‘Supernatural’ Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

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supernatural season 9 episode 3 sam dean Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Supernatural will soon be reaching the season 10 goal set by showrunner Jeremy Carver, but now it looks as if the series could surpass even that. While at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the show’s future is up to the people who make the show and the fans who watch it.

Here’s what Pedowitz had to say about the possibility of Supernatural season 10, 11 and beyond:

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them. They can go as long as they want.”

Pedowitz has been a longtime fan of the Winchesters – and fans know it – so it’s no surprise to hear that, as long as the ratings hold, Supernatural will continue to receive season orders network. Though even if the ratings should fall, it’s highly likely that the show will still be able to reach season 10; Pedowitz will just have to flex his power as president more. Anything beyond season 10 would likely be out of his control, however, as it would be dangerous for him if ratings then worsened, as there are many people who would like to become the president of a network.

supernatural season 9 john winchester Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Of course, if the ratings do hold, there are still (at least) two people who have something to say about it: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Both of the Winchesters have already said that they’re signed on for season 9 and 10 and, as long as the network orders them, they’re ready to continue the journey. When it comes to season 11 and beyond, things begin to get a bit complicated – especially with Ackles.

Ackles is rumored to have given up the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, and Marvel Studios continues to remind him of its interest in bringing him in to its ever-growing Cinematic Universe. On top of that, Ackles’ current relationship with Warner Bros. (through Warner Bros. television) is likely to have DC interested as well, as they know exactly how strong – not to mention valuable – he his as an actor.

Ten years is old for a television series, and both actors watched as Tom Welling made the transition from Smallville, so it’s likely that, when it comes to the Supernatural beyond season 10, we’ll see both actors make a decision that’s best for them and their future, even if it means one staying and one going. After all, Carver has said before that it’s his job to make sure the series can continue on.

Perhaps a Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) series isn’t what you want from Supernatural, but this week’s mid-season premiere proved that the cast is more than strong enough to pick up the weight that Dean typically carries. Still, there’s always the Supernatural spin-off coming up, and that could always be used to help buffer the loss of Ackles – if the show’s still around, that is.

Let’s just keep it at this: Supernatural – or something based on Supernatural – will be on the CW for quite some time – as long as the ratings hold, of course.

Of course.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on CW.

Source: IGN

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  1. man just don’t end it. plZZZ JST DNT

  2. I thought it was ending at nine, so you may imagine how I felt when I hear 10, 11, …and all successful series run twelve years…so keep it going 3 more, without changes in characters even if it means you have to bring back old cast members…please. I never comment in these sections! Thanks….both and all…12 is magic number, or more!!!spinoffs never worl…what would the show be without Sam and Dean. I love all the actors for their great talents, but spinoffs rarely work, so give them their raises and lets get on with it to 12 a ver least!!!

  3. I agree with T, please rise Jared Padalecki och Jensen Ackles salary so that they both stay. it’s an awesome serie but it needs Sam and Dean, they balance each other perfectly! Don’t end it, because we love it!!

    • its not a question of salary my frined its a question of future as an actor . Most of actors who played their role fore to long didn’t make it elsewhere in acting because the public could not dosconnect them from their long time character,thats why now a days actors will stop soon rather then later . Look at Sara Michele Giller , she as no real future in acting cause people see Buffy the vampire slayer instead of Sara Michele Giller . She paid the price of her talent to an image of who she is not .When Jensen will leave he will do imself a favour if its not to late yet to do so .You really need to understand how acting works and how a charactor that you have played for to long can actually destroy your acting career

  4. please increase jared padalecki and jensen ackles salary and make them stay, its no supernatural without sam and dean…..

  5. Please don’t end this show I can’t live without my two favorite demon hunters Sam and Dean!!

  6. I will die before Supernatural ends… Please don’t continue the series without Jared or Jensen. They complete the show and all it is.
    Like I said, Jared & Jensen are the show’s foundation & I don’t think the show would last without both of them there. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Its a little harsh to cut off dean, its supposed to be the Winchester’S even if the show is great with Sam and Castiel it just wouldn’t be the same without Dean, it would be like cutting off the main character in a movie, and the same goes for Sam’s character.

  8. Dean and Sam are the main characters. If there’s no Dean then there’s no Sam. Dean keeps Sammy alive. and we can’t go without them. I love this show. it’s my favorite and I would hate to see Dean leave the show. I say do whatever it takes to get them to stay. It wouldn’t be the same without both the Winchester boys.

  9. I will stop watching Supernatural if either Dean or Sam leaves…it would be better just to end the series, its not Supernatural with one of them missing!!!

  10. I love Supernatural and I hope they make like a ton of seasons after season 11.

  11. It’s just not right lol I cried when Dean died the first time and it’s not the same without the show it made me believe please just do whatever it takes

  12. I cried when Dean died the first time and it’s not the same without the show it made me believe please just do whatever it takes the world won’t be the same….

  13. I can’t and don’t imagine the show without Sam and Dean. They are the main characters. If Jared or Jensen decide to leave the show in season 11 or any other after that, it’s better to end SPN than keep on insisting it.

    We all know that replacing or just taking one or more of the main characters who had been in the show since the beginning doesn’t work, because the quality and the ratings of the show will decrease a lot. We have examples such as X-Files, Smallville and Two and a Half Men to prove it.

    Sam, Dean – and now Castiel – are the foundation of SPN.

    SO, CW could do anything they can to keep Jensen, Jared and Misha on the show, increase their salaries…anything at least for 3 seasons more. There is a lot about the Winchesters – or the Free Will Team – to tell and I just don’t see SPN ending now.

    About spinoffs, they rarely work. In case of SPN, CW tried to make one spinoff and it was cancelled before it began.

  14. My kids and I love to watch Supernatural but don’t get cable/satellite. We’ve been watching seasons 1-9 on Netflix and hope there will be more! They love Sam and Dean and even Crowley. Personally speaking, I can’t get enough of Castiel! I hope they keep going for a few more seasons!

  15. Please don’t let it end. I don’t know how would I live without my two Winchesters.

  16. Supernatural is awesom i hope it never ends but i cant wait for season 10 to be on netflix does anyone know when it will be up?

  17. Even if Jason ackles leaves please don’t end it make his kid take on his role or something I don’t ever get hooked on shows but this is the only show ive ever been hooked on so please don’t end it!!!

    • Are you crazy?

      If Jensen, Jared or even Misha leave SPN, I bet the quality – and ratings – of the series will drop drastically. X-Files, Smallville and Two and Half-Men are the living proof of that fact (there are many more series in which that happened, but those three are the main ones).

      In those three series, after the protagonists left the show, their quality and ratings decreased a lot and all of them had crappy endings.

      This is what usually happens when an actor of the main cast leaves the show, specially if:

      A)The actor has been in the series since day one;

      B) If the actor is one of the protagonists.

      I don’t want to happen with SPN the same thing that happened with X-Files, Smallville and Two and Half-Men.

      If Jared, Jensen or Misha – for whatever reason – decide to leave SPN, is better off to end the series while its good and going very well according to the public and critics and with the original cast than prolonging it for who knows how many seasons, which it will lead to a series with awful quality and ending.

      I’m a huge fan of SPN and I don’t imagine the series without Jensen, Jared and Misha. When SPN ends, I want to remember it as one of the best series I’ve ever watched, with the original cast and the same quality it has since the beginning.

      Because it will really break my heart to see SPN continue without one or more actors of the main cast, seeing them being replaced (even though no one can replace Dean, Sam and Castiel) and see SPN going downhill. That will kill me.



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