‘Supernatural’ Season 6 Finale Details Revealed

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supernatural season 7 Supernatural Season 6 Finale Details Revealed

With four episodes left before the highly-anticipated Supernatural season 6 finale and a month before this season’s final run of new episodes air, fans of the series are looking for something – anything – to help ease the faux pain of Supernatural’s winter hiatus. Fortunately, fans’ prayers have been answered.

This past Sunday, before jumping on stage for Supernatural’s panel at PaleyFest 2011, the cast and crew of everyone’s favorite paranormal series took time to reveal exactly what fans can expect to see in the two-hour season finale on May 20.

It goes without saying that this piece contains minor spoilers for the Supernatural season 6 finale. So, if you’re trying to avoid any information about the final run of episodes this season, you might want to resist reading on.

Like many expected, the Supernatural season 6 finale will find Sam and Dean having to battle one of mythology’s most malevolent creatures, Eve – The Mother of All (monsters).  Of course, with story-arcs regarding the battle between Heaven and Hell, the search of Purgatory and Sam’s memories being sealed off still hanging around, expect the proverbial “you know what” to hit the fan.

Jumping right to the chase, executive producer, showrunner and co-writer of the finale (with Eric Kripke), Sara Gamble reveals that not everyone will make it out of this season alive:

“There will definitely be deaths. I would say that the last couple of episodes are pretty dark. The situation is rather desperate for Sam and Dean and they truly have to ban together to get the job done.”

Considering Eve will most likely be the sole monster in the finale that’s capable of killing someone, one has to believe that it will be the face-to-face meeting between The Mother of All and the Winchester brothers when the body count begins to rise.

supernatural like a virgin 21 Supernatural Season 6 Finale Details Revealed

Providing even more suspense for the already anticipated confrontation, Heaven’s guardian himself, Misha Collins, discusses just how amazing this battle is going to be:

“It’s epic and daunting. The final confrontation is definitely not what anyone is expecting. It is, however, larger and more epic than the viewers are expecting.”

Of course, what point is a battle if there aren’t consequences worse than death? It appears that the time has come for Sam’s mental wall to come down… and, oh boy, does it.

Says Supernatural creator Eric Kripke:

“I will say we conclusively deal with Sam’s amnesia and the fact that he doesn’t remember what happened to him in hell. He’s got this bit of drywall in his head, but it’s a shabby, unstable piece of drywall and it’s only a matter of time before the wall falls down, and in the finale, the wall falls down.”

Sara Gamble adds:

“It’s something that Sam is both afraid of and also he’s dying to know what he did that year that he was soulless. It’s something that Dean has great fear about. Every ounce of big-brother protectiveness inside him wants to shield Sam from what might happen if the wall comes down, so it’s a pretty major thing for them.”

Finally, Sam himself, Jared Padalecki, speaks to his character’s impending recollections:

“We’re saving the best for last — and the scariest for last. It does come down, and as Death warned, it’s a catastrophe. Sam has to battle something he’s never battled before, which is himself.”

supernatural like a virgin 31 Supernatural Season 6 Finale Details Revealed

While Sam’s flood of memories and the battle against Eve might sound like an amazing way to end the season, one must remember that Supernatural always supplements its season finales with a major cliffhanger. If what Kripke and Padalecki are saying about the season 6 finale is true, this cliffhanger may top them all.

Says Padalecki:

“This is a cliffhanger unlike any other. We’ve had Sam die and Dean die and dad die, so we’ve had a lot of deaths. This one doesn’t necessarily end with death, but with a whole new beginning.”

Says Kripke:

“It’s a cliffhanger, so everyone needs to be prepared that they’re going to be tearing their hair out all summer.”

With Supernatural season 7 still up in the air, a cliffhanger of this magnitude may not be the best way to end the season. While it’s likely that the series will return for another year, I can only imagine what the reaction might be if this six-year story of the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester ends in this manner.

Considering we won’t find out the future of Supernatural until around May, I think it’s best that we focus on the Supernatural season 6 finale – and what exactly is going to happen to Sam when the memories of his filleted soul comes rushing back.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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  1. I bet Michael Rosenbaum doesn’t appear… ;)

    • That’s well funny…. thanks

  2. I think they left it far too late in the season to introduce this “Mother of all” stuff. They’ve only really spent a couple of episodes on it & so far Eve hasn’t been much of a big bad. Trying to build her up as some uber threat this late in the game is pointless. It pales in comparison to last seasons Apocalypse threat, in fact all of the previous seasons threats have generated much more peril than this.
    It’s a shame, I really like Supernatural & I’ve been patiently waiting all season for some big shocking twist to come out of nowhere to make up for the seemingly directionless first half of the season. Sadly the “Mother of all” stuff just isn’t doing it for me, unless they have something major planned for the end, I really do hope so.

    • I and a lot of people agree with you. I’m very disappointed. If this series ends the way they are hinting, the fan base is really gonna be pissed off. Eric Kripke is writing and directing the final 2 hour episode, so maybe that will be worth watching. I still think they should have ended it after season 5. It was a big mistake having Sera Gamble take over this.

      • The big mistake is that the writers obviously havent planned the season properly, they added in arcs and then forgot about them, put way too many storylines in and made the massive mistake of killing Crowley!

        • I agree that killing Crowley was a huge mistake, I’d of been much happier if they’d just carried on developing him as this seasons big bad.
          Another reason I’m not enjoying this season is because after Sam finally got his soul back it left the boys with no real reason to carry on with the whole hunting life.
          Over the course of the show both Sam & Dean have many times expressed their desire to give up hunting and just be normal but there was always something that required their direct involvement that kept them in the business. Since the Apocalypse was averted & Sam got his soul back they just seem to be hunting for the sake of it rather than having any personal reasons for carrying on. The episode where Dean went back to see Lisa & Ben made me wonder what exactly it was that kept Dean from just staying wither this time. Plus given the situation with the wall in Sams mind it would stand to reason that he should probably stay as far away from hunting as possible.
          Up until now they have always been personally invested in all the goings on but i think they have been too far removed this season so there is little impact or drama anymore.

          • I agree with absolutely evrything you said there, there is no tension or drama anymore.

    • lol you so sound like a buffy fan

  3. I think the big question is, will the season finale see the Return of Chuck…?

  4. Is Eve more of a threat than The Devil himself? Thats the problem with this season, the show had a very clear 5 year arc, that culminated with an apocalyptic confrontation with Lucifer.
    This “extra” season has never really felt right to me, there have been good episodes, but not enough. The threats just don’t seem serious enough.
    Everyone seemed to love the meta episode, I thought it was smug and self serving, it added nothing.

  5. I really hope so. I love Chuck! I think the writers are trying to steer away from the subject of God though…if that’s what you meant.

  6. Dr. Becket since you are a medical professional I assume you have good insurance I suggest you use it to pull the stick out.

    • Why? I love Supernatural, I have since the day it started, just because I think it should have finished on what was a clear logical closure point (take the ressurected Sam out of the season 5 finale and it becomes the Series finale it was always intended to be), it is a clear case of dragging it out.
      The plot has been all over the shop this season, there has simply been too much going on, the Alpha plot, the Soulless Sam plot, the Mother Of All, the Heavenly weapons… It’s been scattershot plotting and writing at best.
      It was as though they all sat down for a production meeting and everyone had their own idea for the season, so they used them all!

      • LOL@Sam being a real Doc. No offense Sam, I just found what the guy above you said very amusing. The Gods Weapons arc was all but ditched this season. People blame Gamble for ruining the series, lets not forget she has been with the series from the begining too. to solely lay blame to ONE person as some here have been doing over the months is just asinine. They didn’t take enough time to fully introduced Eve as a serious and real threat this season IMO.

        • I don’t blame Gamble at all, as you said, one person isnt responsible for the season being a mess, that took all the writers and all the producers to do that.

          • The season has been lacking because Sam was soulless. It shows that it was Jared and Jensen reacting to one another that made the show.

      • @DrSamBeckett,

        If Moses was given what you just wrote in stone, and brought it down from the mountains to give to the shows producers…. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


      • It will end with total war between heaven led by Cas and purgatory led by Eve.

  7. Ill keep watching because thats what happens “fans” stop watching the show and then wonder why its no longer on tv. Key words “Suspension of disbelief”.

  8. The problem with Season 6 is that it is cramming to many stories and emotional moments all at once and thus the episodes feel cut short as well as the stories. Not to mention we miss the hard rock and what really got me skeptic of Season 6 is when the beginning said: “One Year Ago”, instead of the famous: “The Road So Far”. The only reason I love season 6 is bringing the Alpha’s and the Mother of All is because it contributes to the theme of SUPERNATURAL, which is family connections.

    The only problem with the Mother of All is the fact is that she is in a teenager virgin body and sounds more or less like a know it all, like a cheerleader with magic. Season 6 mainly answers all your questions of what would happen next, but potentially it feels like they are nothing more, but the lost levels of Mario so to speak.

    Considering there is a cliff-hanger at the end it will be likely that we will see a 7th season, however, I hope that Sera Gamble steps up the show. No doubt the writing is still enjoyable, but they need to slow down the story and let it build itself graduallly.

  9. I really didn’t mind this season, other than the fact that their filler episodes had some of the worst on the show. I don’t think the Mother of All is going to die at the end of this season, and will carry on as the villain of the season 7. Which is why they introduced her somewhat late. It’s really no different than what they did with Lilith.

    Either way, I don’t care too much about the quality as some of you have stated. On its worst day, Supernatural is still scarier, funnier, and more dramatic than most of the crap on TV. Just be happy that its still here. Because when it’s gone, watch as your hunger for a continuation of the story begins to grow after a year or less. ala TV movie…etc.

  10. I had read prior to the start of S6, that Castiel was going to be built up, and then nothing happened. He was supposed to have tasted humanity and wanted to be more “human” as a result. Oh well, maybe next season?

  11. Mish mash of storylines. Should’ve really ended after 5 seasons. But still worth watching.

    Does that not some up everyones feelings?

  12. I wouldn’t say that we are moaning as such, more like we’re raising legitimate concerns for a show we all love.
    I personally don’t want them to carry on the show just for the sake of, which is what season 6 seems to be so far.
    I love Supernatural, I’ve been watching it since day 1 & one of the things that has kept me coming back was the great writing that always developed amazing overarching plots that reached throughout the seasons. The stakes were always high for Sam & Dean and they only hot higher as the show reached season 5.
    They raised the bar so high with season 5 that season 6 was always going to be a hard sell and an anticlimax.
    Im really hoping that season 6 is going to be some sort of bridging season into a more coherent and focused season 7.

    • Well said. I agree with most of the sentiment on this board. I REALLY want to like seasons 6, and there are some episodes that have been thoroughly enjoyable to watch, but they are few and far between. Sadly, the dynamic has changed after season 5, and it hasn’t been quite right since. They had the perfect ending to the series with the apocalyptic showdown.

  13. Maryanne, get over your little teen crush on the Winchesters.

  14. I must admit i do prefer last seasons opening music over this seasons.

  15. OMG CANNOT WAITTTTT!!! imagine we see who God Rly is 0.0 can that be the cliffhanger? Or something about chuck? Aaah I wanna knoooow:3

    • Chuck is NOT God. Chuck, much like Elvis, has left the building…..
      time to get over it. :-)

    • Well said. I am so enjoying this journey!

    • I totally agree with you, i think this season has been great, i have always been a fan of Supernatural since it started. I live in Ireland an so far no tv station has put on season 6, so every Saturday morning the first thing i do is open my laptop so i can watch Supernatural, so please everybody else just enjoy it will it lasts, cause i know myself, i always miss it through the summer.

  16. What will Sup natural Season 6 finale be rated and bof what?

  17. I love supernatural always will but I have a feeling the big cliffhanger will be something stupid like sam and dean’s memories are wiped and it was as if none of the demons were real because killing Eve will destroy them all…. something like that, so it was a waste of six years. I really hope it isn’t but you never know. and imagine if the cliffhanger is this bad and season 7 doesn’t happen… omg I don’t even want to think about it!

  18. I agree season six isn’t the greatest season, but I still hope it will get better. I love these boys too much to see them get canceled. I really like Bobby and Castiel, but I can see them dying sometime soon just like Daddy Winchester did. All I have to say is that I hope it gets a season seven and that they will get back to doing the show justice.

  19. I thought that this season was suppose to be about finding their father. That is what the producers came out and said season 6 was going to be about when season 5 was over.

  20. I am a serious fan. A story of sorts is this I care to share with you.
    My father passed away 7 years ago. With him a tight knitted family also disappeared . Some how some unknown reasoning all of my family fell apart.
    I started watching SUPERNATURAL on reruns on my direct tv on TNT . They bounce episode after episode with no sense of numbers and so you never knew really what was happening but nevertheless I got up every morning to watch. years of watching episodes bounce from one to another , I decided this year to purchase all five Seasons , the aftermath was so greatly talked about to all my other 5 sibling so much they soon asked can we borrow your first season , my first sibling borrowed my 1st season … she was so hooked she went out and purchased all 5 seasons , and so it began each sibling hearing from the other about the wonderful Winchesters … Soon all of us all 6 siblings owned all seasons of Supernatural…..
    Now, this show being what it is to some as a cult show it is funny that a show here in deep South Mississippi help get a family torn apart from grief and drifted apart to a family that all talks daily again to talking about the new adventures they must do for season 6 and the possible season 7… One thing we all agree on is that … We all feel a connection with Sam and Dean , Bobby, and Castiel and other cast casting… We all miss them as if it was our own family not being around us when the seasons end.
    I know all good things must come to an end and to be honest , We all know it will sooner or later but we pray much later.
    We love the show and we love the casting, writing and hope to see many more years with them!

  21. Ok guys, I agree. But remember, SPN was actually supposed to last for 5 seasons. Think of it as a new book, this season had to be different.

    Oh, and this is an article about season 6 finale. So although you have rights to write whatever you want, you could leave hate comments about Sera Gamble and the lack of “the road so far” titlecard, in the season 6 overall forums. No offence, but this is a place to discuss the finale :)


  23. Season 4 was when Supernatural lost it’s way and most of it’s fans( over a million viewers) and Season 5 the second most (the worst season for so many reasons). As those are the seasons especially 5 when kripke drove the show into the ditch getting all dewy eyed over an Angel and forgot about the brotherhood. He broke the show when he didn’t stay true to their characters,to them being the main focus of this show and when he fell into dishonest storytelling. Kripke never had a clear 5 year plan only a outline of one. It’s obvious from the lack of continuity (S 5 without even a plot) ,his deciding to do the Angel mythology (which wasn’t a bad thing and started out well)when he swore for 3 season he never would. Then he changed his original storyline for the mythology began S 4 when he escape goated Sam for everything in S 5 instead of having as he said both boys being played. Dean by Cass just as much as Sam by all changed to keep Cass in the show longer than he should have been. Lastly in S 5 we saw the assassination of both boys characters as zKripke tried to force fit them into the Lucifer and Michael vessel storyline he all of sudden wanted to tell and the continued destruction of their relationship as he kept on looking for new and made up ways to blow their relationship to smithereens put a band aid on it and then blow it up again
    Season 6 might not have been the greatest but at least Sera was trying to clean up kripkes mess and get the boys back to the relationship we knew and loved and had been MIA for 2 seasons. If only Kripke stopped denying for so long the heart of this show is the boys and their relationship.

    • Give me a break on the wanton criticism lol. It’s a TV show dude. Have a little fun. I wanna see Chuck (God) come ripping into some people at the end and asserting some heavy-duty dominance. If it doesn’t happen, who cares. If it does, cool. Really. Do Sam and Dean need to kiss for you to feel the show is “true to itself” haha… Seek therapy.

  24. If I had read this article when it was originally published I would have agreed with all of these comments BUT I have seen the recent episodes…and I really really hope Supernatural continues. They have finally explained and made a great plot from season 6. I think that the writers are trying to get back into the groove and after the apocalypse its kinda hard to make anything as important. I’m not really making a whole lotta sense, but I just wanted to say that I hope Supernatural continues.

    • They have been renewed for a season 7 officially now, so this isn’t the end. This article is a bit off base as the story has shifted away from Eve and looks more like Cass may be an upcoming villian. Granted the release date on the article that’s fine and we’ll see which way the story goes this Friday.

  25. After the season 5 finale, I was wondering where could the series possibly go from here and could it possibly top itself in the main story line from that point? (Of course they will always be able to produce excellent isolated brotherly bonding, evil vanquishing episodes but in terms of the main storyline..) Well, having just finished watching the season 6 finale I was pleasantly surprised – looks like they were able to up the ante – in fact Lucifer now looks benign in comparison and things have never been more uncertain! Really looking forward to seeing how it plays out in season 7. I have to say I am really impressed that they could keep things changing enough to last 6+ compelling seasons – while I love the brotherly stuff, they did have to keep changing, to progress and I have to say they’ve kept me watching for a long time now!! X-files, Buffy, BSG, and other excellent series either ended or petered out more quickly, so here is hoping Supernatural can keep it going for a long time – so far so good! They’ve managed to maintain an interesting balance of fun, awe, character development and progression so far – painful and heartbreaking at times, but never stagnant!