Supernatural Season 6: ‘The Third Man’ Spoilers Discussion

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supernatural the third man discussion Supernatural Season 6: The Third Man Spoilers Discussion

Tonight, Supernatural finally kicks back into high gear. With Sam and Dean back together and fighting evil, there’s literally nothing that can stand in the way of the Winchester brother (minus an alpha shape-shifter). Of course, with their wonderful grandfather serving as a proverbial wild game hunter for some mysterious, mischievous person, it’s only a matter of time before it all blows up in his face and Sam and Dead have to clean up the mess.

For the past couple of episodes, we’ve been watching as the bond between these two brothers mends itself, but even with such a heartfelt reunion, there are still some pieces missing. Thankfully, one of those missing pieces returns tonight. After much pleading, Castiel finally answers the brother’s prayers for help. Although, with heaven in much disarray, nobody really knows for sure how long Castiel will be around (hopefully it’ll be a while). How will the revelation of God’s weapons being stolen from heaven affect Sam and Dean on their new journey?

Oh yeah… and when’s Bobby coming back?! Supernatural just isn’t the same without him.

Preview (courtesy of The CW) – “The Third Man”

Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) call Castiel (Misha Collins) for help when they investigate a case about several dead police officers who seem to have been killed by the plagues of Egypt. Castiel confirms the staff of Moses was used to kill the cops and tells Sam and Dean that Heaven is in a state of chaos and God’s weapons have been stolen. The three head off to find the thief and come face to face with an old enemy.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the episode – if you haven’t seen the episode, I would recommend you don’t read these comments here until you have. You’ve been warned.

Discuss away!


Supernatural airs Friday’s @9pm, on The CW

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  1. bobby was in the season premire if i remember right, albiet only for a few minutes.

    • Yea Anthony he was right there in the premier. Bobby has always only been in a few episodes of a season he has never once appeared in every episode of a season.

  2. loved it and dean’s prayer was the best 1 ive ever heared hahah cas is a di.k lol i like how dean knows something aint right with sam :) like how sam’s car got smashed hehehe now all we need is the music n bobby back :) i can wait for more t show im looking 4ward t cing dean as a vampire hehe that is jus so so funny :)

      • That was funny Anthony, but I prefered

        “Dean and I share a more profound Bond… I wasn’t going to say anything”

        Had me rolling

  3. This season is perking up interestingly- was great watching Sam’s car getting wrecked. xD

  4. it was intresting how dean was able to get hold of cas the di.k hehe and not sam… sam is not sammy anymore awww but im loving how jared is playing sam n boy has his body got fit or wat corrr…
    it was gr8 cing the brothers back together n i loved that dean had t beat sam in the car haha n how sam’s car got smashed was brill wondered how they were gona do that as u cant have the winchester brother’s not in the chevy but where the hell has the music gone thats the only thing i have to moan bout as im loving how season 6 is playing out but PLEASE bring back the music

  5. Loved the new episode was nice to have Cas back.

  6. This episode was just horrible.

    What they are doing to Sam is an utter outrage. Is this character assassination or what? I hate how quick they are to throw Sam under the bus. Can you imagine if they’d pulled this behaviour with Dean when he came back from hell, no they wouldn’t because Dean fans would be in absolute uproar but with Sam, it’s fine, just threw him to the wolves. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see a character I watch this show for become an absolute robot charicature of his old self. He’s unrecognizable and it makes me so angry that we have to wait so long to get inside Sam’s head every single season, when will the writers learn? I don’t care if it’s Lucifer, new mean Sam, or there’s some late tagged in excuse but I won’t be watching if they keep this up. They are so happy to villify Sam to make Dean look good. Newsflash us Sam fans are leaving in droves Supernatural. Sort it out. Now!

    • Sam does bug the hell out of me, but really, Dean isn’t fairing any better. So far I’m really disappointed with this season. It’s all retreads and character derailment. Djinns? Shifters? Pissed off Angels? Alpha Shifter and Staff of Moses are no where near good enough.

    • I understand your disappointment, but I don’t agree. Please calm down, Sam fans are not leaving in droves. Hang in there. Encourage him and enjoy the acting skills of your boy.

      • oops replied under the wrong person! Should have been up one to Wendigo. Sorry!

  7. umm nah…. I like where they are going with this season…. I love the new badass Sam it’s better then him being a B*#!h all the time i bet he still has some Lucifer still in him…

    • gee ya think captain obvious lol

  8. Finally this episode had a little heart and soul in it. The gore of the plague victims was welcome indeed! Dean is piecing the absenteeism of Sam together. Jared Padalecki is showing he can play a prostitute buying, tightly muscled, secret keeping, badass instead of the usual pansy ass he was. I’m glad the Grandfather and cousins are, albeit temporarily, gone for a bit, sure he and whomever will show up again.

    I disagree with one thing in the review, there was no heartfelt reunion between Dean and Sam. It was stiff and underwhelming. Understandable considering that Sam had been back for almost the entire year and that Bobby knew about it. Not sure I would forgive easily. But I think it is all part of the plan. And Crowley is returning!

    Love where this is going. I’m not sure if the actors agree.

  9. Does anybody else think that Misha Collins, the guy that plays Castiel, would have made a far better John Constantine than Keanu?

  10. In your opening article~oops…

    matter of time before it all blows up in his face and Sam and Dead have to clean up the mess.

    Sam and Dead? Is he a new character? hahaha.

    Loved the smashing of Sam’s car.

  11. I could have done with more scenes between the angels. The three actors all had great chemistry and comic timing. Misha Collins keeps getting funnier. Sebastian (Balthazar) Roche is always creepy/charming and, sorry, the show wasted the talents of Demore Barnes. His Raphael character made a convincing foe for the trio.

    The plot wasn’t very interesting and the pacing is off – even though Misha Collins was in fine form. I could see where the writing was turning towards the success of the first five seasons, but it was still pretty hollow in my opinion.

    The chemistry is still ‘off’ between the Winchesters but it also feels as if one of the actors is phoning in his performances. It isn’t just the writing, it’s the delivery too.

    • if Dean tries to push Lisa away like i saw in the coming show previews and she doesnt fight for him, i’ll be severly pissed off.

  12. I enjoyed the show much more this week. It felt like old times to me, which is what I needed. I am glad they are giving us insight into Sam, and glad they are back traveling together. I only paused once to complain about the music, but then didn’t notice it for the rest of the show. I thought it was an improvement. Let’s hope it just keeps getting better.

  13. Finally got round to watching it, that was a huge improvement on the banal previous 2 episodes.
    I’m still not convinced but the show has a reprieve from me, for now.
    The teaser was gross, I was actually eating at the time. Delightful, in a macabre way.

  14. Still waiting until the trite and obnoxiously dull storyline of Lisa and Ben is done with permanently. I could care less about them and their involvement and it’s becoming nauseating having to deal with it, they need to go. If I wanted to watch suburban family drama I’d be watching a different show. Not to mention how ridiculous the characters and unrealistic their relationship and interactions are. How does a woman leave her young son in the care of an alcoholic PTSD ridden man who hides a sawed-off shotgun under his side of their bed? I love Dean but a stable ‘father-figure’ he is not. Get it together Sera Gamble, realistically they should have been done weeks into the start, you’ve dragged it out too long with these out-of-character excuses to fuel your impractical romance. I want to watch Supernatural again.

  15. Couldn’t disagree more it would be horrible and stupid for them to get rid of Lisa and Ben. Keeping them fits perfectly in to the good writing this show has always had. If you want mindless action with out meaning or heart best to watch another show that’s not what Supernatural is about. Dean deserves a shot at having the family and getting rid of them would be awful writing.

    • Nothing about Lisa and Ben fits into the atmosphere of this show and it’s because I want the smart writing and heart back why they need to be gone for good. They bring absolutely nothing to Supernatural other then eye-roll inducing scenes with none of the trademark Supernatural emotion. Sera didn’t even bother developing them past flat, base characters that just so happen to have perfectly scripted dialogue in order to be likable. Who are these people? Why should we care about them? Why do they care about Dean? None of these questions have been successfully answered and it has become annoying. Supernatural was never about being like a Happy Days rerun, it was about a dysfunctional family trying to do what’s right in horrific underdog circumstances. Dean making Halloween costumes for his wannabe stepson was never in that description. It would have been good writing to have never brought them up in the first place but now we just have to wait even longer in order for that problem to be fixed.

  16. I think the best thing for the show would be to kill off Lisa immediately. With her keeping the home fires burning, Dean will not be the sex loving hedonistic debauched drunk that we all know and love. He’ll have to be faithful to her blah blah boring. Kill her off and then have Sam and Dean raise Ben as their own. Even put in her will that Dean is the true Dad or have the real Dad come and take him. Who cares. Just get on with the Sex, Gore and Rock n Roll!