Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 6 premiere Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight, The CW’s hit series Supernatural enters a new era. With the original series storyline conceived by creator Eric Kripke completed, Supernatural must now start a fresh chapter in the world of the Winchester brothers.

We’ve followed the Winchester boys through some shocking events: the Apocalypse, Sam going to hell, getting out of hell and – as we saw in the season 5 finale – creepily watching Dean through the window, outside of his house. While fans know that neither heaven nor hell (or death!) can separate the guys, things have changed.

Dean is now a family man with a wife, a child and a “good” job. It’s going to take something pretty spectacular to drive him away from his new-found happiness. While I believe that your brother crawling out of hell, after being taken over by Lucifer may be pretty spectacular, I’m willing to bet that it’s going to take something else – or someone else.

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

It’s a year later and Dean (Jensen Ackles) has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) and her son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight as well as introducing a world (and family) he never even knew existed – the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Pileggi).


When a typical season of Supernatural begins, viewers are met with the sounds of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” while being presented with the adventures of the past season under the title “The Road So Far.”

This year, AC/DC was replaced by a more somber arrangement and the familiar title card was exchanged for “One Year Ago.”

supernatural season 6 premiere family2 Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

These dulcet tones, while initially disorienting to those familiar with the series, serve as an impressive means by which to convey the show runners are staring anew. Even though fans knew that season 6 would present a new Supernatural storyline, after Eric Kripke’s original arc, many (including myself) were expecting a metaphorical (or theoretical) restart rather than the literal new beginning we received in the premiere.

As much as fans of the series may disagree, this was the perfect way to present the beginning of season 6 – so much has change and many of the series’ characters have been given new and different roles. If the producers were to continue on, as if it was a typical episode, the premiere would have felt extremely sloppy and unfaithful to way in which Supernatural handles storylines.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the producers felt the same way – since the introduction of the Campbell family served no other purpose than to provide character filler for the episode. While many fans knew that Sam and Dean’s grandfather would be returning, no one expected (or wanted) an enormous family reunion. In the past, Supernatural has often had problems handling “relatives.” The character of Adam (Sam and Dean’s half-brother) was a perfect example. He was poorly realized, horribly cast, and ended up feeling like nothing more than a spur-of-the-moment idea – rather than something planned from the beginning.

supernatural season 6 premiere family Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Of course, Mitch Pileggi is the exception to that rule. As Sam and Dean’s grandfather, he has already proven himself to be a wonderful addition to the series. Although, with the obvious hints that “something else is going on,” they have all but ruined any future surprising reveals about his character – a poor decision by the producers, especially with the pacing in this episode. It felt as if they replaced any intended episodic conclusion with a poorly implemented reveal – offered by new characters we weren’t familiar with in the first place.

While I enjoyed this episode and thought it was a great start to what will surely be an amazing season, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled as the episode ended. Sure, one is always left wanting to see the next episode of Supernatural, but that’s because we’re excited about what’s going on and want to continue the storyline as soon as possible. In this case, I want to see the next episode of Supernatural so that I feel some type of closure or that something else, other than bringing Sam and Dean together, occurred.

Final Thoughts

The season 6 premiere of Supernatural was a great way to start off a new season, and chapter, in the world of the Winchester brothers. While the episode started refreshing and new, it ended awkwardly and without much closure. Hopefully, as the season progresses and more of the intended story is revealed, things will get better.

Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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  1. The only word I could think of when it was over was UNDERWHELMING. Bland, blah and what happened to the chemistry between Jensen and Jared? It was completely missing. A full half hour to show us how mundane Dean’s existence had become and then (between the plethora of commercials) a quick story with the Campbells battling the Djinn?

    I would have enjoyed a full hour of reunioning with the brothers instead of this story filled with foreshadowing. Another fan reminded me that the first ep is always the weakest, but this was, well, underwhelming.

    And where’s Cas? He should have made an appearance for his many fans.

    • The episode started off good to me. I didn’t mind the lack of AC/DC on the flashback montage at the first of the show. I felt like the more subdued tone of the show at first was to drive home the fact that Dean is now living a safe and comfortable (yet boring) life.

      The Impala and AC/DC is part of his past life that he is trying to put behind him. I hope (and believe) that classic rock will return as soon as Dean puts on his leather jacket and gets in his Impala again.

      What bothered me is the musical score during action scenes. It felt very bland and generic yet overbearing. This is most evident in the scene where Dean hallucinates about yellow eyes in his garage. The score just got louder and louder and more and more sound effects were whiz-banging in the score and it was all very distracting. I felt it all detracted from the yellow eyes demon. Speaking of which, I was very happy to see he was just a hallucination. As much as I loved the yellow eyes demon as a villian, I didn’t want them to rehash an old villian. I want to see new baddies.

      I would have been happy with the whole episode being about Dean and his new life and about how he struggles about not heeding the call of a hunter. I’d rather have little action in an episode than trying to cram so much in the last 20 minutes that it just feels so rushed and unpolished. I wish that Dean was hunting something real in his town (the claw marks, not the Djinn) and his girlfriend would find out and start some drama between the two (her wanting him to remain settled down, him wanting to hunt). They could have waited to re-introduce Sam until the very end of the episode or even wait until next week.

      I don’t know, it started off at a good pace that was slowly building up, but them the show blew a large load in the second half and felt messy and all over the place.

  2. Oh My god,

    This was like a bad compilation of the worst things a show can do when its “retooled”. I honestly thought that it would be part of a joke at the end.

    Add in a new cast of edgy friends/family

    Remove the Classic Americana of cars and music with edgy new music and modern sports car.

    Bad writing and dialogue (and the actors appear to be purposefully acting poorly with bad emotional cues compared to their past work, probably because they are trying to leave the show since the writer and director left at the end of season 5).

    The show ended on Season 5. Season 6 is the quest for more money, trying to milk the franchise name for all its worth. It is to seasons 1-5 what Starship Troopers 3 is to the first movie.

    • Jensen Ackles acting was fine to me. I’m sure it is hard for him to try and portray someone who is soft and rusty after playing a charming rogue for 5 years, but in terms of effort I felt he wasn’t just phoning it in.

      I want to give Jared the benefit of the doubt. Part of me felt like he was just phoning it in and biding his time to leave Supernatural for other projects. However, maybe he is just struggling in trying to portray someone who is cold and a shell of his former self. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was told to be a bit more emotionless and wooden as part of the, “look at me, I am different since I was Lucifer’s meat suit”.

      Of the two, though, I feel like Jensen is giving the show more effort. That is just my personal observation and opinion, though.

      I am going to give it a few more episodes before I write it off, though. At least if seasons 6+ are horrible then I can just buy the first 5 seasons on DVD and pretend that was the end of the show (because in a way, it was the end of the original show).

    • i am so sad

      i love the car and it didnt even get a good scene

      what is going on? how many times can two ppl come back from sure disaster is crazy

      i LOVE supernatural but i am overwhelmed by the new episode

    • Both actors look like they’re bored to tears on set and are just going through the motions to get the show done. This episode wasn’t the only thing that blew chunks; I threw up a little after watching it. I think the writer went on a bathroom break, crapped on a piece of paper and came out thinking it would make a great script.

  3. Shanon Dean has always wanted a normal life. He dreams about he even wished for it early on. He also told the he’s with last season that he wishes he could have a normal life with here. He has told Sam several times he wants it.

    He has also seen the burning. In the pilot when jess is on fire dean rushed in to get Sam out and saw jess burning

    • I have seen many people talk about how Dean is only living the simple life because he promise Sam. While it be true that the promise to Sam was the kick in the pants needed for Dean to actually settle down, it is not as if Dean has secretly wanted a normal life all those years.

      The first encounter with the Djinn (forget the name of the episode) where Dean is tied up in the empty factory has it where his hallucination was that he was settled down with a loving woman and he had a normal life.

      In the episode where they are tracking the guy who can enter people’s dreams, you see Dean’s future girlfriend having a picnic laid out for Dean and her saying, “We have time for a nice romantic lunch before we have to pick up Ben from soccer practice” (or something like that).

      Both of those episodes drive home the fact that Dean wants a normal life. The problem is all those years of hunting has given him so much baggage that he will always be fighting himself to keep living the simple life.

  4. There are so many things wrong about this episode. Sports car, no Impala, Campbells… At first I had no objections on the show being passed on to a different producer but unfortunatelly the change has been for the worst.

    I somehow hope this’ll get better eventually and whoever is writing the script does some homework and watches the previous five seasons to give us some real Winchesters. But for now I’m still afraid about that will happen to Castiel. I miss Kripke already.

    • Kripke is still on the set “guiding” the cast and crew, he’s not gone yet.

  5. Hi there! speaking form portugal, yurp…

    always been a fan of supernatural from the get go, but this ep didn’t work for me. I was loving it till de yellow eyed demon showed up, but then it all went downhill. didn’t like the music, didn’t like the cousins and didn’t like the new Sam. But I like to think that is exactly what the producers want us to think so that they baffle us as the eps go on. I think that in a few weeks we’ll say “oh, that’s why the first episode was like that”…
    well, that’s just my opinion and my wish.

    just don’t mess with the last episode’s theme “carry on my wayward son”!!!!

  6. I don’t know what I expected from this season. I kind of went in without trying to prejudge what could/should happen because I wanted to judge it with a clean slate. I liked it. I liked that they started it up a year later. I didn’t think they would do that, just start up from Sam standing outside. Ackles was convincing, not half assing the character. Not sure about Padalecki. It’s hard to tell if his behavior was part of the “new Sam” or an actor looking to leave. Time will tell on that one.

    I’m mostly glad that they continued the show, but season 5 really felt like a great and appropriate end to the show if they had chosen to do it that way. But I’m afraid that the show has the potential to become overdone and completely outgrow itself, like shows like “Smallville” which has been on 5 seasons too long.

    In any case, I’m glad the show is back and willing to give the new creative team a chance to do its magic.

  7. Much has changed, but give it a chance. Never judge a book by it’s cover, or by it’s first chapter, even if it’s book 6 of a series.

    On that note, comparing this episode to the past, I’ve a few questions.

    Changes in the Djinn thingies. Okay, but I thought their mind-warpy touch was a hand covered in blue flame?

    Dean got a job. Construction, really? I get the use of the flashbacks, but I’m fairly certain they could have done that if he was a machanic.

    I’m curious to see how this show goes with all the changes. I did like digging deeper into Grandpa’s side of the story “cutting off vampire heads on the Mayflower.” That makes sense to me, it truly is a family business.

    Please, please give Sam more depth than “Yes it’s really me, I’m happy to be back. No I don’t want to talk about it, why would I?”

    I understand that his mind works differently than Dean’s, so we shouldn’t expect the same lies and such. Yet as Dean gave his reactions to Hell, you could see the baggage and emotions in his face, his eyes. In Sam, it’s more like “Eh, it was a joke, not WORTH talking about.” And that’s maybe too far on the other extreme.

    So, I don’t want to judge it too early. Supernatural remains the best show on TV. I’m waiting for the story to explain things out more. If the show is going to end, it needs a proper conclusion. Not a cliff-hanger, not something leaving tons and tons of questions (what ABOUT Cass??). As our prophet dude stated “Endings are a pain in the…” So let’s root for our Supernatural team to close it out right.

  8. ok, lets not forget Kripke is still on as an exec. producer. im sure he’ll step in WHEN and IF he neeeds to. its still his baby after all.

  9. I thught it was,OKAY forthe first episode,So at the end of season 5 that was sam the same day he fell it the pit! I always thought he’d have to be pulled out, because Micheal fell in too. Maybe Sam was actin (or hardly) because he has no soul(because he came out of the PIT not just HELL!!) or something(maybe) You know they will team up again,but I hope it’s not the ugly girl and stupid cousins!cass and bobby are signed for this season,I’m pretty sure> I just hope the 2nd one is better(It doesn,t really matter because I love the show and would watch it anyway,stupid episodes or not for as long as they keep making them!! C’mon 5 more years!!!!!

    • im thinking Cas pulled Sam out.

      • I am thinking it was Death, the Horseman. If he is as old and as powerful as God himself, then it should be within his powers to resurrect someone even from Lucifer’s cage.

        Death is too good of a character to not use him in season 6. They did a great job casting the actor to play him. I hope he returns. The only reason why I can see him not returning is that now he is free, that he may no longer lower himself to bother with humanity, who he sees as insignificant as bacteria.

  10. I thought the episode was really good, in as i watched it again you notice more stuff. I think this episode was meant to feel acward Sam in Dean havent seen each other in a year. In when Sam came back from hell I think hes attitude been like that ever since. He seem cold distant no emotion. But we got to remember dean was a basket case after he got back from his teachings with Alastair. I say give the show time it will balance itself out. This is a new chapter in yeah kripe is executive producer so the show will stay true . but it will be alot of turns in twistes along the way.

  11. honestly, the only way the show can surprise me in a good way is if Sam ends up to be Lucifer himself or something. I thought they were going to do something like that. This beggining of season lacked Supernatural’s original dynamic and suspense. The only characters that remain faithful to the show are Dean and Bobby. And where the hell is Castiel?

    • Misha Collins has been confirmed to be a regular in Season 6, so we’ll see Castiel soon I think. It specifically mentioned him as a regular and not a guest star, so we should see several episodes with Castiel in it.

  12. I did enjoy the episode, just not as a premiere. I’m really hoping that Jared’s acting in this one was planned. He just felt void of emotion and the chemistry between him and Dean was awkward at best. First off I don’t think that Sam is Lucifer. Kripke stated many times over the last couple months that they weren’t going to try to top the Apocalypse so bringing Lucifer back goes against that.

    As for the Impala, I think they’ll pull the full reveal when Dean comes back with Sam. Interesting theory, though I don’t think Lucifer is in play, Sam did seem very against taking the Impala back. (caused Sam to take control of Lucifer…hmmmm)

    Third, enjoyed bringing back the grandfather character but I hope this doesn’t alter the two brothers alone on the road that every other season has done so well.

    • As someone else has mentioned, I bet Sam’s refusal of the Impala is him showing Dean that he is no longer Dean’s younger brother, but his equal and Sam is establishing his own identity.

      As for Jared being wooden, I hope it is intentional and is later explained to be Sam losing his humanity after being ridden by Lucifer. Perhaps Sam will start showing more emotions and acting more human as the series moves on. I like the scene where Sam says that he needs Dean to hunt with him again because Dean doesn’t think, he just feels and acts. Perhaps Sam hopes that Dean can start sparking his [Sam's] feelings and compassion again.

  13. I strongly believe that there is something twisted with the grandfather and the so called “cousins”. I think that they will have a major conflict with Dean. In addition, Sam is not Sam, something is off about him in particular when you examine Sam and Dean together. Sam just seems to be very indifferent and lacking any emotion; which is uncharacteristic of him. I think a very plausible explanation for this is that some part of the devil rubbed off on him, changing his outlook on the world forever. Something TOO emotionally devastating happened to him last season and I think the whole point will be that he will be unable to recover from it, imo.
    1 way or the other this episode was a DISSAPOINTMENT no matter how you break it down. I don’t like the way they introduced Sam and Dean to each other again…very mellowdramatic. Hopefully the next few episodes will improve…but I am less optimistic than I normally am towards that notion

  14. I don’t know if i like season 6 or not. Not yet anyways. the chemistry between the brothers was greatly lacking and the dialogue seemed forced. But again that could have been the whole point. After all its been a year and they all have been through alot. What i didn’t really like was how somber the whole episode was, yes i know its to show the emotional state of the brothers however what i loved about supernatural was the balance between somber and funny that it always managed to potray. I hopppppee that the chemistry, music and whole funness of the show is restored as we go further into the season.
    Here is hoping next episode is much better with maybe cass in it…

  15. I’m hoping to see Cass in the next episode too! He’s such a fan fave, I’m surprized we didn’t see him here.

    I’m still not remembering Dean wanting the normal life, was that in Season 5? I wanted to rewatching it over the summer but ran out of time. With Dean’s last Djinn experience (and I’m not convinced there was any real Djinn in this episode) I think that was more about his Mom being around, than being apple pie – remember even then he was rarely at his home but rather hanging out with family. I think we might be seeing a ‘Hey, look man I tried it and I like pie, but this is a little too much apple for any Winchester!” moment from him. I think if he’s going to be a hunter again, which I can’t imagine anything otherwise, he has to try out & live through the ‘regular’ life and then know it’s not for him. Some things you don’t know until you try.

    On Jared’s acting, every single time I’m noted in the past that I didn’t like what he was doing or I didn’t believe it, it actually ended up being brilliant in hindsight. Anyone else notice he would often let Dean lead the conversations, and then react / response? There is more going on than we know… which is always the case with Supernatural!

  16. To quote the great Meg – I gotta tell you, I’m a little underwhelmed.

    If we were going to have family members either back from the dead or newly introduced I would have prefered to see John or Adam again. It’s a show about the Winchesters after all. Some of my favorite episodes have had John or Adam in them.

    This wasn’t crap, but I miss the tone of the past seasons. I miss the one liners that all the previous shows have had. There was humor. The show could have been very dark but it never was. Where’s the rock music and Impala? Seeing the Impala under some car cover sucked. I hope we are going to circle back and see some of the old formats in the show again.

    So glad there is a season 6 though!

  17. I was looking forward to season 6. but now that i saw the first episode, i am really disappointed. after 5 seasons i think we all now the winchester brothers at least a lil bit. but guys, do you really recognize them? you may say they changed because of what happened to them. but hey, it’s tv, they don’t have to. one of the reasons i love(d) this show was dean and his jokes, his girlfriendstorys and of course the hunting. i don’t need more. and they were a clan, john, dean, sam and of course bobby. i liked jo, ellen and ash too, i some kind of accepted them. but everybody died and now it seems to me they are simply replaced by other guys (because sam, dean and bobby aren’t enough characters). and of course, what about the impala? where is he? for me, it’s a character too, which is simply removed. i hope i will see it again. maybe it would have been better never making a sixth season… the story is sucked out. from the first season tension was increased. at the end of season 5 they were at the top. i don’t really season 6 is going to be good. but let’s see…

  18. just stop the complaining an give it 4 to 5 episodes to build the season, after all this is a new begining, then start bitching if they messed up which i really dont think they will (I hope) lol

  19. Ok, everyone needs to stop panicking.. Nana, I too am a series-long fan. Actually, I’m quite obsessed lol. I have all series on DVD, and watch them from start to finish over and over. I have seen them all (other then 5 b/c I just got it last month) about 8 times. So as a die hard fan, I was NOT disappointed.

    You guys have to give this a chance. Think about it, first of all, the writers cannot top an appocalypse story line. It doesn’t get anymore “Supernatural” then that. They have to take the show in another direction, so what we are used to, may not be the case here. Secondly, Gamble already stated in many interviews that there would be a kind of role reversal this season, with Dean not wanting to be into hunting, and Sam being the gung-ho hunter. As for his lack of emotion…THE MAN WAS POSSESSED BY SATAN AND WENT TO HELL!! Would’nt you have a lack of emotion? Give it time for him to build his new character. Jared and Jensen have to adjust to this too.

    I agree about the Campbells. Can’t really care less about these cousins. I also would rather have Jo, Ellen, Adam or John of course back in the cast. But it may be cool to see where the story goes w/ Grandpa. Gamble is not stupid, and has written many episodes over the past 5 years. Have a little faith in her.

    I think I read that Cas doesn’t come in to episode 3. Not positive, but that is what I’m thinking. And of course we all want the Impala back! But not for nothing, I would’ve been P*SSED, if Sam took Dean up on his offer to take her. I’m glad he declined. That is DEAN’S car, and she will be on the road again as soon as HE is ready to start hunting.

    Just give it a little time guys…They haven’t let us down yet!

  20. I agree Meredith. People want every thing back the way it was but they don’t realize that it has to be earned. You can’t just put every thing back together like it never happened. That would be awful writing. The impala has to work it’s way back in. Sam and Dean can’t just go right back to bonding and hunting. Things have changed Sam was Satan and he died. They have been apart for a year and have both changed alot. Dean is softer and became a family man. Every thing Sams been through has made him cold inside he’s hardened as a person and it seems hasn’t had the most positive influences lately.

    You guys have to let every thing be earned. Other wise it’s bad writing.

    • i think im one of the very few people that hasnt bitched or complained about the show, and im not gonna start now, it was the season premire people! they wont show their hand in one show, man all you need to relax.

  21. Calling it now – eaither Sam or Grandfather Campbell is a shape-shifter.

    • maybe… but hope not..

  22. im also a fan of supernatural, since fromits first season.. and im so glad to have its 6th season..
    upon reading all those comments here, i realized i’d better watch its every episode to clarify the changes being done on the story..
    i wont question out these changes, because thats part of it.. remember, life changes in different ways, whether you like it or not..
    im already exited to watch the next episode, for me to know every detail of changes in the story… more importantly, the reasons behind it…
    twist is part of the story..
    and i like the way the supernatural season 6 go..

  23. Supernatural is a show where your upset about something one day and it pays off later in the season and you suddenly realize it’s brilliant. I remember rolling my eyes thinking it’s the worst decision ever when Angels suddenly show up. Then a few episodes later it grew on me and by the time I hit the season 5 finale I realized it was the most brilliant thing I’ve seen on television.

    I don’t think there were really any mishaps in this first episode I can see how every thing will pay off and there is a reason for every thing. As I said before it would be lazy writing if every thing was buisness as usual after all they been through.

    • yeah right… actually, we have the same thoughts.. that’s why, i don’t wanna to make a bad reaction regarding with its premiere..
      another thing i love on this show is that, they made people think, deeply.. about “what is what and why is that”…

  24. somethings definately up with gramps though…either way i hope they kill off Nemec, he has no business on the show

    • lets find out on the next episode what would happen to gramps..
      does sam and dean would stay with each other again? as brothers or as enemy?

      • only the writers know for sure. something though just isnt right about gramps and the “cousins”

  25. The episode is definetely better the second time you watch it. I can’t believe that the blank look in Sam’s eyes is not on purpose. I think we just don’t have the patience to wait episodes to see the boys back together, we wanted it by the end of the premier. Dean & Bobby were good in this episode, it’s Sam who we can’t figure out (and of course why they would introduce the cousins). Did anyone read the interview with Jensen on the day of the premier where he said he changed the way he played Dean from the way he was written to portray him more as he thought Dean (the old Dean) would have acted. Also, in an interview with Misha, he said that Cas comes back very business like and not so much like an old friend. I hope it doesn’t take too long to build the old relationships again, this is basically what’s missing.

    • I agree. I taped it while watching it on premiere night. I watched it again yesterday and it seemed better the second viewing. Part of me wonders if I felt the episode was bad the first viewing because I watched the TNT marathon beforehand and that marathon had some of the best episodes of Supernatural.

      As for Cas, from the season 5 finale it sounds like he’s been upgraded to archangel rank and has probably taken Michael’s spot as the chief angel. He said, “back and improved”, after re-appearing at the end (or something like that). At first I thought it meant he was an angel again, but I bet he means he is stronger than he has ever been. Between that and him pretty much being the new sheriff in heaven in Dean’s car.

      I like the idea of Cas being like he was when he first met Dean. Some of their best interactions was when Cas was all super serious and Dean kept jabbing and poking at him. Although I will miss the, “hey assbutt!”, dialog.

      • Cas being back for the 6th season is gonna be fun, yeah he’ll be more businss like. but lets not also forget he’s grown to care about the boys too, so im sure he’ll occasionallly let his wall down with the seriousness when he can. im soo pumped about this season.

        • You may be right about Cas taking a step back being a good thing. Hadn’t thought of it that way.