‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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supernatural season 8 9 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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With the Supernatural season 9 premiere still 3 months away, fans are preparing to enter the next installment of the series with a season 10 end in mind. Well, think again, as showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki reveal that Sam and Dean’s adventures could very well continue into season 19. But should it?

While doing press at Comic-Con 2013, both Carver and Padalecki spoke about the future of the series which, as it currently stands, looks as if it will reach beyond season 10 because of a strong storyline that’s apparently going to be implemented in the upcoming season.

You can read what Carver and Padalecki had to say about the future of Supernatural below:

JC: We think of the general arch, and we allow for happy accidents. I think people would be stunned to know what were happy accidents and seemed liked it had been planned all along.

I think me, personally, I have an obligation to plan forward for an arc, but also to keep the show in a position where, if they wanted to go for season 11, 12… 19, it can.

JP: With this season – and this isn’t just a line – we can go for however as long as [viewers] and the writers want it to. We opened so many doors – and that’s another thing we did last year. We, the writers – the royal “we” – we opened doors; we didn’t kill this or stop that, we just left to where we can do anything now, and what they’ve chosen to do is just so awesome.

Without knowing more about what, exactly, the core storyline for the season will focus on, it’s difficult to tell whether or not Padalecki’s praise of a strong upcoming tale will be enough to push the series past season 10; however, that being said, the way in which Supernatural uses theology, myths and lore to fuel its brotherly tale does provide a strong enough foundation for the series to continue longer than most other shows on television. So if the new season storyline is as strong as Padalecki says, there’s no doubt that the series can continue on the air for years to come… but maybe not season 19.

jeremy carver comic con 2013 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Of course, whenever an aging television show mentions an extension to the storyline, fans are obviously apprehensive, and thanks to seasons 6 and 7, Supernatural no longer has the perfect record that it once had. In season 6 and 7, which marked the end of creator Eric Kripke’s reign on the series, the core dynamic of Sam and Dean was largely replaced with an over-bloated, laughable Leviathan-themed seasonal arc, which had many fans doubting the future. But all that changed once Jeremy Carver took over.

Carver, who left the show to pursue other opportunities, eventually creating Being Human (US) with his wife, Anna Fricke, returned in season 8 with a plan: Season 10. With a white notecard stuck on his wall, Carver went on to develop a storyline which would allow Sam and Dean to continue their adventures for two more years. That is, until season 9 begins.

Whatever Supernatural season 9 may contain, it must be something special in order to get one of the stars – and not just the showrunner – to support the idea of continuing the show past season 10. Whether or not viewers will see this upcoming season the same way still remains to be seen, but I’m not sure even the wariest of fans wouldn’t turn down a chance to take a peek at what a Supernatural season 19 might look like. Fortunately, that’s highly unlikely to occur – but season 11 and 12 is a definite possibility.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15.

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  1. I would be happy to see season 10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17-18-19-20 and on and on. There has not been an episode so far that I haven’t liked. s*** true.♡

    • until jar-pad and Jensen are old, ill grow old with them all,lol

  2. I’ll watch as long as the writers and actors are still interested. Let’s be realistic though. It’ll probably end at season 10 because that’s a great number to end any series on. Personally, I love Supernatural. I read the comments and some people don’t like the current direction or the characterizations or something. I don’t care about the so-called missteps because errors/issues do not take away from my enjoyment of the show and that’s all that really matters – most of the audience still love or at least tolerate the show.

  3. With the newest spoilers from Comic Con Supernatural will just barely be able to make it through 10. If something this season doesn’t change dramatically, SPN will be better off in a dumpster than attempting something not even one of the incompetent writers could ever dream of doing.

    • Totally agreed, though I’d say the series has been that bad for a while now.

      • I agree. Season 9 was a pain to watch, because it’s not only getting depressing, it’s getting boring, and you don’t want to watch these kinds of things. I’m risking to get rocks thrown at me now, but I think season 10 should wrap everything up and set those great actors free.

        • How did you get on set to watch Season 9 being filmed? That is amazing.

          • Heh, good one.

  4. I’d definitely watch it if the actors and writers were to still make it enjoyable- some shows run their course and go a season too far and i don’t whether spn would be that kind of show.
    The thing is the seasons are getting more depressing as they go along and i can’t imagine how much bad stuff the boys would have gone through by a season 19!! I think 19 would be too much but maybe 11 and 12 but I’m personally a huge fan of castiel and would love for him to be in it too if theyre carrying it on, i know lot of fans say he isn’t a true character but he’s been in more seasons than he hasn’t by now and i’m looking forward to see what they do to him- i just hope they dont mess him up.
    Anyway season 11 and 12 bring it on but i still want a really happy ending haha

    • I will be crushed if Castiel gets taken out of the series. Regardless i will watch SPN until it ends. =3

  5. I will keep watching the show its my favorite show on TV. Cas is my favorite character also. He definitely makes the show better. I dont know about 19 seasons, but i think it can go 11 or 12 seasons and I’ll be watching if it does. Its too many crap shows already on TV. My biggest fear is they will cancel Supernatural and replace it with Ghostfacers. That would really suck.

  6. i love supernatural and jared and jensen omg that are great actors

  7. I love the show. The actors do an excellent job bringing the characters to life. Thank you and hope it runs for the next 10 years.

  8. personally i would love to see more seasons yet to come, the bond between the brothers is incredible. the show is not only about the unknown factors i.e. myths and theoretical legends its also about the journey and family and how dangerous roads ahead does not stop these two brothers in putting each other first…keep it up…love the show.

  9. I loved Season 6 and though I had a some issues with S7,but it had a lot of fantastic episodes and I didn’t feel it damaged the overall show. I loved so many episodes this season as well and love the new storylines but I’m having an almost impossible time getting past the one big issue of not explaining Sam not looking for Dean. But if it is part of a longer storyline then my entire faith in the show will be restored and I would be extremely excited to see season 10 and beyond.

    • I read an article a couple of weeks ago about how some people think that the whole romantic story line between Sam and Amelia was all in Sam’s head (apart from the dog because Dean said something about it), and if it was all in Sam’s head than it would explain why he didn’t search for Dean because he wasn’t all there.

      • This is very interesting, I would love to read this article you speak of!

  10. I love this show, I watch all the reruns, I watch all the shows when they show them all day. I can’t get enough Supernatural!

  11. Erm where’s Jensen? Oh that’s right, he doesn’t have a story (other than Dean revolving around Sam AGAIN so no point talking to him right?) All this article does is confirm that the show has literally become Samnatural, and the way Jared talks I wouldn’t be surprised if Sam becomes God by the time the season’s end. Yes, I’m a bitter Dean girl and I am not apologising for it.

    • This may just be the hopeful destiel part of me speaking, but I think Dean’s role has started to revolve around not only Sam, but also his growing relationship with Cas.

  12. Honestly, I thought s8 was the worst season of the 3 Kripke wasn’t around for. Which isn’t to say that I loved s6 and s7. Just that I disliked s8 even more than those two. But, if they’ve got an actual story line that will continue for more than a season and they flesh it out well, I wouldn’t mind it going well past s10. I’m definitely wary about being all that enthused over Jared’s praise, though. I mean, he said he was supportive of and liked the Amelia story line, as well, until at one point he finally admitted he didn’t. So, that leads me to believe that at least for a while he has to keep his public opinions about the show and where it’s headed along the company line they want him to tow. Which, I don’t blame him for because that’s not really his decision so much as the decision(s) of those who sign his paychecks. And, in any case, it’d be a stupid move to bite the hand that feeds him. But, it does mean that I take what he says about things we haven’t seen yet with a grain of salt.

    • I wasn’t too crazy about season 8 either; personally, I thought a few of the filler episodes were way out of place (at best). I think what would be a cool twist with the whole Sam and Amelia back story would be if he had gotten her pregnant where their child would carry on the “Winchester Family Business” as well as eventually being a member of the ‘Man (or Woman) of Letters.’ I would also like to see Benny become more of an ally to both Sam and Dean, just as Castiel had become.

  13. Season 11 and 12? Sure! The huge arc that started from season 1 ended in season 5. What’s wrong with letting Carver do a long seasonal series arc? But please BRING BACK BEN EDLUND!!

  14. Ii would love to see more seasons, keep them coming boys!!!

  15. spn always till i grow old and die, i know its kinda impossible to draw something out that long, but this show will never get boring

  16. I’ll love season 11 & 12 and even more but I love Castiel and yeah, of course I know the show is about the Winchester brothers and I love them too but I want Team Free Will to be together fighting the evil ok (and destiel to be canon :) but i know it can’t happen right?) Ahhh please SPN writers don’t kill Castiel off. I’ll be devastated if that happen. Love SPN though so even then i’ll see it.

  17. I love this show regardless of what changes I’m trying to get my girlfriend to watch it with me, we both love the show she just doesn’t have time, I hope this show never ends

  18. I love supernatural!(; I hope it goes on for a while because im just not ready for it to all end.

  19. I enjoy supernatural so much. The things that happen to the winchester boys, the things that they deal with is very cool & beleivable. I like the thought process that has been put into this show. Its awesome!!!!

  20. I am so for Supernatural going ahead with more seasons. Jensen and Jared are so believable as brothers which Jensen has already said. He said “They are truly brothers” and that makes SPN even better when the characters are so close on and off the show. Cas needs to come back too. He also made the show what it is. J2, Cas and Bobby. Together again! SUPERNATURAL FOR LIFE!! Keep em coming guys!!

  21. I just chanced upon this show for the 1st time a couple of months ago. The CW channel has been running it 3 times a day & I quickly became a fan. Can’t get enough.

  22. Supernatural can continue for as long as I live and i will continue to watch it. It is my all time favorite show and nothing can take the place of it. I swear i ran through every season of SPN over 20 times and im still not bored of it. and when the seasons end im so bored out of my mind waiting for the new season to start. When and if (Lets hope not) this show ends idk what ill do. I think i will seriously cry. I followed Sam and Dean from s1 ep1 and iv been thought everything they went through. Even thought this is a show i feel like i found a friend in both of them. I have developed such an emotional attachment to them that i could never think of the show ending. So as long at the writers Jensen and Jared are willing to continue the series i will continue to watch like the loyal fan that i am because no show could ever take the place of Supernatural in my heart EVER!

  23. Everyone has their own opinions. Everyone either likes the show, loves it, hates it, wants it to get better, thinks that certain seasons were either pointless or just not as good as others. Quick personal example. Die hard Harry Potter fan. Will be until the day I die. I loved the fifth book, but I can’t stand the fifth movie. Worst movie of the series in my opinion! But I am still going to watch it because it’s part of the series, it’s part of the over all story (even if there are key parts missing from them [that’s why the books came first]), and there are still positives in the movie even though personally I think there are more negatives. The same thing goes for Supernatural. Maybe it’s because I only actually started watching this year and so I was able to do binge watching and everything just flowed for me, and yes there are certain episodes that I didn’t like and certain ones that I adore, and even though I didn’t have to wait a week or months for the next episode (with the exception of the last two episodes in season 8 and now for the season premier of season 9), but because I watched all the episodes in a row I can see how the seasons flowed. They each had a certain sub-plot to go along with the over all plot.

    Season 1 was all about Sam and Dean trying to find John. Crossing the country and doing jobs trying to track their father. And they finally did. What happened when they found him? They did a few episodes/hunts with him and then a demon t-boned Baby with a tractor truck. End of the season.

    Season 2 they wake up in the hospital and John sacrifices his life for Dean. And then all this psychic stuff started happening and no one knows what’s going on! It all relates to the very beginning! And then end of the season Sammy dies, Dean makes a deal to save him, and Sammy comes back to help take out Azazel.

    Season 3 is the shortest of the seasons because it’s all about trying to break Dean’s demon deal. They don’t break it and Dean goes to Hell.

    Season 4 introduces angels. The angels want to jump start the apocalypse and break Lucifer out of his cage. They lie to Sam and Dean about killing Lilith to stop the breaking of the 66 seals. Castiel rebels and Lucifer gets freed.

    Season 5 is all about Michael and Lucifer trying to gain access to their vessels. Sam says yes and gets himself, Michael, Lucifer, and Adam trapped in the cage. Dean goes to live with Lisa and Ben because Sam told him to and Sam some how gets out of the cage.

    Season 6 has Sam out of the cage and soulless. Cas is leading an army in a civil war in Heaven. Because Dean was with Lisa and Ben, Cas didn’t want to ruin his friends life by getting him involved, even if Dean didn’t really want to be with Lisa and Ben. Cas joins forces with Crowley. Sam and Dean meet back up, they find out Sam doesn’t have his soul and they sooner or later get it back. Cas breaks the wall in Sam’s mind and ends up sucking all the souls of Purgatory.

    Season 7 has Cas trying to be God at the beginning and then going to Dean and Sam for help. Cas ‘dies’ and the leviathan gets loose. The whole season is about getting rid of the leviathan. Sammy goes crazy with Lucifer in his head and Cas comes back from the ‘dead’. He couldn’t have really died because he was still an angel and the only way and angel can die is from and angel sword. Cas absorbs the crazy from Sams’ head and gets woken up when we first discover about the tablets. We meet Kevin and Dean and Cas kills Dick Roman. They end up in Purgatory, Kevin gets kidnapped by demons, and Sam is alone.

    Season 8 has Dean back from Purgatory and feeling guilty to letting Cas down. Sam and Dean find Kevin and hide him from demons to translate the demon tablet. Cas comes back under the control of Naomi and we discover yet another tablet. Sam tries to close the gates of Hell but doesn’t because Dean stops him. Cas loses his grace and becomes human, and the angels fall.

    To sum it up:
    1: Find John
    2: Psychic kids/Sam dies
    3: Save Dean from going to Hell
    4: Stop Lucifer from getting free
    5: Stop the apocalypse
    6: Get Sams’ soul back/Cas’ civil war
    7: Stop the leviathans
    8: Tablets/close Hell/angels fall

    • Spoilers. 😉

  24. Okay, I absolutely LOVE Supernatural. It is in my top three favorite shows, with Doctor Who being first, however, 19 seasons is WAY too much! It will just turn into one of those shows that drags on and on and on, and everyone is just sitting there thinking, “oh, c’mon! stop dragging it out!” I think that ten seasons would be a good number to end it with, though I am not opposed to maybe a season 11 and 12.

  25. I think people just enjoy being negative, because at the end of the day, you would not be wasting your time, reading an article on Supernatural if you weren’t a fan?!?! It’s that, or you just don’t have a life.

    Personally, I love a LOT of varied TV shows, but Supernatural is out there on it’s own as my best, and always will be. SPN is the only one I look into, find out what’s brewing, get truly excited about! So for the people being negative.. really, just give it up already. Life’s short, let’s live peacefully and hopefully enjoy another 20+ YEARS of Supernatural! *hopesandprayshopesandprays*

    • People who criticize the show are oftentimes fans, they care about the show and haven’t liked what it’s done lately so they want it to get better. Through the internet articles like these, forums and otherwise allow people to reach out and talk about the show with other people. Just because people are saying something negative about a show you like doesn’t suddenly make them not a fan, nor does it invalidate what they’re doing.

  26. like buffy this characters couldn’t be just killed they will be brought back to life again and again by angels or god’s or demons if it is stopped in tv it will go to comics

  27. You know at comic con Jensen Ackles was wearing a batman shirt and mentioned how he would love to play the character. With the upcoming Batman/Superman film it would’ve been nice if the show had just been out of it’s misery already so he could play him. I remember him being wanted for Captain America and Resident Evil as well… obviously he chose to stick with the show, but it would be nice to see him off doing bigger things where his talent is better used.

    • Oooh, Jensen would have been a *fantastic* Captain America. No offense to Chris Evans.

  28. For season 9, with nothing to hold back hell, this presents an excellent opportunity for Michael & Lucifer to escape the cage and try to hunt down Sam & Dean for revenge. Can you just imagine it: arch angels hunting the Winchesters?? The only way to extend the show to seasons 11 and 12 would be to make sure Jared and Jensen are fully on board, bring back Eric Kripke as showrunner, and bring back Ben Edlund as a writer and Jim Beaver as Bobby. Oh, and drive a stake through Sera Gamble’s heart. Problem solved.

    • Bit harsh on Sera there, she’s been gone since the end of season 6. But I get your drift.

      • She left after season 6…and Carver took over season 8. That explains why season 7 was so terrible…no show runner!

        But, I agree. That reaction was over the top and way too harsh on her.

  29. i love supernatural as long as shows are great i will keep watching, spn keep up the good work.