Supernatural 2009 Comic-Con Panel

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The moderator pushed Kripke about going beyond 5 seasons.  We all know that Kripke has said he had a 5-year plan for the show.  But he said that as season 5 develops, we’ll see about season 6.  They’re in the 5th year of the story and the Lucifer storyline will wrap up in season 5.

supernatural misha collins and jim beaver in comic con panel Supernatural 2009 Comic Con Panel

A Misha fan asked about working with Jared Padelecki and Jensen Ackles.  Misha Collins and Jim Beaver noted it’s nice to have such a fantastic supporting cast.  Beaver said that they need to keep them on board to help hash out Beaver’s and Collin’s own characters.

There will be a monster-of-the-week type tale here and there.

Demons have always been the driving source behind the stories and the Winchester brothers facing Lucifer has always been in the cards from day one.

Production value / cost is responsible for how some of the music has tapered of.  Their music budget has been cut in half, so we only get one song every other episode or so.

Kripke suggested writing letters to Warner Brothers to help them see the value of music.

There’s been surprisingly little backlash on the show using angels and demons in their stories.


supernatural eric kripke Supernatural 2009 Comic Con Panel

Misha joked Eric is starting his own religion with this show.  Kripke:  “I am so going to L Ron Hubbard this sh**!”

The legend of the Colt is still around.

To play Castiel, Misha has to sets his personal beliefs aside and having an angel being put amongst humans after being gone for 2,000 years is interesting.

There will be more meta-episodes, like the one where the brothers were lowly office workers not knowing who they really were at first.

What’s happened to John since he’s escaped hell?  Jeffrey Dean Morgan is pretty busy and the want is on both sides, but the schedule will not work out.

Jessica is coming back.  (Adrienne Palicki)  She’s back and this time it’s personal.

Someone asked about a Supernatural sound track but no record companies seem interested.  Yet, to quote the response, they were met with a “big fat middle finger.”  They’re talking about a possible play list on iTunes.

We got a sneak peak of a gag reel from the DVD set.  It was pretty funny.

The Supernatural DVD will be out September 1st.  Season 5 of Supernatural premieres on September 10th.

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  1. I don’t know what to think about supernatural. I have the feeling that kripke and gamble in their attempt to be original and to gain more audience, are spreading garbage. I am not an activist, but it really calls my attention how this show goes against some values that are considered desirable and democratic worldwide (and that others shows and movies are currently spreading; for example, heroes and xmen).

    I mean, if the beliefs of dean, the main character of the show who is always right, represent kripke and gamble´s beliefs of what is desirable in our society, we are dead. For example, Supernatural punishes lies and disobedience, but doesn’t condemn repression and intolerance; praises a codependent brotherly love that more than love is necessity and emptiness, and that ended up transforming Sam, the independent, full of confidence, chin-up boy of Stanford into a weak, useless and insecure man who is unable to make a good decision and needs his older brother to take care of him (and the audience seems to adore it!).

  2. marianne: SUPERNATURAL is just damn good story telling, with the journeys the characters are developing upon. Nothing more.

  3. Aside from Dexter (showtime) Supernatural is my favorite show on televesion which is saying a lot about the show. I love the whole storyline thus far and the actors that they have choen for the roles are incredible. Furtheremore, the whole environment that they have created is simply incredible.
    Taking that into consideration, I dont know how I feel about their comic con panel. Reduced budget? 1 song per episode? Why? I dont understand why the CW just doenst off another one of their shows and promote and increase the budget for Supernatural more. A wal mart Apocolyps does not sound to appealing. AND I REALLY dont want them to do a 6th season. I mean lets face it Lucifer is as bad as it gets who are they going to face next season, it just wouldnt make sense.
    I do have confidence in Kripke and the actors and I hope they do teh show right.

    Really looking forward to this coming season, aside from what I have seen at comic con


    Here’s some really good news: If you really liked season 4, then don’t worry about season 5.

    I feel their budget references were to an older issue that they were reminding us about.

    One of the options that was on the table to get renewed for season 4 was the budget for SUPERNATURAL. In the process of being renewed they took massive budget hits. (I presume that music was one of those budgets.)

    For me, I found the reduced budget to be a blessing in disguise.

    Less money meant they had to focus less on visual extravaganza and more on developed, focused character writing, which is why I think season 4 of Supernatural rocked!

    “budget cuts force them to tighten their focus on characters”

    They had to focus more on characters and make those scenes and interaction between characters even more compelling.

    For me, it worked. So don’t fret. I think they were just reminding us about their limitations and when he referenced a Walmart apocalypse, I had no fear what so ever that they would fail me. Instead of showing the world itself collapsing into failure, they’re just going to show how the world collapsing is affecting a few individuals and their experiences with it.



  5. The budget cuts crippled season 4. The Angels merely “disappearing” using a simple camera trick was pathetic.

    I mean, I don’t understand how shows like Stargate Atlantis and Battlestar Galactica had the budget to do outstanding effects week in and week out, yet supernatural can barely have a few songs or an explosion here and there.

    I’m not saying season 4 was bad, it wasn’t the best so far however, but you could really tell there were budgetary issues, which is a shame. (Especially now they need it more than ever – how can you do a satisfactory Apocalypse – with friggin Lucifer himself for pete’s sake – and make it believable on that puny budget?)

    I don’t know but I’ll reserve final judgement until I see the finished product. I remain scepticle.

  6. Supernatural is one of the most amazing shows on television. I would put it in my top 5 of all time for sure. Settling in comfortable around number 4 or 5. The Shield, Angel, and Buffy ahead of it and it being to close and to hard to tell against Rescue me. Currently on TV it’s number one or two for me.

  7. Supernatural is an amazing show that has amazing fine points.
    Without Kripke, the show would lose most of it’s creditability in my book.

    I really hope this truly is the “final” season of Supernatural because it would be a nice finish to the show. If the Studio picks it up I’ll be very disappointed.

    I’m really looking forward to the new season… thanks Bruce!

  8. @ bruce

    yea I agree with you about the budget cuts being a blessing in disguise. I am going toi stay optimistic and hope that they work

  9. I disagree Casey I really don’t want to see this be the finale season. I’m sure it will be, but I don’t want it to be this show is a great show and deserves at least 7 seasons. It’s brilliant and I can’t get enough of it.

  10. mareanne u got this all wrong. If u really look at Deans character u will see that his life style all the babe’s and the hero stuff is something that most guys would love 2 have but he actually resents it. he did not choose his life style he was forced into it and is a reflection of his fathers life style after the passing of his mother. Sam character is not weak per-say but broken from having all this crap forced upon him too, and dean practically raised Sam(there father was mostly not around) so of course Sam is going to turn to his big bro for guidance and help.

    the apocalypse thing has been over done (mostly by heroes i mean how many times do they have to save the world/future, that show is to repetitive) but this story in supernatual has been moving toward that from the first episode and is just this story‘s version of the way things are going to end in that story. kripke is just trying to give us a good story line with likeable/relatable characters, he is not trying 2 step on anyone’s toes or say that dean is Jesus or the ideal man. i hope this was helpful to you and just try to enjoy the show.


  11. I love Bobby Singer played by the amazing Jim Beaver.
    I think the show would lose a lot if they lost him.