‘Supernatural’ Season 6 Plot; Moving to Fridays

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Following this season’s heart-pounding finale of Supernatural, fans were left wondering what’s next in store for the Winchester brothers.

With Sam stuck in Hell and Dean living a quiet life (a life he never knew he wanted), it should be interesting to see how the show’s writers get the brothers back together again.

Thankfully, fans won’t have to wait until Supernatural’s season six premiere (airing in the fall) to find out what’s going to happen – as The CW was nice enough to discuss what’s next for the series:

“Season six will be a season of mystery and shadow.  Heaven and Hell have been left in complete disarray since the apocalyptic events of season five.  And now, monsters, angels and demons roam across a lawless and chaotic landscape.  And so Dean Winchester, who has retired from hunting and sworn never to return, finds himself being pulled back into his old life – pulled back by none other than Sam Winchester, who has escaped from Hell.  The two reunite to beat back the rising tide of creatures and demon-spawn, but they quickly realize that neither are who they used to be, their relationship isn’t what it used to be, and that nothing is what it seems.”

Not only was the season six plot revealed, but it was also announced that the series will be moving to Friday’s at 10PM (starting next season). Hopefully, this move to Fridays is the result of a super secret CW master plan – not a sign that the network is looking to get rid of the series.

One thing the press releases didn’t mention was whether long-time Supernatural regulars Jim Beaver and newcomer Misha Collins would be returning – as fan favorites Bobby Singer and Castiel, respectively. Although, with the upcoming storyline still focused on Heaven and Hell, I’m willing to bet they’re return is almost certain.

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I’m not sure what interests me more about next season: the disarray of Heaven and Hell or Sam and Dean’s relationship. While everyone loves a demon battle, one can’t deny the problems that will come from Sam dragging Dean out of his new, quiet, lifestyle.

On some level, it’s similar to Supernatural‘s pilot – only reversed. Considering how great the first season the show was, I’d say that’s a compliment. Unless of course, they’re merely running out of ideas (considering the recent departure of creator Eric Kripke).

What do you think of the season six plot for Supernatural? Will you be following the show to Friday night?

The sixth season of Supernatural returns this fall on The CW.

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  1. i think its a great series.

  2. I love supernatural, but wish it woulda ended with season 5. Personally I think if u r gonna bring the winchesters back together, you should let them be happy to be reunited. I’m glad its coming back to an extent, but I am worried that they will massacre the series without kripke.

  3. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens this fall. The road so far has been amazing and Kripke told the story that he wanted to tell. Now we can only hope that the quality in the storytelling will not suffer because of Kripke’s departure.

  4. i love anything with sam and dean in it. i really like how the show has turned from ghosts and spirts, too angel and demons. i thought season 5 finale was great…i sure wasn’t expecting the twist or to see sam come back.

  5. I’m so glad they’re making another season! I also read somewhere that they’re going back to the episodes that aren’t mainly a part of some big plot, but just one story per episode. I’m excited about that too. I don’t care if the show isn’t as good as it used to be. I’m still going to tune in every week to watch Jared and Jensen. (:

    • Perhaps not black and white- but everything else you said matches my feelings on this perfectly.

  6. The baddest hunters on tv are coming back! Didnt catch the season finale but im going to see it when they play it during the summer reruns. I definitely going to see season six because it sounds like a good plot even with kripke leaving.

  7. I’m not happy about the show continuing, having Sam come back again so easily has sucked all the drama and tension from the show, Season 5 was probably the last for me. It ended with the zoom out from Dean’s happy life.

  8. Very, very upsetting news. Fridays? 10PM? Give me a freaking break CW. Why didnt the network just let the show end? This is my favorite show on tv (aside from Dexter on showtime) and I can tell you that I doubt that I will be watching it live. I mean the show targets 18-30 year olds right? What does a normal 18-30 year old do on a Friday night from 10-11? Either get ready to go out (bars) or is already out. This move will likely doom the show in ratings.
    In addition continuing the whole heaven and hell thing is ridiculous. The apocalypse JUST happened. Lucifer was fought and defeated, are u serious right now? I am infuriated because these past two seaons have been some of the best seasons I have ever seen from a tv program period. CW is definately going to drag this show out and I see this upcoming season being a BIG BIG dissapointment. Add the fact that Kripke had departed and the fact that both the actors are returning because they are contractuallyh obligated and this is turning out to be quite the dissapointment. To me the show had already ended this season. Thanks Kripke for 5 great years, CW you could go screw yourself

  9. I think you made a mistake. Supernatural’s going to be moved to Fridays yes, but at 9 PM after Smallville. The CW doesn’t do shows after 10 PM.

  10. Thank the Lord. I am crazy over Supernautral. Its actually kinda creepy. Thank you so much for coming out with a season 6th. This made my day!!

  11. Eric Kripke isn’t the only great writer on the Supernatural team-why not see what they offer us. And he is still going to be available for consultation, as I understand it. So far, they have done great for 5 years. Based on that, I am looking forward to the 6th season show. Love the characters and writing and humor.

  12. Sera Gamble we Trust lol She will be the lead writer and she has been there from the beginning sooo I know it will be just as good. If they do end the series at Season 6; end it well. They must know what they want to tell so this will be a new story arch and I feel there is more to tell even if there is a couple more seasons down the road. Eric Kripke will be an Executive Producer on the series so its still in his hands. He does want to make a spin-off with the mystery of the colt that can kill anything, apparently can’t kill 5 things…hmmmmm…so I’m sure he wants to tell that story soon. The Road So Far…

  13. a new supernatural? yes i love it i hope for many more

  14. I am thrilled that we will be getting another season of Supernatural! It has been one of the BEST shows on television and such great story, actors and characters. The writing has been so good. I think that the writers will continue to portray Sam and Dean as we know them, but with this new twist we will see them evolve more and relate to each other in new ways. The actors will not let this show stray from the awesome show that it has become. Jensen and Jared are skilled actors and I think that they will watch out that the show continues on in a positive way and make sure that it is not damaged. Afterall, they have invested themselves in Supernatural and made it the wonderful, thrilling and imaginative show that we love, right? I have faith in all people involved with this show that they will nurture it and help it develop so it is enhanced and not damaged.
    This show is a CLASSIC and will continue to involve and entertain us as always. I love it and will be front and center to watch the next season, no doubt!

  15. I am a Supernatural Junkie. I come home from school, Media Specialist, and watch two DVR recorded episodes from TNT everyday. Then I also get to watch the prime time show. I will follow them to any night. I love the camaraderie between the brothers. These actors are perfect for this role – the wayward sons. Keep Supernatural coming!!!!!

  16. the plot sounds really good i cant wait for this season although i wish they wouldnt change it to fridays i go out so i guess ill have to record it.

  17. Season 5 ended openly but a sixth season I’d say isn’t really neccessary. I personaly would have had all the loose ends tied up with an epic feature length blockbuster movie.. That way fans can see supernatural in a better light with better effects and screen writes.. Not that anythings wrong here.. I’d just like to see more power pulled out of the series.. Maybe something like lucufers true face, the angels true faces and maybe god himself.. I think it would have been too damn powerful

  18. Yes, on the DVD season sets, there are gag reels, as well as “Eye of the Tiger” and story profiles by the writers/directors. You get your money worth with each DVD season.

    • Thanks….I pland on getting the dsifferent seasons, but for now I have too many other box sets I haven’t gone through yet. I’ve hear that jason Eckles likes to play practical jokes….I also heard of a time when Tom Welling from Smallville popped over and sat in the back seat of the car which was a total surprise to the guys when they got in the car. Sounds like a fun set to visit….

  19. With having such mixed feelings about the finale and this last season overall I’m pleased that Sera is taking the reins, I’m not particularly fond of Kripke as a writer and I feel that he could do more good as an executive producer. What I’m afraid of is this change in schedule. True that from business standpoint Supernatural would do better on Fridays for them, you could put this show on at 1:00 in the morning and the fans would follow. Knowing this it makes sense to put a new show in a competitive time slot like Thursday nights. They’re taking advantage of the fanbase because, as it’s probably one of the best television show’s still airing, ratings never have been fond of it. Moving it to a new time might open up schedules for new viewers hopefully. So maybe this isn’t the CW brushing aside Supernatural completely, although my faith is very thin where they are concerned. I just wish they’d up the budget, just a little.
    I’m excited to see where Sera takes us for the sixth season, maybe it’ll even be better paced then the cluster of plot season five was. Tip: Have Ben Edlund and Jeremy Carver write more episodes.

  20. I am glad the show is returning and i hope more season are coming as well. I hate the new time slot but glad it didnt end with just 5 seasons!

  21. Wow I just got done catching up on season 5 and the finale was great!!! Its obvious that the next season will be great because sam escaped hell and we will learn how he did it. Also, Dean will have to make a choice whether or not he wants to start hunting or stay with Lisa. This season will be AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  22. TBH i liked more first 2 seasons with ghosts, gremlins,windigos etc. The drama with heaven and hell is funny (angels and demons – who care) , bring to us the good old werewolfs, ghosts, windigos, town legends and why not something new? Why not to implant new kind of supernatural creatures in 7 season? Will be sad to end with only 6 seasons, i rly enjoy the show and i’m sure there’s lot of things to make with it and not to ruin it with less action more drama seasons like the ones with heaven and hell…

    • I agree completely….I suppose it get’s difficult to come up with different evil beings after a while, but variety definately makes it more interesting

  23. They should bring in morgan freeman to play god.

    But whats up with “Bringing sam back from hell”? I mean did we not just see the guy at the end of the finale looking in at dean? Clearly he got out the same day.

  24. Sam isn’t stuck in Hell. Some-how he was out.
    ~I think it’s weird how Sam is living the life Dean wanted and vise versa.
    There’s going to be something big with God/Chuck. I think they were foreshadowing when Death said “Everyone dies eventually, even God and I will have our time.” I think Someones destiny has to do with taking over for God.

  25. i am very happy that there is another season coming out this is my faviorite show ever i just love sam and dean but with just one of them it wouldent be the same i was so bumed when i thought dean went to hell but i was so happy to see him come back i cant wait to see season six keep up the good work and sam and dean are so hot expesially dean yummy yummy

  26. love the series. my favorite show. wish it would last but its not. seeing as supernatural was a five year plan by Kripke and was only left open because of network pressure. the simple fact is that this is the last season of supernatural and that is why it is being moved late night on friday. ill miss the show but cant see what happens in six