Supernatural: Castiel Gets A Sidekick; Sam & Dean Go ‘Meta’

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supernatural2 Supernatural: Castiel Gets A Sidekick; Sam & Dean Go Meta

The second half of Supernatural season 6 is looking like it will be a wild ride for the Winchester brothers. With the return of some fan-favorite characters, a trip to another dimension and another spin in the way-back machine, Supernatural will hit the airwaves swinging.

Though some fans were disappointed in the lack of Castiel (Misha Collins) during the first half of the season, Supernatural’s resident angel will make his return early in the second half as the battle between Heaven and Hell heats up. Castiel will also be getting a female sidekick by the name of Rachel; though the part has yet to be cast, producers say she’ll be a  “pretty twenty-something angel with a finely tuned BS detector.”

After their encounter with Castiel and his new partner, the boys pull a hat-trick on time travel by somehow making their way to the end of the Nineteenth century where there will be the meeting of Winchester and Colt. If you remember your Supernatural mythos, you’ll know Colt as the legendary craftsman of the gun capable of killing nearly anything otherworldly with a single bullet.

Finally, the February 18th episode gives the actors a chance to reflect on the characters they’ve created—or perhaps that’s the other way around.

According to showrunner Sera Gamble:

“There is no magic, there is a television show called ‘Supernatural’ and everyone seems convinced that they are the actors named Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. It appears that there are actors having a psychotic break on a set and the producers don’t know what to do, basically.”

Gamble sounds very pleased with how the self-referencing episode turned out. “The dailies are fall-on-the-floor hilarious. The guys are so funny in this episode. And, you know, meta is not to everyone’s taste, but I enjoy a nice slice of meta.”

How meta does the episode get? Well, Supernatural creator Eric Kripke, executive producer Robert Singer and even Gamble all make appearances in the show, but not as themselves. Part of the episode concerns the search for Kripke, who has isolated himself in some undisclosed location while writing the script for a SyFy Channel original movie. Meanwhile, actor Brian Doyle-Murray plays Singer, while Gamble will be a voice over the phone. Gamble has yet to confirm whether she will be supplying the actual voice.

supernatural castiel Supernatural: Castiel Gets A Sidekick; Sam & Dean Go Meta

The meta episode sounds very similar to the X-Files fan favorite episode “Men in Black”, highlighted by such weirdness as Alex Trebek being partnered with Jesse Ventura, which itself was a nice palate cleanser to the often dark and maudlin tones of the program.

Considering Supernatural‘s history of hilariously poking fun at itself, this episode will surely be one not to miss.

Supernatural airs Fridays @9pm, on The CW

Sources: Zap2it, TVOvermind

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  1. I don’t get it… what’s meta?

    • I would assume it’s an abbreviated form of metaphysical fantasy.

    • In this instance (but generally in most instances), “Meta” refers to something being self-referential or being about itself.

      In relation to this article, “meta” refers to the fact that Supernatural is doing an episode where Sam & Dean end up on the set of a television show called “Supernatural” and people think they’re actors called Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

      Hope that helps!

      • yeah i completely understand now! thanks :)

    • “Meta”‘s a prefix meaning “changed”, “after” or “beyond” (amongst other things) that needs to be attached to or part of another word, like “metaphorical”, “metatarsal” or “metempsychosis”. I’ve never heard it used on its own to mean “self-referential”, though I suppose it must be for Sera Gamble to be throwing it into a sentence like that. Twice. If it is popular use I’m guessing it started as a lazy shorthand for something seen as being vaguely related to “metaphysics” – the philosophy of principle and cause as opposed to matter.

      I’ll shut up now…

      • IN popular use… 😛

  2. Just happy to see more of Castiel.

  3. same i love cas. god bless that damn hot angel

  4. What’s the chances that when the brothers travel back in time to meet the Colt guy, he somehow uses the demon killing knife to make the demon killing gun? I think that would be awesome in a full circle kinda way. The boys being indirectly responsible for the creation of the colt would be cool.

    • Haha… You just blew my mind!

      • It worked out well for John Connor. Not so much for Kyle Reese though.

  5. Oh dear. This doesn’t sound half as clever as they think it is. To say this show has been on downturn is an understatement. Out of the first half of this season there has been 2 great episodes and all the others were mediocre at best.

  6. I’m stoked. Can’t wait for the return of the show.

  7. Anthony…The Colt kills ANYTHING it strikes a mark at, not nearly,unless i’ve missed something

    • Scratch that I’m sorry, err Kevin I mean, I’m used to the great Anthony Ocasio writing the Supernatural columns

      • Haha… Who says you can’t have a favorite reader. 😉

        I’m working on another Supernatural piece right now. I think you’ll like it.

    • It didn’t hurt Lucifer…

      • I remember that now Sam, I wasn’t please with that episode as well, kind of felt cheated by it actually. You would have thought the writers would have had Bobby dig that info up so as to not surprise the boys.

        • that Bobby had dug up the information that the colt does not hurt lucifer? or any angels for that matter. yeah i dont see that that would happen even though its a supernatural show.

    • In the episode where it failed to kill lucifer he said there were other things it couldn’t kill. Was it 5 things?? I can’t remember right now. But that kinda proves it can’t kill just anything.

  8. This show just gets better and better!!

  9. I’m not that excited about this. I’ve been a super fan all the way until this last season and my reaction to the continuing plot since they put the devil back in the cage has been full of ups and downs, mostly downs. O well. I’ll still keep watching until the end.

  10. I think it would be cool if Jeffrey Dean Morgan played either Samuel Colt or the Hunter whom he made the gun for. (a hunter named either John or Dean Winchester an ancestor of current day Dean) or have Jim Beaver play Samuel Colt and JDM play past John Winchester.

    just an idea.

    • Not a bad idea Ringlady. I’d also like to see Dean patch up his relationships with Lisa and Ben.

  11. Hell yes, I am incredibly excited!!!! More Castiel (FINALLY), a meta episode ANDD a western episode?!
    PLUS theyre gonna start being more like brothers again,
    I cant even …

  12. What a dick move , err Anthony, attacking te new writter on the basis of a mis print when you turned out to be wrong.