‘Supernatural’ Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

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supernatural season 9 episode 3 sam dean Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Supernatural will soon be reaching the season 10 goal set by showrunner Jeremy Carver, but now it looks as if the series could surpass even that. While at the Television Critics Association press tour this week, CW President Mark Pedowitz revealed that the show’s future is up to the people who make the show and the fans who watch it.

Here’s what Pedowitz had to say about the possibility of Supernatural season 10, 11 and beyond:

“As a fan of the show, who’s seen every episode, as long as I’m here and those numbers hold, God bless them. They can go as long as they want.”

Pedowitz has been a longtime fan of the Winchesters – and fans know it – so it’s no surprise to hear that, as long as the ratings hold, Supernatural will continue to receive season orders network. Though even if the ratings should fall, it’s highly likely that the show will still be able to reach season 10; Pedowitz will just have to flex his power as president more. Anything beyond season 10 would likely be out of his control, however, as it would be dangerous for him if ratings then worsened, as there are many people who would like to become the president of a network.

supernatural season 9 john winchester Supernatural Season 10, 11 (& More) Will Happen if Ratings Hold

Of course, if the ratings do hold, there are still (at least) two people who have something to say about it: Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Both of the Winchesters have already said that they’re signed on for season 9 and 10 and, as long as the network orders them, they’re ready to continue the journey. When it comes to season 11 and beyond, things begin to get a bit complicated – especially with Ackles.

Ackles is rumored to have given up the role of Hawkeye in The Avengers, and Marvel Studios continues to remind him of its interest in bringing him in to its ever-growing Cinematic Universe. On top of that, Ackles’ current relationship with Warner Bros. (through Warner Bros. television) is likely to have DC interested as well, as they know exactly how strong – not to mention valuable – he his as an actor.

Ten years is old for a television series, and both actors watched as Tom Welling made the transition from Smallville, so it’s likely that, when it comes to the Supernatural beyond season 10, we’ll see both actors make a decision that’s best for them and their future, even if it means one staying and one going. After all, Carver has said before that it’s his job to make sure the series can continue on.

Perhaps a Sam and Castiel (Misha Collins) series isn’t what you want from Supernatural, but this week’s mid-season premiere proved that the cast is more than strong enough to pick up the weight that Dean typically carries. Still, there’s always the Supernatural spin-off coming up, and that could always be used to help buffer the loss of Ackles – if the show’s still around, that is.

Let’s just keep it at this: Supernatural – or something based on Supernatural – will be on the CW for quite some time – as long as the ratings hold, of course.

Of course.


Supernatural airs Tuesdays @9pm on CW.

Source: IGN

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  1. I love ghis series watched is several times and i dont want to that it will end soon please make 1 or two more seasons love it

  2. Supernatural is nothingg without sam dean and cass so any changing in the series will make people stop watching it cz it s too painfull without it a lid carecters

  3. it should complete its journey
    with both the winchester’s n cass
    the show is anazing n awesome

  4. You are kidding right,that Jared and Misha caring the wait that Jensen Ackles part. the three of them are the show, and good if Jensen gets his lime light on the cinema, but don’t say the other two can carry his part. Madder in fact I doubt I’d watch it any more. Also don’t any guys watch the show,but me. Trust me I know why the women watch, but it’s a pretty macho show.

    60 year old fan, I was Johns age when the show began, some time I feel if guys watch the show their gay, I don’t get it. I don’t care I’m still watching.

    Thomas in Colorado

    • It’s true that there would be a huge gap in the show if Jensen left, but they could carry on if they had to. The only problem I would have with the show, is that it would no longer be about the Winchesters; it would just be about Sam and Cas. And while I like both of those characters, they wouldn’t be able to keep it the same.

      I’m sure a lot of women are attracted to the show because of the main characters’ looks, but they would not have stuck around this long other than because the plot is awesome, the monsters are scary; the fight scenes are badass, and it’s just all around a pretty great show.

      You aren’t the only guy that watches Supernatural. All sorts of different people do, and it has nothing to do with their sexuality.

      Anyway, I’ll be happy if there is any kind of Supernatural in my life for years to come.

  5. I watch &/or record Supernatural every single day(TNT&CW)!! I would be lost if I didnt get my daily dose of Dean!! I am so estatic they’re filming another season, hopefully many more!! The dialog never ceases to amaze me!! KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK EVERYONE HAS PUT FOURTH AND LETS MAKE IT TO SEASON 15 AND CONTINUE CLIMBING!!

    • Woah there, I think 15 seasons is a little excessive — don’t you?

      Especially since Jensen is probably going to leave after season 10. Possibly Jared too. They’d be smart to do it, before the writing turns bad, the ratings drop, and Supernatural slowly deteriorates. I think 10-11 seasons is good, mostly because you can tell they are starting to run out of ideas (or maybe they aren’t? That’s just the impression I’ve been getting lately).

      • Got to agree with ‘Raven” on this! Since a lot of the same people had a lot to do with ‘The X Files’ as well as ‘Supernatural’, everyone knows as soon as David Duchovny left the show it went down hill and fast! The exact same can so easily be said here, Jensen leaves cancel it or maybe try season 11 and that’s it. No offense Misha is great but he’s no Ackles! Jared and Misha wouldn’t be able to carry past season 11 period! The show crumbles and its a crappy ending to a successful 10 seasons! Anything past 10 needs to have Jensen and Jared!

  6. Supernatural has to keep going at least for two more seasons, I doubt the ratings will go down its a pretty good show.

  7. No more jensen ackles after season 10? No more dean? I think I’ll stop watching. Period.

  8. th mor twist th better but with all its xcters

  9. I don’t understand why Ackles can’t have his cake and eat it. Why can’t he do movies during Supernatural’s downtime? Or why can’t he be written out periodically, but then return when finished other projects? Or both.

  10. I’ll tell you one thing for sure. If there is no more Jensen Ackles then goodbye Supernatural. It would be a hard goodbye but it’s not supernatural if he’s not in it. I really really really do hope there will be more seasons

  11. I’m a huge fan of this series.
    Watched from Season 1 to Season 9 (on tv)
    and last month I started to watch Supernatural from Season 1 to Season 5 (on my computer) cuz I love this series.
    I bet there will be season 10, but I’m sticking to supernatural all the way until the day they decide to end this series.

  12. I think after Season 10 there should be at least another 2 Seasons :-) i think after that its enough :-) i forever could watch it, but i’m afraid at some point they maybe really run out of Ideas… I just hope that Season 10 is hood enough, so that anything is possible for more Seasons to come :-) Cheers from Austria :-)

  13. I am a 34 year old young man who just learned about the show when I was in the bed sick. I ordered season 1 and 2 . got them . started to watch season 1 . Watched the first few episodes and said to my self , this is a cool ass show. I did I not know about it. so I went online and ordered 3 thorugh 8 and pre ordered 9 ,and then they say thay might keep it on if the ratings stay up. What, is everyone who has been hooked on this show from the begining all of a sudden go to stop watching the show .”NO” .Now if the show goes off and they say it was becouse of the ratings , bull s–t. What Cw has is a “show phenomenon” supernatural is a show that has everything. why would a network gamble with that.

  14. excellent series i wanna see mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooore

  15. waiting for the season 10

  16. Love the show Supernatural. It would not be the same if Dean left, the whole shows’ premise is the Winchesters and their struggles. I love the character Cass, but he is simply part of the entourage. I do miss “Bobby”. Long time viewer and I’m over the age of 50.

  17. I really love this series very much.
    I saw every episode of every session.
    I like dean’s character so much.

  18. I love supernatural from the bottomf my heart and I just don’t want it to end. c I want to watch it for a long time.

  19. You have got to be kidding to consider stopping at season 10, or to go on without dean,Sam,&Cass, they make the show. There is so much that can b done with the show for future seasons. Do not stop at season 10

  20. I love Dean Winchester, he`s the reason why I`m watching Supernatural from Season 1-9!
    The story showing two brothers taking care of each other no matter what happens. Feel sad already when Bobby died on the show. He`s been missed to the show. If Dean Winchester will leave show after 10th season, only what i can say is “BALLS!” :)

  21. This series can NEVER end ….supernatural is wayyyyy too amazing

  22. supernatural is awesome! so don’t you dare to stop it! by: dean!

  23. this is the best show ever in the world so plz. everyone help keep it on the air everyone gets upset when a show goe’s off and always say what happend i cant believe its off well people watch it and it wont go off then you will wonder not any longer God Bless always Sam and Dean and Castiel and crowley God love them all !!!!!!! :) :) :) P.S.yes i have seen every show of every season everytime it or it rerun has aired its tvoed in this home lolol always !!!!!!!

  24. I will cry forever and a day if the show gets counseled!!

  25. Love this show ! :) All the seasons from 1 – 9 are been watched by me in month and a half…Interesting and of course I want more of them. Nothing without threesome: Dean, Sam and Cass. They have the connection fullfilled of brother love and friendship mixed with all those new ‘things’ of evil and good :) I love that ! Two more seasons and a greeeaaat finale !

    Greetings from Macedonia ^_^

  26. The show must go on, come on, dean now a demon, Cass without his mojo, no one running heaven, seriously??? That’s how supernatural ends, the Winchesters already find a way, Sam well cure dean add a demon and restore his humanity, come on, who’s gunna kill Crowley ?? it seriously and definitely can’t end like this, never…..

  27. 10, 11 n more just do it ok, i cant leave it between, i got edicted of it.

    “..if the ratings hold, of course”
    You bet your a** the ratings will hold!!!
    Supernatural fans unite!!!! hahaha
    Seriously though, Supernatural is the best show I’ve seen so far. It would literally break my heart if it were to end. I hope they make at least a few more seasons after Season 10. I’m so damn excited to see what happens in Season 10!!!! GOSH I’m so excited!! Love, love, LOOOOVE THIS SHOW!

  29. I really like this show, I agree with one posting saying that Dean, Sam, and Cass is the show but so was Bobby but the show is still good without that part. If the part of Dean is gone and only went on with Sam and Cass the show may not be as good, however, I would still give it a chance because it might be just as good as it’s been with the loss of other characters. I don’ t think people should just right the show off because of a change without giving it a chance.

    • I do also think that Castiel should get his own grace and wings back now that Metatron is locked up

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