Zack Snyder Is Directing the Superman Reboot [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 10th, 2013 at 12:04 am,

Hero Complex has just dropped a bombshell – Watchmen director Zack Snyder will direct the Superman reboot, which is tentatively titled The Man of Steel.

This will partner Snyder with producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, as well as screenwriters David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (the latter of whom was rumored for the director’s chair himself).

[Update: THR is reporting that Zod will be the villain of The Man of Steel and that Snyder says to Variety that Brandon Routh will not likely return]

Is this a match made in comic book movie heaven? Or a mismatch that will lead to Superman movie hell?

Snyder comes with an impressive resume – His work on 300 and Watchmen has made him a beloved favorite among the fanboy nation (I even saw him win an award for it during a party at the 2009 Comic-Con). In addition to having earned the adoration of the comic geek crowd, Snyder is also a genuinely impressive filmmaker, one who may even be worthy of the title “auteur” given his signature style of cinematic storytelling, which has already redefined conventional film genres like the sword-and-sandals epic (300), or even children’s animated adventures, as our own Vic Holtreman acknowledged in his review of Snyder’s most recent film, Legend of the Guardians.

(And by the way, if you didn’t know, our own Rob Keyes pointed out all of these redeeming qualities just a few weeks ago when he picked Zack Snyder as the top choice amongst Warner Bros.’ shortlist of Superman reboot directors. We need to give that man his own crystal ball!)

darren aronofsky directing superman man of steel Zack Snyder Is Directing the Superman Reboot [Updated]

However, as is the case with any comic book movie, there are going to be fans who claim that Snyder is all wrong for this Superman movie. There will be those who say that Snyder’s slow-motion action sequences, or slavish loyalty to his comic book source material are going to bog down this Superman movie rather than enhance it – and those are fair concerns to raise, truthfully speaking. However, this is going to be Zack Snyder working under the supervision of Christopher Nolan – a pairing that I don’t think anybody would’ve seen coming a year ago. Having two of film’s most visionary and talented directors putting their heads together to bring a new vision of the most iconic comic book character there is to the big screen is one experiment that I think most of us can admit at least piques our interests, no?

Now that we know who will be sitting in the director’s chair, I guess we can watch the debate unfold about how good or bad this decision is. Once we’ve exhausted that argument discussion, we’ll move on to the other big points of contention, such as who should play Superman, What story this reboot should focus on and which villains should be included in it (to Lex or not to Lex, that is the question…)

Sound off about this epic decision in the comments below.

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Source: Hero Complex

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  1. FANTASTIC NEWS! Snyder is a good choice and a great team backing him up on this. This won’t be an “all Snyder” movie with both Nolan and Goya having their two cents to add and Snyder’s mature enough to accept the advice. GREAT NEWS! I also liked his owl movie a lot.

    As for a stylized SUPERMAN? I’m looking forward to seeing how they bring THE MAN OF STEEL into a FACEBOOK obsessed world.

    Do your best Zack! You’ve done good so far.

  2. I trust nolan as a producer and trust goyer as a writer. I just dont trust snyder as a director, he knows nothing about character. and like everyone else how can you show the man whose faster than a speeding bullet in slow mo? I think tarantino or Aronofsky should do it.

    • Tarantino would be the worst possible choice. He’s all about himself and not about the characters. I can’t stand that smug SOB. Snyder is a much better choice. Heck, Joel Schumacher would even be better than Tarantino…


    • lolololololololol

  4. No CGI Superman flying around the world at the end please.

  5. Awesome news, can not wait!!

  6. With the entire lexicon of Superman villains, no more Lex please.

  7. i think with a combination of Snyder’s true-to-the-comic motions and Nolan’s film-in-its-own-world style. they will balance each other well with the Superhero Movie.

    Though Snyder’s name doesnt come up when i think superman-movie, i really cant think of a better director for the job off the top of my head. well done studio

  8. Ok on second thought i think hes gonna ruin the reboot…

  9. Enough Superman reboots already!

  10. Not really excited for Zod, but I guess it works for the first flick. The next one should be Brainiac though.

  11. Could be cool if it’s not Source Material thumping like Watchmen (which i enjoyed the directors cut the second time around), don;t have a problem with slow mo if it’s used to enhance Supe’s speed. If he doesn’t fight some one who can beat his butt in a fist fight initially the movie will fail. It can have Lex Luthor but he needs to be manipulating some who can go toe to toe with Superman. Or just have him Fight Darkseid :P

    • good idea. i was thinking lex could be manipulating zod…KIND of like in the Donner film when Lex was trying to cozy up to Zod but more eeeeviillll like lol.

  12. They should just make this into a full length feature film.

  13. i hope they make superman the same as he has been for years.

    i would hate it if they changed superman himself to be “relivent”.

    • Unfortunately, if you read what Snyder has been saying, making Superman relevant is exactly what they are going to do. Therefore proving a point; they have no idea who this character is.

      Superman should never change, the world around him can and should change, but he is a symbol of all thats good in the world. He should perhaps struggle to find a place in a modern world, making him ‘relevant’ will destroy the essence of a truly timeless character.

  14. I am so disappointed. Snyder is one of the most overrated directors since M Knight Shamalama. I watched teh director’s cut of Watchmen last week (hadn’t watched it since the theater) to see if I’d been to hard it it the first time around. Nope, I actually re-discovered things that I despised but had forgotten about. I actually prefer the motion comic to his crap live action version

    Seriously – is WB just trying to get some Comicon creditibility? or was he like number 5 on the list?

    Even those who liked Watchmen – really think about his filmography, all 4 movies of it (alhtough I haven’t seen the owl movie). Can he really do right by Supes? I really really hope so. Who knows, maybe it’ll be great and justify all the hype surrounding Snyder.

    I really hope he pulls this off (or that Nolan keeps a tight leash)

    Oh well – I still have Avengers Batman to be excited about in 2012.

    • I must be watching different movies… I love Watchmen, and consider the film actually superior to the comic. The end is handled far better than the source material.

      Having never read 300 I can’t compare, but it is still in my list of “I will watch this anytime” films.

      Dawn, especially the opening, made me reevaluate zombie movies, so IMO Zack’s a superman.

      Up, up, and away!

    • Panda I really like Watchmen and can’t understand how anyone could dislike it. That said I agree with you on Snyder not only is he one of the worst possible choices for Superman but he really is over rated.

      300 was a pretty bad film. Not deserving of more than one watching. I actually regret watching it the first time mainly because I had to pay money. If ever there was an argument to be made about downloading it that’s 300. I really liked Watchmen but I do think some of the choices Snyder made kept the film from being great. I like that he cut the stupid octopuss but I hated the slow motion and cheesy looking blood. Sucker Punch looks awful I mean it doesn’t even look downloadable. I can’t understand anyone wanting to see that crap. That pushed me over the line I was very meh about snyder but after seeing Show ucker punch looks I started to strongly dislike him.

      This guy Is making Supes ? I’m seriously gonna vomit thinking about it. If Nolan isn’t up his butt telling him what to do and how to do it this will suck.

      • Daniel
        I just can’t stand his version of watchmen- the acting from most the cast is awful except for rorschach and comedian, snyder added gore to parts that were hinted in the comic (rorschach’s flashback, arms sawed off), the soundtrack really detracted from the mood for me. I really didn’t get a sense of the impending Armageddon like I did from the books. I actually liked what snyder did with ending too, tho. I know many people who really liked it, I for one don’t.

      • This seems alien to me, sorry.

        What attracted me most to 300 was that it seemed visually distinctive. I enjoyed the experience immensely, bought the DVD, even. What was it that kills the movie for you?

        I personally can’t wait to see what this team puts out.

  15. Excellent choice Mr. Nolan. You’re on a roll.

    THIS IS EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Great, so we can look forward to a totally grim, humorless Superman movie shot entirely in slow motion. Pass.

    • Uhm.. pretty sure the slow motion he’s used in 300 and Watchmen is freaking amazing! There was no movie (visually) like 300. Then he added his majic touch to Watchmen.

      Superman is “faster than a speeding bullet”. You don’t think a Snyder slow motion shot of him stopping bullets would be awesome? Come on now…

    • hmm, I didn’t read anything in this article about not having humor or being entirely slow motion. It helps to wait till the movie starts filming before you decide to pass on it, unless you just don’t like Superman.

  18. So you’re saying that they’re making a Superman movie that I might actually want to watch?

    • thank u!! good point. people need to stop judging a director by the movies he hasn’t done yet. open ur minds. Jon favreau was thought to be a poor choice too so save the judgments. Voice your cynicism sure, but really, u do not know the future. I’m hoping for great things, and I won’t say otherwise until i see otherwise

  19. I’m happy with this decision. I thought Watchmen was not only fantastic, but actually improved on some problems in the book. That someone can take a good book and actually make it better in a movie is a rare feat indeed. I know plenty will disagree, but to each his own. The only disappointment I have is that Routh may not be back. I’m not a Superman fan (I’ve actually always thought he was a lame superhero), but “Superman Returns” not only turned out to be a great movie, but actually got me interested in the character for the first time. It was the first time I felt that it might be cool to be Superman. I thought Routh nailed the role, and really wasn’t given a fair shake by many fans. But then, I just said “to each his own,” so I’ve got to live by that.

    • Same here. I really like Superman, and Superman Returns is what really got me into it. I had always been a fan of Smallville, but Returns made me a full out Superman fan!

      • And the fact that the Returns suit will be used on Smallville is very exciting.

        • Although it has a nice new fabric cape on Smallville. Which I have a horrible idea they will make CGI like when Oliver pretended to be the Blur in season 8.

  20. My question is: are DC fans really this myopic or is it the Hollywood producers? Why keep dredging up Superman? What about other supers?

    • Why not why keep dredging up Batman? Same thing surely.

    • Why should they do another Superman movie? It’s all about the money! The court ruling is still hanging over WB’s head and why fight or fork over cash when you can spend it turning out a movie and potentially make money? Besides IMO they’ve worked pretty hard to give the market the best they have. Who’s more recognizable or has a more popular following in the DC universe than Superman or Batman? With other DC characters coming to theaters soon it just makes good sense. The leads will draw attention to the other properties and the studio has plenty of talent in house beyond the Nolans or Zack to draw advice and inspiration from, like Timm Story and Lauren Montgomery among others. These people have a real love and respect for the characters and the properties. Their’s really no excuse or reason for this movie to not be respectable if not epic and by the way, profitable as well…

  21. I liked routh as superman, though he was set to fail when “they” kept saying he looks like Reeve, and the movie played into the old continuity.

  22. best news ive heard in a long time, this is destined to be one of the best superhero movies ever made, just watch all u haters

  23. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is fantastic news!!!! YAY! YAY! YAY!

    • control urself foo!!

      • I’m sorry. I am just so pumped!

    • LMAO!

  24. Well at least with Zach Snyder and Christopher Nolan we are going to get a decent Superman movie unlike the second rate Singer.

  25. Zod? Pass.

  26. I think it’s a little premature to say Snyder is visionary…after he delivers a great film in MOS then we can label him :) …I actually think the slow mo style he uses(glorified bullet time from the Matrix films) is suited to a Superman film..especially in the epic battle he and Zod will engage in..Good news..Lord knows they could have done worse.. Sad to hear Routh won’t be returning..

    Has this been confirmed by WB, DC, Nolan’s or Snyder’s people? Or is it just a rumor for now?

  27. Am I the only one looking forward to the most likely incredible slow mo actions scenes? Im pretty pumped.

  28. Well in legend of the guardians (which sucked) theres alot of slo mo so i think that superman WILL have slo mo,he uses alot of slo mo…

  29. I gotta say, this does make me interested in the reboot. Snyder has a certain visual aesthetic that I think will work well with Superman, and under the guidance of Nolan, who is known for his genius usage of practical effects, The Man of Steel will undoubtedly be the IT movie of 2012 (and that’s including The Avengers, the Spider-Man reboot and Batman 3). And you gotta admit you’re kinda glad for the delays on the Hobbit (Superman would beat it at the box office, I’d bet).

    In short: Nolan and Snyder working together will produce an EPIC FILM.