kripke, creator and benevolent ruler, is stepping down as show runner (along with his co-runner Robert Singer).

    just thought yall would wanna know that… sad to see them go… but atleast we’ll have another season…