Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

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supernatural season 6 Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

[This Post is by Screen Rant guest writer Drew Hale]

A behind-the-scenes tip from an inside source at Cinema Spy has reported that the CW is in talks to extend Supernatural beyond the originally planned fifth season series finale, into a sixth season next year. This follows a report that Smallville may also be signing on for another season, its tenth.

Supernatural creator Eric Kripke planned the series as a five season story, ending in an epic war of good vs. evil with Sam and Dean battling Lucifer during the apocalypse.

The CW is no doubt trying to extend the two shows that attract the majority of its viewers. The question becomes what can possibly be next for the Winchester brothers after the apocalypse? What’s bigger and more supernatural than that?

Though the show was designed to conclude in five seasons, Kripke has indicated that he’s not completely out of ideas for the series. Considering the buzz around potential movie roles  for both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalacki, we can only hope that a sixth season will include both Sam and Dean. Assuming both brothers sign-on for a sixth season, there are a few paths that the story line could follow.

[NOTE: please keep in mind that these are just the speculations of an avid fan.]

supernatural 00 Supernatural Season 6 Confirmed?

Season five has included many episodes that haven’t touched on the main doomsday storyline, leaving viewers thristy for more.  Perhaps it was done this way in order to extend the final showdown across more than one season. Failing that, the sixth season could chronicle the lives of the Winchester brothers as they deal with the aftermath of the apocalypse and are trying to rebuild some semblance of civilization. Maybe Sam finally gives in to Lucifer and the sixth season finds the two brothers battling each other in the name of good and evil.

What do you think the road ahead looks like for the Winchesters?

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Supernatural has now resumed regularly scheduled episodes. Watch the next episode, “Swap Meat” on the CW next Thursday, January 28th.

Source: Cinema Spy

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  1. I'm not so sure how I feel about this. One on hand I freaking love Supernatural and would love to see it continue, but on the other hand I wouldn't because the series was planned as a 5 season story. Unless they can find some way to extend the show and make it seem believable in terms of story, then I'll be weary about it.

  2. Dexter is my favorite show on TV period. But without a doubt Supernatural is me second and I have to say that I am addicted to the show. Taking that into consideration you know that I am a die hard fan and I have to say that I am not to thrilled about this news. The show has been desgned to end this season and the way things have unfolded dragging out the show another season would be unwise. Ok so lets just say that Sam gives in to Lucifer at the end of the season and we begin season 6 with Dean aand Sam against each other, how many episodes could possibly come from this 3-5? And havent we seen this already? Yes we have, the last few episodes of last season. Doing thi sagain would just be redundant. We have already seen the brothers fight and go there seperate ways because Sam was a so called “monster” we DONT need to see this happen again.

    Making next deal with the aftermath of the devil and the Apacolypse seems like a very sudle way of dragging on the show. We have already hit the climax and I think at that point fans will just be upset that the show is still running.

    If the brothers dont sign on and they try to find a new cast or make the show revolve around Bobby it will also not be a good idea. The show is nothing without the brothers, as a pair, if we lose one or both we lose the show.

    My resolution, end the show this season like it was planned on!

  3. Both Jared and Jensen are contracted for six years. Eric Kripke was not, hence some of the fans' concern about the direction the show might take. Kripke isn't walking away, it seems, and he won't do the show without Sam & Dean, he's said. Knowing what they know now, they could do either the Extended Apocalypse (including brother battles), or the Post-Apocalypse (including who knows what) or the Averted Apocalypse (and a more S1/S2 style vibe of “saving people, killing monsters, the family business”. Personally, I'm happy with any of these. :D

  4. Interesting news. I still don't know what to think about it. Its cool as long as they don't drag on the apocalypse storyline too much. Maybe they could make a Castiel Spin-off. He's awesome!

  5. Along with Lost, this is my favourite show on tv right now. I'm not exactly excited about extending it another season. While I'm always up for more of the show, if Kripke is leaving… and the executives of the CW get their hands on it… Supernatural could very well be the next Smallville (a show that was good in its prime, but taken way to far considering they will soon be down to 1 of the original cast, others leaving because it got that bad.)
    If it could be treated reasonably, and even if Kripke walks away, but if the original writers now, Gamble, Edlund, Carver, etc. continue writing, and the directors like Singer and Sgriccia continue working on the show, I might be okay with it. In the direction I would like to see it go, not sure. What is bigger and better than fighting Lucifer himself?

  6. I'm new to the show. I'm neither a fan of the genre or of TV in general but I have to say that I have really enjoyed what I've seen so far (I'm almost through with season one and looking forward to seasons 2-5) That being said, I'm not to sure how I would feel about the addition of season 6 especially if Kripke doesn't write the story. He has done an amazing job of research, character development and moving the story forward without “treading water” like so many other shows do just to make a buck. Since Supernatuaral was written with 5 seasons in mind, I think adding a sixth could potentially water the whole story line down even if Kripke were to write it. I think I have made up my mind – they should let the show go out on a high note and leave it as it was intended – 5 seasons.

  7. i think if that there ore goin to do a season 6 it should be about pandoras box

  8. yesssssss!!!!!!!! please give us another season! i love supernatural and i can totally see another season. i mean i dont want to get 1 more season extension of the apocalypse, but like it doesnt have to be anything big, just 1 more season!:D i want another first season.. it was more of a cheerful, no ehm a well the tone was more jokeful and fun. but now in season 5 it seems like they've found the tone again:p and kripke has ideas so let him fullfil them! if thats the word:p

    yes i know it wud be best for the show to end this season:( but i wudnt mind another one, even if the story suck i wud still want to see more!:)

  9. i think you should to do a one of special when they where younger be really good to see as supernatural is wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. i hope it does continue cuz i love this show and if this show goes off the air then im not going to be watching anything on the CW cuz i hate the other shows!!!!

  11. hey rob.
    wanted to let you know that padalecki and ackles confirmed they have contracts through season 6 at a convention a few months back.

  12. Cool, thanks for the heads up Vin.

  13. Wow. I am shocked at the fans saying things like “I absolutely love this show…but I'm not excited about this news.” I can't believe that. I am so happy that it is being renewed, and so relieved that I won't get my weekly dose of Sam and Dean yanked away just yet. This is really great news. Thank you to whoever made it happen!

  14. I say as long as both Jensen and Jared come back for season 6, we go for it and enjoy one more year of one of the best shows on tv!!! I, for one, am not ready to say goodbye to this show and especially not these characters! Season 6 please!!!

  15. Its the best show in the world and i really really want there to be a six seaon.. for that hour i watch the show and forget all my stress.. Sam and Dean are super cool and super hotties!!!.. and they work great together.. i love eric and the writers of the show it's a GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!… XOXO KAYROSE &>

    Please season six!!!!!!! :)

  16. Dude noway… A six seaon would be Great.. :)

  17. This show literally is getting better every year. I truly would miss this show if it did not run into a 6th and even 7th season.

  18. WE WANT SEASON 6!!!

  19. the boys are already signed on for sixth season, they signed that contract season 3.

    i in no way want to see a failed sixth season. i will very disappointed. but i have faith in kripke to come up with something that will work, i dont want my life to be filled with empty thursdays.

  20. I am so glad there is going to be a season 6. I have 2 get my Dean ans Sam fix on Thursdays.

  21. real fans would want a 6th season no matter what!!!

  22. real fans would want a 6th season no matter what!!!

  23. how can i download 6th season ???

  24. how can i download 6th season ???

  25. Im agreet with you …… they should have a 6 season its very good shown most people love this show including me Let hop that they would do season 6i would love to see new eps.

  26. I wonder if the anti christ will have something to do will helping kill the devil.

  27. I will be VERY disappointed if Sam turns evil and the two brothers will battle each other. I hope the story won't go that way. It will loose it's magic, the love of the brothers for each other and their battle against evil TOGETHER.

  28. I think before the season ends, Dean and Sam are going to give in to the angels and it is going to end with them fighting each other.