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Welcome to Screen Rant’s “Geek Picks,” where we collect the finest movie-related geekery from around the Web. Today you’ll find the 50 best viral videos of 2013; the third installment in the Superman vs. Hulk series; a list of fun facts behind the scenes of some of your favorite monster movies; the top 5 video games of 2013. All that and more on this edition of SR’s Geek Picks!

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What’s the Damage? Die Hard

Did you ever watch a movie and think, “Boy, there is an awful lot of damage being done in this film. I wonder how much there is in total?” Well, we did. So we did some Internet research, and went looking for some kind of financial representation of all the damage done in the movie Die Hard. It was a lot.


The 50 Best Viral Videos Of 2013

The 50 Best Viral Videos Of 2013 by worldwideinterweb

PG-13 language.


KUNG FURY Official Trailer

Kung Fury is an over-the-top action comedy that has it’s foundation in 80s cop movies.



Best news bloopers that hit the internet in 2013.

PG-13 language.


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  1. The hulk is the one person who could beat superman.

    • Thor? Wonder Woman (maybe)? Black Adam? Doomsday?

    • Goku would destroy Superman.

      • You should watch death battle.

        • Agreed. We all should.

        • nah i dont believe that, theres still other videos that shows goku is superior

    • Silver Surfer.

  2. so supes throws hulk into the sun. chalk up a w for supes!!

    • Except that wouldn’t kill Hulk. Aside from that Hulk could and would just beat superman to death.

      • Hulk can’t fly and doesn’t have time-warping speed. Don’t be lame. Supes beats Hulk every time.

        • Exactly….Hulk is dumb. Superman is smart. Superman can fly. Superman is very fast. Superman can shoot laser beams. Superman can freeze.

          • @NolaKnight,

            Hulk can be influenced by Bruce Banner’s persona while in Hulk form making him make intelligent decisions. Also, Hulk can run at super speed and is resistent to extreme temperature. He can heal and regenerate almost immediately

            He has the ability to destry planets also.

        • Don’t be lame?

          Hulk doesn’t need to fly to beat superman. Also his powers wouldn’t do a whole lot except make Hulk madder.

          Superman would lose.

          • use common sense… superman is far far more powerful and can move at the speed of light… how will hulk ever touch him even if he got mad enough? superman would have launched him into space before that would ever happen and hulk will stay in space till eternity as he won’t be able to move on his own and game over… it is not a match, superman will rip him to shreds long before that…

            • I didn’t think Superman was that fast. I thought only The Flash could reach those kind of speeds in the DC universe?

              • I’m mostly a Marvel reader so I could be wrong, but I believe Superman is faster than Flash and as much as it pains me to admit, I imagine Superman would win the fight, as well as beat Thor, however I think the Surfer could take Supes, and I’m sure Thanos would as well.

            • Agreed

            • @ Destiny, Hulk can move at super speed too. Also, Hulk can breathe under water and also in space.

              The biggest advantage supes has is his flight.

            • Superman isn’t that fast and only in the movie was he able to warp time. The flash is the fastest and has beaten superman in a race in the comics.

    • Too bad Supes didn’t try throwing Doomsday into the sun to see what would happen.

  3. Superman beat the hulk every time they squared off

    • That might be true but I think it’s fair to say that the hulk of the 1970′s or 80′s isn’t the same as the one now. The same holds true for superman

      Back than Hulk hadn’t ravaged almost every superhero on earth with world war hulk. Nor had Superman moved the entire planet.

      In my opinion and it’s just an opinion. Superman seems to have trouble fighting someone that’s stronger than him. Hence why he lost to doomsday. Since Hulk’s strength is unlimited and superman’s isn’t I just don’t think he could take the punishment in a modern day setting.

      But to each their own.

      • Here is the logical argument on both sides –

        Hulk’s strength stems from unbridled anger. The angrier he gets, the stronger and more invincible he becomes. Thus he is able to constantly heal and continue fighting. However, he is still vulnerable on a biological level to things like atmosphere and the like. If the Hulk were taken into outer space, cell death would occur. He still needs to breathe.

        Superman on the other hand is incredibly intelligent as well as immensely strong. However his limitations are such that something incredibly stronger than him would have to be dealt with while superman still has strength to carry out a smart plan. If he just duked it out with the Hulk.. he would lose. But it would not take him very long to devise a plan which would render the hulk’s strengths irrelevant.

        From both sides, the fight would be epic. But I feel superman would still win. Between the two of them, he is the only one who can survive in space for long periods of time, and the only one (to my knowledge) that has died and come back several times.

        • Hulk has been in space before for lengthy periods of time and survived just fine.

        • all good arguments but superman is powered by the radiation of the stars, if he spends some time in one i don’t really think hulk could reach that level quickly enough to be any threat… if that is not taken into account, how would hulk ever hit superman? he will never ever land a single blow as superman can fly at the speed of light(which can circle earth 8 times in a second)… do you think hulk would ever be a real challenge to superman unless superman is forced to fight at super slow speeds by the writers?

          • How do all the other villains who don’t have super speed hit him? Luthor, Brainaic, He’s even been hit by Solemn Grundy. You want to tell me Grundy has super speed?

            If your going by that logic 95% of the dc universe shouldn’t be able to hit him but they all do.

            • well i would say the writers do that to make it more interesting… but then they came up with a plausible solution and called it “superman always holds back”.. and he really does, if he unleashed all his power at once how can hulk survive? you tell me if someone who can think that fast and fly that fast, how would ge get hit? unless he was moving slow to entertain the masses… comics is not a logical universe but we are from one so you tell me rather than fanboyism?

      • In the 70′s, Superman moved planets and blew out stars with freeze breath.He was able to fly faster then light across the galaxy and could even time travel by flying clock-wise to the future or counter clock-wise to the past. The Flash needed the cosmic treadmill to time travel Superman could under his own power. John Bryne depowered Superman in 1986 for the Man of Steel reboot series and it was that Superman that got killed by Doomsday.

  4. Approach David Banner from behind and cut his head off. Hulk is dead.

    Can’t do the same with Clark Kent.

    • Kryptonite sword?

    • If you attempt to harm him he turns into the hulk. As far as I know The Hulk can’t die.

      • There is no coming back from separating Banner’s head from his body, and if you do it from behind, he will not know it is coming, and thus, he cannot morph into the Hulk to prevent it.

        • The second he’s hurt in any way he turns. He’s shot himself in the head and not died, I doubt a sword would make any difference.

        • @ jeff…
          1. I agree with tedward…The moment he is touched without allowing it he would start to turn.
          2. It is Bruce Banner not David Banner.

      • The Hulk has died several times actually. As stated by someone here he has survived in space for a long time, but he can’t do it forever. While his muscles can adapt to breathe in places like underwater he can’t adapt to not need to breathe. Eventually he wont be able to hold his breath. If thrown into a star he’d meet his end. Nothing from the Hulk suggests he could survive the core of a star itself but on top of that he has never had the strength to escape the atmosphere of a planet, he wouldn’t be able to escape the pull of a star. Nor would he have anything solid to base his jump from even if he could. He’d die.

        And contrary to popular belief, while his strength is tied to his rage, rage by it’s very nature does have a limit. It’s only never been stated that he has reached his limit. The term limitless although it has been used is both ambigious and hyperbole in its use. It’s not like he has the potential to punch out the Living Tribunal if he’s mad enough.

        • Would you concede that his strength has the ability to surpass supermans?

          • Maybe, I’m not going to say it’s definite because it’s not but he definitely hasn’t shown it. Planet busting it the highest level he’s ever been in terms of destructive force. Superman is more than that on a bad day, let alone after sun dipping. Even the average Thor smashes planets with punches. Hulk just has lesser feats and when he does something like lift a mountain he’s pushing himself.

            But really despite the modern writers going “he’s never been this mad” his potential was intended to be when he stopped being Banner, in the 70s, he was simply the pure rage of the Hulk. That was supposed to show how strong he can be. Limitless rage just doesn’t exist as potential of the mind. Not finding the limit isn’t the same.

            Yes the Beyonder once said he didn’t see a limit but that’s writer ambiguity. Or hyperbole like in instances of Human Torch reacing temperatures of a super nova (the hottest he’s ever been able to go is far from it) or Sentry’s power of a million exploding suns (he’s never shown anything near that, he’s the only one making the claim yet fans are so willing to believe it… I don’t get it).

        • @ObligatoryName…

          I believe I’ve read somewhere that Hulk has unlimitless rage if provoked.

          • I meant to say limitless rage. There is no limit to his rage.

  5. Superman beats Hulk

  6. Ridiculous! Hulk pounds him into oblivion & Supes turns the tide with one kick that sends Hulk a few thousand feet. If that is how the power is measured in this clip, Superman would destroy Hulk with a finger flick.

    Outside of this video for the whole ‘Who would win’ it is easily Superman. No matter how you chalk it up the Hulk is still human flesh & blood. In fact, since Hulk is of human origin, I don’t even think this should be a debatable fight.

    Makes more sense for arguments of Superman vs. Thor & even with that Thor is somewhat mortal based so not sure that would be much of a debate either.

    • Superman is a mortal and can die. He’s shown he’s not good at fighting people stronger than him. Hulk is easily stronger than him. Superman could not win a stand up fight with the hulk. Especially if it’s world war hulk.

      • in terms of raw strength supes still has the advantage. New 52 Supes basically bench pressed the whole planet for five days straight and can still do more (he’s not even sun dipped yet). and that’s the new 52, imagine the post crisis or silver age supes against the hulk.
        supes beats hulk any day of the week.

        • Superman’s strength no matter how large has a limit. The Hulks does not, Superman cannot match strength with the Hulk.

          Interesting side note Hulk and Superman have conquered earth.

          • show me a scan that says superman’s strength has a limit.
            the longer supes is exposed to the sun the stronger he gets not just physically but everything else he has (think superman 1 million)

            • “show me a scan that says superman’s strength has a limit.”

              The fact that he was beaten to death by doomsday? The fact that he couldn’t overpower doomsday?

              • again show me a scan please.

                also a fact, the hulk was beaten by a number of marvel characters, where’s his unlimited strength there? did it do him any good?

                and like destiny said supes isn’t all strength.

                • You want me to show you a scan of the death of superman story?

                  Sure Hulk has lost fights, and so has superman with all his powers. Do you see me undermining said powers?

                  I’m just saying that in a fist fight I don’t believe Superman could beat the Hulk.

                  As for the speed argument. I refer you to my earlier post. In which I said “explain all the characters without super speed who have hit him?”

                  • a scan where it CLEARLY says that superman’s power has a limit.

                    i made an example of hulk getting beaten because you seem to think that hulk having “unlimited” strength is equal to him being unbeatable when in fact he was beaten by characters lesser than superman.

                    i said supes isn’t all strength, his speed is just one of his other attributes, supes won’t outsmart bruce banner, but he can very easily outsmart the hulk, plus the hulk can’t walk all over him through brute strength as superman is stronger. so hulk has to get angrier to get stronger than supes? guess what he’ll be beaten before he gets there.

            • why are you guys talking about strength? supes can fly at the speed of light… how would hulk ever land a single blow other than a cheap shot? when supes is on the move hulk won’t be able to see him let alone fight him unless the writers dumb it down for the audience sake and supes is forced to fight at human speeds… remember that he can not just fly that fast but think that fast too so unless he is fighting a kryptonian or flash, you cannot land a punch on him… the same way thor is no match for supes… the real fight would be thor vs hulk in which i would still give it to thor who can throw hulk into orbit easily

    • A traditional veteran Superman tends to approach a fight with the goal of ending it without undue injury to his enemy. He tried to fight holding back and got pounded for it.He had to open up or get taken apart.

    • Thor is not “somewhat mortal” he is a God.

      But yes he can still die.

      I personally think if Hulk wrapped his arms around Supes and squeezed it would be done. Also, IMO Silver Surfer and Black Bolt are probably the 2 that could kill Superman. Black Bolt cause he would just need to speak and, “pop” goes Supes head.

  7. Bruce banner is excited to watch Man of Steel in theaters.

    Ends up in a theater with a crying baby, teens chatting on their cell phones and the constant coughing of an elderly person.

    Man of Steel fails to deliver Superman.

    Hulk throws earth into the sun.

  8. You forget, depending on the writer, Superman has to breath also.

  9. I really like this one man job on a project(atleast 3d part). I like how he changes the Hulk from video to video, he should’ve done the same to Superman as well to make it more interesting.
    I like how he grows as an animator.
    I don’t like chareography and lack of sense though. Ofcourse it depends on the versions but even if you have your own versions you need to follow your own rules. At first Superman is to weak to release himself using his both hands from Hulk’s palm than he slaps him and beats up Hulk to the point of Hulk loosing his conscious.
    Before that (video 2) we can see Superman being disoriented just by a piece of earth. More of it, its the desert type, earth is not even rock type there.

    As for movie versions. Superman movie versions are much stronger than Hulk ones.

    As for comics versions. Marvel doesn’t care of consistency much. We all know Hulk is a walking PIS machine, wherever plot flows he goes. Superman is more consistent and was always on a whole level beyond the Hulk at the same point in time.
    I really don’t understand why is it Hulk people comparing to Superman and not Thor(Marvel’s not one of 3 copies of Superman character)? Thor wasn’t stronger period(except nowadays maybe) but he was always stronger than Hulk aside from plot shield that writers generate to make Hulk more relevant.

    Each character in comics has his time to shine, than power up goes away and everything is normal again. If we take such powerups to influence the choice of the winner than its Superman having the most ridiculous temporary power ups out there(Superman vs Hulk and Thor). If we don’t and compare their usual selves than its Superman versus Thor, not Hulk, he is just not there.

    Hulk is compared to Doomsday because both are big and Doomsday was a threat to Superman period thus Hulk should be too, and even nowadays we’ll compare old version of Superman in DoS to the strongest version of Hulk :/ Really guys? Is that the whole logic?

  10. It already happened

    Dr manhattan would beat both though.

  11. Superman will beat hulk any day of the week.

  12. People seem to forget that Hulk can be just as intelligent (if not more so) than Superman.

    He was intelligent during World War Hulk when he led the Warbound from Sakaar to Earth and survived Black Bolt’s loudest scream before beating him to within an inch of his life.

    If Superman was up against that Hulk, sorry but it’d be a repeat of his first fight with Doomsday when Superman was beaten to death by a stronger opponent.

  13. all Hulk he needs is a dog whistle

  14. Superman easy could kick hulk’s *** just for fun..

  15. On a bet figth my heart is with hulk. But my money is with superman.

  16. In a fist pounding fight Hulk would win, but like someone said before if Superman could get Hulk into space, how could Hulk ever hope to return? You can’t out-muscle space, he would have no way of getting back to Earth. Eventually he would calm down and revert back to Banner, then poof: dead.

  17. Superman is more powerful by the powers he has exhibited. Yes Hulk gets stronger as he gets madder but the only chance he would have is if Superman fights the way he has ALWAYS fought. At the level of his competition. Superman has never fought intelligently. If he did he would be unbeatable. You can’t beat invulnerable, superspeed, ultra intelligent, heat vision. Unless he fights as usual down to the level of the competition long enough for someone like the hulk to become stronger. Superman is his own biggest weakness because he has his own self imposed limits as to what he will and will not do. If he was a vicious killer and went all out from the get go it would be over quickly. Marvel’s heroes were never portrayed as being absolutely unbeatable and neither was superman. But if he fought with no moral compass and was really vicious Supe’s would win.

    • Superman is not invulnerable. He can be killed by magic or force. What if it was world war hulk and he got access to kyrptonite?

      The point is there are variations of both characters at different power levels.

      I’m saying in a straight strength one on one fight. The hulk would win as he is stronger.

      This does not diminish superman in anyway as an amazing hero.

      • Now you are saying that hulk is batman and can have access to kriptonite. Then you say that your hulk can be word war hulk. You are saying that hulk can have back up plans like batman. What if is superman prime or all star superman. a normal superman is more faster, intelligent, have more resources (Heat vision, cold breath)and the most important thing they are strong but superman can use all his strength in 0 seconds. Hulk to get more strength can take longer to get stronger. On that lapse of time hulk will be beaten. No logic on you..

        • I’m saying their are instances were superman can win. Will you concede that their are instances were Hulk can win?

          Also are you suggesting that only batman would be smart enough to bring Superman’s known weakness to fight him?

          • You are puting your intance on a better way for your mind. in a logic figth with no accomodations. no hulk war word, no kriptonite. A hand to hand combat, a normal superman is more powerfull than a normal hulk. superman has more resorces than hulk to win a figth and i told you again superma can use all his strength on 0 seconds. Hulk no, and the more importan thing superman is much more intelligent than hulk, faster and many things more. Why i put batman or lex whatever as example. you wrote that hulk can use kriptonite in order to win a figth to superman. Thing that is very lame on you comment. Now hulk does backups plan like batman or lex. again no logic on you

            • @Mortal,

              Damn man, tedward seems like he is being logical and very cool but you are getting defensive.

              Either way I agree with Tedward cause, IMO, based solely on pure strength I think Hulk wins.

              But, if Supes gets hulk into outer space, Supes wins.

              • Let’s see what tedward wrote “Superman is not invulnerable. He can be killed by magic or force. What if it was world war hulk and he got access to kyrptonite?”. Tedward is the one who put a figth that fits his needs. The guy mortal is rigth a normal superman can take down a normal hulk in a normal figth. Hulk can’t even control his strenth. for ted hulk can have backup plans too, Like batman. Oh jesus what a lame argument. i do not see any defensive on mortal.

                • @MDV, Mortal attacked tedward with “Thing that is very lame on you comment” That is a crappy thing to say. Not good to say to someone when having a civilized debate. Tedward said there are instances where both could win. He then asked if Mortal would concede (admit) that there are times when Hulk could win.

                  That seems like a pretty civilized way of debating. Instead of calling someone else’s point of view “lame.” I am not defending Hulk getting his hands on Kryptonite. Not likely. But, Bruce Banner’s intelligent persona has been known to show up and help aide Hulk during fights. Banner is way smarter than Clark Kent.

                  Tedwards point was that both are fairly evenly matched. Everyone here is underestimating Hulks abilities…Here they are.

                  -Can fight with weapons
                  -power to destroy planets
                  -withstands extreme temperature, magic, nuclear explosion, world ending -impacts, mind control, disease, poison
                  -breathes underwater
                  -runs at superspeed
                  -imitless strength, rage, and stamina
                  -practically immediate healing factor
                  -regenerative ability
                  withstands magic,

                  • You are writing many factors to help hulk win a figth over superman. Now you say that bruce banner can show up. i belived we was talking about a straigth figth. Superman vs hulk. No banner and no kriptonite. How i said before. You are making a figth that fit your and tedward needs. I am talking a normal superman vs hulk. pound by pound. I very sure hulk even have no chance against superman. Here superman abilities.

                    Virtually limitless superhuman strength
                    Invulnerability (except to kryptonite and magic)
                    Extreme longevity (in some stories as long as he is under a yellow sun)
                    Enhanced mental processes, including an eidetic memory and genius-level intellect
                    Super vision, consisting of:
                    X-ray vision
                    Heat vision
                    Telescopic vision
                    Microscopic vision
                    Other enhanced physical senses (smell, touch, taste)
                    Ability to perceive the entire electromagnetic spectrum and various other forms of energy
                    Flight (including across interstellar distances)
                    Precise muscle control and vocal control
                    Super-breath (including freeze breath)
                    Superhuman speed

                    Note: The must important thing on superman…Enhanced mental processes, including an eidetic memory and genius-level intellect.

                    • + 1000

                    • Dude I don’t think you are understanding what we are saying.
                      We said that each hero would win in different situations. We are saying they are fairly evenly matched. I am not “making a fight that fits my need.” I was just stating powers Hulk has at his disposal because I think people underestimate him. I didn’t even add that Hulk has a connection to mystical arts and has acted as a conductor/sponge for magic which is one of Supes weaknesses. I could go on about all the other feats he has done that are beyond cosmic, beyond reality, and beyond normal for comic characters.

                      If we use early incarnations of Superman then Supes would get his butt kicked as he wasnt as God like as he is now. One of the recent incarnation of Hulk from Planet Hulk gave him military experience, combat skills, strategist skills, and leadership abilities. Plus, Superman does not have limitless strength. He is like a battery. He would need to recharge from the sun after prolonged fighting. Hulk has limitless strength (increasing strength for that matter)

                      You are correct that Superman is smarter than Hulk but like I said Bruce Banner is known to show up in Hulk’s persona on occassion to help. Intelligence, and flying, are literally the only advantages that Supes has over Hulk that could mess with Hulk in a fight.

                      If we are talking straight up fist to fist I am saying it would be even. Heck, Hulk even broke Supes grip and then chucked Supes into space in the comic that pitted them against each other

      • Hulk is not invulnerable. He can and has been killed by magic and force. Yes, Superman isn’t invulnerable, but if you recall when Superman “died,” in heaven he was told he only really died because his attachment to humanity accepted death, and that a beat down wouldn’t be enough to kill. This only got that far because his nearly drained body was burried removing his ability to soak up sun rays and regenerate. Yeah his whole return was convolutedly contrived as can be but still.

        What it comes down to, in a strength one on one fight, Hulk being the stronger is anything but what has ever been shown or suggested. He has never reached those levels, regardless of the writers.

        As a fan of the Hulk I hate when people bring up World War Hulk, it’s an awfully written story. Only good if you care nothing of story, sense of character (as Greg Pak, while not as bad as Bendis, showed a good lack of understanding), etc and only want “hulk smash hurr durr.”

  18. Kung Fury is AWESOME !!!
    That Movie is on Kickstarter and already got its 200,000$ goal with a 1 Million stretch Goal for a full Movie !
    Man,lets get that baby up there,its best 80″s action ever !


    While Superman was taken by surprise by the Hulk’s attack, he did let his guard down and the brute took full advantage of the opportunity. It is not known how much the punch actually effected the Man of Steel as the narration states his body was “limp” when he crashed back down onto the concrete. I guess it’s up to the reader to determine if Superman was knocked out, stunned or even in shock…either way, it took a while before Supes returned back to the fray.) source

    There’s at least one example of Hulk knocking superman on his ass and out. I wasn’t even aware of that one until today.

    • There was also the comic instance where Supes had hulk wrapped up in his grasp and Hulk broke free and threw Supes into outter space!

  20. Discussions like this serve only to showcase what an incredibly boring character Superman is. Following him has to be worse than watching paint dry, not only because he’s such an obnoxious Mary Sue, but also because he can punch people so hard they go back in time or whatever mentally challenged new superpower the writers pull out of nowhere to justify his divine status.

    • + Infinity :)

      Yeah, I will say that of all comic characters Superman gets boring cause he is so “super.” Don’t get me wrong, I respect him and his fans but thats why I like almost all other comic characters better cause they aren’t so “perfect”

      • Dude you lost me there. 1 question. When was written Planet hulk. 2006 before that superman have from 1955 or something. I am not very sure gods powers and you are talking me a version of just 2006. are versions of super before 2006 that even could blow up galaxies. then you admit that superman is boring because he is too powerful. I believe Hulk could have a chance to win on superman. MAYBE who knows. But you are just imagine situations that better fits your arguments. Like banner take control of hulk. I am no writing no situation. I ask you. In dead fight who you think will win without third factors, versions or banner or kriptonite. Like in the video of this blog a normal fight. but the most soft argument you say is(Superman does not have limitless strength. He is like a battery. He would need to recharge from the sun after prolonged fighting) another argument that fits your needs. You are telling me they will fight on the night with no sun. you telling me superman is so fool he is going to fight a guy like hulk on the nigth. Oh Jesus.

        • Dude, stop putting words in my mouth bro and start reading my messages correctly. You keep saying I am making up situations to fit my needs. I haven’t even described a scenario where Hulk would use any second or third powers on Supes. That was another person who said Hulk would get Kryptonite and fight Superman.

          For like the 3rd time I will tell you. I am simply stating the powers and abilities Hulk has because people on this thread underestimate him. In my post above I even wrote, “If we are talking straight up fist to fist I am saying it would be even. Heck, Hulk even broke Supes grip and then chucked Supes into space in the comic that pitted them against each other.”

          If you are talking straight “pound for pound” fist fight then what you are saying is that Supes doesn’t get to use any powers but strength (no flight, no vision powers, no super speed, etc.) just his strength and Hulk doesn’t get to use any powers except his strength (regeneration, Intelligence from Bruce, breathing under water, super speed etc.) If that is the case then it will be close but I think Hulk wins cause Hulk will get stronger and stronger with rage and with each hit. Sooner or later Hulk will grow stronger than Supes.

          Finally, who cares when Planet Hulk was written. That is not the point. My point was that, depending on which incarnation of Supes or Hulk fight each other, one would have the advantage over the other. Both charcter have been around 50+ years and have had diff powers and abilities depending on the writer.

          And in regards to Supes fighting at night. I never said they would start a fight at night. I just said at some point Supes would need recharging from the sun. They could fight in a mountain, under water, in a canyon, etc. all of which have little to know sun dependening on where the sun is. But you said Supes would not be a fool to fight at night. If Hulk was coming after Supes at night, you saying Supes would run away like a coward? If so, then that is a win for Hulk.

          • *little to no sun* not *know sun*

          • When i say pound by pound i telling 1 to 1 with all their abilities against each other. I am not putting words on your mouth. lets see what you have wrote “One of the recent incarnation of Hulk from Planet Hulk gave him military experience, combat skills, strategist skills, and leadership abilities. Plus, Superman does not have limitless strength. He is like a battery. He would need to recharge from the sun after prolonged fighting. Hulk has limitless strength (increasing strength for that matter)

            You are correct that Superman is smarter than Hulk but like I said Bruce Banner is known to show up in Hulk’s persona on occassion to help. Intelligence, and flying, are literally the only advantages that Supes has over Hulk that could mess with Hulk in a fight”.

            Dude i asking you who will win in a normal fight with normal versions. But the point is you think superman is a boring character and you like may more than him. I just wasting my time with you.

            • No you are not wasting my time. You just keep saying one thing but then saying sommething else. You say, “1 to 1 with all of their abilities,” but then you say “in a normal fight with normal versions.” What do you mean by normal versions and normal abilities? Both characters have been written and re-written over the past 50+ years with different abilities so many times that we cant say what is normal. The point is, both characters have been given powers and powers taken over the years.

              Then you are giving me a hard time about Banner showing up. You do realize Banner is Hulk’s alter ego right? Hulk is not always just a big dumb green brute. There have been times when his other persona, the super intelligent Bruce Banner, has stepped into Hulks mind to help in situations. That helps him with intelligence.

              SO…if both were fighting with, as YOU said, “with all their abilities against each other…” then I say it would be close. I feel that each is equal cause each has advantages and disadvantages.

              Advantages for Hulk over Supes:
              1.As of Planet Hulk, he gained leadership, combat, and military experience. Those abilities, IMO, give Hulk Advantage in combat. (not sure about Supes)
              2.He’s been known to harness dark magic. Supes is vulnerable to magic.
              3. He can breathe under water (not sure if Supes can…?)
              4. Regerneration of organs and limbs
              5. Almost immediate healing powers

              The advantages Supes has over Hulk are
              1. he is super smart ALL the time
              2. He learns quickly
              3. he can fly.
              4. extended survival in space (Hulk can but for limited time)

              All other abilities that the 2 have basically negate each other or have little to no effect on each other. (Ex. Supermans cold breathe would do little to nothing on Hulk as he is invulnerable to extreme temp. Also, Supes vision abilities wouldn’t harm Hulk.Hulk thunder clap would do little to nothing to Supes.

              As far as strength? It is pretty close. Both dudes have had times in the comics where they show they are basically the 2 most powerful of their universes. I would say Hulk has an edge cause he continues to get stronger and stronger with no limitations whereas Supes would get tired if there is no Sun.

      • Damn boy. You have all this argument. Just because you don’t like superman and believe is boring cause he is too perfect. I am done with you. Whatever you say Bro. Peace.

        • Lol. You really are taking stuff personal arent you? I even said that I respect Supes and his fans and you get all booty hurt.

          :) Dont worry I wont miss your “intelligent” banter or childish behavior.