Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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supernatural2 Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is a milestone for many reasons. Not only is series creator Eric Kripke leaving the show after this season, but it is also the end of an era. After tonight, the story of Supernatural will have been told. The journey that Kripke wanted to take viewers on when he created the series five years ago will have been traveled – and as we look on to the sixth season, things will start anew.

What does this mean? I have no idea. I can’t think of another example in television where a series creator has flat-out said that there’s a specific story they wanted to tell, with a specific ending and if the show continues, there will be a whole new story.

We will not know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing until this fall. What we know right now is that there’s a battle between Heaven and Hell and someone (Sam) needs to shove the Devil back into his box.

So, sit back, relax, listen to “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas because It’s the fifth season Supernatural finale!


As the episode began, it quickly became apparent that this was no typical season finale – even for Supernatural. There was no monster-of-the-week intro, but a mere discussion – a discussion between brothers.

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Sam and Dean – despite fighting evil together they’re entire life – have had many arguments (many arguments),  but not many discussions – especially of this caliber. It would be this discussion that not only paves the way for how the events of the season finale would unfold, but also give the characters a new direction to take as the series continues into next season.

The addition of Chuck as the narrator was an ingenious move by Kripke, as it allowed the viewers to take a step back from simply watching an episode and recognize that they’re being told a story – Eric Kripke’s story.

No matter how many seasons Supernatural continues past this fifth one, this was the story Kripke had envisioned. And, after five years, he is able to leave the series with the satisfaction of knowing that that he was able to tell it.

Some may say that finale battle between Michael and Lucifer was anti-climatic, but I argue that this season was never about the Apocalypse. It was always about the relationship between two brothers – whether they be human or ethereal. The fact that the final conversation between Michael and Lucifer about their relationship is almost an exact echo of conversations that Sam and Dean have previously had is proof of that.

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While I was completely happy with the finale, I can’t help but fulfill another one of Chuck’s prophecies, “Fans are always going to bitch.”

Upon first seeing the flashbacks of the Impala, I thought (like the inclusion of Chuck as the narrator), that it was an ingenious idea. That is, until I saw the reason for the flashbacks. The fact that they would use a something as insignificant as an Army man stuck in the ashtray as the moment where Sam can now overpower the devil is somewhat insulting. With the entire mythos that Supernatural has created these past five years, they could have found something more significant to not only Sam and Dean but also to the fans, instead of something that they needed to shove in at the last minute.

Speaking of shoving something down our throats, The CW went out of their way to reveal in the description of this episode that a “beloved character” would die in this episode. Considering Adam Winchester is by no means a beloved character, I’m left wondering… who died?

SN522b 0388b.jpg f1335849 t3 Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Yes, Sam/Lucifer jumped into Hell, but we also saw Sam – in whatever form – appear at the end of the episode. Add in the fact that Jared Padalecki has one more year left on his contract and I easily draw the conclusion that he’s nowhere near dead. The only two characters that I worried about dying were Bobby and Castiel. While both died in the episode – and my heart sank with each death – they were back as good as new when the episode came to a close.

That being said, Supernatural (with all its flaws) continues to be one of my favorite shows on television. I have been a fan for the past five years and will continue to watch until the series finally does come to an end.

What’s in store next for Sam and Dean? I have no idea, but you can bet that I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation when fall comes around.

SN522b 0226b.jpg 0b288260 t3 Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Final Thoughts

The fifth season finale of Supernatural was everything that fans could have wanted and so much more. And, if needed, would have been a beautiful series finale.

What did you think of the season finale of Supernatural? Was it everything that you hoped it would be? What did you think of the big reveal that Chuck is actually god? Where do you think they will go next season?

Make sure to tune into the sixth season of Supernatural, this fall, on The CW.

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  1. I just finished watching the show, and wow. I definitely feel that this was indeed a satisfying conclusion to the series. I loved pretty much everything about it. That being said, if you haven’t seen the episode, I would refrain from reading further as my comments pertain to what occurred.

    I guess my only problems with the episode was the way that Bobby was brought back after his necked snapped. It just seemed to happen all of a sudden and I think that the way it was handled cheapened his death to just be brought back.

    I like that Castiel is the new so called “sheriff in town” of heaven, since Michael is now in Hell. It seems a fitting place for his character to be. I also loved Mark Pelligrino’s portrayal of Lucfier and have loved it throughout the entire season. He seemed to bring an energy to the character that just worked. I liked how Lucifer was portrayed throughout the entire episode especially in his scenes with Sam and even in the dialogue after Sam said yes, trying to convince Sam that he wasn’t the bad guy.

    I think perhaps one of my favorite parts of the episode, was the scene with Michael and Lucifer and the events that followed. The writers really made us try to sympathize was Lucifer when he gave his side of the story even though we know who he really is.

    I definitely have more thoughts about the finale brewing up in my head, but I will wait until later to post them so i can think through them.

    My final remarks for now has to deal with the end scene. Where Dean is trying to adjust to his new lifestyle and the camera backs out to reveal that Sam/Lucifer is outside of the window, and looking in on Dean. Who is it really? Sam? Lucifer? I guess we will find out for sure in the fall when Season 6 airs.

    I am proud to have watched this series until this point and watched as the story that was crafted so beautifully be told. If this was truly the end of the series, I would definitely be satisfied with it. But as Carver Edlund said, people will always be wanting more. I just hope that the next season can continue to tell the amazing stories that were told in the first 5 seasons

  2. Just watched the finale, and yes, I want more Supernatural! The whole ‘Chuck the Prophet is really God’ reveal was unexpected but makes perfect sense; if you want not to be found by people looking for you, hide in plain sight. That way, they never suspect who you are and you can keep an eye on them(we all know Sam and dean NEED someone looking out for them, as many times as they’ve been hacked/slashed/killed). Glad it’s not the series finale, because that ending would have sucked as the true ‘swan song.’ See you in the fall, Winchesters!

  3. well tonight was the 5th season finale of supernatural entitled swan song. It also marks the last episode where eric kripke will be showrunner. Which he is stepping down from head show running for 6th season and sera gamble will be the new head producer. Tonights episode was well written and i enjoyed it alot.

    The opening with the history of their car was a nice touch with that chuck guy. Also the scene where the devil takes sam was a great scene. Also the special effects looked great there. Then the scene with sam and the devil talking in the mirror i think was done very nicely. Also as usual the brothers are screwed right from the poouch of the episode.

    The meeting of michael(adam) and lucifer(sam) was also another great scene in my opinion. They had some nice insights on the winchester’s lifes and also the whole god and the devil deal. As for dean showing up right before the fighting start was great. Also i totally loled at the rock song pick that is one of my fav songs.

    The following scene with bobby/kastial and dean trying to talk to michael and the devil was good. I cant believe they totally blew kas to peices after cas temporary took out michael. Then sam/devil snapping bobby’s neck. Its so sad both characters were killed. I had a feeling both would be going. Then it was nice that sam was able to gain control enough to reopen the cage to hell. But then michael and the devil both fell into it was sad.

    I was happy though when kas returned and healed bobby and both are alive. Then it totally looks like chuck the prophet is god. That is what i am thinking. Also how the heck did sam get out of the cage is the big question. Overall i enjoyed the episode and it totally worked as a series finale. Now i am very curious to see where season 6 is going to go.

  4. Ever ponder when Carver Edlund talked about it’s never really over and then just smiles and disappears that perhaps he was God all along??

  5. Not Carver Edlund, lol Chuck, duh, my bad, lol srry

  6. Regarding Chuck the Prophet, what about Dean’s necklace that was suppose help find God and that it’d glow. It never did glow did it?

  7. i said the same thing about Carver Edlund being God how knows. i hope there will be a sixth season…

  8. Ass butt!!

  9. Yeah, why didn’t Dean’s necklace glow when he was around Chuck? And if Sam/Lucifer got out of his cage… And Cas had’tah go to Heaven b/c Michael wasn’t there, does that mean Lucifer BEAT Micheal in Hell?!?

  10. so what do yall think happened michael do yall think that everything is back to normal like “Michael in Haven and Lucifer Hell” it showed that Sam was back so i guess Adam is back to…

  11. i don’t think Lucifer beat Michael i just think God brought back Sam

    • Ive heard someone say Sam is DEAD but is an Angel. Lucifer and Michael are in hell but the guys who owned the bodies are angels now. The light flickered and went out when Sam was under it, indicative of him being an angel. Just one theory.

  12. I was puzzled @ the scene where Chuck just fades away. But after thinking about it, having Chuck actually be God makes a ton of sense. I know I think that it was rumored/talked about at least that Jeffery Dean Morgan would come back and play John Winchester/God, but Chuck actually being God makes even more sense I think

  13. Kinda wondering tho’ where the show is gonna go from here. I mean you can’t go from fighting the devil himself to fighting regular old run-of-the-mill “Monster’s of the Week”. Even if questions like: [Was Chuck God? If so, for how long? And, where’d he go? How is Cas “New & Improved” (as he put it)? And lastly, What’s the status on Michael & Lucifer?] Were to be answered, how does Season 6 maintain its momentum and what new direction does it take now that Kripke is stepping down?

    • That’s where I am right now when thinking about what to write for my review. It was a beautiful end to this story, but what is the next chapter, where do they go from here?

      They said a beloved character will die. Who died?

      • Maybe SAM DIED?!?! Just a thought….

        • Sam can’t be dead. We saw him outside at the end. Hmmm…

          • im not sure that was SAM you saw….

  14. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the possibility that Chuck was God. It doesn’t tie in well with previous storylines…especially the parts where Chuck is identified by both angels and demons as human and a prophet. But his dialogue this last episode points out that no one will be happy with a story ending because there will always be holes and loose ends. So the implication is pretty strong, isn’t it? It’s a daring move on the writer’s part and I like it.

    I’m curious about Bobby…what happened with his deal? I’m assuming that his soul was returned but I thought his legs would be taken away as the deal was revoked. And I agree with the comment by Cody about how his death was cheapened in this episode. I fully expected him to stay dead and was a bit taken aback that he just popped back to his feet. Why not resurrect John and Mary Winchester while he’s at it? Heck, bring back Ellen and Jo and make it a whole big reunion!

    Say Chuck/God DID bring Sam back. If that’s the case, why is he breaking street lights and lurking outside Dean’s happy home? I don’t think Sam is back. Lucifer can’t get out of the cage–that was the whole point of last season’s ‘breaking of the Seals’. The streetlight going out was heavy with symbolism. I’d think Sam is watching Dean from hell or wherever he is. At best, he’s there as a spirit.

    I don’t know if i want to watch Season 6 if Kripke isn’t at the helm. It might turn out as bad as the Star Wars prequels or The Boondock Saints II or any of the other cruddy off-shoots that have no class and just milk the popularity of the original series.

    Eh, who am I kidding? I’ll probably watch it.

    • i dont think hes a spirit why would they show him being there the story would not make an since if Sam wasn’t in the next season hes a main character, and if Chuck is God and if he didn’t want anyone to no he was then i dont think angel or demon would be able to tell, who knows maybe Chuck/God wanted it this way

      • I think Sam must be something supernatural…not just human. The light going out was separating him from the lighted, warm family meal that he was watching. He was clearly set apart from Dean and Lisa and whats-his-name the kid. As a spirit or projection or something, he’d be kept present in the story but they could maintain Lucifer’s confinement in the cage. I dunno. I just think it’s weak that they can use God to explain ridiculously out-of-character plot twists. The whole season was based on free will and now they have God fixing Chuck’s existence and Bobby’s death and Castiel’s rank and Sam’s sacrifice with a snap of his fingers? Weak. Super weak.

        As Kripke left it, this is excellent. We don’t know what’s going on, just that Dean has tried to move on and Sam has finally made the right decision in a difficult situation. But to carry on with Jared’s character they’d have to just walk all over Sam’s sacrifice and use the God excuse to fix it.

        • well yes the free will thing was the big part of the show but if you believe in God then that would be right he gives us free will maybe thats what Kripke was trying to say but in way for the viewers to like it more

  15. I’ve watched the show for this long plus I am genuinely interested to see what the next season brings to the table.

    On the subject of Michael and Sam/Lucifer, I have no clue as to if that was either Sam or Lucifer. I honestly couldn’t see that being a spirit. It would have to be either Sam or Lucifer in my opinion. We shall find out next season though. And if Sam/Lucifer got out of Hell somehow, then there is always the possibility of Michael getting out. But that wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense since Castiel is the new “sheriff” of Heaven.

  16. Just walk away….another four-five seasons of Dean trying to free Sam from hell, is out of character. This was five season story, and they did it very well…just walk away.

    • also it said in tonights show that He would not try to free sam.. So with that being said I personally think the Devil is still free.. just my opinion.

  17. I really didnt get the ending, and I am wondering the same things you guys are. Dean is never gonna be happy in that life. because it is not where his heart is. I dont get how sam/devil is out of the cage thats really puzzling me. as someone else said if he got out then what happened to Michael cause Castiel is obviously back in Heaven and if Chunk was infact God as it sorta of seems, then why didn’t the Necklase glow? there is alot of questions I have I am not so sure that the putting of Lucifer back in the cage really worked. Simply because for some reasons I keep hearing the yr 2014 and when the devil told dean that NO matter what he did they would Always end up here. Obviously Dean will not be Michael and Same did become Lucifer… So that part came true so who’s to say they wont meet again and lucifer will infact kill Dean. on a better note I hope they bring the old crew back in the 6th season, If they arent back then I fear that it might be a let down and i hope they end it starting it from tonights show and end it in a way with less questions. I am so sad to see this show end. I actually hope they end it with a Movie. I think that would give more time to explain things and would make it AWESOME! what do you guys think? sorry I was kind of rambling… ASSBUTT!!! lmao

  18. I just realized I can’t spell I am sorry for the typos… lol

  19. i dont think hes a spirit why would they show him being there the story would not make an since if Sam wasn’t in the next season hes a main character, and if Chuck is God and if he didn’t want anyone to no he was then i dont think angel or demon would be able to tell, who knows maybe Chuck/God wanted it this way

  20. Well Sam/Lucifer has to be in the next season somehow, because Jared and Jensen are both contracted for a sixth season.

  21. Seriously, how are they going to bring back Sam without Lucifer? He’s IN. Why would Lucifer leave his vessel? I get that Jared is contracted for the next season, but it just makes me skeptical about story quality and consistency.

    I guess it’d be an easy fix if God just zaps Sam out of the cage and back onto earth. That’d answer all the questions…but I think it’d be as abrupt and awkward as Bobby’s resurrection. I kind of like how the series ended tonite. How can the sixth season top this? It’s just not possible.

    • well what makes me think that Sam is back with out Lucifer is what Chuck said that is was a test for both of them

      • yeah it is possible anything is possible I just hope it will explain it at some point and I hope it isnt all cliche but it couldnt be plain human sam because of the light so I dont again Maybe Sam is the beloved charactor who died in this episode I just dont know. which Kripke would explain this ending to us!

  22. Personally, I thought this was a satisfying end to the entire series, not just the season. I know all the fanboys and girls out there want to see more, but seriously folks, there is a time for all things to end, and this was it for the series. The story has been told, complete with victory and tragedy, joy and sorrow. Anything that they add, at this point, would be jumping the shark. Actually, it would be more like jetpacking over the shark at 20000 feet. I seriously hope that CW decides to pull the plug on the 6th season before they ruin the series.

    Oh, and I totally loved the Chuck as God revelation. It totally fit, especially Chuck being an author.

    • I won’t lie, I loved the Chuck thing, too. It was a great touch. I do, however, want another season. Bring the story back to its simplest roots- two brothers traveling the country, nailing ghosties and goblins as they go. I have a feeling that what will happen is, Sam will step back in on Dean like Dean did to Sam in season 1. Dean will agree to hunting again for whatever massive game-changing reason, and a big part of the story will be Dean trying to decide whether or not Sam is really Sam or is Lucifer.

  23. I agree, it’d be too easy for God to just zap Sam out of Hell. Sure it would answer questions, but it would definitely cheapen what happened. And I also agree that Lucifer wouldn’t just abandon Sam after he worked so hard this season to get him.

    And If Chuck/God didn’t want to be found/recognized by anyone, which is what I believe Joshua said in the Garden in Heaven, then I don’t think that Angels/Demons would be able to find/recognize him.

    But I guess the real question is, who or what let Sam/Lucifer out of the cage?

    • That’s a good question.. its what I am wondering you cant trust a demon period. what about the fella im not sure of the way his name is spelt crowley? anyways he sorta disapeared didnt he? there is so many twist it wouldnt suprise me if he was just doing all of this to make sam says yes I just really dont know :( wish I did tho its bothering

    • i agree but what makes me think that Sam is back with out Lucifer is what Chuck said that it was a test for both Sam and Dean

    • My current theory is that the cage is built for one- so when Michael dropped in, too, it shorted the trap- or at least blocked Sam’s trip inside.

      • when did it say in the show that it was made for only one

        • great theory actually

      • Just got to thinking, what about Death?

        Death is obv more powerful than Lucifer or Michael, hes on Gods level

        Will Death just be forgotten or will he return in season 6, i hope they incorporate him in, the dude that played death was perfect.

        • That and the Antichrist, the little half boy half demon kid. They have plenty of material to play with in season 6.

  24. Lisa? Seriously? He spent one weekend with her like ten years ago or so, and another one two years ago (where he spent most of the time making her unhappy about the example he set for Ben and the rest of it on a hunt). They don’t know each other. He has an fantastical idealized version of what a family would be, and since they were the closest he’d ever gotten (when he thought Ben was his), he just filled in their faces. And she has some serious issues if she just let him move in like that – an unstable hunter around her kid?! The only thing worse they could pull would be that lame “5 years later” crap. Lame with Lisa. Cassie or even Amy Acker’s character from Season 1 would have made way more sense. Or hey, since they’re bringing everybody back, how about Jo? This wasn’t Shane Brennan bad, but I expected way better from Kripke.

  25. I love this show!

    Deans necklace wont glow around chuck cause hes god and god can do what god wants, make stuff glow or not!

    Season 6 can be good, but it has to be big, how can you go from the big bad devil to a bunch of monsters. What if Michael and Lucifer join forces, Michael becomes enraged that God would leave him down there and joins with Lucifer to burn Earth and destroy God.

    • that would make a cool next season

  26. I have watched every episode of this show for years now, as im sure many of you have. This and Smallville have filled my nights when i have nothing else to do. Tonights finale, was amazing to say the least. They didnt do too much, or too little. they explained everything as well as they could in a 1 hour time slot. I found almost everything to be satisfying, from chuck possibly being god(although i do have my doubts) to michael and lucifers showdown as dean barged in. My thoughts are either 1: Sam and lucifer are standing outside of the house looking in on Dean as a sort of half demon. And sam looks in angry that maybe he did want Dean to try and save him. 2: Maybe Sam did manage to weaken his bond with Lucifer but in turn he became more demon than man, especially since the light broke. just some thoughts, please give me some more insight

    • Wasn’t there a huge stink about how if Sam consumed too much demon blood he wouldn’t be able to come back from it? I mean, he needed a god-like detox when he drained ONE demon last season. His body temp spiked, his eyes went black etc. etc. etc.

      At the end of this episode, he’d drunk three or four demons and was reamed with the biggest baddest being ever.

      Without more quick God fixes, he’s a goner. He simply can’t have crawled back out. Not without Lucifer and not as a human.

      • thats the only reason for the whole more demon than man theory. he gained control of lucifer as he fell into the hole. maybe the vessel becomes the cage? highly doubt it though. lucifer no doubtedly will be able to regain some control, but maybe he cant hold control completely. as far as michael, im lost

  27. well i got to thinking if there is going to be another season then it is already filmed so we will just have to wait and see what happens

  28. I just watched the finale to Supernatural. I have to say that overall, it was quality. Not the best we’ve seen, but still good. They made a few mistakes though that I feel should be pointed out.
    1) Bobby needed to stay dead.
    Is Bobby going to make it to series’s end? If they choose to kill him off next season, how can any fight he will be in then compare to that of a showdown with the devil?
    2) Dean should have been left alone.
    I am totally fine with Cas being revived and brought back as an angel again, but Dean didn’t need to know that. I thought it was fitting that at the end of the major battle, Dean was left alone, cut off from everyone he’d ever cared about or knew. His family was dead. He would need to move on and accept the life Sam wanted for him…and hee could do that without knowing Castille still existed, at least not find out right away.

    Other than those two things, I was happy with the way it ended. If I had to wager a guess on Sam, I’d bet he returned free of Lucifer, but not necessarily free and clear of everything. Either way, I love the show and wished it could go on for 5 more years but if season 6 is its last, where could you possibly go from here? Everything else has to be a letdown

  29. I know that everyone in here is a fan ( and i like it a lot too) but lets face it, the last episode was a crappy work ( sorry, but its truth). Its look like that the writter got tired of the way that the serie was going and decided to ended without further explanations. I hope that season 6 solve all of ours doubts.