Supernatural: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

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supernatural season 6 Supernatural: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

If you haven’t been watching Supernatural these past five years, you should hang your head in shame because you’ve been missing some of the best television on the air. Tonight, CW’s hit series celebrates 100 episodes and, as usual, they don’t disappoint.

With Zachariah (Kurt Fuller) and the Devil (Mark Pellegrino) hot on the trail of the Winchester brothers, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) narrowly escaping from heaven only to find, and slay, the Whore of Babylon, there’s no doubt that the Apocalypse is near.

In last night’’s episode, things become much more complicated as the angels decide that Dean isn’t the only choice for Michael’s vessel, but will Sam, Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) be able to prevent their new choice from saying “yes?”


As a fan of Supernatural, you’re probably expecting me to say how wonderful the 100th episode is and how, through-out the entire episode, I was glued to my seat.

Since I’m one to never disappoint, I will admit that the previous statement is true, but as a fan of the series, I’m also able to say that this episode wasn’t the best of the entire series or even the best of this season.

supernatural 100 episodes adam Supernatural: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Despite the numerous high-points – Castiel beating the proverbial hell out of Dean, for example – this episode is plagued by a familiar character that feels forced into the plot. In fact, I would even go as far to say that the introduction of Adam Milligan (Jake Abel) was probably one of the weakest moments in the Supernatural franchise.

While I hate to say that a single character prevents me from truly enjoying the episode, it’s somewhat true. We have all our favorite characters – Sam, Dean, Bobby, Castiel and Zachariah – reaching the pinnacle of this season’s story-arc with Adam callously thrown in only to progress the plot to the next step.

Putting my Supernatural fanboy nit-picking aside, the third act in this episode exemplifies why I continue to tune in week after week, season after season. Not only is there a wonderful showdown with the Winchester brothers and Zachariah, but Castiel, proving yet again why he is such a fan favorite, shines as the self-less angelic hero.

supernatural 100 episodes dean zachariah Supernatural: 100th Episode Review & Discussion

Final Thoughts

Compared to the episode two weeks ago, “Dark Side of the Moon,” where Sam and Dean go to heaven and fan favorites Ash (Chad Lindberg) and Pamela (Traci Dinwiddie) return, the 100th episode is a bit of a letdown to long-time Supernatural fans. While the story is solid and the episode is as entertaining as ever, I would have rather seen a celebration of the series as a whole instead of just an episode progressing the current season’s storyline.

What did you think of the 100th episode of Supernatural? Where you as bothered as I was with the returning character? What do you think is going to happen now?

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  1. With this being such an important milestone and with the way the last episode ended I was really hoping to see more of Michael, some more interaction between him and Dean would have been awesome to see, but this episode really shines in showing the changes in Dean's attitude and character.

    This season has so far done a brilliant job of giving an atmosphere of inevitable defeat, and as the season soon draws to a close I really have to wonder if the writers have been able to think up a suitable way for the boys to defeat the Devil, that lives up to the standards of some of the episodes this season like “Dark Side of the Moon”.

  2. First off, I would have to say that Supernatural (other than Dexter on Showtime) is my favorite show and I consider myself an avid watcher. Now taking that into consideration I have to say that the past 3 episodes of the show were not what I wanted. Dont get me wrong they were still quite good and had their moments but I feel that there was something missing.
    -It all began with the episode that Sam and Dean die and go to heaven. I feel like they took taht episode too far and I think that heaven was something that was better left too imagination. No only that but (yes I know the show's budget is low) heaven looked like earth. They really were no effects of any sort added to capture the essence of a new mystical environment. The saving grace of that episode was Joshua and the whole conversation they had with him was great.
    -Then came the episode with teh whore from baylon which I thought was FANTASTIC all the way to the end where Dean went and met up with his supposed “it” good who we have not heard of since teh beginning of season 3. Just seemed thrown in there and too out of the blue. I could understand if she was mentioned a couple of times in the season, but she was not. I am sure over half the audience was wondering “who the hell is that?”
    -Now with this last episode, I thought it was good, but yeah NOT as good as it should have been. Their other brother was also just kind of thrown in there and a ot of people were also probably wondering who he was (he was only in 1 episode and yes no mention of him since) Other than that this episode was good and I think that it put us on track for the finale (season, although it should be series).
    -One question? Where the hell has the Devil been? He has not been in like the past 10 episodes. They should use his character a bit more dont you think?
    Once again dont get me wrong I think the show is still great but instead of finishing off strong it started off strong I would have to say

  3. I agree that I was disappointed with this episode, especially since it was the 100th episode. I thought the best part of this episode was the 'Dean killing Zachariah' scene. There were some interesting questions raised about Dean in that scene (how could he kill Zachariah with the angel-killing knife? how was Dean able to look right into Zachariah's eyes as he was dying?), but I'm afraid all of this and any other storylines dealing with Michael will be rushed and addressed in only one single episode.

  4. I enjoyed the episode! I even liked the mix of a third brother, Adam is a nice addition and I hope they keep him along with Castiel!

  5. I was not disappointed by the episode. I enjoyed it very much. It's a rollercoaster ride.

  6. i really liked this episode. i mean the two episodes before this one, was fantastic, really really great, and im not disappointed by this episode even tho it was not as good as the others. i feel that they've come such a long way and the episodes that has come out now are just great every single one. there were some in the earlier seasons that bad, especially in s1 and 2. but i must say, i think they become better and better:)

    and i also like the Adam storyline. i enjoyed him in the last episode he was in (even tho it was a ghoul) and i do hope he gets to join a few more episode atleast.
    to be honest, im not worried about the ending, im guessing it will be a cliffhanger, and like they wont kill the devil. but rahter in the next season, maybe mid and then we'll see some of the old fashioned excellent ghost hunting episodes before it closes off:) cause we havent seen much of the devil, and i doubt the third time we see him he'll die.. so, but thats just how i see it:) im excited for the next episodes and im glad another season is coming!

  7. I enjoyed this last episode but was confused with Dean killing Zachariah. Did I miss something? I had thought only an angel could kill an angel. Can anyone kill an angel with this special sword or only “a servant of heaven”? I hope this is cleared up.

  8. i liked it! it showed dean as a person who is always fighting to the point where he has given up. but not completely on family.

  9. I wonder if the anti christ will have something to do will helping kill the devil.

  10. Yeah, that threw me off a lot too. I want to say “servant of heaven”, but that's definitely a hole in the plot.

  11. I liked Adam's first appearance, but this one felt sort of tacked on.

  12. I agree about the brother being thrown in. It seemed so rushed or something. When he first showed up I was confused and had to try to remember who he was and then I spent the rest of the episode not liking him and wishing they'd just left him out. Maybe it's the actor I don't like, I don't know. There was only one moment where one of his lines made me think he really reminded me of Dean (right before Sam said 'What that attitude you'll fit right in around here” or something like that). That was the only time I felt any connection between him and the brothers.

    Still love the show like mad though.

  13. I personally was very disappointed with the episode. Adam Milligan? What sort of tacky plot was that? He didn't have anything to do with the story? I really thought this episode would be different. I hoped for the appearance of Michael and Lucifer and a total brawl between them, and that God would have to come in and stop them. Well, I guess u don't always get what u want, huh? More importantly, why I am hearing that Season 6 will be a “return to the basics”? The Armageddon storyline should continue, as 1 season is really not enough. Cas, Michael, Bobby, Gabriel, Sam and Dean, Lucifer, and God… They should all have an appearance and one final battle should happen between angels and demons. Well, I guess it wont be so interesting since Bobby is gonna die by the end of the season… I hope they will improve things by next year! And I also hope that at least the all-out war will happen in the next 4 episodes, if not season 6 =P

  14. i have to agree with you at some level, cause i did like adams last performance much better than this one, but i wasnt disappointed:)

  15. He's a good actor, sure. He plays the role well. From the perspective of story, though, I thought it was kind of half-baked. At least until the end. The finale was a real grand ordeal, if not a bit confusing. I mean, aren't angels the only ones that can kill angels? Even Lucifer goes by that rule… so…

    By the way, great picture. My spoon is too big!

  16. Yeah, that's where my concern has been for a while now. It's either stuff to do with Michael that they might rush or it's a big gaping plot hole that they were too excited to notice. Either way makes me frown anxiously.

  17. yeah it was a bit confusing, but i suppose it was because hes a servant of heaven, and its a bit confusing cause we dont really know much about it yet, but i hope it will unfold more as the season comes to an end:) what it means, et cetera you know. im not sure if he became that when he said yes to be the puppet doll to the angels, or something maybe god decided. but i suppose they'll get closer in on that:) what i REALLY want them to explain to me is.. why he cant just kill the devil with that angel knife, if he can kill zachariah with it.

    hah yeah thanks:)

  18. For me, Heaven made sense. Heaven is too often described as mystical. It was nice to see a milder portrayal. It was even a clever one- Heaven as our best memories over and over. I like that idea. Love it, even.

  19. I think the “servant” thing is a matter of personal faith, and thus he wasn't really able to kill the Whore until about halfway through that episode. That's when I got the vibe he was a religious dude.

  20. I watched the episode a 2nd time hoping for clues. I'm suspecting that something has happened to Dean. Possibly something has changed in him. He had the power to kill the whore of Babylon and to now kill Zachariah. Did he also withstand seeing his true visage when he died; since Dean did not have that ability when he first met Castiel? The upcoming episodes will be very exciting.

  21. True… Normally they give more clues regarding things like that, but I suppose it's always a very real possibility that Dean has undergone a far more serious change in perspective than even I anticipated.

  22. completely agreed. The plot worked in the end, but the entire thing felt a bit cockeyed to the rest of the series. Like, they know they need to wrap this story up but they're trying to fit it all in last-minute.

    My favorite part of this episode was without a shadow of a doubt the first few minute, with Zach in the bar, chatting nonchalantly if not irritably. Great scene, played for both the laughs and the shock value.

  23. Has it been confirmed that there will be a season 6? I love the show but if they are going to keep going by prophecy (Revelation), the final battle between Dean and Sam (Michael and Lucifer) will herald in the final judgment, then paradise on earth. I don't see where you go from there. Of course, the writers could go in a whole different direction and have season 6 be the final season. I surely wouldn't mind it.

  24. I like Supernatural and watched the show from the beginning. I just don't believe that angels are exactly like they are portrayed in Supernatural. If angels are just as evil and no count as demons, then why have a battle between good and evil when it's just between evil and not so evil. Why does Michael need a vessel? Would God really take a hike to somewhere land? Who are these writers writing this way? With Buffy and Angel, we still had a sense that the Cross is something vampires fear. Along with God. In Supernatural, Angels and God are portrayed as these listless rudderless beings who'll slit your throat as fast as a demon would. God will order the death of innocent people to suit his whims. Sounds like these writers for supernatural are angry at God for some reason. They certainly don't read the Bible to guide their writing. Michael will not have a vessel when he sends Satan to hell. I doubt that angels in heaven are these lawless fighting amongst themselves power hungry thugs.

  25. This is one of my favorite episodes, and you sound like a fangirl *the author of this article and any other 3rd Winchester haters* who would have griped about anyone who wasn’t the two Winchester bothers. Sorry hun, but you just sound like a bitter Becky to me. I quite enjoy Adam’s character because he adds to the story. In fact, I will probably stop watching Supernatural if they do not bring him back. I was pretty partial to his character at first, but he grew one and is a true Winchester. Oh, and you must really loathe ‘Swans Song’ if you are not a fan of the character. I hope that you enjoyed every minute of Adam being Michael’s vessel and not Dean. :) Oh and yes Adam Milligan is my favorite Winchester brother.