‘Supernatural’ Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

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supernatural season 9 episode 3 sam dean Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Supernatural will soon be reaching the season 10 goal set by showrunner Jeremy Carver, but now it looks as if the series could surpass even that. While at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the show’s future is up to the people who make the show and the fans who watch it.

Here’s what Pedowitz had to say about the possibility of Supernatural season 10, 11 and beyond:

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them. They can go as long as they want.”

Pedowitz has been a longtime fan of the Winchesters – and fans know it – so it’s no surprise to hear that, as long as the ratings hold, Supernatural will continue to receive season orders network. Though even if the ratings should fall, it’s highly likely that the show will still be able to reach season 10; Pedowitz will just have to flex his power as president more. Anything beyond season 10 would likely be out of his control, however, as it would be dangerous for him if ratings then worsened, as there are many people who would like to become the president of a network.

supernatural season 9 john winchester Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Of course, if the ratings do hold, there are still (at least) two people who have something to say about it: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Both of the Winchesters have already said that they’re signed on for season 9 and 10 and, as long as the network orders them, they’re ready to continue the journey. When it comes to season 11 and beyond, things begin to get a bit complicated – especially with Ackles.

Ackles is rumored to have given up the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, and Marvel Studios continues to remind him of its interest in bringing him in to its ever-growing Cinematic Universe. On top of that, Ackles’ current relationship with Warner Bros. (through Warner Bros. television) is likely to have DC interested as well, as they know exactly how strong – not to mention valuable – he his as an actor.

Ten years is old for a television series, and both actors watched as Tom Welling made the transition from Smallville, so it’s likely that, when it comes to the Supernatural beyond season 10, we’ll see both actors make a decision that’s best for them and their future, even if it means one staying and one going. After all, Carver has said before that it’s his job to make sure the series can continue on.

Perhaps a Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) series isn’t what you want from Supernatural, but this week’s mid-season premiere proved that the cast is more than strong enough to pick up the weight that Dean typically carries. Still, there’s always the Supernatural spin-off coming up, and that could always be used to help buffer the loss of Ackles – if the show’s still around, that is.

Let’s just keep it at this: Supernatural – or something based on Supernatural – will be on the CW for quite some time – as long as the ratings hold, of course.

Of course.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on CW.

Source: IGN

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  1. I’m a huge fan, I love how the story keeps going and u don’t even get bored of it. I’m just a bit upset abt the finale, but still it gives me hope since we’re gonna have more seasons coming up. I will say this show is one my favorite of all, so keep up and hurry up I’m dying to know what’s gonna happen to my sweet dean plsss

  2. You also realize that Jared was asked to play Captain America before Chris Evans, right? Cause, that is a fact not a rumor.

    • I’m glad that didn’t happen, it would have been terrible.

    • It was Jensen not Jared. ^^

  3. i want more of supernatural,
    i am a huge fan i have seen EVERY season so far and would like to see more.
    Sam and Dean allways go trough alot and pull through that gives me hope as well !
    and i think i speak for many [if not alot more than many] that this series never gets old !
    even tho i cannot allways see it on the teleivision seeing they dont allways air in europe but i allways watch it online <3 please keep going

  4. I hope supernatural doesn’t end , me and my family love supernatural, our dad got us addicted to it, we have watched every season, and it will never get old, season 10 hopefully won’t be the end

  5. I love the whole series and I have never gotten bored with it. I would love for it to continue on from season 10. But, I feel that the show will loose some of its ratings of Ackles decides to move on into movie making. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see him in movies, and. Know he’d do great. But supernatural won’t be as much fun to watch without Ackles, he seems to be a big part of the series, and the producers like to put all focus into his character. I think Misha is a great actor, but I don’t think they’ve developed his character enough t take on such a huge role.

    • I know a story line that would unite the entire series AND allow for changes, star power and otherwise, past Season 10. Not my 1st choice, mind, but I can think of a way to unite the central theme for a carry- over should the 2 stars choose to move on after Season 10.
      If I can see one, there must be others that can as well!

      Make no mistake, I truly enjoy Jensen and Jared enormously and will be very saddened should they both or singly choose to move on after Season 10. Perhaps they should call me to have a chat about what I suggest for moving past Season 10.

      As an alternate, past Season 10 the 2 stars could cut down their time in the roles if there was an over riding story to carry the theme without requiring both to be available full time. That way, they could have more free time professionally to do other work, spend more time with their young families and still be a presence for the hundreds of thousands of fans world-wide. That would be a win/win for everyone.

  6. I have been a huge fan for many years. Supernatural has gave my week something special to look forward to . Me and my kids have now made it a family night event. pizza and root beer night. we will be die hard fans till the sad end (which hopefully far away).

  7. eu nao sei viver sem o Supernatural…. e estes dois sao insubstituiveis!!!! nao ha outros que possam o fazer tao bem como ele! depressa com as novas temporadas….. ja estou triste e stressada!!!! Adoro vos

  8. I’am from the Philippines, me and my Sis are a huge fan of Supernatural. Watched all of the series and loved everyone in it..got the same birth date as Dean :) and we’re hoping that this will continue… dont end it — We fans aint ready for that –

  9. I cannot imagine supernatural without Jenson!! the Winchesters wouldn’t be the same!! and Castiel! Cas is Deans other brother by heart!! I Love this show!!!

  10. im a die hard fan of this series.. not just me but my entire family and friends 10yrs and counting.. we really hope that they continue untill season 20!! it would be really sad to know that they will end it soon.. god please help them to continue more season… keep it up.. more power and god bless.. thank you for all the fan.. im hoping you continue more.. please…………..

    • I believe for the last few seasons sam deserves I am woman in is life and deserves some happiness. he handed did dean at the beginning of season 9 that if wanted to remain brothers with sam they would have to quit hunting be brothers I doubt that is going to happen now it dean is the demon. I just filled that the 1 thing that is missing in supernatural is the fact that there r r no strong female leads. Why not introduce either of the female character from sams past or a new female hunter. I really believe that if there were more females and in a companionship roll with either of the boys what help ratings. I mean sam left the third woman sam loved for hunting just so dean wouldn’t have to hunt alone they’re loyal to a fault forsaking any happiness. So I think it would be great for Sam to have a hunting companion would
      bring better show ratings and even better viewers for the fans. in my opinion I think that of female on the show every few episodes would make sure 4 fact that you would get better ratings

  11. Huge fan havent been this hooked in a show in many years keep up the good work cant wait too see sesson 10 i would like too see some more hunting from the good ole days agein.

  12. I love this show please don’t stop making them I will even tell everybody at my school to watch them if I have too.this show is probably the best show I have ever seen

  13. i personally can not wait for supernatural season 10 11 and beyond its the brotherly strenght and love that makes this series an absolute must watch.

  14. I hope that they continue the supernatural series of course with its original cast.. Misha Jensen and Jared. Dean is so fine!! I’m just anxious to know what’s next.

  15. I don’t want it to end ever, I want it to be season 20 and more . It’s a part of my life, please don’t end the show I adore it ^_^ <3

  16. who the hell they going to fight in season 10, i mean i’m really confused what arc they will brieng to this season ?

    • Did you see the end of season nine? (spoilers) the big bad is going to be Dean, obviously. It seems like the final story to tell, everyone who loves Dean coming together to save him from his recent dark turn. I hope they end it after that story line, just because I can’t see anything in the Supernatural universe being as important or being a better finale. Dean has given up everything to save everyone else, now it’s time for the world to return the favor!

  17. i also am a huge fan….make these guys immortal. crossing fingers for season 11 and beyond.

  18. We also make supernatural a family thing. And if Dean leaves it might make it hard to watch. I’m sure they may be getting tired of the show but an even ten if anything I hope they can stay together for ten. Dean and Sam characters are awesome and good looking. I am a major fan. Thank you for the show it is one of my weekly highlights!!

    • I am an Arab girl in the other part of the world, but I love them very much and I hope they will keep the series showing forever,i do not imagine my life without this series and especially dean seeing him is like Makes my day , and Misha is so funny i like him

  19. i m a huge fan of jensen…. he is the reason y m still watching the series.. overall it a good.. bt jensen makes it worth watching.. the story line is awesum the way it keeps you on ur toes… as in wat will come next. and i also love the character casteail.. he is toooo good… in love with him… waiting for the next season to start. plz b fast as i really wanna c wat happens to dean… all the best for thr forth coming seasons hope to c dem soon… love the series.. n love u more jensen.

  20. I hope supernatural carries on but not without Dean. Supernatural without Dean is like no supernatural. Same for Castiel and Sam, it wouldn’t be the same without them… :(

  21. I’d love to see Sam become the go-to guy for a young breed of hunters. We have Crissy in Conway Springs with her friend Josephine and the saved vampire (I call her Sarah). We have Michael, who could never grow into a normal life after his Striga episode, and also a possible partner/love interest for Crissy. We have Ben, wall broken by flashbacks at his mother’s death in a car accident, searching for the shadowy man in his memories of his Supernatural history. Lucas and Tyler could have ended up separately relocating to the same town, becoming friends and a ghost hunting team. Tyler, with her background, would make a great Ghost Whisperer.

    There are better ways to go than the Bloodlines thing. I didn’t like that at all.

  22. I love to see supernatural . I love to see dean. I can’t see serial without dean.

  23. I would hate to see a show without Jensen Ackels aka Dean Winchester. I think that he is really important for the show and that a great deal would be lost without him, It just wouldn’t be the same! Although I think that I would still be watching, I’m pretty sure that Jensen would regret his choise to leave the show, IF he decides to. I konw, I don’t know him and couldn’t possibly know that, right. I do get that. But Jensen spent 10 years acting in this show, if I were in his place, I would be pretty attached to this show. But I’m not him and I can’t tell him what to do, but if by any chance Jensen cares about the fans of this show, I really hope that he stays. He can be a hero on this show to! People love him and Dean. At least I do.

    But if he decides to leave I’m sure he has his reasons, even though I would be pretty pissed xD

    • *choice

  24. This show could last forever and I will never get bored . I love the characters and don’t want either of the two leaving lol . But thumbs up to the creactor director and cast you have made a classic show that will be rendered for years to come

  25. I have been a huge fan since the very first episode. It was a great replacement for my loss of “Friends”, which I was a die-hard fan of from its inception. Sam and Dean are mirrors of my brother and I – aside from the hunting aspect – but we are very loyal to each other. I sincerely hope that Season 10 is not the last of the Winchester boys…and especially not Crowley and Castiel! But if one of the Winchester’s decides to leave to pursue other options, I think either of them could carry on the show just as good as if they were both on it.

  26. OMG i love this show , didnt get hooked for sometime , but have went back and watched every episode online now and all i can say is keep on keeping on.

  27. i love supernatural always have but the biggest part of the show is about the brothers both of them its crazy to even think of carrying on the show with just one of them its had a very good run ten seasons is brilliant for a show like this and i would love to see it finish while its still on top with both brothers finishing it together it was only meant for five seasons and the fact that its gone ten is awesome but ten is the number i would end on i dont want it to go on and end up with us all switching off looking forward to season ten.

  28. Me and my friends love supernatural.This show could last forever and Iwe will never get bored.Please keep it going.

  29. Me and my boyfriend love Supernatural. I discovered it online cause it isn’t on cable here in Holland. We watched it together and now he is as hooked as i am!!! We are completely addicted to the show, and our quality time together is WATCHING the show again and again!!! My daughters and son are a bit too young, maybe they get creeped out cause their little but when they are old enough i will certainly show it to them and they will become fans too!!! So there HAS to come a season 20!!!!!

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