‘Supernatural’ Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

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supernatural season 9 episode 3 sam dean Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Supernatural will soon be reaching the season 10 goal set by showrunner Jeremy Carver, but now it looks as if the series could surpass even that. While at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the show’s future is up to the people who make the show and the fans who watch it.

Here’s what Pedowitz had to say about the possibility of Supernatural season 10, 11 and beyond:

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them. They can go as long as they want.”

Pedowitz has been a longtime fan of the Winchesters – and fans know it – so it’s no surprise to hear that, as long as the ratings hold, Supernatural will continue to receive season orders network. Though even if the ratings should fall, it’s highly likely that the show will still be able to reach season 10; Pedowitz will just have to flex his power as president more. Anything beyond season 10 would likely be out of his control, however, as it would be dangerous for him if ratings then worsened, as there are many people who would like to become the president of a network.

supernatural season 9 john winchester Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Of course, if the ratings do hold, there are still (at least) two people who have something to say about it: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Both of the Winchesters have already said that they’re signed on for season 9 and 10 and, as long as the network orders them, they’re ready to continue the journey. When it comes to season 11 and beyond, things begin to get a bit complicated – especially with Ackles.

Ackles is rumored to have given up the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, and Marvel Studios continues to remind him of its interest in bringing him in to its ever-growing Cinematic Universe. On top of that, Ackles’ current relationship with Warner Bros. (through Warner Bros. television) is likely to have DC interested as well, as they know exactly how strong – not to mention valuable – he his as an actor.

Ten years is old for a television series, and both actors watched as Tom Welling made the transition from Smallville, so it’s likely that, when it comes to the Supernatural beyond season 10, we’ll see both actors make a decision that’s best for them and their future, even if it means one staying and one going. After all, Carver has said before that it’s his job to make sure the series can continue on.

Perhaps a Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) series isn’t what you want from Supernatural, but this week’s mid-season premiere proved that the cast is more than strong enough to pick up the weight that Dean typically carries. Still, there’s always the Supernatural spin-off coming up, and that could always be used to help buffer the loss of Ackles – if the show’s still around, that is.

Let’s just keep it at this: Supernatural – or something based on Supernatural – will be on the CW for quite some time – as long as the ratings hold, of course.

Of course.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on CW.

Source: IGN

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  1. Ackles is the show, Padelecki, to me, is really not that strong of an actor…at least nowhere as strong as Ackles.

    I have to say I am surprised that the show picked up again in terms of quality last season, but honestly enough is enough. After 10 seasons, end it

    • Maybe if they stopped having him possessed, whining “im sad” and not get captured all the time and have him be the smart one again, like he originally was.

      • Yeah. Ackles is the show for me as well, but Padalecki has already shown time and time again that he can really act (the ending of “Heart” comes to mind). He just needs a chance to do so.

    • I love Jensen, and Dean’s character, but I’m sorry, Padalecki is a better actor.

    • I dissagree this show has been my favorite since i was 10. Through out thoes years I have made an emmotional connection with theese characters and your lying if you say you havent. I love this show and i would hate to know that its over

  2. I love the show, I’m still enjoying it but honestly it is at the point of where it really should end. That said I really want a season or two full on dealing with the Cthulhu mythos.

  3. I didnt like the standalones of season 9 so far but the main angel story is great.
    The newest ep was the best of the season so far I think.

    • Agreed with that! The last episode (Road Trip) was the best of the season and one of the best episodes ever! A vast improvement, for me, over the majority of the first half of Season 9.

  4. Ackles is the strongest part of the show. But if they did lose him they could try showing more half-naked Castiel. That never hurts. The character of Sam just get uber annoying sometime but Dean is someone I’d go get a beer with any day.

  5. I do hope that this is pure speculation on your part about Ackles leaving. While I respect and admire Jared’s acting skills, it wouldn’t be supernatural if they didn’t have Jensen. The show is at its core about SamandDean. Yes, without spaces. As an item. Everything else is just a foil for them (Castiel stands out from the surrounding fray, but he’s still just a side character – sorry Misha!) That’s why I – and I’m sure many others – watch. If the show lost that relationship, it wouldn’t be Supernatural anymore. The show is about family, and Sam and Dean are all the family they’ve got left.

    Like Chuck said in Swan Song, “So what’s it all add up to? It’s hard to say. But me, I’d say this was a test… for Sam and Dean. And I think they did all right. Up against good, evil, angels, devils, destiny, and God himself, they made their own choice. They chose family. And, well… isn’t that kinda the whole point?”

    • Well said

    • I fully agree with Mendai. It is about family and that special bond that can not be replaced by another character.

    • Well said.

      Slightly off topic question: Is Chuck God ?

      • There’s speculation, the closet thing we ever had to an official answer was, and I’m paraphrasing here, How many shows can ask that?

    • Exactly !!! Couldn’t have said it any better ! Very Well Said !!!

    • You just said everything on my mind you are a true fan unlike the others who are trying oh so hard to end the show. Thank you

  6. If Ackles is out of the show, I won’t keep on watching…

    • I agree with Ruthea. I record each and every episode with the anticipation of hearing “Deanisms.” Ackles plays Dean so seemlessly and faithfully that it is difficult for me to comprehend that there is a man (Ackles) behind the Dean curtain. I like Sam, but Dean is definitely IT for me. Having said that, the show IS all about family and loyalty and separating SamandDean (I like how Mendai puts it) would torpedo the show. I’m just curious … why does Padalecki STILL get top billing … just wondering … makes no sense to me past the first season when the producers probably thought that Jared would be the show’s top draw. After all this time, its clearly Dean’s Hercules who holds it all up.

      • dunno exactly but maybe after Jared being in the Gilmore Girls the producers figured at the time (bear in mind it was many years ago) that he would be a bigger draw for the teeny/housewife crowd. Since they started it that way it would be awkward to have a convo with Jared that said ‘erm, we want Jensen to take top billing now’. Pure speculation on my part, but it’s a possible answer

      • Jill, what a beautiful review of Ackles and the show. I agree with you 100%. Ackles is a tremendously gifted actor, and as others have said: “He does the heavy lifting on the show.” He always gets it right–whether the role requires a lighter comic side, or is a tear-jerker. He always gets it right. I too have wondered about the order of the billing. I think it was because Padalecki earned a large following of female fans from his stint on the Gilmore Girls. As much as I would hate to see Ackles leave Supernatural, I would love to see him in other roles.

  7. Jensen is great but dont hate on Jared. Jared’s acting has been phenomenal since he starting harnessing his demon ability (which he lost of course) but being Lucifer, soul-less Sam, an angel, etc has me pondering…. Where is the award for this guy? at first,i thought he was the little whiny brother but he has came a very long way. As a die hard fan, id love to watch this show for a few more years but the super bro’s complete eachother , write off one bro and the show will fall

  8. They guys have both said they are one for all and all for one when it comes to the show. They make the decisions together. They’re paid the same. They worked all that out in season 2. They are both passionate about Supernatural, I think that’s sometimes forgotten. If they do decide to not continue past 10, which is a cert we’ll get, they will both make that decision and they will both leave together. Of that I’m sure. I’ve been in a room with each of them in the past 6 months as they’ve discussed the importance to them that the show finishes on and high but I’ve also been in a room with both of them as they’ve said as long as they still believe in the story, they will both keep telling it, season 10 and beyond if that is on offer. They understand they are in a very unusual position to have this kind of success and the life it’s afforded them. It doesn’t happen often for an actor.

    I agree, what happens beyond 10 is more than likely in the hands of Jensen and Jared, but that decision will be made by both of them and if one decides he’s had enough and needs to move on, they will both call it quits. You forget they are great mates and are with each other day in and day out, it’s not like each other’s feelings on the matter are going to be a secret from the other. These two talk. All the time.

    I have no doubt, if one decides it’s time to move on, the other will support him and the show will end. Supernatural is Sam and Dean, they know that and they protect that.

    • Well said!!! I couldn’t agree more!

    • Yes, Jensen and Jared are good friends. And maybe they are paid the same. And they both love doing the show. But Jensen has been offered other projects each year. And since it takes nine months to do the show he has to decline. At the last convention in LA they both stated of course now they have wives and children . Jensen stated he would rather have quality than quantity. Jared agreed but quickly changed it to it was his escape from crying kids and that he was on vacation at work. And in addition jared when he does an interview with Jeremy Carver, they talk about seasons way past number 12. I really don’t believe jared will leave the show because of anyone else leaving. Maybe they could bring back Jeffrey Dean Morgan . Jared had excellent chemistry with him.

    • Well said.

  9. I want the show to do eleven seasons if only to break Smallville’s record

    • I don’t think it won’t, because Smallville is a Sci-Fi show, Supernatural is a horror drama. Two different genres dude. :D

  10. I love Supernatural, it is my favorite show on TV right now and Jensen is a big reason for that. However, I feel it was a major mistake to pass on Hawkeye. Granted, Hawkeye hasn’t really been a major player in the Marvel movie universe anyway, but that may have more to do with Jeremy Renner than the character himself. I’d just hate for him to pass up such great opportunities and then disappear after the show ends, ala Tom Welling. If DC and Marvel really are interested, this could open up a lot of doors for him and maybe it’s what’s best for him. I’d love for Supernatural to go on forever, but all things must come to an end and 10 years is a really long time. Perhaps it is time to move on to greener pastures?

    • I don’t think it was Jensen’s choice to pass it up. If his schedule conflict could not be worked out with Supernatural’s powers that be… Jensen would have no choice but to pass up the role because he’s under contract w/ Warner Brothers Television.

    • Do we even know if he passed on Hawkeye? I thought the rumor was he wasn’t able to do Hurt Locker, another Renner film.

      I’m not sure what to say with this article. There’s really no reason to believe Jared would keep doing the show if Jensen didn’t.

      Jared himself was called back for Thor.

  11. I love Jensen and Jared! Supernatural is a great show. If they make 100 episodes of the series, I will watch it!

    • Do you mean 200?

    • I am with you on that !! Love the show & don’t want it to end , The Show Is My Favorite & Sam & Dean Are Super Actor’s , Sure don’t want to see it end , Seem’s every time we have a Great Show like this to watch , They take it off , So as a Fan of Supernatural & all the cast please let keep it going ,

  12. I think it Ackles left, I probably would to. Could the show continue with his loss? Sure… but it definitely would be a huge hit to the show and would, in essence, turn the show into something else. There are other great actors/characters on Supernatural but I don’t think any of them could fill the shoes of Dean who is so core to the show.

    Ten years is a long time for a TV show. I’d love to see the show continue to at least 11 to break Smallville’s record but at the same time if it ended at 10 or if Ackles left to do something else I’d totally get and respect that too.

    It is a shame he had to pass up on such a high-profile role and that a schedule could not be worked out with Supernatural’s powers that be for some Dean-less eps to allow him to shoot Avengers. That said, I still totally look forward to seeing him as Dean Winchester on my TV screen ever week!

    One thing for sure, it will be very interesting to see what happens season 10 come time for contract renewals (assuming the ratings hold, which it seems they will).

    • As long as SPN has 23 episodes in season 10, they will beat Smallville for longest running show in their genre.

      Also, being a complete Samgirl, I find it very odd that people hate on Jared and his acting abilities so much. Why not just admire him, as well as Jensen, for the amazing actors they BOTH are. Supernatural wouldn’t be the same without either of them. The show is about 2 brothers and the choices they make to keep each other safe and alive. It wouldn’t work without that.

  13. Supernatural is my favorite show. As long as the show has Sam ,Dean and Cas I will be watching.

    Maybe Wb/Dc can work around his Supernatural schedule so Jensen can be part of the DC Universe, I think fans would love that.

  14. I love this show best genre show on tv (Yes that includes Arrow And Agents of Shield)
    The boys are awesome, including misha and mark. Jenson is awesome, love too see them go past 11 seasons and more, if they did end within two years, would love to see jeffrey dean morgan as the late dad and confrontation between dean and god that would scary, funny and most important epic.

    Also is weird as a guy to have a man crush on jensen ackles.LOL

  15. Ackles turned down playing Hawkeye? Now that would have been interesting, too bad. And DC really missed the boat not having the next Batman be in his prime because Ackles would have been prefect for the role. /sigh….oh well.

    As for the show continuing, I have said this before but every show does have its time. SG1 is a prime example of that. SGI had played out just about every mythos coming up with foes to keep defeating and they finally ran out. In a similar fashion, Supernatural has seen people die (including our two leads) AND come back too many times to count, they have been to hell (again numerous times), caused the downfall of heaven (indirectly), wrestled and killed just about every known demonic/supernatural creature, dealt with the 4 horseman and even tackled the Prince of Darkness himself (and died and brought back to life…..again). Honestly after restoring heaven I don’t see what they have left to do without retreading ground. Wrap it up and go out on a high note instead of struggling for new outrageous story arcs

  16. If the writing stays as awesome as Mr. Andrew Dabb’s last script in Road Trip and ALL 3 of the regular characters continue with the show, then I’ll be here. However, for me, Supernatural wouldn’t be the show I love without Ackles, Padalecki, and Collins. Cas, Dean, and Sam are my favorite team and if the show continues then I sincerely hope that they make every effort to continue with all three of these wonderful actors and terrific characters. I just can’t and don’t want to imagine the show without any one of the three. I’ve said many times that when Misha is gone from the show, I’m leaving too, but I never thought about the possibility of Misha staying on with the show and Jensen or Jared leaving. That would make a tough decision for me because my loyalty is first and foremost with Misha, but I do adore Jensen and Jared as well and would never want either of them off the show either. So yeah, if the show continues, I just cross my fingers that all three actors continue with it too.

  17. As much as I love the show – I would love to see Ackles in the Marvel or DC universe.

  18. I think if one of them (Akles) dose not continue after Season 10 CW should just gracefully end then show while its still good. Continuing without Dean might hurt the shows future, the show is base and centered on these two characters, while it could work I don’t think it would be as strong, also If dean leaves how would they do that? would they Kill Dean? that would prove to be a mistake, it would have to be that something happens to Dean and he disappears and Season 11 could focus on Sam trying to get Dean back that would leave the door Open for Dean to return in the final few episodes and then end it as fans are going to expect a final resolution as to what happens to these two characters. At any rate if the show does go to Season 11 I would rather see Akles just stay and make that its final season with both the boys.

  19. That show must have an ending. At this point it has to much soap opera, too much fillers. Death is officially a joke(no offence), there is no points of danger or anything, its long long gone. Just properly end the show already. Its a much better way than simply end it when money are off the road. When show will end and have a good one, people would bye it on discs/net to wath it saying “son, it was a good show, you must learn more about family business” rather than “son, it was a good show but creaters became greedy and it didn’t even end properly so don’t even try to watch it, i’ll teach you myself *beheaded vampire with an axe*”

  20. Where are these rumors about Ackles during down the role of Hawkeye coming from? I’d be very skeptical of their veracity unless they came from a reliable source. Otherwise, I’d take it with a grain of salt. We do know Jensen turned down a movie role last year because it couldn’t work out with Supernatural’s schedule, but I don’t think it’s known what part that part actually was, do we? However, it couldn’t be Hawkeye as that was cast several years ago.

  21. This series is on of the best around.. I honestly don’t think the series would be the same without Dean. We all know that the series is about two brothers who hunt supernatural creatures. It would not be the same without Dean & Sam being alone

  22. Sorry but Jensen is too much of a jerk for me to actually care what happens to him.

  23. First of all, Jensen Ackles would not appreciate those of you who are slamming Jared’s acting skills. He wouldn’t even want you as fans, so knock it off. If you can’t handle Jared getting critical praise, that’s your problem, not Jensen’s and he doesn’t need you “fans” tearing down his friend to build him up. Second of all, J2 are in this together. If one doesn’t sign, the other doesn’t sign, it’s as simple as that. They are the show, and they’re protective of the show’s image and their characters’ images. No amount of money will ever change that. They negotiate for the same terms and there is no competition between them whatsoever. My best guess is that it’s over after 10 no matter what Mark Pedowitz says.

  24. I love the show to death. I believe Sam and Dean are in it together and the show could not survive without one or the other (The family business). There would be no family with one of them gone. I never want the show to end but I would rather it end at season 10 with a good ending than trying to drag it out father and dropping ratings. In the end I support both of their decisions to stay or leave and thank them for BOTH of their phenomenal acting these past 10 years.

  25. This show has been going on for years and years.
    I respect that if Jensen leaves, it’s his choice. It has been a long time.
    But, if he leaves, whats the point in the show? Many of the fans agree this is the whole part. Sam and Dean’s love and loyalty to each other. I couldn’t watch Supernatural if Jared or Jensen left the show, I couldn’t. Nothing could replace either one of them.
    All of the other actors are great, perfect cast, but without Jensen it would just be… different? Weird? Not right? I really want this series to go on for as long as they can hold it.

  26. I really hope no one decides to leave, especially Jared or Jensen. They’d have to end the show if one left, it just wouldn’t be as good. The whole point from the very start was their relationship as brothers, and the way that keep going on for each other. I wouldn’t keep watching if one left.

  27. I would think there will be two announcements by spring. the first do they get a season 10 and will jared and Jensen be available for an possible 11 and 12th season. The show runners have to know so they can plan a storyline. Last weeks episode jared and misha were together a good part of the show, but I just did not see much of a chemistry between their characters. Also Jared’s wife and children live in Canada with him during the season , Jensen’s wife and daughter live in Calif. Can you imagine commuting every weekend. Also people have noted that Jensen has been turning down a movie each year. I love the show too, but all good things come to an end.

    • jared just announced on his twitter acct the show has been renewed for season 10. now the next part has to be revealed before they start shooting season 10 and that is will both of them be available for additional seasons.

  28. The show won’t go on without Ackles. Noticing how broad the storyline is in season 9, I think the show should end in season 11. It will give the writers some time to give the show a good ending. I drives me crazy to think how this show would end. Besides, I would love to beat Smallville when it comes to amount of seasons, Hahaha.

  29. I love Supernatural but if one of the boys left, I think I would too. I adore both Jensen and Jared and sincerely hope that we have season 11.

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