Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 6 premiere Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Tonight, The CW’s hit series Supernatural enters a new era. With the original series storyline conceived by creator Eric Kripke completed, Supernatural must now start a fresh chapter in the world of the Winchester brothers.

We’ve followed the Winchester boys through some shocking events: the Apocalypse, Sam going to hell, getting out of hell and – as we saw in the season 5 finale – creepily watching Dean through the window, outside of his house. While fans know that neither heaven nor hell (or death!) can separate the guys, things have changed.

Dean is now a family man with a wife, a child and a “good” job. It’s going to take something pretty spectacular to drive him away from his new-found happiness. While I believe that your brother crawling out of hell, after being taken over by Lucifer may be pretty spectacular, I’m willing to bet that it’s going to take something else – or someone else.

Preview (courtesy of The CW)

It’s a year later and Dean (Jensen Ackles) has given up hunting and is living with Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) and her son Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia). Mysteriously freed from his cage in hell, Sam (Jared Padalecki) finds Dean and tells him he needs to rejoin the fight as well as introducing a world (and family) he never even knew existed – the Campbells, his mother’s family, lead by none other than their Grandfather Samuel (Pileggi).


When a typical season of Supernatural begins, viewers are met with the sounds of AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” while being presented with the adventures of the past season under the title “The Road So Far.”

This year, AC/DC was replaced by a more somber arrangement and the familiar title card was exchanged for “One Year Ago.”

supernatural season 6 premiere family2 Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

These dulcet tones, while initially disorienting to those familiar with the series, serve as an impressive means by which to convey the show runners are staring anew. Even though fans knew that season 6 would present a new Supernatural storyline, after Eric Kripke’s original arc, many (including myself) were expecting a metaphorical (or theoretical) restart rather than the literal new beginning we received in the premiere.

As much as fans of the series may disagree, this was the perfect way to present the beginning of season 6 – so much has change and many of the series’ characters have been given new and different roles. If the producers were to continue on, as if it was a typical episode, the premiere would have felt extremely sloppy and unfaithful to way in which Supernatural handles storylines.

Unfortunately, I don’t think that the producers felt the same way – since the introduction of the Campbell family served no other purpose than to provide character filler for the episode. While many fans knew that Sam and Dean’s grandfather would be returning, no one expected (or wanted) an enormous family reunion. In the past, Supernatural has often had problems handling “relatives.” The character of Adam (Sam and Dean’s half-brother) was a perfect example. He was poorly realized, horribly cast, and ended up feeling like nothing more than a spur-of-the-moment idea – rather than something planned from the beginning.

supernatural season 6 premiere family Supernatural Season 6 Premiere Review & Discussion

Of course, Mitch Pileggi is the exception to that rule. As Sam and Dean’s grandfather, he has already proven himself to be a wonderful addition to the series. Although, with the obvious hints that “something else is going on,” they have all but ruined any future surprising reveals about his character – a poor decision by the producers, especially with the pacing in this episode. It felt as if they replaced any intended episodic conclusion with a poorly implemented reveal – offered by new characters we weren’t familiar with in the first place.

While I enjoyed this episode and thought it was a great start to what will surely be an amazing season, I couldn’t help but feel unfulfilled as the episode ended. Sure, one is always left wanting to see the next episode of Supernatural, but that’s because we’re excited about what’s going on and want to continue the storyline as soon as possible. In this case, I want to see the next episode of Supernatural so that I feel some type of closure or that something else, other than bringing Sam and Dean together, occurred.

Final Thoughts

The season 6 premiere of Supernatural was a great way to start off a new season, and chapter, in the world of the Winchester brothers. While the episode started refreshing and new, it ended awkwardly and without much closure. Hopefully, as the season progresses and more of the intended story is revealed, things will get better.

Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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  1. Best episode ever? No. But it’s refreshing to sort of take a step back and “start over”. Not really start over, I know, but it’s still a nice step back, at least.

  2. I’m a huge fan of the show but I thought it was a little lackluster. I kept waiting for a JR moment that never happened, although there felt like lots of clues that things we amiss, specifically the Djinn behaviour – although they gave an almost blanket statement debunking previous mythology that could ‘explain’ it.

    Really surprized at that, although it could be indicator of passing the torch of the show in a new light. I can only imagine (and hope!) that it’s part of a grander picture – at least the show has a amazing history of blindsiding us with things that really ring true. I hope we get that next week!

  3. The music was horrible – a cheesy rendition of Friday the 13th. Sam was completely different; not directed properly. I hated it.

    • Sam wasn’t that terribly different. He’s acting a little more maturely or high-strung I suppose, but at least he’s not so whiny. He’s more like he was in, say, season 2 or 3.

  4. I did not think it was that great of an episode either. I love SN but I was hoping for a bit more. I’m glad Sam is back, I just wish we could have found out more about what happened. Guess we’ll have to stay tuned.

  5. They could have gone back to good old ghost hunting – but that didn’t happen. There was no emotion between Sam and Dean.

    • It’s the first episode of a new season. It may be a little while before things get back to normal. It was the APOCALYPSE, after all. Not a cookie baking competition.

  6. There was one good hug :)
    The show is totally centred on the strength of the Sam & Dean – the connection being amiss *must* be intentional.

  7. can somebody please explain to me why samuel kidnapped the djinn?

    • well, no one knows yet Linds

      • I was thinking the same thing,and why did they huuy her out before the boys got back?

  8. disappointing episode

  9. Kidnapping the Djinn and ‘keeping it from the boys’ is definitely one of the (several) indicators that something is amiss. Like Dean seeing the attack at the neighbours hours – if it was Djinn, they wouldn’t kill them they would cart them off. If it was something else – what was it?

  10. Not what I was expecting. Not sure what to think. It wasn’t a satisfying episode, I guess.

    Sam obviously had to act in a different way since he’s back from being the Devil’s vessel. It was said repeatedly throughout the last season that being a vessel to an angel would take a toll.

    • Good point on the vessel thing. Hadn’t considered it would change him, though that would make obvious sense.

      It kind of frustrates me that everyone is ragging on this episode. It’s the first one after the end of the end of the world. It has a lot of explaining to do, because things got especially rushed at the end of season 5. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but it was very rushed and there’s a lot of little itty bitty loose ends they need to tie up. It makes the show a more complete mythology.

  11. I was very dissappointed in the season 6 premiere.

    I don’t think it was even a matter of me being hyped up for more Supernatural and having out-of-whack expectations. It is just that this episode was just that bad.

    As Hearbroken mentioned, the music was horrible. The score felt like something you’d hear on a cheesy 80s movie. It was also obnoxiously loud and overbearing. It is a major step back from the ambient score and hard rock of previous seasons and episodes.

    Also, there are too many people in the picture. I hope the grandfather either becomes a recurring villain or occasional guest sidekick, and not a regular. We already have Bobby as the mentor. I like the actor who plays the grandfather, so it is nothing against him personally.

    I don’t want to pick on Corin Nemac, but I rolled my eyes when he appeared on the show. I associate him with the lull in quality of Stargate SG-1 when he replaced Daniel’s character.

    I wish they weren’t doing the whole, “who brought me back and why?”, story with Sam. They have already done this with Dean. It was fun the first time with Dean and the angels, but it just seems too rehashed to do it over again with Sam. They could have easily explained it away as Death (the Horseman) bringing back Sam as a gift for Dean for keeping his word and freeing Death from bondage.

    The whole episode felt off. I don’t mind a show trying to experiment and move in new directions, but they have removed too much of the old formula. The golf club quips pale in comparison to the subtle dark humor from previous seasons.

    They have so much material to work with. Death is still out there. Crowley is still out there. Then you have the numerous monsters.

    I’ll give it a few more episodes before writing it off and considering the season 5 finale as the true end of the series.

    I really hope this episode is just a fluke, and not a sign of how it is going to be under a different show runner.

    • i loved the fact that they used a bob seger song!! and one that RARELY played these days on classic rock radio. i feel your pain on Nemec….WHYYY was he brought in :(

      • I’m with you on the music Anthony I liked it. I’ve always loved Bob Seger. I thought it fit right in with Supernatural and it played perfectly to the emotion they were trying to establish.

        • yeah, he’s one of my favs. Beautiful Loser is a great song

    • I so agree with you. I have been a fan from the beginning and was really really looking forward to this premiere and was totally disappointed in this episode, and for a season opener, what a letdown. And moving to Friday, bad move. Is the studio purposely trying to lose the fanbase so they can phase the show off of the air?

  12. Dean mellowed out to much. Before he would have beat the crap out of
    Sam for not coming forward sooner to tell him he was out of the cage.
    There really was no emotion between the two.
    One thing I would like to see this season is if anything will happen with their parents. Everyone is coming back from the dead, why not John and Mary, or even Jess.

    • I doubt we’ll see Jess again unless FOX cancels her new series, Lone Star. Unless they pull a Ruby…or a Meg…or a Yellow-Eyed Demon and cast a different actress.

  13. What a DISSAPOINTING episode and that is one of the very few times I have ever thought that about this show. I mean what the whole Sam coming back thing was soooo downplayed. You can tell that Kripke has left because the directing, the tone, and the emotion were very much missing. Kripke directed captivating episodes full of emotion, what we got here was your run of the mill bad episode- not good for a season premiere.

    I AM optimistic though that hopefully this season will be headed somewhere good. There are still many loose ends to tie up- Death is still out there, Meg is still out there, Crowly is still out there, what happened to Castiel, what happened to heaven/hell, can Lucifer break back out, how did Sam and their grandfather come back to life, is Sam really Sam, what is going on?

    There is still much to tie up… ALTHOUGH it would have been MUCH better if the show had ended last season and left the tying up to our imaginations.

    NEVERTHELESS, this is still and will always be one of my favorite shows, and no matter how bad this season gets it will not take away from the last five GREAT seasons

  14. I have to say, I was kind of disapointed with this episode. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think it really felt like Supernatural. Sam and Dean didn’t seem to have any brotherly chemistry at all, and Sam didn’t even seem like Sam anymore. I also don’t really like the new characters they introduced. I hope the next episode is better.

    • kayla, its the first episode…give it time :) they cant pull an all reveal on the first episode

  15. I guess I’ll dare to be different and say that I actually liked this premiere, for the most part. Season premieres are always hard–especially this time, with a whole new story arc getting off the ground. I thought it was intriguing. In interviews over the summer, Jared/Jensen/Sera have all said that things like Sam getting out of hell will be explored gradually. We could never expect to have questions answered in the very first episode.
    And as far as emotion between the brothers, it was hardly nonexistent. I think there was awkward unsureness between them that was completely understandable considering their vastly different experiences in their year apart.
    I look forward to seeing where the season goes–with the monsters, Grandpa Campbell, and the boys’ relationship.

  16. Does this new start mean Castiel is out? I didn’t pay attention to the opening credits so I didn’t see if Misha Collins was still credited in the main cast.

    • i didnt see his name in the main credits, but i coulda missed it as well. Cas has loosened up, hopefully when/if he returns i hope they keep the way he is, but who knows

    • Jason don’t worry to much it’s been announced that he will return.

      • Good, he was a smart addition to the cast.


    • D+G is for someone and sera gample.sounds like you know something

  18. They can’t tip their hand in the first episode, people. For those of you saying Dean was too mellow and Sam was too loose. That’s the freak’in point! Dean is rusty and has been living an apple pie life for a year. It would’ve completely disappointed me if he just turned on the ‘Smooth-talking Demon-Killing Dean’ persona like a lightswitch. I like that he has to reclaim his badass side again. And as for Sam, Let’s not forget that he has a right to be a little happier now. His brother has a family, he’s hunting with the grandfather he never knew, and they’re helping people. Take a breath and don’t place all expectations on the first episode.

  19. I like the premiere. I thought it was neat seeing there roles almost reversed. I think Sam was different cause he was the Lucifer’s skin suite and got out of hell a year ago.

  20. well, im not sure what to think… all i know is Dean better not eff up anything with that hot GF of his. as for gramps…yeah something isnt right there…i hope Corin Nemec gets dead soon, i really cant stand that guy dunno wht the hell casting was thinking when they gave him a part :(

  21. love supernatural
    great show

  22. I don’t get all the complaining. It wasn’t the best episode of Supernatural, but the Premiers are never the best parts of the season. Supernatural always has a sort of build up and gets better and better as the season goes on. It usually peaks around the middle has a minor drop with still fantastic episodes for the rest of the season, but never reaching the same quality as the middle until the finale where it gets great again.

    I thought the premier was enjoyable and did exactly what it needed to do. It hyped me up like crazy for the rest of the season. It created so many possibilities for so many great stories. This episode was packed with loads of potential.

    I really hope they don’t make Dean turn his back on that family. That girl really loves him and that kid worships him. He can’t screw that up. I hope no matter what happens during the season no matter how much he has to run off I hope he keeps that connection.

    • i still say that is his son lol. the first time the two met…come on it was a perfect mini-me Dean, plus the time frame was just about right. Lisa is really understanding with Dean, it shows that she has tremendous strength emotionally. and yeah if the writers eff it all up by having Dean leave them and just skipping out, i’ll be pissed off.

      • Yeah, I was more than a little aggravated when they started reenacting the ceiling inferno scene. My remote was in hand ready to change channels. The guy has suffered enough, it’s time something good happens to him. I’m reminded of the episode where he imagined this perfect life where his mom & Jess were alive, he & Sam never hunted. It made the guy happy. Hopefully he’ll be able to enjoy that sort of life after five seasons of (sometimes literally) Hell.

        • yeah, he deserves it, whether he thinks so or not

          • He took the whole Anna situation well, though. You’d think it’d be harder to rebound from an actual angel. Even if she did (for some bizarre and out-of-character reason) travel back in time in an effort to erase the parents that produced a demon spawn.

        • Totally agree that going with the burning ceiling was shocking – I was like, that door was opened & closed so long ago – and, Dean *never* saw that. Sam did. John did. But Dean didn’t.

          Something is amiss. Dean never wanted apple pie life, only agreed to it because he promised Sam.

          • Dean has always wanted an apple pie life.

            That is not to say the transition to an apple pie life would be hard for him, since he was trained at such a young age to be a hunter and being a hunter is all he knows.

            There have been several episodes over the first five seasons that expose the fact that Dean’s deepest desire is to have a normal life with a loving wife.

  23. i also hope that they go back via flashbacks, and show how Dean dealt with Sam being gone at some point in the season. and yea…more Ghost Facers please!!!

    • No more ghost facers, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are dumb.

  24. I enjoyed it, yea it lacked the grit that the last show runner had but i was satisfied… kind of like how futurama was continued after years without new episodes, it took awhile to get its stride back… i am hopeful for supernatural to go on with gamble… where the hell is castiel >:(

    • im sure we’ll find out soon, and im sure he’s keeping tabs on the boys when he can.

  25. Dude, I believe the story will vet better. However, they must bring the groovy music back.

  26. I do hope the episodes get better in time, but questions unanswered and all, it lacked a certain something it had before. It was a ‘smart’ show – and this one didn’t seem to have the smart element to it. One other thing I hope is only temporary is Sam’s car. I hope it was suppose to be funny and not part of reinventing Sam. The old car is the backbone of the Winchesters. It wasn’t the story line I was struggling with, it was that something was just missing. Eric Kripke?

    • I think we may just need to give Sera Gamble a chance and see where she is going to take us with this new story. As far as Sam and his new car, I kinda liked it. He is trying to get away from being the “little brother” and taking the Impala would still mean he was dependent on Dean.

      • Sera’s done other shows that were quite good. I just don’t know if their new Florida location has gotten the whole crew in tourist mode or what but the season opener was just plain lackluster. Made me want to flip channels…

  27. This episode was hard to watch, no brotherly connection, obscur third cousins being introduced (lets not jump the shark at this point). I just hope it was a set up for better times to come. I kind of missed the graphic blood & guts scenes too. Just need to be patient and let it unfold I guess.

  28. this premier kinda lacked the excitement the past seasons produced with they’re premeirs.although i gotta admit its kinda refreshing to see hunting from the other side again.after 4 years of both brothers being stone cold killers i forgot how crazy they look when one of them points out tat life isn’t imma smallville fan to the core but this is the first time in 2 years smallville was hands down better to me.but i know the brothers want let us down!!!!

  29. i dont completely trust sam yet lol