Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

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supernatural2 Supernatual Season 5 Finale Review & Discussion [Updated]

Tonight’s episode of Supernatural is a milestone for many reasons. Not only is series creator Eric Kripke leaving the show after this season, but it is also the end of an era. After tonight, the story of Supernatural will have been told. The journey that Kripke wanted to take viewers on when he created the series five years ago will have been traveled – and as we look on to the sixth season, things will start anew.

What does this mean? I have no idea. I can’t think of another example in television where a series creator has flat-out said that there’s a specific story they wanted to tell, with a specific ending and if the show continues, there will be a whole new story.

We will not know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing until this fall. What we know right now is that there’s a battle between Heaven and Hell and someone (Sam) needs to shove the Devil back into his box.

So, sit back, relax, listen to “Carry On Wayward Son” by Kansas because It’s the fifth season Supernatural finale!


As the episode began, it quickly became apparent that this was no typical season finale – even for Supernatural. There was no monster-of-the-week intro, but a mere discussion – a discussion between brothers.

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Sam and Dean – despite fighting evil together they’re entire life – have had many arguments (many arguments),  but not many discussions – especially of this caliber. It would be this discussion that not only paves the way for how the events of the season finale would unfold, but also give the characters a new direction to take as the series continues into next season.

The addition of Chuck as the narrator was an ingenious move by Kripke, as it allowed the viewers to take a step back from simply watching an episode and recognize that they’re being told a story – Eric Kripke’s story.

No matter how many seasons Supernatural continues past this fifth one, this was the story Kripke had envisioned. And, after five years, he is able to leave the series with the satisfaction of knowing that that he was able to tell it.

Some may say that finale battle between Michael and Lucifer was anti-climatic, but I argue that this season was never about the Apocalypse. It was always about the relationship between two brothers – whether they be human or ethereal. The fact that the final conversation between Michael and Lucifer about their relationship is almost an exact echo of conversations that Sam and Dean have previously had is proof of that.

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While I was completely happy with the finale, I can’t help but fulfill another one of Chuck’s prophecies, “Fans are always going to bitch.”

Upon first seeing the flashbacks of the Impala, I thought (like the inclusion of Chuck as the narrator), that it was an ingenious idea. That is, until I saw the reason for the flashbacks. The fact that they would use a something as insignificant as an Army man stuck in the ashtray as the moment where Sam can now overpower the devil is somewhat insulting. With the entire mythos that Supernatural has created these past five years, they could have found something more significant to not only Sam and Dean but also to the fans, instead of something that they needed to shove in at the last minute.

Speaking of shoving something down our throats, The CW went out of their way to reveal in the description of this episode that a “beloved character” would die in this episode. Considering Adam Winchester is by no means a beloved character, I’m left wondering… who died?

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Yes, Sam/Lucifer jumped into Hell, but we also saw Sam – in whatever form – appear at the end of the episode. Add in the fact that Jared Padalecki has one more year left on his contract and I easily draw the conclusion that he’s nowhere near dead. The only two characters that I worried about dying were Bobby and Castiel. While both died in the episode – and my heart sank with each death – they were back as good as new when the episode came to a close.

That being said, Supernatural (with all its flaws) continues to be one of my favorite shows on television. I have been a fan for the past five years and will continue to watch until the series finally does come to an end.

What’s in store next for Sam and Dean? I have no idea, but you can bet that I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat in anticipation when fall comes around.

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Final Thoughts

The fifth season finale of Supernatural was everything that fans could have wanted and so much more. And, if needed, would have been a beautiful series finale.

What did you think of the season finale of Supernatural? Was it everything that you hoped it would be? What did you think of the big reveal that Chuck is actually god? Where do you think they will go next season?

Make sure to tune into the sixth season of Supernatural, this fall, on The CW.

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  1. You’re right, i did get confused, i do remember that, meg is alive, but i don’t think they should bother with her unless she comes around again. I do really hope Cass is in the sixth season :). And, I think it was really Sam at the end; the look on his face wasn’t evil, it was Sam. The whole Dean having a family and settling down thing isn’t gonna last either, Lisa and Ben don’t really fit in with his lifestyle; i think Sam and Dean are gonna go out and do the thing they do best. Can’t wait till the next season! I also hope they show previews.

  2. What ever happend to that little demon boy? Wasnt alot circled around him a couple of episodes?

  3. oh and one more thing; what ever happened with Bobby’s soul? Did i miss something? Did Crowley give it back or did that issue just not get mentioned? Crowley said he would give it back when everything had been finished. I’m a little confused about that issue?

    • Maybe rather than Chuck being god, he is the equivalent of Jesus…. made the comment about how he is into virgins at the end and you could say he saved earth?

    • Boddy got it back because Rufus help him to find Crowley’s son, Son helped him by telling a secret(where crowleys bones are burried). Sam+Dean went to scotland and dig them up while Bobby summoned Crowley and explain his the story, Crowley unwillingly agreed and gave him the soul. Castiel kills him few epis later when he was about to kill sam dean and meg. He finds the bones and burns them.

      • Most creative show on TV in a long long time. I started watching this in season 5 eps 1. I had seen a few here and there but never knew it was more than a typical go no-where sci fi type thing (aNGEL – cHARMED AND ALL THAT CRAP)
        I think the show is about God – He doesnt know who he can trust. (can he trust Michael and the family???) apparently not. Can he trust others like Castiel Dean and Sam – apparently while they arent loyal to HIM in particuar they are on the same side. I think God (Chuck) just wanted to do some housecleaning and I havent skipped ahead to season 6 but Im anticipating Castiel becomes an Arc angel and gods new number one while Michael and the others learn a few lessons. Dean goes crazy living apple pie life and I cant tell about Sam. Where do you even take this now – you cant just drop the whole Heaven Hell battle and go back to Ghost busters. The bar has been raised and I hope someone doesnt disappoint. (By the way – Chuck as God??? I never saw it coming but in retrospect I shouldve guessed. the only Angels who saw him were Cas and the other guy (damned if I forgot that jerks name) But you recall that when Cas first came back and killed 3 angels and said who do you think raised me? and the other Angel fled… I shouldve known it then because only Chuck saw Cas get killed – I think the demon lilith recognized Chuck too but we never got to hear more than ” i dont believe this ” outta her before she ran!
        What IS dean gonna become in the scheme of things? an enforcer for God? He hates God… Hates everyone.

  4. I loved the season finale. Chuck as the narrator was a good touch. Is Chuck God? The little disappearing act at the end made is seem likely and Castiel’s description of God helping out more than they realized made it seem more so. The idea of Sam being free after the end was also very cool. I am a little perplexed by the loose end of Bobby’s soul? and what did castiel mean by new and improved? is he an arch angel now? I guess a good ending leaves you with some questions and things to wonder about but on a note that is true to the spirit of the show. I think the ending did that very well.

  5. Watching the season finale again, and again this weekend I definately grew to like it more. I STILL DO beleieve that Kripke changed certain things around because he was not able to do them the way he wanted.
    For 1: We all know that the production budget was low, which probably explains why the battle was anticlimactic (actually nonexistent is a better wording) between Michael and Lucifer. I am sure with a higher budget we woudl have seen some more action.
    2- I really do believe that the character of John Winchester (father) was supposed to appear as God in the show (John would have been the vessel). It just seemed to all be leading up to this but either because the fans had figured it out and Kripke did not want to be predictable or because the actor was not on board for whatever reason, it did not happen. That really would have been great to see though.
    3-If this was the last season I think that Sam would NOT have appeared at the end of the episode or if he did it would have in the form of a spirit. We all know Sam will be back next season.

    Nevertheless I think that this season finale would have sufficed as a series finale even with Sam standing there at the end. I like the idea of leaving certain things to the imaggination and I think that with that ending many people would have bene wondering what happened. I mean if you look back at the episode Sam has NO EXPRESSION AT ALL in his face and bare in mind that Michael is in the cage which may mean that Lucifer trapped Michael in there and escaped. i highly doubt this is the case because it really would destroy the meaning of everything that Sam and Dean did and it would defeat the whole purpose of the show. I rather believe that Sam was raised back to earth by God (as his and Sam’s gift)

    Next season will probably just be about the brothers dealing iwth teh aftermath of the apocalypse and Sam will probably have his problems and his mind will be eternally tormented by teh devil yatty yatta. It would MOST DEFINATELY be cooler to see Lucifer cuasing more chaos next season (Maybe somehow he lost most of his power or something) and Dean going after him but that would probably not sit well with Kripke; I dont he pretty much wanted to put the final nail into the coffin with the devil.

    My opinion, next season will probably have more stand alone episodes and it will be about the brothers trying to get a normal life going and there struggles in doing so. Some demons will probably try to reopen the cahe to get the devil out but will fail and the end of the season the brothers will probably rid the earth of demons or something to taht nature because in all honesty what else is there to do?

  6. To add to that I think that Bobby’s soul and teh deal with Crowly will probably be a big issue next season. Also bare in mind that the demon Meg is still around and who knows what she might have up her sleeve

  7. and to add 1 more. What ever happend to the boy earlier on in the season who was the antichrist? That was a big episode and I do not think that they are done with that story arc yet

  8. The season finale “swan song” was an amazing finale for supernatural and if done a bit differently (not showing Sam at the end) it could have been a series finale easily. every role was played great and Jared played Lucifer really good but it took away lucifers almost comedic side. i did have a little problem with Cas’ and Bobby’s death and dean’s brutal beatings meaning nothing since it only lasted a few minutes. i did like when lucifer drew the pitch fork in the frozen window, it was the little thing that added so much to his character.

    however, after coming down from my supernatural high, i began to wonder about various things the show had introduced earlier that i thought would have had a much larger role then before. like what happened to the anti-Christ kid??? i figured he would have been a major player in the final hours considering Lucifer is out and about shouldn’t he have gotten stronger? if so, why raise a little hell himself.

    and why was death the only horseman that needed to have a dramatic ritual to summon while the other three “popped up”. all the horsemens roles were well casted and played. and i wouldve liked to see the brothers go heads up with lucifer using deaths sickle rather then waste their time going for the ring.

    where is bobbys soul???? is it back with him or is it still in crowlys back pocket? the demon kind of vanished once the rings were obtained, did he take the soul with him? or will this be a conflict in the next season.

    and chuck being revealed as god shocked me. i in no way saw that coming especially since the necklace didnt burn around him, both demons and angels acknowledged him as a prophet, and since when is god a drunk?? but i began to think and what better way to hide then pretend to be a prophet. no one would ask questions why he knew all that he did and no one would pick a fight with a guy with an archangel tied to him. and as for the necklace, in the episode where sam and dean die and go to heaven (irony) they search for gods so called pen-pal where he tells the brothers they will never find god “necklace or no necklace” so maybe chuck/god rigged that necklace so it wouldn’t work.

    and was uriel full of it when he confessed to cas that the only thing that can kill an angel is another angel? i believed him up until dean shoved an angels sword through zachs cakehole. if humans can kill angels, could sam and/or dean take out lucifer with an archangels blade?? such as gabriels..?

    speaking of archangels, what happened to raphael? cas’ asserted him in the end as the new “sheriff in town” but theres still one last archangel up there? and im pretty sure raphaels not too happy with him either.

    and as for cas’ “assbutt” comment, very appropriate for the angel turned human who cant manage a voicemail. Pro.

    as for Sam’s magical appearance, thats right i said SAM not lucifer. it was a bit rushed. i know they had a little pattern going of everyone dying and coming back five minutes later but really?? they couldve gave time for dean to at least attempt a normal life or at least enough time to get laid from his dream girl. as for my sam comment, its accurate. deans still tatted on his ribs so lucifer couldnt find him no matter how many temper tantrums he threw, and SAM made dean promise to go to lisa’s house and live a happy life there if it worked, which it did. obviously sam knew all this which is why he found him so easily. but the little light flickering at the end…we’ve seen weirder things coming from that kid.

    if/when sam does return will dean dump lisa again??? and return to the monster of the week thing or will dean come out to lisa about his past because i dont see dean sweet talking his out of his brother whom im sure he told lisa just died, popping up at their door step.

    one last thing, is misha gonna return for season 6? if he returns to heaven, does jimmy, his vessel get to kick back with his family since he’s not on the run anymore? or will does the vessel zap up to heaven with him.

    all in all, great season finale and i look forward to the good ol days of the monster of the week jobs. i can’t wait to see how the SERIES finale will happen.

  9. @Israel Y.

    I never really got the whole thing about how Dean could kill angels but my guess on that is that Dean is in an exception to the rule. Go back an episode before to the where he killed the whore of babylon episode. It was stated that she could not be killed by anyone other than a messenger of God, which Dean was not. Regardless of this Dean still did kill her. Maybe he has teh power to kil whoever is in his way or something to that degree.

    I think the whole crowly thing will be an issue for next season and I think that the studio is pushing to bring Castiel back, even though this whole story is over with.

    As for Sam appearing at the end, I agree, it was rushed and they should have held back on that a bit but we all know he is coming back next season so it really did not make a difference. I think the studio had a lot of influence on this as they did and will continue to do on many issues.

    If this was the last season I think that we would have had all the loose ends wrapped up more clearly but this is the nature of television, just keep dragging things out.

  10. i think at the end the whole little Sam deal.
    it could have been either Sam or the Devil. because the Devil knows everything Sam knows. therefore, he could have simply read Sam’s mind see that Dean is with Lisa, and boom, he’s there.
    i heard season 6 is Supernaturals last tho. ):

  11. oh snap chuck was god? are you serious! i thought he was just a angel! GAH! my head hurts!

  12. I think the light going out above Sam is a sign. As far as I can remember, that happens most commonly around angels and spirits. Demons and / or the Devil do not usually do that.

  13. whats with sam coming in at the ending, with the street light going out? does that mean that he has to get over some more demon blood and he is evil, or that he has escaped and wants dean to live a normal life?

  14. I think this show ending was of greatness! I don’t think any of you understand the show properly, but that’s cool. Anyways check you all later! Enjoy my show!

    • YOUR SHOW?
      Try again pal.

  15. I think Sam standing there at the end was God’s gift to the brothers. I think he is not Lucifer, but the blank look on his face makes me wonder. I bet he’s just thinking that Dean finally has his family and he’s not going to reveal himself alive.

  16. hmm i don’t think chuck is an angel, i just think he’s an angel.. or some other higher power, but he can’t be god (it wouldn’t make sense). But i think sam actually some how got himself out of the cage leaving michael and lucifer in there and he won’t tell sam he is alive.. well not yet anyway, just to let dean experience real life. and i think john winchester will come into play next season.

  17. oops.. i meant i dont think hes god, i think hes an angel.. and etc. lol.

  18. wow.. no one read what i said, too many mistakes lmao. this is what i meant…

    hmm i don’t think chuck is god, i just think he’s an angel.. or some other higher power, but he can’t be god (it wouldn’t make sense). But i think sam actually some how got himself out of the cage leaving michael and lucifer in there and he won’t tell dean he is alive.. well not yet anyway, just to let dean experience real life. and i think john winchester will come into play next season.

  19. The reason everything is fated is because it is literally written.. and god is just the storyteller. Pretty cool metaphor there at the end. Get it? Meta-phor? The conclusion is wrapped within the very nature of a fictional universe. Nice.