Supernatural: Season 5 Finale ‘Swan Song’ Preview

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supernatural logo Supernatural: Season 5 Finale Swan Song Preview

This past year, fans of Supernatural have had a front-row seat to the end of the world. Finally, after months of living through all the terrors that the book of Revelation contains, it all comes down to tonight’s episode as Sam and Dean have to battle Heaven, Hell, angels and demons in order to rescue the civilization from impending doom.

With series creator Eric Kripke penning the script for tonight’s ethereal showdown, there’s no doubt that the fifth season finale of Supernatural, entitled “Swan Song,” will live up to fans expectations.

The entire season has been leading up to this showdown between good and evil.  With the Apocalypse looming, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) realize they are out of options and make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever.  A beloved character is killed.

While I’m all for spoilers, I think maybe The CW was stepping over the line a tad when they revealing that a major character is going to be killed off. Although, perhaps in their cunning way, their eluding to the death of a “beloved character” could be but a mere drop in the demonic bucket compared to what’s to come.

That being said, I don’t think fans of the series will be happy to see any of their favorite characters in Supernatural killed off, even if a battle of epic proportion occurs – especially if it’s Castiel. Especially if it’s Castiel.

As you mull over who may, or may not, make it to the sixth season of Supernatural, take a look at the episodic photo gallery below.

From the looks of it, Sam and Dean have to quickly resolve whatever argument they’re having in the make-shift graveyard because the Devil, after drawing pitchforks on the windows, wants to have “a word” with Sam.

What word will it be? Perhaps “yes?”

I have to admit, the absence of every other Supernatural character from these photos has my mind racing. I do not want anyone to die. Considering Supernatural has one of the highest body-counts on television, I know that’s impossible.

But, for this one episode, can’t we all just get along?

What do you think will happen in the season finale of Supernatural? ? Who is the “beloved character” that’s going to die?

Tune into the fifth season finale of Supernatural tonight, @9pm, on The CW

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  1. I can’t remember his name but I was thinking it’s going to be the guy who was healed by satan’s son, the guy in the wheelchair.

    I was wondering how they were going to get around the “if you kill the devil, shows over” thing, and last weeks episode showed how they might do that.

    • You’re talking about Bobby. He was healed by the crossroads demon. I think it may be him as well, but I hope not.

  2. It’s CAS…for sure they wont kill off Bobby…

    • Sorry to disappoint you, Lucifer kills Castiel after Castiel throws that holy oil in flames at Michael. He also kills bobby.
      Finally sam takes over and manages to jump into the pit .. dragging michael with him.
      CASTIEL COMES BACK!! So does bobby

  3. I can’t stand the thought of Cas or Bobby getting killed I love both but I think it will be Cas.

  4. Castiel is my favorite character! I really wish he isn’t killed off. Though it is likely. I think it is a 30% favoring Castiel to die and 50% of Bobby dying and a 20% chance of someone else. Though I really hope when someone does die they stay dead because if they don’t then the death is less prolific (except Castiel, he can come back ;))

  5. i hope bobby dosent die, i get a kick out of evry jim beaver performance as bobby.
    but bobby does seem like the most likly choice.

  6. i hope they play carry on my wayword son in the begining of the show.

    i also hope that they show god in this episode to, if they don’t ever show him then there was no point of mentioning him this entire season.

    im thinking it will be booby that dies, but i hope not


    • thanks for that post. I wanted to know if anybody else thought the prophet was supposed tobe God

  7. I think the 5th season finale was truly the bomb. Just got done watchn’ it and when it was over it left a taste for more. Can’t wait for the 6th season to begin ..!

  8. So is there going to be a supernatural season 6? No One really died everyone was braught back but with chuck typing “THE END” It makes u wonder then he contradicts himself by saying or is it… So i hope there is

  9. I hope someone pays for this.
    I am so angry !
    You have heard of people being incandescent with rage?
    I’m postively radioactive with it!
    If this is supposed to be “THE END” I wish I had never taken the journey!
    At least Whelan can wrap up a storyline!
    It would have ended better if Buffy had been there!

  10. Never mind i see now there is thank god

  11. Question now is, how the HELL are they going to top this?? Didn’t occur to me that Chuck the prophet might be God, was wondering why/how he vanished the way he did! Makes sense, though. And just how did Lucifer/Sam escape from the pit? Does this mean Michael/Adam escaped too? Gotta tell ya tho, before that last scene, it really felt like a series finale, not season finale. Really looked like a goodbye there for a minute. I just hope the new season is as good – I hear the creator/head writer has left for other projects. I dropped Heroes like a bad habit when the writing went south; I’d hate to drop this show too. Guess we’ll see in September.

    • Did you wonder if Lady Magda was Mary Magdeline?

  12. Well this sucks didn’t expect so many damn spoilers it hasn’t even aired here yet I didn’t think this was going to turn in to the biggest spoiler fest I’ve seen in years with out one single warning. This is a review the writer of the article said “what do u think is going to happen” not let’s spoil the biggest finale of the year.

    • THANK YOU!!!! I was just wondering the same frakking thing! Come on guys, there is a thread to talk about spoilers; please put anything about the show on that thread.


  14. God brought back castial…brought back michael…he brought back an angel. that is why the light went out..doesnt anyone remember..the episode where dean and castial walk into the building where angels are hiding..and the lights flicker on and off..because angels were in the room. did you all miss that one. yes..there is a season six..they are signed up for it.

    • Technically, Sam could still be Lucifer, Demons can make the lights flicker. I doubt they can top this season…. Also, maybe the cage could only hold one person, and that might be Micheal, who knows, eh? Only the new season can explain all this….dang cliff hangers!

  15. I feel the final conversation between Castiel and Dean sums up the loose ends and tells a few hints about season 6. Castiel explains how Dean was rewarded for his deeds. Instead of paradise (living his normal life with the girl of his dreams + kid) or hell, he gets more of the same (being the same old supernatural, Dean and Sam hunting things, like the old days/seasons). He also leaves him with the final statement of which would you rather have paradise or freedom. You can assume from Dean’s personality he would love freedom and will return to the same old cross country demon hunting with his brother. Sam was either brought back completely normal or as an angel. The light either flickering because he was an angel or because an angel/god did it while bringing him back. Lucifer was vessel-less last time he was in the cage which implies that the cage just holds the actual beings and not vessels. With that assumption you can assume Sam and Adam are both free while Michael and Lucifer can have their epic battle, in the form of a never ending cage match(literally).

    • I also feel that Kripke intended to leave Sam dead in the cage, but with the renewal some slight plot changes had to be made to allow for continuity. Hence you add the lore of no vessels in the cage, and more of the same old stuff for Dean, which includes Sam, so he had to be resurrected. Cut out that last scene with Sam and fade to black, you have a series finale. Add a newly resurrected Sam, and you have a season finale with a few hangers for next season.

      • Yeah, but if that is so, and it more than likely is, that means that Dean would be alot more shallow than he is generally protrayed and that someone who did not deserve it was suffering in hell for all eternity. Sure as heck not a happily ever after for Sam fans, and really not for Dean fans either.
        This last season has seemed kind of cobbledd together to me.
        Not living up to what it should be. IMO.

        • Agreed Maureen. I feel with the Sam left dead and Dean living on it sticks to the mirroring of Michael/Lucifer. Michael/Dean living on and Sam/Lucifer in their cage for rebelling. (Granted Sam rebelling is fairly normal for a human, minus the whole opening of Lucifer’s cage). All the while life goes on for the rest of the world.

  16. Brillian Steven!
    I LOVE your take on it and I hope you are right!

  17. Best Show Ever!!! As Far As I have seen, this show is awesome. Can’t wait for the new season. This show has been really good since the beginning and it just keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the new season. This show is so good you just keep coming back for more.

  18. CWinchester
    On The Season Finale On Supernatural Season 5 Who is the beloved character who died Please don’t tell me it was Sam and Dean. I basically look at The T.V. Guide and it said that clearly that Sam and Dean die on the Season finale that information can’t be right

  19. Love the show!! I’ve been watching from the first episode!! Best double duo series!