Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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supernatural2 Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is a milestone for many reasons. Not only is series creator Eric Kripke leaving the show after this season, but it is also the end of an era. After tonight, the story of Supernatural will have been told. The journey that Kripke wanted to take viewers on when he created the series five years ago will have been traveled – and as we look on to the sixth season, things will start anew.

What does this mean? I have no idea. I can’t think of another example in television where a series creator has flat-out said that there’s a specific story they wanted to tell, with a specific ending and if the show continues, there will be a whole new story.

We will not know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing until this fall. What we know right now is that there’s a battle between Heaven and Hell and someone (Sam) needs to shove the Devil back into his box.

So, sit back, relax, listen to “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas because It’s the fifth season Supernatural finale!


As the episode began, it quickly became apparent that this was no typical season finale – even for Supernatural. There was no monster-of-the-week intro, but a mere discussion – a discussion between brothers.

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Sam and Dean – despite fighting evil together they’re entire life – have had many arguments (many arguments),  but not many discussions – especially of this caliber. It would be this discussion that not only paves the way for how the events of the season finale would unfold, but also give the characters a new direction to take as the series continues into next season.

The addition of Chuck as the narrator was an ingenious move by Kripke, as it allowed the viewers to take a step back from simply watching an episode and recognize that they’re being told a story – Eric Kripke’s story.

No matter how many seasons Supernatural continues past this fifth one, this was the story Kripke had envisioned. And, after five years, he is able to leave the series with the satisfaction of knowing that that he was able to tell it.

Some may say that finale battle between Michael and Lucifer was anti-climatic, but I argue that this season was never about the Apocalypse. It was always about the relationship between two brothers – whether they be human or ethereal. The fact that the final conversation between Michael and Lucifer about their relationship is almost an exact echo of conversations that Sam and Dean have previously had is proof of that.

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While I was completely happy with the finale, I can’t help but fulfill another one of Chuck’s prophecies, “Fans are always going to bitch.”

Upon first seeing the flashbacks of the Impala, I thought (like the inclusion of Chuck as the narrator), that it was an ingenious idea. That is, until I saw the reason for the flashbacks. The fact that they would use a something as insignificant as an Army man stuck in the ashtray as the moment where Sam can now overpower the devil is somewhat insulting. With the entire mythos that Supernatural has created these past five years, they could have found something more significant to not only Sam and Dean but also to the fans, instead of something that they needed to shove in at the last minute.

Speaking of shoving something down our throats, The CW went out of their way to reveal in the description of this episode that a “beloved character” would die in this episode. Considering Adam Winchester is by no means a beloved character, I’m left wondering… who died?

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Yes, Sam/Lucifer jumped into Hell, but we also saw Sam – in whatever form – appear at the end of the episode. Add in the fact that Jared Padalecki has one more year left on his contract and I easily draw the conclusion that he’s nowhere near dead. The only two characters that I worried about dying were Bobby and Castiel. While both died in the episode – and my heart sank with each death – they were back as good as new when the episode came to a close.

That being said, Supernatural (with all its flaws) continues to be one of my favorite shows on television. I have been a fan for the past five years and will continue to watch until the series finally does come to an end.

What’s in store next for Sam and Dean? I have no idea, but you can bet that I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation when fall comes around.

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Final Thoughts

The fifth season finale of Supernatural was everything that fans could have wanted and so much more. And, if needed, would have been a beautiful series finale.

What did you think of the season finale of Supernatural? Was it everything that you hoped it would be? What did you think of the big reveal that Chuck is actually god? Where do you think they will go next season?

Make sure to tune into the sixth season of Supernatural, this fall, on The CW.

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  1. -Both Sam and Dean have been brought back to life, so why not Castiel and Bobby. Isn’t there a rule with most humans that if they have only been dead a short while, an Angel can bring them back?

    -All these comments about how Season 6 will be crap are actually full of it themselves. This show is the result of an entire team of professionals. And I have faith the writers and producers will come up with a very satisfying arc to take us through season 6. Can’t wait.

    -Wish they had extended this one to two hours. All the scenes could have used more time. Loved the use of the car as the constant, stable thing in the boys’ lives these past 5 years (and as kids). Who knew an old Chevy would be the key to saving the world from Armageddon?

    -Bring on Season Six. cannot wait.

    • Remember in the episode the monster at the end of the book when Chuck say “the only answer is that I’m God.” Admission, maybe?

  2. i dont think chuck was god, its said that mary (jesus’ mom) never really died but when her time on earth was done she was carried to heaven, but she never actually died. maybe that is what happened to chuck, his time as prophet was over so the angels or god took him up to heaven.

    • Actually Mary did die but God brought her back to life and gave her immortality. She is the Queen of Heaven and Earth. Mary Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ pray for us :-)

      • In which Book, Chapter, and Verse of the New Testament part of the Bible does your statement come from? :-)

        • Ya, that is totally false. You must be a Catholic. God said take no false idols. If God exists, you’ve just failed.

    • enoch and the prophet elijah are the only people from the bible whom i can recall not dying and ascending straight to heaven

  3. Is it just me or does this show seem to have taken a turn for the worse? They should just get back to good solid scary stories about hunting ghosts and monsters. The whole heaven and hell sub plot is getting ridiculous and tired.

    • I’m with you. The series was like a weekly high-quality 48 minute horrer movie… And they either managed to skip the cliche’s, or just made fun of them.

      For the last 2.5 seasons, it’s become some sort of a “Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Extreme Testosterone Directors Cut” clone. It’s like the infused the Smallville soap opera into a shell of what was Supernatural.

      If you go back and watch the Bloody Mary episode… It was perfect. My friend got so scared she quit watching the show. If she saw it now, he’s be rolling her eyes.

      The last half of this season showed improvement, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what once was.

  4. remember this too. in hell, time is different. sam could have been in the pit a lot longer than what the episode led viewers to believe.

  5. People, that was 100% Sam outside the house. The look in his eyes was of compassion for seeing his brother in a family setting, and sorrow for the fact that he’ll probably continue to let him think he is still trapped in hell. Whether Sam is an angel or spirit now is up for debate. Personally, I think the light went out because that was the moment God brought him back and the act short-circuited the light.

    Secondly, Chuck was God. Face it. He says the angels were keeping things hush hush on the final battle’s location, but somehow still found it out and tells Dean so that he can intervene? Then to top it off, he appears in a white shirt and cleaned up from his normal grungy appearance and magically disappears after talking about how endings are the toughest thing for the writer to complete and still satisfy everyone. Read between the lines, folks.

    As for Season 6, I am eagerly awaiting it. We’ve always heard how Dean and Sam complained about what their Dad should’ve done as a father who hunts monsters, and now we’ll get to see how Dean does it and maybe finds more understanding of how his father felt. The main goal should be to find a threat that will challenge the boys.

  6. I think that Sam is most likely going to talk to Dean in season 6; the brother’s love eachother more than anything and i think that they will continue to fight the battle toghether. Dean isn’t the kind to have a “stay at home, have a family and relaxing” life.

  7. I think it was a great finale, although it played out more like a series finale than a season finale. I’m not quite sure where they’re going to go from there into season 6. I mean yeah there are still loose ends to tie up but the apocalypse arc has finished, Castiel got re-instated, Lucifer is (technically should be) still in the pit, and Dean finally has a chance at a normal functioning relationship. Yes, Sam apparently came back from hell (and yeah, that is a lovely little twist) but I really don’t think Sam coming back is something you can hinge an entire season on. (And I think if Cass doesn’t come back in season 6 a lot of fans are going to get fairly pissed… *wince*).

    And, Chuck. WTF???? Oh, wonderful, so the writers of this episode pulled a literal effing Deus Ex Machina. How convenient. It’s not that it wasn’t an interesting thing to happen but can anyone say the words ‘author appeal’? I mean it took just the God-complex that all writers have and made it canon. Well done.

    If you look back at Chuck when Sam and Dean first met him, he was going on and on about how mean he had been to put them through all the hardship in the books (considering that he apparently thought that his writing had come to life). Now – assuming that the writers thought ahead and didn’t just pull this out as an “oh by the way this might be fun” thing – in hindsight, he was being literal.

    Another interpretation that could be made of Chuck is that he wasn’t God but Metatron, God’s scribe (remember the whole thing with Enoch? the bible? It’s in there somewhere). Might make a little more sense. He came down to earth to write things in a comfortable setting, maybe?

    Urgh, who knows, right? One thing is certain, though. After fighting angels, demons, and the devil, the writers aren’t just going to be able to bring them back down to fighting ghosts and mundane monsters. They’d have to be extremely talented for them to try it and for it to not end up causing story and character decay.

    I have my fingers crossed, hoping the writing staff and the creators don’t choose the wrong pathway at this critical juncture. All hail the cross-roads!

    Okay, rambling rant end.//

  8. I actually felt the season finale was a bit… weird. I can’t explain why – it could just be the fact that I’m not as into the show as I was a year ago, or two. But still. Certain things just wasn’t as awe-gripping and the only time I felt anything that was a bounce of surprise was when Cas and Bobby got killed. Everything just seemed off from normally; not as emotionally gripping as it usually is in circumstances like this. I have to say that the other season finales blow this one away :/

    Can’t wait for season six though; curious as to how that’ll play out.

  9. I think they should just leave it at that! they dont need a 6th season! it would of been good if sam was not standing at the house at the end so that it could all be rounded up. that last episode was perfect and the scene where lucifer (sam) seen the little toy soilder and had the flash backs was a beautiful scene. it was perfect and i worry that the 6th season will be a let down what with having such a powerfull end to the 5th season. what can they do?

    if they do i think maybe lucifer placed michael in the trap and came back. and i think chuck was god, after all it was said god was on earth. and it was a good twist. i just worry they will ruin it

    • I completely agree with you. I would have accepted the ending if they would have just left it as Dean sitting with his new family. I think that the only reason they brought Sam back is because the show’s already been picked up for another season.

  10. Maybe Sam is a spirit now? Because don’t all the light crackle when spirits and ghosts are about in supernatural!!

  11. I have mixed feelings about the finale. I mean it was good but it was not what I expected(wanted).
    So we are led to believe that Chuck is God, this does not sit too well. For one, why woudn’t Dean’s necklass glow and why would God be ordering prostitutes? (last years’s season finale) Does not fit, this was something spontaneous I would think or we need a better explanation, like maybe perhaps God took over his body recently.
    I also did not like Same coming back at the end and I think that the studio probably forced Kripke into doing this because he (Jared Padelecki) is signed on for the next season.

    My main problem was that there was no real battle/fight. I mean I know they have a low budget but we really did not see anything happen. I mean they could have tried to simulate some explosions and show people dying all around, something to show us the seriousness of what is happening, but they did not. It just felt as if Sam got possessed and then 10 minutes later all of this buildup for five seasons was over. I would have liked to see some more chaos; again I know they have a low budget.

    Aside from those few things, the episode had a lot of promise and had a good sense of family to it. Hats off to Jensen Ackles because the guy is an incredible actor. He really made this episode, and this season, what they were. The passion that he conveyed in the episode felt so real that it drew you in and made you feel connected to the show.

    I feel that there are some lose ends to tie up but nothing that should take a whole season. I know Kripke has this idea in mind but I think that the only way they could have had a successful 6th season would be if tehy ended the episode with Lucifer inhabitting Sam’s body and the whole next season being about Dean stopping Lucifer. Other than that this next season will not suffice.

    All in all, the episode was good but i would have done things differently. The past 3 seasons have been written exceptionally well and the storyline is nothing short of excellent. Thanks Kripke

  12. There were many aspects to the finale that I liked- I think they were mostly the parts that felt like a series finale. Having said that i did like the episode, I am curious though what about the original concept was tweaked so that the show could continue into a sixth season. I was initially worried that there would be ham-fisted attempts to keep it an open ending- which some people might agree did happen. I think the loose endings could provide for an arc in the next/last season and maybe help a transition back into the kind of episodes the show did in earlier seasons, so that it could come full circle and end on the level that it began on. I just hope that they have a clear story they want to tell so that the show can end in a manner that is seemless with the show’s theme as a whole and how it deserves to go out!

    I have to agree Jensen Ackles was brilliant throughout the episode and season. Also, even though this is what he has wanted for a while, I am the only one who hopes this whole ‘domestic’ situation isn’t permanent? I prefer him out kicking ass and taking names

    • I thought the best scene in the finale was the conversation between lucifer and Michael. It fit perfectly. Lucifer explained that he needed to rebel same as what Sam did. Then Michael said he needed to follow orders same as what Dean did. And that God was given the orders without much reasoning same as what Dean and Sam’s dad did. It shows how the decisions that Sam and Dean made were important and that by choosing eachother and to stay together as a family they saved the world. I thought this show contained very good creative writing.

  13. I thought the best scene in the finale was the conversation between lucifer and Michael. It fit perfectly. Lucifer explained that he needed to rebel same as what Sam did. Then Michael said he needed to follow orders same as what Dean did. And that God was given the orders without much reasoning same as what Dean and Sam’s dad did. It shows how the decisions that Sam and Dean made were important and that by choosing eachother and to stay together as a family they saved the world. I thought this show contained very good creative writing.

  14. I feel the final conversation between Castiel and Dean sums up the loose ends and tells a few hints about season 6. Castiel explains how Dean was rewarded for his deeds. Instead of paradise (living his normal life with the girl of his dreams + kid) or hell, he gets more of the same (being the same old supernatural, Dean and Sam hunting things, like the old days/seasons). He also leaves him with the final statement of which would you rather have paradise or freedom. You can assume from Dean’s personality he would love freedom and will return to the same old cross country demon hunting with his brother. Sam was either brought back completely normal or as an angel. The light either flickering because he was an angel or because an angel/god did it while bringing him back. Lucifer was vessel-less last time he was in the cage which implies that the cage just holds the actual beings and not vessels. With that assumption you can assume Sam and Adam are both free while Michael and Lucifer can have their epic battle, in the form of a never ending cage match(literally).

    • I also feel that Kripke intended to leave Sam dead in the cage, but with the renewal some slight plot changes had to be made to allow for continuity. Hence you add the lore of no vessels in the cage, and more of the same old stuff for Dean, which includes Sam, so he had to be resurrected. Cut out that last scene with Sam and fade to black, you have a series finale. Add a newly resurrected Sam, and you have a season finale with a few hangers for next season.

      • I feel with the Sam left dead and Dean living on it sticks to the mirroring of Michael/Lucifer. Michael/Dean living on and Sam/Lucifer in their cage for rebelling. (Granted Sam rebelling is fairly normal for a human, minus the whole opening of Lucifer’s cage). All the while life goes on for the rest of the world.

    • “Castiel explains how Dean was rewarded for his deeds.”

      Wait a minute – let’s be clear here, he never said this. Cass basically said, “you got what you wanted”. Implying that it’s NOT a reward but a consolation prize. Remember the old Chinese curse: be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. Question is, what was Dean really wishing for?

      And I agree, the whole thing felt like a series finale… until, of course, we saw Sam standing by the lamppost. It felt VERY tacked-on… guess we’ll see in September.

  15. Perhaps series 6 could be a reverse of series 4. It’s stated that series 6 will focus on Sam and Dean’s relationship. With Sam/Lucifer free of the cage and Michael apparently still locked in maybe Sam and Dean have to break seals to free Michael for the fight that is destined to be.

  16. I just saw the episode and read all the responses. I did like the episode but I just wonder if the writers are going in a different direction.

    1. Chuck may not be God, but like someone else said, the mighty scribe. John Winchester still might be God.
    2. Why does everyone believe the rings used were the actual rings of the Horsemen? Isn’t it possible that lucifer fooled Dean?
    3. If the rings were the actual rings, isn’t it possible that the Sam we saw at the end was not lucifer, but Michael in Sam’s body? Like someone said, the time in hell was a lot longer than regular time, and this gave Michael the chance to escape. But that begs the question, what happened to Adam?
    4. I think the apocalypse has not happened yet. The writers seem to want to go by the book of Revelation and if so, we have yet to see the final battle.

  17. This is by far one of the best television shows out there today. Every episode deals with the finale, Every character has a purpose and the directors and writers really know there religion haha I just love this show. I cant wait till September to see if that is Lucifer or Sam. I think its Sam the red light above him went out which could mean it is Lucifer or Could mean that Sam is here i dont know its very hard to explain haha great show though cant wait for more

  18. Anyone remember Jesse, the little kid from WAY earlier in the season who was half-demon and half-human and could do pretty much anything he wanted? Remember how at the end of the episode he just left and they never found him because he was protected by his own powers so the angels couldn’t find him? Maybe he’ll be the villain next season.

  19. This was a great ending to a wonderful series. I’m a little worried for next season but I’ll give it a chance.

  20. I was honestly left a little disappointed with the finale. I get that they don’t have a very high budget, but there was no real sense of danger after Lucifer got into Sam. I mean, they didn’t do anything but kill a couple of demons, and they did THAT off-screen. Yes, he killed Cas and Bobby, but both those deaths were cheapened (well, Bobby’s was, anyway) by the immediate revival. What’s dead should stay dead.

    I also really, really wanted an epic Dean vs. Sam battle, even if Dean willingly taking a beating is more in line with his established character.

    I’ll also be really upset if Chuck is God. There’s no way Kripke planned that from the beginning (Chuck’s lifestyle is very unfitting of God, even if He is trying to go incognito.) Plus, wasn’t Chuck one of the characters in the future Dean visited? Don’t you think God would have stepped in by then, especially if this was all some sort of test for Sam and Dean, which in that timeline they’d obviously failed.

  21. meg is dead, she was dead long ago…

  22. When did they killed Meg? (I think you’re confusing her with Ruby) She appears in the chapter when they killed Jo…

  23. Oh my god. I can’t even begin to express my feelings towards the season finale. I cried, screamed, and nearly lost my mind throughout it. In fact, my mind didn’t really process the episode until a few days later…when everyone began bringing up valid questions and points. Is Chuck God? I don’t think so because, well, it’s CHUCK. He was a prophet, and he finished the story he was ment to tell. There is a slim chance he could be God, and that’d be a heck of a twist. (And we all know Supernatural likes to mess with the fans’ minds. ;D)
    When the episode was coming to a close,(when Chuck was narrating)I seriously thought it was the end of the series. (In fact, I immedietly googled it afterwards to see) But then, at the end, we see Sam pop up. I mean, WTF? What was he? Some of my friends say lucifer, some say it was Sam. I honestly don’t know.
    I also did not like how Castiel and Dean said ‘goodbye.’ So, since it was so unepic and unheartwrenching, I’m counting on that it wasn’t their last goodbye. Also, because I know me and ALOT of fans would be royally pissed if Cas wasn’t in season 6, I’ll accept that fail of a so-long.
    Season six is suppose to focus on Dean and Sam’s relationship so… I guess that makes Sam, Sam at the end of the episode. I’m not sure, and I don’t know where the writing staff is going to go with it. I hope they give us hints before fall.

    I love supernatural so much, and I really hope season 6 doesn’t ruin it. But, we all have to remember what a talented writing staff and incredible actors are apart of Supernatural. I believe that whatever they do, they’ll make it epic and entertaining as hell. I just can’t wait to see how they do it. :)