Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 6 premiere Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight, The CW’s hit series Supernatural enters a new era. With the original series storyline conceived by creator Eric Kripke completed, Supernatural must now start a fresh chapter in the world of the Winchester brothers.

We’ve followed the Winchester boys through some shocking events: the Apocalypse, Sam going to hell, getting out of hell and – as we saw in the season 5 finale – creepily watching Dean through the window, outside of his house. While fans know that neither heaven nor hell (or death!) can separate the guys, things have changed.

Dean is now a family man with a wife, a child and a “good” job. It’s going to take something pretty spectacular to drive him away from his new-found happiness. While I believe that your brother crawling out of hell, after being taken over by Lucifer may be pretty spectacular, I’m willing to bet that it’s going to take something else – or someone else.

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

It’s a year later and Dean (Jensen Ackles) has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) and her son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight as well as introducing a world (and family) he never even knew existed – the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Pileggi).


When a typical season of Supernatural begins, viewers are met with the sounds of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” while being presented with the adventures of the past season under the title “The Road So Far.”

This year, AC/DC was replaced by a more somber arrangement and the familiar title card was exchanged for “One Year Ago.”

supernatural season 6 premiere family2 Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

These dulcet tones, while initially disorienting to those familiar with the series, serve as an impressive means by which to convey the show runners are staring anew. Even though fans knew that season 6 would present a new Supernatural storyline, after Eric Kripke’s original arc, many (including myself) were expecting a metaphorical (or theoretical) restart rather than the literal new beginning we received in the premiere.

As much as fans of the series may disagree, this was the perfect way to present the beginning of season 6 – so much has change and many of the series’ characters have been given new and different roles. If the producers were to continue on, as if it was a typical episode, the premiere would have felt extremely sloppy and unfaithful to way in which Supernatural handles storylines.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the producers felt the same way – since the introduction of the Campbell family served no other purpose than to provide character filler for the episode. While many fans knew that Sam and Dean’s grandfather would be returning, no one expected (or wanted) an enormous family reunion. In the past, Supernatural has often had problems handling “relatives.” The character of Adam (Sam and Dean’s half-brother) was a perfect example. He was poorly realized, horribly cast, and ended up feeling like nothing more than a spur-of-the-moment idea – rather than something planned from the beginning.

supernatural season 6 premiere family Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Of course, Mitch Pileggi is the exception to that rule. As Sam and Dean’s grandfather, he has already proven himself to be a wonderful addition to the series. Although, with the obvious hints that “something else is going on,” they have all but ruined any future surprising reveals about his character – a poor decision by the producers, especially with the pacing in this episode. It felt as if they replaced any intended episodic conclusion with a poorly implemented reveal – offered by new characters we weren’t familiar with in the first place.

While I enjoyed this episode and thought it was a great start to what will surely be an amazing season, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled as the episode ended. Sure, one is always left wanting to see the next episode of Supernatural, but that’s because we’re excited about what’s going on and want to continue the storyline as soon as possible. In this case, I want to see the next episode of Supernatural so that I feel some type of closure or that something else, other than bringing Sam and Dean together, occurred.

Final Thoughts

The season 6 premiere of Supernatural was a great way to start off a new season, and chapter, in the world of the Winchester brothers. While the episode started refreshing and new, it ended awkwardly and without much closure. Hopefully, as the season progresses and more of the intended story is revealed, things will get better.

Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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  1. I’m just ready for Friday.

  2. One thought on the monster of the week – I liked the original Djinn in “What Is and What Should Never Be” so much better. Although he was a monster who drank your lifes blood, what he gave in return was almost a fair trade. Dean almost wanted to stay. These Djinn were just nasty poisonous creatures. It wasn’t so easy to believe they were the children of the original Djinn.

  3. I am hard core Supernatural fan since the beginning. Loved every season, except for three (not so much). I felt like I was stabed in the back, just like Dean must of felt upon learning the Sam was out for a year and everyone else knew it too, and no one decided to tell him about it. He must of felt excluded and not of any importance, cause if it was Dean out, Dean would have searched for Sam no matter what, like in the season premier of 4. I just felt like Dean felt. I doubt I’ll abondon Supernatural no matter how it gets, but my enthusiasm has been desappointed. I am looking forward for season 6 to pick up speed in excitements like in the past. I think it will.

  4. My favorite Cas line… Dean, “so what, like a Delorian w/o any plutonium?” Cas, “I do not understand that referrence.” LMAO!!!

    • That was a funny line. I loved all the referance Cas didn’t get. The look on his face when he did not understand was great.

  5. Should have called it a day with season 5…..there’s only one way to go from here…and thats down!

    • Fair enough but I was dying to see more supernatural and to see Dean’s cowboy ways living by no bodies rules but his own. Where else am I going to get that – my bloody valentine in 3D. No thanks!! I hope they make 8 more seasons, they’ve already opened the door now…

  6. That episode was much better than last week. There is still a lot of unanswered questions but I was very happy with the chemistry between Sam and Dean. And I’m glad Dean is back with his Impala and his kind of music.

  7. The second episode of the season was a major step up from the season premiere. I now feel a lot better about season 6.

  8. The only explanation I can come up with is that Supernatural must have hired the same writers that wrote for The Chevy Chase Show. This episode was entirely disappointing, poorly written and seemed as though it was directed by someone who could easily have been blind, deaf and dumb. First I agree with the one user below about the intro being horrible. But as we all know, it’s not really the intro that matters, it’s the episode itself, the plot and layout that’s important. Well, all of that was horrible also. Not once was Armageddon mentioned. I mean in a way that it should have been mentioned. What do I mean by that?? Jesus…The last episode of Season 5, Michael and Lucifer were going to go head to head. Sam was actually able to take control of his body from Lucifer’s possession, so he could throw himself and Lucifer down to Hell forever. It was just total end of the world chaos and excitement. THEN when Michael was dragged down to Hell with them, it was just over the top mayhem. Excellently written. Making you think what’s going to happen next season. What’s Sam going through since he’s down in Hell. I mean, it was the END OF THE WORLD people! Now here comes season 6, first episode. La la la, la de da…”Oh hi Sam. I see you are back from Hell.” “Yeah…yep….yeppers…” “Soooo…how was it?” “Ummm…I don’t know. I…umm….really don’t remember anything.” “What? You don’t remember anything?” “Like I said…Nope.” “Well, what about that thing we were juggling around for a while called Armageddon? What ever happened with that? Did we win? If we did, what no thanks? No, good job, nicely well done Dean and Sam from the big guy?” “Hmmmm…Nope, I guess not.” The world was in utter chaos and destruction. Now everything seems all flowers and butterflies. That’s like going to see a boxing match with the world’s only two undefeated boxers, having each boxed over 10,000 fights. And each fight ended with a first punch knockout for each fighter. Now those two 10,000 game undefeated boxers are going to fight each other. The mind can’t comprehend what and extremely awesome boxing match this is going to be. Finally it’s time. The first round bell rings to fight. Then all of a sudden…poof…(yes, I said poof), instantly the fight is over and it’s a year later. You have no memory of even being at that legendary fight, nor does anyone else. No mention of the fight evening happening is everywhere. One day you finally meet one of the boxers in person. You ask him, “SOOO?? How did that legendary fight go? What happened? Who won?” He replies…”Ummm…Dunno. Sorry. I don’t remember anything about it.” You’re like “WHAT?????” It feels like an ass that hasn’t been wiped in 3 months just was strapped onto your face. Now just substitute a boxing match with Armageddon. Substitute the two boxers with Michael and Lucifer. And Ta-dah! The worst let down in history. Man, I was going to mention the other atrocities in this episode, but I just got myself all riled up again, I’ll end this here.

    • @bloodshows . I totally agree with your post . this is starting off in such a terrible way ! when they announced that Sarah gamble would take over creative direction , I thought I could be good for the show because a change is always good ! I had grown tired by the middle of season 5 and wanted it to end already , the brother line was so half ass conceived , and some of the acting was just plain bad ( especially sam’s ) your also right on the spot about the apocalypse and the way it turned out was never explained , I’ve seen some shows do that ! but I expected better from the producers and writters toward their loyal fans . it’s like detoxing ! it gradual with a little change at a time . NO ! they just said let’s just start a whole new version of supernatural and hope won’t want answers ! let’s face it they changed it cause it was poorly concluded at the end of season 5 and thought we wouldn’t Care . ad I also don’t get why they insist on drifting them apart ??!! the reason this show became so popular was cause of the relationship between the two ! Sam is kind and thinks first , and dean is witty and reckless just a howl of a character , and Jensen is perfectly cast , nobody else could play dean winchester better !! As far as Sam is concerned , they made his character angry , arrogant ( not dean funny arrogant ) but just hatefully arrogant , and that’s where Jared padalecki’s bad acting kicks in , that attitude doesn’t fit him at all ! the last episode where castiel tortured the little boy to get in his mind and Sam grabbed dean to stop him from interrupting cas was terrible for me . dean then asks Sam why didn’t you stop him from hurting kids , we don’t do that he said or something ! and Sam said in a nonchalant way I just thought we needed the info and implied he didn’t care cause they were different people ! newsflash , they’re Sam and dean and removing the original essence that drew us to these two guys will be the shows downfall ! it looks like this show as sad as it is to say is on it’s last breath …

  9. @Bloodshows I applaud your post above. I thought it was just me.

    From the very start of the programme I sat here in disbelief. Thinking…. this is wrong, it feels wrong – something is missing. It was slack, lazy and had a tinge of desperation to the writing – it was obvious someone else had taken hold of the reins. I kept saying ‘huh’ to the screen – not believeing what I was watching, like a twit hoping that someone would slap me out of this shameful take on what I thought was one of the best TV programmes in the last decade.

    I haven’t even rushed (as I normally do) to watch episode 2, I’m dreading it. I am dreading not wanting to feel any need to buy the dvd either. What have they done? To let it end on a high and stay true to the storyline would have made more sense. Yes, there are episodes to go, but you know when something just doesn’t bode well? Well, this is it. I have a feeling we are about to see a downturn to this amazing series.

    Not sure why this kind of thing happens, too greedy to say no to cash probably. Dean wasn’t Dean and Sam, well, lets face it, is the twist going to be that he isn’t Sam anyway? Do I really care? Not sure I do any more. Before this I would have stood in front of a salk shot for the lads! Not any more. I will stick it out, but I can already feel that awful cringing feeling you get tickling down your spine and that blush to your cheeks in embarassment when you’re watching Dad dancing. Sad I know, I am really not happy about this.

  10. Eric Kripke’s vision was for 5 seasons. The season 5 finale brought to a close his five season story arc. That is why he stepped down as the showrunner. He has told his story to completion.

    CW asked for a 6th season because the ratings were so good. The Supernatural crew has mentioned on many occasions before the start of the season the the whole heaven vs. hell story arc is done. finished.

    Aside from Cass and perhaps Crowley, I wouldn’t be surprised if we barely see angels and demons in future episodes.

    How can you top the apocalypse? You can’t. That is why they are going back to basics and going back to more of a creature-of-the-week format of seasons 1 and 2.

    The overall story arc of season 6 will likely be the Campbells and why they are collecting supernatural beings and who are they delivering them to. Samuel was on the phone with either his boss or a buyer … either way, Samuel is working for someone. The other focus of season 6 is getting the brothers back together.

    As for the intro, I suspect we’ll see a hard rock intro in next week’s episode now that Dean is back on the road in his Impala.

    As I said in a previous post, the 2nd episode was a huge step up in quality from the first episode. Was it a great episode? No. However, it felt like an average Supernatural episode whereas the season premiere was honestly at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to Supernatural.

  11. The second episode should have been the first one. Although it still lacked alot in the oomph factor, it was much, much better.

    And CAS next week!

  12. I felt there was one scene in the second episode where Sam and Dean had chemistry – and that was in the hotel room, when the score was finally toned down enough for me to actually hear their lines. Sam was pointing out to Dean he was becoming their father. It was certainly not up to the same caliber of shows in the past, but I felt something between them. And I have to say, that is about the only scene in the entire show that I felt anything. I am still okay with Dean’s scenes when it is him alone, without Sam, loud music aside.

    I cannot stand the flashy camera tricks they pulled at the end with the Impala; yes the music was better, but I was APPALLED at the fact they did not show Dean in his car driving away. It should have ended with Dean turning on the radio and Smoke on the Water playing as he drove away (we see the back of the car). Clearly their attempt is to change what ‘was’ the show and what was right about it, and they are failing (in my ‘heartbroken’ opinion). The humor attempts were there this week, but to me they also failed. The scene in the grocery store should have been hysterical – it evoked nothing from me. I don’t think it is the acting. It has to be the writing and directing.

    It had moments and was far better than last week, but I am still heartbroken.

  13. I felt there was one scene in the second episode where Sam and Dean had chemistry – and that was in the hotel room, when the score was finally toned down enough for me to actually hear their lines. Sam was pointing out to Dean he was becoming their father. It was certainly not up to the same caliber of shows in the past, but I felt something between them. And I have to say, that is about the only scene in the entire show that I felt anything. I am still okay with Dean’s scenes when it is him alone, without Sam, loud music aside.

    I cannot stand the flashy camera tricks they pulled at the end with the Impala; yes the music was better, but I was APPALLED at the fact they did not show Dean in his car driving away. It should have ended with Dean turning on the radio and Smoke on the Water playing as he drove away (we see the back of the car). Clearly their attempt is to change what ‘was’ the show and what was right about it, and they are failing (in my ‘heartbroken’ opinion). The humor attempts were there this week, but to me they also failed. The scene in the grocery store should have been hysterical – it evoked nothing from me. I don’t think it is the acting. It has to be the writing and directing.

    It had moments and was far better than last week, but I am still heartbroken!

  14. Call it a day.
    It is not going to be like it was.
    Sad but true.
    Time to buy the past seasons.

  15. I finally watched the second episode and yes i saw the odd twinkle, but it was more like an episode which would have been the opening to a new series that I wasn’t even addicted to as yet. Mind you, if that had been shown in season one, second episode, I would never have bothered watching at all.

    So, I am still disappointed. I agree, the scene in the supermarket could have been really funny and it just stopped dead. The thing I loved about some past scenes was how the writers weren’t afraid to take the micky out of how other people saw the brothers, sometimes mistaking them for being all that they’re not. They could have pushed that one scene. I’m not happy about this getting back to family nonsense. The boys were loners, with the help of a few of their fathers mates along the way.

    But managing to bring humour and belly laughs to it. I saw some small flickers of that sarcy humour of Deans, and for some reason, that mysterious darker look they gave Sam to make us think something else was coming seemed to disappear.
    But I think it’s over. In fact I know it is, for me anyway. I used to be so impressed with the writers ideas, their humour, the way the actors made it come to life. This has been touched byt he hands of someone who hasn’t got a clue, or it certainly feels that way.

    I can’t imagine how they could ever evoke that passion again in what I have seen so far, they have already failed to pinch me. The last series should have been it! I think the people who took over should be ashamed. I wonder if the actors can feel the change and why nothing was said. I think if I were the boys, I would have read those scripts and asked ‘where’s the show?’ I wonder if they know how they have made the fans feel. I’m sure the drop in viewers (which will no doubt happen) will at least be the one thing they sit up to.

    Oh well. What was the point? I feel cheated, but I doubt they’d give a toss about that!

  16. I doubt the actors have noticed much of a change especially since nothing much has changed. Most of you built your expectations of season 6 sucking that no matter how good it was you would hate it. The show really isn’t really changed with out kripke just a bunch of the fans decided season 6 would suck with out him before even seeing it. If none of you knew kripke was gone you would enjoy it just as much as you did before. That’s the sad truth. The show will probably die now because of half the fans developing a blind eye to the shows continued quality simply because there is a new show runner. Forget about the fact that the old show runner is still around and helping supervise. It’s sad

    • It’s obvious you love the show perhaps almost like a doting Mom who can’t see the faults of her children. I love the show also. I waited patiently, not looking at previews and reading as little as possible about it to let the magic that is Dean and Sam unfold in all its glory. Didn’t happen. It has little to do with who is at the helm. A couple of the Kripke eps sucked. Fans had high expectations that because of the change, they would try to wow us, court us, make love to us. The writers/producers/directors of the series knew we’d all be gun shy, so what did they do? They underwhelmed us instead. To say that there is no difference so far? Go back to last season and see the chemistry between the characters. We all know they are building up to a story line, the foreshadowing is thick, but it would’ve been nice for them to throw a couple of bones out to the Supernatural-starved fans.

      Chin up though, Cas is back next week! The Angel will save us!

  17. I don’t work that way. Why would anyone want something to fail that they enjoy. I don’t follow the fan sites, I don’t read spoilers, in fact, if anything, I would avoid anything online that could have given anything away to me about the story. I don’t follow who the writers are (although I always intended to look it up, never got round to it). I just liked the concept and the way it was delivered. Not all fans of the show know the ins and outs of the show. Sorry, that may come as a big shock, maybe I’m not viewed as such a ‘big’ fan. But I don’t do any of the above. I just enjoyed it for what it was.
    I didn’t even go looking to see if I could find any previews of the new show pre starting, I just waited for it to start. No preconceptions, no nothing.
    I watched the first episode and thought, this doesn’t feel right. It left me feeling empty as a viewer, something which past series didn’t do.
    Anyone who watched all of the series must have felt the change and to my surprise, and to be honest, relief it wasn’t just in my head – when i searched on Google, I found this site. I only left my comment on here because I agreed with the bloke (I assume he is a bloke)who wrote the comment above.
    When something is top notch, and hits home with amazing writing, humour, chemistry of actors, over and over again it delivers and doesn’t let you down , but then something changes… It gets noticed. It’s as simple as that.
    I didn’t will it to happen pre watching the first episode, not sure why anyone would do that. But hey ho. I can only speak for me.

  18. I’m sorry but I don’t buy not knowing Kripke stopped being show runner. I don’t care if you saw previews or not that’s unimportant this is about kripke. The show isn’t any different aside from the characters having evolved over the course of five years. Oh my god smart writing character evolution mind can’t comprehend does not compute.

    Dean is still a smart ass still funny still loves classic rock he simply has a family now. That changes a man a little. Sam had Satan inside him …. That sounds bad but I’d imagine that would deeply effect someone as well. There is a mystery in the story that seems familar. Bobby got pissy at dean for something nothing new there. You can’t expect buisness as usual after the f’ing end of the world. It’s not something you just shrug off.

  19. That’s ok I don’t mind you not believing me, I really have no reason to lie, but you have already made your mind up about anyone who doesn’t think the first and second episode cut it. But I guess, that’s the internet for you.

    If I offended you for being such a lame piece re not knowing the names of everyone involved, just know this, I wouldn’t offend anyone knowingly. I watched it for what it was, a great series and then commented on the new one. So I look ignorant to you because I didn’t know the blokes name, so what!

    Get this…. I also – didn’t know what a show runner was or is – I still haven’t been bothered to look it up either. lol That’s pretty bad isn’t it… I’m being serious here. Maybe the kind of person who likes the show, like me, isn’t called a fan then. Not a ‘proper’ one at least.

    I am obviously not as well versed as people who know all the goings on at Supernatural head quarters. I just said it the way I felt on this page, no hidden agenda and certainly no attempt to upset, annoy anyone or to lie. For what reason would I do that, It’s not going to win me a crystal now is it. Whato, I won’t win any awards for being so slack as a fan though…. Time for tea!

  20. I have been a true fan since season 1. I have all the dvd’s and bluray discs. I usually watch one episode per night. I believe if you take a step back and look at the story line from afar, you see that it truly does make sense. They have always made their ep’s/seasons with getting two their 1st climax, toning down and then going for their second climax and i believe that is what’s happening here. I also would like to note that the current director Sera Gamble wrote Dead in the water, Faith, and Salvation from season 1, Crossroad blues and Blood lust from season 2, Kids are alright and Time on my side from season 3, I know what you did last summer, It’s a terrible life and When the levee breaks from season 4, Good God y’all and 2 min to midnight from season 5. Sera Gamble knows what she’s doing. She obviously has written some great episodes. So, i say let’s see what’s gonna happen with the story line and watch the build-up of the second climax. And for those people complaining that they didn’t show dean in his impala, give me a break, that’s what keeps you watching next week, and you know you will. I had a smile from ear-to-ear when he unveiled the impala.

  21. I think that something is missing… i don’t know, probably is an Idea! cuak

  22. I rather enjoyed this new episode. It felt more familure to me. Sam and Dean had some of their old chemistry back, some of the jokes were lame but I still laughed. It kinda looks like instead of having to fight demons our boys will have to fight angel’s because no one is in charge up their. I can kinda see where the story is going from here now, unlike with the first two episodes I couldn’t see anything. The show was off to a slow start but seems to be building momentum. I’m going to continue to watch to see what happens. And also to see if they show Sam’s rocking body again. Man, is he ripped. I always thought he was cute but now, OMG.

  23. In the 3rd episode I knew Sam got some from the ladies every so often but with a hooker, come on, but i thouhg tit was funny how the hooker was hitting on him afterwards lol.

    • Remember, when Dean came back from Hell, Sam mocked the idea that he needed to pay for sex. Now look at him. Combine that with Dean suggesting that something is wrong makes me think that what came back isn’t Sam. I have a sneaking suspicion that Satan hasn’t made his final curtain call.

  24. This season is definitely getting better with each episode. Each episode is better than the last. This week’s episode, “Weekend at Bobby’s”, is a great episode. I think it is one of the better episodes of the series, not just this season.

  25. I agree that the past two episodes are a big improvement. But, while I love the song, “The Gambler” scene was just too much for me. I loved seeing it from Bobby’s perspective, but they had real chances at humor that they did not execute on. The scene with the wood chipper and the neighbor should have been funny, but wasn’t. I still can’t tell what it is missing. Writing, directing, editing; all of the above?

    All of that said, big improvement. I loved seeing the old characters and good old demon stories back again. Crowley rules. Still hopeful – and looking forward to a nice halloween episode (but dreading the return of good ol’ gramps).

    • A couple funny moments off the top of my head:

      1. when Bobby mentions the 2nd body to the sheriff
      2. Rufus on the phone while being chased by the police
      3. when Crowley imitates Bobby

      While not as much humor as say, Mystery Spot, it was still good to see the humor of the show resurface.

    • I agree, “good ol’ gramps” seems like something the writers threw in for kicks without really thinking it through. He’s also really not necessary, since the father figure we’ve grown to love is Bobby anyway. All in all, I’m really not a fan of “the unexplained return of Samuel.”

  26. I think that this season is trying to take on too much, and loosing some of its original supernaturally taste. So far we’ve been introduced to the unexplained return of both Samuel and Sam, Heavenly weapons being stolen, angels rebelling, shapeshifters making babies, vampire armies, and even glimpses at evil Sam. As a long-time spn fan, I miss the good ol’ days when there wasn’t too much going on. I hope the writers have a good storyline all thought out that will answer all of the questions they’ve been leaving out there…

  27. i hate what they’ve done with Sam, He’s such a cold hearted jerk i just hate the sight of him. they better be going somewhere with this, I am so unhappy with this new writer going in a “bold new direction”. their new direction should NOT be destroying the bond between sam and dean. the season finale touched me and moved me to tears, it was one of the best finales of any show i’ve ever seen. the premire was an abysmal failure and left on an awkward, sad note. and NOBODY cares about the campbells, especially resurrected grandpa. we have all grown to love Bobby as a father figure. and where is castiel?? i admit the episodes are getting better, but they have a long way to go. kripke was obviousely the only one who knew how to write. Supernatural has always had a profoundly biblical storyline, to take that away AND take away the brotherly bond of sam and dean is not wise. the new writer is a joke. the fans are deeply disappointed.

  28. I just saw the first episode of season 6 and I am so disappointed. It didn´t feel like SUPERNATURAL at all! The are changing everything. I don´t like seeing the roles reverted, as in now Sam is the smart-ass and Dean is the family guy with the want of a normal life. It just feels wrong.

  29. i hate the new sam, exept for alien show, leprocon show that is ok but what i hate it, sam no soul jerk and dean family guy it should be sam always caring and loving, and dean the bully who also nail every chick.. that what maked the shows good, and return of samuel is just stupid, no point, dont get me wrong im thrilled that they started again with supernatural is always good series, but the old ones, god they are the best!