‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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supernatural season 8 9 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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With the Supernatural season 9 premiere still 3 months away, fans are preparing to enter the next installment of the series with a season 10 end in mind. Well, think again, as showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki reveal that Sam and Dean’s adventures could very well continue into season 19. But should it?

While doing press at Comic-Con 2013, both Carver and Padalecki spoke about the future of the series which, as it currently stands, looks as if it will reach beyond season 10 because of a strong storyline that’s apparently going to be implemented in the upcoming season.

You can read what Carver and Padalecki had to say about the future of Supernatural below:

JC: We think of the general arch, and we allow for happy accidents. I think people would be stunned to know what were happy accidents and seemed liked it had been planned all along.

I think me, personally, I have an obligation to plan forward for an arc, but also to keep the show in a position where, if they wanted to go for season 11, 12… 19, it can.


JP: With this season – and this isn’t just a line – we can go for however as long as [viewers] and the writers want it to. We opened so many doors – and that’s another thing we did last year. We, the writers – the royal “we” – we opened doors; we didn’t kill this or stop that, we just left to where we can do anything now, and what they’ve chosen to do is just so awesome.

Without knowing more about what, exactly, the core storyline for the season will focus on, it’s difficult to tell whether or not Padalecki’s praise of a strong upcoming tale will be enough to push the series past season 10; however, that being said, the way in which Supernatural uses theology, myths and lore to fuel its brotherly tale does provide a strong enough foundation for the series to continue longer than most other shows on television. So if the new season storyline is as strong as Padalecki says, there’s no doubt that the series can continue on the air for years to come… but maybe not season 19.

jeremy carver comic con 2013 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Of course, whenever an aging television show mentions an extension to the storyline, fans are obviously apprehensive, and thanks to seasons 6 and 7, Supernatural no longer has the perfect record that it once had. In season 6 and 7, which marked the end of creator Eric Kripke’s reign on the series, the core dynamic of Sam and Dean was largely replaced with an over-bloated, laughable Leviathan-themed seasonal arc, which had many fans doubting the future. But all that changed once Jeremy Carver took over.

Carver, who left the show to pursue other opportunities, eventually creating Being Human (US) with his wife, Anna Fricke, returned in season 8 with a plan: Season 10. With a white notecard stuck on his wall, Carver went on to develop a storyline which would allow Sam and Dean to continue their adventures for two more years. That is, until season 9 begins.

Whatever Supernatural season 9 may contain, it must be something special in order to get one of the stars – and not just the showrunner – to support the idea of continuing the show past season 10. Whether or not viewers will see this upcoming season the same way still remains to be seen, but I’m not sure even the wariest of fans wouldn’t turn down a chance to take a peek at what a Supernatural season 19 might look like. Fortunately, that’s highly unlikely to occur – but season 11 and 12 is a definite possibility.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15.

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  1. Personally, I want the show to end at s11. Because almost every show seems to end at s8, s9, or mostly s10. and if it ends at s11 it kinda…be different for once. I’ve only been with this show for about…close to 3 years (this coming Sept. it be 3) and I still love the show. Yes, I see where alot of angry Dean!stan fans come from, along with Sam!stan fans and Cas!stan fans cuz YES, the last 3 seasons have been aLOT different from seasons 1-5 and alot of people feel like it’s going downhill and needs to be cut off. But the thing is, alot of other people still really like the show and don’t tear this show apart piece by piece. Yes, you can criticize a show and yell about errors, but sometimes it’s almost…too much. Not every show is perfect, there’s gonna be faults (on the writers mostly) and yes you can voice your opinion but in the end it all comes down to, this is a fictional show. We have an expiraton date. Fans know it, the actors know it, the WRITERS know it. We know it. So instead of complaining and waving “kill everyone cuz im mad” flags, why not just enjoy the last few seasons we have? Cuz the criticism can actually make a person change their mind about even getting into the show. I got in around the end of s6. I pretty much watched s7, for the first time, LIVE. Do you know how hard it was to keep watching the show when not only was I coming out of seasons 1-6 with optimism but also, because of the complaining? I never wanted a season to end so badly cuz so many people were doing nothing but complaining, and by the time it was over, even i agreed s7 was a laughable season but it was mostly the fans that made it unbearable to sit through. So yes, can we stop the fighting and raging and just …enjoy the few seasons we have left? S8 has its issues, I know this, I see them, I HEAR YOU. But I still enjoyed it WAY MORE than I did s7. I still enjoyed watching it WAY MORE than I did s7 and at this point, I’m not going to tear the seasons apart just because something was left out or something doesn’t make sense. So yes, bring on s11. End it in an awesome way, and let’s enjoy the ride! Can we do that guys?

    • Continue the show forever if you can best show I’ve ever seen other than walking dead and kat shutuo season 11 f that!!!!!

    • Very well said and very well written. I’m a huge fan, have not been happy with everything that’s been done but would love to see more seasons of this show. When a show gets tired you can tell and, although, there were shakes in our grounds I think Supernatural can last more years for sure the season finale for 8 was probably one of the best and most exciting I’ve see of a show in a while. It was dramatic, heart-wrenching, and left you just jaw dropped and that’s how they should be whether it’s season on or 20. If they can do that at the end of 8, to me it means they still have a lot left to give :). I’d like to see it got to 12 or 13 I mean wouldn’t 13 be perfect considering the premise of the show and the superstition around 13??? Like I said I’m a huge fan and would love it to be on forever but I know that’s not real and just can’t give it up just yet. :)

    • I do so agree

    • I have been looking all over the internet for somebody who makes sense… Thank you very much for posting this. I am not the only one who wants to enjoy Supernatural for what it is.

    • i hope the show never ends

    • your a fool this is the greatest show of all time. I have never seen such a perfect show in every possible way such as this. This show has everything from comedy to thriller to action to horror and so on. Blended so perfectly together, I enjoy every second of this and it would be horrible for it ever to end. The actors play their roles perfectly and I hope this show goes to season 99 and I hope everyone agrees with me. Supernatural is by far my favourite of all time and it would be devastating to see it end.

    • me too

      • if we take in considaration the fact that they continue to ignore his character (which is equal to ignore him as an actor), not surprised they don’t even mention him, & from what jensen said on interviews he is not aware of a s11, so nobody told him. at this point don’t see any reason why jensen should continue to be on a show who constantly & blatantly ignores him as an actor either taking away every possible arc he could have or not giving him any at all. + the over exposure by portraying the same character for so many years, without doing anything else (cause he does’nt have the time) could seriously damage his carrier, 10 years is very long time to stay attached to a show without doing anything else & never ends well for actors, cause 1) most of the so called fans will recognise him only as dean & will not want to see him as anything else & 2)(for the same reason) producers-casting directors knowing that will not risk to cast him on other things. so better get out once his contract expires with s10 & move on other things instead of stay, keep getting ignored, hold back as an actor by the lack of individual story arcs, variations of his character & the possibility to work on other things (like a film) do to lack of time.

  2. Can’t wait for season 9! Hope they continue the show to at least 12 seasons, I really don’t want the show to end just yet. I barely got into Supernatural at the start of this year and I’ve seen all the episodes from the beginning and I’ve yet to see an episode that I don’t like. Yes, this show has had its flops during it’s run, but every show does. A few mistakes doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great show and it still has a lot of potential. I’m hoping the writers will do great things with the next season and the season after. I hear Bobby’s coming back along with a few others, that’ll be interesting. The dying and resurrecting thing is getting a little tiresome, but I’ll still be watching no doubt.

  3. Supernatural is, hands down, my favorite show ever. I’ve never watched a show before that’s grabbed my attention and made me laugh and cry as many times as this show has. I’ll watch this show till the end, just please don’t kill Castiel off! He’s just as important to the show as Sam and Dean are, or at least to me he is. And, although I love Sam to death, I’m hoping the writers will give Dean more things to do. I feel like now he’s just kind of in the background, he needs to get back in the game. I’m doubtful of a season 19, but if they somehow happen to make it work, I can’t wait to see what they do!

  4. Supernatural is, hands down, my favorite show ever. I’ve never watched a show before that’s grabbed my attention and made me laugh and cry as many times as this show has. I’ll watch this show till the end, just please don’t kill Cas off! He’s just as important to the show as Sam and Dean are, or at least to me he is. And, although I love Sam to death, I’m hoping the writers will give Dean more things to do. I feel like now he’s just kind of in the background, he needs to get back in the game. I’m doubtful of a season 19, but if they somehow happen to make it work, I can’t wait to see what they do!



  7. Where was Jensen. Is he planning on Season 10 and 11?

    • They don’t care about Jensen. If Padalecki wants the show to continue, it will continue with or without Ackles. Singer, Carver and Gamble have all made it clear that Sam is the only character they care about and write for.

      As for season 8 getting the show back on track, I disagree completely. It started out well with the purgatory storyline and the introduction of Benny but went to hell the minute it looked like yet another Samcentric storyline had crapped out so they tossed purgatory to focus on the limpSammy and his trials. Most disappointing ending to a season yet, and that’s saying something after the Samgirl Gamble years.

      • I don’t see how everyone thinks no one cares about what Jensen wants. Jensen has been a huge part of the whole sorry line from season 1-8. Jared and Jeremy were just talking about what they would like, they’re not saying they’re not going to respect Jensen’s wishes. But Jensen does love Supernatural. He’s made that clear before. He said he was so happy for Supernatural to still be going on because being an actor, and having that job is the best thing in the world. I’m also pretty positive I’ve seen somewhere that BOTH the boys said as long as the fans keep wanting it, they’ll keep doing it. I think as long as the writers and producers keep up, both Jared and Jensen would be happy to do it. They’ve also had other acting jobs while doing Supernatural so it’s not like they’re missing out on anything else. I would love to see Supernatural go to season 19, or at least a few years after 10, and I think the actors would too.

  8. I love Supernatural to death, but I have to agree, season 8 was a little on the boring side. Personally, I’ve found all the previous seasons great (yes, even 6 and 7) and the finales were just as great. Season 8, however, just didn’t excite me as much. Maybe it was the fact that I was watching the episodes on t.v for the first time instead of seeing them on Netflix, but I just couldn’t really get into this season. There were just so many filler episodes that it kind of took away from the main plot. Another problem for me was that Dean didn’t do much this season. He needs to do something, anything, to shine a little more light on his character. I understand that Sam is the main man on the show, but Dean needs to step up to the plate and do something instead of lingering in the background while Sam does all the work. Also, I would hope that the writers have something new to bring to the table. I love all the characters very much, but people need to start dying and stay dead. It’s becoming predictable, the whole dying and being brought back thing. They should include a few new monsters in the next season(s) as well. I’m hoping they don’t kill Castiel off the show, I along with many others have grown very fond of him and it’d be upsetting if he were gone. Let’s just hope this next season makes up for the last. I’ll be watching as long as they keep making more episodes.

  9. i love u guys i love ur show ur hot

  10. yeas season 9

  11. If Carver the butcher is out as showrunner sure otherwise I’ll be watching something else unless Season 9 is a hell of a lot better then Season 8 the crap was. Note Carver and Padalecki are all over it but nothing from Ackles. Unless Padalecki is going to carry the show by himself I think someone should ask for Ackles opinion.

    • I’d be thrilled if Ackles cut this deadhorse loose. There’s nothing in it for him anymore other than a paycheck. I know he has a new family to think of but he can do so much better than to play second-fiddle to someone with half his talent and charisma.

  12. Oh please! Let’s not compare Jared to Jensen, they’re both great at portraying their characters. Sam IS the main character after all, so of course they’re going to be bombarding Jared with questions. Yes, I would like to hear Jensen’s opinion and such, but maybe they’ll come out with interviews later? And yes, I’m also a bit disappointed of how things turned out so far, but I’m hopeful that this show will turn itself around next season.

  13. Don’t get me wrong, I love Supernatural, but I hope it will end soon. They could have ended it with season 8, then Sam would have died, which would have sucked I guess, but he would have died saving the world. They just keep dragging it longer and longer.

  14. I personally love Supernatural and I would love to be able to watch it after season 10. This show is amazing and I love the main characters. Maybe there shouldn’t be a season 19, but I for sure want the show to continue on to seasons 11 and 12. I just don’t want the show and the characters of Sam and Dean too end. I strongly think they should continue the show after season 10. The actors are amazing, and its fun and entertaining to watch. I love this show so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  16. I have been watching supernatural since the very first episode ever aired and I personally do not want it to end, I love the show and it has great storylines where most shows these days do not. Both Jensen and Jared are amazing actors and I cannot imagine not having new episodes to watch of them, I already have a countdown waiting for season 9 to come out this fall, and I would love for it to go on for many more seasons, it just seems right to keep such a excellent show going!!!!

  17. Hey ho!

    I really hope the show will run at least til the End of Season 12 :) Come on guys :)

  18. this show should stay on till there old an then they should have kids an grow up to keep the show running forever

  19. I think this show can continue on for a long time. Thereis still a lot ofsupernatural law and creatures the show hasnt used with good writing I dont see a reason why it should end.
    It is one of the best shows I have ever seen and even at its weak moments is still enjoyable and watchable.
    I would liketo see a return to earlier season concepts of different creatures each week, but I will continue to watch no matter what for as long as the show on air.
    Keep up the goodwork and long live sam and dean

  20. the show is great, all seasons,i personally would watch thru season 67
    =) the show’s about the dynamic between the brothers, so i think
    the writers have done great job even though it seems like dean
    seems to have taken a back seat to sam but the show wouldn’t be supernatural
    without sam & dean

  21. I love this show SOOO much! I watch the old season constantly cause I can’t get enough of the show. I hate when a season ends cause then I have to wait forever it seems until the next season lol. KEEP THE SEASONS GOING FOR AS LONG AS POSSIBLE!! :D Please please please don’t just stop at season 10 or 11…who would want that when fans enjoy it so much and it can continue. Plus who wouldn’t want to be apart of such a popular most loved tv show by millios of people!? :)

    LOVE YOU BOTH SAM AND DEAN!!! or well Jared and Jensen!! :) :) :)

  22. its a great show . Wonderful performances from both the leads and cast members. I think a series that runs for 10 years nowdays is fabulous. you want to leave the audience wanting more and not waiting till your asked to leave. There is just so much material regarding monsters, angels, demons , zombies, vampires etc. I think if they really want the show to go past ten seasons, you need some romance for the leads. They killed off the character Jo back in season 5. There was a very nice tension between dean and jo. no one said they had to marry but she could have popped up ever so often in an episode. if would have made dean more human and not just a soldier. I hope the writers expand on that character.

  23. Eight was mediocre but a good improvement over 7. Show should end by 12 seasons bc it isn’t that great and Destieltards are ruining it…

  24. Season 19? as much as I would like to jump up and down screaming, “go for it!” I guess I’d like to be logical and say it probably won’t happen, and probably shouldn’t. I would love to see it pass the 10th season, but more than 15 seems like SO much. You know? I would almost start feeling bad for the writers and the actors, like, that’s such a humongous commitment. I know they knew what they were getting into when they signed, but that’s a really friggin’ long time!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan. But I don’t want to see someone mercy kill this show. Supernatural does NOT deserve that, it deserves to go out with a bang, and have its fans happy but extremely depressed at the same time. (I will probably have withdrawals xD)

  25. Also, Destiel fans are not ruining the show. If you let something be ruined by how other people see it, you’re not really just enjoying the show for what it is. Everyone sees something different in everything.

    Do you see any Destiel fans storming the sets and demanding that they kiss? well, I certainly haven’t. Stay off the forums and Tumblr pages, and you should be just fine.

  26. I honestly didn’t think season 7 was as bad as everyone makes it out to be; I thought all seasons were good. Maybe it had something to do with me watching all 1-7 on netflix though (I feel like it’s better watching them on there than on the tv. The commercials kinda take away from the show, in my opinion.) And I’ll admit, I wasn’t exactly stoked about season 8. I felt like it kinda just dragged on but I watched it anyway. Regardless, I’m still a huge fan of the show and as long as they keep coming out with new episodes, I’ll keep watching. :)

    By the way, did anyone catch the first episode of season 9 on Tuesday? I thought it was really great and it seems to have a good new storyline going. Haven’t been this excited for a new season in a while.. Can’t wait for more!

  27. Season 19,if it’s possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. I love Supernatural and It’s the only tv series which never disappointed me. It’s the nine season, and I still love it. I never saw a tv series which is still interesting after all this time.
    For example, I was a huge Grey’s Anatomy fan, but since the seventh season, I look it just because I’ve watched seven years of it, so..

    Anyway, I’d love an eleventh season!