‘Supernatural’ Season 10 to Bring Back God?

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supernatural season 9 episode 20 sam dean Supernatural Season 10 to Bring Back God?

[WARNING: This post contains minor SPOILERS for Supernatural season 10.]

At San-Diego Comic-Con 2014 we found out, amidst rumors that Supernatural might finally take a bow at the end of season 10, the series could continue for beyond the forthcoming season. What exactly the showrunners have in mind remains a mystery – especially after the shocking events of the season 9 finale. Closing out the 2013-2014 season with the reveal that Dean had been transformed into a demon – following his time wielding the First Blade – it’s unclear whether the Winchester’s relationship will ever be the same.

Many even speculated that “Demon Dean” was the beginning of the end for Jensen Ackles‘ run on the show – paving the way for a Sam and Castiel buddy-hunter show that was explored last season. However, with the news that the CW and the Supernatural showrunners want to keep the series going, in its current form, we have to wonder, will Sam be able to turn Dean back into a human and, if so, how? A new Supernatural rumor could provide an answer to those questions – and a “get out of Hell free” card for Dean.

For some time, we’ve heard that Supernatural season 10 would feature the return of a previously established character – a return that the show runners have attempted to keep under wraps in the hope of preserving story details and surprises for viewers.

Yet, in an interview with Zap 2 It, series lead Jared Padalecki may have let the cat out of the bag:

The [200th] episode will be very meta. It’s a pure shout-out and thank you to the fans. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet but I’ve heard it’s almost similar to our “The Real Ghostbusters” episode. We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives.

While the actor does not confirm an actual appearance by former prophet Chuck Shurley (played by Rob Benedict), the character’s disappearance remains one of the series’ biggest questions marks –  and it’s very likely that the showrunners will use the 200th episode as a way to either continue or close-off the character’s arc. After all, Chuck is never confirmed to have died (or ascended) – Castiel only suggests that the character is likely dead, paving the way for Kevin Tran to take-over prophet duties.

Can’t remember the last time you saw Chuck? Check out the clip below for his final on-screen appearance:

One possible angle could see Chuck (in ghost form) haunting the play, giving Sam and Dean (as well as fans) an opportunity to learn the circumstances of the ex-prophets death following his “disappearance” at the end of season 5. In this case, Chuck’s reappearance would be a fun farewell – but probably wouldn’t have too many longterm implications for season 10 or the larger show. On the other hand, the showrunners could use the episode as an opportunity to bring Chuck back into the storyline – and explain where the character has been since he disappeared (from Earth and the show). If so, Chuck might have the power to help Dean – or at the very least point the brothers in the right direction.

During his time on the series, it was heavily implied that Chuck wasn’t just a conduit for future events, he might actually have been shaping certain aspects of reality – leading some to believe that he actually possessed the power of God. Chuck even teased about the possibility in his first episode, stating: “There’s only one explanation. Obviously I’m a god. I’m definitely a god. A cruel, cruel, capricious god. The things I put you through – the physical beatings alone.” The idea was developed further in the season 9 episode “Meta Fiction” which saw Metatron, in his attempt to take on the role of God, reshaping reality via a typewritten story.

Supernatural Metatron Typewriter God Supernatural Season 10 to Bring Back God?

The question “Who/Where is God?” has been at the heart of Supernatural from the very beginning but has yet to provide a concrete answer. It’s unlikely that the series’ showrunners will come out and declare that Chuck is now, or has always been, the one God but there’s no doubt that most fans would be eager to see the character back again – especially in a featured role. With Metatron defeated, and Heaven once again in need of a leader, what better time to bring back the prophet/writer/potential God than season 10?

Of course, the actual rumor doesn’t even confirm that Chuck, himself, will return – and the 200th episode could simply revolve around a stage adaptation of his books. For now, we’ll just have to wait until Season 10 debuts later this fall – or hope that Padalecki goes off-message again.

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Supernatural Season 10 premieres on Tuesday, October 7, 2014.

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Source: Zap 2 It & TV Line

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  1. The moment I saw Chuck’s final episode I thought to myself “He’s God.” The show might try to retcon it, but I think thy intended for him to be God.

    • I just had a theory that proves chuck is the real god ok the last time we saw chuck he was writing and then he disappeared so here’s my theory chuck is a human who was revealed a prophet but the way he disappeared doesn’t add up especially for a human people he’s the real god I can totally see it humans don’t disappear GOD DOES WHEN HE GOES TO HEAVEN AND EARTH!

  2. I also think he is God but I believe that they kept it like that as a nice good bye. “chuck is gone, God too” and we had to do the math. I personally think God should feature in the end of the series but a nice tease at the end of the 200th would be awesome!

  3. You should have put the Warning label on the heading, or could at least have changed the heading, because that was a spoiler, whose slight shock was ever so slight, not reading the rest of the article, just saying please make less spoilery headings even if the heading is not the spoiler :)

    • It’s not a spoiler. The season ended ages ago.

  4. So Dean is a daemon. In Supernatural that’s just a condition like a cold we mere humans get and then get over. He’s been dead a few times, rescued from hell, escaped purgatory, and pretty much should have been done many times over during the series. So to suggest this might be a sign that Dean might be coming to an end really is wild speculation.

    The show has always been the Sam and Dean show. Even though Castiel has become a third leg it’s core is still Sam and Dean. I don’t think the show would last long without Deans Bulldog approach to things. You need his “Lets shoot first” approach to problems to be off set with Sam ‘s “Let’s be sure” approach to problems.

    The one thing I really hope they bring back is some humor. They used to have some extremely funny episodes. The last couple seasons have gone so dark that there’s little if any humor any more. They really need that to break up all the extreme dark episodes

  5. Chuck couldn’t be God, if he was don’t you think we would have noticed Dean’s necklace glowing?? Castiel took Dean’s necklace when he was in search for God, remember? and then it was given back to Dean.

    • Dean threw his necklace into the trash before he met Chuck.

      • Sam and Dean met Chuck towards the end of season 4, Dean throws the amulet away in season 5 episode “dark side of the moon”

        • Well, here’s a thought: if Chuck is God, I’m pretty sure He could hide in plain site if that’s what He wanted. “Oh no! I’m the all powerful, all mighty God, yet I can’t escape the powers of a light up necklace! Woe is me, I’ve been found!” All over-dramatic sarcasm aside, don’t you agree that He could bypass a necklace if He wanted to stay hidden? I mean, come on. That’s a weak argument against the theory.

          • True, I agree with you. I just don’t want Chuck to be God, I mean he dated Becky… I’d hope they would just introduce a new character as God. I love Chuck as a character, but I think that when he disappeared at the end he maybe went with God. We’ll just see what happens I guess. However they go with it it will be awesome I’m sure.

  6. Deans necklace will “glow in the presence of the lord”-Castiel

  7. “Magic amulet or not you won’t be able to find him”- Joshua

  8. Have fans seriously forgot that they know how to turn demons back into humans? We have seen them do it to Crowly…

    • The problem is not Dean being a demon, the problem is the mark of Cain.

  9. Chuck dissapeared unlike any other being, and displayed powers over that of even an angel in what he was writing during the final episode and the final scene. check is not just a prophet, and either is god, or a conduit of some nature… an avatar of some form maybe. although death appeared in full human guise with all his powers intact…. either way Chuck wasnt just chuck. I’d also love to see Gabriel back for a real appearance unlike the brief was it real or wasnt it last year. Me I think it was real.

    • what about just cutting the mark off his arm or burn it off like they did when Meg was locked in Sam just a couple of thoughts.

  10. They’ll find a way for Dean to be okay.. I’m sure, they always do..

  11. what ever happened to the little boy who was more powerful than enything they had ever come across, hammered all the demons and turn castial into a wooden toy soldier, he just disapeared, he surly has to make a return, cant have somthing that dangerous running around now can we, he may be the only one who can save dean from demon form?????????????? it would be nice to see meg come back as her and castiel,s love affair was great and brought great humor, hope to see both these in season ten

    • If I remember correctly Meg was killed. Since bringing back Meg means that the resurrection of demons is possible this implies it would also be possible to revive Azazel, Alaistair, and Abbadon; I doubt the writers would open up those floodgates.

      Also the boy you were talking about, an antichrist to be specific, got his powers from Lucifer walking the Earth and since Lucifer is back in his cage the boy should be stuck powerless in Hawaii, Austrailia, or wherever he teleported to.

  12. I just had a theory that proves chuck is the real god ok the last time we saw chuck he was writing and then he disappeared so here’s my theory chuck is a human who was revealed a prophet but the way he disappeared doesn’t add up especially for a human people he’s the real god I can totally see it humans don’t disappear GOD DOES WHEN HE GOES TO HEAVEN AND EARTH!

    • In the bible the prophet Elijah, disappeared just like that as God took him to heaven.

  13. It is probably going to be Becky, not Chuck…

    • Now that Chuck is back, what do you think about it?

  14. Just a thought… How about bringing back John Winchester for helping Sam in hunting demons and also for helping Dean to return back to his human form.. Dean and Sam characters are brought back number of times and they would visit Hell and Heaven like a tourist spot.. Why not Sam go back to hell and bring back his father..
    A better idea is that, bringing back Mary Winchester too… So that they could finish of this series with a bang from Winchester family… They started it and they have to end it.. Thats what happened with letting Lucifier in, putting Leviations out and many more.. So Im expecting a reunion of Winchester family at the finale season…

    • John Winchester is no longer in Hell. In “All Hell Breaks Loose” part 2, you can clearly see that John Winchester fought his way out of the gate to Hell. He was seen grabbing onto Azazel long enough for Dean to retrieve the Colt and shoot Azazel. John then misted away in a beam of light, so to speak. If John Winchester is anywhere, he’s in Heaven.

  15. I am a huge, HUGE SPN fan and love this show so much. That being said Season 10 SUCKS! I am so disappointed. Season 10 should be amazing but it is worse than Season 7 and that was a low point. The casting is terrible and the writing is predictable, boring, tired and embarrassing. Kripke and Edlund need to rescue this amazing franchise before Carver kills it. I don’t want a musical episode – I am so bored this season I am ready to stop watching all together. Carver get it together or move on, please. Season 10 sucks and it should be fantastic.

    • So, what do you think now that you’ve (most likely) seen the ‘musical’ episode? 😀

  16. Just watched it chuck does return at the end of the 200things episode

  17. did no one read the damn interviews after the season 5 finale? chuck would never come back as a ghost and he was never a prophet he was always god.

    they hinted at him being god when he disappeared at the end of season 5 and they OFFICIALLY stated chuck was god in an interview after the season 5 finale.

    the question of who/where is god hasn’t been a question since season 5s ending o.O

  18. Actually, at one of the conventions, the actor who plays Chuck did indeed confirm that Chuck was supposed to be God. That has been on the net for quite some time now, and you can Google it if you want.

  19. i am enjoying season ten but there is things that could have been better i for one was waiting for this intense affair dean was to have with ann marie is that what they call it i thought it was a complete waste of time didnt show anything at all properly and lasted about two seconds why bother introducing a new character if thats all it was going to be its been a long time since we ve seen the brothers have any normal actvity at all and this was a total let down but hopfully things will progress well for the rest of the season.

  20. I don’t hope that chuck is going to come back, he is one of the few sacred things left from season 5 (for a part of me supernatural ended with this season).

    I think Chuck is supposed to be a seralized version of Eric Kripke, and as such he is “god”. And since you can view Kripke as being the show’s creatore and therefore God, I think so is Chuck.

    Really, think about it. Disappearing after season 5, being the responsible man for Supernatural (books/series), trying to make a great ending etc.

  21. while I find this angle interesting; it proved inactionable during the episode. In my opinion, the episode was mainly filler with only one possible aspect of foreshadowing: Adam Winchester: He is still in Hell, possessed by the Arch angel Michael, in there with Lucifer.

    The fact that CW cancelled the Tomorrow people (Boooo!!!); and all but completely removed the roles of Luke Mitchell and Mark Pellegrino (both promising actors): I’d be extremely excited to see them return in their roles integrating it with Dean’s demon story arch.

    Having their characters both linger in Hell; without any further story integration just doesn’t seem to provide much closure to me. After all; you can’t leave crowley as the king of Hell when Lucifer is still lurking.

    I truly hope the writers don’t waste that foreshadowing opportunity and leave the audience lingering. Afterall; season 4 was one of the best seasons. Revisiting this story arc which seems to be “on hold” would be massive. A win win win for the audience, the Actors, and the franchise. I sincerely hope that the writers are thinking along the same lines I am, as Supernatural has become extremely bland, and I would have rather seen the tomorrow people renewed rather than be subjected to forced story arcs that appeared after the season 5 renewal. The franchice didn’t even expect the series to go past this point, so I sincerly hope the series goes back to it’s roots, and unleashes a story arc based on these biblical proportions.

  22. I’m going to be honest. This show has had its great points! I love it. However, this season is THE WORST SEASON. It completely walks away from the main plot. There’s a since of build up but they never deliver on the episodes. The midseason finale was the most intense and it did nothing to the plot except show that the writers can’t write a darker Dean. Are they going to bring back Lucifer? Are they going to bring back Chuck? Right now its just a bunch of nothing making up this show.