Supernatural Season 5 Premiere: Review & Discussion

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supernatural c Supernatural Season 5 Premiere: Review & Discussion

No real spoilers are in this article.

Sometimes a show will peak at their season finale and then come back a little subdued, but the season 5 premiere of Supernatural did anything but that. The show opened with a fantastic recap of last season, accompanied by an awesome AC/DC song called “Thunderstruck.”  After the recap, we slipped right into the action, picking up exactly where the finale left us. The Winchester brothers trying to get away from the portal that Lucifer was released from and we went from there.

We got a great opening dose of Castiel, Bobby, Meg, the scribe Chuck, Lucifer and his newest vessel (Mark Pellegrino). Eric Kripke (Creator) really tossed up a nice curve ball with Lucifer’s salesmanship. Dang.

We also got some standard verbal ass-hats from Dean and quite a bit of butt-kicking from Sam and Dean in this season 5 opener. If the series maintains this kind of momentum, it will be a butt-kicker of a show this season. One of the things I look forward to are the Four Horsemen in their muscle cars on Supernatural.

I was shocked with the state Bobby was in (Did I forget something from last season?) and the final conversation in this episode between the brothers was incredibly insightful and will leave an interesting undertone for me throughout the rest of the season.

Maybe I’m partial, but what befuddles me is that Supernatural premiered with only 3.4 million viewers, dropping approximately 600k viewers from the season 4 opener.  Have they lost viewers from the CW moving Smallville to Fridays?  Who knows but they broke up a well-integrated team of shows, hoping to help their new vamp show, The Vampire Diaries.  (Where’s Buffy when you need her?)

So, am I totally biased, or was this an awesome premiere of Supernatural?

Ratings source:  E Online

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  1. I missed the premire =(

    I can’t find a place to watch it either. Neither Hulu or the CW website have the episode up yet. I’m sad

  2. It was awesome. I didn’t think they could play Lucifer off good, but I really like what they are doing. Im excited for this season but miss Smallville being right before.

  3. It was really good. And, somehow, the hint that God’s around and He’s pissed.

    BTW, the song is from AC/DC and it’s called Thunderstruck. It’s featured in The Longest Yard too (the Adam Sandler version, of course)

    Greetings from Mexico

  4. Yeah its a perfect season premiere, cas looks like he’s beginning to express more emotions in the premiere than the whole of season 4. Totally loved ‘the road so far’!

  5. Good episode. I hope it’s the last season, i hate when series last for too long.

  6. Thanks Alex!

    Et Al: Cool, so I wasn’t hallucinating things! Awesome!

  7. It was an awesome premiere, can’t wait to see what they do with Lucifer and I’m so glad that Dean talked to Sam rather than the bottling up like he usually does. It’ll be interesting to see how Sammy can redeem himself.
    Emily Perkins was hilarious as Samlicker lol

  8. Amazing season opener…and by the looks of it, it’s only going to get better. I cannot wait to see what this season holds…and hopefully the ratings will rise and we will have a season 6!! Spread the word people!!

  9. This was probably the premiere I was most excited for (Of returning shows – Glee’s second episode was pretty neck-and-neck), and it didn’t disappoint at all!! I’ve never been so excited for a Supernatural premiere before, but the finale kicked ass, and the premier just kept that quality coming. This season is going to rock!

  10. Managed to snag it on TiVO and it’s a shame that the rating dont show people who record shows and watch them later. Because Supernatural’s numbers would be a heck of a lot higher.

    Now this is a tough subject for Supernatural to do justice to. But so far the show has kicked all kinds of can and I cant wait to see how things pan out.

  11. I was sad when i found out that Castiel was ‘blown to bits,’ and when he came back he was SO bad-ass!! I cried when I saw him … he still looks has HAWT as ever!
    Team Castiel!

  12. This is the only show that doesnt disappoint me what a great season premiere

  13. Great Show!! always look forward to watching on Thursday nights! I’m glad that Castil was not killed off!(cause’ he is cute!) nice ate actors in this show! I’m staying stuned and just I can’t wait to see the next show … getting interesting in every turn!


  14. Great Show!! always look forward to watching on Thursday nights! I’m glad that Castil was not killed off!(cause’ he is cute!) nice Top rate actors in this show! I am staying tuned and can’t wait to see the next show … getting interesting in every turn!


  15. ughgh I accidently erased it from my DVR.. Im going crazy looking for it on line.. But ive heard nothing but amazing comments about the premiere ….

  16. I’m sure many of those illegal bit torrent sites have it available for download. 😉

    “I’ve got a GED and a give ’em Hell attitude” shows why I still like the series. Classic.

    I think Supernatural’s ratings suffered for two reasons. 1) they came back earlier than I expected with less general advertising and 2) they came back without Smallville’s lead-in. Smallville/Supernatural is a great team and CW should have at least put the established show on first not lead in with a gamble.

  17. While I do agree that Supernatural gets screwed over in the advertising dept, I think the reason for the low rating is simple. FOOTBALL! Apparently the number of women watching the season premiere went up but, unfortunately, the show aired opposite the NFL season opener on NBC. The game averaged about 20 million viewers. Without the men who normally watch the show, of course the ratings are going to fall. The real test will be next week when there won’t be a national football broadcast on Thursday.

  18. all I can say is HAYWL YEAH!!! It was awesome!

    I don’t want to see the series end. There are so many different ways to go with the show! Its the best show on TV right now. Prison Break went on too long, Supernatural could go another two seasons…

  19. Season opener was FANTASTIC!!! Great casting on Lucifer and what a GREAT way to introduce him. It looks like thsi season will have a lot in store for us and many of the episodes will likely be tied to the plot and we will probably have fewer standalone episodes. I hope this is the last season though because unless they roll over the Lucifer thing into next season there really is no way to top going up against the Devil. And as for a Bobby spinoff, I doubt that would work

  20. a bobby spin off? LMAO! I don’t think that would work either. It’s too bad if it is the last season but your right. There is only so much that they can really do. Dragging it on too long would be a shame. Don’t want another prison break..there is nothing left to fight after lucifer…

  21. Football definitely had something to do with the lower ratings, but I think a lot of it had to do with Season 4. From what I’ve read online, you either loved Season 4, or hated it.

    Personally, I thought it was the weakest season so far, mostly do to the complete change in story-telling. We went from individual, stand alone episodes that still managed to tell a full story arc over the course of a season, to a series of episodes dependent on one another to tell the story.

    Others undoubtedly found this change-up refreshing. But to me, it really hurt my enthusiasm for the show.

    Don’t get me wrong, I still love Supernatural. I was there from the premiere of episode one (the only TV show that I like that I can actually make that claim for) and will stick with it to the end, but I’d like for this Lucifer arc to end by the season, and then Kripke and the gang to return the show to its roots for another season.

  22. Ratings were down for the same reason I missed it. The first game of the NFL season was on Sept 10. I was told it didn’t premiere tell the 17 now I’m mad – missed it I could have taped it while I watched my steelers beat the titans in overtime. Moving smallville can’t have helped either those are the 2 shows I watched every week and they moved smallville to fri for that stupid twilight rip off crap? Who’s bright idea was that?

  23. just get it off hulu…surely they are going to have to start counting hulu toward the ratings.

    It was very good. Don’t miss out.

  24. Thanks ill give that a shot as soon as I get home

  25. I hope tonight Thursday was no indication of the season’s shows.True blood series kills you.

  26. My husband & I don’t have cable and I work afternoons, but we make a point of recording it at his mother’s house & watching it Friday night after I get off work. I freaking LOVED the premiere & the 2nd episode since. I can’t say I’m in a hurry to let the series go even if they defeat Lucifer at the end fo this season. I’m not sure I see a way around it, but I’ll definitly miss it. But if they DO decide to end it this year it would be great if they end it with Dean & Sam having the chance at a normal-esk life instead of living off aliases & credit card fraud. Dammit, I think they should get a salary from the “Boss” LOL.

  27. I have just recieved a response from an email I stupidly sent in an emotional response to the 1st. of the new season.I absolutly love Supernatural.Along with Smallville, Fringe and everything too cool to imagine.The first episode sucked…………………..

  28. And the two most beautiful men are welcome in Whistler, B.C. anytime, for the young ones. My 20 year old thinks that Dean is the most .