In attendance for the 2009 Comic-Con Supernatural panel were Eric Kripke, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Sara Gamble and Ben Edlund.

This is Misha Collins and Jim Beavers’ first ever Comic-Con appearances.

The preview opened up with the Ghost Facers doing what they do best, and that’s trying to steal the show.  Then they remembered that they were supposed to be introducing Supernatural.  Very funny.

They recapped old scenes with the usual awesome classic rock song accompaniment of Judas Priest, “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’.”

The preview clip we got was called “Sympathy For The Devil.”  The Winchester brothers are examining a wrecked room, which turned out to be Chuck’s (The prophet writer) house.  Chuck was telling them that Cas (Castiel) got wasted by the archangel.

Then Zachariah and two other angels were in the room, tying to tell Dean it’s time to do their bidding.  Meanwhile Dean does nothing but call him names like ass-hat and other funny terms.  In this short clip, Dean banishes these 3 angels with a blood symbol on the wall, much like the one Cas showed him in the season 4 finale.

After that, we got into some details on the show.

The creative forces tossed around the idea of how to bring Castiel back, but then they reassured us that Misha will be back in his trench coat.  But.  (Yep, there’s a but.)  The Archangel wasted Castiel, so when he comes back, will he be the same?  It was noted that being blown up changes you.  He’s lost some angel mojo and lost some of his friends in higher places.  Castiel has an ambitious mission he’s on, but in the process, he has to learn to be human and Dean does what he does best, and helps Castiel do that by taking him to a whore house.  Typical.

Jim Beaver has a tee-shirt on that says “I do all my own stunts.”

Old friends and old hunters like Rufus will be back, as will Ellen and her daughter Joe.  Meg will also be back in the season opener played by Rachel Miner.

Episode 4 goes into the future and takes a look at the apocalypse.  It’s like their 28 Days Later episode, but 5 years down the road.  They said that seeing the end of the world was a cool script.

Someone asked if Ruby knew she was tricking Sam?  She was always a bad guy and her motivation was to drive the boys apart.  The writers tried to make Ruby likable so they could pull the rug out from under us.

Someone wanted to know who changed the voice mail message that Dean heard on his cell, but like in many panels, they didn’t answer and just said that it’s just something that will be left open.

Lucifer roaming the Earth is a bit on the funny side at times.  During the apocalypse, they note that the pandas are finally gone!

The brothers do come back together with season 5.

Because of their reduced budget, they called this the Walmart apocalypse because of their reduced budget.

The moderator pushed Kripke about going beyond 5 seasons.  We all know that Kripke has said he had a 5-year plan for the show.  But he said that as season 5 develops, we’ll see about season 6.  They’re in the 5th year of the story and the Lucifer storyline will wrap up in season 5.

A Misha fan asked about working with Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles.  Misha Collins and Jim Beaver noted it’s nice to have such a fantastic supporting cast.  Beaver said that they need to keep them on board to help hash out Beaver’s and Collin’s own characters.

There will be a monster-of-the-week type tale here and there.

Demons have always been the driving source behind the stories and the Winchester brothers facing Lucifer has always been in the cards from day one.

Production value / cost is responsible for how some of the music has tapered of.  Their music budget has been cut in half, so we only get one song every other episode or so.

Kripke suggested writing letters to Warner Brothers to help them see the value of music.

There’s been surprisingly little backlash on the show using angels and demons in their stories.


Misha joked Eric is starting his own religion with this show.  Kripke:  “I am so going to L Ron Hubbard this sh**!”

The legend of the Colt is still around.

To play Castiel, Misha has to sets his personal beliefs aside and having an angel being put amongst humans after being gone for 2,000 years is interesting.

There will be more meta-episodes, like the one where the brothers were lowly office workers not knowing who they really were at first.

What’s happened to John since he’s escaped hell?  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty busy and the want is on both sides, but the schedule will not work out.

Jessica is coming back.  (Adrienne Palicki)  She’s back and this time it’s personal.

Someone asked about a Supernatural sound track but no record companies seem interested.  Yet, to quote the response, they were met with a “big fat middle finger.”  They’re talking about a possible play list on iTunes.

We got a sneak peak of a gag reel from the DVD set.  It was pretty funny.

The Supernatural DVD will be out September 1st.  Season 5 of Supernatural premieres on September 10th.