‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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supernatural season 8 9 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

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With the Supernatural season 9 premiere still 3 months away, fans are preparing to enter the next installment of the series with a season 10 end in mind. Well, think again, as showrunner Jeremy Carver and star Jared Padalecki reveal that Sam and Dean’s adventures could very well continue into season 19. But should it?

While doing press at Comic-Con 2013, both Carver and Padalecki spoke about the future of the series which, as it currently stands, looks as if it will reach beyond season 10 because of a strong storyline that’s apparently going to be implemented in the upcoming season.

You can read what Carver and Padalecki had to say about the future of Supernatural below:

JC: We think of the general arch, and we allow for happy accidents. I think people would be stunned to know what were happy accidents and seemed liked it had been planned all along.

I think me, personally, I have an obligation to plan forward for an arc, but also to keep the show in a position where, if they wanted to go for season 11, 12… 19, it can.


JP: With this season – and this isn’t just a line – we can go for however as long as [viewers] and the writers want it to. We opened so many doors – and that’s another thing we did last year. We, the writers – the royal “we” – we opened doors; we didn’t kill this or stop that, we just left to where we can do anything now, and what they’ve chosen to do is just so awesome.

Without knowing more about what, exactly, the core storyline for the season will focus on, it’s difficult to tell whether or not Padalecki’s praise of a strong upcoming tale will be enough to push the series past season 10; however, that being said, the way in which Supernatural uses theology, myths and lore to fuel its brotherly tale does provide a strong enough foundation for the series to continue longer than most other shows on television. So if the new season storyline is as strong as Padalecki says, there’s no doubt that the series can continue on the air for years to come… but maybe not season 19.

jeremy carver comic con 2013 ‘Supernatural’ Showrunner & Padalecki Ready for Season 11, 12 & Beyond

Of course, whenever an aging television show mentions an extension to the storyline, fans are obviously apprehensive, and thanks to seasons 6 and 7, Supernatural no longer has the perfect record that it once had. In season 6 and 7, which marked the end of creator Eric Kripke’s reign on the series, the core dynamic of Sam and Dean was largely replaced with an over-bloated, laughable Leviathan-themed seasonal arc, which had many fans doubting the future. But all that changed once Jeremy Carver took over.

Carver, who left the show to pursue other opportunities, eventually creating Being Human (US) with his wife, Anna Fricke, returned in season 8 with a plan: Season 10. With a white notecard stuck on his wall, Carver went on to develop a storyline which would allow Sam and Dean to continue their adventures for two more years. That is, until season 9 begins.

Whatever Supernatural season 9 may contain, it must be something special in order to get one of the stars – and not just the showrunner – to support the idea of continuing the show past season 10. Whether or not viewers will see this upcoming season the same way still remains to be seen, but I’m not sure even the wariest of fans wouldn’t turn down a chance to take a peek at what a Supernatural season 19 might look like. Fortunately, that’s highly unlikely to occur – but season 11 and 12 is a definite possibility.

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Supernatural season 9 premieres October 15.

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  1. It’s kind of odd that Jared P and Jeremy C. seem to know the future of the show. I have never heard Jensen A. mention any of that stuff at the conventions. I think that Jared would like to keep the show going till he’s medicare eligible. I also think Jeremy C. will leave the show at the end of season 10. He left the show before for several years. Carver is an ambitious person. Just my opinion, I love the show too.

  2. been watching since season 1. will be sad if this series ended. thanks to all that contribute in making this series.

  3. I hope so bad that they go far as possible!! But its so hard to keeping up a story line but it takes a very smart writers that will stick with it til the very end!! :”)

    • Burn down the men of letters lair, and get those two boys back in the Impala, with Rock n Roll tunes hunting creatures! Season 9 is horrific. I just saw Snookie

      • I have to agree on the Snooki thing, but they’ve always had ridiculous pop culture references to take themselves less seriously – besides, she was a demon after all! I agree that we need more of the impala, rock and roll and demon hunting. Some of the meat and potatoes episodes are good between the longer story line. I love this show, though. I think part of the problem is that Sam and Dean aren’t getting along and so when there is friction, the camaraderie isn’t there and so they can’t do two things at the same time. They are developing this main plot which apparently requires the friction and so they can’t make them get along and spend time laughing in a car or a little motel room, etc. Honestly, the exceptional writing is essential but without the chemistry between the two leads it would not have been the show it is. I think Bobby was a big loss for the show – Jim Beaver was terrific. Right now, my key complaint is making Sam so self-righteous and mean. I’m hoping the writers end that dynamic with Dean real soon. On a good note, any show that throws in Thorogood and Lou Reed for music is doing something right. If only there was a soundtrack!

  4. I think its a great idear to make a tv show like this and begin in the time cause its about religion and a lot of croyance that why you do makes a lot of season just for finish in likes the story are gone

    I m french so i ex plain likes i can but we want that continue in the time cause we are so addict

  5. I love this show have since day one. I think that this show has so many options it hasn’t hit yet and that the more seasons the better. It would be a sad day when this show ends. So hopefully it last fo more then a few more years :)

  6. Supernatural Baby I am Addict to Supernatural so I am rooting for Supernatural to go to 25 seasons

  7. I hope Supernatural continues long past season 25. This show is my addiction and I want it to keep going forever. I can’t imagine my sadness if it ends! PLEASE KEEP IT GOING!!!!!!

  8. I really hope it keeps going ive been watching every season and I think its just the best. It would be sad if it ends at season 10, I say keep it going for as long as they can.

  9. Well Supernatural Is My Favorite Show Ever Season 9 Has Been One If Not The Best Season Ever I Want The Show To Last Forever The Only Knock I Have Is I Really Wish They Would Stop Using People From Seasons Long Ago All Over Again As A New Character And I Really Want Bobby And Papa Winchester To Come Back

  10. how good would it be if they did a movie????? would so pay to go to cinema to watch

  11. Personally, I think they should make a Season 11, 12 & possibly a Season 13. But I also highly recommend they come out with a 2hr feature length Film, that would be Screen worthy for the Theatres.

    Supernatural is one of the best TV Series to have come out in a long time. People just need to sit through some of the 1st Season 1 episodes to be sucked in deep.

    The show, crew and everybody involved. A huge BRAVO to all. Keep them coming.

  12. Ppl please! Did other CW series that ended in a whimper teach us nothing. Figure out an end soon and go out on top. A certain other series taught us the value in closure.

  13. i am thinking the same as rafael you keep something going to long it becomes boring i love supernatural watched from day 1 but you can only do so much with a show dont want it to go off but would rather it did finish while its still on top rather than go down hill and people to switch off come on writers get a fab season 10 together make it the best season of them all and go out with a bang.

    • They are WAY to friendly with Crowley, they need to get back on the hunt for the gateway to hell, close it, then track down all remaining monsters, they could carry on for 2-3 seasons. A side story could be whatever they choose. My god season 9 is HORRIBLE> Dean use to sing and jam out, where did all the ROCKN ROLL go…this is so bad!! Snooki, we are legacies?? Men of letters is terrible…kill me now

      • That is just the most unintelligent piece of criticism I have ever read. In case you haven’t been paying attention, Crowley has leverage over Dean and Sam, he has The First Blade, and as much as Dean hates it, he has to work with Crowley for a common goal, which is to kill Abbadon,on top of that, Metatron has locked every Angel out of Heaven, so Castiel has his hands full with Metatron, so not only do Dean and Sam have to worry about Abbadon, but they have to worry about Metatron too. If you went through the crap they went through, you wouldn’t be singing tunes in the car anymore, you’d be pretty messed up. Season 9 is realistic and just brilliant, possibly better than Season 7. If you’re going to be critical, be logical, otherwise don’t spout nonsense.

  14. I LOVE this show but PLEASE get back to 2 brothers hunting wickedly interesting creatures. Saving lives!! This whole Season 9 is boring the heck out of me. Adadon..Crowley…I rewatched season 1-3 OMG magic total magic!! The ratings were awesome, each episode was unique. This season is so bad. Sam and Dean barely like each other, even when Sam didn’t have a soul it was funny, the aliens episode. Burn down the Men of Letters Lair and get those boys back in the Impala hunting. PLEASE my husband and I just saw Snooki, we could barely look at the t.v

  15. I’ve loved the show since I first seen it im all into this kinda stuff it pulled me right in I love the story its like one amazing show that I hope to god keeps going strong.

  16. I totally want the show to go on till maybe season 19.
    But right now they need to get rid of all the Tansion Between the brothers, Sam saying he was ready to die is like ridiculas, why because death manipulated him into thinking that.

    It would be cool if they brought back their father as a ghost or a reincarnation to snap the boys out of it

  17. I hope it does the reason is evil is always there in different form and we need the team to fix it storyline is always super and the the strength what the 2 brothers show us is excellent

  18. I really hope they keep going all the way up season 25. I have to admit there story outstanding. I mostly really like to see them do seasons 11 and 12.

  19. I’ve never enjoyed a show more than Supernatural. Please promise me there will be many more seasons to come.

  20. Hope supernatural keeps going I love this show and how realistic they made I’m a big fan of the boys I miss bobby pamela jo and ellen rufus john kevin all of them its to great of a show to stop especially with all the possibilities they have

  21. I love the show as much as anyone else! This show is amazing but I have to be honest that if this show continue, the plot would repeats itself and wouldn’t be as interesting. Like at the end of season 9, Dean might already turned into a demon- but what is going to happen next when it reaches Season 12? Is he going to turn back into human? Or Sam turns into a demon? I’m thinking the show should end at some point that would keep the viewers wants more, desire to know what happen after the end. It will make Supernatural a lot more memorable.

  22. Look I love Supernatural been watching since the beginning but now I see myself getting less and less excited about the episode; at first I could not wait till I got home to watch them after work, now I watch my other recordings before I watch Supernatural it’s becoming the same story over and over and over again. If there will be a 11th season I hope it is better than the last few seasons. However I did like the season finally with Dean`s eyes going black. So do have hopes just not that high.

  23. I love this show … I can’t wait to see season 11 and beyond.
    Our whole family watches . We love the funny moments like when the boys were in their own TV show . So many laugh out loud moments. I love the drama and characters . Please keep the show going .

  24. As of right now, we’re actually about 3 months away from Season 10. Personally I really didn’t mind Season 6 as much but they made several terrible mistakes in Season 7 that almost got me to stop watching. I didn’t think anything could make me stop watching. The first 2 go together- the burning down of Bobby Singer’s house and his death really had me frustrated. These boys SHOULD have been able to have Bobby around. They lost everyone as it is. I watch The Walking Dead and even though it’s only on Season 5, there are several characters that have lasted longer in a zombie apocalypse than most characters on Supernatural. The kidnapping of Lisa and Ben and the windexing of any memories they had of Dean. At least they didn’t kill them off- but they may as well have because they’re out of Deans life for good. They could’ve possibly used them this Season coming up to possibly get to the little bit of humanity Dean has left. They’ve closed so many doors that would’ve helped the show. I’m not crazy about the Men of Letters place but it was getting a little better. Then they killed Kevin. I don’t know what’s to come but I’ll keep watching. I just hope it will be worth it.

  25. First of all, I would like to thank everyone involved in making The Supernatural series, from its beginning to season 9 it has been nothing short of amazing. Like some of the previous comments, the leviathan season wasn’t quite up to the standard we had come accustomed to in the past with the show, the bar was set very high and anything less than brilliant by the writers wouldn’t reach the mark. Season 9 was great, and the direction of the series has me looking very forward to season 10, 11, 12, …. I’ve already paid to watch The Supernatural, I own seasons 1-6 on DVD, & soon to own 7-10. BTW, will Lucifer & Michael be escaping the cage anytime soon?? Not that I want to see Crowley die off, after all I think Crowley becoming more & more human, loosing the ability or want to harm people or even more so help Sam & Dean for the greater good leaves one to wonder will Lucifer be returning?

  26. I have watched every episode of supernatural. I have heard the names of all the angels I know of and a lot more that I don’t. I have heard how God has left heaven and why. But where is Jesus in all of this. Surly he should be the leader if God is not there. Surly he should be an angel or at least be in heaven being the Son of God and all.

  27. I love love love Supernatural, got season 1 thru 9… Best believe everything season I will own. This show is basdass… Love u Jared and Jensen. Especially Jensen…. Mark and Misha keep up the good work!!!! Connie!!!!

  28. I love love love Supernatural, got season 1 thru 9… Best believe everything season I will own. This show is basdass… Love u Jared and Jensen. Especially Jensen…. Mark and Misha keep up the good work!!!! Connie!!!!

  29. I have loved Jensen Ackles since he was on DOOL. So, of course, when Supernatural came on I watched. I fell in love. When there was talk of cancelling the show after season 2 I was heartbroken. Luckily, there was someone with common sense and more seasons came. I haven’t seen a bad season yet. While I admit that some of the story lines should have been more played out and explained (i.e. the Leviathans, Eve the mother of all monsters, why the brothers have been to Heaven so many times and forgot, and do all the Hunter’s they burn go to hell like Bobby did or did just Bobby go because of Crowley?) I feel the writers did the best they could without dragging out a storyline too much. I miss Bobby but I would love to see Death again. Death stated that He would reap God. Dean promised he would kill Cane. I can’t wait to see that happen. The mark is suppose to keep Cane from dying like it did Dean. Will Death make a reappearance and reap Cane. Cane would be an important enough soul surely. I am very excited about this season and next. There is no way to end at season ten. There is still too much to do. Kill Cane, get rid of Dean’s mark, shut the gate’s of Hell, restore Cass’s grace, stop Metatron once and for all, find a new prophet, and clean up the remaining demons on Earth or say screw it a let Michael and Lucifer loose and let the world end. Anything short of those options would be a very sad ending to Supernatural.