Zack Snyder Is Directing the Superman Reboot [Updated]

Published 5 years ago by , Updated August 10th, 2013 at 12:04 am,

Hero Complex has just dropped a bombshell – Watchmen director Zack Snyder will direct the Superman reboot, which is tentatively titled The Man of Steel.

This will partner Snyder with producers Chris Nolan and Emma Thomas, as well as screenwriters David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (the latter of whom was rumored for the director’s chair himself).

[Update: THR is reporting that Zod will be the villain of The Man of Steel and that Snyder says to Variety that Brandon Routh will not likely return]

Is this a match made in comic book movie heaven? Or a mismatch that will lead to Superman movie hell?

Snyder comes with an impressive resume – His work on 300 and Watchmen has made him a beloved favorite among the fanboy nation (I even saw him win an award for it during a party at the 2009 Comic-Con). In addition to having earned the adoration of the comic geek crowd, Snyder is also a genuinely impressive filmmaker, one who may even be worthy of the title “auteur” given his signature style of cinematic storytelling, which has already redefined conventional film genres like the sword-and-sandals epic (300), or even children’s animated adventures, as our own Vic Holtreman acknowledged in his review of Snyder’s most recent film, Legend of the Guardians.

(And by the way, if you didn’t know, our own Rob Keyes pointed out all of these redeeming qualities just a few weeks ago when he picked Zack Snyder as the top choice amongst Warner Bros.’ shortlist of Superman reboot directors. We need to give that man his own crystal ball!)

darren aronofsky directing superman man of steel Zack Snyder Is Directing the Superman Reboot [Updated]

However, as is the case with any comic book movie, there are going to be fans who claim that Snyder is all wrong for this Superman movie. There will be those who say that Snyder’s slow-motion action sequences, or slavish loyalty to his comic book source material are going to bog down this Superman movie rather than enhance it – and those are fair concerns to raise, truthfully speaking. However, this is going to be Zack Snyder working under the supervision of Christopher Nolan – a pairing that I don’t think anybody would’ve seen coming a year ago. Having two of film’s most visionary and talented directors putting their heads together to bring a new vision of the most iconic comic book character there is to the big screen is one experiment that I think most of us can admit at least piques our interests, no?

Now that we know who will be sitting in the director’s chair, I guess we can watch the debate unfold about how good or bad this decision is. Once we’ve exhausted that argument discussion, we’ll move on to the other big points of contention, such as who should play Superman, What story this reboot should focus on and which villains should be included in it (to Lex or not to Lex, that is the question…)

Sound off about this epic decision in the comments below.

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Source: Hero Complex

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  1. YESSSSS. Perfect choice, knew they would choose snyder, because of his great work on watchmen. This is a great choice. I trust him all the way :)

    Flying in Slo-Mo?

    • Are you against cows or something? haha

  3. Let the debate begin!

    Btw more directors need tattoos ;).

    Now im excited!

    • I honestly cannot think of two more perfect comments to lead off this conversation. 8)


      • Haha yes its actually quite funny 😉

        Well im ok with superman,so whatever happens will happen…

      • What do you personally think of this choice Vic?

        • Fanboy4,

          I’m fine with the choice. BTW, is that your real email address? Because it’s getting flagged for moderation every time you comment and it’s a hassle to go in and have to approve them all manually. :)


  4. I dont really care lol

  5. OMG So.Excited.

  6. Snyder should have been the director of choice for doing the Dark Tower Series justice.

    • that series wont work, but ive already discussed why on that dreaded thread already, i wont get into it here again

  7. UGH no, nope. NO.

  8. Hmmmm. I am preparing a statement.

    • INT. Sullys house-
      Fingers tapping waiting for drsam’s comment
      End scene.

  9. LOL Dr Sam!!

    Im out for now i cant wait to read all these reponses lol! 😎

  10. I love Nolan’s Batman movies but I’ve always been wary of him taking on Superman. Yes, I think a grown-up Superman movie would be great but tonally he’s so different from everything Nolan before. And whle Snyder is great with visuals and action pieces I think everything he’s done lacks soul.

    Lord knows I’ll still see the movie openning night, but I’m going to be incredibly wary during the entire production. As long as Snyder dials down the slow-mo and the Nolans and Goyer are able to craft a lighthearted and adventurous script I’ll be happy.

  11. Its the perfect choice. Dont IMMEDIATELY assume that everything will be in slo-motion because its snyder. This is one of Warner Brothers most cherished franchise and they are going to be riding Snyder all the way to the end.
    Noone wants another Superman IV Quest for Peace mistake. :)

  12. I think Nolan will balance out Snyders “creativity” and this will work out nicely. Nolan is more “in this” than we know.

  13. I’ve been reading a lot of Superman stuff lately and now have a new appreciation for him. I was one who absolutely loved everything about Watchmen (yes even the ending) and I personally think he’s right for this. With Nolan as his guide of sorts, I can’t be upset about this choice because I would rather have a fanboy direct then some random guy that’s done like 1 movie. At least Snyder will put his heart and soul into this

  14. 300 was good. Watchmen was good. Those were both good comic adaptations.
    Does this ‘success’ mean Snyder should be given the directing chair of what could be the largest comic franchise out there? I’m really not sure.
    But, ultimately, it doesn’t come down to Snyder directing, Nolan directing, whoever takes the leads, while all those are important, if Goyer’s script isn’t up to scratch then nothing else matters.
    The script needs to be modern and classic,
    Snyder needs to reel in the slo mo, although, they do some cool slo mo on Smallville to show Clarks powers.
    So final thoughts, is my favourite, beloved last son of krypton in good hands? I don’t know. But at least it’s in someones hands rather than development hell.

    • i think it’ll be in fine hands given Snyders company here DSB

  15. Snyder wouldn’t have been my first choice, but he’s a good choice nonetheless.

    The mistake people often make is that just because a director adds a certain fingerprint to some of his movies, he’s going to do the same with all of his movies. Just because Nolan has made very “dark” movies doesn’t mean that he’s not capable of doing something different, and just because Snyder tends to use slow motion and off-putting effects doesn’t mean that he’ll do that with Superman. You might eat pizza every night for dinner, but you can still opt for steak and potatoes sometimes, you know what I’m saying?

  16. Say whaaaaat?

    • Song by Stevie Ray Vaughn

  17. Excellent, didn’t see this coming but glad they are going ahead with this! Have been a huge fan of his since Dawn of the Dead.

    I read someone say on AICN that Zach Snyder has never put an emotional moment on film and therefore would not be suitable for nailing the heart of Superman. I strongly disagree. Here are just 3 from off the top of my head (relatively spoiler free! ;-p)

    Dawn of the Dead – Michael saying goodbye to Ana
    300 – Leonidas calling out to his Queen (at the end)
    Watchmen – Rorschach vs. Dr Manhattan

    Nuff said! And let’s not forget the crazy action he’ll put down – as much as I loved Superman Returns, action was definitely lacking!

    What does everyone else reckon?

  18. great choice.

  19. I believe in Christopher Nolan. And if he says Zack Snyder is the man than I’ go with it. But Snyder do know how to follow a story line I loved 300 and the Watchmen. Now the question is which Superman story will he follow?

    • he’ll follow Nolans

  20. snyder confirmed,via twitter. He posted “heres my 32 cents” along with a picture of a stamp worth 32 cents with superman on it.

  21. If not Darren Aronofsky Zac Snyder was my original choice. Can’t wait.

  22. actually he wrote, “i finally get to put my .32 cents in …” then the picture.

  23. This is, dare i say, a match made in heaven. Like when Randy Moss went to the patriots with Tom Brady, When Danny Rand met Luke Cage, and Stan Lee and Jack Kirby these two are a legendary duo. I can see nothing but good things to come from this movie.

    • Tom brady is overrated. That is all i will say on that.

      • i’ll add more..he’s ony as “good” as his front line. btw i think he sucks as well as overrated :)

        • They cheated too!!!

          • The season when Randy Moss went to the patriots is the season they made history and went 16-0 in the regular season. Brady was phenomenal up until his injury and never has been the same.

            • Yup, and they still lost in the Superbowl so that record isn’t even that impressive. To Eli Manning, no less! Too bad Brady won’t get there again.

              • Bazinga!

      • Ummm, statistically he’s better than any current QB, and that includes Manning.
        I don’t even live in the states and I know for a fact that Brady has had more success than most. In fact, he’s rated number 4 all time on espn’s all time QB list. soooooo, yep, you’re wrong. and brutally uninformed.

        As for the Snyder appointment, the man hasn’t really put a foot wrong so far. Why can’t people just trust the fact that Nolan is not going to attach his name, after all his hard work the last decade, to a film and director who qare not going to cut it. The man knows what he is doing.

        • Brady is ranked 19th this year in passing yards. I don’t know what you’re reading.

          Back on track now. Supes!!!

          • LOL

            • Clearly stated at the beginning of my post, “all time” Good to see you read it.
              And the season is only what, 4 games old?

  24. I wonder if the decision to hire Snyder – and his directing style – has anything to do with who the villain is according the script. His visual style and reliance on CGI makes me wonder if we’ll see Brainiac.

    • i really hope its not a CGI-fest, it has its place, but i just dont want it overdone you know

      • Agreed. I think that’s where Nolan will swat his knuckles & bring him back to reality. I do think, however, he’ll create a very unique, visually stunning Metropolis that contrasts Nolan’s Gotham City.

        • didn`t the article say something about zod being in it?

  25. Sounds great, now just need Tom Welling as Clark and it will be perfect.

    • that’d make it a “Smallville-ish” Supes, something in sure Nolan or Goyer, or even Snyder wants

      • Not saying go the Smallville route but give the guy a break, he played clark through a decade so not letting him become Superman on the big screen is kinda wrong, plus we will know that he can play the character instead of casting someone and then come on here and watch people say, “oh he cant do it he played in such and such movie”

        • I’ve never understood how playing Clark Kent on TV would entitle Welling to play Superman in a movie. If I were him I’d probably want something a different after playing the same guy for 10 years.

          • Technically hes never played Superman.

            • Not yet…

              I’m not against Tom as Superman, but you have to remember; he’s played the character for 10 years and (will be) over 200 episodes, which is the longest run… ever. He’s had his turn and he did it well. It’s time for someone new to take the reigns.

  26. Excellent choice. Now, as long as there’s no damn Lex Luthor we have ourselves a Superman movie. Doomsday would be awesome but I suppose they wouldn’t go the Superman Dies route.

  27. Horrible choice.

    300 was a crap film it was mindless action and an incredibly shallow film. It was style over substance.

    Watchmen was good but very stylistic.

    Snyder is good at two things over using violence/gore and slow mo. I really don’t want to see Superman rip someones head off with blood all over the place then shoot a heat ray out of his eyes in slow motion. Then see the entire film in some ridiculous color pallet . How could anyone who has seen a Snyder film think he fits for Superman?

    • I didnt think that it was shallow, but there were times of mindless action I’ll agree. And on watchmen it kinda had to be styleistic

    • youre assuming he’ll go the gore route daniel..shame shame.

    • lol What did you think 300 was gonna be about then?

    • 300 was crap? Really dude?

    • You’ve touched upon my concerns as well, Daniel. I didn’t care for Watchmen at all, 300 was visually impressive (so was Watchmen), but both lacked something that would make me want to watch either one a second time. I hope he brings the impressive visuals, but without the super-slo motion, over-exagerated action scenes. I’m hoping that Nolan has Snyder dial this back because Superman is one of my all-time favorite comic characters. I’d really hate to see it turn into Superman Returns.

  28. Allow me to remind you guys that in Superman Returns there is some slo-mo action shots, like the part where the bullet gets crushed in Superman’s eye. I’m really not worried about seeing slo-mo, and I think Snyder was very receptive to audience feedback prior to finishing up Watchmen when everyone flipped out about not wanting to see a rehash of the 300 slo-mo effects. Sure, it was there, but he toned it down a LOT. I foresee the same happening here. As far as Nolan is concerned, I think the duo have a lot to bring to the table, let us just hope they don’t over-complicate the movie with their varying styles of directing. I am definitely looking forward to seeing this movie already.

  29. I’m liking this news — loved 300 and Watchmen. Curious to see what will happen with Nolan producing Zack. Should be at the very least interesting, and likely more.