‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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supernatural season 8 9 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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With the Supernatural season 9 premiere still 3 months away, fans are preparing to enter the next installment of the series with a season 10 end in mind. Well, think again, as showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki reveal that Sam and Dean’s adventures could very well continue into season 19. But should it?

While doing press at Comic-Con 2013, both Carver and Padalecki spoke about the future of the series which, as it currently stands, looks as if it will reach beyond season 10 because of a strong storyline that’s apparently going to be implemented in the upcoming season.

You can read what Carver and Padalecki had to say about the future of Supernatural below:

JC: We think of the general arch, and we allow for happy accidents. I think people would be stunned to know what were happy accidents and seemed liked it had been planned all along.

I think me, personally, I have an obligation to plan forward for an arc, but also to keep the show in a position where, if they wanted to go for season 11, 12… 19, it can.


JP: With this season – and this isn’t just a line – we can go for however as long as [viewers] and the writers want it to. We opened so many doors – and that’s another thing we did last year. We, the writers – the royal “we” – we opened doors; we didn’t kill this or stop that, we just left to where we can do anything now, and what they’ve chosen to do is just so awesome.

Without knowing more about what, exactly, the core storyline for the season will focus on, it’s difficult to tell whether or not Padalecki’s praise of a strong upcoming tale will be enough to push the series past season 10; however, that being said, the way in which Supernatural uses theology, myths and lore to fuel its brotherly tale does provide a strong enough foundation for the series to continue longer than most other shows on television. So if the new season storyline is as strong as Padalecki says, there’s no doubt that the series can continue on the air for years to come… but maybe not season 19.

jeremy carver comic con 2013 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Of course, whenever an aging television show mentions an extension to the storyline, fans are obviously apprehensive, and thanks to seasons 6 and 7, Supernatural no longer has the perfect record that it once had. In season 6 and 7, which marked the end of creator Eric Kripke’s reign on the series, the core dynamic of Sam and Dean was largely replaced with an over-bloated, laughable Leviathan-themed seasonal arc, which had many fans doubting the future. But all that changed once Jeremy Carver took over.

Carver, who left the show to pursue other opportunities, eventually creating Being Human (US) with his wife, Anna Fricke, returned in season 8 with a plan: Season 10. With a white notecard stuck on his wall, Carver went on to develop a storyline which would allow Sam and Dean to continue their adventures for two more years. That is, until season 9 begins.

Whatever Supernatural season 9 may contain, it must be something special in order to get one of the stars – and not just the showrunner – to support the idea of continuing the show past season 10. Whether or not viewers will see this upcoming season the same way still remains to be seen, but I’m not sure even the wariest of fans wouldn’t turn down a chance to take a peek at what a Supernatural season 19 might look like. Fortunately, that’s highly unlikely to occur – but season 11 and 12 is a definite possibility.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15.

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  1. I’m good with watching whatever put out for however long they want.

    What I really want though before they wrap up:

    1) A full on Cthulhu arc
    2) A proper ending to the series.

    • I feel like I’m repeating myself at this point but there’s actually this EXCELLENT fan created work that’s about Cthulhu, it’s called Redemption Road (google “supernatural redemptiom road” and you’ll find it). It’s a season 7 virtual season, meaning it takes place after season 6 and goes in a different direction then the show. It might seem weird upon first glance but it’s one of my favorite stories I’ve read in a long while. It ties together the mythology perfectly. Cthulhu is a very well developed threat.

    • That’s what I’m scared of. If they just “go on for however long they feel like it”, they might end up petering out. I would rather sacrifice a couple of good seasons for a great, strong, tear-jerking ending.

  2. ENOUGH of this series,give it a proper ending by season 9 or 10,stop dragging it endlessly with stupid vampires and 15 filler episodes per season.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Seasons 1-5 had a definite plan and a definite escalation grade and overarching direction. Since season 6, the show has degenerated into one-season arcs in which all notable guest stars are killed off in season and in which every Big Bad predictably wants to blow up the world somehow.

      • Granted, Seasons 6 & 7 were not their finest hour. But Season 8 was far from a one season deal. We got Benny and Charlie! You know Benny has to come back. Jim Michaels said Charlie is off limits. No one can touch her. And the story really can go anywhere now. SO many paths to take. I don’t want the show to go the way of so many others that outstayed their welcome. But Season 11? 12? I’m there!

        • Charlie was created to appeal to fans by being the geek character. No one can touch her because she doesn’t threaten the leads romantically due to being a lesbian and she allows the writers to gain ally cookies for creating a singular female queer character who isn’t written off of the show. She’s their token equality character they can feel good about and pull out as a shield against criticism. I like Charlie and her relationship with Dean but her purpose in the show is very transparent.

          • Perhaps her purpose in the show is transparent so far. We never know how her story line is going to evolve!

    • Precisely! Jeremy didn’t live up to his promises for season 8. It lacked momentum and had toooooo many fillers as if the fans can’t handle a powerful story and action-packed episodes in a row I mean the lameness and slow pace were too disgusting and distracting from the main plot and the suspense. I think the writers aren’t good enough to flush out more interesting and thrilling stories so they should really let go in peace. Not to mention the lack of impact and role Dean has on anything. I hated that he was back to being guilt-ridden and feeling worthless after the presumed “clarity” he had in purgatory, no continuity of his PTSD or fighting skills and self-confidence whatsoever, how disappointing. Also, Sam and his strange arrogance and bitchy attitude were gross and so weird to watch and Jeremy calls it “character growth” WTH!!
      I wish season 9 to be the last season just for the show to end with the little dignity it has left.

  3. Carry on!

  4. Best show ever fell in love with this show last year watched all seasons one after another.. Fluke it going to watch them again.. Roll on season 9,10,11,12

  5. Done with this show. Stopped after the crappy season 7 arch. I don’t even care anymore it’s worn out it’s welcome.

    • I always wonder why people say they don’t watch and don’t care, yet they care enuff to comment? If you stopped because of Season 7 that was a huge mistake! Season 8 was a little less intense than 4 &5 but better than 1-3. Absolutely stunning acting from Jared Padalecki.

      • Yes while Jensen had nothing to do. :/

        • Dean had more of an emotional battle this past season where as Sam had the physical battles with the trials. When Sam completed the first trial and thus had to continue with the rest, Dean wasn’t able to protect Sammy as his big brother anymore. In quite a few episodes through out the series, Dean has said that his job was to take care of Sammy and make sure Sammy was safe. And now he can’t do that. Not to mention the guilt he felt to letting Cas down and then the pain and betrayal he felt when he found out Cas left him by staying in Purgatory! Even if destiel doesn’t happen romantically, there is an undeniable relationship between Dean and Cas. Otherwise Dean would never have called Cas family. It takes a lot for Dean to consider someone family, especially if the person in question is male. Ellen and Jo were like a mom and sister to him, not to mention fellow hunters, Bobby was like a father, and Charlie showed spunk for someone who was dropped into the supernatural time and time again and still was willing to accept it and adapt to it. Benny was a vamp who fought beside Dean instead of against Dean. With everything that has happened between Dean and Cas, there is going to be some sort of connection between them where they would (and in cases have) died for each other, just as Sam and Dean…

      • People still comment because they remember how much they used to love the show and hate what’s become. You can still care about some of the characters while recognizing how poor the quality of writing has become. Disappointment is harder to let go of than indifference. Hope is the hardest thing to kill, though to give Carver and Singer credit, they’ve worked really hard to make sure that Dean fans have nothing to hope for anymore other than Ackles leaving the show.

    • Then please don’t watch anymore-therefore you really have no say going forward.

  6. Keep it going. Even at it worst, it was still better than most other television programs.

    • Absolutely! Why stop just cause there’s 10 seasons? I’m sure these guys can come up with new ideas for future seasons.

      • Just because you can do something doesn’t mean that you should. Season 7 was laughably terrible to the point where a lot of people stopped watching. If Carver has a plan until season 10, then that’s where he should leave it. CW is just afraid of losing one of their highest rated shows because they’re not sure if they can find a suitable replacement – but by drawing it out they could possibly damage the reputation of the series.

        • You are worried about the show’s reputation? Honestly, they could keep going and we could have the best episodes so far. Who can predict the future? Perhaps there is a 20-year-old prodigy-writer out there who grew up watching the Winchesters and has a story arc that puts Kripke’s to shame. Or maybe you are right and by drawing it out, they’ll go into a slump and eventually get cancelled. Still, I don’t think the reputation of the show will ever change. Right now it’s the epic five season story arc followed by two seasons that were disappointing by Supernatural standards, followed by quite an improvement in storytelling with the new show runner…so I say, keep making these and I’ll keep watching.

          They could easily keep it going. Go with Carver’s plan through season 10 (whatever that is), then change the role of the brothers. Make them a mentor role like Bobby was with the boys and have a new generation of hunters (like this season’s episode Freaks and Geeks with the orphan kids).

          They already have the “Batcave”…but, I’d prefer it if they called it the “X-mansion” and the brothers train young hunters. I mean it is Dean’s fault that all the demons weren’t locked away, so he better make amends somehow.

  7. it really depends on the story arc. I can watch this show forever but it has to have a good story line.

  8. please continue past season 9 the men of letters arc gave the show a new shot of vigor and history

  9. No reason why this show should gets past Season 10. Look at the mistake Smallville with so many unnecessary episodes. Quality > Quantity

    Also Jaden should consider playing Jesus in Walking Dead

    • Who the heck’s Jaden? *Jesus* is in the Walking Dead? Man, I’ve missed out somewhere.

  10. this is the greatest tv show in the world they should definitely continue as long as they can, i have already watched seasons 1-9 twice.

    • That’s freakin’ amazing Thomas,seeing as they haven’t even *filmed* season 9 yet.

  11. Bring it on. The show has already jumped the shark a couple of times, but the have proven last season that they can bring it back to its former greatness, so they might as well keep going as long as the can come up with stuff. As long as Dean and his personality is there everything is fine. ;)

    • What personality? The “tough, good looking guy” hollywood cliche personality? His character has no depth whatsoever

      • No depth or personality? Maybe you watched one or two episodes here and there, but if you’ve been following from the beginning you’d see that there is definitely a lot of depth there, especially in seasons 4 and 5. Breaking down due to his father’s death, inner pain from torturing souls,- just re-watch the series if you haven’t, I don’t feel like making a long list of examples.

        • Jensen has deserved an Emmy for several seasons now-and season 8 was no exception. Jared gave Emmy worthy performances especially in season 8-the “Sacrifice” episode had 3 Emmy worthy performances-Jensen’s Dean, Jared’s Sam and Mark Sheppard’s Crowley. If this show had been on a “major” network, we’d have seen these Emmys.

        • I am not here to criticize your favorite actor. In most cases, it is not his portrayal that I find lacking. Any good looking Caucasian male could play that part. The writers have done him no favors by making him the stereotypical ” tough guy”. It’s dull and cliche! Can we not see a more nuanced take on character development? Something a little more subtle that Dean’s required emotional outburst every time the season is close to concluding because it adds “tension”.

          • Dean might seem like that on the surface but he’s a wonderfully complex character underneath it, despite writing attempts to pile on angst load after angst load and never let him fully resolve it. Not to mention Jensen is excellent in his role and really, he IS Dean, he’s helped craft the character throughout the years in such a way that Dean wouldn’t be the same without him.

          • How about they make destiel canon and have Dean and Cas in a romantic relationship! Would that shake it up for you??? Sometimes, you have to look deep and put clues from previous episodes in previous seasons together to come up with the big picture!

          • Any good looking Caucasian male could play that part. *record scratch*
            WHAT?! There’s maybe one thing SPN fans agree on, and that is that Jensen Ackles *IS* Dean Winchester. He owns that role completely and absolutely, and is why I kept watching the show through the ‘dark days’ of series 6 & 7.

          • Is that you Jeremy Carver? Or is it Mr. Singer? lol

            • Heh,no, I have much less facial hair. Would love their job though!

    • I agree-I’ll watch as long as the writers continue to write interesting stories and Jensen and Jared choose to continue to play Dean and Sam with all the brotherly love and angst.
      To me, this is undoubtedly the best show currently on tv and one of the best ever. I’ve seen seasons 1-7 a minimum of 5 times & season 8 twice. Really love how season 8 became season gr8.

    • @The Lost Winchester.

      I did not know you were a fan of Supernatural.

      ::Remove tongue from cheek::

  12. I like the show, I like the characters, I enjoy the writing/stories BUT what the freak is there left to do??? They have done the normal supernatural stuff (Vamps, Werewolves, other assorted creatures), moved on to demons and the like, wrestled with the 4 horsemen to defeat Lucifer, have both come back from death numerous times, VISITED purgatory, moved on to Angels and the big guy himself….. WHAT is there left to do? Move on to god aliens? (oh wait they even did a greek God thing as I recall)

    I’m all for it but like SG1 (a show I dearly loved) when you have been everywhere, done everything, saved the world countless times, its time to hang it up and move on.

    • What is left to do? Cthulhu (I really want them to do this).

  13. As much as I haves loved the series.. I think it’s time to put it down..

  14. That’s this show’s problem. Lesser writers seem to be plagued with the idea that it needs to go on forever. A show doesn’t need to go on into season 19 to stay good. Sometimes, less is more and an end isn’t a four-letter word. The Lord of the Rings ended. The Dark Knight Trilogy ended. They both did so on a high and became legends in the process. Kripke, the author, original, and best showrunner for this series, had it right. He gets a lot of flak for his three and then five-year plans, but I think Kripke’s run was this show’s best. Stories that build to a definite crescendo and finale always leave the best taste in the audience’s mouth. Escalating stakes and a climax keep people interested. Ever since season 6 (which the CW had to force Kripke to get behind), this show has turned into an amalgam of missed opportunities, recycled character arcs (that worked from seasons 1-5 but, by the time they were reused, felt tired and dead), rushed plot lines, and stretched out tales that only serve the purpose of keeping the show going in whatever way possible. I happen to be of the group that believes season 5 shouldn’t have been the last, but I also believe season 6 should’ve been it. Creators should’ve strived to tie all loose ends in that season and perhaps wrap up the God debate versus invent new ways to stretch out what was obviously supposed to be a five-year story. I remember when Sera Gamble made the remark that she felt that the Winchesters’ curse is that their story goes on forever and I think that’s foolish. More airtime doesn’t always mean a richer story. Just look at what season 13 has done to the once-amazing CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

  15. Ummmmm the batman trilogy was crap….so you even using that as an example makes what you say crap….

    • I hardly think the Dark Knight qualifies as “crap,” man.

      • Would have been better if you said Harry Potter. At least you didn’t say Twilight… *shudders*

  16. The supernatural mythology can continue in a new show with fresh faces which is what is planned.
    Supernatural is my favorite show but I’d rather see it end with dignity, then dragged on and on.
    Also, I’m waiting for the series to end so I can get the blu-ray collectors set of all the seasons which will be awesome.

    • Out of all the crappy comments I’ve read on this page (mistake btw cuz I know not every supernatural fan is a die hard fan but I couldn’t stop myself) your comment is the saddest you want it to be over so you can get the DVDs really. I fell in love with supernatural even more with seasons 6 & 7 I can’t imagine life without waiting for the next supernatural episode hope they make as many seasons as they can ill be watching it even when it drags on. Please don’t take what I said in an offensive way btw I’m just surprised

      • Yes someone else in this world feels differently then you do on something and went somewhere online on it to talk about what they think with other people, what a s h o c k e r.

  17. How has this show even continued this far? There is no story or significant character development. There is no realistic drama. Characters die and get brought back. The two brothers obviously can’t die bc the show would die, so there’s no tension or suspense. Supernatural has long since descended into soap opera territory.

    • No ones making you watch it, go do something else then

      • No one’s making you read these comments so go away and find a better excuse to not wanting to hear criticism on a show you like. People can watch a show for whatever reason they want, it isn’t any less valid than yours.

    • The only characters that have died and come back are Sam and Dean. Everyone else has said dead or deadish.

      • I think what the OP was talking about is that the show sometimes brings back characters from the dead for no reason, undermining the intended emotional impact of their death.

      • Sam and Dean have been “killed” so many times that its long since lost its emotional impact. Thank you, BlueHero, for helping me clarify. The first time that they were killed at the end of the second and third season, at the beginning of the show, was gut wrenching. I have lost brothers, I could easily relate to the portrayed agony. It felt real. The writers, by allowing John to sacrifice himself for Dean, showed us that there were grave consequences in this mythos for playing with fire, so to speak. But with the constant resurrections and half cameo appearances of characters who were killed dramatically and with purpose, the show really began to lose its edge in my mind. There is no conclusion or resolution, and the two main characters cannot die or the show would cease to exist. This, as I stated earlier, really makes it operatic. There is no tension.
        By my count, in the first five seasons at least, Sam and Dean died multiple times and were brought back, and John was killed and later cameo-d, and Castiel and Bobby were both killed by Lucifer in the S5 finale (the originally conceived ending of the show?) yet later brought back by God. One could not make a more literal translation of ‘Deus Ex Machina’. It’s cheap.

        • @voodoo – Sure you can say that the writers used a cheap plot devices to bring back characters, but it is also a show called Supernatural…which in reality is a word of how to explain something unearthly or miraculous.

          • **a cheap plot device – still waiting on that EDIT feature, Vic ;)

        • Voodoo has what I feel to be one of the best explanations yet for this show’s main problem. Seasons 1-5 felt so real and worked so well because there were definite consequences and reactions for actions taken and things done, whether intentional or unintentional. That was part of the tragic allure. Since season 6, characters on the show itself have admitted that all the rules have been thrown out and supernatural beings can basically do anything they want so long as they have the power. The writers, I know, have proudly stated that they considered season 6 to be a reset of the show’s mythology. Frankly, that’s stupid. How does one, six seasons into a show, say everything that came before is garbage and can be undone at any time. Very few stories can make that work in any effective manner (this was the exact problem that plagued X-Men comics’ M-Day story) and Supernatural did a horrible job at trying. There’s no natural order anymore and, as of ‘Taxi Driver,’ it isn’t even a definite certainty that saints go to HEAVEN anymore (apparently, if the KIng of Hell wants you to stay in Hell, he has the power to make it happen). How are fans supposed to be invested in a show in which the writers can literally make up rules as they go, ignoring any mythology that comes before or after, and explain away all plot holes as resets.

          • This really is one of the key problems the series has suffered from recently. And yes you’re absolutely right, “Taxi Driver” is an absolutely irredeemable episode and it’s a very blunt example of why the writing staff needs to be completely fired.

    • You’re right on the money here tbh. Nothing matters.

  18. Oh, and for those who who are hating on season 7, you should watch the last 10 or so episodes when they stopped doing those unnecessary flashbacks to Sam’s time with that annoying girl and Benny and all that crap. It really got back on track at the end, and hopefully that will continue, if so, I probably will be clamoring for it to go past 10 too.

    • @kayell – you meant season 8 ;)

    • Ameila was a dreadful character and Padalecki couldn’t generate a single spark with her, so I agree on that front. But I really enjoyed the 10 or minutes of purgatory scenes we got and I thought Benny had great potential to add to the verse. But alas, yet another Sam-storyline didn’t work out so they threw the baby out with the bathwater and went on to the even more soapy, Sam does the trials storyline which was basically wincest fanfic if written by extreme Sam fans. The last half of the season 8 was a complete embarrassment. I was cringing for the actors and for what the show has become.

  19. Ill will sit n watch it clear to season 19 if they would do that I own all of them all 8

  20. Most of the last three seasons has been seriously terrible, like last season honestly astonished me with how low it sunk and the spoilers from comic con make it sound like absolutely nothing is going to change. Dean keeping more secrets from Sam? Sam having some kind of magical illness? Cas being treated like crap? Basing a spinoff on a character we haven’t even met yet versus basing it on any of the other wonderful characters the show has introduced? Oh wait I forgot basically everyone is dead. Either give the show to someone competent for a change or end it.

  21. I love the show and will watch for however long it is on.if necessary I will resort to my CD I am a senior citizen and the show helps fill the time keep them coming

    • i totally agree-I’m another senior citizen who’s addicted to this wonderful show.

  22. I would love to be sitting in my wheelchair in 50 years watching them chase down demons from their wheelchairs!

  23. Just stop.Seriously.I’m not one of those people that enjoy something just for the sake of it.It actually has to be good.To all the people egging them on, people like you are the reason so many shows go bad in the first place.Not everyone enjoys a show just because.Some people like story and depth.Supernatural is becoming.Well, has become a soap opera.It’s laughable and dry.They can go ahead and waste money making 10 more seasons.I will not be tuning in to watch this crap.I watched the first episode and lost interests at the end of season 2.Should’ve went 3 years and ended.If they want to continue then at least get some fresh faces.It’s become like Buffy.After 3 seasons it hit the skids because of the generic big bad, bigger bad, biggerER bad, biggest bad, biggerest bad.Enough.Stop milking shows America and learn when to end them.This is why why people think British TV is better.They don’t milk the cow till it’s dead.Heck, America still squeezes the otters after the cow body has been consumed by maggots.

    • Most of all you don’t have much of a say because you only watched two seasons, 2 seasons out of 8 is nothing. The recent seasons have better quality than before in regards to the acting, writing, the monsters, effects even the brother bond is stronger than ever and they have brought new characters like Garth, Benny, Naomi, alfie, Amelia (which I loved) so back off, don’t watch it and mostly don’t talk crap about it. British shows last forever too like doctor who yes I know they change the doctor every 3/4 seasons but it’s the same ground concept. For those who are saying that they’ve already done everything that’s cuz they don’t have that big of an imagination there’s so much more the show can do.

      • I agree that there’s plenty left the show could do, but the problem is that the show is in the hands of a bunch of hacks. Most of the time the show just retreads old concepts and the rest of the time the more or less “original” ideas are often times poorly executed.

        Secondly, British television is often times shorter in comparison to American shows. Their seasons are shorter in episode count and there aren’t as many seasons themselves. Doctor Who is one of the longer shows in contention but it’s still only about 13 episodes a season versus America’s 22.

        Thirdly, get over people criticizing the show.

    • Oh my god, otters have maggots? Why would an otter be near a dead cow?

  24. I think they should end it at season 10 TBH and let it go out with style rather then let it go on and on.

  25. I don’t think the show will reach season 19, but seasons 11 and 12 are highly possible. Besides, the show reputation? No matter how long the show ends up being, it will still be better than any other show in the CW network.

  26. Why ? They dragged the show too much already. Keep out of the fillers and you can have good 9 season with ending for the series. Look at Doctor Who, noone cares about it already, why ? Because its the same old sh*t, same thing you do. Just stop and deliver a godd final season.

    • Are you saying that Doctor Who should end? It’s about to have it’s 50th anniversary and my husband and I can’t wait until November to watch it! I agree to an extent that Supernatural has become sort of like a soap opera. However, it’s more action packed then most soap operas and it’s a heck of a lot more entertaining than my life and your life.

  27. we want Lucifer back in action… the best ever season(05) was when he was around and making the boys go mad..

  28. I love the show and want it to continue for a long time, but I also don’t want the quality of the show to suffer because they keep dragging it out either. So basically, I like the idea of the show going more than 10 seasons but only if they can keep the quality of it great. Also, just personally, speaking, it is very important to me to have Castiel continue in the show with Sam and Dean as he’s my favorite character. Much as I love the Winchesters, I’m not sure that I’d continue to watch if I knew that Cas wasn’t ever returning again.

  29. I choose to watch Supernatural. Anyone who does not like the show can choose to do something else. Why some insist that the show should end is taking away my right to enjoy my free time in the way I see fit. I repeat if YOU don’t want to watch Supernatural CHANGE the CHANNEL, get off the computer, read a book. Why spend precious moments of your life commenting on a show that you don’t like? Leave it to people who DO want to watch it. Exactly how is MY enjoyment in watching Supernatural affecting YOUR life?

    • I really don’t care how you feel about the show. If you enjoy it, if it helps you in anyway at all then that’s great, but you’re on a website reading a comments section designed to allow people to interact and talk about the show, you’re on the Internet in GENERAL, so stop making it all about you. Comment sections don’t exist to validate your criticism free view of the show. You didn’t have to expose yourself to any of this but you did, so stop telling people to quit watching because they’re saying something negative about it. Oftentimes these people care about the show and want it to get better, and regardless it really doesn’t matter why they’re here their reasons aren’t any less valid then yours, that’s a really transparent way of undermining what they’re saying. And besides when people say they want a show to end it’s because they don’t like it or because it’s a show they used to like gone sour, nobody is wishing for a show to end at the expense of others.

    • Agreed! Why comment on something if you don’t like it? But thats just how some people are. They have nothing better to do with their waste of space life then to hate on something they know nothing about. The confidentiality of being on the internet without being known makes it easier for them to be ignorant. Ignore and love on! SPN for life!!

      • 1. Because people care about the show. Many of the people criticizing it want it to get better.
        2. You complain about these people wasting their lives making these comments and yet here you are condemning them as an attempt to banish criticism because you don’t want to hear it.
        3. Again a lot of people criticizing the show care about it, they’ve been watching it, it’s not something they “know nothing about” just because their comments aren’t positive.

    • Expressing an opinion is not taking away your free will. After all, you can stop reading comments.

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