Supernatural Season 6 ‘Like A Virgin’ Review & Discussion

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supernatural like a virgin Supernatural Season 6 Like A Virgin Review & Discussion
::Spoiler Warning!!::

Fresh from its cold winter slumber, Supernatural returns with a bang!

In what might be one of the best episodes of season 6, writer Adam Glass returns everyone’s favorite series back to its normal path, while also introducing the “Mother of all” – a game-changing nemesis that serves to drop a proverbial bomb on the Supernatural mythos.

When Death set out to return Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) tattered soul to his emotionless body, viewers were left in suspense as to what condition the unconscious Winchester would be in when the series returned from hiatus and Sam awoke. In a genius move to mislead the viewers from catching on to this episode’s final surprise, Sam’s current state – or lack there of – was instantly revealed.

Sam Winchester has thankfully returned to his former self – with just a few gaps in his memory. While any sort of cognizant repression provides for an initially intriguing storyline, continuous obliviousness often leads to stale storytelling and poor writing that’s always one step behind its viewers. Fortunately, Glass crafted a wonderful episodic plot that makes use of Sam’s memory-loss, while at the same time grounding this fantastical element by having Castiel (Misha Collins) reveal to Sam his past transgression.

Tasked with rescuing a group of self-described virgins from the grasps of conniving dragons, Sam and Dean (Jensen Ackles) are back in their familiar series roles of Sam being the compassionate one and Dean being the, well, “brash” one.

Despite certain core elements of the dragon storyline lacking the panache of Supernatural’s best episodes, Glass more than makes up for it with Dean’s “sword in the stone” scene and Sam’s attempt to elicit knowledge from Bobby (Jim Beaver). While I’ll admit that the episode could have used more Bobby and the obviousness by which his character is simply discarded as the mere information provider for Sam and Dean has gotten a bit old, it’s always intriguing when the series provides viewers with slight glimpses into the character’s backstory.

supernatural like a virgin 21 Supernatural Season 6 Like A Virgin Review & Discussion

As the dragon storyline came to a close, it could be considered the same “rinse and repeat” ending that most of Supernatural’s weekly monsters receive. Even though a single dragon got away, one wouldn’t have expected anything to come from it – at least not in this episode… BUT IT DID.

In one of the most shocking reveals in a long time, Supernatural decidedly threw down the gauntlet to any detractors of this season’s storylines and revealed the season six antagonist – the “Mother of All”.

Released from her prison in purgatory, viewers only caught a quick glimpse of the “Mother of All.” While no backstory was revealed, the name itself provides viewers with only one reasonable assumption – she is the mother of all… monsters.

But how? Why? And what does this mean for Sam, Dean, Bobby and Castiel?

supernatural like a virgin 31 Supernatural Season 6 Like A Virgin Review & Discussion

In what might be a dividing point amongst some fans, this nemesis refreshingly convolutes Supernatural’s already deep mythology. While some may say this character’s representation is too simplistic to be regarded as original, the potential storylines, story-arcs and character depth that can result from the introduction of the “Mother of All” is too great and wonderful to ignore.

While I’m sure it will be some time before we find out more about the “Mother of All,” as well as what her plans are for this Earthly plain – not to mention how Sam and Dean will defeat her – fans of the series can sit back and relax with the knowledge that Supernatural has, in fact, returned to its former glory.


Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

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  1. i love this episode so great. the ending was amazing, im guessing its the mother of all evil.

    • She is the mother of all the monster’s. The Alpha Vampire said “everyone has a mother” Leading me to believe that she is the mother of all of them Shape Shifters, Jinns, Vampires, Dragons, etc.

  2. this episode was incredible! best by far.
    the recap, the hug, the sword in the stone scene, ALL the pop culture references, the big bad. amazing.
    and im wondering if she is Echidna? i guess we’ll see

  3. Fantastic episode!!

  4. “Mother of All” is a traditional name for the oldest of the Mother Goddesses, namely Lilith. Looking at the actress portraying the Mother of All, she looks a bit like the last incarnation of Lilith before she was killed before the Apocalypse began. It would not surprise me if Supernatural has indeed resurrected Lilith for this season. Then again, I could be wrong.

  5. I thought Glass presented an episode that gave us a great emotional payoff, a solid MOTW and juicy mytharc. I did think Bobby’s role was developed here, and has been all season. i liked that he couldn’t just forget that Sam had tried to kill him, and the Dean and Bobby scenes are always wonderful.

  6. I shall be hurting everyone that works at my cable provider because I just realized Supernatural did not record tonight. It recorded last week when it was not actually on and I was stuck with an awful episode of Nikita. Tonight it over compensated and didn’t record at all.

    The anger with in me at this very moment is large. I shall Vanquish You Bright House Networks.

    • Damn unreliable technology!!

      • Yea well people can hate on me and cry at me all they want, but I downloaded it. I wanted to watch it cable let me down.

        Great episode by the way. Laughed alot when Cass went to hug Sam and Sam left him hanging lol.

        Not sure I’d say best of the season, but top 3 for sure. Hasn’t been the best season, but IMO there were 5 really good episodes and the top 3 are the elite.

    • I had it set to record also and for some reason it didn’t. I am sooo upset. :( I thought I recorded this same episode last week but it was a different show….what is going on with my stupid comcast????

    • Daniel,

      When in need: Amazon on-demand, only $2. Saved me this morning when the kids woke up and wanted to watch the same episode we all watched last night. Yes, my kids LOVE Supernatural.

  7. I LOL’d when they revealed the “Mother of All”. THATS THE BIG BADDIE WHOS GONNA TOP Lucifer?!?!? ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Great eppy, will tune in again next week!

  8. Love the show, glad to see the Winchester boys back.

  9. Great episode. Definitely a throw-back. And they finally brought back a big aspect that’s been missing thus far in Season 6: the great music. Didn’t think I could be more of a fan, but they keep putting out great shows.

  10. I thought this was top episode. So if Lilith back get the colt and take her out. Unless she is one the five things immune to the colt. Let us take it up a notch I want a season 7? Does anyone know if guys will be at comic con this year again?

  11. Hey guys…Umm is it just me or Does iTunes really have the 13th episode of Supernatural, ready for download? It says Sam keeps having flashbacks and when they arrive at a small town, the people there began telling Dean all the things Sam did during his soul-less adventures on his own.

    • hello mikah dont worry I got the same thing too idk what was up with the whole itunes thing having “like a virgin” download for a second time. i think they might come out with some sort of statement or somthing really soon

  12. The episode is called Unforgiven on iTunes





  14. hey mikah i the same thing happened to me i just watched like a virgin hopeing to watch the next episode but it was like a virgin for a second time. i think someone at itunes or the supernatural people screwed up and aired the same episode twice, idk i think they will have some sort of statement soon though telling us the truth

    • yeah John, you are absolutely correct! I was HIGHLY dissappointed LOL man I was really hoping to see the next episode…I think it had somethin to do with the show opening a week later than its original schedule..Oh well I cant wait for this Friday

  15. Hey Everyone, I have A different twist to who is actually the “Mother of All” in this episode. Great episode by the way, but first let me state my opinions regarding the some of other opinions. I don’t think Lilith is the mother because she was never labeled as a mother in the past; she was always tagged with being the first human that Lucifer turned “demon” and in last season “The Winchesters” brought down “Lucifer” AKA freakin “Satan” who in my opinion is 100 time badder than any demon could be. so I don’t think Lilith would be a strong follow up nemeses from last seasons “Lucifer” saga.

    Now, It could be the mother of all monsters because In the beginning of this season “The Winchesters” have had to deal with Leprechauns, Elf’s, Noms(i think), and dragons, all considered fair-tale monsters so this could be true, (hints: the sword in the stone scene) however I still don t think that Trumps last seasons “Lucifer Raising and falling” saga

    So who is the mother?
    Im going to go out on a lim and say that the “Mother of All” is actually “Hera” queen and mother of the old “Greek Gods” she is also known as “Mother Earth” (hints: Mother of All title), “White Arm Goddess” (Hints: she was wearing pure white at the end of this episode), and “Goddess of Fertility” (hints: the virgins she needs to create monsters), and yes: in greek mythology the Greek Gods did create monsters like Hydra, medusa and nymph’s to do their bidding. So Greek Gods are actually the creators of monsters. Plus in Queen Hera’s storyline, every year she would go to the spring Canathus as Nauplia and renewed her virginity in the mystical waters. So Hera had the gift to make herself a virgin again (hint hint everyone…lol).

    For the writers to go this route would make a great and epic storyline. That would make us forget that Lucifer ever existed and if you noticed the great Battle between heaven and hell isn’t becoming that big of an issue anymore in the storyline.

    My last point, regarding this twist. If your a fan of Supernatural then you know that Supernatural started off only battling monsters,for a couple seasons then next season “Demons” then it was Demons and Angels, then they fought bad angels, then last season with Lucifer. they touch on fair-tales a little bit in the first part of this season. Now theirs only one genre of mythology that the Supernatural writers haven’t ever touched yet. Greek Mythology

    So Just imagine:

    The long forgotten Greeks Gods “Zeus and Hera” verses the God we know today and his angels.What a battle that would be.


    The long Forgotten Greek Gods verses The Titans how were destroyed by them in the beginning.

    Its only storyline that trumps Lucifers raising and falling.

    Please Comment, whats your toughts

  16. Its going to be interesting on how the writes will tie all together with the demons and angles. And how Castiel didn’t know about this remember, angles are a part of God. And what about Michael and Lucfer and Horseman how would they fit in? It would be nice also if we had more kick a$$ hunters in the game. I know there so much to write plus to keep everyone happie.

  17. This twist makes me wonder about few directions the show could go with both this season and the next one. More than likely, they’ll say this “Mother” is the inspiration behind the legend of “Echidna” the greek mother of all monsters. I think it would be great if they follow in suit and also introduce “Typhon: The Father of all Monsters”. Not only is he supposedly VASTLY more powerful than Echidna, but he is also considered the most deadly monster in all of Greek Mythology. Plus, the pair of them would leave one each for Sam and Dean to kill.

  18. Great episode and I am glad to the whole Sma has no soul story arc close. This episode was probably my favorite of the season because it gave me some osort of direction and something to anticipate for the coming episodes. “Mother of Evil” is what came to my mind and they could use this so call mother of all to tie teh sho win with the Lucifer story arc. Maybe she could be Lucifer’s companion, again trying to release Lucifer from his cage and upset at the Winchesters for stopping Lucifer? I think that is a good idea….

  19. guessing it could be echidna or the greek titians mother Rhea because there both mothers and echidna is the mother of monsters and rhea is titian queen so it could be eithier one they probly brought echidna alive bc she is the mother of monsters and her greek term is mother of all evil