‘Supernatural’ Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

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Supernatural Season 10 Episode 200 Series Finale Supernatural Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

When Supernatural premiered on The WB way back in 2005, it’s hard to imagine that either the network or series creator Eric Kripke ever thought it would still be on the air nearly a decade later. Supernatural was by no means a huge hit during its inaugural season, and it remains a minor miracle that the show even survived the initial mass blood-letting that took place when UPN and The WB merged into The CW in 2006. Still, survive Supernatural did, amassing an ever-devoted tribe of followers that seems to grow every single year.

With Supernatural preparing to cross the monumental 200th episode mark this fall, the series’ cast and crew recently sat down to take questions about the upcoming tenth season during a TCA press event. Here are some of the highlights.


Episode 200

Supernatural fist bump Supernatural Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

First off, showrunner Jeremy Carver made the announcement that the aforementioned 200th episode of Supernatural will be a musical. Well, sort of. Carver says the episode will not be entirely music-based, and stopped short of confirming whether Sam and Dean will actually sing. However, he did confirm that multiple musical numbers will take place during the episode, including both cover songs and original material. The actual plot is still being kept under wraps, but Carver insists that the episode will be one of their most meta comedies yet, and will serve as a love letter to the fans. It’s hard to imagine how one gets more meta than season six’s The French Mistake, but if any show can do it, it’s Supernatural.

Demon Dean

supernatural season 9 finale dean demon Supernatural Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

On more serious topics, Carver confirmed that Dean’s big metamorphosis into a demon at the end of season nine will not be a storyline that gets wrapped up quickly. A good chunk of episodes will feature “demon Dean”, and a new character will be introduced that takes a vested interest in Dean’s future. Sam will spend the early part of the season searching for his brother (who presumably takes off with Crowley), while Castiel will have his hands full picking up the pieces left behind by Metatron’s aborted plot to take over heaven. The latter task won’t be easy, as Cas’ supply of angelic grace continues to dwindle.


Supernatural Bloodlines still Supernatural Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

One of the most widely disliked aspects of season nine was the ill-conceived spin-off episode Bloodlines, which seemed a lot more like Twilight in Chicago than anything related to the Supernatural universe we’ve come to know. Sadly (or happily, if you’re one of the few who like the idea), CW president Mark Pedowitz is still set on making a Supernatural spin-off work, despite his decision to not pick up Bloodlines to series. Pedowitz says that the impetus is now on Supernatural’s producers to come up with another idea good enough to be worth taking a shot at.

Series Finale

Sam Dean and Cas in Season 9 of Supernatural Supernatural Producers Talk Season 10, 200th Episode & Series Finale

Finally, the questioning arrived at the all-important issue of just when Supernatural will end, and whether the endgame is already planned out. Carver made mention of the well-known fact that Eric Kripke had an ending in mind for around the five season mark, which was obviously changed when the series ended up continuing. Carver said that Kripke has never shared what the original ending was intended to be, and while Carver has his own final image in mind, he remains open to any “happy accidents” along the way that might lead to a different and/or better finale.

As to when Sam and Dean will finally call it a career, all parties remained non-committal, with stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles being of the opinion that the cast, producers, and writers will all be able to tell when Supernatural has exhausted its creative potential. Carver echoed these sentiments, saying that “there’s so much story left to tell” and that “the show is continuing on beyond any of our wildest dreams and I don’t want to limit myself.”

Whether fans will end up agreeing with him is anyone’s guess, but that likely won’t stop them all from tuning in this October to take in the Winchesters’ next chapter.


Supernatural season 10 premieres on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.

Source: TCA

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  1. 1st,lol, Can’t wait 4 season 10

  2. The series cannot end until they address the biggest questions hanging over every character in the series: Who is God, Where is God, and Why did God abandon everyone?

    • They hinted to Chuck being God at the end of season 5. In the beginning of the episode when he was telling the story of the impala, if you pay attention he transistion. The biggest hint was when he “ascended” at the end when he was in all white. There was a lot of things that said he was God. Like when Joshua (the episode when Cass made them stay in heaven to get a clue to where God was from Joshua) said to tell Cass that the trinket won’t find him. Everytime they were by Chuck it didn’t go off or nothing. Chuck was always on the phone with “Mistress Madgeline” (however you spell it lol) it was alluded to that being Mary Madgeline, she was the one who supposedly had a relationship with Jesus. They say God and Jesus is one. If you can just re watch season 5 finale.

      • I assume he disappeared like that was because he was a prophet and he completed the task he had to do.

        Even if he was god, where is he now? (AND, does he even look like Chuck?)

        • I can see the disappearing because he is a prophet, but I believe they said that the only way they are done is when they die. I could be wrong with that though, I don’t remember. I am actually hoping they give us an answer though…..I like the whole Chuck being God thing though…..it’s like he was there helping the whole time

      • Chuck is god. Prophets are essentially told what is to be written, whereas Chuck cant decide how to write, or what to write. From the moment he is introduced he is a quiet, kinda weird, desperate guy. Then you get to the last scene and he changes his clothes to all white, and he talks with a sense of confidence and happiness, then he obviously disappears.

        It’s also interesting the way they parallel Metatron and his episode and “story writing” to Chucks. With Chuck, the journey was more important than the end. In the season 5 finale, Sam was able to take control of his body when he saw the plastic toy soldier he stuck in the Impala and it reminded him of the journey he went through with Dean. Meanwhile, in s09e18, Metatron talks about how the journey doesn’t matter, all that matters is the end. I see

    • man there is no way they can address those questions :x whatever the answers they might come up with might be it’d be a huge insult to believers and non believers as well.. just saying

  3. Meta episodes stopped being fun a long time ago. They occur way too frequently and keep deconstructing what was good about Supernatural: it being a serious and spooky fantasy show with a bit of humor. Now it’s a comedy/self-parody with a few tiny sprinkles of drama in between that can’t be taken serious anymore amidst all that goofy stuff. And now they want to (dis)honor the 200th episode with yet another meta episode? Christo!

    Seriously! Watch the first couple of seasons and then watch the last couple of seasons. It’s a difference like night and day!

    • Yeah u have a point it has got frivolous with all the self-parody and some of the Dumbest episodes ever (like the Werewolf Garth and Wizard of OZ episode).
      But the Overall Season storylines make it better tho
      And who Can resist Sam & Dean.

      • Oh, don’t get me wrong. I still watch the show religiously and even the worst episodes are still more entertaining than most of the other stuff out there. It just pains me to know that the show used to be so much better. It still could be as good, would the writers not indulge in all that geek glorification to feel better about themselves. Supernatural is supposed to be a scary road movie fantasy show and not a support group for geek writers with an inferiority complex (“Oh look, geeks help saving the world on that show, despite their awkwardness, because, you know… geeks are always awkward… like us…”.)

        • I agreed with TheLostWinchester for the most part. When I first started watching, I was really happy to have found a show where the main characters are really cool and yet down to earth and relatable. Most of the time when the writers want to be “relatable”, they kinda make the characters too much of an awkward-geek-turned-hero, or outsiders basically. Physically and socially. Sure, it’ll be fun and cute and all, but if everyone does it, it gets old. And WAY too overused. So Sam and Dean were really refreshing and they were outsiders in their own way, without following the usual mold. I loved how comical they could be in such serious moments with their wit and humour, but slowly its becoming less of that and more of something else. Even the lighting has changed to become a lot like that from a normal drama/comedy, like brighter, more vibrant colors. The actors are amazing and can pull of the comedy like they always have, but a lot of what the show has now is riding on what it had before.
          I still love and alway will love the show, but I feel that the writers shouldn’t lose sight of what made the show uniquely Supernatural.

  4. I would Love at least another Season!!!!
    If not I hope the Finale is Great!!

  5. Show has become a little bit of a chore to watch ,wish it would reset to what it was in the beginning ,two brothers fighting monsters, now its all about angels. Enough with the angels.
    Wish Dean woke up with yellow eyes.
    If its going to end then bring back the Father.
    Spin off ,they always had a lot of interesting people to spin off ,but they keep killing them off. Always thought that a good spin off would be about how the government deals with the monsters.

  6. They haven’t exhausted their creative potential, but they HAVE failed at the execution of that potential on most part. I am quite annoyed by how they let such cool storylines with great potential down the toilet, such as the Leviathan storyline, Castiel the New God, closing the gates of Heaven and Hell, Angels banished from Heaven and roaming on Earth.
    I have given all of this a lot of thought and re-imagined these storylines and how I would’ve wanted to see them play out, and quite honestly, all of this would’ve perfectly brought on another big arc with an end-game, possibly even one-upping the Lucifer storyline, with a severe danger at looking at the next Apocalypse, with the end result being much worse than the Croatoan virus scenario. As Lucifer said, no matter what details Dean would alter, they would always end up (t)here.

    But alas, that did not happen, and instead we got ridiculous CGI Leviathans who made people dumb with sandwiches so they could be eaten easily; Castiel and his 15 minutes (literally!) of God-fame; solving the Tablets for almost the entire season, then mingling with the Closing Gates storyline and then stopping it; Angels doing nothing on Earth besides whine and then start up some CTU-type crew led by Castiel to battle Metatron’s angels, which was plain ridiculous. Also, demons and angels are not scary anymore or not to be feared, really. The moment where Dean tossed the table and threatened to kill that angel was cool, but it was somewhat ruined when that angel cried out like a wuss, making her petty for the sake of showing how big bad mad dog Dean was now.

    Also, how did nobody seem to have noticed that bright lights fell out of the sky around the world? They could’ve written it so that people are panicking in the world, some fearing alien invasion, fanatics going on about the Rapture, governments freaking out about the unexplainable, have it be all over the news, and create the atmosphere that if Sam and Dean couldn’t deal with this soon, the angels could wreak havoc on Earth and even out the supernatural to the world, instead of Sam and Dean neatly getting to swipe everything under the rug and keeping the entire ordeal in the shadows at all times.

    So I have almost no faith in the Demon Dean storyline. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool and bold move, but Carver will chicken out with it in no time, or butcher the plot’s potential, and go back to the comfort zone that has Dean and Sam whine, fight, try to find each other, split, come back together and fight the bad guy, and around and around it goes…

    A thousand thank yous to anybody who bothered to read this rant :)

  7. Ragingceltik: I believe Chuck is God…remember they had him typing on a typewriter and the end of season 5 and he just disappeared. God was masquerading the whole time as chuck the prophet. I don’t remember why but I’m sure they mentioned it.

  8. Yeah remember when Chuck said “Yeah, no, I’m definitely a god. A cruel, cruel, capricious god.” It’s a big hint to the viewers. And also I can’t wait for season 10!

  9. Also I’m truly glad about the decision they made on the bloodline spin-off. When I think of a Supernatural spin-off, I want to see Ghostfacers, Samuel Colt, Charlie in Oz….. or Men of Letters, or the guy with his golem. Or freaking Cain after he turned against his own demons, not some stupid teen wolf/originals/vampire diaries crap CW teen drama.

    • I think a spin-off could work and was excited about the idea when they announced it. I even think the idea they had could have worked, but the problem was in the execution of the episode. If you look at any of the “successful” spin-offs like the CSI franchise, the soft pilot was always an actual episode of the parent show with special guests from the new show as part of the episode, then perhaps a crossover episode. What made the Supernatural attempt less than successful was the fact that they treated it as an episode from another show – outside the Supernatural storyline/continuum – with Sam and Dean showing up in the new universe. Stinky idea or not, I think it could have (and would have) been much more successful AND enjoyable if it had been a Supernatural episode introducing these new characters and story, instead of Supernatural popping up in someone else’s story. It felt much more like a crossover to a show that doesn’t yet exist than an introduction to something new. I hope the writers can remember this and rectify it in the next attempt, if and when it happens.

  10. well, i’m bit scared what will they do to the show but the cast helps in every episode, even though the last few seasons had a really bad ep and it was hard to watch but comon its supernatural ill allways come back..
    and for me i think the best ending would be if dean ends up being the king of hell and sam king of heaven, i just dont know what is gonna be with cass, but i hope he has a happy ending of some sort..
    and the spinoff should be about cass because lets be real he is the best thing in that show..

  11. I disliked Psych: the Musical and that’s the type of show that can pull that type of meta-comedy off. I’ll still watch this episode but I don’t have to enjoy it.

  12. I think the spinoff should be Benny and Cass in Purgatory, hunting things, being hunted, trying to get to home.

    I wish I could say I like the musical idea, but I am having trouble seeing a ‘Glee’ version of the show.

  13. Really really? You’d think that for the 200th episode it be like a 2 hour event or something. Or like a really big and exciting episode. Instead you want…to….do….a….musical. Yah this just sounds like a really stupid idea. Since the episode of Scrubs where the whole episode is everyone singing. Sorry I’m not a fan at all of that type of crap. So this is a serious downer for me. But I will still watch this episode. Because I love this show. But still you’d think you’d take your 200th episode more seriously. Something tells me I’ll find it hard to take this episode seriously. And that is a mistake to do to a show. But that’s just my opinion. Really looking forward to the new season. But this I don’t look forward to.

    • “Really really? You’d think that for the 200th episode it be like a 2 hour event or something. Or like a really big and exciting episode. Instead you want…to… do…. a… musical.”

      Right? That decision is the epitome of what’s wrong with Supernatural right now. This isn’t Buffy!

  14. LOVE Supernatural! But the way it sounds if supernatural gets a season 11 there is a good chance Jensen won’t be on it. Come on without dean this show will not survive. #liveondean

    • I saw an interview and Jensen said he’d do it for another 10 years so I don’t think we have to worry there. Also the show wouldn’t run without Dean, Sam OR Cas and I don’t think any of the producers would be stupid enough to make a retarded move like that.

  15. I’ve loved the show since the beginning, but this series is really trailing off… I kind of want it to be finished so it can die a respectable death.

  16. They can’t end the show! EVER! I love these guys! They should try a spin-off with one of the characters, well…still, I want them all together. It would be cool to see Bobby have his own show, maybe like a prequel to all of this during his hunting days while young. Just a thought…

  17. I really hate musicals from any and all except for this show. If anyone can do a musical/theatrical episode of great quality it’s these guys.
    I have watched this show more times than I care to admit. I see how much story that is left to be told and can’t wait to see every last second of it.
    As far the spinoff idea I read think it’s going to be awesome if they take a similar approach as the Angel/Buffy series.
    I can imagine further detailing the story of “Chuck” , as the series has already hinted to the matter of him being God. If that is the case then the back story of all that have fallen could be told in which case many new players would be discovered.
    Can you just imagine God creating heaven, hell, purgatory, all the Angels, Leviathan, and the Cain & Able story. Cain’s story alone! How it came to past with the Knights of hell and then their destruction. SOOOO mmuch left to be told!

  18. I want a spinoff about Sam and Dean as kids.

    • Me too! I would love to see them as kids, forming that soul bond that keeps them alive and human during their adult years.

  19. I say keep making more episodes, ive watched every episode at least 100 times. I love the show and i know im not the only one, id be very sad if season 10 was the last season… Hell, i know il still be watching supernatural 20 years from now, and to all those who say season 9 is less than what supernatural used to be… What are yall smoking? Seriously, season 9 was epic and i cant wait to see what te producers think of next, also i really liked the episode with were-garth.. I thought it was cool how they had a pack of wolves living in plain sight

  20. i love supernatural and i really hope they continue for season 11 for they have alot of untold story’s they can cover…….as long as they keep making supernatural i will be wacthing every week……love to all who make the show happen…….

  21. i love supernatural one of the best series i have watched its a shame it has to end i wish they would put it back on tv for the last season 9 and 10

  22. For those of u still debating about god and who he is I have the final answer with evidence to support. Carver Edlund aka the prophet Chuck is actually God in the show. At the supernatural convention in Vegas back in the spring during his panel the actor playing chuck revealed a conversation he had with creator Erick Kripki that he (Erik) told him that chuck is god bit he wanted the audience to come to that conclusion on our own with small easter eggs such as: I lost my virginity to a girl named Mary but then she said it didn’t count, mistress magda is Mary Magdalen and also when chuck was narrorating swan song he started off in his robe and at the end he was wearing all white then he ascended no prophet ascends. All prophets do their job because they see and what through the eyes and ears of god when they are done they go back to their lives and if they die while still in prophet mode a new one is chosen hence why Kevin didn’t ascend after he finished translating the tablet (his job) then there is the ending line in swan song “but then again nothing every really ends does it” eludes to the fact that he knows all the s*** that’s going to go down in the coming seasons as if its all apart of some odd plan he has for the rest of the world all revolving around the Winchesters because of their blood line IE decendants of Adam and eve

    • All I’m saying is this: The Demon Dean situation better not be resolved by episode 2. I’m expecting half of the season (12 episodes or so) to be dedicated to this. I’m all about seeing shows do things they have never done before. Would it be a sin if Dean was a demon the entire season? I don’t think so. That’s why I loved LOST. They split up the castaways for nearly 16 episodes one season. When we finally got to see them reunite it was very rewarding. Take risks! Don’t be so dam safe. The fans aren’t going anywhere. We are here to stay! I could not believe God Castiel was resolved during the premiere after spending the whole dam summer imagining him messing with the Winchester’s all season long.

  23. When it comes to a spin-off, I would really like to have some older questions or story lines looked back on. Do you remember that little dude that thought the tooth fairy was a scary hairy man, and that itching powder would make you scratch your brains out? Then poof. He took himself out of it. What’s he up to? Is he staying good? And the college werewolf girl that vowed to stay clean from humans, is she still holding true to her word. And, ahem, Adam! That poor little guy was dead before take off. He’s a Winchester! Sam and Dean only found out they had a brother AFTER he was dead. Then, we saw him again in the big Lucifer show down. Correct me if I missed something, but isn’t he still down there?? Trapped. If Sam and Dean can rise time and time again (or be risen), why don’t we give him a little air time? I just feel bad for their brother. We honestly never got to meet him, just things WEARING him.

  24. Supernatural should not end. There are many things that has to be explain

  25. Men of Letters would be an awesome spinoff… could still include Ghostfacers, Charlie, the Rabbi and Golem, and Cain as tie-ins to the Men of Letters series, or they could even do an entire spinoff based on Samuel Colt and bring back the wild-west in a supernatural way. That’s certainly something I would tune-in for, but I digress.

    Episode 200 as a musical, eh? Um… no thank you? There’s so much more to explore that a full episode could be used for, constructively, versus a musical. I’ve never truly been 100% disappointed in an episode, however, that might just be the first time. There have been some fairly amazing 100 and 200 milestone episodes out there in the science fiction universe of TV offerings, but Gleenatural is not something I see as being one of those unless they do something amazing with it that we’ve never seen before that actually pushes the storyline and gives us what we all want – Sam and Dean vs. the darkness out there.

    Of course, they could always make me super happy and bring back Bobby, but that’s another story entirely… Idjits.

  26. I started watching this show on Netflix in 2012 during the summer hiatus for season 7. I instantly fell in love with this show. I know I have watched every episode at least 10 times (except for season 8, which I am just now coming to terms with). Supernatural is such an underrated show. From the series premiere episode, I was hooked. I wrongly thought the entire show was going to be about chasing down the yellow eyed demon. Imagine my surprise when Dean killed him during the series finale of season 2. After that, I checked Netflix to see just how many seasons were on and at that time, Netfix had six seasons and parts of season 7 were on Hulu.

    From the very start, Supernatural has stayed away from the generic TV formula and crossed lines concerning family, religion, urban legends that no other TV show has ever done. What other show has a father that in all other realities was emotionally abusive and neglectful towards his children but is loved in spite of his shortcomings as a father? What other show took a stab at the emotional wounds left on a protaganist,like Dean Winchester? I think “Angel” comes close, but not to the level of self-loathing exhibited by Dean. What other show actually uses the Bible as its source material, turns it on its head but still remain plausible? As you can tell, I am insanely in love with this show. It can stay on as long as Jared and Jensen decide to stay on board. There is so much story to tell. I may not love every season, but I love and support the show and I will watch until the very end (hopefully at season 20)!

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