Another ‘Supernatural’ Spinoff Attempt Planned for Next Season

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Supernatural Bloodlines still Another Supernatural Spinoff Attempt Planned for Next Season

After flying the Supernatural flag proudly for nine seasons, The CW recently attempted to grow the franchise even further with a spinoff show, Supernatural: Bloodlines. The backdoor pilot for the show aired last month, but both fans and critics were left less than impressed by the result. In Screen Rant’s own review of the episode, Anthony Ocasio described it as, “a confusing mash-up of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

The CW took the hint and ultimately decided to pass on Supernatural: Bloodlines, but made it clear that one failed pilot doesn’t mean an end to the possibility of any more Supernatural spin-offs. At the time, we suggested that a spinoff might work better if it followed characters who were already established in the show’s canon – like Angel did – or if it stuck to the paranormal investigation theme instead of going down the “dark romance” road.

Whether The CW will take any of these possibilities into consideration remains to be seen, but the network is definitely planning on trying the Supernatural spinoff thing again. THR reports that Mark Pedowitz, president of The CW, confirmed to reporters on Thursday that the network is looking to pursue another spinoff next season.

“We believe that there’s a real brand in Supernatural… We had six really good pilots this year. We felt that Supernatural: Bloodlines just didn’t quite get there, though we do know that people would come to it based on what we saw that night. I’ve already spoken to the creator and the studio. They know that we want to develop once more next season, a Supernatural spinoff. What it is and what it isn’t yet is still in the air.”

supernatural season 9 episode 20 sam dean Another Supernatural Spinoff Attempt Planned for Next Season

Supernatural: Bloodlines was going to be set in Chicago and based around the “mafia-esque monster families” that inhabit the city, with particular focus on the forbidden romance between a shapeshifter and a werewolf. Although Supernatural has featured some sympathetic monster types in the past – like Dean’s vampire buddy, Benny – this Twilight-esque supernatural soap opera seemed like a far cry from the show’s creature-slaying origins.

Perhaps it’s for the best that The CW got one failed attempt at a spinoff under its belt before trying for the next one. With luck the criticisms of Supernatural: Bloodlines will be taken into account when The CW embarks on the next series, which will presumably also be tested as a backdoor pilot first.

Are you disappointed that Supernatural: Bloodlines got canned, or do you think The CW can do better next time? Tell us in the comments what you’d like to see in the next spinoff.

Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on The CW.

Source: THR

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  1. For Gods sakes!The answer is clear!Men of letters or Samuel Colt spinoff.Fans ae screaming the answer at you.I personally lean to Samuel Colt

    • Or the witch detective and his familiar
      or another set of sibling hunters
      or the young kid hunters
      or castiel as a human detective, but thatd be constantine.
      or a demon or an angel or any other monster

      • I feel like something like Constantine is what a spin off for this would need.

        Rather something to battle Constantine.
        Give us someone trained by a man who left the men of letters.
        Someone who uses magic, and his wits to beat angels and demons.

      • I agree, those are great ideas (except the witch detective – that episode was just plain bad). I like the idea of Constatine though. They could do a spin on that trope with a redemption arc for Gadreel (Tamoh could carry the show easily).

        How they came up with Bloodlines from the wealth of material and characters they could have chosen from makes me think, whoever green-lighted Bloodlines, has never seen an episode of Supernatural. In addition to your suggestions just off the top of my head, I can think of four easily plausible shows:

        - the kid from dead in the water, grown up and hunting (or any of the hundred other people Sam and Dean have saved…

        - Sheriff Mills: single, law enforcement career, hunter, now possibly a foster mom to kid with vampiric tendencies (can she juggle it all?!)

        - Aaron and his Golem, the Rabbi initiative continues…

        - a Prequel – John on the run with the boys learning about the supernatural (I don’t think the comics have really covered this)

        - The Campbells – a period piece about family with a hunting legacy – CW can do Reign, they can do this…

  2. Make it about female hunters or something in California or something. Keep the same feel and switch up the characters, it’s simple really.

  3. Heres my idea. Pitched simply Supernatural Avengers.

    Open with sam and dean going after some monster (shapeshifter, werewolf whatever) this character will end up being our protagonist. For whatever reason he (or she) will be captured by someone. We find out this person/organization have captured many different monsters.

    Short version sam and dean go there, get in trouble and are rescued by the protagonist along with other monsters. The protagonist tells them they deserve a chance to prove they can be a force for good. Sam and dean allow them to go but let them know they will be in touch.

    This allows Sam and Dean to drop in and out of the show. Create an ensemble cast of different creature characters who will fight with their own weaknesses, trying to fit in, and working as a team. All while trying to uncover the plot as to why they were being taken.

  4. Three siblings: older sister and twin brothers.

  5. What about the boy who was supposed to be the antichrist… they never really went anywhere with him? Maybe bring back Michael and Lucifer as well.

  6. A pair of adopted sister hunters raised by a gay vampire. One of them is a hispanic lesbian, and the other is an overweight half chinese, half black woman.

    Seriously though, I’d love to see the origins of Mary Campbell in a very Buffy esque kind of show done the Supernatural way.

  7. I absolutely LOVED Bloodlines. It was right up there with Gotham and The Flash for my picks for the new season. The problem was that it had nothing to do with Supernatural, and thus should not have been marketed as a spinoff. This means that Supernatural fans hated it because it wasn’t Supernatural and viewers who would have loved it never tuned in — it had more in common with The Originals and Beauty and the Beast than Supernatural. If it had been an independent pilot with the brothers nowhere in sight, I fully expect it would have gone to series.

  8. If they go the there and then route (unlikely) The Men of Letters, Samuel Colt, John Winchester, The Campbells, The Harvelles all are imo cool choices. I really like Shows set in past setting (which I hoped, The Originals would have done)

    But if they want to go the here and now route, That teenage girl, whose name escapes me at the moment, who appeared twice on the show, the second time hunting vampires with her friends, a series based on her adventures would be cool, coz I dont think, she will listen to Dean’s advice and stay out of trouble.

    There is always Charlie and Dorothy in Oz, if taking the there, then and now route, which is highly unlikely, another highly unlikely option is of Charlie’s fairy girlfriend in that other realm :P

    Or maybe something on Bobby’s girlfriend from the Purgatory.

    Still, The Men of Letters, Samuel Colt, John Winchester, The Campbells, The Harvelles or any previously introduced and developed character(/s) would be better than introducing someone new from scratch.

    • Another comment reminded me of this – The half- human, half-demon kid should come back to the main series, there could be a spin-off based on him…..idk maybe, but he needs to come back on Supernatural.

      • And, Oh I want Adam Milligan back for the main series too, coz I kinda love Jake Abel’s acting.

        • That’s a great idea! The teenage girl and her siblings should have a series of their own (when they’re in older teen years ofcourse) and would later have to deal with the half human/demon kid as an antagonist. The kids are WAY more relatable to supernaturals theme than a werewolf and a shafeshifter’s forbidden love. Sam and Dean can always drop in whenever they bit off more than they can chew as they learn to navigate their way through the supernatural world.

          • Glad you liked the idea, I like your tweak of adding the demon-human kid as the antagonist, we even can have Castiel appearing on the show.

    • @Just-A-Fan – I kept saying that the Dorthy/Charlie episode seemed like it was a backdoor pilot. It honestly felt misplaced in the Supernatural mythos, but if a spin-off show was the route they were going with Felicia Days’ character then that episode was worth it. Since that wasn’t the case, I feel as if they missed an opportunity.

      • Yeah, it kinda felt like a backdoor pilot, but to me Oz is very much different than the Sam & Dean world, though I would still watch it, if they spin it off.

  9. Dude sam&dean thats all we need of cource cass

  10. Yeah, whoever thought of Bloodlines watched too much twilight and needs to be shot! It’s not rocket science… Men of Letters is an obvious choice as well as Colt…

  11. You know thinking about it, they already had there backdoor pilot about a year ago they just never decide to expand on that, “freaks and geeks” episode showed the potential of next generation hunters. Simple as that, matter of fact it was already laid out, they decided to defend there town from any evil threat, they could have done so much even with crossover episodes, even change the location if deemed necessary like say New Orleans. Throw that former cop/witch detective from season 8 and now you a full expansion of the supernatural universe. You want to know why Angel got a good spin-off, because he was on Buffy for more then a season, he grew on the fans and enough time earned his own show. The showrunners have the characters already they just need to realize it.

  12. Also that girl hunter’s name is Krissy Chambers ( yes I’m that much of a fan of the show)

  13. Still think the roadhouse idea is great. Seing that its blown up way back in the series a new one should be introduced. It wou
    D be a great vehicle for story telling and would allow for a crosover or an geust spot

  14. How about they consult Eric Kripke the original creator of the Supernatural series. Pretty sure his latest outing “Revolution” on NBC just got canned. Supernatural has gone down hill since he left anyway. Ackles and Padlecki’s acting are the only reason I still watch.

  15. really enjoyed Supernatural: Bloodlines and I thought the characters were compelling and that had a lot of potential for seasons worth of material. The acting and writing was also quite good. While it wasn’t the most exciting episode, they needed to establish characters and setting further.

    Bloodlines was #1 trending on twitter as well, so they would’ve had enough interest in show. This is hard to do in only one episode. The spin off should have been two episodes to do it properly. Bloodlines was filmed in Chicago, which gave the show an interesting vibe.

    The CW should pick up the Bloodlines for next season after they develop the back story further. The network should reconsider its decision not to pick it up. They could’ve done cross-overs and provides story lines for Supernatural.

    The “Men of Letters” should be added to the plot by having that organization headquartered in Chicago, which is something that the Dean and Sam were not aware off. That would make the Men of Letters location in Kansas a satellite bunker on Supernatural. Therefore, Bloodlines would have the monsters and men of letters storylines driving it forward for many seasons.

    Bring back Bloodlines.

    • I’m sorry but Bloodlines is never coming… It was too…uhg i don’t even have the words… They were right to can it… I’d rather see those idiot ghost facers than the stupid forbidden love between a shifter and a werewolf garbage…

  16. Give up the ghost… Eric needs to come back, polish the 10th season off and End it on a high note. No Spin-offs…they will all fail. Sorry

  17. Arrow was supposed to have a backdoor pilot episode for The Flash after the first 2 episode he appeared in but after a welcoming respond, decided that The Flash should have it’s own pilot.

    I guess the problem with Bloodline was that the characters were not set up first unlike how Barry Allen was before they decided to give him his own pilot. Angel was character in Buffy before he had his own show. Set up and let us know the character first and use the spin off to fill in blanks and explore the different side of the world.

  18. I think an entire show based around Crowley and his running of Hell would be awesome! He has a strong enough presence to star in his own show!

  19. Seeing more or additional back history on Men of Letters would be great as long as it doesn’t became SUPERNATURAL: Men of Letters. No vast underground ,unlimited resources type thing.
    How about bringing back ………Steven Wright as RUFUS? Forces unknown kept him on the edge of death/life and returned him , but not quite fully alive. He’s still hunting a bit bitter over not being able to reunite with his lost love. Missing Bobby Singer and generally raising Hell.
    Or bring back BENNY as an Dhampir all the strengths , none of the blood issues. Now a hunter he has great insight into the things that go bump in the night

    Whatever gets a green light I’d like to see some location and cultural diversity. Urban hunting has to be thrice as difficult due to the number witnesses. The U.S. government actually does have various septs to deal with unusual events (No not Men In Black!) and little gets past them so why not pure logical investigators and skeptics UNTIL they have a major run in and the Winchesters have to rescue them now the problem to tell the truth and have someone attempt to weaponize the monsters . be “retired” due insanity or cover up and debunk what they find. Just crazy thoughts

  20. Ghoustfacers, Bring Kevin back, Something about the Men of Letters, Or any thing on the Supernatural’s arsenal of heroes and villeins. Any of those would work. Just pls don’t make another groups of people(supernatural/aliens/teens) scheming against each other stuff.

  21. GHOSTFACERS! They need a Ghostfacers spin off I would watch it everyday.

  22. Use the Men Of Letters and Hunters theme. It couldn’t be expanded upon enough in the series so a spinoff delving deeper is a gem in hand. You could bring back Crowley, Benny and others. If you stop trying to copy what is already out there and use the gems you already have then people will love it. Expand on what you already have….

  23. My older sister LOVES this show and heard the rumor that it was going to be cancelled. She asks that you PLEASE keep this show on the air!!! Thanks in advance.

  24. I have an ideea of a spin-off . We all se the show from the hunter P.O.V , and how we will se from demons or angels eyes. Lucifer fall really story , Azazel , Lilith , Abbadon , how they became what they are in this series . We can see Hell with all torture that happen

  25. I haven’t been watching Supernatural as long as most people. I started to watch it this year around January and since watched through all the episode missing around 5-6 filler episodes.

    If they were going to do a spin-off show, It should be set after Supernatural takes place. They could also explain how the concept of all the Gods work such as Odin, Zeus etc. An example being when the Earth was created each “God” took a country, Cronus (Zeus’s father) claimed Greece, Odin claimed his country and so on. Describe it as some sort of political party and how each of them got something. How each has their own concept of Heaven and Hell. It can also talk about how humans and monsters were created. This is where I would include Adam and Eve. In Supernatural the creator of monsters was known as Eve. So why not have Adam create mankind? Then God become fond of them and asked the Angels to love them, this would be the Lucifer story.

    I would personally keep it similar to the current show. Base it around 2 main characters, but instead of them being brothers make them childhood friends. Both who have shared an experience of living this sort of life. The first character could be an ancestor to the Men of Letters as well as being a descendant of Samuel Colt. The second could be raised as a hunter his/her whole life. This could maybe build tension between the two characters as they were both raised in a different sort of lifestyle and handle a situation differently. Along the way they meet a fallen angel,this character can be similar to Castile but younger and understands more about humanity. Plus this angle could be higher up in ranks compared to Cas. In an ep of Supernatural, Annie (I think it was her) mentions, how only four angels have seen God. This show could go into detail into this. The angle in this show could be the youngest of the first four. Michael, Lucifer and Gabriel being older. Along with Gabriel, this angle chose to abandon God and the other angels and hide on Earth.

    • Jump 10 years on and the Winchesters are gone. How about the kids (sarie jenny ritchie ??brother and sister – now grown up) left in wichesters house way back at the beginning (HOME – season 1) getting another visit from a spirit in the wardrobe – only this time from the ghost of either sam or dean .

      Or maybe they have kids themselves ???


      The spirit tell them to go search for the other sibling who is still alive- so, like the search for the father- we now have another search on our hand – for the missing sibling.

      You can basically have the two kids (teens) in flash back ( just like sam and dean) in a reboot story set after the disappearance of the Winchesters
      New old boy sidekicks- a bobby for the kids to grow with.
      Monsters restock

      Oh yeh…. And they find the old Impala under canvas ready to go again – cue “Carry on my wayward son ”

      Ka is a wheel