Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

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supernatural season four c Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

The Supernatural season 4 finale, titled Lucifer Rising created a great collection of plot lines that were drawn together in a neat little tidy knot.  With this, a freaking big new plot line evolved from last night’s episode.

The show opened to a background theme to the tune of a classic Kansas song titled Carry On Wayward Son.  The montage helped build the emotion that was going to be necessary to get through this last episode of this season.  It was very well done – this is my kind of classic rock as I channel Dean continually.

Spoiler Filled Answers Follow The Break


Everything comes down to this episode.  Will Sam have what it takes to take down Lilith.  Can Dean live up to his promise to serve the lord, despite his continual misgivings?  Does Castiel keep towing the company line?  What will Ruby get from helping Sam all this time?

We are reminded of all that happened this year and brought full circle to where Castiel lets Sam out of his detox cell as ordered, and Sam walking out on Dean from last week, despite Deans desperate ultimatum to never come back if he walks out that door.

From Dean’s Side

Dean wants to stick to his ultimatum but Bobby snaps some sense into him, telling him that his father was weak in how he walked away from Sam instead of reconciling and that he (Dean) needs to quit being a whiney brat and get over it.  “Family is supposed to make you miserable”

supernatural burgers and beer Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

At the end of this conversation, Dean turns to say something and he suddenly finds himself in a gold trimmed white room.  In the center of this room is a massive plate of cheeseburgers and beers.  Dang.

In the ensuing dialog with Zachariah and Castiel, Dean humorously calls this The Suite Life of Zach and Cas.  Zachariah even offers Dean Ginger from Gilligan’s Island, with Mary Ann thrown in for free…  which gives Dean a moment of pause.  He was tempted.

We find out that Lilith has broken all but the last seal.  Dean later takes the higher road and tries to call Sam but has to leave a voice mail.

As Dean wants out of this heavenly room because he wants to see Sam, Zachariah tells him it’s a no-go because Zachariah wants the last seal to be broken.  He’s banking on that and the fact that his side can win, dispatching evil once and for all.  Even if it means destroying most of humanity in the process.

supernatural cas Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

On a second attempt to call Sam, Castiel shows up and tells him he’s outside his coverage zone.  Do you know how rich that sounded, coming from the level toned angel Castiel?  It was priceless.

In the ensuing conversation Dean convinces Cas to break them out of this place, despite Cas’s reservations that they will be hunted down and killed.  Cas is willing to do this because they need to stop Sam.  <–  Huh?

Poof, they land in Prophet Chuck’s house which confused the crap out of Chuck  A:  This is not how he wrote it.  B:  He was in the middle of ordering some prostitutes to go!  They learn where Sam went, and while preparing to fend off the Archangel, Cas sends Dean to the convent in Maryland where Sam will be.

From Sam’s Side

We can see that Sam having walked out on Dean had its affect as he’s very distracted by what just took place while Ruby seems a bit annoyed with the whole dwelling on brother thing.  That and the concrete realization that there is something evil within him.

When Dean first called, Sam missed it because he was headed off to capture Lilith’s chef, who is stealing babies from the hospital.  Sam and Ruby catch up to her and with his powers back to fully charged, they snag her and find out where Lilith will be.

When Sam does finally get to his voicemail, he only hears a voicemail saying Dean wants to hunt him down because he’s a monster.  I’m not sure it that was an old message, or a trick.  I’m getting suspicious here gang.

Ruby and Sam head to the convent and confront Lilith.  Lilith is amused and lets Sam take the first shot.  That shot puts her down hard.

Almost Together, But Too Late

Dean comes around the corner in the convent to see Sam in the process of destroying Lilith and Ruby see’s Dean and slams the doors on him so he can’t get in.

supernatural door gets shut Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Sam almost vanquishes Lilith and he stops for a second, distracted by hearing Dean yelling from the other side of the door.  Ruby gets all impatient and rage filled and tells Sam to finish her.  <– What!?

You see, Lilith IS the final seal.  Ruby has played us all along.  Dean was right about never trusting demons.  What was I thinking.

supernatural ruby urging sam Supernatural Season 4 Finale Review & Discussion

Ruby has been working undercover for the downstairs bossman all along, to the point of getting Sam here to break this final seal.

Sam kills Lilith.

Dean gets in the room.

Together they kill Ruby.  Beotch dead.  Good.

The final seal breaks as Lilith’s blood forms the key.  Sam yells over the noise to Dean that he’s coming.  I hear for the first time, in Sam’s voice – fear.


Supernatural is so well written that it’s a shame it’s on the CW.  Rich developing plot lines laced with insidiously well timed humor that doesn’t distract from the moment is pure joy to experience.

The paths that both brothers had to traverse to get to this point, I can only imagine, will make their bond stronger than ever before.

All the inner battles, the questions, the situations the Winchester brothers have endured.  And they’ve endured it all to help save humanity, because that’s what they do.

Unlike the previous show on the hour before, this story flowed and had connecting points and closure with no questions.  It was an incredible closer to the season and I look forward to next season.

This show needs to be on a different channel where it can get the ratings and exposure it deserves.

I hope everyone enjoyed this finale as much as I did.

Chime in and let us know what you took away from this season closer!

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  1. Wow. This show never fails to amaze me. The actors, the writing, the plot, the cliffhangers–awesome. Whether this show continues for one more season or several more, I think we all can agree that this show never fails to impress.

    Can’t wait for season 5. :]

  2. The only reason CW gets my viewership is because of Supernatural. And yes, this show does deserve much better. Very few series have writing that is this fresh and entertaining. I also want to applaud Eric Kripke for taking the show in a more character driven direction this season.

    Smallville had potential as well with the Doomsday arc, but blew it as I knew they would. Now it just needs to just die and disappear for good.

  3. The fact that Kripke had only 5 seasons in mind from the start, comforts me because it means he had all the major plot points in place before the beggining of the series, letting him be more focused on the story and not worriying about how to drag it along like smallville.
    I hate that is only 5 seasons but at the same time i love it. Cause it almost promises a satisfying ending.
    Besides, how could you up a notch after lucifer walking on earth, there’s no more up.

    • ironic

  4. can’t wait for season 5 it will kick ass and we will see more of destroying more demons like dean and sam do every year

  5. man was the finale awesomely awesome!!!
    the fact that sam could be the vessel for lucifer will be an insane story line for the next season…
    and that the angels wanted lucifer to be risen so that dooms day could arrive… ===> WHAT THE FRIGGEN HECK.
    still couldn’t believe when one of the angels said that ‘God left the building’… woahhh.


  6. Really, like Heaven is going to let earth and Hell take over,man who knws what Eric is and Sarah Gamble and all the Supernatural writers are writing.

  7. The last episode really did blow me away, it was epic, which very really comes from a TV show and usually only on the big screen. The whole of supernatural so far has been utterly amazing, beautifully written, casted and directed. In ways i want this show to go on and on past season 5, but really i know it shouldnt all the greatest shows only go for a few seasons and end at there best. that is exactly what supernatural should do. If it does i believe this will become a classic already with its very big and loyal fanbase this will one day be a cult show that every one knows about and respects.

  8. Dean actually never pledged to the angels. Dean said “I pledge allegance to you guys. And that he would do God’s work.” Castiel and his followers will probably turn out to be the “you guys” since he’s the one doing God’s work, not Zachariah or what ever his name is.
    I still think the Demon Blood will factor big in Sam’s story line this year. Either he’s going to be Lucifer’s host, or maybe he’ll have to fight his dark side to be saved and not become Lucifer’s new first.
    How ever it goes, I have complete confidence that it will be amazing.

  9. 1. Very well written summary and synopsis of the episode.
    I personally felt that in the end of the season the show was going to go in a different direction.
    The way that WB shows like Supernatual, Smallville, and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer work is that you really rarely see a demon/angel in its true form. They are always in one way or another a resemblance of a human being.
    Now taking that into account, we have never really seen what an angel/demon looks like in this show; they are constantly possessing humans and operating their plans through the humans.
    For this reason I do NOT believe that we will see Lucifer in his true demonic form. Doing so would be too great of a leap and would make the show too fake and unrealistic. Having demons/angels being played by people is much easier for a person to connect with and understand as opposed to having a big, red, horned monster (not too mention it would all have to be cgi or it would look as stupid as Smallville’s version of Doomsday).
    Anyway getting back to my point, with the way the show was going I felt that we would/will never see Lucifer’s true demonic form, but rather he would be manifested through a human being…and I though that human was Sam. Yes, I said it Sam.
    He had been chosen by demons to conjure up some chaos and bring forth the apocalypse and what could make more sense then having Lucifer manifest himself through Sam.
    Sam has already has worked side by side with a demon, drinks demon blood, has gone renegade vigilante on several occasions, oh and let’s not forget he broke the final seal and brought forth the apocalypse. The final piece of the puzzle is Lucifer using his body as a vessel to manifest himself onto earth.
    I believe that when season 5 begins that through a blood circle created by Lilith’s blood a blast of demonic smoke will appear and Lucifer will possess Sam.
    Kripke stated that he only planed 5 seasons and in his mind this is the final season, therefore if it is indeed the final season or rules are out of the book. Anyone can die, anything can happen.
    If this does indeed happen as I predicted, I believe that Lucifer will be able to use Sam’s body because it has demon blood running through it. It will also set course for the final season of the show and create a great premise to lead to the final conclusion.
    Dean will have to kill Sam ultimately (or make a horrible deal with a demon/angel of some sort). The angels will demand (force) Dean to do his duty (as he swore) and stop Lucifer by killing Sam. It also makes sense that Dean will be the only one able to stop Lucifer…Lucifer is in his blood brothers body!!!
    Anyway that is how I think the show will go down. I thought that Lucifer would have possessed Sam earlier on, like in the season finale, but he did not. I could be wrong though, but this is the way I see things unfolding.

  10. I really-really love supernatural that I cannot wait to watch the 5th season, though it’ll be the last. It’s very surprising, knowing that ruby is not as good as I thought at the first place, and how she led sam to the real danger instead of peace on earth and stuff. But I’m glad dean still had his faith, somehow, on the right thing. I hope dean and sam will meet a happy ending in the 5th season.

  11. This show is incredibly well-written! The philosophical premises of the age-old fight between good & evil and the corresponding struggles we have to preserve our humanity are central to the story and are all too real as exemplified by the struggles of Sam and Dean. Dean, conflicted and outwardly egotistical turns out ironically the better man over Sam, the all-too-often favorite good guy. Their characters clash and juxtapose constantly with the larger conflicts to show us the reality of our own human struggles to define who we are on this spirit/physical world and the roles we play in a constantly evolving world where everything is negotiable. It is only in preserving our humanity by choosing what is right, as Dean rightly points to Sam, that we are eventually saved.

  12. @Mareil Seraphina

    I’m pretty sure that Sam and Dean have already have had plenty of happy endings and will continue to do so long after Supernatural has died and gone to that great syndicater in the sky.

    I know, it’s one of those things I should have resisted but I couldn’t. Sorry about that. I’m weak and it’s a weekday. 😉

    BTW: IS it in syndication yet?

  13. THERES ONLY 1 SEASON LEFT!?!?!?!?!
    Yes I agree, supernatural is very well written, although the season finale’s are pretty bad. (havnt seen season 4 finale. yet)

  14. i thought the season finale’s were great…season 4’s was really good

  15. It’s not surprising that Ruby became a villain. There’s a giant pattern in this show where there are no good super chicks (except the victims that die) 😛 I think some of the writers who made this show are homos? Not bashing! Cause damn this show IS well written. I just can’t help but notice the repetition of more evil chicks than evil guys. It’s a twist not seen a lot! But it makes sense also cause the show is religiously based so most the girls have to be evil. If you read the bible you’ll know what I mean!

    But yeah, it is a good show 😀